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[ John Friend of The Realist Report interviews German-Canadian activist Alfred Schaefer on his efforts to expose the activities of organized jewry and its ongoing plan of genocide against non-jews, especially Whites. The psychological warfare that is being waged against us by organized jewry is of particular interest to him and how they have programmed us to passively accept our own destruction through the constant use of poisonous ideas and words — KATANA.]





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The Realist Report


by John Friend


On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined once again by Alfred Schaefer, a courageous activist, thinker, and revisionist who has been persecuted in Germany as a result of his intellectual and political pursuits. In this podcast, we discuss some of Alfred’s recent activities and speaking engagements. We move on to address the persecution of political dissidents and “Holocaust” revisionists throughout Europe, including Horst Mahler, a German revisionist who has fled the country rather than accept yet another prison term, and Ursula Haverbeck, a righteous German woman whose case I detailed in an article published by American Free Press. Alfred gives us his take on fake history, the “Holocaust” industry and the anti-White agenda it advances, and President Donald Trump, who is increasingly disappointing and outright betraying his supporters. This is one podcast you do not want to miss!


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The Realist Report




Alfred Schaefer


April 2017





(74 mins)





John: OK folks, welcome back to another edition of The Realist Report this is your host John Friend. The website is The Realist Report dot com where you can find an extensive archive of these podcasts as well as other broadcasts I have appeared on over the years on the website. You also find all of my writings and blog posts, an About section, a contact page, where you can find my personal email address, my Twitter feed, which is embedded on the right hand side bar of the website, and lots of other useful and informative links. I am a regular reporter for American Free Press, America’s last real newspaper and I also contribute to the Barnes Review, the bi-monthly history magazine affiliated with American Free Press. Both publications are worth subscribing to and I encourage all listeners to do so. Visit American Free Press dot net and Barnes Review dot org for more details.


All right with that said, let me introduce my special guest this evening. Alfred Schaefer is joining us once again. Alfred is quite a courageous activist thinker and revisionist who has been persecuted in Germany as a result of his political and intellectual pursuits. Topics that we will be discussing during this podcast.


Alfred, welcome back to the program, sir! How are you this evening?


Alfred: Well fine John. Thank you very much for having me back online. We’re going into a very critical time now and thanks for having me on.


John: Yes, of course. It has been a while and I’m glad to have you back. This is something that I’ve been wanting to do for a while and we’re finally able to make it happen. And I should say it’s actually morning if I’m not mistaken where you’re at. It’s evening for me, so I guess I probably should have said, “Good morning Alfred”.


Alfred: Yeah, it’s five o’clock in the morning for me right now.


John: Yeah and thanks for getting up and being a champ and doing this. It probably wouldn’t work out any other way, so I do appreciate that. So anyways, we’ve got a lot to talk about and as I mentioned it has been a while since you’ve been on the program, so what have you been up to? How have you been?


Alfred: Well, we’re working full speed and as you mentioned I’m being persecuted. I had like, … The police had raided our house here back in August and stolen all of my computer equipment and this, … It wasn’t that long ago that I finally, we finally got, you know, through the charge basically. And it really looks like they are looking for a face saving way to back down from these “thought laws” which are completely unsustainable. Because I am the main accused and alongside myself we Ursula Haverbeck, which is an iconic figure. We have Gerhard Ittner who has served a number of years in prison and was kidnapped from Portugal, brought back to Germany to face charges. And we have Henry Hafenmayer who’s working really hard and doing excellent work, you know, with sending information to all the prosecutors and judges and all the different functions in society. So we’ve got a real “dream team” put together here and it really does look like they’re trying to find, somehow, you know, than Aing team to sort of take down these laws. That’s how we’re looking at it. And I’m not in any way fearful, or regret that they came. In fact, this is an opportunity. In fact, we are in times right now where people have to understand that these are fantastic opportunities to take down this construct of lies! And that’s what we’re looking at and that’s how we’re taking it.




John: Good! Yeah, that’s a very productive and positive way to look at your situation. Now you had mentioned that, … So your home was raided. This was back in August of 2016.


Alfred: Yes, correct.


John: Right and they confiscated a lot of your, you know, computer equipment and whatnot. I imagine other, you know, literature you had at home. I’m not sure you want to get into any more specifics about what they actually confiscated?


Alfred: Yeah look, their order was to find all, to confiscate all, … I use the word “steal”, to steal all computer devices and storage devices. So they stole, … I had a very fine computing equipment, you know, for making the videos and so forth. And they basically cleaned everything out, including an ancient, old computer I had of the closet, you know, they just took everything. They packed it up very nicely, you know. Made a nice inventory list of everything they took. And then it was actually, … I phoned the, you know, the police about a week after they had come and I told them, I asked him, you know, how long it’s going to be and how long it’s going to take before I get my stuff back? And they said this is going to take at least, you know, at least two months, or so. Of course, now it’s been like half a year’s up. And then I told him, you know, the fact that you’re here has made some waves in the Internet. And they were like, “Where? What? Where do we have to look?” you know, just key in my name and “Holocaust” and you’ll find all kinds of stuff.

So they basically got such blowback from being here that they immediately understood that this was not a very intelligent thing for them to do. And everything since then has played out in our favor. To put us in a position where we really can do permanent major damage to this construction of lies, and criminalizing thoughts. I mean, this is, we call it an inquisition. We don’t call it, you know, we didn’t break any laws. This is an inquisition and when you’re dealing with an inquisition it is a belief system and this is a belief system based on just evil, evil! And so that is what we are facing.


John: Oh yeah, absolutely! Now what prompted this? I mean, what led up to this? What were you, you know, officially charged with? What crime did you commit?


Alfred: Well, this is the wonder. I mean, everything is stacked in our favor. Their reason they came is, because the B’nai B’rith in Canada had incited the authorities here to do something about the work I was doing. And the actual work that triggered this was the, “Sorry Mom, I was Wrong about the Holocaust”. That video. So here we have on the search papers, which which they say, “Sorry Mom, I was Wrong about the Holocaust”, that wonderful video, my sister Monika, she wrote the script and I just managed the cameras, … That’s her video basically. And that triggered this raid. And they say that contravenes paragraph “130” which is a paragraph they have about “Holocaust” denying. And now they’re trying to redefine this whole thing as “incitement to hatred”. So I say, please explain the logic to me. An apology to ones mom is incitement to hatred?


So they have a real problem now with logical explanations here. And the reason this apology took place is, because we were being incited. I mean, they were inciting against us all of our lives with this ridiculous fantasy of their six million dead jews. I mean, not a single jew was exterminated by the Germans, because he was a jew. It was war time and there was, … The communists that were the threat were mostly jews, so the whole thing is, … They have a problem with how they’ve framed this. So that’s why we’re looking at. The inquisition and the “Sorry Mom, I was Wrong about the Holocaust”, framing that as an incitement to hatred is a pretty bizarre situation.


John: Yeah, exactly! Now, did you actually participate in that video, or did you just help, you know, produce it for Youtube?


Alfred: I produced it. I was the producer and, you know, my name is at the end as the producer and that was on my [YouTube] channel. And the interesting thing is that in this accusation that they’ve taken with Ursula Haverbeck and Henry Hafenmayer. If you take the actual scenes that they, you know, they did their, as detectives they had to write down exactly where the charges are what the charge is, and the part with Gerhard Ittner, he did it, … That was the video, “Dissidents Speaking Out”, you know, the dissident speaks out.




And Gerhard Ittner did a wonderful scene where he is explaining how this jew had presented a box of soap in front of the media and said this soap has been extracted from the carcasses of gassed jews and Ittner did a wonderful scene where, what they really should have done with this soap is they should have blown soap bubbles with it. And these soap bubbles would burst which would symbolically, which would have been very symbolic for the lies. These lies would have burst like a soap bubble. And he did that very nicely on camera and they actually listed this scene as being in contravention to some kind of a law here. So they’re really taking the most, you know, like we’re making a real, just a mockery out of their lies and they’re actually taking that scene and saying this is in contravention to some laws.


So they’re basically setting themselves up to lose. No judicial system that tries to, that wants to represent, you know, law and order can stand with this kind of ridiculous, you know, if we are guilty, because we are blowing soap bubbles with their soap made out of jews, their fantasy world, you know, nobody can take that seriously any more. So we have authorities now that nobody takes seriously anymore. We are in a situation where the little boy screams out, “Look the Emperor has no clothes” and everybody sees that there are no clothes. The Emperor is stark naked! And suddenly everybody says, “Yeah, the emperor is stark naked!” These lies are over!


John: Yes, they’re very, it’s so childish. I mean, what they tell us and just expect us to blindly believe. Now, I’m curious. So was it German federal authorities, like the federal government that was that’s we are pursuing these charges against you guys?


Alfred: Well, they sent the Kriminalpolizei, it’s like the FBI, I guess. I don’t want to get into trying to explain exactly how they fit into the, you know, the structures here, because I don’t really know. But these people just take orders from, … Well, B’nai B’rith in Canada, the jewish secret society that basically, that ordered the German authorities to do this and so they just follow orders. And the people that came and these are people, who were doing their work, they were very professional and I am convinced that they themselves have learned a lot since they came here and this has changed their lives. Because they are following orders, it’s something they are indoctrinated with certain beliefs and what they experienced when they came here was not what they would have expected.


They came here, first of all they didn’t come as a big SWAT team as they normally do, which means that they’re not very motivated anymore, but it was at a gentleman and a woman. And they actually told me I could, for this search, I could get my own witness, which is very unusual, you know, it shows that there, … And by coincidence our neighbors who are very noble people basically, like a Duke, their name is von Luecksberg [sp] . And they had been informed. I had informed them about these lies several months earlier. They knew all about Gerard Menuhin’s book, “Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil” and they were still there, so I got him and his son, who were both lawyers, and they were the witnesses. And they were extremely professional and obviously siding with me. So, the house was completely cleaned up very nice, very orderly. And so, whatever they were expecting and, you know, they might have expected swastikas all over the walls, or skinheads, or something. I don’t know what they were expecting, but the they saw a household that was very clean, very professional. The witnesses that I happened to get from across the street were very professional, very honorable people, and then they confiscate all my stuff.


And after that we had all this activity on the internet about there being here. I was on several talk shows, you know, Glaring Hypocrisy did a nice interview there, where I explained everything, how they came. In fact, I was going to go a little bit on how they came. Normally I’m usually in the shower by six thirty in the morning, but this one morning I was a bit later and I was in the shower at seven o’clock, actually, and I heard the doorbell ringing. And I heard through the door something about Kriminalpolizei, so it just registered immediately what was going on. So I had time to actually prepare psychologically for what was happening. So I came out and I came out completely stark naked! Stood there and there’s this huge guy standing there and I say, “Is there something you are looking for at this hour in my house?”, because I knew that if I came out stark naked, stand there and just ask him what is he looking for in this house, it’s a sort of a symbolic thing. I have got nothing to hide and I am not afraid of you!




So tell me what you want and, you know, let’s see if we can find it. So he says, without even flinching, he said, “Well, you can get dressed”. And he never let me out of his sight. And then, basically we went through the whole procedure here. Before we actually started this search they allowed me to get my own witness, which was fantastic, because like I said before I got these honorable people from across the street. And then the thing sort of unfolded. And they, you know, went through everything basically, packaged everything that they thought was a storage device, or a computer.


John: All for a video that you produced on You Tube! How absurd is this! I mean, that’s the thing, average people got to be questioning this! What do people say in Germany? I mean, you know, it speaking of, … Let me just actually mention this. I was down in Mexico recently and I ended up meeting quite a few Germans and most of them, frankly, didn’t even know that it was illegal to question the “Holocaust”. They don’t really like, at least the ones that I was talking to weren’t really aware of these issues at all. They didn’t really think about it. I mean, I don’t know how they couldn’t of, but, … That was my, and again this is just a few people that I met from Germany, but what’s your take? I mean, are people kind of waking up to this?


Alfred: Well, what they do you see, they do these things and they do not talk at all about it, except like they tried like, the media, the jewish media, for example, with Urulsa Haverbeck. In over and over again, when she was going through her various trials, it would always big headlines, “Nazi oma [grandmother] goes to jail!” and all of that kind of stuff. So they’d be screaming these things out there, which weren’t even true. Like there be a trial for her, for example, and then they would, in the first instance, you know, the judge who is usually a jew, I guess, would say, “OK, go to jail”. But then she goes into revision and she doesn’t go to jail and she’s being treated very nicely by the people who understand.


