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[In this interview Andrew Hitchcock talks with Alison Chabloz about the “lawfare” that is being waged against her by members of the British jewish community who are using laws, introduced by jews over the years, to curtail free speech against anyone who dares to criticize  jewry in any way, but especially those that dare cast a skeptical eye against their most “holy of holies” frauds, known as the “Holocaust“.


Alison, a talented singer and musician, has created several songs that satirize various Holohoax claims made by “survivors“, including “shrunken heads, soap, and lampshades“. As a result, a jew organization known as the Campaign Against Anti-semitism, headed up by jews, Mr Falter and a Mr Silverman, have instigated a “legal” persecution campaign against her as punishment.


The importance of this case, if these jews get away with this, is then it will be just another ratcheting up the jewish run police state that Britain has become. That will lead ultimately to any criticism of jewish crimes being totally outlawed and severely punished. That will effectively mean that any criticism of European countries being flooded by non-Whites, will also be outlawed as “anti-semitism“, since organized jewry is behind it all.

So, I would urge all people concerned about truth and the survival of Whites, to attend her court appearances, and to give her as much support as possible. Your, and your children’s, future will, in part, depend upon it. — KATANA]




Andrew Hitchcock




Alison Chabloz


“No Regrets!”



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Published on Jan 18, 2018



Andrew Hitchcock’s Description


The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show (541) Alison Chabloz – No Regrets!



In today’s show originally broadcast on January 18 2018, EuroFolkRadio’s Andrew Carrington Hitchcock interviews Alison Chabloz, for a show entitled, “No Regrets!


We discussed: What Alison has been up to since she was last on the show in May 2017 and her several court appearances since then; the charges that have been brought against Alison; how “Holocaust” denial is not a crime in Britain, so how has Alison committed any crime; why haven’t the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism (C AA) gone after certain Anti-Semitic Sex Pistols songs such as, “Belsen Was A Gas,” and “No One is Innocent,”; how the mainstream media have avoided covering Alison’s case as they want the British public to still believe they have their democratic right to free speech in Britain; the sentence Alison faces if she is found guilty; how elements of the British Race Relations legislation was actually drafted by the Board Of Deputies Of British jews; how Alison uploaded 9 videos to YouTube in December 2017 and all of them were banned; and many other topics.




(61 mins)





You are listening to TBR radio, brought to you by The Barnes Review.

Now the Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show with your host, Andrew Carrington Hitchcock.


Andrew: Hello everybody. And returning with me today he is the persecuted musician, persecuted by the jews. That is Alison Chabloz of the UK. Now we’re recording the show on January the 4th, and she has a court appearance coming up in a few days. I’m not airing it until January 18th, but I knew Alison is making it available before hand. So to all Alison’s followers I want to welcome you to the show. and I want to bring Alison up. Allison are you with me?


Alison: Hello Andy. Yes!


Andrew: Excellent.


Alison: Good morning. How are you?


Andrew: Very good thank you. it’s great to have you back on. I wish it was in more pleasant circumstances. But firstly let the audience know where you can be found. your website, YouTube, what have you. any way of contacting you.


Alison: And yes, it’s just a simple Google search for my name, which is quite unusual, Alison and Chabloz, CHABLOZ. A Google search will bring up immediately my blog, WordPress blog: alisonchabloz dot wordpress dot com, and my YouTube channel and various articles about me. Just a simple Google search is the easiest way.


Andrew: Excellent. You were last on the show in May of 27th, last year. Could you give the audience an update as to what’s been happening to you, in between May of last year and January of 2018?


Alison: Well, the year continued as it began last year. I was first in front of court in December, 2016, twice. My case was adjourned in March. I think we spoke briefly about that in May. There have been altogether now, six, or seven court hearings. And I think it’s probably a record, because — perhaps your listeners will know — I’ve been charged under the Communications Act. Finally I was charged in September, or October. It was very late. It took them months to actually charge me. And, in fact, in October I had a court hearing where I was only notified that I wasn’t required to attend this hearing. This is on the fourth of October.




And I got to court, to assist the hearing — I had the right to do this. It was in a very small court and there was standing room only!


My accusers had sent somebody to oversee the proceedings. And there were a few breaks, and during one of these breaks, I was sitting outside court with my supporters and my barrister. and several policeman. I saw several policemen arrive and policewomen standing outside the court. And to cut a long story short, that day I was first arrested. They took me into a small room, a conference room inside the court building. I was arrested first for breach of bail, taken outside of the court, told I was going to be taken to the Charing Cross police station for questioning, for breach of bail, because I’d uploaded songs to the Internet over the course of the summer. And these were allegedly a breach of my bail conditions.


The bail conditions concerned was that I was not allowed to post, or send any message that’s racist, or anti-semitic and grossly offensive. It has to be both! These bail conditions, it has to be anti-semitic and grossly offensive, or it has to be racist and grossly offensive. I thought long and hard before I did publish these songs, but went ahead anyway. And I was a incited to do that for other reasons, that I go into later.


But yes. I was arrested. And then a ten minutes later standing outside court and telling the policemen and this young policewoman — I was her first arrest, so I was congratulating her about that. She was obviously very nervous, this very young policewoman.


Suddenly the officer in charge of the small group of policemen — there were three of them — came out and said:


Okay, we’re going to de-arrest you. It appears that, we’re not quite sure, because your bail conditions were imposed here in London, but it’s a Derbyshire a police investigation.


So they took me back inside court. And then about half an hour later I was again arrested! This time on in charge of incitement. I was taken to Charing Cross police. [I was] handcuffed outside court. My accusers were there with their phones and cameras taking photos of me, that they immediately published on their website. Alison Chabloz being handcuffed and dragged off! Handcuffed in front of everybody in the court! Totally unwarranted! [laughing] For singing songs! For singing songs. This is the UK today!




I spent six hours in Charing Cross police station. And then I was put into a police van. At the back of the police van. One of these coppers opened the back door and said and pointed to the floor — which was dirty, it had to be raining and it was all dirty and muddy, the floor of this cell at the back of this van — and said:


That’s the floor, but it’s also the seat! You’re welcome to sit on one of those wheel hubs, if you like.


So I was three hours in a freezing cold, White, neon lit, cell at the back of the police van! I complained bitterly that I was cold, several times. And was told by — there was a good cop, he was driving, and a bad cop — told that was all I deserved! I’d been arrested, therefore I was a criminal and that’s all I deserved!


I spent another twelve hours in custody, was interviewed, and was finally charged with a breach of bail, and a request by Derbyshire police to have me held on remand, which would have would have meant that if the magistrate’s court in Derbyshire had agreed with the police, I would at this moment be in prison for singing songs!


I was also charged with another count of incitement for a song I uploaded called “Too Extreme for the BNP”.


That’s still under investigation. There’s been no official charges brought against that song.


Since then, I was released by the remand court in Chesterfield — I was immediately released. I had a very good lawyer that day. The magistrates sat there scratching their heads for a while.


Leading me out of the court, the court guard, a little Derbyshire woman, she said:


Oh, well done! You’re saying everything that everybody thinks, but daren’t say out loud.


So, it was very nice of her. So I spent forty eight hours in prison for having uploaded two more songs to the Internet, which, in fact, as I said, earlier, I’m going to say why I did this.


The Derbyshire police are just being absolutely hopeless! They ignored all the harassment directed at myself, my career, my family, my person. They’ve ignored death threats that I sent [forwarded to] them! They ignored, or rather they explained they were going to investigate them, and then they said:


Oh no, we’ve not found anything. We’re closing the investigation.


And a week later, I was the one being arrested! On charges, trumped up charges, invented by these same persons who had been previously persecuting me! And I’d also been receiving anonymous posts through my letter box, addressed to “Mrs Holocaust Denier”! And I received in June, another one of these anonymous deliveries. And that really triggered me and I thought:


Here I am on bail with these bail conditions. I can’t go out and perform in any venues. I can’t even go and do open mikes. Basically they have silenced me in front of any kind of public, live audience. Well, I’m just going to use the Internet and publish more songs. That’s what I do! That’s my creative job. That’s my person, it’s what I do. So be it for the consequences! Let’s go for it!




So that’s where I am today. I think I’m now charged with five counts of sending, or causing to be sent, grossly offensive message via the public communications network.


There are legal arguments in this case concerning points of law. Is posting the URL, or indeed posting, uploading a song to Youtube, is that sending, or causing to be sent, …? The Judge hasn’t given any official decision on this, as yet. He’s said that he would be inclined to agree with the Crown Prosecution arguments regarding this. But as these are arguable points of law, if he does, in his written decision, come down on me, on these points law, we will just keep appealing.


And usually, under the justice system, as it stands, if a point of law is arguable then the appeals will go on until we win. I could still be found not guilty on the facts of the case, are my songs grossly offensive, or not? But as there’s no actual definition of “grossly offensive” — of course, my accusers are trying to tout this international definition of “anti-semitism” that was adopted by Theresa May’s government last November. Just a month before my first, November 2016 that is. They’re trying to tout this as “Holocaust denial”, “anti-semitism”, therefore it’s “race hate”, therefore, blah, blah, blah. This woman needs to wear a distinguishing badge and be sent to the concentration camps, etc., etc!


That’s where we are! That’s where we are today!


My censors are the ones who are the real “Holocaust” deniers, Andy. You know, they’re the ones! The mainstream will go on, and on, and on, about:


Under the Nazi regime, artist’s were censored and not allowed to perform!


[Andrew chuckling]


I heard a BBC Radio Three presenter, not so long ago — it was during the proms [?] — he was talking about a German jewish composer by the name of Paul Hindemith. And this Hindemith was a jew and he parodied something, he wrote some stuff that I don’t mind. I quite enjoy listening to, but he wrote some other awful stuff which were parodies of Wagner. And, of course, he got banned and censored, and he had to flee to the United States, this Hindemith.




But the presenter in this programme was talking about the situation, saying:


It was unimaginable, unthinkable today in 2017 that any artist would be prevented from performing!


Or that any audiences would be prevented from listening to any artist’s work! There wouldn’t have been much point in me ringing up to complain to the BBC about this! But I just thought, well, …


Andrew: They know exactly what’s going on. And it just goes to show the hypocrisy and the lies, and the fact that they’re fake news, and they have been for decades, they’ve been fake news.


The real “Holocaust” is what happened to the White race in Russia under the jewish Bolsheviks. Millions and millions killed over the years. But they don’t want to talk about that. And the funny thing is, is what they do is that the crimes that they committed against White Christians there, they then accuse the National Socialists of doing to jews to Germany! And a key example of that is the guy, rabbi Mehndi Cohen, who was bleating about my book on CBS news, and how awful it was. And how his relatives were in a synagogue in Germany and they were locked in and burnt alive! Well that’s what the jews were doing to the White Russians in Russia!


Alison: Yes!


Andrew: There’re no stories out of Germany of synagogues being put up in flames where people are in them! It’s absolutely pathetic! And shortly after that, my book got banned, so that’s one of those, “Cohencidences”!


Alison: Yes! Book burners!


Andrew: Yes. And now they’re trying to silence you. They tried to silence me and you have the garbage on the BBC:


Oh! Anyone being silenced in this day and age! It’s unthinkable! It would never happen!


Well, what do you think all this “hate crime” nonsense is then? What is “hate speech”? If you have got freedom to speak, or freedom of speech, rather, then there should be no thing as “hate speech”.


But one thing I want to ask you is, in those five songs that they’ve cited, have they actually cited the particular passages, lyrics in the songs that they don’t like, or have they just the gone over them as a blanket thing?


Alison: There are three songs, in fact. Two of them are doubly charged, sending, or causing to be sent. No, there’s nothing about that. Of course, in the witness statements from Mr Falter and Mr Silverman of the Campaign Against Anti-semitism, they cite particular passages., but nothing in the Crown submissions I’ve seen, where they talk about this. In fact, the Crown admits in their submission that there is no law in the UK which criminalizes questioning of the so-called “Holocaust”. And therefore it will be up to the court to decide whether my songs are offensive, or not!




And this international definition of anti-Semitism has already been severely criticised by, I think he’s called, Hugh Tomlinson Q.C. It’s got absolutely no, … It’s not part of British legislation! For that it would need to be voted through the Parliament and then through the House of Lords, and it’s not the case.


And interestingly, the reason why I was charged, … The third charge is for sending, because I uploaded another song, it’s a parody of “El Condo Pasa [“If I Could”. Literally Spanish for “The Condor Passes”], you know, “I’d rather be a hammer than a nail[a 1970 song by jew duo, Simon and Garfunkel] It’s a parody of this, and then it uses another jewish tune at the end, rather in the same style as “Survivors[song] where I just talk about soap and lampshades. Soap and lampshades, the colored smoke from the chimney. Everything that’s been completely debunked, even by Yad Vashem, “Holocaust” Memorial in Jerusalem.


That to them is grossly offensive, that I parody these war propaganda lies, on the basis of which so many people were hung after Nuremberg, the fake Tribunal at Nuremberg. That to them is grossly offensive!


As I said in my interview to the police officer:


Well, if the truth is grossly offensive, what are we doing? What are we doing?


There are three songs, but, there’s no specific lyrics cited by the Crown in their submissions.


Andrew: Well, let’s give some examples. Firstly, the comedian, Ricky Gervais, he made jokes about how he can make “Holocaust” jokes and get away with it. When Kate Winslet finally won an Oscar, he said to her:


I told you to do a “Holocaust” film and then you’re win an Oscar!”


He said that in an episode of Extras. He also said it when she got the Oscar. So he sends that up completely.


But let’s give an example, and this is something one of your listeners, or readers pointed out to you, and I’m pleased that you raised it before we started recording today. And that was the, … And it was actually in 1980’s. A film came out with an accompanying soundtrack called “The Great Rock N Roll Swindle” which was a kind of mockumentary about the Sex Pistols. And there was a song “Belsen was a Gas!”. Now there was the only one Sid Vicious actually wrote, and I think John Lydon was involved as well. And I think he referred to it some years later as a particularly nasty little tune, John Lydon did. Who, of course, was Johnny Rotten in the Sex Pistols day.


