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[Part 18]


[Benton Bradberry’s 2012 book, “The Myth of German Villainy” is a  superb, must-read, revisionist look at how the German people have been systematically, relentlessly and most importantly, unjustly vilified as the arch criminal of the 20th century. Bradberry sets out, coolly and calmly as befits a former US-Navy officer and pilot, to show why and how the German people have been falsely accused of massive crimes and that their chief  accuser and tormentor, organized jewry is in fact the real party guilty of monstrous crimes against Germans and the rest of the world.


In Part 18, the period between September 1939 and April 1940, known in America as the Phony War, in Britain as the Twilight War, and in Germany as the Sitzkrieg is discussed, with emphasis on the Russo-Finnish War, the German Norway/Denmark Campaign, the German invasion of Denmark and Norway, and Churchill replacing Chamberlain as Prime Minister.


Churchill, as First Lord of the Admiralty, unilaterally took it upon himself to order the mining of Norwegian coastal waters for the purpose of blocking German iron ore shipments. This was a flagrant violation of Norway’s neutrality, and it posed an intolerable threat to Germany. Germany reacted quickly by invading Denmark to facilitate the invasion of Norway. With the help of the German sympathizer Vidkun Quisling, head of the Norwegian National Socialist Party, the Norwegian armed forces stopped resisting the Germans and soon Norway was occupied by Germans and the subsequent British invasion was repelled. 


Churchill’s failure in Norway was then used by the pro-war faction to replace Chamberlain with Churchill as the Prime Minister  — KATANA.]






NOTE: The author has very generously given me permission to reproduce the material here — KATANA.

 The book can be bought at Amazon here: The Myth of German Villainy




The Myth of


German Villainy




Benton L. Bradberry








Chapter 1   –   The Myth of Germany as an Evil Nation

Germany’s Positive Image Changes Overnight 

Chapter 2   –   Aftermath of the War in Germany

The Versailles Treaty

Effect of the Treaty on the German Economy

Was the War Guilt Clause Fair?

Did Germany Really Start the War?

Chapter 3   –   The Jewish Factor in the War

Jews at the Paris Peace Conference

Jews in Britain

Chapter 4   –   The Russian Revolution of 1917

Bolsheviks Take Control

Jews and the Russian Revolution

Origin of East European Jews

Reason for the Russian Pogroms Against the Jews

Jews Leave Russia for America

Financing the 1917 Revolution

Jews in the Government of Bolshevik Russia

Chapter 5   –   The Red Terror

Creation of the Gulag

Bolsheviks Kill the Czar

Jews as a Hostile Elite

The Ukrainian Famine (Holodomor)

Chapter 6   –   The Bolshevik Revolution Spreads throughout Europe

Jews in the Hungarian Revolution

Miklos Horthy Saves Hungary

Jews in the German Revolution

The Sparticist Uprising in Berlin

Jewish Bolsheviks Attempt to Take Italy

Jewish Bolsheviks Attempt to Take Spain — The Spanish Civil


Czechoslovakia in Danger of Communist Takeover

The Comintern’s Aim? World Domination!

Chapter 7   –   The Nation of Israel

History of the Expulsion of Jews

Chapter 8   –   Jews in Weimar Germany

Jews Undermine German Culture

Chapter 9   –   Hitler & National Socialists Rise to Power

The 25 Points of the National Socialist Party

Chapter 10  –  National Socialism vs. Communism

National Socialism

Jews Plan Marxist Utopia

Chapter 11  –  Jews Declare War on Nazi Germany

Text of Untermeyer’s Speech in New York

The Jewish Persecution Myth

Effect of Boycott on the German Economy

Jewish Exaggerations are Contradicted by Many

Chapter 12  –  The Nazis and the Zionists Actually Work Together for

Jewish Emigration out of Germany

The Nuremberg Laws – 1935

The Zionist Movement

Chapter 13  –  Life in Germany Under Hitler

Night of the Long Knives

1934 Annual Nazi Rally at Nuremberg

Hitler Revives the German Economy

Hitler Becomes the Most Popular Leader in the World

Chapter 14  –  Hitler Begins Reclamation of German Territory

Chapter 15  –  The 1936 Olympics

Chapter 16  –  Anschluss”. The Unification of Austria and Germany

Austrian Economy Revived

Austria’s Jews

Chapter 17  –  Germany Annexes the Sudetenland

Chapter 18  –  War with Poland

The Polish Problem

Hitler’s Proposal to Poland


German-Polish Talks Continue

Jews Influence both Roosevelt and Churchill

British and American Political Leaders Under Jewish Influence

Roosevelt’s Contribution to Hostilities

Lord Halifax Beats the War Drums

Germany Occupies Bohemia and Moravia

Roosevelt Pushes for War

Anti-war Movement Becomes Active

Poles Murder German Nationals Within the Corridor

Chapter 19  –  The Phony War

Russo-Finnish War

The Norway/Denmark Campaign

German Invasion of Denmark and Norway

Churchill Takes Chamberlain’s Place as Prime Minister

Chapter 20  –  Germany invades France Through the Low Countries.

The Phony War Ends.

Churchill the War Lover

The Fall of France

Hitler Makes Peace Offer to Britain

Chapter 21  –  The Allied Goal? Destruction of Germany!

Chapter 22  –  Germany as Victim

Rape and Slaughter

Jewish Vengeance

The Jewish Brigade

Chapter 23  –  Winners and Losers





Chapter 19


The Phony War 






Hitler was convinced that the future of Western civilization depended on the close cooperation of Germany with other European states, but particularly with her Aryan cousins, Britain and America. To Hitler, the big existential threat to Western civilization was Communist Russia, which he regarded as the base of Jewish world ambitions. He came to this conclusion as a young man when he first became interested in politics. He watched as the Bolshevik Jews took control of Russia and then launched their Red Terror. He watched as Jewish-led Communist revolutions sprang up all over Europe, which were organized and funded by the Comintern based in Russia, and backed by international Jewish banks. He came to power in Germany as an anti-Communist, and saw it as his life’s mission to fight Communism and to raise Germany up as a bulwark against the tidal wave of Jewish Communism which threatened to sweep over Christian Europe. He made every attempt to forge alliances with Britain and to have good relations with the United States, and was dismayed that his overtures were spurned at every turn. He was distressed and saddened that the threat to Western civilization posed by Communist Russia was not as obvious to the leaders of Britain and the United States as it was to him.


Hitler saw it as inevitable that Germany would eventually end up in a war with Communist Russia. It was only a matter of when, not whether. Soviet leaders were of the same mind. Hitler was convinced that Communist Russia would invade Europe, Germany first, at some time in the not too distant future whenever the Soviets felt strong enough to do so. When that day came, what he wanted more than anything was to avoid another two front war. Hitler had every interest from that standpoint alone in establishing and maintaining friendly relations with the other Western powers, particularly with Britain and the United States, in order to avoid any such likelihood. But he also wanted good relations with the other European nations because he believed that they each, like Germany, were an integral part of Western Christian Civilization, under siege by atheistic Jewish Bolshevism. The last thing Hitler wanted was a war with Britain and France. Pulitzer Prize winning author Louis Kilzer confirms this in his book, “Churchill’s Deception” – Simon & Schuster, (1994):

“‘Hitler did not want a world war, and had no stomach for fighting England,’ he wrote. But powerful forces in Britain and France wanted a war with Germany.”


Though Britain and France were in no position to intervene in Poland, they wasted no time in initiating military actions against Germany. The very next day after Britain and France declared war on Germany (September 3, 1939), RAF bombers bombed German warships in the Helgoland Bight (where the Elbe River flows into the North Sea). On September 7 the French crossed into the Rhine River Valley with 40 divisions to begin the “Saar Offensive,” but that effort was only half hearted and the offensive stopped just short of Germany’s defensive positions, known as the Siegfried Line, with only a few insignificant skirmishes taking place. The German army was preoccupied with the Polish war and did not mount a counter attack. No effort was made to oppose Germany’s occupation of Poland. So began an interlude variously known, in America as the Phony War, in Britain as the Twilight War, and in Germany as the Sitzkrieg, which began in September, 1939 and lasted until April, 1940. At times the situation seemed almost like a truce.


Nothing was happening on land, though a ferocious sea war was underway which became known as the Battle of the Atlantic. Britain’s great strength was her navy and she, along with France, immediately set up a total naval blockade to prevent shipments of any kind from either entering or leaving Germany. This was similar to the total blockade of World War I, which starved Germany into submission. Germany retaliated against the blockade with her submarine force.


[Add. image] SS Athenia seen in Montreal Harbour – 1933 Credit National Archives of Canada.