And so, you’ve got these people who are in control of the media who are driving a certain narrative, trying to keep people in fear, or they don’t talk about it at all. So the only message people’s get once in a while are, you know, neo-Nazi, right wing extremist has to go to jail, whether it’s true, or not, is beside the point. And they don’t ever get to understand what’s actually going on. It’s completely censored out of the public realm. And that’s with everything. Like, there’s no mention in any newspaper, or anything that they have raided me, so we have to bring this message out in our own networks, because in the jewish controlled media, of course, they get a single narrative and that’s what they want to, you know, push on the people. They want to keep the people in fear and ignorance.


John: Right! Yeah. And they can’t really present you, or Ursula Haverbeck, or any of these other people as like, these crazy deranged, you know, Nazis, or something like that. It’s, you know, far from it. You guys are very professional, good looking people, you know, very scholarly.


Alfred: I’ll tell you what I did at Christmas time, for example, since I’m not hearing anything back from them. But I also kept sending the police department my latest productions, my newest video and I’ll send them a DVD with all kinds of additional information and recommendations of what they can learn. And then I actually, at Christmas time, I sent them a Christmas card with a long letter and I thanked them for coming. Because I told them that until they came my, … I was getting a bit nervous and worried that maybe somebody from Antifa, one of these left wing crazies, communists, would come and, you know, break into the house and destroy all my stuff. And ever since they took all my stuff and this is, you know, known throughout the Internet, that these fears have been reduced and I can sleep very soundly. And also I told them and I broadcast into the Internet, that the police are diligently learning from what they had taken, because what they had taken really was what they needed, almost like a medicine to fight their own suffering from this psychological warfare, or their own induced mental illness.


When you believe these lies and you still react to all these words that trigger the programs that have been pumped into our minds, that’s an induced mental illness. And what they took from my desk, the coincidences were just almost too good to be true!




I had been in London a month before and spoke at the London Forum. And the subject of my talk was, “Psychological Warfare”. And I had all these papers and my speech. All that information that is relevant to the subject on my desk. Plus I had this display case with different quotations from different rabbis going, you know, back hundreds of years. They took all that they photographed all that. They took it. They really have almost like a university course of how, or what this psychological warfare is. They took and their job was to study it and learn it. To make sure that they’re doing that, that’s what I broadcast out on all of messages.


That the police are learning, they are, you know, they’re cleansing their brains from this stuff and now we’ve got the charges that’s exactly what it looks like. They have set this up, they want the A-Team to take down this ridiculous construct of “thought laws”. And that’s how we’re looking at it, that’s how we’re taking it.


If we fail then I say, “good luck” for whoever comes after us. But right now, we are really set up, we are in the poll position basically to take these laws down, or give it a major blow for which they will not recover very quickly! And that is fantastic to be in that position.


John: Yes. Now are you guys all kind of working together in this? I mean, each one of you were charged separately I’m assuming. Are you fighting this together?


Alfred: Yes. We are fighting together. We have got and we are all learning, we are all growing together, we are growing and gaining strength basically, day by day. And the other side is, … If you just watch what’s going on now with Trump in the US and what’s happening in Israel, they are in full panic mode and they know their lies are over and that’s why they’re really desperate now to get us into basically a World War Three, before too many people wake up, but they cannot!


The more they, … Like this is now going into an extremely unstable situation that we’re in right now. And it’s not going to go back to anything stable anymore. These lies are coming down! The jewish construction of lies is coming down. The financial system is coming down. This is basically a war of lies and criminality against honest working people and that is unsustainable. That’s what we’re at right now. And that’s why our very survival depends on us getting our heads functioning again! Becoming immune to the trigger words. These control words that result in ridiculous emotional outbursts that are just straight out of an insane asylum!


We are basically, … It’s almost like our brains are, … The brain of our society is very, very, almost terminally ill. But maybe we have to fall with their face in the mud to understand and then get up and clean and shake ourselves and then we can fight again. Because right now, when you have our men confused about which gender they are and more concerned about the feelings of some transvestite, than they are about protecting their women from the invaders, we have a serious problem! We haven’t had this in our history, in our European history. It’s a first!


John: Yes! I completely agree with you! And I want to talk more about this aspect of World War Two and especially the fake “Holocaust” story. How it really is a pys-op, it’s an ongoing psychological warfare operation being waged specifically against Germans, but really the entire White Western world. And I know that’s something that you’ve spent a lot of time thinking about and discussing and writing about. So, I want to talk more about that.


Real quick, I’ve got to ask you, I just put a video up, I guess it was maybe close to two weeks ago, it was on April sixteenth, of Horst Mahler. He is another German dissident that has faced all sorts of legal, you know, legal problems, legal issues. He’s been in prison for a number of years, from what I understand. And he gave a speech on April nineteenth apparently, his last public appearance before returning to prison. And he basically outlines the jewish plot against the White race in this final public speech. And I posted this up on my website. Have you seen this video and do you know, anything about Horst Mahler? From what I understand he may have fled Germany rather than go back to prison. Is that correct?


Alfred: Yes, that’s correct. And I was actually there when we recorded that meeting when that took place. And what he is doing is very, very important. I see people are coming to the same conclusion independently of one another and what he’s trying to do and that’s what we have to do, we have to scandalize this judaism, this Talmudic judaism. And keep telling people, remind them that these rabbis, who are basically the law givers at the top, they are allowed to, in fact, they are encouraged to rape our three year old girls! Well, three years and one day old! That’s how old they have to be.




And yet these rabbis themselves have been traumatized at the age of eight days when some other hairy rabbi had chewed off their foreskin I mean, this is real test this is so just awful. So these people learn that through lease horrible barbaric animal behavior that they are living themselves they learn and haven’t been killed in their minds there is no empathy in the host populations where they, because they are the parasite and that if you if you are the law giver of these people and you can rape our three year old girls you’re not going to ever be on friendly terms with us, you know, that if these people find out who you aren’t which you are they will kill you and this establishes this they did. They have a wall of heat for between themselves and the host population and if you look at how it was basically everything is turned around everything on it’s head and then it put themselves elevate themselves in our minds through these lies as the chosen people. They are the devil they are sigs and that’s what we’re more people on the on Internet on their information and putting out have come to the same conclusion are beginning to understand that and that is the end of their rule that is the reason why in when the jews had ruled the Soviet Union, under the guise of communism, they would kill anybody who knew of these things, or of these things. And yet here I am speaking with you openly talking about this. They have, you know, where they were the police were here they confiscated all my stuff, but hey, we’re talking about this openly and everybody who listens to this has probably heard it not for the first time, maybe for the tenth time, or that, you know, whatever. And here for the first time they’ll be shocked in the USA No that can’t be, but you’re going to keep hearing it over and over again we’re not making this up. This is in their holy books that tell me you’ve got to understand the Talmud, where these people are coming from. And they’ve been doing this for thousands of years and where they have succeeded they really truly extra made the people and even the memory of them so right now that is what we’re seeing is they know that they have to exterminate the White people.


Because if the White people figure out what’s going on they will probably seek revenge, which is the normal response, a normal reaction. And that’s this is like Ellen’s a prosthesis as an all, or nothing exercise in an all, or nothing exercise there are there’s not much room for compromise and that’s the situation we have like we didn’t invent this we’re not, you know, this isn’t a Hollywood film, this is the reality that we are faced with.


John: And, or smaller there’s a very good job of explaining that’s all any talks about just how truly evil and to prey ved jewish jews are like the jewish religion what the Talmud says as you mentioned. It’s just incredible and most people don’t know these things which is very sad. What’s really amazing to me is that jewish news outlets and like jewish journalism, jewish writers they often, you know, openly talk about these things and report on them. For instance, this whole, you know, ritual circumcision that they do this disgusting to pray practice where literally a rabbi is sucking, you know, the blood off of a baby’s penis after it’s been circumcised. It’s so sick and so just your mind couldn’t even fathom, you know, someone doing this and yet this is a practice that these Orthodox jews do and in many cases the rabbi is giving the baby her peace, you know, that’s how sick this is here’s an article here’s an article in the Jewish Telegraph Agency one of the most, you know, prominent and well established jewish news outlets that goes back to the early eight hundred I think, or maybe even before that the headline here is Orthodox families won’t identify. The circumcisers who gave their babies herpes so the jews they protect them. I mean, they protect these disgusting, you know, herpes spreading rabbis rather than give them up to the authorities. So I mean, my point is that we have just if you just follow jewish, you know, media the jewish open, you know, explicitly jewish media outlets you will learn all these things. All these bizarre things about jews and just recognize how truly alien they are. How, I mean, right evil I would argue they are and, you know, you could really, you know, kind of make sense of the world around us but, you know, people just don’t get this news, they don’t get this perspective, they don’t get this information.




Alfred: That’s the whole thing is this that the jews through the that’s a parasite that the behavior is completely totally parasitic and it’s delusional for a parasite to think that it can kill the host and then still survive and they can do that in the past where they would basically completely exterminate certain tribes of people, because there was other tribes that they could sort of slither out and occupy. But now, because this is global they would have to find another planet essentially and that’s it, it’s end of the life. In fact, when Horst Mahler was in prison, where he had a lot of time to write, so he wrote a book and it’s called inference ended up under shop which means, “End of their rolling” and basically they hit the end of the road, because as long as they could roll they could when you if let’s just say consider yourself a parasite your way through what animal and you, you know, it’s dead so you go on to the next one. Well now, they have with the state of Israel which was like a home base where they could always, you know, the criminals could go there and they wouldn’t have to fear extradition as Israel has no extradition agreements with any other countries. And they could just take criminality to new levels which even surpassed the old levels and then they wanted from this home this base basically to dominate the world. Well, that’s not going to work. Everybody, every single race on this planet is now remembering what this parasite has done to them in the past and it’s not very much a good time to be a jew anymore. And they like a semi less video says to the jews this is a give up, you know, come out with a White flag and just, because the game truly is over you really as a jew uit have to kill us all and then what you think the that the that the people of the Third World are going to how are you going to suck anything out of them to, you know, to support your extravagant lifestyle you can’t and you think the Chinese are going to put up with this now like the game truly is over right now it’s like when Adolf Hitler understood it clearly the jew has an utter hatred for the area and people, because the Aryan people were the last to stand in their way to world domination. Well that happens to be us they want to want to overcome us so that nobody can nobody else can and that’s in their delusional mind and then they can rule the world well that’s just the paths of the same people who are, you know, something to be nurses from each day old boys and raping three year old girls in their pretty wild fantasies and if those are our rulers and if they are capable of exterminating us then we deserve to be extra made right now when I see how many of our, you know, our folk are more concerned about the feelings of some faggots in transvestite than they aren’t protecting their women the jew has come a long ways in demoralizing ready to be slaughtered I mean, that we’re.


John: And yes indeed. Well I’m curious I mean, I say I’ve argued in the past and I continue to argue that the whole, you know, White genocide agenda. Whether it’s massive non-White immigration into America into Europe whether it’s, you know, White and, you know, the demonization of Whites and how we’re blamed for everything wrong I think a lot of this goes back to the official narrative the official jewish narrative explaining World War Two efficient there of, you know, the alleged holocaust of six million jews by Adolf Hitler and the Nazis I mean, I think a lot of this all goes back to this fake story this paradigm of our history which has been institutionalized. That only by, or schools by, or government but. Also via our culture through Hollywood through these various, you know, books dealing with the Holocaust, you know, their memoirs and all the fiction stories they’ve they’ve written about the “Holocaust” so I mean, what’s your take on that I think this is a topic that we’ve sort of discussed in the past, but what’s your take on what I just said.


Alfred: I’m glad you brought that up John, because that’s a one of the most important parts of the psychological warfare they learned that by inculpate to guilt into a people it makes them defenseless for their own subversion and extermination in the end. They learned that if you can inculpate this guilt into the Germans, as they have done with their fake “Holocaust”, they could after actually exterminating German. The Germans I mean, millions of Germans were Regenesis cited in what they call wrote were to it was that it was a genocidal attack on the Germans.