Alison: Yes!


Andrew: And it was subsequently, because what happened, I don’t want to get too deep into it. Basically, Johnny Rotten left the band and then Sid Vicious went out on his own. And the other two members, Paul Cook and Steve Jones, the drummer and the guitarist, they went off to Rio where Ronny Biggs [a criminal of “The Great Train Robbery” fame] was holed up.




And they recorded a couple of songs with him. They recorded one called, “No One is Innocent” and then they recorded another one, a different version of “Belsen was a Gas”.


And what happened was they ended up in both the film and the album which you can now buy anywhere you like. I imagine it has sold millions of copies over the years. But let me read some of the lyrics from, … It’s a couple of lines in the song, “No One is Innocent” which is marked up as Sex Pistols featuring Ronnie Biggs.


He says:


God save Martin Borman and Nazis on the run.
They weren’t being wicked God.
That was their idea of fun!


So they haven’t got a problem with that for some reason. But let’s look at the “Belsen was a Gas”. And I’ll tell you some the lyrics here. Actually, what I’ll do, I’ll read the whole thing, because it’s only three verses.


And this is “Belsen was a Gas”, Ronnie Biggs movie version, which again is in the movie and it’s also on the soundtrack album which you can get from any music/video retail outlet.

Belsen was”, … He opens up and says, “Okay, this time for real, Belsen was a Gasser!” and this follows a live version of “Belsen was a Gas” with Johnny Rotten singing it in the film, and then jump straight to this. Here we go.

Belsen was a gas, I heard the other day.
In the open graves where the jews all lay.
‘Life is fun and I wish you were here’
They wrote on postcards to those held dear.
Oh dear! Oh dear! Oh dear!


Dentists searched their teeth for gold.
Frisk the jews for bank notes rolled.
When they found out what they’d got,
Line them up and shoot the lot!


Kill a man. Be a man. Kill a man.
Wonder what the jews would say.
If I told them where Bormann was today.
Would they start a vendetta?
You’d better ask Ernie Ledbetter.
Ledbetter. Ledbetter. Ledbetter.


So, this is pretty violent stuff, and the idea behind it as well, I think uses the fact that there’s all these stories of people, like Martin Bormann, going off to Rio themselves. Going off to South America, and so that was another idea of the song, you know, to send it up that way as well.


Alison: Yeah.


Andrew: It had a variety of things, but they don’t seem to have any problem with this song which, you know, none of your songs are actually threatening physical violence against jews. They don’t go after that, but they go after you. It sounds to me like they don’t want to go after big fish, they want to go after small fish. What’s your thoughts?




Alison: Yes.


Coming back to what I said earlier about the reason why I was charged under the Communications Act, rather than the Public Order Act, which is the actual “hate speech” thing, that comes under the Race Relations Act. I think it’s 2006, there was an amendment added to this act, that dispensed satire.


Rowan Atkinson [a British comedian who plays the character, “Mr Bean”] was quite vocal saying, you know, this is very dangerous. And the amendment which exempts satire from being charged under this Act was passed by one vote in the House of Lords! And after, in the same year, Michael Howard, who was then the Home Secretary, he also refused EU pressure to bring in “Holocaust” denial law in the UK.


So, and he’s a jew. He was supported also by the late Leon Brittan, another jew. They cited England’s long tradition of free speech.


Let’s come back to the satire and Gervais. Gervais’ joke is something about “Schindler’s List Two” and he doesn’t say his “Holocaust” jokes online, but he boasts about the fact that:


Yes, my routine contains jokes about paedophilia, and “Holocaust” denial. You can joke about anything you want, so long as you’re prepared to accept the consequences.”


And he was offered a whole page in the jewish Chronicle to explain why it’s not necessary to give any apology for these jokes. There’s one, he does come out with on Twitter and it’s about the fictional film, fictional in the sense that the film doesn’t exist, called Schindler’s List Two. He talks about a whoopee cushion factory in Schindler’s List Two.


And then you have the song by The Sex Pistols. You have Gervais’ sidekick, one time sidekick, Karl Pilkington. Who, you know, I do find quite an interesting character in short doses. He said on BBC live television that his travel series, which is called “An Idiot Abroad”, and he was sent at great expense around the world. He was kind of bullied by Gervais and another guy, Steve Merchant, I think he’s called, into doing things he doesn’t really want to do. But he compared the experience to Anne Frank. [laughing] So, my songs, in fact, just ridicule the official narratives. I think that’s the difference! They are, …


Andrew: But they don’t! I’ve heard them and they don’t really ridicule the official narrative. You just repeat what they claim!


Alison: Yes.


Andrew: This is my point. When you talk about a woman crapping out diamonds, that’s one of the things they claim! When you talk about the different colored smoke, that’s something that they claim!


Alison: Yes.




Andrew: All the different things that you’ve said, are what they claim., because you’ve sung it, they’re saying:


Oh! You’re making fun of us!


And so, but you’re not saying, … If you sung a song and it was all denying everything, and that was it, but you just sing the claims that they have made!


I find it absolutely unbelievable! what do they think that they’re trying to achieve here? Because all they’re doing is giving you more and more publicity. Of course, you’re only getting the publicity in the alternative media. Are you aware of any mainstream media publications that have pick up stories of your trial?


Alison: Nothing!


Andrew: Nothing! Exactly! As they know let’s face it, …


Alison: Nothing since the initial hearing.


Andrew: And there won’t be. It was a like with Lawrence Burns. His case was only reported in the Cambridge Evening News[now the “Cambridge News”]. A local newspaper, I’ve never even heard of and this is what they do.


This is why jews cannot have control of the media! Because they pick and choose what they want to report. If all these stories were going out in the Daily Mail and the Express, about all these people being prosecuted for speech issues, when we keep being told that we have our democratic right to free speech, then people would start rising up against this!


Alison: Yes!


Andrew: And that’s why media control is unacceptable in a free society! Because they’re picking and choosing. It’s amazing! And that’s why the alternative media so important. And that’s why they’re trying to close it down.


But I want to make sure that we get over, because the title of your show today is “No Regrets!” and it’s based on a recent term blog post that you did, that I thought was very, very good. I posted it. It was excellent. And, of course, your trial date, for the benefit of those listening, is the tenth of January, is that correct?


Alison: That’s right yes, 10th January, Central London Magistrates’ Court. That’s on Marylebone Road at 10:00 am in the morning. And it’s a full day, it’s scheduled for a full day.


Andrew: And so, are you welcoming anyone who wants to attend?


Alison: Yes, anyone at all! Anyone at all.


Andrew: So give the address again please, it’s ten AM, on, …


Alison: It’s 10:00 AM, January the 10th. That’s next Wednesday, at Central London Magistrates’ Court, which is on Marylebone Road, in Westminster, in London. And the Marylebone train station is just around the corner, two minutes walk away. That’s the closest public transport. There are buses as well, of course, but so yes, it’s a very central location. There will be quite a lot of people there to support me, I believe.


And in relation to what you just said about the press. Whether there will be any mainstream coverage next week is doubtful in my opinion., But yes, my songs, … Frank Zappa, I think his tune is called “jewish princess”, or something like that? He was also attacked by the ADL for this song. And his arguments was:

Well I’m not singing anything that’s not already been reported”.


And that is also the case of my songs!




I’m not inventing, I didn’t, you know, find the story of Ms [Irene] Zisblatt, the “diamond swallower”. These things have already been widely reported. Okay, not by the mainstream, but certainly on the Internet, in the alternative media.


Yes, why they prosecuting me? They clearly want a legal precedent. They tried in the noughties with Frederick Toben when he was slated to be extradited to Germany. They tried and failed then.


They failed to pass a “Holocaust” denial law in 2006. They failed to criminalize satire under the Race Relations and Religious Hatred Act, was also in 2006.


That’s their objective. And yes, they have to go after little people with no particular reach. I would say, that’s the way. I think soon, you know, there will be people coming up, there will be people in the mainstream who will start to speak out, because that’s the way it will go eventually. It will go that way, and the house of cards will fall.


And if I’m found guilty, I’m found guilty! Yes, no regrets! As I say in my song.


See video here: No Regrets!


I’m certainly not going to apologize, or grovel! There’s absolutely no point in that whatsoever! I agree with Gervais here. You can see that with so many people in my situation, who’ve made a groveling apology. It’s made no difference whatsoever! You’re never made to forget it! You can apologize. David Irving is perhaps to the leading example here. There’s been no apology, but he has come back and said:


Oh yes, but there were gassings in Treblinka. We know this, because this, …


Fake! Fake! Fake documents, and blah, blah. Himmler, blah, blah!


There is no point! They will never, you will always be a vile — “vile” is such a Zionist word, isn’t it? — a vile “Holocaust” denier, neo-Nazi, anti-semite!


You will always be, even if you make a groveling apology, makes no difference whatsoever!


And they will definitely not be getting an apology, and they will certainly not be getting a guilty plea from me! So if they want to find me guilty, that’s fine, they can go ahead!


Andrew: Now, do, you know, the idea of, … Do you have a lawyer that is told you what possible punishment you could be facing, if they find you guilty? Do you have any idea of that at all, Alison?




Alison: Well, initially, I was told perhaps a community service. Something like that. It’s doubtful that they’ll actually go to the length of locking me up, first offense, etc.


It’s doubtful even if they do. There will be, if I’m found guilty, there will be an immediate appeal. And it will go probably to the divisional court.


If there is a prison sentence, for whatever, three weeks, put in prison, then we will ask for that decision to be stayed. But I think the sentencing, if I am found guilty next week, then the sentencing, will it be on that day? I’m not sure. The judge was already supposed to give a decision, an official decision, at the last hearing. But he didn’t. He just indicated verbally, without giving any reasons, why, he would be inclined to accept the crown prosecutions arguments, regard the sending of a URL. A URL in itself Andy, isn’t grossly offensive. It’s just www dot YouTube dot com and a jumble of letters and symbols and numbers. So that’s the issue here.


And, of course, if I went over to, if I took the ferry over to Calais for a day and uploaded lots of controversial songs and then came back, there’d be absolutely nothing that the English court system could do, because I would be out of their jurisdiction! This is the problem with the Internet that the jews have. Is that, how can they, there are no borders, so to speak, with the Internet.


So, we shall next Wednesday whether the judge has a sense of humor, or not. Usually these, these people don’t! Do NOT have a sense of humor, sadly.


Andrew: The Campaign Against Anti-semitism, the CAA, have actually come out and said that:


Oh yes, we influenced Downing Street.


I saw that little YouTube there about, you know, they get invited to work with the Government. So I’m starting to get a feeling of who may be, I’ve ways asked this question:


Who defines what is hate speech, and what is it?


And I’m getting the feeling I know who it is! And the Voltaire quote:


To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you’re not allowed to criticize.!


What do you think?


Alison: Yet and there’s a great video on the London Forum channel. It’s a speech given, I think, it was in the middle of last year, by Peter Rushton, called “Fifty Years of Race Law Tyranny”. And it began in the thirty’s even, with the Public Order Act, when they were clashes between the communists and the fascists. And then it went on and on. And then the first Race Relations Act, 1968. Coincidentally a year after the formation of the National Front. Because this act has gone on, and on, and now we are where we are today, with these lobby groups, the Campaign Against Anti-semitism, the Community Security Trust. I’d say the Campaign Against Anti-semitism is the more militant wing, more militant Zionist wing.




And more, they are more anti-Muslim, even than the Community Security Trust. If you listen to Peter Rushton’s speech, “Fifty Years of Race Law Tyranny” he reveals how the influence of the jewish, the Board of Deputies of British jews in the UK. Every one of these laws that was pushed through, every one of these acts that was pushed through by the British government, was influenced by letters being wrote by civil servants, who were invariably jews, …


Andrew: I understand, the legislation was drafted by the Board of Deputies of British jews. I think it goes as far as that.


Alison: Yes! Yes. And then once this legislation has been passed, the civil servants behind all these letters, you know, will be appointed as a deputy! And you can see that in another thing that happened in November. A former colleague of mine by the name of Jason Shuman, he submitted a request that, … That there’s a problem with jews, they like to boast about their associations, their hotline to senior government officials, and top ranking senior police officers.


And I think it was the Shomrim, one of these Shomrim accounts, posted a photograph of the Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner who is a gentleman, a labor politician by the name of Hardy L. Dinsar [sp] a Punjabi here, who arrived in the UK in 1967, who has now reached a position of power and influence. Because he’s the Police and Crime Commissioner, just of the listeners. He’s an elected politician who oversees the dealings of each police force. And this, coincidentally, this Derbyshire Police and Crime Commission — Derbyshire is my address — he is the national lead on “hate crime” in quotes, “hate crime”.


The Shomrim posted a photograph of this gentleman having been invited by the Campaign Against Anti-semitism to a meeting, to discuss the issues facing the jewish community, the rise in anti-semitism, etc., the usual stuff. And this former associate of mine Jason Shuman, he put it in a Freedom of Information request. Of course, my name’s been redacted from these documents. There was about thirty pages of e-mails between the Police and Crime Commission, his office, and the Campaign Against Anti-semitism.




It’s quite extraordinary. My name’s been redacted, but obviously half the communications are about me and why isn’t Derbyshire police arresting me for breach of bail? Steven Silverman, the Campaign Against Anti-semitism, Director for Enforcement, admits in these documents that he writes twice, he writes to the police twice a week. At least, because he’s writing to the Police and Crime Commissioner to complain that the police haven’t come and dragged me off, and clamped my legs in irons! Why, she’s uploading songs to the Internet! She’s mentioning my name! This vile, anti-semitic, “Holocaust” denier!