The first shot of the Battle of the Atlantic was fired on September 3, 1939 when a German U-boat sank the British liner, the SS Athenia, off the coast of Ireland. When France and Britain declared war on Germany, Hitler was still hopeful of a diplomatic resolution. He believed that after the Polish campaign was completed and matters settled down again that he might be able to dissuade France and Britain from war. For that reason, he wanted to avoid provocations of any kind, and issued strict orders forbidding U-boat attacks on non-military ships. Unfortunately, the first ship to be sunk by a U-boat was the passenger liner Athena, which was a violation of Hitler’s order.


[Add. image] The sinking of the SS Athenia as reported in the New York Times.


As Hitler had expected, this produced outrage among the Allies, as well as in neutral countries. The sinking of the Athena created the false impression that Germany intended to engage in unrestricted submarine warfare, as she had done during the First World War. But the sinking was done in error at dusk when it was difficult to see. The U-boat commander believed that the Athena was a warship. Hitler was furious, but the damage was done and no action was taken against the submarine captain.


On September 18, another German submarine sank the British aircraft carrier Courageous off the Scottish coast.


[Add. image] British aircraft carrier HMS Courageous, (22,500 tons), hit by two torpedoes of U-29 on Sept. 17 1939 south-west of Ireland . Sinking lasted 17 Minutes. 518 dead and 741 survivors.


When the war in Poland came to a quick end on September 27, 1939, Hitler made a peace offer to Britain and France, but it was rejected by both. Churchill by now was back in the government in Britain as the First Lord of the Admiralty, and openly clamored for all out war against  Germany. He held Germany’s invasion of Poland up as proof that he had been right all along in warning of the Nazis plan to conquer the world. But, as described in previous chapters, Hitler had no such intention, and had no designs whatever on any West European state. Churchill and his gang of war mongers, including Duff Cooper, Lord Halifax, Anthony Eden, Robert Vansittart, and the Jewish controlled press, were working overtime whipping up war hysteria, nevertheless.


The Allied strategy during the Phony War was to hold defensive positions on land while maintaining its naval blockade to weaken the German economy, and to wage naval war. The British and French continued to re-arm at a rapid rate, and a sizable British expeditionary force was sent over to France. Belgium and the Netherlands were determined to stay out of the war. They maintained strict neutrality and refused to submit to pressure from Britain and France to move their troops into their countries.


[Add. image] Painting “The Bull of Scapa Flow: Günther Prien, the U-47, and the Attack on HMS Royal Oak”, by Don Hollway 


[Add. image] A U-boat scene from the movie, “Das Boot“.


On the 8th of October three U-boats were sunk by the British and another was sunk on October 13. On October 14, in retaliation, a German U-boat entered Scapa Flow and sank the British battleship Royal Oak while it was at anchor. Nothing was happening as yet on land, though the air and naval war expanded furiously. German U-boats stepped up their attacks on British merchant shipping, causing worrying losses.


[Add. image] “Der Alte” Kapitänleutnant Günther Prien Commanding Officer, U-47. Despite a short career, one of the greatest U-boat aces of WWII.


The pocket battleship Admiral Graf Spee conducted a particularly destructive raid in the southern Atlantic ocean, destroying nine merchant ships in the fall of 1939. The British cruisers Exeter and Ajax and the New Zealand cruiser Achilles damaged the Graf Spee in a battle off the coast of Uruguay on December 13. The German ship took refuge in the neutral port of Montevideo, Uruguay, where, the Uruguayans insisted, it could remain for only 72 hours. Faced with certain destruction by the Allied ships waiting in international waters just outside the harbor, the captain of the Graf Spee ordered it scuttled in the harbor on December 17.



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Red Ice Arthur Kemp - COVER



[In this friendly interview, Lana Lektoff from Red Ice (Radio 3Fourteen) talks with Arthur Kemp on the past, present and future of White people. Kemp has had long involvement in the White “movement” and has written several books on the subject.

Although he makes many good observations, I would consider his significant weakness to be his downplaying of the jewish problem. His focus is on the symptoms of jewish rule, that is, the deluded liberals who are the outward manifestation of jewish power over the masses through their control of the media, etc.

Also his optimism that Whites will survive is not reassuring as, by “survive” he means that perhaps a  few million will remain after the West crumbles.

That said, this is a useful interview in that it gives us an insight into the mind of someone who is on our side and well informed on many issues, yet despite years in this movement, still hasn’t grasped the extent of the central issue of jewish control over us  —  KATANA.]






Red Ice: Lana Lokteff


Interviews Arthur Kemp




March of the Titans:


The Rise & Fall


of Caucasian Civilization







Click on the above link, or copy the link into your browser to view the audio.


Published on May 16, 2016



Arthur Kemp was born in Southern Rhodesia in 1962. Educated in South Africa, he holds a degree in Political Science, International Politics and Public Administration, having studied at the University of Cape Town and the University of South Africa. He is the owner of Ostara Publications and the author of eleven books, including March of the Titans: The Complete History of the White Race.


Arthur joins us for a look at how the aspects of racial homogeneity and racial disillusionment (multiculturalism) have historically contributed to the rise and fall of civilizations.


We begin by considering the essential questions of what causes culture and what happens when a civilization’s creators vanish. Arthur talks about the misconceptions of early English colonialism and the vastly different process of mass foreign invasion transpiring in the West today.


He addresses the proclivity of the White race to explore the world and provide humanitarian support to the less fortunate, along with the consequences of these interventions.


We discuss some logistics of the Out of Africa theory and the role of environment in racial differences, touching on the bureaucratic baloney that thwarts modern day archaeologists from properly investigating tremendous troves of ancient human remains holding clues of Europeans’ origins in the Northern Hemisphere.


Then, Arthur explains the dire reality of the population replacement events being orchestrated by the West’s rulers, and we deliberate how to wake up the ill-informed masses to their looming extinction.


Kemp also gives an account of his life in South Africa during the ANC’s takeover, relating the hard fact that demographics ultimately dictate the rules.


Our conversation rounds off with thoughts on the viability of recruiting quality Europeans to create a great ethnostate and the terrific potential that exists when enough Whites are able to unlearn their self-defeatist programming and abandon the egalitarian fantasies driving their cultures to demise.












Lana Lokteff: Arthur Kemp I’m delighted and honored to have you here. So, thanks for joining us.


Arthur Kemp: It’s a great pleasure Lana. I think you and Red Ice do a great job and I’m very honored to be on your show.


Lana: Well it’s refreshing to speak with you, because I’ve actually tried doing a couple White archeology shows with some racialists and it never turns out good! And unfortunately it can come across a little wacky sometimes. I’m sure you’ve come across that too.


Arthur: Unfortunately, I’ve had more than my fair share of dealing with wacky people, so I know exactly what you’re talking about. But, it doesn’t necessarily have to be. I think what happens a lot of the time, is that people tend to over play what the reality is and sometimes if they’re not not happy with the reality is, they add to it. I think that’s quite common amongst, not only people in this so-called White nationalist movement, but probably everywhere.


Lana: Yes. But when I mentioned to our listeners that you are coming on, a lot of people responded in, saying how, “March of the Titans” was a major eye opener for them, and for me, you know, I just love Euro-centric history and archaeology. “March of the Titans” is a masterful body of work, so I wanted to read a quote to kind of summarize it.

Most importantly revealed in this work is the one true cause of the rise and fall of the world’s greatest empires. That all civilizations rise and fall according to their racial homogeneity and nothing else. A nation can survive wars, defeats, catastrophes, but not racial dissolution


Aka, diversity, right? So Rome didn’t collapse from debauchery and decadence. So where do you like to begin when approaching the subject with new-comers?


Red Ice Arthur Kemp - 1665 book cover March of the Titans

[Image] Arthur Kemp’s book, “March of the Titans”.]


Arthur: Well, the very first way to understand it, is to take a step back away from any idea or denigrating other people. That’s probably a very important basis to start with. It’s one of the biggest problems in this so-called movement is that it seems to be based more on putting other people down. You don’t have to put anyone else down. All you have to do is stand back and look at it from a purely objective point of view.



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RIR - Nick Griffen Jack Sen - COVER


[Red Ice Radio interviews the well known, in British politics, Nick Griffin and also a relative new-comer to British politics, Jack Sen. Both these men are in some circles controversial, for their own reasons, but nevertheless this interview is quite interesting — KATANA]




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RIR - Nick Griffen Jack Sen - VIDEO



Nick Griffin & Jack Sen – The Battle for the Future of Europe – Hour 1


Posted on Mar 25, 2016


Nick Griffin, described at various times as “the most dangerous man in British politics” and “the most successful far-right leader in British history,” has been active in radical nationalist politics since he joined the National Front in 1974 at the age of 15. In 2009 he was elected as a member of the European Parliament while leader of the British National Party. Mr. Griffin is now Vice-President of the pan-European Alliance for Peace and Freedom and Political Adviser to the British Unity Party.