And they learned that not only can they exist again the take the first real bite out of the dramatic people which is the heart of Europe the Germans were the heart of Europe and they actually manipulated the other Europeans to do the dirty work for them and this was such a successful business model that afterwards these there they were the traumatized the Germans had been. Indoctrinated with. To the point where they were now heaving these jews the parasites who were giving them submarines giving them money without end and the modeling underneath is well this worked very well and they did it, because once you if you are if you are believing you’re guilty of something then you are in his position of submission and now they learned OK how do we get the rest of now that we did the took a big chunk of the Germans we can to we can do away with all the rest of the area people all the Europeans we have to make them feel guilty at the same time that you make them feel guilty you are slowly indoctrinate those who are supposed to do the dirty work of shilling the White people you make them feel hatred, or a vengeful So that’s the reason why the that’s the reason why they aren’t now IMHO hating people to feel guilty about slavery about this. And if there’s nothing they can make them feel guilty about they just use the and tell them they are boring and should have done with Sweden and told the Swedes that they are such boring people they need multiculturalism they’ve done that with the Canadians too the Canadians were always being told you guys are so boring so you need some multiculturalism and it’s more exciting multiculturalism and there it’s true, because when you get raped for a walk in the streets at night it’s more exciting than if you can go outside and not get raped, or murdered to truth is true gets more excited.


John: Right. Well I mean, the very idea of having a White racial identity has been diligent Mizen discredited by this fake story that they’ve told us, you know, if you ask if you’re a racially conscious White person you’re immediately going to be called a Nazi you’re going to be called a racist you’re going to be called a White supremacist and, of course, these are all, you know, truly weaponized terms that the left in the political establishment in the jews have used to, you know, to attack us psychologically emotionally and it’s been very effective. And I mean, now I mean, if this might be another question that you could address what is the best way to, you know, to sort of deal with, you know, with being called a Nazi, for example, I mean, how I view, what I’ve sort of been doing lately is just kind of embracing it, and laughing about it, and accepting it, and just, you know, saying, “Hey! Look these stupid words are not going to impact me in the slightest! You can call me a Nazi, you can call me an anti-semite, you can call me a racist! I don’t care!”


Alfred: Good! Just perfect absolute legit brought that up that is exactly. How do we deal with this. Now if somebody calls me a Nazi, or somebody calls me a “Holocaust” denier, I just say that you said Alfred you’re a “Holocaust” denier my response is, “Oh I ever relieved that you do not mistake me for someone who still believes these pathetic jewish fantasy lies!” And if somebody calls me a racist, I would say, “You know, I was a little bit surprised that you would still be using one of these weaponized groups that are designed to make us feel guilty. I thought you knew better!” I mean, everybody’s waking up to what I do there is I fire I don’t know really if you take if somebody chooses you have something like that and you start justify yourself, or explaining yourself then you are in a position of submission which is which is what this word is designed to put you in line to put you in a position of submission, but if you take this ball and serve it back like you would serve a tennis ball back into the opposite court and fire back as hard as you can then that word that then that then then you are. Using this like the martial arts judo, or something you take the force of this word and fire it back to it’s source and you say fire back and say I’m in a bit surprised that you at this time two thousand seven hundred would still be using that word I mean, people are waking up the word racist is designed to prepare us for our own slaughter. Don’t you see what’s going on? That’s why you have to fire it back to it’s source and express your disdain and surprise at the person using a word, is actually using it when everybody else who has a brain in their head is waking up to it. And believe me these words the people are waking up and now in this time when we still have some. He lives in an area where they’re just surrounded by the zombies who still fall for that stuff. They have to see that as a golden opportunity to turn these people back on their feet.




If you want into a a field that has all these big old nuggets Lainer out that nobody else seems to notice and that’s your opportunity, because everybody everybody will remember who brought them out of this city condition you have to look at these people who are still reacting to these words as they are ill it’s like if you were normally a healthy runner and you have two broken legs and cast on your leg you couldn’t run. You can even walk, but doesn’t in Europe and not a good runner just means that you are in a condition of illness you are sick and all these people who are still respond to these words which are all artificial fake words are in that have been injected into our minds they are suffering from this used mental illness and they need to be healed and like your investment of who understood this very well that you better to the US him and warned of the communism back in the Soviet Union he also. And spoken about this he says that people who are suffering from this induced mental illness they are completely impervious to facts and so what you can shower them with fact and there’s no response it’s, because of this illness and we have to see how we can reach them and the first thing is to do deconstruct these weaponized control words by simply explaining to people what they actually are and then they get that input from again and again they can be healed and these people that come out of that condition are often the best fighters against that system once they’ve been healed.


John: Yes indeed. I think that’s a very good way of handling it. I totally agree with everything you just say. It really is amazing how truly powerful and effective, you know, just the simple stupid words that, you know, one question. For you is I think if you look at the fake “Holocaust” narrative and, you know, World War Two. More generally I guess I think it is very accurate to say that it is an ongoing psychological warfare operation designed specifically to target Germans, but really to the White world in general. Sort of articulate how is this carried out I mean, how is this how does it impact people so deeply.


Alfred: Yeah I have a couple ideas myself, but I want to hear you say it’s a very slow process, you know, and most of the like it’s a very slow process and that’s why if you look at what the jews are are propagating what their goal is really want to do if we let them we let them they’ll do it and they will finish us off they want to bring in “Holocaust” awareness into the kindergartens younger younger age now with our people could never ever imagine that if everybody is telling them a certain story in a kindergarten no child in regard is going to understand that this is all lies so they believe it and if everybody believes it at the same time they make they start to condition people never to step out of line and what they did to finish off Germany is they. Jews were at much more influence in the other countries like that in France and Britain and so forth and they had conditioned them to feel good about attacking Germany and then to keep them happy about doing it after they had with Germany was the heart of Europe like we are brothers I mean, if somebody from England, or France and we are our brothers and sisters we are the same people like the same family and yet the jews had managed to get to each other that we were killing the best of our people were killing each other so we actually brought down the quality of our genetic our DNA as a people and to keep the people who were were conned into doing this horrible crime against the Germans happy, they were able to participate in the spoils afterward. So Germany was plundered. So the same thing, the same a business model, is being applied out all the year all the White people I mean, those invaders from Somalia or, you know, the Third World that. The sludge from, I mean, these countries are emptying their prisons said these people to the White countries these people are participating in death in the spoils and then you have the jews in our countries and they are taking the money they stole from us and putting these invaders up there. Pushing them through our social systems pushing into our schools and so forth I mean, they are getting a free lunch at our expense.




And we are too busy, or we are too stupid, or too weak to too round too sick to understand what’s going on and we’ll get it to the bone and once we get what we are to the bone they’ll just finish us off that’s it that’s the end of the White race. But the sludge that is replacing us will not be a happy lot that will be a very ill will be there will be the better ones off it will be dead but, because the life of living L. If they succeed and that’s what we have this is a this is a life and death struggle and once we understand that once our people who are all still suffering from this induced mental illness understand that life truly is more than just fun and games and has a purpose namely to survive once the understand their life becomes has a purpose again you have a mission is just to survive with proper values, you know, with dignity and be proud of who you are don’t be a shame, but if you’re believing all this crap about the in slavery unless the labor wasn’t jewish business not and European business it was a huge business and so if we fall for that well, you know, we deserve truly, because we’re too stupid to survive I mean, that’s the bottom line.


John: Yeah the it’s certainly true, but I think it’s important understand really just what your average person is up against I mean, this is this warfare this psychological and emotional warfare operation being waged against us is, you know, being scientifically implemented essentially I mean, it’s they know what they’re doing they know how to exploit us emotionally psychologically, you know, their ways that they’ve, you know, studied and perfected and what they’re doing is it is very effective, you know, people have a very hard time dealing with these subjects critically and there’s three, you know, major factors that I’ve kind of focused on, or identified and it’s specially as it relates to the “Holocaust” and the first one is how it’s always repeated. You always hear about the Holocaust, the repetition itself is very powerful and effective in implementing this psychological warfare operation think about I mean, in school you hear about it all the time you see in our movies you see in Hollywood you see in our culture you see in all these all the “Holocaust” Memorial Museums, which is essentially an industry that the jews have created with this fake story. And you most certainly see this institutionalized by our government, certainly by the United States Federal government and probably every other Western nation. I mean, not probably, most certainly, every other Western nation it’s the same story no matter where you go. You know, they have this fake narrative institutionalized by the government and, you know, you’re not allowed to question it. And see, that’s another aspect of it. That the holocaust story really is never explained properly. It’s never explained in context of what was really going on and it’s just presented as this truly horrific story that no one is supposed to question. But everyone is supposed to believe, just blindly believe and accept it. You don’t need any evidence, or proof, you know, you’re just supposed to accept it. It’s, you know, like the ultimate taboo in our society to even question this narrative.


Alfred: That’s, you know, it’s a religion, but it’s a religion of what I call the religion of the devil, because they are using this to carry out their agenda which is at our expense. I agree with a little quotation here from one of these jews. His name was Alexander to the balcony lived in 1885 to 1966. And this is what he said in 1944. “You see, when we get ready to take the United States we will not take you under the label of Communism, we will not take you under the label of Socialism. These labels are unpleasant to the American people and have been speared too much. We will take the United States under Labor we have made it very lovable we will take it under liberalism under progressivism democracy, but take it we will!” And that was like as an effort from Alexandria Totten down in 1944 at the Communist Party’s Madison at the convention. At the national convention of communist parties in Madison Square Garden in 1944. So you see the how they how party of come with their agenda and now this holohoax this ridiculous fantasy, jewish fantasy that we are they’re supposed to throw us onto our knees accepting all these invaders.




I think they are themselves quite surprised at their success which was due to the technological revolution which they are, of course, in television and radio and the magazines that the printed printed media which they all they completely took to control of that and it not tolerate anybody else controlling any of that. Because they knew that ease medians through that medium they can control our minds and that is why now the digital age is when you get people like it’s always in jews that took over all the Internet technology not, because they invented it, or anything of, because they used every trick in the book tube to steal it and get control of it basically and, because they knew the importance of it were as we not we were just too naive a good measure stand of what was going on, but this technology is not something they can really control and now they’re trying to will it is a before the G.P.S. The “Holocaust” narrative in the schools and everywhere and yet all these things that they are putting all these all these monuments and so on were these will be the first things that will just be torn to shreds and they will not have enough people to protect them is when we when we get a critical number who understand well if you can’t get the parasite it himself you get the monuments there what represents them whatever landmarks you have they will all get torn out stomped on not one of these “Holocaust” things will survive and the more of it the further they push this trying to try to, you know, make their laws more draconian death penalty for anti-semitism which is what they’ll do if they can they’ve done it before the further they drive this the more it’s like putting another, you know, wrapping in a pressure cooker it’s like tape, or something and putting a flame on. He said You’re not going to prevent that explosion from happening and when this is the truth which is growing under the surface growing and growing when that erupts it will sweep everything. That was good in it’s way it was we did awake and everybody now at this point in time two thousand and seventeen will have the opportunity to explain what they did, or did not do to keep the lies under cover, or to help the lies come out everybody will be measured on what they did and it’s nice to know that lists are now being generated everywhere of teachers, for example, teaching is “Holocaust” bullshit these teachers will have some explaining to do and that day is coming closer every single day so that everybody who listens to this should understand if you everybody this is that a responsibility we take we have to be to start becoming responsible for what’s going on around us and if somebody thinks they don’t have to know just go with the flow that’s going to be a bad situation to be in, because the flow is determined the wind is changing the truth is coming out and nothing can stop the truth now.


John: Yes sir! I love it Alfred! I love your optimism. You’re so spot on and that’s exactly what is going to have to happen if we’re ever going to get this stuff under control and have a proper understanding of our history it’s very well said I prefer hearing that it’s uplifting, because sometimes it can be. Kind of depressing and especially in your situation. Geez, after how much you’ve gone through to have that sort of attitude I really just admire you. What go if you want to comment I want to bring up one other aspect of the fake whole it wasn’t just wire at that point, because.


Alfred: You’re saying that if you like the way I present about tell you one thing that when people notice it everywhere that when you come out of this matrix of life you it’s like a rebirth and you find a new energy that you didn’t even know you had at the knees when you were when you. Living in a, you know, in a world of labels and guilt and so forth you’re just listless and there’s no purpose and you have no energy you don’t even know you’re just existing once you understand who you are and what is going on it’s you just you can understand why our forefathers accomplished what they accomplished, because they did not they did not have to have. A struggle under this lead blanket. Of life and forbidden thoughts and it’s got this construction of lies where some fucking jews are telling you, you know, to get on your knees, because of some phony “Holocaust”. I mean, honest to God I have, in fact, when you spend let’s say a week with people who are who are awakened who are informed and then you go back and go into a crowd of people who are zombies it’s like being with a bunch of little tiny children completely helpless little hopeless children and you say how can these children this little kids who believe these lies they have no hope for surviving what’s coming if they don’t get out of that edition.