So yes, …


Andrew: Sorry, very quickly. And that surname “Silverman”, that reminds me of Sarah Silverman who said that she hopes Jesus Christ does come back so, she’d like to kill him again, personally! That’s over in America, of course. But there’s no group speaking out against that. So don’t come all this nonsense jews, about:


Oh, we’re so persecuted! We’re so offended!


When White Christian Jesus Christ, can be abused and there’s no call for her, to not say anything vile like that, about Jesus Christ.


So it’s all one way for the jews. And it always has been.


As Jez Turner said, I mean, he made it quite clear that, you know, we’ve been of the jewish power for centuries. We just need to look back to the formation of the Bank of England and how it was the Amsterdam jews that were behind Cromwell coming over. Different things like that. It goes on, and on, and on! And we’ve just been on this thumb for ages. And we’re trying to break free of it. We’ve had previous generations that have tried to break free of it. Previous groups, led by the likes of Arnold Leese. And then, you know, some people talk about Mosely and he talked about the legislation back then, the Public Order Act.


Various different people have tried over the years to wake people up to this, but all that’s been happening is, you know, the likes of John Tyndal get jailed, Michael McLaughlin gets jailed and, you know, just to shut them up for just trying to tell the truth. Then it’s the police force that works against the actual people, that are trying to free this country from an alien force that is not British. That is using the people of this country for their own purposes! Just milking them for their own purposes!


Alison: Yes! Exactly! And with the Internet, they are obliged to try and exert that influence on the social media companies. Yvette Cooper yesterday, talking about YouTube, and why is she getting suggestions for Red Ice Radio when she opens her YouTube channel? And I uploaded nine videos to YouTube over the month of December. And all of them were banned! All of them were censored! But there was nothing unlawful in the content of these videos. Nothing!


So my guess would be that the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism, that’s all they do. Clearly, Steven Silverman, if he’s writing twice a week to the police. Twice a week to the Police and Crime Commissioner, and goodness knows who else. He’s also writing letters to YouTube with the letter header, you know, the logo, “Campaign Against Anti-Semitism”. We’re a government organization, we have private meetings with the Home Secretary. We managed to get National Action banned, blah, blah, blah; international definition of anti-semitism adopted by the British government!




That is how they are there now censoring people! And it’s fraudulent! It’s fraudulent! And I’ve written, I’ve had a ticket open with YouTube support, and they’ve given me the address of their legal department. And I’ve written an e-mail saying:


What is this? The United Kingdom now on your list of countries supposedly with anti revisionists laws, the “Holocaust denial laws. The United Kingdom does not figure among these countries. What are you doing? This is my livelihood. This is what I do. I write songs I upload them to the Internet. What is being done to me is unlawful!


And, of course, I’m not the only one it’s happening to. It’s happening to you, you’ve had your book banned, Germar Rudolf has had his books banned from Amazon. Why are these companies complying, groveling, lowering their pants? It just shows, … And then if you say:


Well, the jews have too much power.


You’re an anti-semite! It’s the only argument that they have left Andy! People know! Even if you look at the Daily Mail’s Facebook page when there’s a story about the “Holocaust”, quite a significant percentage of the comments will show that the people are waking up to the Zionists lies, the jewish lies!


They know this. That the only way, the only way that they can keep the myth alive is by A) building more “Holocaust” Memorial centers; B) by jailing anybody that criticizes the official narrative.


And I heard that yesterday that the a Canadian citizen, Monika Schaefer, was arrested in Germany, in Munich, as she was about to attend the trial of Sylvia Stolz, who’s another prominent revisionist in Germany.


See here: Andrew Hitchcock with Alfred Schaefer – How YOU Can Help Monika Schaefer! — TRANSCRIPT


That they want to jail the accountant, a 96 year old accountant [at Auschwitz]! They will go for, … That’s another way they can keep, desperately keep, their myth alive. As we just said, and by screeching “anti-Semitism” at anybody they disagree with. That’s it! We live under a tyranny! Politically incorrect tyranny. Politically Correct tyranny, rather!


Andrew: Yes.




Alison: Where is Amnesty International with all these people?


Andrew: Exactly! Exactly!


Alison: Where is Amnesty International when it comes to Joshua Bonehill? When it comes to Jack Renshaw, when it comes to Lawrence Burns? When it comes to Jez Turner? When it comes to this book burning? Where is Amnesty International?


There used to be a cartoon. There were two prisoners inside a cell and one, “What are you in for? How long have you got? I got twenty years for armed robbery.” And the other one says,” Oh, I got ten years for saying something the government doesn’t like.” And outside the window you can see a palm tree, suggesting, oh no, this could never happen in the United Kingdom, or in Europe! But it is happening! It is happening!


The more they do, (((they))) always go too far! The more (((they))) push it, the more people will be awakened to what’s actually happening.


Andrew: Well, I think that they feel that, because they’ve got control of the media, which incidentally, is one of the things that they say is enough to satisfy the international definition of “anti-Semitism”, claiming that they control the media, when they do. So all they’re doing with this international definition of anti-Semitism, is that what they did with these “Holocaust” laws. Truth is no defense! So even if you could prove they got control of ninety six percent of the world’s media, and you can give the names of the companies, and the fact that they’ve jewish control over them.


Oh no, that doesn’t matter, because it doesn’t matter if it’s true, or not. It just matters if you accuse them of that, or not. You know, if that’s not a tyranny, I don’t know what is!


And as regards the “Holocaust” reparations, don’t forget that according to the jew, Rachel Yahuda, in Aug 2015, she claimed “Holocaust” suffering gets passed down through DNA! So my guess is as the so-called “Holocaust” survivors are dying off, these “Holocaust” reparations are going to be the gift that keeps on giving! They’re not, you know, abandon this one! They could use any way that they can.


It’s like all this money that America gives to Israel every year, billions and billions of dollars! Why are we giving them money? They’re not a Third World country! Why are they getting this money? And then it does a little you-turn and it finds it’s way back to America and pays off all these politicians via AIPAC* and things like that. And so now if you want to go to Congress in the United States, you have to pledge “Israel first”!


Alison: It’s crazy!


[* The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) is a jewish foreign special interest group that controls and directs American foreign policy of the Middle East, with foreign jew capital Tel Aviv calling the shots.

It is often referred to as the foreign “Israel lobby”, or the foreign “Jewish lobby”.

AIPAC was formed by jews during the Eisenhower administration. Since then AIPAC has pressured Congresses and Presidential administrations of both parties to send trillions of ss in American aid and support to Rothschild’s Israel. Souce: Http:// en.rightpedia.info/with/American Israel Public Affairs Committee]


Andrew: Cynthia McKinney revealed that! And so everywhere these people reside, they want to have jewish control of that country, whether it’s America, or Australia, or the UK. We’ve got such scumbag politicians that don’t represent the people, that enforce this Coudenhove Kalergi Plan upon us, bringing in all these immigrants, allowing all these media companies to keep promoting the race mixing, and anything detrimental to the sustainability of a healthy pure White race. It’s just crazy! You know, we really are living in the madness times I’m aware of in history.




Alison: I think you’re right. And I think of the old joke, you know:


What’s the difference between the “Holocaust” and a dairy cow? You stop milking the dairy cow after seventy years!”


The “Holocaust” is the myth that sustains not only the pariah state of Israel, but it also sustains this globalist agenda and the Kalergi Plan, as you say. That’s the reason, oh, the anti-racism industry, racism begins with name calling, and ends with the gas chambers at Auschwitz!


That’s why you’ve got to have all these refugees and you can’t say:


Oh, you know, we want to be a White country. We want to preserve our land.


Because that’s racist! And we know where that will lead to. Revisionism, I really believe, that is at the heart of our struggle for freedom!


And I’m plowing my little furrow in that direction. Not all nationalists agree with going for the revisionist angle. But I think that freedom of speech, we can convincingly argue why it has to be at the center of our struggle. Revisionism will finally reveal that not just the illegal state of Israel, and the way it was founded on jewish terrorism, killing British soldiers, stringing them up with piano wire in an olive grove. The photo which had a “D notice” on it, getting out and being published by The Daily Express.



The Daily Express who also in the First World War published rumors about supposedly German gas chambers, found to be a propaganda lie! Why has there never been any investigation? Any official investigation into the “Holocaust” narrative? No! Something must now be done! And the fact that the authorities are covering all this up.


They are even worse than the jews! I’m sorry, but they are the real traitors! They are traitors, not to their land.


These are the people that we should be targeting as well!


Andrew: Well in the Bible, it makes it quite clear that the traitor within your race, is twice the child of hell, as the jews themselves! Because they’re supposed, they’re part of your race and they should be fighting with you, not working with the enemy.


And that’s what we’ve got throughout government. I firmly believe that as these people go through their local councils and then become the members of parliament, they’re hand picked, with all this different baggage that can be blackmailed against them. Different things that they’ve got on these people, or just brainwashed into it.


Because it doesn’t make any sense why we’ve consistently had, over the last decades, this complete push against the British people of this country, who are the natural heirs to the land. Then they produce the children, who inherit it from them. But instead, it’s no, no, no! Let’s get all these immigrants coming in! Let’s do all the race mixing! Let’s pass all these laws that make them have greater the privileges and rights than you!




So, for example, if you were in an altercation over a car parking space in this country. The person I offended, myself, I was in an altercation with a black man in an argument over car parking space. All he has to say, is that he felt, he “felt” that it was racially motivated. And that satisfies the crime! His feelings satisfied the crime. So, of course, any lawyer is always going to say to him:


Well the other guy’s White, you just have to say you feel that it was racially motivated and then you are going to win the case.


Alison: Yes.


Andrew: You know, and this is why these people are given greater rights over the people whose country it is! And it’s absolutely crazy! And the other thing I want to point out, you talked about the Daily Express. Well, of course, the jews are so arrogant and hypocritical. We have the headline in 1933 in the Daily Express, “Judea Declares War on Germany”.


And they’re running round America, with signs, “Boycott Germany!”. “Boycott German Goods!”. And then we see them today and they’re running to Amazon to get them to take books down that they don’t like. They’re running off to YouTube, getting them to ban different videos, demonetize them. So they’re censoring everybody, and what do they do? Last year in America they’re lobbying Congress to pass a law that anyone who boycotts Israeli goods should be jailed!


And they don’t see the double standard! To them, it’s just natural jewish behavior. It’s like:


Well, we boycott everyone else, but if anyone boycotts us we’ll put them in jail!


I mean, this is how ridiculous it gets. And this is why people get so pissed off with having to keep dealing with this nonsense! Because the only country — and there’s an argument that they shouldn’t be there anyway, because it’s Palestinian territory — Israel is their country and they should stick to that country and not infiltrate all the other countries around the world.


Alison: Exactly!


Andrew: Getting them to do things for their will! That is the point!


Alison: Exactly!


Andrew: I’ve got no interest in taking over Israel. I don’t know why jews have got an interest in taking over me. Why can’t they leave me alone and stop persecuting me and my people, and persecuting the American people? And just live in one single country and let us live by ourselves, also. That’s what we want. We’re not looking to destroy other nations! We’re not looking to flood African countries with White people, because they’re not diverse enough.


But these groups are always pushing us, constantly! And I firmly believe, Alison, that we are in this period of tribulation spoken about in the Bible, because I can’t see this getting much worse. So I think that we’re going to see a major tipping point in the very near future, because these people, what always happens is they overplay their hand!




Then you find, over one hundred times in the last thousand years, they’ve been kicked out of countries. Because whatever they do for them, whatever the shabbos goy politicians do for them, it’s never ever, ever, ever, going to be enough! And they always come back and want more, and they want more, and they want more! And that’s what they do with the people. Until in the end there’s a backlash and they get kicked out of a country, and to they claim that they’ve been persecuted!


They don’t give you the reasons why they were kicked out. That’s something that they very carefully hide, although there are some honest historians, jewish historians, like Bernard Lazar, who basically said, and I’m paraphrasing, as I haven’t got my book in my hand. He said:


The only common denominator of these jews being kicked out of countries, are the jews themselves.


Because the countries, whilst they were White nations, they spoke different languages, there were different cultures, in different parts of the world, but the one common denominator is jews!


So there must be something in their behavior, because they’re the common denominator, because all these other diverse, you know, races, and lands. There’s something they’ve done to each of them that has caused them to react in such a way to kick about their countries! And note! They were kicked out of their countries, folks. They weren’t slaughtered in their countries, they were kicked out! They were asked, they were told that they had to leave! So, all these bleating over time about how they’ve been persecuted, and persecuted, you don’t go into somebody else’ country, start trying to change the laws for your own benefit, and then not expect there to be a backlash. Simple as that!


Alison: Well yes, yes, you know, the persecution argument. They seem to believe that gives them an excuse to behave like utter, …


Andrew: Exactly! That’s why they have to keep the “Holocaust” thing alive., because if that gets exposed and people realize actually they made up all these figures, and they made up the gas chambers. And people like Fred Leuchter, who did the report, they hammered that. And it was I think Raul Hillel in the Zundel trial [1985 in Canada]?


Alison: Hilberg, …


Andrew: Raul Hilberg. Thank you. And he was asked about why there was no physical evidence of the “Holocaust”? Why they couldn’t actually say that there was physical evidence of Zyklon B gas being used in gas chambers, or any bodies that had traces of that? And his answer was:


I’m at a loss!


And all these claims have been from jewish hearsay. That is what these claims have been from. When Fred Leuchter went over there, and he took samples from the walls. And he could prove that the gas chambers that they say Zyklon B was released into, to kill the prisoners in there. There was no staining on the walls in there.


But there was staining on the walls in the laundry area, which the claim has always been the Zyklon B was used to disinfect the clothing of the inmates, because there was such a great outbreak of lice there. So he finds traces of it being used in there, but couldn’t find traces of it being used in what they call the “gas chambers”. And why, as you said, earlier in the broadcast, why is there no official investigation into that? Because they already know what the answer is!