Jack Sen was the United Kingdom Independence Party’s (UKIP) prospective Member of Parliament for West Lancashire before being unceremoniously, and quite publicly, suspended. Jack then served the British National Party as its North West spokesman in 2015, but stepped down to concentrate on his British Renaissance Policy Institute and finish his book, “How to Get Suspended from UKIP and the BNP in 10 Articles and 2 Tweets.

Nick and Jack discuss their current political engagement and the series of films that BRPI is producing to document the work of British and American Nationalists and create a permanent public record unsullied by the warped and inaccurate accounts of the anti-European establishment and its controlled media. We sum up the main concerns being addressed by genuine Nationalists, including the Islamification of Western Europe and the overarching state of dispossession the indigenous population is experiencing. Jack and Nick explain how the White birth rate decline transpired at the same time as 2nd wave feminism, and we look deeper into the deliberately provoked, divisional force of this anti-male hysteria. We also talk about the Zionist thrust to create a multicultural mishmash out of the West, and the issue of popular alt-news outlets glossing over the relationship between immigration and the rise of terrorism and everyday violence. We touch on the turf wars going on inside the Muslim faction within Europe, and how attacks by radical terrorism networks are fueling more cause for the federalization of the European police force. Then, Nick and Jack outline the APF’s objectives and its meta-political mission to shift the Overton Window to the right.

In the members’ segment, we focus on the steps that must be taken to turn around the ailing state of England and Europe at large, which involves a bit of a debate over the viability of the current political system. Nick illustrates the sheer corruption and manipulation that surrounds the election process, and he describes his infamous Question Time lynching on the BBC that surprisingly resulted in a quadrupling of the BNP’s poll ratings. Then, we look to the possibility of a European civil war erupting and the feasibility of an armed resistance by average citizens with an aversion to firearms and, conversely, the Muslim population that is infatuated by and fully loaded with advanced weaponry. Later, we discuss how Europe can rid itself of the liberal, cultural Marxist, SJW infection that has stolen the pride and identity of its people, and we consider how renewed ethnic cohesion can reinvigorate a desire for young people to have children and stand by traditional family values.



Nick Griffin & Jack Sen


The Battle for the


Future of Europe








Henrik Palmgren: Welcome ladies and gentlemen, friends and enemies. It’s a pleasures to speak with you. I’m Henrik Palmgren. This is Red Ice Radio. I hope you had a good week. Easter season is upon us. A perfect time for renewal, growth, and fertility. Something we of course desperately need to get back into our lives. Pick up the old rituals, the old customs, renew them again if you feel like it and watch the change take place. We have to get back into the cycles of nature and work with it not, against it.


RIR - Nick Griffen Jack Sen - Jack Sen

[Image] Jack Sen at the introduction to his video about Nick Griffen.


Today we have Nick Griffin and Jack Sen on the program to discuss a film, a British Renaissance conversation with Nick Griffin, which is part of the series that Jack’s organization, the British Renaissance Policy Institute is doing. Nick Griffin is described at various times as, the “most dangerous man in British politics” and the “most successful far Right leader in British history“. He’s been active in radical nationalist politics since he joined the National Front in 1974 at the age of fifteen. Now a father four with four grandchildren, he’s best known in Britain for having gone from facing jail for high profile, Race Law prosecutions, for speaking out against Muslim grooming gangs in 2004, to being elected a member of the European Parliament, while leader of the British National Party.

He is now vice president of the Pan European Alliance for Peace and Freedom, and a political advisor to the British Unity Party. Jack Sen was the United Kingdom Independence Party, UKIP, prospective member of Parliament for West Lancashire, before being unceremoniously and quite publicly suspended by Nigel Farage, one week prior to the general election for alleged anti-semitism and attempting to broach the subject of indigenous displacement in Britain and British culture suicide.

Despite being dismissed from the party Jack placed a strong third in the parliamentary election, receiving over six thousand votes. A total greater than UKIP’s Deputy Leader, Paul Nutall. And the other UKIP MEPs representing this region. Jack then served the British National Party as it’s northwest spokesman from May through mid-October, 2015, but stepped down to concentrate on his British Renaissance Policy Institute, and finishing his book, “How to Get Suspended from UKIP and the BNP in 10 Articles and to Tweets.

The “Fate and Future and Fight of Europe” is our main topic.

Good show ahead and stay tuned.



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[In this short inspiring speech Kai Murros describes how Europe has been poisoned and betrayed by a traitorous “elite” that is destroying European peoples through a long term process of mass propaganda, creating self-hate and loathing that has pacified us into inaction, while also deliberately opening the gates of Europe to hordes of aliens. Murros believes that this vicious conspiracy will not stand and Europeans will awake and retake Europe back! The speech is accompanied with dramatic graphics creating a very professional “propaganda” effect — KATANA]


Voice of Europe - 1680


Voice of Europe - 1589 video




Click on or copy the above link to your browser to view.

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Video uploaded on Jan 28, 2016

By Oscar turner


YouTube Stats

Feb 18, 2016 — Views: 20,563 – Comments: 270 – Likes: 927  Dislikes: 16

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Jan 30, 2016 — Views: 6,536 – Comments: 162 – Likes: 563  Dislikes: 7





Voice of Europe



Kai Murros







Dark clouds are hanging over Europe.


Voice of Europe - 1591

The European people have been utterly betrayed by their elite.


Voice of Europe - 1592

Voice of Europe - 1593


The magnitude of this conspiracy is unprecedented in human history.


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With Open Gates - Video




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Video uploaded on Nov 9, 2015


By Death of Nations


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Dec 1, 2015 — Views: 4,880,207 – Comments: 17,535 – Likes: 29,709  Dislikes: 2,382





French composer agreed that video is “full of lies”: One day later 128 civilians were murdered by Islamists in Paris. Keep your homes , your family and loved ones safe if you live in Europe. I wish you all the best of luck for the future, we are facing harsh times.

Editing takes a lot of work and time, if you want to support me, you can do it with Bitcoins/BTC at:   1ybX49kKFNN7hKnrzaegnha4Fy9WrFATu

A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly.

— Marcus Tullius Cicero, 106-43 BC



You are witnessing what will be shown to future generations as the reason for the fall of an Empire.

At current immigration levels and disappearing birth rates native Europeans are destined to become a minority in their own countries within decades. This is already the case for many of Europe’s largest cities.

Europeans have effectively lost their right to exist as cultures and nations in their own homelands and are facing extinction.

Millions of young Muslim men leave behind their family, pay thousands to criminal traffickers to reach the land they have been promised by European politicians illegally.

Dubbed by the media as “refugees”, they cross through 6-10 safe countries to reach wealthy nations like Germany or Sweden where they hope to receive a better life at the expense of the taxpayer.

Only a fraction of them are Syrian, as they enter unfiltered, without any documents and without any legitimate right to claim asylum. Women and children are rarely seen, except in the cherry-picked sob stories of the media.

Any indigenous resistance of Europeans who refuse to hand over the countries of their ancestors to often radical and criminal Muslim foreigners is labeled “hateful”, “racist”, even “Nazi”.

The level of cultural, moral and political subversion with egalitarian and Marxist ideologies has reached levels the KGB would never have dreamed of. Equality and tolerance are lies that serve none but a few.

The Left, mainly orchestrated by Zionist interests, is destroying our countries from the inside. Patriotism, the most basic and fundamental trait of any nation that wants to survive, has become something to be ashamed of.

Feminism has destroyed family values and birth rates. Healthy nationalism has been replaced with a culture of guilt, self-hatred, apathy, degeneracy and pathological altruism. We are told to embrace “diversity”, in reality this simply means instead of just being a global minority, Europeans are supposed to become a minority in their own countries as well. No civilized society can keep up with the birth rate of third world immigrants, especially when the main goal is integration rather than assimilation. Parallel societies breed poverty, crime and radicalism.

Multiculturalism has never, at any time in human history, worked anywhere. If you believe otherwise, you’re delusional. In fact it’s the primary reason for every major conflict.

The crimes committed by the EU against the European peoples are directly in violation of the 1948 UN Genocide Convention, Article II:

(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;

(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;

(e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

Because of this injustice, far-right parties everywhere in Europe are gaining astonishing amounts of support, becoming the biggest parties in some countries.

Any European that does not rise up to defend his country from foreign invasion because he’s too scared of words does not deserve it.

We are still at a point where you will not get imprisoned for your political opinion in most European countries, but this will change very soon. Do not be apathetic, do not be weak. Be someone that can be proud to call himself European.