It really are set up for a collapse for total failure that’s why that’s why you see the people who have come out and understand this they’ll generally have a lot more energy than the zombies who are trying to keep them down, in fact, the zombies they always come in crowds the old the only move in a bigger burden at the back, you know, that I didn’t. Look at what happening to Monika [Alfred’s sister] on the town she lives in Jasper [Alberta, Canada] . There that people are attacking her, but like as a complete and total coward as a talent Jasper is, or not a single man with a brain and no they’re all she’s in that she’s, you know, it’s so pathetic it’s all I mean, give me a little scene that she went through recently she was walking on the I want in a cart pulled up, you know, a bunch of young guys White guys, European guys, you know, eighteen years old, or something they’re. And scream at her oh you’re not and this is don’t they understand that when Monika is doing is to help these people, but it’s for people to have a future where they are so sick with the lies that they actually attacked her and that’s what the jews have always Yet they said they said we will we will get the girl to become agents of their own destruction and that’s an example of that when my sister Monika is being attacked by her fellow people, because they are sick and they’ve been dishing like a board where the rats to do that and they do that then you can see the jewish plan playing out where they said and brokenly stated in the protocol never will since they will be agents of their own destruction and that’s what we’re seeing right now throughout our societies.


John: Yes. Yeah and we’ve been saying that for a very long time it’s kind of a theme of our history, you know, what one thing I want to bring up and this is again another point that I’ve kind of tried to emphasize and make on my website in the podcast that I do is, you know, all of the propaganda relating to the fake “Holocaust” narrative whether it’s the Hollywood movies, or the books you read in school or, you know, the documentaries it’s all very emotional and very traumatizing you see all these, you know, her reflect photographs of dead bodies you hear, you know, the cortical “Holocaust” survivor you hear their testimony and, you know, what they allegedly went through how they lost all their family they lost their sister their uncle their mother, etcetera. It goes on and on and on and nine times out of ten they’re totally fake stories, or somehow and, you know, otherwise embellished. What’s your take on this? Especially, because this to me is why people have such a hard time questioning it, because they’ve been traumatized by all of this propaganda.


Alfred: Yeah. What did you have with it you’d have learned a long time ago is that. If you take a picture and just the pictures are true, but what they say about the pictures is not true they will take pictures of the people that were slaughtered by the jews themselves, like the Baltics, or like, you know, in Eastern Europe were it like in there you take a holiday war in Ukraine, or something where millions of people starve to death that resulted in having huge piles and piles of bodies, you know, it depending on, you know, the circumstances situation so you take these pictures and then you write oh these are all jews that were the Germans killed. The Nazis killed so people see the picture and the real ones as below and they think that’s just like look at 9/11 they show us pictures of, you know, two towers coming down with it came down and they tell us that these were Arabs with carpet knives.


John: Box cutters.


Alfred: And so people believe that, you know, shit for like I believe that for quite a long time which is quite shameful that I fell for that. And once you get that they use the same. The same script over and over and over again they take a picture, or some story and they write something completely false about it and they got it out on all their channels which is all under their control and that’s how they do it so that’s the whole thing to did to become healthy and we have to understand that what they are feeding us is. So different that’s why we have to form we have to become our own media we like once you once you extricate yourself from this jewish media and then you go back and look at something you cannot believe that you ever watch that stuff, you know, I guess, you know, every German newsier it’s just so sickening it’s so disgusting it’s complete total indoctrination it’s worse here than I, but then I think it ever was in the former Soviet Union and we used. That and not understand that we ourselves are also being lied to and now the now the just like the rule waking up simultaneously still.




John: Yeah. Yeah no no doubt it’s one gigantic scam and it’s so obvious to see what you want you really start thinking about these subjects and really do your own research and come to your own conclusions you can really just see it everywhere and see, you know, all the propaganda and all the commercials, for example, or really anything that’s on the television anything that comes out of the radio even a lot of things you see on the Internet, you know. And getting back to the role of like survivors, you know, “Holocaust” survivors there I’ve been seeing a lot of articles lately have it in, you know, this is you see this from time to time in the jewish press how they’re sort of, you know. They’re afraid, you know, that, because all of these, quote, unquote, “Holocaust” survivors are dying and they’re afraid that, you know, the memory of the “Holocaust” is somehow going to fade away, or something and they’re actually they’re literally creating, you know, like virtual reality and having these like simulated “Holocaust” survivors in these museums now have you seen anything about the seen any news stories about this I just saw an article of Haaretz’s the other day that I tweeted and, you know, they’re basically creating these fake “Holocaust” survivors and, you know, putting them in virtual reality and, you know, in order to perpetuate this fake story it’s ridiculous.


Alfred: I know a story I read this about maybe you’re no result was in the UK someplace where the young younger jewish people are saying oh, you know, just a hearing and hearing what my my grandmother went through it as traumatized me and I need special care. So they’re whining, whining on about would they are there also home cause for my breast, because they hear these stories from their grandmother and blah, blah, blah and so they’re just taking it and just trying to take these lies further and further. The thing is that the jews have maneuvered themselves, painted themselves, into a corner and they don’t know how to get out of that. They are on a stage and don’t know how to get off and that’s why I say we have to fight. We have to try to open a door for those jews who are not the culprits themselves from this construction of lies. Because these lies are over. They have no future and if they choose to try to exploit these lies at our expense they will have some explaining to do when the mob comes and looks for justice, which it will. And mom will I mean, it was not without a reason that the jews have been tossed out of about 109 countries, or areas, before, that we know. It’s probably a lot more that we don’t like to erase history all the time so they always leads to the same result. It’s like you have a parasite and the parasite grows and grows inside of you until one day you just throw up, you get it out and that’s what’s going to happen. We are now at the stage where we cannot stand these lies anymore and we are going to throw up, get rid of it, toss it out! And when you get, when you have this condition and you feel you’re going to die it really said after you have thrown up got rid of the parasite then you can start to recover and slowly get back to a meaningful life some kind of a future, because living with a parasite controlling you completely and totally bringing in the blood in your lands that your forefathers fought for and built with invaders are that they’re not being able to resist that is no life that is not a future and then these invaders. Are so dangerous and tell you that you are the of something while they’re stealing everything from, you know, they’re profiting from this on, you know, so that’s it like it is up to us and that’s why when you talk to other White people it is everybody’s duty to do everything you can to all of those who are near and dear to you to make sure they are immune to these control trigger words become healthy again and join our team. And we have to grow our team and that’s what we’re doing.


John: Yes exactly well. Now I want to wrap up and get your take on sort of what, you know, what what’s going on here in America with President Trump, you know, maybe the prospects of other nationalists in Europe. I mean, do you see any sort of political solution any this, or any any prospects in the political arena in addressing any of these issues.




Alfred: Not with truck Trump has been a massive deception we had a lot of people warning us about it some of us had hopes that he has triggered a certain awareness, or of the fact that we’re being alive to now Trump has caved in and is nothing, but a sledge is being used as a sledgehammer by the jews to start to basically as a sledgehammer against Iran probably against Syria against basically trigger the third rule, or the.


John: Against against North Korea as well. Yeah, you just get more lockring it’s everyone.


Alfred: And I think, you know, what how much of that is just bullshit how much is just to make this I sterile and that there is no reliance on any information that we do know one thing that Trump has exposed himself as being just pathetic. Two of these jews and that’s when some of us might have the hope in his big ego if you understood enough of what’s going on that he would actually do something for our people and, but he hasn’t he has proven himself. To be a tool their tool that’s why the solution is going to be it’s going to be an ugly one it’s going to be brutal, but he is basically probably going to be the last President from this system that we have now and they were going to go into a chaos mode and that’s why it’s good to have networks of your own people, you know, people in the countryside have their own farms and so who have the best chance of surviving that we’re going to go into a. Very chaotic time that way and I was hoping we were holding the Trump might as out of this stranglehold from under the stranglehold of the parasite, but he’s not he’s actually a tool their tools are not really good.


John: Yes I basically agree with you and I wanted to give Trump some benefit of the doubt and give him some time to see if he could actually follow through on any of the stuff that he ran on and it doesn’t look like he’s going to be doing that any time soon he’s just spend increasingly increasingly more and more disappointing yes and I mean, he’s basically even betraying, you know, a lot of the things that he said and said he was going to do whether it’s the war, you know, he’s basically backing down the wall thousand it just said the other day that, you know, the Travers’ these illegal aliens who were born here, you know, he’s basically saying that there are they’re OK They’re not criminals they can stay, you know, it’s very disappointing and to top it all off now he’s really suck it up and kiss it up to the jews he just gave a speech at the US “Holocaust” Memorial Museum just today.


Alfred: I was I don’t that’s beyond that beyond. Yeah and for me I mean, for him to have so little, such a dysfunctional brain is nothing short of astounding and that a positive thing is that I do not recall ever having a President of the United States being exposed, to being the fraud in such a short period of time. I mean, how long has he been in power now and we’re going home people have now seen through, in fact, he is nothing, but pathetic. He’s jews and that’s not know we know it we know what we’re dealing with so that’s, you know, you have to try to put us all up against the wall and kill us all. Like you’ve done and this will be a union, but I don’t think, you know, it’s who I know it’s global and this is an end game this is the this is the part of the jewish plan that will not go according to their original designs.


John: Right. It’s like well you guys are going to I put up some some links on my Twitter feed govern my Twitter feed and check out some of these Trump’s recent statements dealing with the “Holocaust” and, you know, speaking in front of these big jewish groups and whatnot it is enough to make you want to vomit. I mean, I almost did earlier today. I was watching some of it as, well I pretty much watched the whole thing, it was like fifteen minutes long of his speech at the “Holocaust” Memorial Museum. And it’s just so pathetic! It’s all the ridiculous talking points all the jew ass kissing and, you know, “Never again!” and “We stand with Israel!” all the other nonsense you hear repeatedly from all the other politicians. It is very, very disgusting to watch and it just shows once again, you know, we’re never going to get anywhere unless we’re openly dealing with revisionism, with the fake “Holocaust” narrative and less for openly dealing with other controversial topics like 9/11, for example. And, you know, the reality of race. I mean, we have to deal with these subjects as adults and Alfred, I think you’re right. I mean, we’re at a moment in history where you can get on your phone you can get on your entered a get on, you know, get on your computer and discover the truth about all of these topics you really can you have the information is easy. Usually available to you,




You know, you’re going to be judged on how, you know, where you stand right now, you know, what absolutely what role are you playing and helping to expose these lies, or are you going along with it, or are you, you know, benefiting off of it, or are you facilitating this crime spree. Yeah, but less no excuses anymore, yeah.


Alfred: What you have to remember those people who choose to keep their head in the sand are betraying all of our forefathers and they are betraying all of their are our children this is a single moment in history and the lies are going through and for anybody to pretend not to understand what is this is if you if you are still supporting a lie you are either it’s either, because you aren’t coward, or you are a traitor, or you are retarded, but no eyes are going through there’s no honor in her tending you don’t understand and a lot and that’s a whole thing that people have to understand that you really will. Be hiding in shame by protecting the life, because no matter how much you think everyone else is going with a lie no you’re not people are waking up an incredible array and faster than ever before this is an exponential curve so I just tell people is that if you want to be taken seriously by anybody in the future you better start speaking up loudly and clearly, because we take note of who is pretending not to understand and these people are shameful, just shameful, disgusting.


John: Yes, and it has to be emphasized we all have a role to play every last one of us, you know, where where where what is what role are you going to play that’s a need ask yourself exactly. So yes, we’re very good Alfred. I’m glad that you were able to come on the podcast and talk about some of your recent activities. So I mean, I guess real quick, just to wrap up I mean, what where you currently stand are you basically. Waiting to go to court, or Weyerhauser legal situation.


John: They told me I have the obligation to get a lawyer and then I had a good colleague of mine, a comrade, and he says he has a good lawyer for you, because if you don’t, if you let them give you one they don’t think it’s a communist, or something and you just, you know, have, you know, not really worked for you, but the thing is that they I don’t think anything’s going to happen. They keep this in a state of limbo, because they know that they don’t really have a chance against us as a team. And we are a good team we’re they have to lock us up with some new law and bring in and do it like in the super union basically throws down and kill us which I think this is now at the point where they have to either be they have to become extreme and just kill us hopefully that will instill enough fear in other people to keep their mouths shut, but the truth is coming out so I don’t know what right now I’m just enjoying life I’m working like crazy I’m talking to you about things I’m not allowed to talk about, but I don’t pay attention so when he tells me, you know, how to think I don’t take him seriously and that’s it like like. I do not. I do not obey a law that is legal.


