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[Hidden Empire was written by William Pelly in the late 1930s warning Americans of the threat that Organized Jewry posed by its plans for the takeover of America and world domination.

In Part 1 here, Pelly’s first-hand description of the horrors that the jewish Bolsheviks carried out in Russia is described. As a correspondent for an American publisher he traveled extensively throughout Siberia, Ukraine, Eastern Europe, etc., during the early stages of the jewish takeover of Russia.

A general introduction is then given to how organized jewry had subverted the American political system using their money power to control media, government and politicians.

He makes the point that one of the reasons why this jewish conspiracy to gain control is able to continue and expand, is that most ordinary Americans are not able to believe that such a thing is possible, because they they themselves could not conceive of doing such a thing:

The whole cabal is so colossal, and its underlying motives are so utterly foreign to anything in Christian psychology, that one becomes mentally befuddled before the recital has gone very far, and rejects the whole nefarious program as a nightmare of vicious minds.

Of course this same mentality afflicts us today as shown by the number of people who fail to comprehend, or simply do not want to comprehend, what should be very, very obvious now, that Organized jewry carried 9/11.






Hidden Empire




William Dudley Pelley


circa 1939


Part 1





Part 1

William Dudley Pelley
Out of Their Own Mouths

Part 2


Part 3


Part 4


Part 5


Part 6


Part 7
















William Dudley Pelley

(March 12, 1890 – July 1, 1965)



Bolshevik Revolution correspondent, Zionologist,
author and founder of The Silver Legion.


… By the end of the First World War, Pelley’s prestige was such that his publisher commissioned him as a foreign correspondent on assignment in Eastern Europe. With a generous expense account and the diplomatic rank of “consular courier” conferred upon him by the United States government, he shipped out for Russia in early 1918. To him, his assignment was a fun adventure, a well-paid lark and a chance to vacation overseas. It turned out to be something far more. Until his fateful voyage, Pelley was a happy-go-lucky, up-and-coming author, with no real convictions of his own. As he remembered years later, the experience transformed him “from a nondescript writer to a grim crusader.


For two years, he covered 8,000 miles by train and horse-back through Siberia, into the Ukraine, across the steppes of Central Russia, into the Far East and through Asia to Japan. Through all these extensive travels, he was a personal witness to the communist revolution. He saw peasant women crucified to barn doors and a schoolroom in which the teacher and all the students had been bludgeoned to death, their brains splattered against the blackboard. There where whole villages depopulated by murder, with corpses swinging from every lamppost and choking the nearby streams. These victims where rarely military personnel, nor politically involved in any way. They were common people, mostly farmers and factory workers. Such horrific sights, encountered wherever the Reds passed, almost unhinged his mind. But they were so commonplace, he gradually grew inured to the sea of blood through which he traveled daily.


He learned first-hand that communism was not an ideology, it was simply the organization of the worst criminal elements led by Jews to destroy society. This was no speculation. Virtually all the commissars he knew (some of whom he interviewed) where Jewish, while the majority of their activists where common murderers and perverts “liberated” from prison. They were motivated by hatred, power and revenge, nothing else. All their slogans about “Equality” and “Peace” where transparent rues to dupe thoughtless liberals among the Russian people, their victims.


Drunk with success, the Jews boasted openly of their plans for world conquest by fomenting the same kind of divisiveness in other countries. They told Pelley that Russia was just a stepping stone, a base for international subversion. Even their phony “communism” was utterly dispensable, just like their own followers, who they never hesitated to massacre on the slightest whim. Their long-range goal was one-world government, in which the masses became willing slaves, fueling an international economy with their genius and labor, while the Jewish people dominated all important positions of power.


“‘After Russia,’ one greasy commissar smirked at Pelley, ‘then Europe and later, America!’…





Out of Their Own Mouths


To the New York Herald Tribune:


Mr. Treister stated in his letter in your paper that the Jewish people form a very small percentage of the Communists in America. He states that;

in Chicago, with a Jewish population of 400,000, there are about 150 Communists.

I myself am Jewish, and I come from Chicago. I spent thirteen years in that city. Approximately 98 percent of us are Communists, and we are not ashamed of it. It is a system laid down to us by our great leader, Karl Marx, and only the cowards hide behind “democracy” or “Americanism.” Furthermore, I think Mr. Treister. should checkup on his figures more closely if he would give out information.


Washington, D. C., Dec. 22, 1938.




WALK up to the average man any where in the United States to day and ask him to tell you what he thinks is wrong with our country. He will uniformly reply:


Too many screwy ideas in Government! If the politicians would only stop trying to mess in everything and run our lives for us, we might get to work and pull the country from its bog-hole!


Say to him:


So its the politicians that are messing and wrecking every thing?


Yes,” he will growl, “— the politicians and the Jews!


Ah!” you exclaim.


So you’re beginning to feel that Jews somehow have a hand in all this Federal mischief and bankruptcy?


And seven out of ten of such average men will close the interview by growling;


Well, at least there’s too many running things, anyhow!


Thus it becomes apparent that anti-Semitism is on an alarming increase in this nation, and for few other reasons than that “there are too many Jews running things!” In other words, by the mere fact of too many Hebrews ‘ being given public office or ascending into places of business and financial power, an animosity toward Jews is automatically provoked and anti-Semitism explodes of itself.


Now, what we should be interested in knowing is; Does this sudden influx of Jews into public and business life come about because Jews are “smarter” than Gentiles, or because there is some great racial program afoot of which Gentiles as a people are utterly ignorant?


Suppose we examine this mighty question and see what we learn to our shocking enlightenment. …





We shall surround our government with a whole world of Economists. That is the reason why economic sciences form the principal subject of the teaching given by the Jews.



The Protocols of the Elders of Zion


Have they done it?