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With Open Gates



The Forced Collective Suicide


of European Nations






Germany is facing a drastic number of refugees by the end of 2015. Believed to be in the region of 1.5 million.


Voice Over: It is not quite on a biblical scale, but an exodus it certainly is. Migrants have been trapped at the railway station in Budapest. Now deciding to walk the hundreds of miles to Germany and what they see as the promised land.


Voice Over: The other side of this tragedy is how it will change Europe. Non-Western migrants have already been flooding into Europe for decades. Leaders refuse to stop it.


Lesvos, Greece — distraught woman: We’re afraid. We’re in danger every day, every minute. They’re coming inside… the police. They want to kill each other You have to do something! Someone has to protect us! They are in our houses! We are here the victims here, not them. We have to live like we used to before. We have to live our lives — they took it from us! We’re not in war, they are! They have to take from here it’s the city. It’s not a place for people… Like them!



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 Red Ice - Andrew Anglin - COVER Ver 2


Red Ice - Andrew Anglin - Progress Chart 13 - COMPLETE

Red Ice - Andrew Anglin - Video






Andrew Anglin


The Art of Trolling & Satire



Published on Oct 29, 2015





Andrew Anglin created the website The Daily Stormer two years ago, which now attracts over three million unique visitors per month. The controversial and humorous website seeks revolution through the education of the European masses and keeps readers informed of relevant world events hidden by the controlled media. Anglin says,

My goal is that anyone who comes to this site laughs out loud at least once every visit.


We begin with a look at Andrew’s journey through the alternative conspiracy route that brought him to the bigger picture of racial issues plaguing Western culture. Andrew talks about the recent heat that was brought to dailystormer.com when the SPLC [Southern Poverty Law Center] tried to connect him to the Charleston church shooter, Dylan Storm Roof, and he covers the recent drama with Joshua Goldberg attempting to infiltrate the website.


We discuss the art of trolling, tips for dealing with SJWs [Social Justice Warriors], and the future of censorship.


Then, we get into the big problem of low IQ cultures creeping into the system and replacing skilled workers with affirmative action. Andrew brings forth the idea of ‘Detroitification’ sweeping across the US, as minorities take over the suburbs and ‘too White’ neighborhoods are ‘diversified’ through Obama’s new HUD [Department of Housing and Urban Development] social engineering program.


Furthermore, we touch on the issue of low White birth rates and why Western women cheerfully support the mass importation of fighting age men from cultures with large breeding capabilities. Later, we delve into the unavoidable JQ [Jewish Question] and why Israel is so cheri$hed by so many politician$. We wrap up with thoughts on strengthening the Alt Right political ideology.

Listen: http://rediceradio.net/radio3fourteen/2015/R314-151028-andrewanglin.mp3





VOICE OVER: This is Radio 3 Fourteen on the Red Ice Radio Network.


Lana Letkoff (LL): Welcome everyone. This is Lana. Thanks for joining me. This weekend is Halloween and the NPI Conference in Washington DC, called “Become Who We Are”. We’ll be there and hope to see some of you there.


Red Ice - Andrew Anglin - NPI Conference


About my next guest, love him or hate him, joining me is Andrew Anglin. You’ve got to give him credit because two years ago he created the website, Daily Stormer.com.

Which now gets over 3 million unique visitors a month. He is definitely pushing the limits of what is acceptable to the establishment.

It’s mocking, it’s fun and it’s satirical to get the point across. The point being, White people want to be left alone in a country of their own without Marxist filth.

The SPLC* is obsessed with watching Daily Stormer. They can’t handle a peep of criticism in opposition because they are wrong and they know it. They just don’t want everyone else to know it. And they’re certainly alarmed that a hard-hitting opposition is forming before their eyes. Is it really so shocking considering all that they do against white people?


[*The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is an anti-White “civil rights” organization set up in Montgomery, Alabama in 1971 by Morris Dees and the Jew, Joseph J. Levin Jr. The current SPLC president J Richard Cohen is also Jewish, as is its main media representative Mark Potok.

Unlike the Anti-Defamation League and like American Civil Liberties Union the SPLC is not an openly Jewish organization. The SPLC may therefore be able to appeal to individuals and groups who find the more open pro-Jewish lobbying by the ADL disquieting. However, activities of the SPLC generally serve Jewish interests and Jews are prominent among staff and those giving money to the organization.]


With all the censorship and with all the things were told we can’t say, it’s no wonder why the Daily Stormer.com is such a hit. White people want to vent. They want to let loose and shout the obvious from the mountain tops. They want to be left alone to live how and with whoever they chose. Andrew Anglin, coming up.

Welcome Andrew! Thanks for being here. I’ve thought about having you on for quite a while but finally it’s happening.


Andrew Anglin (AA): I’m glad it’s finally happening.



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Onward Christian Soldiers 

[Part 15 (last)]



Onward Christian Soldiers - Cover - New Edition



This new version of Onward Christian Soldiers that I’ve compiled consists of the original contents published by Noontide Press in 1982 plus the “missing” text that, for reasons explained below, was in the Swedish version published in 1942.

I’ve also included some supplementary texts here giving the history of the missing parts of Day’s book. Also book reviews by Revilo Oliver and Amazon readers (see Part 1).







Maps of Northern Europe & the Baltic States

THE REST OF DONALD DAY by Paul Knutson — 1984

EDITORIAL NOTE by Liberty Bell

The Resurrection of Donald Day — A review by Revilo P. Oliver. The Liberty Bell — January 1983

TWO KINDS OF COURAGE by Revilo P. Oliver. The Liberty Bell — October 1986






Permit Me To Introduce Myself * (all new)

1 Why I did not go Home *………………………………. 1

2 The United States  *………………………………………. 7

3 Latvia  ………………………………………………………… 21

4 Meet the Bolsheviks  *………………………………….. 41

5 Alliance with the Bear  *……………………………….. 53

6 Poland  ……………………………………………………….. 63

7 Trips  ………………………………………………………….. 85

8 The Downfall of Democracy * ………………………. 93

9 Jews  …………………………………………………………… 101

10 Russia  *………………………………………………………. 115

11 Lithuania * ………………………………………………….. 131

12 Danzig  ……………………………………………………….. 145

13 Estonia  ……………………………………………………….. 151

14 Sweden  ………………………………………………………. 159

15 Norway  ………………………………………………………. 169

16 Finland  ………………………………………………………. 183

17 England  *……………………………………………………. 197

18 Europe  *…………………………………………………….. 201

19 Epilogue  *…………………………………………………… 204

Index of Names  ………………………………………………….. 205

* Contains new material (dark blue text) missing from original Noontide edition.


of Northern Europe 1920s (click to enlarge in new window)

Onward Christian Soldiers - Map Baltic




of Baltic States 1920s (click to enlarge in new window)

Onward Christian Soldiers - Map NE





June 1984




Paul Knutson

Donald Day, who had been for many years the foreign correspondent of the Chicago Tribune in northern Europe, wrote a record of his observations, Onward, Christian Soldiers, in 1942. His English text was first published as a book in 1982. It was printed by William Morrison and appeared under the imprint of the Noontide Press of Torrance, California, As Professor Oliver pointed out in his review of that book in Liberty Bell for January, 1983, the text had been copied, with some omissions and minor changes, from an anonymously issued mimeographed transcription of a defective carbon copy of the author’s manuscript, which had been brought to the United States in someway, despite the vigilance of Franklin Roosevelt’s surreptitious thought-police.

That was not the first publication of Day’s book. A Swedish translation, Framat Krististridsman, was published by Europa Edition in Stockholm in 1944. (That paper cover, printed in red, green, and black, is reproduced in black-and-white on the following page.)


 Onward Christian Soldiers - Cover - Swedish

Copies of this book still survive in Sweden and are even found in some public libraries. There may still be a copy in the Library of Congress, where, however, it was catalogued and buried among the very numerous books of a different Donald Day, a very prolific writer who midwifed the autobiography of Will Rogers and produced book after book on such various subjects as American humorists, the folk-lore of the Southwest, the tourist-attractions of Texas, and probably anything for which he saw a market, including a mendacious screed entitled Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Own Story. By a supreme irony, the Library concealed Framat Kristi stridsman in its catalogue by placing it between the other Day’s Evolution of Love and his propaganda piece for the unspeakably vile monster whose millions of victims included one of the last honest journalists.

The Swedish translation contains some long and important passages that do not appear in the book published in California and are not found in the mimeographed copy. By translating these back into English, I can restore Donald Day’s meaning, but, of course, I cannot hope to reproduce exactly the words and style of his original manuscript. I can also restore from the Swedish the deficiencies of the mimeographed transcript.