John: Right on. Well I admire you sir and I wish you the best. You have to keep the audience posted on developments, you know. If we can do this again and in a couple months we’ll see where you’re at. And, you know, I agree with your optimism. I mean, I think that we’ve made a lot of progress. I think it’s still going to be a long struggle obviously, but we have a very valid and terribly righteous cause and we shouldn’t be ashamed of it. And, you know, people got to get involved and you’re certainly doing your, you know, playing your part.


Alfred: Well thank you John and I always say that you are also a shining light a beacon of courage and initiative and that’s what we want. More people who need to support you need to do stuff themselves. Everybody has to start doing something. Doing nothing is just not good enough!


John: Yes I agree. OK Alfred. Well, thank you very much for joining me this evening. I really do appreciate it and yeah we’ll have to do this again in the future.


Alfred: Absolutely, and the pleasure is all mine. Thank you very much John.


John: Thank you. All right, thanks everybody for tuning in. We will talk to you all very soon.










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[In this 35 minute video Alfred Schaefer, first describes the police raid on his home in Germany for his “forbidden thoughts“, and secondly how he had, in 2014, not yet escaped from the contamination of jewish “control words” and had used words like “Zionism” and “Nazi” without fully understanding their jewish origins, designed to deflect attention away from the jews — KATANA.]




Alfred Schaefer



Police Raid and



My Confession








Click on the above link, or copy the link into your browser to watch the video.


Published on Nov 21, 2016


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Jan 29 — Views: 2,668 – Comments: 105 – Likes: 192  Dislikes: 5

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YouTube Description



German Ministry of Thought Control had the “Kriminal Polizei” raid my house to steal all of my computers and storage devices to search for “Forbidden Thoughts”.

This has presented us with a wonderful opportunity to help the “Kriminal Polizei” learn about the induced mental illness that many of them are suffering from.


















I’m Alfred Schaefer,


In part I of this video I want to tell you what happens to you in Germany if you commit the crime of thinking.


You heard me right, the crime of thinking.


In Part 2, I wish to make a long overdue confession. But first the police raid.




The “German Ministry of Forbidden Thoughts” sent the “Kriminal Polizei”, which is like the FBI, to raid our house in order to steal all of my computers and storage devices. They suspected “forbidden thoughts” on these devices and were determined to find them. The raid took place on the 18th of August 2016 at 7:00 o’clock in the morning.




The website “Glaring Hypocrisy” phoned me on the day after this raid took place. Here is the beginning of this conversation. You can listen to the conversation in it’s entirety on their web site.






Glaring Hypocrisy: We only heard about the situation at about shortly before 5:00 pm London time. So, to be clear, when did the raid on your home actually take place?


Alfred: Yesterday morning. I was in the shower, and then I heard that the door bell rang. Normally I am always in the shower before Elfriede, my wife, but this time I slept a bit uneasy and I stayed in bed a bit longer and then I was in the shower at 7:00 o’clock when the door bell rang and, …


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A Dissident Speaking Out - Gerhard Ittner - COVER


[In this 22 minute video Alfred Schaefer interviews German dissident Gerhard Ittner. Gerhard, a critic of the German regime and  its “Holocaust” lie talks about his persecution and jailing as a result of the peaceful expression of his opinions! Alfred concludes with his thoughts on the “Six Million Lie” and how necessary it is for people to free themselves from the “Holocaust” fraud and other deceptions, like 9/11, that organized jewry has imposed on the world. —  KATANA]




Alfred Schaefer



A Dissident Speaking Out



Gerhard Ittner




A Dissident Speaking Out - Gerhard Ittner - VIDEO




Click on the above link, or copy the link into your browser to watch the video.


Published on Aug 14, 2016


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Aug 17 — Views: 979 – Comments: 32 – Likes: 63  Dislikes: 0

Aug 14, 2016  — Views: 468 – Comments: 18 – Likes: 44  Dislikes: 0



YouTube Description



A Dissident Speaking Out

Gerhard Ittner in a dialog with Alfred Schaefer

Please copy this video and reload it in as many locations as possible.














Alfred: [00:10] It is my pleasure and a great honor to have someone in the line today, who has been abducted by the power now occupying Germany, in order that he could be imprisoned in this occupied Germany. These are methods like in the darkest Middle Ages. Just, because his opinion did not suite those in power.

Gerhard Ittner, thank you for taking the time to have this dialogue with me now. In a few words, please describe what happened, how you were abducted and taken back into the BRD.


Gerhard: [00:48] Yes, Mr. Schaefer, I greet you also, and the pleasure and the honor is all mine, to speak with a such a fantastic producer who has just put that outstanding video onto the internet, with your sister, Monika Schaefer.

And this video has had a phenomenal impact! And the enemy is spewing fire and venom, which gives me great satisfaction.

This video, it is opening the peoples eyes. I am following this on the internet, almost on a daily basis. The impact that this video with your sister Monika Schaefer is having, this is not only in Germany, but the impact is on an international level! The media is preoccupying itself with this video. In particular, the jewish media is preoccupied with it, for example, Bnai Brith, and many others.

And it really is fantastic what you and your sister have accomplished! One can see by the reaction that our opponent has become “Rumpelstilskin”. He is jumping in circles, he does not know what to do, because the peoples eyes are really being opened about how we have been deceived and lied to! And the lying press and media continue to do this.

To come back to your question. Yes! I was really abducted from another country, for no other reason than my completely peaceful expression of my dissident opinion.

The only thing that I did as a thinking person was forming my own independent opinions and expressing my doubts about the totally absurd claims regarding the so-called “Holocaust”. I think that this must be allowed!

It must be allowed that a person can form his own opinion and then to express this opinion, and if this opinion is that I do not believe your stories about your “Holocaust”, because they are nothing, but contradictions and bear no truths whatsoever!

I have never asked for more than the right to express my own opinion, and never will ask for more than this right, nor do all those other people who also do not believe the stories that are being forced down our throats.


Alfred: [4:44] Thank you Herr Ittne, I would feel very ashamed if someone were to imply that I believed in the so called “Holocaust”, now in 2016, just, because someone somewhere tells me to believe this.

The “cat is out of the bag” and having kittens!

Have you ever tried to get one of those cats back into the bag? It is not that easy!

But what I don’t understand Herr Ittner, is why did the BRD take you back here, that way they only focus more attention on this feeble minded criminality.

If they want to continue to poison the minds of the people with these perfidious lies, they would have been better off to leave you where you were. You were not bothering anyone where you were.


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David Duke for Senate - COVER Ver 2


[In this short video, the champion of Whites, Dr. David Duke, announces his intention to run for the US Senate. He gives a summary of why he is doing so and what he stands for —  KATANA.]




David Duke



Announces for



US Senate




David Duke for Senate - VIDEO




Click on the above link, or copy the link into your browser to watch the video.


Published on July 22, 2016


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Jul 24 — Views: 213,516 – Comments: 5,060 – Likes: 3,302  Dislikes: 10,875






Dr. David Duke announces for U.S. Senate









After the great outpouring of overwhelming support, I’m proud to announce my candidacy for the United States Senate!

I believe in equal rights for all and respect for all Americans.

However what makes me different, is I also demand respect for the rights and the heritage of European Americans.

I passed the only Bill in America forbidding affirmative action programs that racially discriminate against the best qualified.

Thousands of special interest groups stand up for African Americans, Mexican Americans, Jewish Americans, et cetera, et cetera.

The fact is, that European Americans need at least one man in the United States Senate.

One man in the Congress who will defend their rights and heritage!

We must stop the massive immigration and ethnic cleansing of the people whose forefathers created America.

I was the first major candidate in modern times to promote the term and policy of “America First”.

We cannot have free trade without fair trade. We must protect American jobs and businesses.

We must have total campaign reform. It’s time to end all political PAC money and the control of politics by the oligarchs of finance and media.

We must enforce antitrust laws to break up the anti-American huge media conglomerates.

The New York Times admitted that my platform became the GOP mainstream and propelled Republicans to control of Congress.

They sold us out!

I’m overjoyed to see Donald Trump!

And most Americans embraced most of the issues that I’ve championed for years.

My slogan remains, “America First”!

I’ve always said, “Equal rights for all, special interest for none”.

I’ve always oppose these wars that lead our nation to disaster.

I’ve supported fair trade.

The people of Louisiana and America must have at least one man in the Senate, who will never surrender! Never give up! Never sell out to the special interests!

The time is now!

A revolution is coming in the United States of America, for the real people, the vast majority of the American people!

We are going to go against the special interests!

We’re going to free our country, and we are going to change the politics of America!









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London Forum - Alfred Schaefer - COVER


[In this 42 minute video Alfred Schaefer, a Canadian of German origin, delivers one of the best talks ever at the London Forum, with no punches pulled in laying bare the jewish engineered plan behind the on-going destruction of our societies. Alfred discusses the fraudulent nature of many sacred cows held dear by our psychologically manipulated societies, with special attention to the so-called “Holocaust” and jewish engineered 9/11.

He brings up how organized jewry is responsible for the European civil wars, known as WWI and WWII. And how, jewish monopoly over information has sought to control us through psychological warfare that uses “control words” that inhibit us from thinking outside their imposed frames of reference.      —  KATANA]




The London Forum



Alfred Schaefer



Psychological Warfare




London Forum - Alfred Schaefer - VIDEO




Click on the above link, or copy the link into your browser to watch the video.


Published on July 20, 2016


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YouTube Description



A psychological warfare expert will explain what it is all about, its principles, its rules and its methods.  Framing, inverting and projecting may seem abstruse, but Alfred Schaefer has the knack of making everything easy to understand.  The Enemy has been extremely successful at demoralising us using such warfare, so it is about time we started using the same techniques in order to wake our people up and to get them to fight for the cause of civilization. Cognitive dissonance, the “star gatekeeper” Noam Chomsky — not just your average linguistics professor — will all be discussed.







Introduction — Growing up in Canada; the Cold War; JFK’s Assassination.


WW II — Parents war-time experience in Germany; the growing demonization of Germans.


9/11 — Justifiable Blowback?; the realization of the deception of 9/11; WTC 7; Christopher Bollyn.


Brainwashing/Contamination of the Mind — the “Holocaust” propaganda  of Auschwitz, Dachau; the tension between the provable historical facts and evidence vs artificial world of mind contamination with lies.


Jewish Controlled Money System — deception and crime: 19th century opium wars in China; the imaginary “Holocaust”; Stanley Kubrick’s moon landing production; and the event of 9/11.


Digital Technology — the Internet; the challenge to jewish control over information; the revisionists.


Winning People Over to Our Side — Monika Schaefer’s short video, “Sorry Mom, I was Wrong about the Holocaust”; her family’s shocked reactions to this video illustrative of the conditioning and the nature of our problem.


How the “Holocaust” Has Become the New Original Sin and a Forced Religion — How people have been turned into zombies; the need for all people, including jews to expose what is going on.


The Methods and Tools Used to Control Us — Weaponized control words such as “anti-semitism”, or “hate speech”, or not “politically correct”.


Demonization of Muslims — How 19 Muslims with box-cutters were blamed for 9/11.


The Increasing Police State — how we are being conditioned to accept the Thought Police and its demands to obey.


The Importance of Destroying the Holocaust Lie — How the “Holocaust” lie is used to suppress resistance to the rule of the jewish psychopaths; it is essential to expose the lie.


Decontaminate Yourself from the Control Words — Thought laws, hate speech all of these words are meaningless jabber that the parasite has engineered to our minds.


We Must Stand Up and Expel the Parasites and Traitors — They have brought war and the destruction of our homelands; they have brought in the hordes of invaders.


Noam Chomsky, the Hyped Up Gatekeeper of the Left — A traitor who acts as a Pied Piper in leading people away from the truth about 9/11 and the JFK assassination.


Conclusion — The very worst thing that could possibly happen to me is that anybody, someone out there, would denounce me as being a “Holocaust” believer!











Jez Turner: The next speaker is a video producer who produces videos and disseminates the truth via the Internet. Some of the famous videos are, “9/11 Brainwashing and the Lies“, and “Sorry Mom, I was Wrong about the Holocaust”.

He has broken all the laws in Germany, and he’s waiting for the knock on the door!

Okay! He’s a brave man! He’s a German-Canadian, he is Alfred Schaefer!


Alfred Schaefer: It’s my great pleasure and honor to be here today to speak to you at the London Forum. But the focus of my speech, talk, will be how weaponized words are being used in a psychological warfare against us.