BERNARD M. BARUCHUnofficial President

HENRY MORGENTHAU, JR. — Secretary of the Treasury

FELIX FRANKFURTERJustice Supreme Court

MORDECAI EZEKIELDepartment of Agriculture

NATHAN R. MARGOLODepartment of the Interior

LOUIS DOMERATSKY Department of Commerce

HAROLD NATHANDepartment of Justice

ABRAHAM D. H. KAPLANEconomist, Labor Dept.

WILLIAM C. BULLITTAmbassador to France


[Page 2]



HENRIETTA S. KLOTZ — Assistant to Secretary of the Treasury

LEO PASLOVSKYAssistant to Secretary of State

DAVID A. SALMONChief, Division of Communications, State Department

ISADOR LUBINCommissioner Labor Statistics

A. J. HIRSCH Chief, Bureau of Census

BENJ. V. COHENGeneral Counsel, Nat. Power Policy Com.

NATHAN STRAUSSChief, Housing Administration

A.J. ALTMEYERChairman, Society Security Board

ISADORE S. FALKPrincipal Medical Economist

W. MORRIS LEISERSONChairman, National Railroad Mediation Board



GEORGE KAMENOWLabor Conciliator



SEIGALFederal Art Project WPA

G. ALSBERGFederal Writers Project WPA

PROF. LEO WOLMANLabor Strike Board

E. A. GOLDENWEISERFederal Reserve Director

HERBERT FEIS — “Brains of the State Department

SIDNEY HILLMANLabor Advisory Board

SAMUEL UNTERMEYERSecurities Commission

MORRIS WATSONFederal Theater Project Director

GERARD SWOPEAdvisor to Commerce Dept. and Social Security Board.


A booklet listing the names of nearly 300 Jews who have gained to the most vital positions in our Federal Government can be obtained by sending 25c to The Pelley Publishers, Box 2630, Asheville, N. C., for a copy of “WHAT EVERY CONGRESSMAN SHOULD KNOW”.


Read the whole list and be appalled!


[Page 3]




WHAT is suddenly wrong with our United States?


When we were boys and girls, our fat hers and mothers knew no such vexations. They had unemployment to contend with, in the industrial scene from time to time, it was true. Occasionally they suffered from Panics. But after a matter of months, or a shift in political parties, the bad effects of such strictures wore away. They were reasonably honest and God- fearing folk, our fathers and mothers. They raised their families as best they could — and we are living attestments that it was a pretty good way — and respected and upheld their government.


Suddenly, however, all this is changed! A World War had to be liquidated, and in the wake of liquidation came speculation. The stock-market crashed and a panic turned into a lengthy Depression. For seven or eight years that Depression has been getting worse. It has been getting so bad, in fact, that palliatives to halt it are now assuming the aspects of a basic alteration in our Republican form of government.


Suddenly it dawns upon the American people that not only is the form of their government being altered surreptitiously, but into nearly three hundred key positions in the Federal government have been slipped out standing Israelites. Not only have our standing Israelites been slipped into key positions, but the rank and file of the Washington bureaucracies are staffed with thousands of Jews. And as if this were not insufferable enough to a citizenry predominantly Gentile, the greater portion of those Jews thus given jobs are pro-Communistic and pro-Soviet in their ideas of public management.


Gradually the whole American scene is changing — or being changed! — to conform to the notions of this Yiddish Influx.


It wants Communistic, Bolshevism to replace Constitutional government here in the United States, and having gained to power through the pro-Jewish Roosevelt, it is brazenly and callously working overtime to see that it happens.


[Page 4]


The antics of this great Yiddish Influx have been so eccentric, and its objectives so alien, that men of sense and sagacity — with in the government and out of it — long — since began a line of quiet investigation to find out if the whole of it was merely the phenomenal inclinations of an aggressive race, or whether it all came from some centralized and organized source.


Gradually appalling evidence began to come to light. Boiled down into a set of definite conclusions, this seemed to be the digest of what is being put into operation behind the American people’s backs:


Somewhere behind World Jewry there seems to be a group of great Jews who have possessed themselves of ways to concentrate the efforts of this peculiar race and make them a predominantly aggressive factor in gaining to control of all Gentile countries, peoples, and Christian institutions. Their motives for doing this thing need not be discussed here; sufficient it is to say that they appear to be doing it!


This unsuspected control of a world-dispersed people in turn boils down to what appears to be a Hidden Empire, and — believe it or not! — the true soldiery for the effecting of its program and objectives is what is known as the World Communistic Movement, seemingly directed out of Moscow, and actually embracing not only the Jews universally in command of it, but millions of Gentile dupes — mainly people in life’s lower brackets — who are being ‘sold’ on the idea of bettering their social and laboring conditions.


In other words, inasmuch as Jews are in the minority as to numbers, they have to achieve their great racial conquests in all non Jewish countries by stirring up the working masses. If these Jewish ‘leaders’ can get the laboring members of the great trade union movements of the world to ’strike for their rights’ all Aryan-Christian governments and institutions can gradually be pulled down to ruin. By financing and secretly directing such world-wide trade-union movements, these Jews can control them.


[Page 5]


They can get the dumb workingman to do the battling and when the so-called ‘Capitalistic’ class (Gentile) has been overthrown or liquidated, Jews everywhere can ascend into the places thus made vacant. If, on the other hand, the violence-gesture fails, the poor gullible workingman can be left to ‘take the rap’ while the Jew gets off scot-free and concentrates on attaining to his ascendancy through bureaucratic legislation!


Does this seem for the moment fantastic? Suppose, for a brief analysis, we consider the eccentricity of Bolshevism in Russia. …


THE war had furnished the chance for the syphilitic Jew Lenin to try out the process in Russia. Ascending to places of supreme power in Russia — with the financing of big capitalistic Jews in the banking-house of Kuhn, Loeb & Company, New York — they forthwith began to use Russia and Moscow as General Headquarters for extending their operations to all other countries. They first got into Hungary, and the Jew Bela Kun reduced that country to a living hell. They got into Italy, but Mussolini became wise to their secret operations and organized a force of Black Shirts to deal with them. Communism was thrown out of Italy and the satanic plans of the Red Jews smashed. So next they tried Germany. The German people rallied in time and Adolf Hitler was the leader who stopped them from taking over that country and making it another Russia. Balked in Italy and Germany, they next went to work in France, Spain, China and United States.