It seems impossible to determine now whether the parts of Day’s work that are preserved only in the Swedish were deleted by him to shorten his text when he sent a typewritten copy to the United States or were added by him before he turned his manuscript over to the Swedish translator at about the same time. At all events, the Swedish now alone provides us with some significant parts of bay‘s book and many Americans will want to have Day’s Work complete and entire.

For the convenience of the reader, I have, by arrangement with the publisher of Liberty Bell, included corrections of the printed English text where it departs, through negligence or misunderstanding, from the mimeographed text from which it was copied. I have passed over obvious typographical errors in the printed book, and omitted small and relatively unimportant corrections. For example, near the end of p. 44 of the printed book, the sentence should read, “All reported that the officials of the Cheka, later known as the GPU and NKVD, were Jews.

Day did not use footnotes, so the reader will understand what all the footnotes [indicated by the symbol *] on the following pages are my own explanations of the text.

The supplements below are arranged in the order of pages of the printed book, as shown by the note in the small type that precedes each section, The three sources are discriminated typographically thus; Italics show what is copied from the printed text to give continuity.

Ordinary Roman type is used for what is in the mimeographed copy but was omitted from the printed version. This, of course, is precisely what Day wrote in English.

What I have translated back from the Swedish appears in this style of type. These passages, as I have said, convey Day’s meaning without necessarily restoring exactly the words he used in his English original, from which the Swedish version was made.





Editorial Note


Liberty Bell

With the foregoing supplements, we have at last as accurate a text of Donald Day’s Onward, Christian Soldiers as we are likely to have, barring the remote possibility that the manuscript Day gave to his Swedish translator may yet be discovered.

The Swedish translation is pedestrian, as indeed is Day’s English style, but a comparison of the Swedish with the extant parts of the English assures me of the translator’s general competence. In one passage, which we have only in the Swedish, in which Day reports his refusal to become a well-paid and dignified member of our Diplomatic Service with a “little Morgenthau” as an “adviser” to tell him what to do, the translator was evidently confused by the irony of some English phrase such as “executive for a Jew” and reversed Day’s obvious meaning;, this was corrected in the foregoing text.

The mimeographed version is evidently a transcription from Day’s carbon copy, with only such errors as only the most expert typists can entirely avoid. There is, however, one very odd error in the mimeographed version corresponding to our printed page 4 above; it reads “the Great Rocky mountains of the border of Tennessee and North Carolina.” That is geographically absurd, of course, and the Swedish (stora Rijkiga Bergen) shows that Day wrote “Great Smoky mountains,” as we have, printed above. It is probably only a coincidence that the Swedish word for “Smoky” could have suggested, to a person who knew no Swedish, the error made by the typist in California who copied Day’s carbon copy.

When Day relies on his recollection of what he was told years before, his memory is sometimes faulty, and we have naturally made no changes in what he wrote. He makes an obvious error on our page 4, where he says that the Cherokees were driven from their lands and moved to Indian Territory “toward the end of the last century.” Actually, the expulsion of the Cherokee Nation by an American army took place in 1838. The Cherokees, by the way, were the most nearly civilized of all the Indian tribes in the territory that is now the United States and Canada, and it is true that their expulsion from the lands that had been guaranteed to them by treaty inflicted great hardships on them: they lost most of their property, including their negro slaves, and large numbers of them perished as they were quite brutally herded from the Appalachians almost half way across the continent to what is now the southern border of Arkansas.

Ethnologists who have made intensive studies of the Indians of North America (e.g., Peter Farb) regard Sequoyah (Sequoia) as perhaps “the greatest intellect the Indians produced.” He was the son of a Cherokee woman by an unidentified white trader, and, growing up with the mother’s people, regarded himself as a Cherokee. He, however, was an exception to what Day says about half-breeds. Day may have been confused about the date of the expulsion because a few of the Cherokees succeeded in hiding from the perquisition in the wilds of the Great Smokies and were eventually given the small reservation they now occupy east of Bryson City in the toe of North Carolina. There was some agitation about them “near the end of the last century.

The circumstances in which Day’s carbon copy was smuggled into the United States remain obscure. When the mimeographed transcription was made and first issued, it contained a prefatory page on which an anonymous writer said,

It is my understanding that this book was published in; 1942, and then merely made an appearance at the book-sellers, when all copies were immediately withdrawn and destroyed without a single copy escaping the book-burners, I was also told that Mr. Day died shortly after this incident.

The page was presumably withdrawn when its author learned that Day was still alive at that time and an exile in Helsinki, since the Jews who rule the United States would not permit him to return to his native land.

It is curious that the man who made the transcription, which did effectively preserve Day’s work for the future, and who was evidently a resident of California, had heard a somewhat less plausible version of the rumor that was current in Washington in 1943. (See the review by Professor Oliver in Liberty Bell, January 1983, p. 27). It is quite possible that the source of both rumors was an effort by the apparatus of the great War Criminal in the White House to prevent the publication of the Swedish translation, which, as Day tells us in the last item in our supplements, was delayed in the press for two years by a “paper shortage” and it is noteworthy that the paper for it was finally obtained in Finland, not Sweden,* Until the book was finally published in 1944, the enemies of mankind could have imagined that their pressures on Sweden had effectively prevented Day’s exposure of one phase of their activity from ever appearing in print.

[* Day’s book was published by Europa Edition in Stockholm, which, however, had to have the printing done by Mercators Tryckeri in Helsinki. Although copies of the Swedish book have been preserved, Day’s work would not now be generally known — and would be supposed lost by Americans who heard of it — if the anonymous gentleman in California had not issued his mimeographed transcription.]



KATANA — The Liberty Bell article continues with a list of text to be added or amended to the Noontide edition. All these changes (indicated by the dark blue text) have been entered in this expanded version of Onward Christian Soldiers.



Word Totals for the Additional Text

Introduction – –

Permit Me To Introduce Myself – 5,738 (all new)

Chapter 1 – 23

Chapter 2 – 307

Chapter 3 – –

Chapter 4 – 653

Chapter 5 – 1,225

Chapter 6 – –

Chapter 7 – –

Chapter 8 – 408

Chapter 9 – –

Chapter 10 – 907

Chapter 11 – 6

Chapter 12 – –

Chapter 13 – –

Chapter 14 – –

Chapter 15 – –

Chapter 16 – –

Chapter 17 – 2,167

Chapter 18 – 1,179

Chapter 19 – 89

Total words in original = 85,311

Total additional words = 12,702


Total words in expanded version = 98,013










1920-1942: Propaganda, Censorship

and One Man’s Struggle to Herald the Truth

Suppressed reports of a 20-year Chicago Tribune

correspondent in eastern Europe from 1921

Donald Day

With an introduction by Walter Trohan,

former chief of the Tribune’s Washington bureau





Chapter 17









In the winter of 1927, John Steele, chief of The Tribune’s London Bureau, asked me to accompany him to the foreign office as one of the officials there had expressed a desire to meet me. I recognized the flattery and wondered what I had done to merit such attentions.

We were received by Sir George Clark, a typical tall, lean Englishman, whose growth had not been stunted by lack of food in his youth. Sir George conversed with Steele about various matters and I patiently waited. As he seemed to have no questions for me, I became the questioner. I asked if the British government would not some day contemplate a more active participation in Baltic affairs since the governments of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, as so far as I knew, also those of Finland and Sweden, would like nothing more than to have Great Britain declare the Baltic a neutral sea.

Sir George was almost brusk in his reply:

Those small countries have no permanence. They are here today and gone tomorrow. There can never be a question of Great Britain guaranteeing the status quo in the Baltic and it is not in her interest to do so.

I replied that the Baltic states would hear that with deep regret, since they all based their hopes on Great Britain, which they encouraged in every possible way through their foreign trade.

I then asked about England’s policy toward the Soviet government, and mentioned a series of articles by a member of the Communist International that had appeared in Moscow’s Izvestia. Those articles described in detail the plans by which Sun Yat Sen intended to begin a new campaign against British interests in China with support from the Communist International. I had found them sufficiently significant to have them translated and sent to my newspaper.

Onward Christian Soldiers 618 - Sun Yat-Sen

[Image] Sun Yat Sen

Sir George said that he knew of the articles in question, but that the British government did not attach much importance to the Communist International or the plans of the Soviet government.

Mr. Day you are too close to Moscow in Riga to obtain a proper perspective,  he said.

The English government’s primary aim in China is to do business. The primary concern of the Chinese is also to do business. Neither Sun Yat Sen nor the Communist International will be able to hinder us from doing business with each other. The Communist International’s operations are of very little interest to us.

Viewed from London these matters look different than they do from Riga.