London Forum - Alfred Schaefer - 1911 Brainwashing via media


OK. First I’d like to say a few words about myself and what motivates me to do what I am now doing. Iv had a very privileged life, spending the first twenty-five years of my life in Canada, in a German family. We thought we were growing up in a perfect world. We could not even begin to imagine that anyone could possibly want to do us any harm. Just to the south, we have the great and powerful United States of America as our protector from the evil communist Soviet Union! Which was, of course, the biggest threat in our minds at that time. I will just recount some of my earliest moments, memories to give you an idea of how certain events helped shape my perception of our world.

I remember coming home from school as an eight year old in Edmonton, Alberta, when my mom told me that President Kennedy had been shot. I was in grade three at the time and this message did surprise me. It had the same impact on me, as if I had just watched a house burn down. It struck me, but there was nothing I could do.


London Forum - Alfred Schaefer - 1897 Real Death Camps of WWII


Over the years, Mom and Dad would occasionally recount horror stories of their wartime experiences. And in school they started feeding us as a steady diet of war stories that seemed to make a joke out of anything that the Germans did. My mom often talked of Dresden and how nobody could imagine that anyone would bomb this magnificent cultural gem of a city that was jam-packed with refugees and had no military, whatsoever! It seemed like the safest place to be. No normal person could perceive any danger in those circumstances.

But my dad recounted his time in one of the [Eisenhower] death camps along the Rhine [River] after the war. He told us how they had used spoons to dig in the dirt to make a hole, just to sleep in, and just how awful that was. He told us of how formerly fit young men were dying every day! I wish I could remember more of the details that he told us so many years ago, but we were not really interested. We were more interested in listening to the Beatles music and all the other things that were fashionable at that time. That was in the sixty’s and seventy’s. We didn’t care so much about war stories.

These were the years when the hippie movement seem to come out of nowhere, along with the rock’n-roll scene; flower power was the new mantra; Woodstock. And then there was the Apollo moon landing — the awe and pride that I felt when I looked up at the moon and imagined Neil Armstrong gracefully moving around on the moon! I spent many hours in awe just thinking about that!

In the meantime in Canada the Germans were being portrayed more and more as inept and mindless brutes. World War Two movies and stories were the big subject in those times. Of course, with these messages forming our impressionable young minds we turned our backs on our parents when they told us about their own experiences from those horrible war years.

Now fast forward to September 11, 2001. My first thought about that fateful day was:

Wow! Looks like the Americans got what they deserved for their blind subservient support of Israel!”

This is called, “justifiable blowback”. I was convinced that the Americans, surely got wind of this plot and let it happen, as this would justify more military spending and wars for Israel’s benefit.


London Forum - Alfred Schaefer - 1899 911 Jet Fuel - That's a good one


It took ten long years before I began to understand how deep the lies of this deception really are. In 2011, I watched a video of WTC 7 coming down and that jolted me to dig deeper. I felt compelled to do whatever I could to counter this suffocating blanket of lies.




This period led me to a very valuable encounter with Christopher Bollyn, who had just written the book, “Solving 9/11: The Deception that Changed the World”[Click link to download PDF book]. He identified many of the Jewish individuals and the role they played in this false flag attack! His work led him to be attacked himself by a team of heavily armed undercover police in front of his own home in Schaumburg, Illinois in August of 2006. The subsequent kangaroo court trial convinced him to go into exile, as staying in the United States would have resulted in certain incarceration and probable death.


London Forum - Alfred Schaefer - 1898 Solving 911


That was my luck in a way, since he was key in helping me greatly advance my understanding of how these deceptions are engineered. Without him having been in exile, I would never have met him.

To replace the false narrative which had been seared into my mind of what had supposedly happened on 9/11 with an understanding of the stark reality and that we now need to deal with, was a traumatizing transition for me to make. I did not sleep very well and this captured all of my attention.

Now let’s fast forward to this moment in 2016. We often think of “brainwashing”. But a more appropriate term from the condition of believing in false narratives would be “contamination of the mind”. The toxic lies contaminate our minds. They do not wash our brain!


Audience: Yes, yes.


Alfred: Brainwashing” sounds something clean and proper. “Contamination” better describes the induced mental illness that results from the toxins of the lies. That is why I will talk about contamination of the mind, rather than “brain washing”. I’ll give you an example of a symptom of this contamination of the mind. Several years ago, a couple of twenty-two year Canadian youngsters visited us in Germany. Instead of visiting the many rich cultural sites and engaging in the wonderful opportunities that Bavaria offers, such as the hiking, the museums, the castles, the artisans and so forth, the most important thing that they wanted to see was Dachau! Let’s have a look at what those German monsters did to those poor innocent Jews!


London Forum - Alfred Schaefer - 1915 Dachau Entrance

[Image] The entrance to Dachau after being taken over by the US Army.


Now, why would anyone want to waste their time to see some stage props with descriptions that have little, or nothing to do with historical reality? It’s like going to a Hollywood horror movie and thinking it is real! In the old days, if you are a good Catholic you would make a pilgrimage to the Vatican; if you are a good Muslim you would make a pilgrimage to Mecca. Nowadays, if you believe the lies that have contaminated our brains by the Jewish media, you make your pilgrimage to Dachau or to Auschwitz!


Audience: [applause]


London Forum - Alfred Schaefer - 1900 Buchenwald display lampshade

[Image] Propaganda display at Buchenwald Concentration Camp showing shrunken heads, pieces of tattooed skin and a lampshade claimed to be made from human skin (actually pig skin?). 


Alfred: That way, you have rounded up and completed your education about the shrunken heads, soap and lampshades. You fly deeper and deeper into the abyss of a fantasy world so remote and so detached from all reality! What this is leading to can be equated with the following scenario. Imagine two tectonic plates moving in opposite directions. They are locked together, but the stress on the fault line increases inexorably as the plates move. In fact, the rate of movement of the plates as now, in 2016, is noticeably accelerating. One plate is the plate of provable historical facts and of empirical evidence. The other plate consists of an artificial world of mind contaminated with lies, hatred, incitement, control words, fluoride, apathy gender confusion, fear and so much more!


Audience: [applause]


Alfred: Every day that this release of tension is delayed the greater will be the destruction as the pent-up energy runs it’s course. This is always the case with two moving tectonic plates snap at the fault line! Or another way to describe our present situation, is as follows. Imagine for a moment, we’re living in a large house. This house consists of what we have been led to believe is our reality. The entire house and it’s infrastructure has been built by a jewish controlled money system. This system has reached it’s present size, because it has depended on deception and crime of a magnitude that normal human beings find it difficult to comprehend. Just to name several of the more lucrative milestones of this jewish money system mentioned: 19th century opium wars in China; the imaginary “Holocaust”; Stanley Kubrick’s moon landing production; and the event of 9/11.




Now, a new variable has entered the equation. And this new variable is enabling us to see through what has really been happening. In other words we are now able to detoxify ourselves from the lies that we have been fed all of our lives from the day we were born!

The walls of this construction, this house of lies, are crumbling as we speak! As the crumbling progresses, more and more light comes in. Some people think they can hide deep inside this crumbling construct. Just “duck and cover” and all will be fine. But it does not work that way. This construct of lies is coming down, whether we like it or not!


Audience: [applause]


Alfred: This is a systemic and an exponential process. So no wishful thinking can stop it. Remember, we did not choose this scenario, we were born into it. It has been imposed on us! In the end, we will all find ourselves out in the open, in the bright light of the truth and reality. We will not be asked, if we like it, or not. It is what it is and we need the brightest and best to deal with this, in such a way that we can survive as a people on whatever it is we have left.

Prior to the new variable of digital technology appearing on the stage, those select individuals who did understand and tried hard to expose the lies, were hopelessly overwhelmed! They could not disseminate their message to the outside world on any scale that would have been a meaningful challenge to the jewish saturation control over all the information we were exposed to. Some of the names that come to mind are; Robert Faurisson, Fred Leuchter, Germar Rudolf, Ernst Zundel, William Luther Pierce and many, many more, I cannot possibly name them all here today.


London Forum - Alfred Schaefer - 2281 Faurisson Zundel Pierce Rudolf Leuchter Rizoli


Okay, that is a summary of our situation. We need to understand the tools and tricks that the enemy uses in order to help as many people as possible to understand and join our side. Our survival depends on our success! Each person that we win over is one more for us and one less for them. Let me give you an example of how this contamination of the mind and the induced mental illness can play out. Okay, so don’t be surprised, you might experience it yourself.

A couple of weeks ago my sister Monika and I visited old family friends in Germany. We have just uploaded Monika’s new video titled, “Sorry Mom, I was Wrong about the Holocaust”.


Monika Schaefer Interview - 1002 VIDEO Sorry Mom I was Wrong about the Holocaust


Audience: [laughter]


Alfred: This video, a very short video, six minutes long. In one month now, it’s got 50,000 views, and will get more [as of Aug 11, 2016, it has 86,065 views] .


Audience: [applause]


Alfred: This video consists of my sister apologizing to our deceased mother. I know how bad Monika felt for her blaming our parents for not stopping those “evil Nazis” for the “Holocaust”. And this video certainly helped her to now neutralize this false and imposed guilt. The people we visited are your typical “duck and cover” types. They always know how to evade inconvenient subjects and always look very righteous about their lives and their own opinions. To get them to watch the video at all, I had to use a little deceptive tricks myself and told them that we would like to show them a new video that we had just made. It was of Monika playing a violin. Monika warned them before we started:

But there is some talking in it is about Alfred’s favorite subject”.

So, we set the laptop up on the living room table and pressed the play button. Monika started playing her violin and then goes into her heartfelt apology to our Mom’s spirit, since she is no longer with us. When she comes to the line describing the gas chamber deaths and states:

Now I know why she did not know of these things! It’s because these things just did not happen!”


Audience: [loud applause]


Alfred: The female friend jumped up, screaming hysterically:

Not with us! Get out of this house! Now! Leave! We have our own opinions and you are not going to change this!”

The door slammed shut and her dad reinforced, what her daughter just screamed at us, saying:

We have known for a long time that Alfred is totally lost! But you Monika? How could you? How can you change? You cannot change our opinions and don’t even try!”

Okay, I might sound cold and callous now, but I will say it anyway. This entire episode affected me about as much as if I was watching a laboratory rat doing back-flips after having been trained to do so, when the particular control buttons are pressed!


Audience: [loud laughter, applause]


Alfred: I found this a valuable exercise to illustrate the nature of our problem. People who we would think are normal intelligent fellow human beings can be triggered to behave like conditioned laboratory rats, and at the push of a button do to back-flips, or to behave like a zombie.




I will now read you the translation from the letter that my sister Monika received a few days later from the sister of the zombie that tried to throw us out of the house.


Audience: [laughter]


Alfred: There was no, “Dear Monika” or “Alfred” just “Alfred and Monika”.

Yesterday, after consulting with my sister, we watched the video that you made, entitled, ‘Sorry Mom’. The statements that you made denying the Holocaust are lies! Absolutely abhorrent and revolting! You are engaged in sneaky criminal agitation!

People like you are responsible for spreading the reactionary National Socialist ideology in Europe that is leading to the spread of a hatred, instead of spreading peace to the world! With your lies you are spreading precisely that which you think you are preventing. And Germany will once again be hated in the world!

Because I came home too late yesterday and could not prevent my sister and my parents from watching your shameful campaign, I feel compelled to do what he is now necessary! As of immediately, I prohibit you from any further contact with me, or my family!”

End of letter.

Okay. Okay, that letter reminded me of an old James Bond movie when 007 had to deal with some apparatchik parroting the party line. She was fanatical and blind as the enemy would expect of it’s obedient little soldiers. A good zombie will not think, only obey.


Audience: [applause]


Alfred: What this illustrates is how this contamination of the mind turns what was once a normal human being into a seriously mentally ill and possibly dangerous zombie. What this person is doing is projecting her own characteristics onto anyone who is possibly threatening their belief system. Regardless of what the evidence shows. In fact, they stated their position quite clearly:

We have our own opinions and nothing you show us will change this”.

It has become a religious belief. It is as if the original sin of the Christians has been replaced by the original sin of the imaginary “Holocaust”. This is the foundation of the new and forced religion of our times!

A big problem that we need to deal with now, is how to prevent countless zombies like this woman, who really do want to be good people, from committing suicide, or going berserk when the truth does come crashing down in their face!


Audience: [applause]


Alfred: Their children, their colleagues, or someone will expose the evidence to them again at some time in the very near future. If their reaction to this one monumental lie is as I have just described it, then what will be the reaction of people like her, when almost everything they have been led to believe turns out to be a monumental lie! Those who react as this woman did are burdened with the additional weight of having behaved like a zombie when first confronted with something that can no longer be evaded.