In France, the Communist-Jew Blum came to power, in Spain Franco opposed them; in China, Japan interfered with their plans.


In the United States they realized they would have to gain their ends by strategy. So they first operated through the Federal Reserve to raise the discount rate on call money and produce a panic. Then by artfully operating behind the scenes, they prolonged that panic into a Depression.


[Page 6]


What they really were up to, in the United States, was to make the [Great] Depression so severe that they could introduce some dumb or willing stooge into the nation’s highest office, surround him with hundreds of Communistic Jews, and gradually introduce legislative measures for the cure of the Depression, that would secretly bring in Communism without the American people becoming aware of their true purposes.


They found their man in Roosevelt, the pampered son of a rich family in New York, who had never done a day’s work in his life, who was vain, bumptious, arrogant, yet possessed of the brains to play their game and pull their chestnuts from the fire. Having finagled him into office, they immediately surrounded him with a Brain-Trust — made up predominantly of Jews — which took control of the country’s policies. Whatever they wanted done, they did through Roosevelt. All of a sudden, the unsuspecting American people awoke to the fact that Roosevelt’s measures for recovery from the Depression were strictly in line with the Communistic policies emanating from Moscow.


But what the American people did not know was, that deep in behind all of it existed a world-wide coalition of great banking Jews who really constituted a Hidden Empire, who had their lines laid to every nation’s capital, who pulled the strings in Moscow as they pulled them in the “free” United States.


It was this tight coalition of great banking Jews, that was putting up the money for the “fight of the proletariat,” just as it was issuing orders to Roosevelt on the other hand to go after the “economic royalists” and make a great stir about the rights of the under-privileged in the United States.


The “poor dumb Gentile,” harassed to hysteria by the conditions which had arisen, denying him both a job and a living, did not know that these great Jewish bankers had first gained to control of the press, the radio, and the movies, so that precious small exposure of their conspiracy could come about.


[Page 7]


They did not know that the whole Russian debacle, the American panic of 1929, the out standing features of NRA — after they had acquired control of the Democratic Party and altered it to serve their purpose — and the Relief Program which merely kept body and soul together in the distraught American Gentile without actually relieving him — were all parts of the one great world plot that was in process of fulfillment.


It took astute Christian gentlemen in the State Department of the United States, to find out these things and know that they were true. But, of course, immediately the Jew-Gang had stolen the Democratic Party and gotten into power, such men were “fired” and allowed precious little chance to tell what they had learned.


All the same, this Hidden Empire — this little coterie of world banking Jews, with headquarters formerly at Frankfurt, Germany, but more recently in Paris and New York — was known to he a very real oligarchy, with a power almost chimerical, that could make or break any public man no matter in what province he exercised himself.


Communism, affecting to be a move against the world’s capitalists, really had been financed and secretly directed from the first, by some of the most pernicious capitalists in this whole mundane universe.


Tens of thousands of embittered Gentiles were jockeyed into the Communist Party, never suspecting for an instant that deep in behind the scenes they were merely the puppets and the monkeys for a clique of the richest Jews in the world who were engaged in getting those same Gentiles to pull down American industry and change American government — not for an ultimate government of working-men but for the benefit and accession of half-a-dozen dominant Jewish families, whose political representatives are the usurped American government at this present moment.


It stuns the sincere Gentile Communist of the United States, when he discovers that he has been made the stupid tool of a coterie of rich Jews who dominate Stalin in far-off Russia with quite as much insolence and omnipotence as they dominate the egocentric who at present occupies the White House.


[Page 8]


Another tool of the same Jewish Crew is John L. Lewis.


All of these men are just high-caste dupes in the hands of a crowd of international Hebrews who pull this string and that string and “play off” one country against another as it pleases their whim, profit, or caprice.


Hitlergot wise” to the whole of it, back in 1933, and ejected the insufferable crowd from the Fatherland. Whereat, being the controlling influence behind the world’s press in other nations — and particularly in America through their domination of the News Bureaus and the National Association of Department Store Owners — they at once ordered their duped and dumb journalistic satraps, Jew as well as Gentile, to slash back at Hitler in one of the worst defamatory campaigns that the world has ever known.


Nevertheless, Hitler withstood all of it, and remained in the saddle of German affairs. But in United States they were more successful.


At their bidding, Roosevelt— just then a sick, vain tool — began filling up the Democratic Administration with thousands of Jews, and firing the Gentiles out of their own government.


Playing on the average American’s weakness — his flare for race tolerance and religious freedom — Jews every where came into office in the American administration in locust-swarm numbers. Given such political and financial power, they at once set to work to see that Gentile industry was ruined, Gentile employees turned into the streets, Gentile property foreclosed upon, and Gentile prospects everywhere gutted, while — conversely — they brought in shipload after shipload of their fellow racials from abroad to augment their numbers and make their usurpation permanent.


BELIEVE it or not, this truly is what has happened, making our country suddenly different from what it was to our fathers and mothers. You, as an average American, may not be able to “take” this now, but that is because you haven’t probed and determined the truth of it, as did the men who once filled important offices in our American State Department.


[Page 9]


There actually does exist a coterie of big Jews, whose business and financial ramifications are world wide, who believe the whole Gentile population of the earth can be brought under Jewish dominion, that are endorsing and underwriting Communism on the one hand and counselling and directing the highest officers of our Federal government on the other, and by thus playing both ends against the middle, are bringing about an economic condition here in the United States where a free constitutional government can be set aside and a Jewish oligarchy enabled to assume supreme jurisdiction and command.


The little corner Jew, of course, doesn’t know much about it, but from what he does know, he thinks it is great. Naturally he is keen to lord it over Gentiles and help to take over the rich country that American Gentiles have created. So he gives his support and efforts to the success of the Communist Movement.