Alison: Yes. The definitive debunking of all this is Rudolf Germar’s book, “The Chemistry of Auschwitz”. He goes into minute detail and shows there’s no trace whatsoever of “Prussian Blue” in the exhibit that’s supposed to, you know, have been the gas chamber in Auschwitz. Yet the walls, you can still see the staining on the outside of the walls of the actual disinfection chambers! Yes. It has to be debunked! And, of course, as I said, earlier Rudolf has had his entire collection of books taken down from Amazon!


He said before this happened, he was unable to keep up with the orders. Things were going so fast. So now, we need more people to come out with their real names and have the bravery to speak up. And I think I can see evidence of this happening.


And there’s a couple of anecdotes for you that recently happened, just to show that the way that these people, or my persecutors are behaving.


There’s a photograph of me from the Daily Mail at my first, very first hearing, which was in December 2016. There’s a photograph of me coming outside the court. And one colleague — I’ll give her a plug, “Darkmoon dot me” — she published this photo in a recent blog article.


She re-published what I’d written, but she republished it with several comments on her website. And somebody has taken this photograph of me, Andy, and his photoshopped my nose. And, because I’ve got a Swiss name, a legacy of my marriage to a Swiss man, who’s a Gentile. And that’s how they are trying to remove support from me, by now claiming —someone’s photoshopped my nose in this image.


That the difference between the photo from The Daily Mail, thank goodness that, you know, the Daily Mail have got the original photograph still on their website, and this photo shopped image the person who did it probably didn’t realize that this photo is from the Daily Mail, that’s what they’re trying to remove support by claiming that I’m a jewish infiltrator. And that my songs are there to further restrict our right to freedom of speech, blah, blah, blah. [laughing]


And the other the other anecdote is a comment that came on my blog, by a person going under the name of “Mark”, who says;


Just so you understand better what you’re up against, even if your trial is over, and you are acquitted, your problems will not end there. They will not stop you until they silence you! Even more they will try to make an example out of you, so others are afraid to speak. They will harass you relentlessly!


And then he put a link to a Counter-Current’s argument. Which, it’s not exactly praising the jews, but it’s, you know, citing jewish “achievements”, let’s say.


Now I have a sixth sense radar with regard to these type of comments. And it just shows you that person is masquerading, parading as somebody who is in support of me, but this comment is a veiled threat!


They’re not going to leave you alone Allison, until they will silence you!


But the only way that they would be able to do that Andy, is to kill me! An unfortunate accident? That’s the only way they will be able to do that! Putting me in a prison cell isn’t going to stop me from thinking, from being being able to think. It’s not going to stop my musical muse appearing to me in my head and giving me the lines of new songs, which I’ll be able to record in my head. It’s not going to silence me. That’s the only way.




I reported this. I know who this person is, and I recorded them to the police, last week. I thought, “this is enough!” Two and a half years of harassment from this particular person going by the name of “Mark”. Coming to my blog with a Tor browser, IP address.


But I know who it is. I reported him to the police last week. And I got a an answer yesterday not from the police force, but from the Derbyshire’s Victims Support Service, which is connected to the Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner’s office! So I wrote them a scathing letter with copies to both my solicitor and my barrister. And will shall see. I’ve also instructed my barrister to pose several questions to the witnesses in my case next week. And we will see if these two witnesses are willing to take the risk of perjuring in themselves in court. Perjury carries a seven year maximum sentence, I think. We will see.


Perhaps the most likely outcome is that the proceedings will be in some ways again stayed and things will go on. They’ll be further legal arguments about the nature of “material”. Is a hyperlink actual “matter”. It’s just an electronic signal, there’s no, it’s just an electron. It’s not technically “matter”. And music is the same cause, it’s just sound, it’s not actual “matter”! [chuckling] So I’m accused of sending “matter over the Internet”, but that’s already, … But the wording of my charges is debatable. You can say this is material, yes. Material. We say that, you know, this, the artist’s “material”.


The dictionary definitions are all quite in my favor, it has to be said. But we shall see.


Andrew: Best of luck with it Alison, and stay in touch and we’ll do a follow up. I’m sure everything will go in your favor. I think but, well I mean, we’ve talked about what I think about this whole business on this show. We are out of time, we are actually over run, so this will be one people enjoy on the download as well.


Alison: Again! [laughing]


Andrew: Never mind. Yes, most people get it off the download anyway, and I encourage the live listeners to download all the shows anyway. Because, you know, they’re coming after Alison, they’re coming aft Jez Turner. I mean, how long is it going to be before they come after me?


You know, anyone who tries to tell the truth out there, it’s just what we were told, Scripture told us in the very end times they said:


Everything considered good will be bad, and everything considered bad will be good. It will be a time of outright lies.


And that’s exactly what we’re in. So it’s just great to actually be on the good side! And I want thank you Alison for joining me today.


Alison: Yes.


Andrew: I wish you very best of luck with this case. I want to thank everyone for listening. I’ll be back with you all tomorrow, and bye for now.


You have been listening to the Andrew Carrington Hitchcock show on the Euro Folk Radio Network. Andrew’s book the “Synagogue of Satan” is now available on his website, Andrew Carrington Hitchcock dot com, in an updated, expanded and uncensored edition.













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[Henrik of Red Ice Radio interviews Canadian-German activist Alfred Schaefer on the situation surrounding his sister’s arrest on Jan 3 this year, in Germany, for making a video called “Sorry Mom, I Was Wrong About the Holocaust“.


Part of the subversion of Whites has been achieved through the diabolical lie known as the “Holocaust” that is used by organized jewry as a “shield and sword” to draw attention away from its massive crimes against humanity, such as the instigation of the World Wars, 9/11, etc., while also instilling guilt and shame in Whites for their very existence.


Alfred is a tireless and impassioned “man on a mission” to alert all to the reality of our dire situation and the forces behind our looming racial and cultural destruction, if we fail to act! I would urge all readers to support Alfred in his work and to help him in exposing the Orwellian situation that his sister, Monika, finds herself in as a “thought criminal“, now locked up in a maximum security prison in Germany.


In Part 2 here (Part 1 is here), Henrik explains his thinking on how Red Ice should present such taboo topics as Revisionist material, and the role of organized jewry in our racial and cultural destruction, that Alfred discusses. Since Red Ice has a large and growing audience on YouTube, Henrik rightly concludes that despite wanting to get the truth out, they must avoid getting banned by YouTube by publishing certain material discussed here in the members section.


Alfred then talks about the use of “control words“, such as “extreme right wing“, “racist“, “anti-semitism“, etc., by our enemies to frame the debate in their favour. Organized jewry through its media domination have been relentless lying to us for the purpose of effectively genociding the White race through mass invasion of non-Whites, miscegenation and other means to drive the Whites into minority status.


He then talks about how the advert of digital technology has enable us to reclaim history and expose the lies that we have been feed. Despite the availability of the true history it is a traumatic process for most people to go through as they rid themselves of the lies that they have been brainwashed with all their lives. Alfred talks about how he overcame his fears to eventually come to conclude that Adolf Hitler was one of the greatest leaders that we have ever produced.


Henrik talks about how he has become “skeptical” about the so-called “Holocaust“, because of the many things that simply don’t add up, and as such is very interested to hear about what “Holocaust deniers” have to say. He goes on to say how the “Holocaust” is always talked about in an emotional way by the main stream media, leading him to conclude there is something “fishy” with the story.


Alfred goes on to explain how the people of the West have been, through psychological manipulation, reduced to the level of spiritual, emotional cripples, that have prevented them from resisting, so far, from being flooded with millions of the Third Word.


Henrik tells how that Red Ice has put everything on the line in talking about migration, the JQ, White genocide, etc., wherever the truth leads them. How jews like Barbara Spectre, Noel Ignatiev, Gregor Gysi, talk about the desirability of White population replacement.


Alfred describes how technological development has been used by jews to further their plans, for example with their control of Hollywood, the media, etc. The World Wars and what is happening now is the final phase of the “War of the jew” to dominate the world. And how our empathy, our jew induced feelings of guilt, pathological altruism, and so forth, is being used against us.

Much more is discussed, with Alfred and Henrik ending by urging listeners to write letters of support to Monika.


I would add that Monika’s imprisonment is a real expression of the war being waged against us and our freedom to exist. Her situation is symbolic of the repression that will only get far worst unless we stand up and fight back in any way we can, however small or large. So start sending cards and letters to Monika, and anything else towards helping her and our cause.

Write to Monika now, at:


Monika Schaefer
Stadelheim Prison
Schwarzenbergstr. 14
81549 München,







Red Ice TV


Alfred Schaefer


Thought Criminal


Monika Schaefer


Arrested and Imprisoned


in Germany









Click here for the video:



Published on Jan 27, 2018



Red Ice Radio Description


 Alfred Schaefer is a German producer whose videos are aimed at exposing the propagandistic nature of the mainstream media. His videos outline how the hostile elite that are in control of much of Western Civilization have managed to subjugate entire populations and their political leadership through psychological conditioning.


Alfred Schaefer joins Henrik for a discussion about the consequences of challenging the accepted view of the Holocaust. The program begins with Alfred describing what it was like to grow up in Canada with German ancestry amid an accusatory climate of Holocaust remembrance. He describes his sister Monika’s newly found skepticism of the prevailing historical view of the Second World War and her subsequent video productions. Alfred recounts how Monika was arrested in Munich because of her videos that challenged the prevailing mainstream consensus concerning the Holocaust while attending the trial of Sylvia Stolz, a lawyer on trial for so-called Holocaust denial. Henrik and Alfred discuss with incredulity how pursuing historical inquiry can lead to criminal charges and imprisonment.


[Please support Red Ice by becoming a member. It’s only through paid membership that they can continue to do their work, and cover such controversial topics such as the Holohoax — KATANA]


In the members’ hour, Henrik and Alfred talk about the fractured nature of facts surrounding the nature of the Holocaust itself and the need for further research. The conversation then addresses the migrant crisis and how it constitutes a threat to Western civilization and how it can be viewed as a destructive companion phenomenon to Holocaust guilt and other Leftist propaganda. The conversation turns to the free fall of the mainstream media, how people crave alternative media sources, and the importance of outlets like Red Ice. Henrik speaks to the risk involved with pursing the truth about the migrant crisis, its origins, and underlying motivators. The discussion then turns to the seeming contradictions of population replacement.


Henrik and Alfred go on to discuss the severity of the current geopolitical situation as an existential crisis; the importance of pursuing moderate solutions to avoid widespread conflict; and much more.


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(64 mins)







Henrik: All right ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining us here in the second segment at Red Ice Members dot com. We’re talking with Alfred Schaefer.


And I just want to take a moment and kind of explain a few things, not only about the topic, but kind of about the way that we have to think about how we address these kinds of topics now, as well. The first thing is, of course, that we were mentioned, Red Ice TV was mentioned by name in the British Parliament. It was a couple of weeks ago now, by a lady who brought us up, we’re in the record of the UK parliament right now in reference to, I think there had a discussion about hate and violence and how people turn to terrorism and stuff like that. And we came up as a horrible right-wing example of a channel that should be censored! And this lady [Yvette Cooper], I forget her name, now even. She was literally calling, she was sitting there with a representative from Google and talking about us specifically how, you know:


What do we need to do to make you censor these kinds of channels?


And not only since that point, but around that point, we realized that okay, what we have here with the YouTube channel, I think we just broke 170,000 subscribers recently. So it’s a good, you know, it’s a good platform. It’s a good way to get the message out. And just to be frank with everyone, I also feel at the same time that I know that certain topics are just a “third rail”! I know that they would lead to censorship. Part of me feels, I don’t want to hand their reasoning to them, or the way that they just can basically say, “Okay, let’s censor it! ” Because they’re talking about these “nonsense” topics.



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[Henrik of Red Ice Radio interviews Canadian-German activist Alfred Schaefer on the situation surrounding his sister’s arrest on Jan 3 this year, in Germany, for making a video called “Sorry Mom, I Was Wrong About the Holocaust“. In Part 1 here, Alfred explains the intellectual journey that both of them took to arrive at the position that Western Civilization is being destroyed by organized jewry through a long term strategy of psychological and physical subversion, with them, for example, being the power behind the invasion of Western countries by non-Whites.


Part of the subversion of Whites has been achieved through the diabolical lie known as the “Holocaust” that is used by organized jewry as a “shield and sword” to draw attention away from its massive crimes against humanity, such as the instigation of the World Wars, 9/11, etc., while also instilling guilt and shame in Whites for their very existence.


Alfred is a tireless and impassioned “man on a mission” to alert all to the reality of our dire situation and the forces behind our looming racial and cultural destruction, if we fail to act! I would urge all readers to support Alfred in his work and to help him in exposing the Orwellian situation that his sister, Monika, finds herself in as a “thought criminal“, now locked up in a maximum security prison in Germany — KATANA.]


Write to Monika now, at:


Monika Schaefer.
Stadelheim Prison.
Schwarzenbergstr. 14
81549 München,





Red Ice TV


Alfred Schaefer


Thought Criminal


Monika Schaefer


Arrested and Imprisoned


in Germany








Click here for the video:






Published on Jan 27, 2018



YouTube Description


 Alfred Schaefer is a German producer whose videos are aimed at exposing the propagandistic nature of the mainstream media. His videos outline how the hostile elite that are in control of much of Western Civilization have managed to subjugate entire populations and their political leadership through psychological conditioning.


Alfred Schaefer joins Henrik for a discussion about the consequences of challenging the accepted view of the Holocaust. The program begins with Alfred describing what it was like to grow up in Canada with German ancestry amid an accusatory climate of Holocaust remembrance. He describes his sister Monika’s newly found skepticism of the prevailing historical view of the Second World War and her subsequent video productions. Alfred recounts how Monika was arrested in Munich because of her videos that challenged the prevailing mainstream consensus concerning the Holocaust while attending the trial of Sylvia Stolz, a lawyer on trial for so-called Holocaust denial. Henrik and Alfred discuss with incredulity how pursuing historical inquiry can lead to criminal charges and imprisonment.