All of us in this room here today, are here today, because we know that the world around us is not the world we are being told that it is, and that something is seriously wrong.! We have the advantage of already being farther along on the road to understanding what is going on, including any agent that might be with us.

Let me say a few words regarding Jews and those who are working for them, no matter where you come from, whatever your background, it is never too late to acknowledge the fact as you connect the dots of a more complete picture.


Audience: [applause]


Alfred: Come to the side of truth, no matter what it is and focus all your energy on extricating us out of this impossible situation that we now find ourselves in. We are all in this together! There are many very good people from all sides who have come to understand the truth and who are doing everything in their power to expose what is going on.

For example. Gerard Menuhin, the son of the world-famous Jewish violinist Yehudi Menuhin, recently wrote the book, “Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil”*. He writes:

The Holocaust is the biggest lie in history! Germany has no blame for the Second World War!”


London Forum - Alfred Schaefer - 1915 Tell the Truth Shame the Devil



*[Have you ever asked yourself why the world won’t come to rest? Why your parents, grandparents or great-grandparents had to die in wars that never should have occurred in the first place? This book holds the answer . . .

Behind the scenes, events are controlled by a coterie of ethnic puppet masters who work their marionettes in high places out of public view. How did this world get to the dark place it is today? Who could have stopped it and what can we do today?

The book consists of three sections. The first section concerns Adolf Hitler, and the real causes leading up to the outbreak of WWII.

The second section enlarges on the activities of the real culprits, provides a historical overview of their progress, their nature, their power over finance and the media, and the methods by which they achieved it.

The third section concerns the First and Second World Wars (what the author refers to as “the Second Thirty Years War“), their conception, funding and inescapable continuity; current laws against freedom of expression, and the evolution of the Orwellian state; the importance of U.S. support for the Soviet Union throughout the Cold War, and Communism’s significance in the plan; the true origins of the enemy; Palestine’s occupation and its fate as an example of our common fate; plus much more.

The text is interspersed with “Memos from Today,” that emphasize its relevance by citing current events.

Hundreds of quotes are included from a wide range of authoritative sources, original and translated. The last pages of this manuscript comprise conclusions and predictions.

The author is the son of the great American-born violinist Yehudi Menuhin, who, though from a long line of rabbinical ancestors, fiercely criticized the foreign policy of the state of Israel and its repression of the Palestinians in the Holy Land.]

Source: Amazon



He also makes a case for Adolf Hitler being the only statesman in the modern era who could have liberated the enslaved people of planet Earth from the clutches of organized Zionism.


Audience: [loud, long applause]


Alfred: In other words, the lies are finished! The lemmings may not yet have noticed, but sooner than many people can imagine, they will. And when they do, they will do as lemmings do. They will all turn at once!




So, when we speak to people we must make it clear in everything we say and do, that holding onto the lies is, at best, very stupid, and at worst, high treason and will be dealt with as such! Britain’s foremost World War Two correspondent, Douglas Reed, predicted sixty years ago the very situation we now find ourselves in. He was writing about the, “behind the scenes” controlling of events and information by Jewish Zionists, or Rothschild agents.


Douglas Reed

[Image] Prolific author, Douglas Reed.


Now, I would like to go over some of the basic tools, or methods employed by the enemy. Understanding this helps us to become immune to this. If you were a scientist working on a cure for a particular disease, then the first thing that you must do is learn how the disease actually works. If you go back to before the second Jewish assault on Europe, known as World War Two, and look at the incitement that was taken place leading up to this assault, you will find many parallels with the incitement we see today that has been directed at Libya, Syria, Iran and Russia. Those countries that are in line for subjugation are vilified with labels describing the characteristics that could be an accurate description of the predatory parasite itself! A good example of this, is the imaginary Iranian nuclear weapons program that the Jewish controlled media has been screaming about while calling any reference to Israel’s proven nuclear arsenal and weapons program, “anti-semitic”!


London Forum - Alfred Schaefer - 2283 US Aircraft Carrier with Israeli Flag on to Iran


Audience: [applause]


Alfred: So, in a nutshell, all references to anything negative that describes the parasitic predator is framed as being “anti-semitic”. And we have been indoctrinated to believe that to be “anti-semitic” is worse than being a serial rapist, or murderer.

Another example of framing is, “Hitler gassed six million jews!” Hitler did not gas six million Zionists, Hitler did not gas six million communists, nor six million Neocons. No! He gassed six million jews! Jews must always be framed as the victims! They can do no wrong. If jews are framed with something bad then the accuser is framed as being “anti-semitic”, and if need be, an anti-semitic Holocaust denier! And that is the most lethal of these weaponized control words.

Any jews in power today may be framed, or labeled as “Zionists”. The label “jew” is not permitted by the Thought Police.

You can find books about communism that are hundreds of pages thick and the word “jew” will mark appear once! Yet, communism is an entirely jewish construct, just as our multi-party democratic system is a jewish construct!


Audience: [applause]


Alfred: All of these parties are controlled by jews. There are no exceptions. This statement alone will be countered with the weaponized control forward of “anti-semitism”, or “hate speech”, or not “politically correct”. These weaponized control words are designed to channel any and all of the thought away from this reality.

It is these weaponized control words that are paralyzing us and preventing our instincts for survival from kicking in. Understanding, immunizes us from their paralyzing effect. And that is the first step on the road to self-defense and self-preservation.


London Forum - Alfred Schaefer - 1915 The March of Tyranny


It is helpful now, in 2016 to learn how this thing, projection of characteristics works by looking back to the year 2001. The year 2001 has been seared into our minds by the pictures that we saw on the television screens and by the hysterical warnings we were pounded with, with regard to those “evil Muslims” who had taken down those two skyscrapers that were actually three skyscrapers. They did all this with box cutters. We were warned repeatedly how the Muslim terrorists who did this are hiding amongst us and have sleeper cells everywhere.

What’s interesting, is that if, you know, nothing about the Muslims and know nothing about the jews, then you can actually learn a great deal about the jews, just by paying attention to the warnings we were getting about the Muslims in the jewish media. Which is basically all the media. All these warnings about “sleeper cells” that are ready to spring into action when called upon. “Sleeper cells” is the perfect description of the jewish sayanim, who are jews who understand their first loyalty and who will do whatever it is asked of them, when a fellow jew ask for it. It will usually be something totally harmless, like renting a car for another agent, or putting someone up in the spare bedroom, because they have work to do in the area, or maybe provide them some useful intelligence.

The framing and projecting of these characteristics onto the Muslim population has the same effect on the Muslims as did the framing and projecting of the Holocaust myth onto the Germans after the great jewish assault on Europe, commonly known as World War One and Two.




Muslims keep quiet about the false accusations targeting them, because they fear the repercussions of those who believe these false accusations. And they don’t want to be blamed for these things, by talking about it.

Germans keep quiet about the false accusations targeting them, because they fear the “thought laws” that prohibit looking at the evidence and they don’t want to be blamed as being the very worst thing in the world you could possibly be, a “Holocaust” denier!

Many of the innocent jews keep quiet about the false accusations targeting the non-jews by their fellow jews, because the they either believe these lies themselves, or are afraid of the repercussions if they do open their mouths and be blamed for being a “self-hating jew“.

Another aspect of 9/11 that is seldom talked about is the following. After the jewish false flag attack of 9/11 we had all kinds of new security measures being imposed on us. Particularly in the area of transportation, with new screening devices at airports and ever more intrusive measures being imposed on us. Now about this, most of the security companies involved are jewish owned. Jews did 9/11, so they know very well that there is no danger whatsoever coming from any of the passengers who want to fly, since the passengers had nothing to do with any of these spectacles. So, besides making a lot of money in the security business, what other object could they have? I believe the most important objective of this entire exercise has been to condition the masses to submit to higher authority!

The objective was to change the relationship between the citizen and the state. The masses are being conditioned to grovel at the behest of anyone in a security uniform. Professors, doctors, teachers and engineers are being conditioned to grovel and ask no questions when a semi-illiterate brute in a uniform demands subservience.


Audience: [applause]


Alfred: This condition eventually permeates all layers of society. Those individuals who resist are weeded out. Even schools, those children who are inquisitive and energetic and independent thinkers are quickly isolated and put on medication. Where will any potential leaders come from if they are weeded out and sedated at an early age?

Our enemy is creating a mass of couch potatoes and lemmings with contaminated minds that are easy to control. Our friend who jumped up and scream at us in a hysterical fit is a good example of successful conditioning. Our enemy would be very proud of her! She could snitch on us and collect an award of a few shekels, or something, for denouncing a couple of Holocaust deniers. She continues to believe in the shrunken heads, soap and lampshades. But all of this has no future! She may become suicidal when she understands that she has become a useful idiot of the psychopaths.

So, our big challenge this is how to reach as many people as possible and help them come out of their trance-like condition. They have been conditioned to project onto others their own characteristics, and we have to reflect it back to them in such a way that they can see themselves for what they are. I always like to reassure them, that I too, was a zombie until quite recently. I think most of us in this room probably were and that’s and, you know, we come we come out of this condition and it’s a very liberating thing. Just as she accused us of being reactionary and engaged in sneaky criminal agitation, we need to stay calm and continue to expose the hard evidence, explaining over and over again the methods being used against us. We must never tire of repeating the message! Why does Coca-Cola tell you to drink Coca-Cola if they told you that one hundred thousand times before? Because they want to hard wire that message into your brain.

To undo the lies that have been hardwired into the brains of the contaminated minds of our fellow human beings is not done with a once over wipe. It would be like trying to wipe away a message that has been chiseled into a granite stone. That takes some time and hard work. It is a bit like if you plant a seed. You put some water on and stand back a bit, give it some time then come back and make sure it continues to get water and whatever else it needs to grow.

We can try to reach as many of the contaminated minds as possible, by understanding these aspects. To reach the psychopath, a psychopath is a different story. They cannot be. They can only be isolated and disarmed. When communicating with a psychopath, one needs to understand their characteristics in order not to be totally overwhelmed and defeated.




One of the most important characteristics is a fact that if you allow a psychopath to retain a single one of his lies, he retains all of his power over you. The psychopath will have you dancing circles around his lie, and your position will remain irrelevant. And that’s the whole purpose of the Holohoax law. That with that lie they will always have us and that’s why it has to come down!

In most functioning systems of justice, if the witness has been proven to deliberately be lying, his entire testimony is thrown out. There’s a reason for that. Now back to our psychopath and the imaginary Holocaust. The jewish people will always rule over us with this lie, if we let it stand, since any argument on anything can be brought down, if the Jew brings up this lie and have you dance around it. How can you talk about anything, if the jews simply declare that you a Holocaust denier? And that is that! You are banished and evil! Go to jail and be thankful it is only jail, soon it will be death!


Audience: [applause]


Alfred: Our greatest hope lies in the explosive increase in the number of people who are becoming aware of this “mother of all lies”! When this lie falls, as it will, then all the other Jewish lies will go down in the vortex that this creates. So we need to focus on decontaminating those who need decontamination.

These people have been demoralized. In this demoralized condition he can no longer make sense out of the facts. Their brains have been compartmentalized and facts no longer follow any logical process. Simple control words stop thought processes and trigger wild reactions. This is what we witnessed when we were hysterically screamed at by our friends for simply revealing a few truths.

Cognitive dissonance” is a term used to describe the condition of believing in two, or more contradictory concepts without question. It is cognitive dissonance, for example, for engineers to pretend that there is nothing wrong with three buildings coming down at free fall speed on 9/11, while always talking about two buildings. In his cognitive dissonance when these same people who cannot count to three believe they can count all the way to six million and believe that hoax!


London Forum - Alfred Schaefer - Jews blowing up 911


Audience: [loud applause]


Alfred: It is cognitive dissonance when no questions are asked when young healthy men in massive numbers are flooding into our countries and we are told they are refugees that need our help!

No healthy society would ever accept a single one of the things that I just listed!

So that, gives us a picture of just how dire our collective mental health is in our Western countries. Our brains have become so them contaminated by the demoralization that we now have ever more people who seem to be confused even about their own gender!


Dees - Transgender Bathrooms


This is the condition that had to be created for the final phase of our own extermination that we are now witnessing. The parasite that has taken us to this level is now desperately trying to ensure that we will be incapable of waking up to defend ourselves. That parasite is suffering from the delusion that it will succeed. But the likelihood of the parasite succeeding is as likely as a tapeworm that lives in your intestines succeeding in taking over your body by going into your eyes and ears and brain to in order to control you! You would fall over dead and that would be the end of the tapeworm.