Look where you will, you’ll see thousands of Jews in all the important strategic maneuvers — with here and there a big Gentile like Lewis, or La Follette, persuaded to do the dirty work under promise of great office and power when the constitutional system has been overthrown.


But deep in behind it all, secretive and uncanny in their cunning, lurk the motivators and protagonists of it all, watching this move and that development, urging the working classes to strike here, controlling the banking rate and denying money to employers somewhere else, gradually cementing and augmenting their influence without once “sticking their heads out,” and gradually pulling Great America down to unspeakable chaos and despair.


Bloody Bronstein — known otherwise as Leon Trotsky — one of the most facile Jewish plotters, consorts with the greatest international bankers of the various countries on the one hand and then turns about in public and harangues against the “capitalistic” system, Time and again, reviewing his Red Gentile soldiery in Russia before he became Traveling Ambassador for Stalin, he called these white Russian soldiers “monkeys without a tail.


[Page 10]


And to such a personage are millions of poor laboring dupes pinning their faith that these messianic Jews are going to lead them out of their present economic slavery and land them in green pastures of the More Abundant Life.


To those who have accurately investigated what this Communistic phenomenon is “all about,” the secret facts are tragic.


But immediately a sincere man, who does know what it is all about, gets up courageously and tries to enlighten these American labor “monkeys without a tail,” the press — subsidized and controlled by the Hidden Empire’s American representatives — howls him down, calls him a “dangerous Fascist engaged in overthrowing democratic institutions,” and persuades its dupes that he is their worst public enemy whom they should immediately destroy.


This is the situation in the United States at the present time.


A revolution is being manufactured here with wicked intent, by economic suffering and industrial strife, so that these big Jews can introduce their dictators — Gentile as well as Hebrew — and in the last analysis, “run the whole works.” …


Do you think this is all rancor, race prejudice, seeing bogies, finding a scapegoat in the Jews for the economic turmoil that is driving this nation mad at this moment?


Well, when great Jews themselves acknowledge that it is so, and even boast of the manner in which it is succeeding, are you prepared to believe it then?


If you want the real truth, as to why Roosevelt is behaving so inconsistently, as to why Lewis is allowed to get away with his strong-arm tactics in industry, as to why this Depression doesn’t seem to readjust itself as other “hard times” have done, consider the information in these pages ensuing. …


This information has to be gotten out to you in this manner, because all channels of general public information have become closed to those who refuse to play the Jewish Game. …


Yes, there is a Hidden Empire, and the sooner you know all about it, the quicker will you be able to protect yourself and bring it down to the ruin it deserves!


[Page 11]


IT BOTH shocks and bestirs the patriotic and tolerant American at first to be told that this country harbors a people who are by no means content with merely enjoying its hospitality and free institutions on a basis of sportsman like competition with all other races, but who actually aspire to achieve autocratic rulership over all other races on earth. They would impose their own eccentric brand of culture and economics on nationals everywhere, whether other nationals want it or not.


As the story unfolds, the scope of this morbid craving and the ramifications of progress towards its accomplishment present phases so fanciful that the average sane individual wonders if the whole thing is not a fantasy and if the scores of investigators who have made tremendous sacrifices to ferret out the facts may not have been drug addicts.


The whole cabal is so colossal, and its underlying motives are so utterly foreign to anything in Christian psychology, that one becomes mentally befuddled before the recital has gone very far, and rejects the whole nefarious program as a nightmare of vicious minds.


Unfortunately it is this reaction, this wholesome mind-defense mechanism of the average Christian, which over the years has contributed more than all else to the plot’s success. If a man or race of men propagate a big enough plot normal people will decry it as preposterous and refuse to give it credence. Thus they really reveal the extent of their own limitations. They would never think of doing such a thing, therefore it cannot be possible that anyone else would do so.


[Page 12]


So long as they have this inherent inhibition, it is comparatively easy to keep them persuaded that the plot is a myth. And so long as such an assumption is successfully encouraged the predatory program can be pushed to full accomplishment. When these normal and wholesome-minded people later awaken to the fact that it has by no means been a myth, it may then be too late to do anything about it, for conditions may have been brought about where all opposition to the plot can be suppressed and the slightest protest or remonstrance punished with death — as has been shown to have occurred in the country once known as Russia.


Regardless of what may be said to the contrary by these racial marplots whom we shall describe presently, we are not anti-Semites — as the term is commonly accepted. But in probing into the true causes behind the dread times that have come upon the world, a stupefying array of facts has been unearthed about the Hebrew people.


Such information has not been gleaned by prejudiced busy bodies listening at key-holes. Most devastating of all, corroborating evidence has been found in the writings and speeches of representative Jews themselves. All of this builds up a staggering case in logic, confirmed by daily events throughout the whole world, but particularly in the United States, that the time has arrived when the Jewish people prophetically accept the promise that all non-Jews will come under the hegemony of Judah.


Non-Jewish peoples laugh at such an idea as utterly absurd. But no Jew is laughing at it. And no Gentile who is aware of the fact as to what is going on, is laughing at it, either. So long as the Jews have a plan, and are working collectively as a race with such an objective, Christian patriots can do very little to save the nation from its present economic and financial morass. Because at every turn, they find a mysterious obstruction blocking constructive rehabilitation. If they combine in organization to get business done en masse, soon Hebrews are knocking at their doors and inviting themselves into their ranks, demanding and receiving full social equality and official recognition. Whereupon elusive, disintegrating mischief begins to manifest itself. Quarrels appear and are multiplied. Doctrines are subverted. The effect and force of the effort are emasculated. Soon the whole movement has become abortive and no one can definitely put a finger on just where the trouble started or exactly what nurtured it into such disastrous channels.