That ended my conversation with Sir George Clark and I never learned why he wished to meet me. As we were leaving the Foreign Office, 1 asked John Steele whether Sir George was considered to be a capable diplomat. Steele assured me that he was one of the best and had a brilliant career ahead.

I replied that I had been brought up with a great respect for England, since my father always loved and admired England above all countries with the exception of our own. From what I had heard about England, I had formed the opinion that British diplomacy was so far-sighted and complex that many things which seemed contradictory and confusing in the policies of the moment, would turn out, years in the future, in accordance with the British governments’ designs.

I added that I was grateful for our visit, since it had totally shattered that illusion.* it had shown me that the principal objective of British policies was profit, and, more specifically, instant profit. I advised John to watch developments in China and to remember the Communist International’s program and predictions. And Sun Yat Sen, before he died a few years later, did succeed in thwarting a large part of the commercial relations Sir George had so confidently anticipated.

[*We have every reason to believe that. Day was right in identifying the monumental stupidity exhibited by Sir George Clark as representing the views of his superiors in the government of Stanley Baldwin, whom many believe to have been no more than a blockhead when he engineered the abdication of King Edward VIII, who, whatever his capacities, would have been an obstacle to the Jews’ plans for a crusade against Germany and the race that Germany represented. Some Englishmen claim to know indications that Edward’s infatuation with the American divorcee was merely a pretext for an abdication to which he consented when he saw that the British ruling class was so corrupted that a suicidal war against Germany could not be averted. Others, seemingly as well informed, believe Edward was not much more intelligent than Baldwin.]

[Page 198]

The respect for the British government which I had lost on this journey to London was never regained. I still love England when I look at my bookcase, but when I contemplate her government I have a quite different feeling. In 1934, when I visited my headquarters back home, I was offered a position in the London bureau. That appointment would have brought higher wages and opportunities to travel home more often. I declined.

My visit to the Foreign Office may seem but a trivial incident. It is a succession or culmination of such incidents that influence opinion. My conversation with Sir George revealed at least that English diplomacy was not so competent as I had thought.

I was disappointed, but not so bitterly as were the Reiter Choir during their visit to England. They were among the best choral singers in northern Europe, because the Latvians, like most people, love to sing. Theodore Reiter accepted an invitation to take his choir to Wales, where there is an ancient tradition of choral music. Most of the Latvian singers could speak English. Many had studied at the English Institute in Riga. They had that profound respect and very warm admiration for England that is so clearly evident in all the Baltic countries.

Onward Christian Soldiers 619 - British Slums

[Image] London slum

I spoke with members of the choir when they returned. They were deeply shocked by what they had observed in Cardiff and other cities in Wales. The inhabitants’ frightful poverty and the general misery in that coal district, where the coal mining and processing works were shut down while England was buying cheap coal from Poland, caused the Latvian singers to lose respect for England. Upon their return to Riga, many of the same group felt that a revolution in Britain was inevitable. They were deeply shaken to find in Britain a grinding poverty that had’ no counterpart in the Baltic lands. Reiter’s choir had travelled through many countries in Europe and given concerts in most of the European capitals. They were thus in a position to make comparisons. If small countries like Latvia were able to feed and shelter their people properly, they wondered why so much suffering and degradation should be found in the world’s richest and most powerful nation.

Another aspect of life in the British ghettos that impressed the choir unfavorably was the prevalence of alcoholism among women of the working class. It was a common sight to find dozens of baby buggies standing outside the pubs, while the women sat inside, drinking gin and beer. Nothing like that could, be seen in European countries. They could not find any excuse for such conduct, which they considered unpardonable. But the disappointment of this small group of Latvians was the exception.

One of the invisible factors that the English certainly counted on, when they wholly and unreservedly entered into the Jewish plan to marshal Europe for an attack on Germany, was the distinctly high prestige Englishmen enjoyed in Europe.

People did more than admire and respect England. Many really loved England. Like other love this love is also blind to reason. And one of the most difficult things which the Germans have had to contend with was this love for John Bull, that fat old man whose round chubby nose revealed he liked to acquire other people’s property and keep it for himself.

The fat old man had plenty of money. He was popular because he liked to give other folks books and films that showed how high-minded and noble he had been in his youth, and how dignified, honest, and respectable he was in his old age.

Onward Christian Soldiers 620 - John Bull

[Image] John Bull and his bulldog.

It did not matter that an examination of his earlier life revealed that he had been a robber and an arrant knave, and that in his later years he had become a Pharisaical hypocrite. He was encompassed by the splendor and prestige of wealth. When he spoke, his voice commanded the attention of millions of adults, who listened with the same rapt attention with which children listen to fairy tales.

The fat old man lived on an island. He had many visitors who came to admire him. Now and then he would go travelling. He dared not misbehave at home, so when he wanted to cut loose from his inhibitions, he would take a short trip to Paris. There he could do whatsoever he wished, because he always had lots of money with him on his travels. He would also make longer journeys. These usually concerned his possessions in various parts of the world or were for the purpose of transacting business affairs that would make his home life more abundant.

In his youth, middle-age, and even until 1914, this man kept himself well informed. He paid handsomely for intelligence and maintained diplomats, agents, and journalists in foreign lands who kept him informed of what was happening in the world. As with most rich people, the primary objective of this man’s life was to acquire more money and greater power. He also refused to leave any of his property to another person, whoever that might be. He owed America a large debt, but refused to turn over his islands or other possessions in the western hemisphere as payment of his debts from the [first] World War. He had, moreover, seized Germany’s colonies, which were to be governed as mandated territories until it was time to return them, but that time never came. When Germany finally asked for their return, he said he could not return them because he had transferred those mandates to his dependents, mainly South Africa and Australia.

When he saw that Germany was rapidly becoming so powerful that she would be in a position to repeat her demands with such strength behind her words that he would be forced to listen, he decided to take action. That was one of the main reasons for his decision to go to war all over again. Just as in the previous war, he was confident that everyone loved him so much they would be willing to serve his purposes in his new war. He accordingly made many generous promises and the war began precisely as he wanted it.

But it turned out that he had been badly misinformed. His diplomats, in their inimitable, arrogant, and self-serving fashion, blundered again and again. His foreign correspondents and agents, many of whom were Jews, sent him bedizened reports that turned out to be false and misleading.

The favorite publication of this old man was, and is, a humorous weekly called Punch. There is many a true word spoken in jest as the following poem, published on page 198 in the 21 August 1940 issue of Punch exemplifies.




By A.P.H.

Our crude Victorian Papas

Were fond of giving loud hurrahs

For Nelson, Blake and Hood;

And, not content with such displays

They added then the horrid phrase

The foreigner’s no good,”

While quite unable to dismiss

The simple tale of Genesis

They never understood

Why Adam, first upon the earth,

Was not of honest British birth,

And therefore no damned good.

And when from their well-ordered home

They went to Paris or to Rome

(As in those days one could),

Each morning reinforced and warmed

The mournful view already formed

The foreigner’s NO GOOD.

Such sentiments of course amaze

In these humane, enlightened days

Of general brotherhood;

But really, when one looks about,

There does intrude a tiny doubt

Are foreigners much good?

At all events, the nation’s tone

Is brighter now that we’re alone,

And have not left the wood,

Than when our friends were quite a queue,

Perhaps we still accept the view —

The foreigner’s no good.


In English usage, the word ‘native’ (infoding)* has a derogatory meaning and is applied to all creatures that are not English.

[* In the text, the word “native” is in English and is followed by the Swedish definition, which should have reminded Day that infodingsratt is the normal Swedish term for “the rights of citizens,” i.e., of persons who are bom in the nation of which they are members, a nation, properly speaking, being composed of persons who are united by belonging to the same race, subrace, and ethnic group and so presumably have a common descent from remote ancestors. The incomprehension that Day shows here is amazing and goes far beyond the obvious fact that in neither Britain nor the United States do expressions such as “to speak French like, a native” carry a pejorative connotation. In the title of the English verses, he has not only missed the allusion to Hardy’s well-known novel, but failed to see that the “native” meant is precisely the Englishman who is said to be reverting to his inborn prejudice against foreigners.

Day’s polemic against Britain is unfair, but understandable. He wrote under the stress of a strong and even justifiable emotion, excited by the terrible war that Britain had officially forced on the world and for which she, as a nation, must bear the gravaman of guilt. Although that war was, of course, contrived by the Jews and incited by the intrigues of a half-English traitor, Churchill, and the loathsome creature that then befouled the White House, the two conspirators had natives of both countries as conscious accomplices in their ghastly crime, and it was Great Britain that officially began the war by attacking Germany.]