In our case we are supposed to be a mass of soulless, dumbed down consumers too weak to think for ourselves. Whenever an individual does think and diagnose the problem, there are ready defenses that the parasite has constructed to neutralize these counterattacks. The weaponized control words are fired at the counter-attacker: Racist, anti-semite, Holocaust denier, politically incorrect, etc, etc, etc, or controversial to talk about.

You know, you have successfully decontaminated yourself when the control words they use against us have no more effect on you, than water running off the back of a duck! Any and all and control words need to be reduced in your mind to this level — no reaction whatsoever!

The only thing that is of any interest to us is facts! Opinions, thought laws, hate speech all of these words are meaningless jabber that the parasite has engineered to our minds!

Our only chance for surviving the imminent future, but understanding who we are and what we are. We are Europeans who have been tricked into massive European civil wars by this parasitic entity! There is absolutely no way, that we, as brothers and sisters would ever have carried out the unspeakable atrocities of the past centuries, if it were not for the total manipulation of our collective perception of what is going on, along with the insidious manipulation of our politicians turning them into traitors of their own people.


Audience: [applause]




Alfred: As digital technology helps us to decontaminate our minds from the toxins of the lies, our self-preservation instinct and our former spirit will kick in and we will deal with the traitors and neutralize the parasites. When we understand that we are be indigenous peoples of Europe, we will defend the land and the water and the resources of our ancestral homelands!


Audience: [applause]


Alfred: We cannot allow hordes of invaders into our lands.! We cannot allow the poisoning of our water by fracking for short-term monetary gain for some parasitic international oil companies.


Audience: [applause]


Alfred: After all is said and done, if we don’t stand up now and wake up our fellow brothers and sisters we will lose the only homeland that we have. It cannot be that British people have areas of their homeland that they can no longer go to, because the invaders have now declared these areas, “No go areas” for the indigenous people. This is the same for the French people, the Swedish people, or any European people. This is the first day of the rest of our lives and if we refuse to stand up, we stand idly by as we are being prepared for our own destruction.

OK that’s the part.

I was supposed to tell you a little bit about Noam Chomsky, the gatekeeper. Do we have time for that, or is the time up?

London Forum - Alfred Schaefer - 1942 Noam Chomsky - Left Wing Gatekeeper

[Image] Noam Chomsky, a jewish “intellectual” worshipped by the American Left, directs his followers to, “Move along. Nothing to see here!” when it comes to 9/11.

Okay, you know, Noam Chomsky is a guy who is hyped up. People here might not have heard about him that much. In Germany nobody has ever heard of him. But in North America, Noam Chomsky was a god like professor who was the gatekeeper for the Left. And it turns out that he was a complete treasonous traitor. He’s like an icon. There are so many books have been written and so forth. So I’m going to read this thing that I’ve prepared about Noam Chomsky.

Noam Chomsky was for us in North America like an icon. Many books were published in his name. These books were usually critical of Israel’s behavior as well as the US relationship with Israel. He may not even be known here in the UK. I know in Germany nobody has ever heard of him, but in Canada and the US he was “the man”. Everyone who considered themselves politically alert knew Chomsky and probably have a number of his books. In hindsight, it is clear why that is the case. He was set up all along to be the Pied Piper of all dissidents of official government policy in the US.


Monika Schaefer Interview - 1884 Pied Piper Chomsky

[Image] Noam Chomsky has acted as a gatekeeper by deceiving his followers through deflecting attention away from the true perpetrators (organized jewry) of 9/11.


He had been through the Tavistock Institute, which specializes in behavior control of the masses. This used to be called, “Wellington House” and this played a central role in shaping public opinion throughout the West, since a long time ago. Tavistock instructs the directions of the think tanks so much more. As a Pied Piper, his job was to lead his flock into the wilderness wherever the need arises. He has done this with the Kennedy assassination and with 9/11.

It was a video I saw in late 2013 where a student in a Florida university, asked “Mr Chump” what he had to say about WTC 7 at 9/11. His evasive response in this video clearly revealed that he was knowingly deceiving and betraying American students. This was so egregious and so enraged me, that I had to write him an e-mail expressing this anger.

Through a little bit of trickery I got a response from him the very next day. This exchange went back and forth for a few days and was the raw database for me for my first video titled, “9/11 Gatekeeper and Controlled Opposition” which I uploaded at the end of May, 2014. In fact, in his response to me he revealed many important aspects of what our opponent’s strategy is when dealing with us. Knowing this helps us to see through it and resist falling for it.


Monika Schaefer Interview - 1892 Gatekeepers VIDEO

[Image] 9/11 Gatekeepers and Controlled Opposition



Let me give you an example of what happened. To my question about him, what he feels in his heart when he sees the victims of 9/11 asking for a proper investigation, his reply to me was, and I quote — this was November 7, 2013:

It requires extraordinary arrogance for you, yo think that you have the right to speak for the victims of 9/11. You can, if you like, live with the illusion that you are part of a great mass movement, rather than a small and isolated claque, your problem not mine.

So this sentence reveals so much of their entire strategy we can see all the time. When they try to always isolate everyone who is exposing the truth as nut cases, individuals, and that just isn’t the case. We are a growing mass of people and we are growing exponentially and there is no stopping it!


Audience: [applause]



Alfred: Okay, I’ll just get through this here. Another thing about eyewitnesses. The lemmings often defend their position with the reference to, “What about the eyewitnesses?” Well, eyewitnesses, is one of those things. If you can fool someone to believe something and truly believe it, because you have fooled them into believing it. That’s how they drag these 95 year olds into courts in Germany, because you can tell any old person all kinds of things and they’ll actually believe it after a while.

You can tell a small child. You can see you can show a child a fake picture of something or, for example, a small child dining with Queen Elizabeth or something. And later tell them, you know, you had tea with Queen Elizabeth and they believe it. And they will really believe it, because they saw the picture and in their mind it and they’ll concoct all kinds of details, minute details about their imagination, imaginary dinner with the Queen. And that is what eyewitness accounts are. Well as we know, they are just fabrications. People who can give these accounts actually, might actually believe it, but that’s all it is. Bullshit!


Audience: [applause]


Alfred: Well, I’m going to close off with a final statement. Today in the year 2016, the very worst thing that could possibly happen to me is that anybody, someone out there would denounce me as being a Holocaust believer! The worse thing!


Audience: [long applause]


Jez Turner: He’s a thinker! … Alfred the fighter for truth. He’s Alfred the great! He’s Alfred Schaefer!
















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London Forum – Alfred Schaefer – Psychological Warfare – TRANSCRIPT Ver 3


London Forum - Alfred Schaefer - COVER





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Monika Schaefer Interview - COVER Ver 2


[In this 53 minute interview Glaring Hypocrisy’s founding editors Sean Madden and Mufidah Kassalias talk with Monika Schaefer on the reaction she’s received since her YouTube video, “Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust” was released on June 15.

In that short five minute video Monika Schaefer, a middle aged German-Canadian woman gives a belated, yet heartfelt apology to her deceased parents for the times when she reproached them and the German people for failing to stop the “Holocaust” from happening.

It has only been in the last couple of years that Monika has done the research and concluded that the “Holocaust” is, in fact, the: “Biggest and most pernicious and persistent lie in all of history!” Her parents knew nothing of the so-called “Death camps” for the simple reason that they did NOT exist, they were only labour camps.

In this interview Monika discusses how she came, with guidance from her brother, Alfred, to her revisionist views on the “Holocaust”, on 9/11 and other world events that have been engineered by organized jewry. Sean, Mufidah and Monika all agree there is an urgent need for people to “wake up” to the large scale deceptions that are being carried out against us all.

The reactions of her family, relatives, friends and the community in her small town of Jasper, Alberta, Canada are also discussed —  KATANA.]







Glaring Hypocrisy Interview





Truth-Teller Monika Schaefer




Click on the above link, or copy the link into your browser to listen to the audio.

Published on Jul 15, 2016


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On June 17, 2016, Monika Schaefer, a native-born Canadian citizen of German parents, posted a brief video to YouTube entitled “Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust”.

This led to a fellow citizen of Jasper, Alberta (Canada) filing a complaint with the Alberta Human Rights Commission. Although we watched Monika’s video shortly after it was published to YouTube, we only learned of the formal complaint and general local backlash on Thursday July 14, the same day we recorded this nearly hour-long Skype interview with her.

We recommend you take the six minutes to watch Monika’s above video — so you can hear her in her own words, and get a taste of her love for music and life. You’ll then be well-equipped to listen to our below interview with this gentle yet courageous truth-teller who has managed to free herself from the stifling birdcage of countless Jew World Order lies so that truth itself can soar unhindered to the minds of many others.




 [52:46 min]





Monika Schaefer Interview - 1001 Glaring Hypocrisy Founders


Sean: Welcome to the program. And so, we just found out about this today. Give us a little bit of background in terms of how this started playing out for you. We know that the video itself came out almost a month ago. And what what was the response during the past months in total, and then, when did this start sort of blowing up locally for you?


Monika Schaefer Interview - 1002 VIDEO Sorry Mom I was Wrong about the Holocaust


Monika: OK. Thanks so much and thanks for the opportunity to talk about it and also thank you for all the work that you are doing. Yeah, so it took only a few days after it was posted before I started to get some. Indication that the people in my small town were were reacting and it was just fine reached a fury of reaction.

So, because it was on Facebook and, you know, I have some local Facebook friends and I think it was quite surprised and shocked them and I did have some people terminate our friendship and others, you know, just saying they respect my right of free speech, but they don’t necessarily agree.

And then there were others who who made all kinds of comments under the Facebook postings that were really quite harsh towards me. And, you know, they think I’ve taken leave of my senses and basically think I have been put under the spell of some very, very bad people and that kind of thing! That type of argument I respond back and say, I am one hundred percent responsible for what I have done and for my views on this subject. So I’m not knowing that, you know, them to sort of peg this “blame” of what I’ve done on anybody else. And I mean I put “blame” in quotation marks.


Sean: Of course.


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Sorry Mom - COVER (German)

[In diesem kurzem Video (6 Minuten), entschuldigt sich mittelältere deutsch-kanadische Frau Monika Schaefer verspätet aber herzlich bei ihren Eltern, für die Zeiten in denen sie Vorwürfe gegen ihnen und das deutsche Volk gemacht hat, weil sie nicht den Holocaust gestoppt haben.

Seit nur etwa zwei Jahren hat Monika nach geforscht und festgestellt, dass der Holocaust in der Tat “die größeste und schädlichste Lüge der Geschichte ist!” Ihre Eltern wussten Nichts von “Todeslager”, aus dem einfachen Grund, dass sie nicht existierten, sie waren nur Arbeitslager.  — KATANA.]





Entschuldigung Mama



ich hatte Unrecht was den








Sorry Mom - VIDEO (German)




Klicken Sie auf den Link oben, oder kopieren Sie den Link in Ihren Browser, um das Video zu sehen.


Veröffentlicht am 21. Juni 2016


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Die Kanadierin Monika Schaefer schildert, wie sie in Kanada als kleines Kind in den 60’er Jahren verspottet wurde, weil sie deutscher Abstammung war.






[6:27 min]





Sorry Mom - 2112 Monika Shafer playing violin


Guten Tag, Ich bin Monika Schaefer. Ich bin in Canada geboren und aufgewachsen, also erst Generation Canadisch. Meine Eltern kamen beide aus Deutschland, und sind 1951/52 nach Canada ausgewandert.

Da war ein Zwiespalt zwischen dem was ich zuhause empfunden habe und dem was ich draußen empfunden habe. Ich liebte die wunderbaren deutschen Traditionen und die Kultur bei uns zuhause, aber draußen, und in der Schule schämte ich mich deutsch zu sein. Sehr schnell habe ich gelernt meinen deutschen Hintergrund zu verstecken.

Es fing gleich in meiner allerersten Schulwoche an. Am ersten Tag zog ich mein hübsches Dirndlkleid an. Am zweiten Tag haben mich die Kinder verspottet.:

Hast vergessen die Schürze auszuziehen! hee hee hee”, und sie rannten weg. Oder: “Heil Hitler!” ha ha ha.


Sorry Mom - 2113 German woman in traditional dressess

[Bild] Die deutsche Frauen tragen Dirndl. Ein Dirndl ist eine Art von traditioneller Kleidung in Deutschland getragen, vor allem Bayern; Österreich; und Südtirol, auf der Grundlage der traditionellen Kleidung der Alpen Bauern.


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