[Page 13]


Nevertheless, people of a studious turn of mind, in many instances the Foreign Offices and Military of the great Christian governments, have not been content to merely admit the elusive existence of such subversive influences; they have taken it upon themselves to trace these factors to their source. So it has come about that dozens of entirely reputable historians, and hundreds of official espionage officers and agents, all working separately, unknown to each other and at different times, have finally arrived at the same staggering disclosures and conclusions. This article is more or less a brief summary of the authentic data that they have brought to light.


In considering the staggering facts that have thus been discovered, it is of paramount importance that we carefully examine the following conclusions:


The first of these is: That the Jew through history has not been persecuted because his religion is a denial of the Christ as the divine Messiah, nor because he is an overly smart business man.


These two items count very little in searching out the reasons why Jews of all times and in all countries have periodically suffered from suppressions and pogroms.


The Jew was and is prosecuted because he is primarily unsocial, Or rather non-social, in so far as other races are concerned. He will not play the great game of life according to the rules.


Furthermore, confine him to a given code of religious, social, or business ethics, and make him abide by it, and a dozen races outstrip him with ease. Because this is so, he has built up a code of ethics and morals of his own, where by he considers it entirely correct for him to conduct his whole world by the Law of Expediency. As the colloquialism has it:


Anything goes that he can get away with!


In this respect, the Jew is on the whole unmoral. He cannot understand the Christian code of ethics, however much he affects to do so intellectually. Hundreds of Jewish writers admit this evidence of weakness, which is a result of operating too long a time — without ethics!


[Page 14]


The secret history of all nations in consequence, discloses that Jews have suffered persecution because of their own acts and practices — excepting in many instances in the Near-East over the past hundred years when pogroms have actually been instigated by Jewish leaders themselves, conniving to get their own people slaughtered that Jewry as a world influence for loot might be drawn the tighter together and function the more effectively. In other words, it has been disclosed that many leaders of world Jewry have not wanted Jewish persecutions to cease entirely before their program of world conquest was achieved, since Jewry would thereby be deprived of one of its greatest assets, martyrdom making for solidarity in such conquests.


This seems paradoxical and preposterous to believe. But to understand it, we must accept another fact — this time ethnological and not ethical — that the Jew is not a white man but an Oriental.


It is generally known that the bloods of the three great racial divisions of the world; white, yellow and black, all test differently under chemical analysis. But it is not generally known that the Jew’s blood tests yellow when such analysis is essayed.


Father Coughlin in a radio address in the fall of 1933, entitled it, Money Control, stated:


For more than one hundred and fifty years the so-called civilized nations have permitted the Rothschilds, the Lazard Freres, the Morgans, the Kuhn-Loebs and such private banking institutions to exert such a control over the basic money of this world, to dictate that gold alone shall be its basic money, that we in America have escaped a revolution only by a hair’s breadth.


In another radio address delivered under the title: Thus Gaeth the Battle, the Reverend Father issued this ringing challenge:


Forward to Christ all ye people! March! March today! God wills it — this religious crusade against the pagan god of gold.


We have to confront, and assimilate as we can, disillusion after disillusion in popular acceptances, when we get into this field of human research. Notions which have been promulgated for so many years that they seem part and parcel of our consciousness, have to be torn out painfully and discarded.


[Page 15]




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[Mark Collett, 37, is a British political activist and former chairman of the Young BNP, the youth division of the British National Party (BNP), and was director of publicity for the party. He has recently written a book, “The Fall of Western Man” available as a free download.

Here he analyses the propaganda value of the recent meme, “It’s Okay To Be White” that first appeared in the US, and is forcing the anti-Whites’ hand, when they denounce as “racist hate” what should be considered as a mild statement of support for Whites.

He describes this meme as the perfect example of highly effective propaganda that is both simple, yet extremely powerful, in being pro-White, while simultaneously revealing the anti-White, genocidal agenda of our traitorous politicians and other servants of organized jewry.

Mark concludes that we should get behind this meme and adopt it as our slogan, as just one step towards stopping White genocide KATANA.]





Mark Collett


It’s Okay To Be White!









Click the link below to view the video:





YouTube Description


Published on November 9, 2017


A frank discussion of the “It’s Okay to be White” flyers and how such a simple campaign has been so effective in not only reaching out to those who are sympathetic to our message, but also in making our opponents show their true colours. But this simple campaign has also managed to do something much bigger and much more important – it has effectively communicated the threat of white genocide to the public.


My book, The Fall of Western Man is now available. It is available as a FREE eBook and also in hardback and paperback editions.


The Official Website: http://www.thefallofwesternman.com/


FREE eBook download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3cc…


Hardback Edition: http://www.lulu.com/shop/mark-collett…


Paperback Edition: http://amzn.eu/9LaS7HN


PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to debate with me in the comments about anything I have said, I welcome that. However please listen to the complete podcast and ensure you argue with the points I have made. Arguments that simply consist of nonsense such as “what gives you the right to judge” or “I’m a [insert religious affiliation] and you should be ashamed of yourself” or other such vacuous non-arguments will simply be ridiculed.











It’s okay to be White.


Yes! It really is! And who ever dreamt up the campaign to go around sticking up posters that simply read “It’s okay to be White.” is more than okay! He, or she is a genius! In fact, I would go as far as to say, whoever came up with this campaign has probably come up with the single best piece of propaganda I have ever seen! And designing marketing material for nationalist organizations and patriotic groups has been my job for well over a decade.


And here’s some backstory. I designed material that got dozens of councillors elected, a member elected to the Greater London Assembly, and got two MEP is elected to the European Parliament. But this “It’s okay to be White.” campaign, I’ve got to say, it’s better than what I produced for those elections.



This was a masterstroke!


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[A fascinating discussion by Joe Atwill and Tim Kelly joining all the dots connecting the evil psychiatrist Ewen Cameron, CD Jackson, MK-Ultra, Fake News, Zionists, “Nazis“, Mind Control and Holocau$t Revisionism.

This discussion should be of great interest to “Holocaust” revisionists in that it places the “Holocaust” into a much broader context of a long term and on-going mind-manipulation program by the oligarchs, aka, organised jewry —  KATANA.]