In the members’ hour, Henrik and Alfred talk about the fractured nature of facts surrounding the nature of the Holocaust itself and the need for further research. The conversation then addresses the migrant crisis and how it constitutes a threat to Western civilization and how it can be viewed as a destructive companion phenomenon to Holocaust guilt and other Leftist propaganda. The conversation turns to the freefall of the mainstream media, how people crave alternative media sources, and the importance of outlets like Red Ice. Henrik speaks to the risk involved with pursing the truth about the migrant crisis, its origins, and underlying motivators. The discussion then turns to the seeming contradictions of population replacement.


Henrik and Alfred go on to discuss the severity of the current geopolitical situation as an existential crisis; the importance of pursuing moderate solutions to avoid widespread conflict; and much more.


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(54 mins)






Henrik: Welcome ladies and gentlemen. Henrik here with Red Ice TV. Thank you so much for tuning in. It’s always a pleasure having you with us. Today we have a issue of free speech coming to you a little bit over a year ago we had a gentleman called Alfred Schaefer on the show. I think we had him on twice actually, and his sister as well, Monika. We did a show with her. She had actually done a five-minute video that was called, “Sorry Mom, I was Wrong About the “Holocaust”. Which was a very good video. It was an honest, very down-to-earth video about her own kind of personal and emotional experiences growing up in Germany [Canada], all the things that she was taught, etc. And [01:01] her basically waking up to a kind of a different story, if you will.


And this has, in hindsight, caused a ruckus not only, of course, in Canada where she and Alfred was living, but now they’ve gone back to Germany. And they’re it’s, you know, this has intensified, if you will. So we have Alfred back with us on the show here today. And I shall go through some of this and talk a bit more in detail about what actually happened. And I want to Alfred. Welcome first of all, but I want everyone, kind of don’t assume that people know the case. Let’s talk about it from the beginning and what actually happened Alfred.


Alfred: Good. I’ll just go back to the summer of 2016. Monika was here with Professor Tony Anthony Hall and we did a number of video productions. And what really rocked the boat here was a five, or six minute video that Monika did, one in German, one in English. It’s called “Sorry Mom, I was Wrong About the Holocaust”. And in this video, a very heartfelt video, she explained how she [02:02] growing up in Canada as a German. And how the propaganda, when we started being indoctrinated with the propaganda, the people in school like back at that time, the Germans were vilified, really vilified, to the max!


That was like twenty years after, well that was in the 60s so that was 20 years after the end of hostilities, of what we call World War Two. And Monika described how she experienced that as a youngster in school, when she wore her traditional German dress and how the people mocked her. And then she started reproaching, to she eventually reproached our parents, particularly her our mom, for what the evil Nazis did., because when you are told as a little child these kinds of stories you just assume that you’re being told the truth, you just would not imagine that you would be lied to by those people who you trust who you look up to.




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[In this YouTube Hangout (No 2) Morgoth, who runs the blog, Morgoth’s Review, blog regular Jim, and Theberton, talks with YouTuber, Arya Sattya about how she came to be making YouTube videos, the battle between order and choas, Eastern religions, Japanese worldview, Nietzschean philosophy, the Alt-Right, Pat Condell, Counter Jihad, and Holocaustianity, on “Holocaust Remembrance Day” Jan 27 KATANA.]




 — If you would like to improve the accuracy of the transcript please leave any corrected text in the comments section. Corrections to misspelled names, etc., is encouraged. Thank you.


— The tragic, yet funny, “Pat Condell” meme used on the cover, I believe, was originally created in 2015 by John Morlar. It mocks Condell’s constant focus on the Muslim invasion of Europe while studiously avoiding mentioning the cause, organized jewry, falsely portraying jews as a victimized group rather than the arch victimizers that they are. In other words, while Europe goes down he wants to save the very group that are behind sinking it!






Morgoth’s Review


YouTube Hangout 02



Merry Holocaustmas




Click here for the video:





Published on Jan 27, 2018



YouTube Description

In our second ever hangout the wonderful YouTuber Arya Sattya joins us to discuss religion, and Holocaustianity on Holocaust remembrance day.






(97 mins)




Morgs: Are we on?


Theberton: And we’re live.


Morgs: Okay, this is the Morgoth’s Review hangout number two.


And we’ve got a special guest, Ayra Sattya today. Hello Arya.


Ayra: Hello. Thanks for having me on.


Theberton: Do you want to introduce yourself Ayra?


Ayra: Yeah. I’ve just started a YouTube channel and I’ve got a Twitter as well just talking about I guess sort of all alts right stuff and philosophy, and things like that.




Theberton: How did you get into this kind of thing?


Ayra: I suppose I’ve been watching like, well YouTube for a long time, and I’ve been subscribed to like Millennial Woes for a few years. So just lots of things happening in the world and like in my life as well. And then watching all of the sort of Millenniyule streams over Christmas just got me sort of really motivated. So I start wanting to talk about it, so, you know, I started a channel and here I am.


Morgs: I think you jumped straight in on the Skeptic Wars, as well?


Ayra: Yeah. I’ve been watching it since like the beginning. So like even before it was like the Gamergate stuff I’ve been watching, like when it used to be about atheism and Christianity. And then it started moving into being about feminism and stuff. So, you know, I’ve been watching it [02:01] come from like the proto skeptic into the proper skeptic movement. And now they’re starting to trying to pivot towards being like classical liberals and things like that.



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[In this YouTube Hangout (No 1) Morgoth, who runs the blog Morgoth’s Review. talks with Gentleman Jim Crow and Theberton about the “Skeptics” war with the Alt-Right, UKIP, and the problems facing Whites in general with the invasion of non-Whites into our countries engineered by organized jewry KATANA.]



This transcript is only a rough draft. Please confirm any of the text by listening to the actual audio.


If you would like to improve the accuracy of the transcript please leave any corrected text in the comments section. Thank you.


NOTE: Text in grey needs further proofing.




Morgoth’s Review


YouTube Hangout 01



Skeptics and Cucks



Click here for the video:





Published on Jan 19, 2018



YouTube Description

First ever Morgoth’s review hangout discussing skeptics and cucks, with Gentleman Jim Crow and Theberton.






(87 mins)






Morgs: Weekend hang out number one. And we’re gonna talk I’m with Theberton who does the YouTube stuff, Jim who polices the comments and other things through the blog, and it’s me Morgoth. We’re gonna have a general banter about the skeptic war, and, what else was on the table Jim?


Jim: The skeptic war, Henry Bolton and his business with his girlfriend.


Morgs: Right. Which I’ve done an article about. We’ll see how it goes. Maybe about the “shitholegate” as well. But the thing with the skeptic war was that we’ve got this little clip that I wanted to have a look at, okay. Get that up Theberton? The zulu? What’s he called? Are you there?


Jim: I’m here. I’m not sure, “Zulu“, or something like that [01:00] Uzalu” I’ve got on my tablet. He’s called “Uzalu“.


Morgs: Yeah I was expecting something, ….


Theberton: So, I’ve got the video, …


Morgs: Brilliant! There’s this skeptic kid. I don’t know anything about him. I don’t want to slag him off, you know, and call him names and stuff, but the thing is, that they’re engaging more and more with like us, the Alt-right, White nationalists, whatever you want to say it. And these debates, all these fucking videos keep popping up on YouTube. I’m just overwhelmed with content as they say. And this one popped up and, because it was a bit of a short one I had a bit of a click through it and I came across this question. Now, and I just thought in this [02:03] one question, it’s everything that I think is shit about the skeptic community. And why I’m happy that they’re being torn apart by nationalists. Let’s watch this. Can you play this, Theby?


Theberton: Yes. Let’s see if this works.


Interviewer:So can you please explain to me why Anglo-Saxons being a minority in England is not such a bad thing?

Skeptic [he sounds very much like Sargon]: I would say, depending on exactly how it happens, it could just be a neutral thing. If you think that there’s some sort of inherent quality in Anglo-Saxon DNA that can’t be found in other DNA, I would simply refer you to the fact that, you know, these things can change over time. If we select for the quality that we’re looking for, and you guys are right, then it will just be Anglo-Saxons. But if you’re wrong, it won’t just be Anglo-Saxons, but it wouldn’t matter, because you’re wrong about that. So I mean, it’s a pretty simple argument from the Alt-right.




Morgs: Right. So when your kid comes running home and says, “Daddy, why am I the only White person in the class?” show them that clip, and everything will just be honky fucking dory! Won’t it? I mean, what do you make of that Jim?


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[In this interview Andrew Hitchcock talks with Canadian-German Alfred Schaefer again, this time about the sudden arrest of his sister, Monika, in Germany, for the “crime” of making a 5 minute YouTube video entitled, “Sorry Mom, I was Wrong About the Holocaust“. Alfred makes an impassioned plea for people to support Monika and to spread the word about this ongoing  tyranny being brought about by organized jewry and their shabbos goy minions — KATANA.]






Andrew Hitchcock




Alfred Schaefer


How YOU Can Help


Monika Schaefer!



Click here for the audio:



Click here for: Andrew Carrington Hitchcock webpage for this interview




Published on Jan 11, 2018



Andrew Hitchcock’s Description

The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show (534)

Alfred Schaefer – How YOU Can Help Monika Schaefer!




In today’s show originally broadcast on January 11 2018, EuroFolkRadio’s Andrew Carrington Hitchcock interviews Alfred Schaefer, for a show entitled, “How YOU Can Help Monika Schaefer!


We discussed:

— the circumstances surrounding Monika’s arrest at the Sylvia Stolz trial last week on January 3rd; how when Monika protested that she was a free Canadian citizen the state prosecutor said:

If you wanted to remain free you should have stayed in Canada!”;

— Monika’s experiences in Germany prior to her arrest; how Alfred has received absolutely no information from the German authorities regarding Monika’s condition, and has been unable to see or speak to her;

— how the German (((media))) are celebrating the abduction and persecution of Monika;

— how we can turn the abduction and persecution of Monika to our advantage;

— how Monika will be coping in prison; examples of the Jewish persecution of the White race;

— how Alfred is thrilled with the support Monika has been getting from around the world since her abduction and persecution;

— how there is no point raising the issue of Monika’s abduction and persecution with any political parties as they are all controlled by the same group;

— what YOU can do to help Monika;

— how YOU can contact Monika;

— Monika’s YouTube video, “Sorry Mom, I Was Wrong About The Holocaust,” which I played in its’ entirety on the show;

— how this YouTube video undid the hundreds of millions of dollars the Jews have spent over the years in indoctrinating the White race with their lies;

— how Adolf Hitler was incarcerated at the same prison as Monika in 1922;

— and many other topics.


You can write to Monika at the following address:


Monika Schaefer
Stadelheim Prison
Stadelheimer Straße
81549 Munich


Click Here To Listen To The Show

Click Here For Monika’s 5 Minute YouTube, “Sorry Mom, I Was Wrong About The Holocaust,” Which Is The Reason For Her Being Held in Solitary Confinement In Stadelheim Prison

Click Here For Stadelheim Prison’s Facebook Page

Click Here For The New, “We Are Monika,” Website

Click Here For Monika’s Website

Click Here For Alfred’s YouTube

Click Here For The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show Archive Where You Can Listen To Or Download All My Shows





(57 mins)





You are listening to TBR radio, brought to you by The Barnes Review.

Now the Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show with your host, Andrew Carrington Hitchcock.



Andrew: Hello everybody. Today’s show was booked to record, and it was booked to record with my good friends, Alfred and Monika Schaefer. Now unfortunately Monika can’t be with us, because she has been jailed in Germany, for producing the video, which was an apology to a mother, entitled, “Sorry Mom, I was Wrong about the Holocaust”. So I just have Alfred with me today. Now, I’m recording this January the tenth, and I’m actually broadcasting the very last show I recorded with Alfred and Monika, tomorrow, January eleventh. Now that might change and I might end up broadcasting this show tomorrow, and delaying that one, depending on how it goes. I’ve had a discussion with Alfred before hand. We’re going to see.


So I’m going to bring him up right now. Alfred are you with me?


Alfred: Yes Andy, and thanks for calling me up and I’m glad this is taking place now.


Andrew: Absolutely! Well either way, I mean, if we decide to put this out in a couple of weeks like we have been doing, then I can always release this. I’ll think of a way that I can release this early anyway, so, … Yeah, I’m all up in the air with this folks, because we don’t know where it’s going to go., but I think the best thing to do now is to hand over to you Alfred, and can you explain exactly what happened, from where Monika was staying with you for Christmas, and just after, and now is suddenly in jail in Munich.


Alfred: Yes, okay. It’s been precisely one week ago, that’s on the third of January, that Monika was arrested, as a quiet observer watching the bizarre Inquisition hearings against Sylvia Stolz in Munich. And that was done, … First of all, to get into the courthouse we had to pass all kinds of security clearances. And we went in there and watched the proceedings, and then within about forty minutes into the proceedings, the snake of a state prosecutor ordered an unplanned break, and said:


We’re going to reconvene here in the about twenty minutes.


So we say, “Oh well, let’s go out and stretch our legs a little bit, in the hallway.” So we step out into the hallway, and there was another snake of a state prosecutor, came up with three heavily armed thugs and they say:




Monika Schaefer?


In German, of course, and she says “yes” and she [state prosecutor] says:


You are herein detained”.


And they took her off to the side a bit, and slapped handcuffs on her. And when she protested:


Wait! You can’t do that! I didn’t do anything wrong! I’m from Canada. I’m a free citizen!


Then the snake of a prosecutor said:


If you wanted to stay free, you would have stayed in Canada!


So that was how the arrest proceeded. And then after going back into the court room, Sylvia Stolz’s lawyer came to me and he whispered in my ear, and he says:


Alfred, you had better get out of this room here, because we don’t know what they’re going to do to you.