In Stockholm I was recently astonished to read in an English-Swedish grammar published in London that a little study of the book would enable an English tourist in Sweden “to converse with and make himself understood by the natives.” This distinction places the Swedes in a category beneath Englishmen. The Englishman is more than conceited, he is stupid, and takes the liberty of looking down upon a Swede, although the Swede has a far higher standard of living than the English, has an equally proud and perhaps more honorable history, and equally high or higher level of culture.

This attitude, which as I can attest from my own experience, is very widespread, has prevented the Englishman from gaining a proper understanding of other nations. In general, he was glad to leave others in peace so long as they did not own something he wanted, or so long as his own interests were not affected. But when they were, at that very moment one could not but pity the natives, whether they were the wild mountain tribes on the frontiers of India, who were the first human beings to b.e subjected to death and destruction by high-explosive bombs from British planes during the years following the [first] World War, or the somewhat more civilized Poles, who were made to start a war with Germany by British promises, or the perhaps over-civilized Norwegian King, Haakon, who owed his declaration of war against Germany to promises of help from England. Promises emanating from Downing Street or the White House are not worth a bit more than those from the Kremlin.

The English often hit upon clever propaganda. One of their ideals that sounds good is contained in the expression, “Live and let live.” That ideal can be translated as “Live, but let me live better than you, my good man.

[The chapter ends here. Everything that appears in the printed book on p. 199 after the verses, “The Return of the Native,” is obviously out of place, probably because a page or two of the carbon copy was displaced when the mimeographed text was transcribed. It appears with some expansion in the following chapter, which it seems best to print in its entirety. A large part of this chapter is preserved only in the Swedish, and where this overlaps the English text, there are quite a few points at which it is difficult to decide whether the Swedish translation is somewhat free or shows stylistic revisions made by Day himself. Where there is a choice, I have preferred to adhere to the printed English text in what follows.]

[Page 199]

I can report with perfect truth that the average American does not like England any more than he likes Cuba. The average American, since the close of the first world war, has applauded the idea of never again interfering in a war in Europe. The average American knows that his country, before it suddenly found itself at war, was in a cultural, social and economic mess; involved in the worst crisis in America’s short history.

The average American has always regarded the government as his servant and now, he has suddenly discovered, it has become his boss. It is doubtful if the government will be his servant again.

In judging this pessimist type of mentality, I gain the impression that very many Europeans have the same idea of America that America has of Europe. Only the European’s ideas are favorable while the American’s ideas are unfavorable. However, the morale of Europe is higher than the morale of the United States. These pessimists I have mentioned are few and far between. Some of them are just liberals with a dynamic sentimentality and a static reason.

•  •  •  •

The great part of this book consists in pages from my memory. It contains my experiences and impressions and my opinions. I am fortunate in possessing many friends whose views do not coincide with my own. To them I make no apologies. If a man is to be judged by his enemies as well as his friends I can point with pride to quite a host of ill wishers.

Chapter 18






Europe will win. Yet again, she is winning the fight for her survival.* In Europe’s battle for survival, all have suffered and almost all have made sacrifices. And to Europe’s credit must be said that those who have not are few. Danger has welded Europe together. Even those great groups of people who were formerly united, ** and who still persist, in some countries, to defend class rights and privileges are beginning to see that Europe cannot exist half slave and half free, and that moral, spiritual, cultural and economic bankruptcy of one country will only lead to catastrophe for others.

A new conception of life is arising. In the future the nations of Europe are going, first of all, to think of themselves as Europeans with a common heritage of European culture. This culture is too great and rich for one nation to claim as its own. All have made their contributions, some large, some small. But Europe and its future belongs to the Europeans, not to outside forces. And the victory approaches that will provide a defense for their culture.

The outlook for the future is no longer obscured by the miasmas of communism, social democracy, liberalism and other -isms so assiduously cultivated and subsidized by Judaism in its battle for a living space which comprises the entire world, — a battle that is desperate and imperils the whole world.


Onward Christian Soldiers 621 - Bacon's Map of Europe

[Image – click to enlarge] Map of Europe between the World Wars.

The globe is being divided up all over again. Europe will belong to the Europeans: that is the most definite result of the war up to now. Asia will belong to the Asiatics, and America to the Americans. Whether the Nordic Americans will succeed in regaining and maintaining control of their heritage, or whether they will remain under a cultural and spiritual Jewish materialist hegemony is a question the future will decide.

[*It must be remembered that Day wrote in 1942, when the great German victories seemed to assure a bright future for our race.

** The reference, of course, is to the European nobility, which transcended national boundaries and intermarried, as did royalty, from country to country, thus feeling a unity that separated them from the lower classes everywhere.]

Africa’s destiny is now in flux.

We do not know whether that side of the war will end in a compromise that may perhaps create a new battlefield for another war in the future. But Africa must belong to Europe, and finally shall.

It is only natural that one race would become the leader in Europe.

There is a conception that geographical conditions shape and mold men and nations. Geography and nature can do much, but if this were the case the shape of men’s heads should be just as uniform as the shape of their hands and feet. We are all more or less biological accidents, conceived and born in the same manner. But science tells us mankind is divided into many races. We don’t all come from the same Adam.

And history shows us northern Europe is the home of the TeutonicNordic race. The Oxford English Dictionary defines the terms thus;*

Teuton: A German; in extended ethnic .sense, any member of the races of peoples speaking a Germanic, or Teutonic, language.” And “Teutonic,” as applied to language, is defined as “Of or pertaining to the group of languages allied to the German (including Gothic, Scandinavian, Low German, and English), forming one of the great branches of the Indo-European, Indo-Germanic, or Aryan family.

This is the race which founded and is responsible for what we call western civilization. Branches of this race, the so-called Anglo-Saxons, have in the space of one generation come under the control of the Jewish race who, with the revolution of 1917, gained control of the Slav race in Russia. The Jews are now trying to destroy Western culture and to enslave the Nordic-Teutonic race.

[* The Swedish is a condensation which I have expanded by quoting directly from the large Oxford Dictionary. To complete the definition, we may add,

Nordic: Of or pertaining to or characteristic of the people of Northern Europe or the type to which Deniker assigns them.

The reference is to Joseph Deniker, the French anthropologist whose manual, Les races de I’Europe (Paris, 1908), provided, on the basis of extensive anthropometric research, the standard racial classification of Europeans that is generally accepted. Europeans (excluding, of course, Jews and other alien races that have infiltrated the Continent) are all Aryan, and Nordics are therefore a branch of the Aryan race as a whole.]

That is the real and true war which is now being fought. It is not a war between countries, such as Germany, Finland, Italy, Russia, England and the United States. These are merely family names. The real war is between the Jews and the Teutonic-Nordic race. The latter are beginning to realize what their fate would be if the Jews should win this war.

German topography has molded the Germans into a race of keen observers. They have been surrounded by other people for hundreds of years. Every German can tell the difference between the French, Dutch, Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Croatian, Serbian, and Italian peoples. Some of the peoples are branches of the Nordic-Teutonic race; others are Slavs, and still others belong to the Mediterranean race. The Germans, through their close personal contact with these many peoples, stand in the best position to understand their several national ambitions, aspirations, and racial sensibilities. Even as did the vanguard of the Nordic-Teutonic race, many of these, peoples repeatedly fought victorious battles for their existence.

Their innate racial capacities produced leaders in times of peril.

Today this peril is imminent.

Some old friends, among them Scandinavians and Germans, have confided to me their pessimistic belief that European culture will succumb in the present war. This apprehension has always surprised me when expressed by a mature and educated person.*

In viewing the United States, lam afraid Europeans are prone to judge my country by standards existing in their own. In doing that, they are making a mistake. If the United States had the same social structure as Germany, Finland, or Sweden, I would even then have my doubts about the outcome of the present war. If the United States has great strength, it also has great weaknesses.

The most noteworthy is this: America has no military class that can provide the people with military leaders. I know that not even during the course of the previous war was the United States able to produce military leaders who could bear comparison with any one of five hundred military men from Finland, It is just as impossible to turn out a competent officer in a few months of intensive training as it is to turn out a competent physician in the same period of time.

[* How pathetic Day’s indefatigable optimism sounds today, when Aryans, throughout the world, cringe at the feet of their Jewish masters and acquiesce in the liquidation of their race, hoping only to cadge a few counterfeit dollars in the meantime!]

Another of America’s great weaknesses is this: America lacks a sufficiently large class of civil servants with the old and sound traditions of honor, loyalty, and competent diligence, such as exists in the three aforementioned countries and others. The American bureaucracy born under the Roosevelt administration is a corrupt and inefficient growth following the traditions of former days when political appointees did everything they could to improve their material circumstances under the political regime which appointed them because of the knowledge they would lose these lucrative posts under a new president.