Our Interesting Times


Ewen Cameron, CD Jackson, MK-Ultra, Fake News, Zionists, Nazis, Mind Control and Holocaust Revisionism





Click this link to listen to the audio:






Powers & Principalities XI


Ewen Cameron, MK-Ultra &


Holocaust Revisionism



Published on Aug 5, 2017













Tim: Joe you’re back. How you doing?


Joe: I’m great Tim! How are you doing?


Tim: Very well. Doing very well. Thank you. Tonight you want to talk about, well an interesting character, Donald Ewen Cameron. Ewen Cameron, most people know him as. He was a psychiatrist, a very, I guess, theoretical, would you say, a “groundbreaking psychiatrist“, you could say? He was born in Scotland in 1901. He began his career as a resident surgeon at Glasgow Infirmary. In 1929 he moved to Canada to work in Brandon Mental Hospital. 1936 he became a director of research at Worcester State Hospital in Massachusetts, so he came to United States. In 1938 he was appointed professor of neurology and psychiatry at Albany State Medical School.


[Image] Donald Ewen Cameron.

Donald Ewen Cameron (24 December 1901 – 8 September 1967)  — known as D. Ewen Cameron or Ewen Cameron — was a Scottish-born psychiatrist who served as President of the American Psychiatric Association (1952–1953), Canadian Psychiatric Association (1958-1959),  American Psychopathological Association (1963), Society of Biological Psychiatry (1965)[4] and World Psychiatric Association (1961-1966). Notwithstanding his high professional reputation, he has been criticized for administering electroshock therapy and experimental drugs to patients without their informed consent. Some of this work took place in the context of the Project MK-Ultra mind control program. Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Donald_Ewen_Cameron


So he has quite a resume! During the Second World War he began working for the Office of Strategic Services [OSS]. So here we have a member of the British, subject the British Empire working for the United States, working for the OSS. In 1943 he went to Canada and established a psychiatry department — that’s curious — during the war, at Montreal’s McGill University, director of the Alan Memorial Institute, which was later implicated in some infamous experiments on some patients, under the guise of MK-Ultra and also some other programs with the Canadian government.


Also a curious experience during the war. He apparently examined and interrogated Rudolf Hess, and worked for Allen Dulles in Europe. So he had that background.


And of course, under MK-Ultra, he tested his theories, I guess it was called “de-patterning” where he wiped, scrubbed people’s brains clear. He takes some patients that went in for some minor things like postpartum depression, anxiety, and destroyed their minds! And this was funded by the CIA through the Human Ecology Fund, I believe. And also through interest in some Department of Education grants, or Department of Health Education Welfare grants and some other government agencies, DOD [Department of Defense] of course.


Joe: Rockefeller, …


Tim: And the Rockefeller Foundation. So just it’s kind of a wide, … Also a lot of money from the Canadian government, as well. More money came from the Canadian government. And it’s said that he was operating in Canada because the CIA didn’t want to break the law in experiments on US citizens. Yeah, right! [laughing]


So anyway, that is Ewen Cameron. That’s his experience in MK-Ultra. He died in 1967, having a heart attack while on a skiing trip. So, where do you want to, how do you want to enter this discussion?


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[Jez Turner gives a short yet powerful talk on three essential truths that we need understand in order to awaken our people, namely; race, power, and the agenda of our racial enemy, i.e., organized jewry —  KATANA.]








Western Spring Description


by Max Musson


Jez Turner was the fifth guest speaker at the recent John Tyndall Memorial Meeting and in his speech he examines whether we have the ability or the time to awaken our people to the dangers that beset us? He goes on to develop his theme by presenting what he sees as three essential truths about which we should be aware; the truth of race; the truth of power and the truth about the agenda.


Jez ends his speech by talking about the dedication, determination and resilience exhibited by most nationalists, qualities that John Tyndall epitomised, devoting as he did, his entire life to our cause.




Click this link to view the video:






Jez Turner


at the JTMM —


Three Essential Truths


Published on Jul 27, 2017











Max: What I’d like to do now is to invite another of our younger male speakers to address you all. This is the man who won the Jonathan Bowden Oratory Prize this year. The man who it is described by our enemies as one of the most influential fascists in the country. [laughter from the audience] A man who exhibits bonhomie wherever he goes. A man who is charismatic and eloquent. Jez Turner! Thank you! [long applause].


Jez: Thank you very much.


It’s a strange thing to watch a race die. Stranger still, to not to know the reason why.


But today now, 2017, the dots no longer need joining up! It is obvious to any thinking man, any curious man. And by his nature a thinking man will be curious. Any man can very quickly and easily find the answers to the questions posed by Kipling’s “six honest serving men“, …


What, when, where, how, who, and why?


The internet is like a gift from God! A gift, a deus ex machina, has descended to help us save the day. And it can help us save our race from extinction, from impending oblivion, if we use it and use it wisely.



It was not, I think, the Oldham riots that propelled the BNP into the mainstream. There have been countless ethnic riots in the past. Though usually it was the black Africans rioting, rather than Asians. The Asians rioting was a new phenomenon. No, what boosted support for the British National Party and British nationalism, was the Internet! Indirectly it did so, because the mainstream media could no longer hide the truth. They could no longer hide what was going on.


Everyone has those little phones that could film, that can send emails. Everyone becomes a one man reporter. And directly, anyone could easily and quickly get in touch with British nationalism. They could see us as we really are without looking at us through a prism, a filter, supplied by the crass (((mass media))). The truth, came easily and quickly available.


Now if you go to the Rosslyn Chapel, near Edinburgh — it’s a very interesting chapel, very old — lots of stone carvings, ornate pieces everywhere. And despite all these wonderful carving, there’s only one set of words on the wall. And these words say the following thing:


Wine is strong.
The king is stronger.
Women are stronger still.
But the truth is the strongest of all!