And so I just got my jacket and left the courtroom. Waited outside, it was raining pretty miserably and then Henry Hoffenmyer came out after a while, and we just waited, basically in this car, until the proceedings ended. And then we could communicate with Sylvia Stolz and her lawyer, and a few other people.



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[In this interview Millennial Woes talks with Morgoth, who runs the blog Morgoth’s Review. [To be continued]   — KATANA.]




[48/104 Minutes Now Complete]







Millennial Woes’


Millenniyule 2017, No. 66









Click here for the video:





Published on Dec 28, 2017



YouTube Description

Streamed live on Dec 28, 2017

[This video is not intended to condone violence or hate.] [This project is my livelihood.
Please see http://www.millennialwoes.com/donate. Thank you.]






(104 mins)






Woes: Hello, and welcome to the final episode of Millenniyule 2017. This is number 66, and it’s with Morgoth, from Morgoth’s Review. How would you describe it? A British nationalist blog? Welcome to the channel again Morgoth! You’ve been on twice before, I think this is the third time, and I’ve been looking forward to it. So, welcome!


Morgs: Hello. I don’t want to trigger the dog with words.


Woes: Which words would trigger the, … All right, yeah, I get it. Okay, right. So tell people how would you describe your blog?


Morgs: What I try to do is analyze pop culture, mainly, and if something is going off, I’ll have the odd rant about a terrorist attack, something like that. But, the main content, as they call it these days, on the blog, is breaking down movies and pop culture, or something that’s appeared on the television. Because I discovered Counter-Currents and I saw an article by Greg Johnson, and it was about how you could take all of the propaganda machine, and then turn it on it’s head. You could use the weight of it and turn it back on it, if you critiqued what you are actually seeing. And it was it’s quite powerful.


And I was amazed that, … Going back six years that Counter-Currents have a movie section, I’ve never seen that before. And I thought that was the best thing in the world to have a movie section on a White nationalist site.


Woes: Yeah.


Morgs: And so I loved that! I thought that’s the way to go.


Woes: Radix did the same thing on their Vanguard podcasts. And then Alternative Right, the blog spot, they do similar stuff now and then. Other people asked me to do as well, but I never have enough time.


Morgs: Yeah, well I don’t a lot of stuff around demographics and race and things like that. Instead I’ll do like a thousand word article on the shitty new Star Trek diversity things they got. Everybody says it now, well I was there on the original Alternative Right site going back about six years. And one of the best articles that I read there, was one on the “Borg”. And again you think well this is great, because if they’re breaking down pop culture in a way that I haven’t seen before. And I think bright young men love that kind of thing, because they are starting to understand, … Because everybody’s being force-fed this pop culture and you can turn it back on it. You can use the weight of it to attack it!






It’s what I left have been doing to us, to White Christian society for last fifty years. It’s critique. You break it down. You don’t have to actually put anything positive there, you just rip everything down!


Woes: [laughing]


Morgs: It’s great fun! It’s great fun, because it gets it out of your system. Like these diversity adverts. Last year I did a blog post on the diversity adverts for that Christmas. Diversity adverts that came out last year. And this year I didn’t even bother, because everybody was at it!



Woes: Yeah. I did a video on that. So did Mark Collett. Oh god, who else did it? There were quite a few, because this year it was unbelievable!


Mark Collett — Christmas Adverts – Multicultural Propaganda — TRANSCRIPT


Morgs: Yeah. And we can get into later, because I’m gonna try and get a YouTube channel off the ground next year, soon. And one of the first things I was gonna do was what’s actually going through the head, of “John Bull” out in Zombieland, when he sees these diversity Christmas ads? What’s he actually thinking? Because he knows, his gut is telling him that there’s something wrong! But his brain is saying:


But you can’t mention it, because then you’re gonna be evil!


And you can get really into the problem just on that, just on the diversity ads. And your average bloke sitting there watching it, with a wife and kids, and he’s gonna think:


Well I’m bummed off here! I’m out of the fuckin equation! Where am I in the Marks and Spencers diversity ads?


And he isn’t! He’s gone! But if he mentions it, then he’s a “racist”. So he’s got this kind of problem:


It’s not right, but I can’t talk about it!


And I think another thing I’ll to do is to look into the morality of “Holocaustianity”. Because when it comes down to, that’s what we’re talking about. There you’ve got, …


Woes: Define that for me.


Morgs: Well, it’s something that’s been, … We don’t talk about it as much anymore, but I think earlier people in White nationalism talked about a more than it gets talked about now. You don’t even have to get into the “Holocaust” of World War Two. It’s the way it’s been used to chain White racial consciousness and ethnic feeling to pure evil! Literally! It’s a religion! It’s pretty much just a religion, …


Woes: It’s so useful. I mean, it can be invoked at any time. I watched an episode of Question Time, no, I didn’t watch the whole episode, I just saw a clip of it on YouTube. I cannot watch Question Time anymore! I haven’t watched a full episode for about five years now. But I saw a clip and it was Simon Schama.






It was around about at the end of 2015 — you can see where this is going. It was around the end of 2015 and everyone was talking about the migrant crisis. And he said — I can’t remember the words he used, or the point that he made — he basically said that people who don’t want the migrants coming in to Europe, like all these migrants coming in from Africa and the Middle East, people who don’t want that are basically wanting another “Holocaust”!


Morgs: Yeah. Well how it works is that, and again you don’t even have to get into the nuts and bolts of the “Holocaust” itself — I’m not that interested in that. But how it’s set up like a religion, is that the six million died for the sins of European racists. And Adolf Hitler is Satan, and now Europeans have to reject the evil forever to find salvation and moral purity and everything like that.


And you can see it. The further that you are, let’s say a kind of UKIP tier, or something like that, a kind of conservative like Jacob Rees-Mogg, then you’re more towards pure evil, than say, Yvette Cooper — who I want to talk about in a minute. And so the social justice warriors see themselves — or a lefty, you know, your typical kind of lefty — they actually, within this religion, this moral paradigm, they actually see themselves and think of themselves as being good! Because, within that moral system they are!


And so the more that you turn your back on White identity and embrace the “other” the better person you are. That’s how it works. And when one you understand that, you understand a lot about the shit that were are in!


And to get back to the diversity adverts, if John Bull out in Zombieland starts to ask the wife:


Well, what the fuck’s going on here! I’m not even in these adverts! There’s nothing representing me. There’s a black fella there!


A big jump towards being pure evil! And somehow, or other, we’re gonna have to break that! We’re gonna have to destroy it, somehow, or other.


[Click image to enlarge]


Woes: Yeah. And I mean, the scary thing for John Bull is that he’s not there in those adverts. But also implicit in that, is the fact that he won’t be there in the future. You know, this is it now. It’s the same thing with the “diversity barriers[concrete blocks protecting pedestrian areas]. Every Christmas now it’s going to be like that. Every Christmas market, because they’re never going to calm down. So, …


Morgs: Imagine the diversity adverts in 20, or 30 years time. When like now they’ve got the White woman and she’s just a sort of half-caste breeding factory, but then in 20, or 30 years time she’s just gonna be this sad old granny slumped in the corner, pissed [drunk]!






And then with all of these complete racial aliens running around. [laughing] It’s not like the nicest of futures! It’s okay now when she’s being romanced on the train by this nice black man! But her future is shit as well!


Woes: Oh yeah! Yeah! We don’t need to paint that in very detailed strokes, because it’s just so, it’s so fucking grim, you know! Yeah, the beautiful White girl today who’s flirting with a black man on the train! It’s a bit exotic, it’s a bit exciting, it would annoy daddy! Well her future is, she’s going to be surrounded by, first of all, lower IQ half-caste kids, and then even lower IQ, god knows what, grandkids! And, you know, the security that she could have had from having a White family is just going to be totally gone!




Morgs: Yes. And she’s gonna sit there, a kind of old flabby wreck, just getting a drunk in the corner, and farting, and just thinking:


Ah shit! Look at that! Look at this!


That’s what’s being promoted. The White man’s the first to go, but the lot for the White woman is not that nice, either. It really isn’t.


Woes: No. The statistics actually for mixed-race, like for a White woman to marry a black guy, the statistics are terrible. I saw them the other day, a summary of them. And the amount of violence, the frequency of divorce, the frequency of being on welfare, it’s, … The thing that they paint, these fucking Christmas adverts, a sort of ideal romantic relationship where it just works, you know. And he’s middle-class as well! It just goes swimmingly.


Nothing could be further from the truth! The reality of them of this, is frequently sordid and miserable, and poverty-stricken, and violent! So it’s disgusting! I mean, this is the kind of thing where you actually realize that the social conditioning is not only immoral, not only irresponsible in the grand scheme of things on the macro level, it’s also very cruel and irresponsible and immoral towards each of these individual women who’s being inveigled into doing this, to herself.


Morgs: Yeah. I mean, I don’t really want to go on about with diversity adverts, because like I say, everybody’s been on about it. But, you can see that, because before we went on, we were talking about Yvette Cooper. And I don’t know if many people have seen it, because I haven’t seen that before, where she was on a Common Select Committee.







Woes: I know. I should just introduce this for the non Facebook. Yvette Cooper, a Labour politician. She was up and rolling with [Tony] Blair, either cabinet, she was one of Blair’s fuckin babes in the late 90s, which is, you know, amazing to think of nowadays. And she’s just running these god-awful “champagne socialists” and she was in some sort of meeting in the House of Commons, governmental, with presumably representatives of YouTube.


Morgs: Yeah, I thought was strange as well. But basically this little video, I mean, I wish I’d seen it before, but this little video has Yvette Cooper on a Common Select Committee complaining really, like bollocking these bosses of YouTube saying:


I’ve just seen White genocide videos on your platform! [Morgs laughing]


For some reason YouTube has been recommending Red Ice, …


Woes: It’s hilarious really! [laughing] The algorithm has somehow recommended Red Ice videos to Yvette Cooper, who is just the worst champagne socialist. It’s hilarious to think that somehow, got this badly! [laughing loudly]


Morgs: Especially, because like, say 15 years ago, she had a bit of a kind of cute pixie look about her, but now it’s kind of sour, and she just looks like a vindictive bitch! And then, …


Woes: Yes!


Morgs: You know, the eyebrows used to be kind of cute, and now she’s just like a sour bastard! But, the funny thing is she’s actually seen, she’s actually watched videos on White genocide and she’s fucking furious about it. [laughing]


Woes: Because she’s emboldened it! She’s fucking doing it!


Morgs: She was probably in the fucking videos!


Woes: [laughing loudly] That’s why they were recommended to her! [laughing loudly]


Morgs: Because, I mean, I posted on the blog before. I spent Christmas day, it was a big family get-together at me mother’s house, and they put this YouTube kind of mix on, and so we saw what like my mother watched on YouTube. And it was like Val Doonican’s Greatest Hits and Karen Carpenter the Tragedy! Really bland mother’s kind of stuff. It wasn’t fucking White genocide videos! She wasn’t being recommended that!


So, what’s Yvette Cooper actually watching that’s making the YouTube algorithms show White genocide videos on her face? [Woes laughing] I wonder if she’s been Googling, going into YouTube and search like, “New Labour, Tony Blair, genocidal bastards, or anti-White”, or something like that? And she’s gonna get it! [Woes in a fit of laughing] New Labour on the working class, and then a fuckin video on White genocide pops up! And so she’s seen this, and she’s gone fucking berserk about it! She wants that down! She wants that shut! She wants that out! Out of it! But she supported, …





Woes: Well it’s disgusting, because, first of all, she was moaning that it was being recommended to her, but then that rapidly transformed into her moaning that it was on the website at all. That it was on YouTube at all! She was saying to them you have not taken it down. And I thought you fucking dummy! You know, how dare you! And when I shared it on Twitter I said:


And sometimes one can forget just how appalling British politicians are!


Because I was really disgusted, thinking this fucking bitch would actually want my channel to be deleted, you know. Just, because it’s contrary to the message that she wants the public to get!


Morgs: Yeah!


Woes: What a fucking bitch!


Morgs: The thing is, leaving Red Ice aside for a minute, because they are well-known, but there is a lot of White genocide videos now, and they’ve got like hundreds of thousands of hits. And they tend to be like, five to ten minutes long, where you see hordes of Africans, Muslims, just swarming towards Europe. They’re climbing over fences, you get newspaper clippings of rape statistics, and bomb attacks, and everything like that. And then you’ll see like certain, (((you know who’s))) [laughing] talking about how wonderful it all is.


And Yvette Cooper, her colleagues, anyway, definitely Tony Blair, would have been in the videos! But her constituents, the people a lot she supposed to represent, are watching it. And her a reaction of that is not to say:


Oh, hang on a minute. Hang on a minute! I represent a demographic who think, and a lot of them, not all of them, maybe not even not many of them, but some of them think there’s a concerted plan to blend them, breed them out and replace them in their own country.


I mean, she should be saying to another Common Select Committee:


Yeah look! There’s something going on out there, in normie-land and we have to get on top of this situation, because they think we’re fucking scum! They think we’re trying to bump them off!


But no! No! She just wants to remove the videos!


Woes: Yeah! That is why it was so infuriated for me to see that. You just want to delete this! You want to censor this. Because that’s inconvenient for you.


Morgs: Yeah! It doesn’t solve the problem.


Woes: It’s the height of arrogance to address the symptoms of something rather than the problem, which you yourself are creating. Nothing, I don’t know what could be more arrogant than that!


Morgs: Another thing, it means that she doesn’t have much faith in the arguments that she can put forward.






So they’ve got all of the media, all of the political class, they’ve got academia, they’ve got big business, they’ve got the bosses of these companies, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook. They’ve got them, more or less, on their side, and it’s not enough! They still can’t win the fucking argument!


Woes: Yeah! [laughing]


Morgs: Can she not make a documentary to say why we are not [promoting White genocide], you know, going up on Coronation Street adverts? Thirty second advert?