America’s third great weakness is this: The United States never dreamed of conquering and ruling the world* before the Roosevelt Trust established itself in the White House. Just how far the average American is attracted by this strange-tasting medicine of Roosevelt has yet to be revealed, for the average American is inarticulate. From everything I know about my own country I can at least report that real Americans are not at all pleased to find themselves as allies and supporters of Bolshevism, because these Americans are Christians.

I can report with perfect truth that the average American does not like England any more than he likes Cuba.*** The average American, since the close of the First World War, has applauded the idea of never again interfering in a war in Europe.

The average American knows that his country, before it suddenly found itself dragged into this war, was in a cultural, social, and economic mess, involved in the worst crisis in America’s short history.

[*This may sound strange today, when few remember that in 1939-45 there was a current in American thought which expected that the United States, still a nation, would profit by the World War to establish a hegemony over the whole world and an Imperium Americanum modelled on the great Roman Empire.

** The reader should again remember that this was written in 1942, before the Christianity of the West had been almost entirely subverted and reclaimed by the Jews, becoming again an instrument of their purpose to make the entire globe what Canaan was in the tradition transmitted by their Bible.

*** Remember that when this was written, Cuba was just an insignificant, but perpetually troublesome, island off the coast of Florida. It was not until 1959 that the aliens who have taken over control of the United States, with the cooperation of their Aryan hirelings and “Liberal” nitwits, installed a Communist dictatorship in Cuba. Many simple-minded persons still like to imagine that their rulers in Washington are “anti-Communist.”]

The average American has been indulgent toward political corruption. As a matter of fact, political corruption had come to be considered inseparable from politics, on both the local and national levels. The average American has always regarded the government as his servant, and now he has suddenly discovered it has become his boss. It is doubtful whether the government will become his servant again. Which will be the master depends on the American himself. He can either demand the same efficient service from government that he requires of his hospital, or he may become apathetic and submissive, like the slaves under the terror-regime that is inspired and directed by Jews. If another alternative should exist, the average American must find it. And with the knowledge I have of my countrymen, I anxiously await the day when Americans will regain control over the government of the United States.

In. judging the pessimistic type of mentality, with which I now and then come into contact, I gain the impression that very many Europeans have the same idea of America that America has of Europe. Only the European’s ideas are favorable, while American’s ideas are unfavorable. Altogether too many people have viewed international developments and their guiding principles through Jewish eyeglasses.

However, the morale of Europe is higher than the morale of the United States. Just as the stone-steady Finns observe Russia through eyes that have the experience of hundreds of years behind them, so the other nations quietly observe the furious efforts of Europe’s enemies to find the chink in her armor through which they can administer the death-blow. Those pessimists whom I have mentioned are few and far between. Some of them are just Liberals with a dynamic sentimentality and a static reason.

* * * * *

My career as a correspondent ended because I found myself unable to become a soothsayer. I have remained in Europe because I prefer to tight with all my power against the Bolsheviks rather than tight for them. It is a deep disappointment to me that the Finnish government did not accept my services as a volunteer. That compelled me to write this book. The fact I am today a political refugee is not pleasant. Today many of us are clinging to the past. But if we are to hold to any of our beliefs then let us continue to think that stealing is dishonest and lying dishonorable, for that is what separates through the centuries the Christian from the Jew. It is we, who are fighting for Europe today, that have the right to sing,



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Chapter 19




This book was written during the winter of 1942-43. I have been told that a paper shortage prevented publication.*

In the meantime, I have looked over it again. Persons who read the manuscript suggested I delete a portion of it. I decided not to. It was remarked that I had criticized certain countries and had not made any criticism of Germany with whom my country is now at war. This deserves a word of explanation.

During my stay in Europe I had opportunities to become The Chicago Tribune’s Berlin correspondent. I refused this post because I thought I was doing more good for my newspaper and my country in reporting events in Russia and I knew that many forces were interested in closing The Tribune bureau in Riga.

I have written about the countries and events which I “covered” for The Tribune. Most of the material contained in this book has already appeared in there.

I also feel that in fighting the Jewish-Bolshevik regime of Russia that Germany is performing a service for Western civilization which will be properly appreciated and recognized in the future. Of course there are unpleasant features of Germany’s war for survival. I only need to mention Mr. Himmler. But when somebody mentions this I ask them to remember that Beria is still commissar of the GPU in Soviet Russia and that this terrorist organization has been functioning in Russia and abroad since 1921 whereas the German counter-organization only appeared a few years ago. I further ask them to remember that it is impossible to fight a forest fire with a fire engine and that the only way Germany can defend herself and Europe against the GPU is through the use of severe and stern measures.

In conclusion permit me to repeat what I have already written in this book: that those who are fighting against Bolshevism are gaining in honor. As for those who are fighting for the Bolsheviks, well, let us hope that history will be very, very charitable.

[* I.e., until 1944. The “paper shortage” was in Sweden, one of the leading paper-exporting countries of the world. Do your nostrils detect the characteristic stench of Jewry? In the Swedish text, the passage in the middle of the fourth paragraph on p, 204, “I only need mention Mr. Himmler … only appeared a few years ago,” does not appear.]



—————————— END ——————————




Index of Names


Adamic, Louis, 96

Aitken, Max, 121

Akel, M., 157

Akulov, 38, 118

Alving, Babro, 165

Anine, Valdemer, 47

Aralov, 121

Aschberg, Olaf, 3

Barons, Kristian, 153

Beaverbrook, Lord, 121

Beck, 72, 79, 80, 82, 94

Beckmann, Lief, 178

Belisha, Hore, 166, 167

Benjamin, Janis, 31

Berg, Major, 165

Berger, Rabbi Elmer, 130

Berija, 38, 118, 206

Bersunsch, Alfred, 49

Bihlmans, Alfred, 49

Boisen 180

Bontoli, Mon., 140

Brown, W.B., 44

Budding, General, 147

Budrys, 133, 134, 135

Bullit, 46, 75, 76, 77

Chaiton, 43

Chalatov, 123

Chamberlain, 126, 127

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Chicherin, M., 45

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Churchill, 11, 99, 111, 175, 192

Clayton, John, 68

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Czech, John, 103

Day. Mrs., 50, 127

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Djerjinski, Felix, 38, 117. 118

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Dubin, Rabbi, 35, 102

Duranty, Walter, 48, 111, 126

Eden, 71, 72

Edmundson, Robert, 103, 107

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Estes, 44

Fagin, Victor, 154, 155

Farson, Negley, 129

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Flick, 44

Florinski, M., 46

Ford, Henry, 23

Forrester, General, 182

Forster, 60

Freud, 106

Fry, 135

Gadman, S. Parks, 161

Galvanauskas, E., 137

Ganetzski, 43

George, King, 11

George, Lloyd, l05

Gibbons, Floyd, 125

Gide, Andre, 110

Gieck, Lewish, 4

Godye, G.E.R., 129

Goring, 58, 95

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Gustav, King, 31, 157

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Himler, 206

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Hohenthal, Arno, 193

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Jagoda, 38, 117, 118

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Kalimantiano, 44

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Kennedy, 95

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Khalatov, Artemic 8, 109, 110, 111

Kirckenstein, 31

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Knox, 9

Kock, Erich, 56, 57, 58, 59

Kolehmainen, Hannes, 186, 193

Krassi, 121

Kwiatkowski, 80, 82

Kwick, John, 94

Lacis, Willy, 31

Laidoner, Johann, 78, 162

Lane, 75

Le Lara, Donald, 81

Lenin, 118, 121. 173

Leonard, 183

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Lilienthal, Dr., 130

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Lubianski, 145

Lyons, 126

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Marshall, 43

Martelius. Martill, 176

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McCormick, Colonel, 1, 2, 4, 5, 47, 48, 50, 68, 74, 75, 75, 77, 94, 98, 126, 137

Meierhold, 176

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Pommers, John Archbishop, 51

Porter, 139

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Procope, 188

Redfern, Gilbert, 70

Riddledaic, Lord, 166

Rod, Oruulf, 176, 179

[Page 205]

Roosevelt, F. D. 2, 6, 9, 12, 75, 77, 95, 96, 97, 99, 103, 111, 167, 175, 187, 192, 195, 204

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Rubenstein, 102

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Scholl, 3

[Page 206]

Schultz, Alexander, 155, 156

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von Alfthan, Dr., 99

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White, Prof., 147

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Yezhov. 38, 118

Zagurski, 80

Zaleski, August, 80, 82, 141, 142

Zang, Joel, 74

Zarinsch, 51

Zellgowski, 132

Zimviev, 72











* Images (maps, photos, etc.) have also been added that were not part of the original Noontide edition.



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