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[Brian Ruhe talks with Canadian-German brother and sister, Alfred and Monika Schaefer about the latest police raid of Alfred’s home in Germany, where the police “stole” material and equipment from him. This is all due because he has been spreading truth about the greatest hoax in modern history, the so-called jewish “Holocau$t” of WWII and also the jewish false flag event of 9/11 and their subsequent War OF Terror. Also discussed is the need for everyone to fight back against the ever-growing restrictions being instigated world-wide by organized jewry on our ability to speak freely — KATANA.]







YouTube Description


Alfred Schaefer is a Canadian videographer living in Germany. On July 6, 2017 at 6:00 am his door bell rang ferociously, as if some berserk madman was about to kick in the door. Seven armed thugs appeared with guns, bullet-proof vests and handcuffs and one “witness” from the town administration. Please support Alfred Schaefer as he tells the truth and exposes the lies about the Holocaust.


Please email Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to act to protect this Canadian citizen who has had his property stolen, at: pm@pm.gc.ca .

Alfred Schaefer’s website is: https://www.youtube.com/user/Allwesable

Monika Schaefer’s website is: freespeechmonika.wordpress.com

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Click this link to view the video:






Brian Ruhe




Alfred & Monika Schaefer


German Police Thugs Steal


911 Truth Material and


Alfred Schaefer’s Studio Equipment


Published on Jul 8, 2017











Brian: Welcome to the Brian Ruhe Show. Today’s July 8th 2017. My guest is Alfred Schaefer in Germany and his sister Monika Schaefer, in Jasper Canada. They both are videographers, and they have released videos telling the truth about the “Holocau$t”. They have both suffered quite a lot for this. Monika has had some isolation in her town. But Alfred, just two days ago, was “swatted” by the German authorities. Alfred, tell us what happened?


Alfred: Yes it was a surprise attack. I wasn’t even really expecting it. At six o’clock the doorbell just suddenly went crazy — ding, ding, ding, ding! They were just hammering on it. And so I, you know, I jumped out of bed. Like okay, I said to Frieda:


Hold them off for a few seconds if you can!


And I scrambled around to get a few things sorted out. And within about, a very few seconds, suddenly there was a whole team of these guys with their guns and bulletproof vests. And they just came in and that was it! They pinned us down basically. And okay:


We’re going to search your house!


So they were there and they said that they had an order to steal, well they say “confiscate”, steal all my video equipment and so forth, and computers, everything. Storage devices and not only storage devices this time, but also the video equipment.



And so they went about doing that. And the whole time I was telling them, you know, how do you, what do you guys tell your children when you go home? Do you go home and tell them:


Oh you got a “Holocau$t” denier and stole all his equipment.”


Come on! The whole world is waking up! The whole world is laughing at Germany for being so stupid, that there are still some people that believe it. That’s what told him the whole time and says, you know:


This is treason what you’re doing! And that’s how you will be judged and, you know, that this is theft what you’re doing!


And I never stopped driving it into their conscience. But the head, or the leader of that crew, these gangsters, was a woman. And she was there, she actually did the raid last summer, and I was hoping, or I thought, that she had learned something. Because I used to send her my newest productions and so forth. And, you know, here you guys are all suffering from this induced mental illness and so forth.



But I think she has chosen to betray her people and the human beings on this planet and work for a few shekels, take the shekels from the parasite and do their dirty work! And she knows that she’s doing this dirty work, so she’s the one that has really disappointed me. Now the other ones, the cops kind of thing, the big guys, a lot of them probably don’t really know and they seem to be quite actually keenly interested in, like, for example, we had the book, “Mein Kampf” from Adolf Hitler on the coffee table. And my wife, Frieda, she says:


Oh that’s mine, you know, I’m just reading that.


And then he says:


Oh no, you can do that. It’s okay.


And also they were looking at the other stuff, and some of the guys were just like guarding us, but he’s looking and reading through the stuff and very keenly interested in reading it, and actually left some of the stuff there, like the newest “Zundel Brief”, you know, like from Ingrid Zundel. She sends it to us all the time. He’s reading that. But what they did also, not only steal all the stuff, but they photographed all the books that are in our bookshelves! I want to know what kind of stuff we are reading.


Brian: Wow!


Alfred: So listen people, if you think religion in a free society, the state authorities come and they photograph what we are reading!


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[This twelve-minute video gives an overview of the statements of various front-men, overwhelmingly jewish, that publicly promote the “unconventional” genocide of Whites. The ongoing genocide is “unconventional” in the sense that it is not being carried out, yet, by outright blood-letting, as in massacres, but instead by stealth, by psychological warfare that has been going on for many generations now. The genocidal program is being carried out by driving White birthrates below replacement levels, through many methods, such as the promotion of selfish individualism, etc,. Organized jewry did major blood-letting through it being the architect of World War I and II, the “Russian Revolution“, and so many other wars.

The psychological warfare inflicted on Whites through long-term jewish control of media, etc., has mentally softened Whites up with feelings of guilt, to the degree that most Whites are willingly surrendering their lands and people to being invaded by the Third World, that given enough time will completely dominate and finally destroy White societies.

The video ends with a psychological call to arms. Whites need to wake the hell up to what is happening to them and identify the enemy, organized jewry. “Yes Virginia, it’s the f*cking jews!“, and do something about it. If we don’t, then we will be destroyed by the “architects” — KATANA.]










YouTube Description

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This is a video i found while on the interwebs





White Genocide


Explained by Its




Published on April 24, 2017









Rabbi: The Messiah will return only once Edom — Europe, Christianity — will be totally destroyed.


So I ask you: Is it good news that Islam invades Europe? It is excellent news! It means the coming of the Messiah. Excellent news.



Gregor Gysi: There has to be a legal [unbureaucratic] way to get asylum in Europe. Countries like Poland — very Catholic by the way — have to be willing to accept [more] refugees.



Oh, and by the way: Every year more native Germans die than there are born.


That is very fortunate. It’s because the Nazis are not very good at having offspring. This [decline of Germans] is why [we] are so dependent on immigration from foreign countries.