Okay White people, this is why you’re not being genocided and everything’s okay!




Woes: Well, you know, what she should do is offer to be interviewed by Red Ice, and she can prove them wrong! She can just, you know, defeat them in arguments and statistics and facts. But, of course, she won’t do that. She’ll try to get them deleted! Or barred in Britain. That’s more likely. That is what she’ll try to get YouTube to do.


I mean, it really just fucking disgusts me! Because that’s a fucking government politician, pressuring YouTube to censor this in their in her own country! It’s reprehensible!


Morgs: The people she represents are making very, … I don’t know how you put it, but they’re interested. Very interested in the idea that people like her, who move in her circles, are actually trying to bump them off, to get rid of them, in one way, or another. Now that’s a fucking hell of a serious allegation! It’s tantamount to accusing her and her political clique of high treason!


And that will open Tony Blair, … That was still on the books for being a hanging offence in England.


Woes: On high treason. Yeah, sorry you cut it out there for a minute. Are you on WIFI, by the way?


Morgs: Yeah.


Woes: All right. Okay, just wondered. It’s great. Your voice is cutting in and out sometimes.


But yeah, it’s tantamount to accusing them of treason. Yes it is! I they are guilty of treason! I think they should stand trial. I think the entire Blair cabinet should stand trial for treason against the British people! Treason against the British state! Fundamentally endangering the existence of the British people. I think this should all be on trial for that.


Morgs: I mean, it’s funny, …


Woes: Maybe one day they will be.


Morgs: If you’re like me, and I’ve been in this for nine, or ten years now, and there’s lots of juicy little facts which fall, by the wayside and you don’t see them brought up anymore. Like Tony Blair, pretty much as soon as he got the power and before he opened the gates, the death penalty for high treason, … I mean, it was only in theory anyway, it wasn’t actually gonna happen. But, you’ve got the biggest traitor in modern British history abolishes the last kind of “bits and bobs” of the hanging for treason [law], just before he actually commits the biggest act of treason, ever!






And to put that into perspective, when the John Major government, which in 1997 immigration was rolling between 30 to 40,000. And that was in total. They didn’t like, you know, fuck around with the numbers, the way they do now. So it’s like net, and they count how many people go out. So we had 30 to 40,000 people coming in the country in 1997, and within a couple of years of Tony Blair, the New Labour Party, which was dominated by a (((certain group))) you had what, about 300,000? So it was ten times the amount within just a couple of years.


Woes: Yeah. I mean, Mandelson* actually said that they were putting people out there into, you know, I think it was Pakistan. He said that they actually sent people out there to advertise that you could move to Britain.


[* Peter Benjamin Mandelson, Baron Mandelson (born 21 October 1953) is a British Labour politician, president of international think tank Policy Network and Chairman of strategic advisory firm Global Counsel.

He served as Member of Parliament (MP) for Hartlepool from 1992 to 2004, and held a number of Cabinet positions under Prime Ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. He was the European Commissioner for Trade between 2004 and 2008.


Blair with Mandelson (click image to enlarge)


Mandelson was one of several key individuals responsible for the rebranding of the Labour Party as New Labour before it’s subsequent victory in the 1997 election. He resigned twice from the Cabinet before leaving Parliament to take up an appointment as a European Commissioner. He later rejoined the Cabinet for a third time after being created a Life Peer, sitting on the Labour benches in the House of Lords.

Peter Mandelson was born in Hampstead Garden Suburb, Middlesex, on 21 October 1953, the son of Mary Joyce (née Morrison) and George Norman Mandelson. His father’s family was Jewish; his grandfather had founded the Harrow United Synagogue. His father (known as Tony) was the advertising manager of “The Jewish Chronicle”.

Mandelson is gay, and he is said to be ‘intensely private‘ about his personal life.

He has lived with his life partner Reinaldo Avila da Silva, a Brazilian-British translator, since March 1998. The couple live in a house in Regent’s Park, London, bought for £7.6 million.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Mandelson]


Morgs: Yeah, because Britain wasn’t known as being an immigrant country. So, your average bloke out there in Pakistan, or wherever, he didn’t think that there was any chance of him coming to Britain, or a very small chance. But, Britain wasn’t open. Britain wasn’t an immigrant nation.


Source: Mandelson — Immigrants: We sent search parties.


And they just concocted all of these lies in the last 20 years! So there wasn’t the infrastructure of bringing masses amounts of people into Britain. It just wasn’t an issue. Going into the 1997 election, I mean, I was just a young fella at the time, but it was the first time I could vote and the issue was the minimum wage. And everybody was tired of the Tories. The Tories had been in forever.


Woes: Yeah, they’ve been in for 18 years at that time.


Morgs: Yeah. I mean, and you can shit on them and Thatcher and everything like that, but there’s a bit of a theory that they did kind of [help?], just a little bit from what was going on elsewhere. You know, I wouldn’t say my name for that, because you could be shot down in flames. But I do get the sense that we had it good with the Tories and we didn’t know how good.


Because, remember when the poster went around of Tony Blair, was like the devil? With the evil eyes, …



Woes: Yes, yes.


Morgs: And it was a kind of the old Tories and they were saying:


You don’t know what’s coming! You don’t know!


I mean, I think they were, the old Tories, were under pressure from other areas, the (((money power))) and things like that. And they didn’t hold it all off, but they kind of dragged their heels in the globalist project. And then it was, I don’t know, I’ve got a little pet theory that when Tony Blair came in, it was like, “we’re gonna have to catch up! We’re gonna have to, …







Woes: There’s a very interesting thing, I mentioned this at least once before on the channel, there’s a series called “Bill Brandt” from 1975, or six. And it’s a crap boring drama, but it’s about a Labour politician, he’s a sort of firebrand and I think he calls himself a left-wing reactionary, or something. And then, what’s interesting is just that it shows the Labour Party at a moment in transition, like the middle 70s you had old boring, sort of dry Michael Foot types, and then you had a young young generation, who I mean, literally they’re like 20, 22, 25 generation coming up, who had, you know, imbibed the new left, cultural Marxism, for the very first time at the universities.


You know, in the late 60s early 70s. And they were all about queer rights, and women’s rights, and lesbians, and all that. And, of course, immigration. You’ve got this very interesting transition point between the Old Left and the New Left but, of course, that didn’t really take hold for another 20 years!


Morgs: Yeah.


Woes: Because they had to get into the party work, their way up the ranks, but I think Tony Blair was first elected in 83, wasn’t he? Something like that. And so it took time. They were there in the party from the mid seventies onwards, but they weren’t gonna actually been able to do anything with it and reshape the country for another 20 years. But they got in and they did.


Morgs: Oh well, it was insane, because I lived away at the time. And I came back and like, I come from quite a big family, and my youngest brother was still in school, and he was coming home, and this was a year into New Labour. And he was coming home from school and he had prizes, even though he’d come last! He had awards for being the last in races! In the sprints, and the marathons and stuff, cross-country. And my dad, was saying:


I don’t understand any of this! He shit at running and they’re still giving him awards? What’s the awards for?


Woes: This is the “all must have prizes” literally!


Morgs: Everybody must have prizes. You could see it slowly creep in!


Woes: And yes, actually, that reminds me, I should have said this. In the middle 80s there’s a fascinating documentary on YouTube and I think at some point I’m going to make a video, just playing it and commenting on it throughout. It’s only about 20, I don’t know, maybe 15 minutes long, maybe shorter than that.


And it’s about the “Looney Left” in the middle eighties in London. And this thing, I said earlier that it took them 20 years, before they could actually start doing stuff, but that’s not true, because at the lower level and the council’s and stuff, they did, I mean, that’s like 10 years after the mid 70s, and they were doing stuff.




I mean, the “Looney Left” thing is real. The thing about “Baa Baa Rainbow Sheep”, [Morgs laughing] that turned out to be a story, yeah that was tabloid a tabloid invention. And, of course, therefore it said that the the whole Looney Left thing was a tabloid invention, but it wasn’t. It was absolutely real! And now what you had, I mean, people won’t know what I’m talking about, some people, … Well do you want to describe the Looney Left thing, or will I do this?


Morgs: In the 80s? I don’t know about them in the 80s.


Woes: Well, yeah, it was mainly in London, as far as I know. You had Left-wing local councils, so they’re not at the government, or not the national government level, but they’re at the local government level, and local education authorities, that sort of thing. And that was when they started injecting what we would know called “cultural Marxism” into the society at large, into culture.


And they started worrying about, … Well I suppose you could say it was the start of “political correctness”, actually becoming a sort of creed in daily life, you know?


Morgs: Yeah.


Woes: And so, it’s fascinating to see it now, because you tend to think this stuff started much later, but actually it didn’t! It was there at the fucking height of Thatcher’s government!


You know, you’ve got to remember, that was the height of her popularity. And people tend to think of Britain in the 80s as I sort of Right-wing, very hard Right country at the time. But no! Because this is what the Left do. While the Right are busying themselves at the national level, the Left are dissolving things below that, at the levels below that. Sort of unawares. So the Right think they’re triumphant and they’re controlling everything, but actually the Left are working below decks, fucking things up!


I mean, I guess that you could say the same thing has happened now, or is happening. I mean, look at Donald Trump’s in power in America and the anti-fa professors are going fucking berserk with the students.


Morgs: Well, it’s why I’d be wary of White knighting for the Tory government. I mean, on the one hand I can see that there were probably elements who are aware that they had to protect Britain for as long as possible from the (((wider globalist project))), but I think they were, a bit like the elves from middle-earth. They knew they were in the long defeat!


And then when Thatcher’s new liberalism just smashed communities to pieces. And you can’t you can’t defend that in the long run. You can’t defend it, because then when I Left did come in, they picked towns and steel worker, mill towns in the north, which were just absolutely hammered! And talk of anything else, what they did have was a glut of cheap house council houses, which was just stuffed full with Muslims.







And we had our first major grooming scandal, here in Newcastle this year. I did like a two-part article on it. And I mean, even before the Muslims, the mass immigration, started to arrive in the West End of Newcastle it was well known for being a shithole. I mean, I remember back in the day when I used to go out in Newcastle on a drink and stuff, there was a kind of urban myth went around that somebody drove his car to Newcastle, and then he got shit-faced drunk and he couldn’t drive home. So he swapped his car for somebody’s flat! [home unit] . Like a 300 pound car for a flat in the Newcastle West End, where this happened. It’s absolutely dire! And it already was. They were already on their last legs, and then what we did was just dump the Third World on top of them!


And I came back about 2002 to visit somebody in hospital. I said it before about me brother, getting awards for coming last! And then I came back and I went to the hospital and they had this, it used to be a bingo hall and it had been converted into an African Women Support Center! And I thought, well I don’t know what the fuck is that? Basically, that was really my reaction! Was, just what the fuck is that? African Women Support Center in the West End of Newcastle!


And it was the New Labour project kicking in. Because it didn’t happen overnight. I really wanted to get like a big [blog] post out about this, because it’s 20 years this year that has passed since the New Labour got in. And I did want to do like a few posts on it but I never got the time. But you could see it took a couple of years to trickle in and then you started to see weird community centres that didn’t make sense. What is that? What does that mean?


Woes: Yes, of course, yeah I’m here. I’m listening to everything you’re saying.


Morgs: There’s a writer now for New Statesman called John Harris. And he has written a book about the Britpop era. I mean, we could do a hangout all about this, just on it’s own, one day. But he’s written a book about the Britpop era, and Oasis and the Blur and everything like that. And he’s a complete champagne socialist twat! From fucking Chelsea, or somewhere in London. And it was in the New Statesman’s long-lead section and it was a good piece. I mean, I haven’t read his book, but I don’t really need you, because they’re flogging it like fuck in the New Statesman.







And I just kept reading it, reading it, and he was going on. It was an interesting thing that you got this tension between Blur and Oasis which was kind of like the working-class North against the pampered South. And he got into a quite a lot and coming towards the end he said the one thing we have to look back on about the Britpop era and “Cool Britannia” and what it all meant, was that it was just so bloody White!


And I thought, there you’ve got it! There you’ve got the fucking cancer!


Woes: So what was he saying that, you know, was he sort of guilting that it was a White thing?


Morgs: Yeah. It was not inclusive, because what you could reasonably think of as being part of that, you had “Massive Attack” at the time. Which was this kind of, forgot what they called it now, xxxx were another, Beth Gibbons, she had a beautiful voice and xxxx came out of Bristol, and it was a sort of ambient gentle hip-hop thing that went on.


Woes: Yeah, yeah. I mean, they were good groups.


Morgs: The Britpop scene which came in with Blair was like entirely White! And it’s actually really tragic, because they and it’s the Britpop thing wafted, they kind of loved Blair. They were like:


Oh, we’re finally gonna beat these Tories and we’re gonna move off this new tomorrow.”


And they went and then Noel Gallagher’s snuffed coke off the back of Blair’s toilet in 10 Downing Street. And it was all just a total lie! They were playing us like a fucking fiddle! Because they thought they were in a kind of counterculture, but they weren’t! It was a sort of, the globalists were playing them for the counterculture. It was controlled!


Woes: Yeah. Well I remember at the time people saying it was kind of low-grade for a political party to affiliate itself with pop groups, you know, rock music, but again it was a baby boomer thing wasn’t it? I mean, it was really the first baby boomer government to be honest. And that’s their thing, rock and roll was their thing.


Morgs: Yeah. And films came out, like “Trainspotting” and it was all the Brits are gonna come, and beware Hollywood. And there was this general sense of a British identity, but it was synthetic! And it was bullshit! And it was kind of toothless, and it didn’t have any kind of backbone. And you have Geri Halliwell wearing this, she looked like a prostitute wearing the Union Jack, it says everything about it. Because really it was just waiting to get fucked!