See you at the protest. Goodbye!


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[In this interview Andrew Hitchcock talks with Monika Schaefer, who went public a year ago telling the world in a YouTube video that she now knows that the “Holocaust” is in fact a fraud being perpetrated on the world for sinister purposes by organized jewry. She discusses her journey of realization, starting with her shocking discovery that 9/11 was an “inside job” carried out by those same people behind the “Holocaust” fraud, and concludes that it is imperative that more people start telling the truth about these events if we are to avoid a future of total tyranny — KATANA.]





Andrew Hitchcock




Monika Schaefer


on “Sorry Mom



Click here for the audio:

Monika Schaefer– Sorry Mom, I Was Wrong About The Holocaust


Click here for: Andrew Carrington Hitchcock webpage for this interview


Click here for Monika’s website:

Free Speech Monika




Published on July 7, 2017



Andrew Hitchcock’s Description


The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show (380) Monika Schaefer – Sorry Mom, I Was Wrong About The Holocaust


On today’s show I was joined by Monika Schaefer, to discuss her 6 minute YouTube entitled, “Sorry Mom, I Was Wrong About The Holocaust,” that you can view below.



We also discussed: Monika’s experience in, “Ritual Defamation,”; Joseph Ribakoff’s ADL prizewinning paper on legislating against hate speech in 1988; how Monika has been denied a busking permit due to her political beliefs; how the Jews expect you to be tolerant of their beliefs whilst they are intolerant of differing beliefs; and many other topics.


Special thanks to Alfred Schaefer for putting Monika and I in touch, so we could record this show.





(62 mins)





You are listening to TBR radio, brought to you by The Barnes Review.

Now the Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show with your host, Andrew Carrington Hitchcock.


Andrew: Hello everybody. I have another new guest on today. I am delighted to have her on. Many of you will be aware of Monika Schaefer, and also that I interviewed her brother, Alfred, on my show recently. She’s got an excellent website. And the website is: freespeechmonika.worldpress.com. That’s, freespeechmonika.worldpress.com. And the “Monika” is spelt with a “k”. And, of course, I’ll be including a link to the website in the post for this show. And also the title of the show is “Sorry Mom, I was Wrong about the Holocaust”, which is a very famous YouTube, an excellently presented YouTube that Monika is well-known for, in our movement. So, without further ado, I’m going to bring Monika up. Monika are you with me?


Monika: Yes! Hello Andrew! Thank you so much for bringing me on to your show. It’s an honor.


Andrew: Well, thank you so much for joining me. And one of the things I like to do, is people that have been oppressed by this, you know, international group of jewish bandits — would be a fair way of describing them — to actually give these people a platform on my show to explain how they have been oppressed, the things that be done to them. Just for basically expressing your thoughts and opinions. No acts of violence or anything like that.


But before we get into that side of things, could you please run through for the listeners, your background, your personal background, in as little, or greater detail as you would like.


Monika: Yes. I was born in Edmonton, Alberta in Canada in 1959. The fourth of five children. My parents came from Germany in 1951 and ‘52 respectively. And we grew up in a very, wonderfully traditional household of rich German traditions.


And we got out camping a lot. We grew up with a very deep appreciation for nature, for the natural world. That was something that we got from our parents. We had a huge vegetable garden even though we grew up in the city, so he could say we were a little bit like urban farmers with our vegetable garden, which fed our family of seven, largely. And, you know, then I went to university, I got a degree. I kind of did normal things like that, and then I became a park warden. And that’s in a national park, some years later. I mean, I had lots of different jobs before that, but I won’t go through that.


But the significant thing I would say for me and my life, was my career as a park warden. I got into the back country. I had a huge back country district for a number of seasons, where I would have three horses. Travel in the wilderness basically and take care of this large district. And, you know, you’d be on your own for long periods of time, and I would say this is one of the real highlights of what I did in my life. You learned a lot of self-sufficiency out there. When things go wrong you basically have to take care of yourself!


Yeah, so that’s kind of, in a nutshell, my background, and I guess I’ll leave it at that for now.


Andrew: Excellent! Well, I think now’s an opportunity, … I mean the title of this show is “Sorry Mom, I was Wrong about the Holocaust”. And so, we can look at the political side, … I wouldn’t really call it political, it’s just your views on historical events, which for some reason is unacceptable in our so-called “tolerant society” today. So it’s tolerant of what these jews want you to be tolerant of, and intolerant of things that they don’t like, obviously.


So I’m going to play your YouTube and now again, I’m going to include this in the post for our show. So I’ll just get this lined up here. I think I have it so, let me just play it now for the listeners.







Sorry Mom - 2112 Monika Shafer playing violin


Hello! I’m Monika Schaefer. I was born and raised in Canada, first generation Canadian citizen of German heritage. My parents both came from Germany. They immigrated to Canada in 1951 and ‘52, respectively.


There was a bit of a disconnect between what I experienced in the home life and what I felt outside the home. I love the rich German traditions and culture that I grew up with and yet, I felt ashamed of my Germanness when I was at school, or outside with my friends. I learned very quickly to hide my heritage.


It started in the first week of school. Day one, I wore my beautiful little dirndl, a traditional German dress and on day two, children were taunting me:


Oh you forgot to take off your apron! Ha ha ha!” as they were running away, or “Heil Hitler! Ha ha!”, again taunting me.


Sorry Mom - 2113 German woman in traditional dressess


[Image] German women wearing dirndl. A dirndl is a type of traditional dress worn in Germany, especially Bavaria; Austria; and the South Tyrol, based on the traditional clothing of Alps peasants.

I didn’t exactly know the meaning of that, but I knew it was not friendly. They were being cruel. That was very clear to me.


I’m reminded, just now, of the plight of the indigenous peoples of North America. They were also made to be ashamed of their culture.


I would like to share with you now a deep regret that I have for something which I would like to apologize to my parents for, but cannot, because they are no longer alive.



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