Then it got fucked three years later as soon as Blair and his heavily dominated government of a certain ( ( (ethnic group) ) ) set about bringing the immigrants in. And then the party was definitely over! Then it was “hate speech” laws! And “watch what you are saying” or you’re going to get fired. And by fucking God did they kill the party!


Woes: Well indeed. This is the whole thing about the New Left totally shitting on the concerns of the Old Left. In the end it doesn’t matter the plight of the working class does not matter to the New Left.


Morgs: Yeah.


Woes: They’ll willfully ignore them and even make things worse for them, much worse!


Morgs: Yeah. And you can see that kind of transition with say Oasis being the working-class chad, and Blur being the middle class champagne socialist virgin! I mean, even back then that’s like a meme going around. Now even back then it was apparent. And now the disconnect has become xxx 20 years later. The disconnect is to the point where it’s a crisis! It’s a crisis! It’s where even a copper says; “take the shit down!” And people, the demographic who would have been on the racist side of this, say 20 years ago, now they’re a threat to the system.


Woes: It’s also worth saying that it was that demographic, the racist demographic, who voted for Brexit. And someone just pointed out in the live chat, that Noel Gallagher, was it Noel or Liam? I can’t remember. Noel Gallagher was pro-Brexit. Then you’ve got Tony Blair, who’s saying that he’s going to come back into politics, in order to reverse, or cancel Brexit.


Morgs: Yeah.


Woes: You couldn’t get such a more disgusting betrayer than Tony Blair!


Morgs: And that was a thing of Noel Gallagher saying about Muslims, about the bombing. And he was saying, look, that went round on Facebook and social media and stuff a few weeks ago, where you saying:


Look at our kids in London


And he was literally calling the government cunts! He said they’re not gonna change it. They didn’t change it. The next government’s not gonna change it! My kids are on public transport, because of these fuckers! You know, their lives are in threat. And so that divide that, I just find it interesting, that even we go back 20 years ago where you can see that it was a little bit of fun and games, the Blur-Oasis thing.


Woes: Well exactly! In contrast to today nothing really mattered back then! In retrospect it all was quite trivial!






Morgs: I was going out and getting pissed and smoking dope! And life was a fucking great party! I was late teens, and you look at it now and what you can see is that the seeds of that kind of friction have become now, where they see I’m in the racist camp.


This massive swarm of orcs at the gates of the metropolis, trying to burn them alive!


And creating blogs to try and get hits to wake people up and turn them against the elites!


Woes: Yeah! [laughing]


Morgs: And that basically is the problem.


Woes: [laughing] Ironically enough I wasn’t an Oasis fan, I was Pulp! [laughing] You know, what can I say?



Morgs: He’s a raging Leftie, Jarvis Cocker, he’s a wanker!


Woes: I know. I know. Ironically, his mother as a Tory counselor.


Morgs: Well, he’s supported by the UEF something, I don’t know I’ve kind of lost track of a lot of them, to be honest.


Woes: I mean, I never really liked Blur, to be honest. They had a few good songs. But I mean, Damon Albarn was always an obvious mommy’s boy, you know. And, of course, he was with Justine what was her name from Elastica? Justine Frischmann, who was a jewess, of course.



Morgs: Oh?


Woes: That’s a funny thing about, …


Morgs: Yes, she was, wasn’t she? Yeah, it’s like that’s the biggest letdowns since xxxxxx. [Woes laughing uproariously]


Woes: Also there was a cute girl, …


Morgs: Isn’t it xxxxx when that happens?


Woes: Yeah, I know, I know. Well there’s, what’s her name? There’s a there’s a really gorgeous English actress, I forgot her name. It’s Rosie Huntington-Whiteley! and she’s jewish! She’s gorgeous, an “English rose” kind of look.



Anyway, the funny thing is, there’s another Britpop group called Sleeper, and they had a female lead singer. Yeah, she’s jewish as well!



Morgs: Jesus!


Woes: This is why we need our own people, we need our own groups, our own talent, so that so that this doesn’t happen so much in future, you know.


Morgs: Yeah, I mean, we’ve talked about all this, I was gonna have that guitar xxxx from the Stone Roses as my YouTube channel, but I’ll get flagged [for copyright violation]. Because, there was the Manchester versus London Chelsea thing well, wasn’t it?



I was watching the videos from like the Stone Roses, Oasis and stuff, and I do like that kind of working-class swagger! Where they’re not cucks! They’ve never been to university, fuck all. They’re racists, you know, they’re racists, they don’t give a shit! And I like that. I like that kind of masculinity, that working-class kind of “fuck you” attitude.







And I think it’ll be great to bring some of that back in a kind of nationalistic Alt-Right way.


Woes: Yeah, yeah. Definitely! I mean, the alternative is that they just remain completely cowed by Islam, like the men in Rotherham, you know, who are afraid to do anything to protect their own daughters and sisters.


Morgs: Yeah.


Woes: That’s horrendous.


Morgs: I mean, you can wax lyrical about working-class masculinity, but they’ve behaved like absolute fucking faggots. But I mean, what do you do? I think it goes back to, “it’s evil to say anything about it!” And they are really, really atomized. It was the same story in the West End of Newcastle, that plays itself out everywhere. Where the pubs have been closed, the social clubs have been closed, so there isn’t any action, even if you leave aside the political correctness and the traumatized “your Nazi” and all that. And then there isn’t actually another a bunch of White men to round up and do what you have to do, whatever that would be. Because that they don’t have a social group. They sit in their house were their missus and drink wine! And watch X-Factor. And what goes on out beyond the door they don’t know!


And I’m not gonna make excuses for them. I’ve spent years trying to wake them up.


Woes: I think they need permission. I think, you know, this is gonna sound really snobby, but I think they won’t do it until they feel that the middle class are on their side.


Morgs: Well I agree! I ended up, in my two-part article on the Newcastle grooming scandal, I basically said:


Look, they’re not going to do it on their own. They don’t know how, they wouldn’t know how to organize anything.


If they thought they had organization and direction, they’ll do! They’ll do what needs to be done. But until then, they’re happy to sit playing Fifa on the PlayStation and smoke dope. And that’s shit! It’s just, …


Woes: It’s horrendous! I mean, if you’re playing Fifa on the PlayStation and smoking dope, while your sister is being groomed by Pakistani Muslims, I mean, there are no words for that really! It’s just absolutely fucking tragic!


Morgs: Yeah, yeah. I’m not gonna play the “working class hero card”. I’m not gonna defend them. I’m tired of it. I will work with them, and every day I know exactly the type, and they are aware of what’s going on. And their attitude is:


It’s not going to happen to us. We won’t let that happen!




But I’m sure all your working-class men in other towns said that as well. I mean, the funny thing is that a lot of them are really fucking tough, as an individual, when you look at them. You’ve got to kill them! It’s a kind of off topic, but a couple of months back and I saw one of them, full of tattoos, obviously really, a huge, physically huge.  and my dog came and snapped at his dog, and he had this big stupid fucking, … They all do, they like a kind of Rottweiler Pitbull crossbreed thing. And he said:


You know, the next time I’m gonna fucking” — because I’ve got a smaller terrier — and he said:


You know, the next time, I’m gonna kick your dog all over this fucking park!


Look! Your the daft cunt! You can’t control your dog mate! You’ve got a big stupid fucking savage thing on the end of that chain! And he was ready to dig in! He was ready to go! That would have been a fight to the death!


And you see this all of the time. People are going to hospital and they’ve got fractured skulls and jaws for nothing! And I’m sure he would have been a tough lad, a kind of, “well, yeah, whatever”. And I kinda let it go, because getting on a bit! I’ve grown out of all of that.


But the problem is, they’ll be a bunch of Muslims come in, and he doesn’t understand what the bigger picture. He only sees himself as being a tough guy, which he probably is, I didn’t find out. But he is totally blind to the bigger picture, and about how the groups work. And that he’s not going to be a match for seven scrawny lads from Pakistan with knives and machetes! And there that’s not even taking into consideration the PC police.


Woes: Well you’re talking about a future scenario in which the PC police have become irrelevant. Which I think is going to happen eventually. And we will be left with a straightforward conflict between us and the Muslims in Britain. That’s eventually going to happen. The champagne socialists are going to fuck off to wherever, to their gated communities, and now I think they will give up on this, because they’ll realize:


Okay, we’ll created this enormous fucking shitstorm! We’ve got no idea what to do about it! Whenever we say something they despise and loathe us, so let’s just get out while we can and leave the working class to it.





I think that’s probably going to be some version of what happened and at that point there will be no political correctness, but there will be very large numbers of Muslims in Britain who have a collective identity and they will be up against mainly the working class who aren’t who are atomized and that is the massive danger that we have to avert it’s funny, because then we go back with that Cooper and the I think if we’re honest about it the kind of, because I think I spend more time on YouTube and you definitely do then Yvette Cooper and the algorithms do care if this kind of straightforward wager save video would take her at her word that’s actually catering to working-class White men after our I would see it I would say based on what they’re looking at it will be like Tommy Robinson make chases are Muslim roam the mosque type of stuff and then that is linked on to White genocide I dual actually it’s a weird thing, because they, because of what I’m into I don’t actually get that I don’t actually get bombarded with White genocide type videos so and I think it says a lot about what the algorithms are catering to yeah yeah I it’s I mean, you don’t know what the algorithms God knows how complicated they are, but I am I would love to know why it pegs those for a vet Cooper yeah what was the event Cooper watching which made lots of weight genocide videos pop up on her as she called her timeline I mean, it is as if is it’s like a it’s like she’s betraying her guilty conscience like she’s gone onto YouTube and looked for this stuff at some point worrying about what the public are thinking and see him to each other and then she’s gone on again and it’s and it’s recommended more similar stuff and then she she decides to be outraged by that I mean, it really is just absolutely disgusting to think that she would be outraged that this stuff was on YouTube that people are seeing this stuff instead of being outraged that she and her own fucking colleagues created this situation yeah all she she went like a know — all everybody’s so happy in the diverse utopia me and you believer of creative let’s just check in about there’s lots of nice videos like hands are on Burnley and having Lewis summer picnics which are diverse and then there’s a kind of White genocide thing pops up with one of those infographics of just endless people coming in the Europe yeah well I wonder what she thinks when she sees that I mean, are we talking about someone who’s so ideological that she’ll see that and just switch off from it, or are we talking about someone who’s still got enough of her humour and it’s your life that when she sees a graphic like that she she has a she has some guilt and that would be and love to I’d love to fucking interrogate her and say to her have you any idea are you actually conscious of what you have done to your country you fucking bitch!




Morgs: She well if it was a video and it was about seeing how hard blacks have it in Britain and that there was a significant proportion or, you know, a sizable amount of people among the black population of Britain thought that there was a plan to bump them off then to get rid of them by in a White privilege, or what about was the White elites all yes then she would be like, you know, the black population have these concerns and we really need to start addressing them we really need to get on top of this position and me tell them everything’s gonna be alright and tell them that these arguments are not really true and we’re doing what we can, but then when it’s something similar coming from the White people whom she represents it’s shut it down well exactly and if she did put together some programs to reassure the fight people who are watching this up it would all be a pack of fucking lies, because I’m really I being replaced it would be like one of those chrome TV video is where everybody just pile it on it to debunk it and terabits internal means and fucking yeah you should start a YouTube channel of her own and Bank my White genocide myth is that I mean, I know the Guardian I’ve got like a YouTube channel I don’t watch it I don’t think when people do watch it Jules put some video on some names, but it will be funny wondering if they did like thriii man, or labour support and this is why my channel 3 was out I’m going to deep link White genocide videos and then you could get somebody like whether they’re Chia to like spend three hours going down bullshit and then it would be a back-and-forth and then eventually we’d find out that, you know, all these new labor types had set up a private discord to Docs us all they get to see you your tubing and below them can you explain messes what she said can you explain me why this content is still on your platform what do we have to do to get this stuff taken down! ?



And you think and if this blonde tart sitting there from YouTube most you think Jesus Christ what a bitch what about freedom of speech she Frank I hope that’s what she was thinking I know cuz she might have been thinking oh god yes we she’s absolutely right how can we be prevailing this filth on our platform we’ve got to we’re gonna stop it I’m gonna delete all these videos and these channels these peddlers of evil and hate, you know, that may be what she was thinking something obviously less less verbose than that but, you know, what if she did does go along with it what if she goes back to YouTube and says the bless us government have these concerns and they’re absolutely right to have these concerns above God to just either ban these channels in pressing lightly abandom in other countries in Europe I would actually just delete them now it could come to that I wouldn’t be surprised I mean, it’s all, you know, it’s like he’s loose rules everywhere are always very vague and he you might think that you’re on the right side of them and then they just decide one day you’re not on the right side of them anymore so, you know, you’re fucked it’s funny that, because I was talking on Skype, or we got to back I know it was like well Steen was the air of the new hope and 2017, or was the Empire Strikes Back and everybody’s been censored every it’s the great shutdown everybody’s just being routed from all Umayr platforms, but okay and it is for a it kind of isn’t like your still hope there’s beans losses on Twitter and my blog still hope and when not we’re not doing that bad and it’s like we’re not being really censored the daily stoma has had fuckin a lot of shit so I really you ought to see a lot, but by and large the great shut down well we’re doing okay um and you can now I mean, that Levi Cooper thing they’re just becoming hysterical it slits like well why aren’t you shooting this shit down shut it down it’s not being shot down well why don’t they tell the audience tell the people who read my blog, or watch all videos on water why don’t they put a counter-argument is, you know, on the public space to say well these people are bullshit debunkers bonkers I will piss on a public invitation right now to a vet Cooper, or any any similar politician if you want to come on my channel for a hangout and we can talk about what you’ve done to the country I will be glad to interview you so that’s just I want to put that out there it’s out there now and well, you know, obviously nothing will ever happen, but I want I said I would love I would love the opportunity to have one of these cunts on my channel these were these traitors!



It would be wonderful, because honestly they would have no fucking chance I mean, not, because I’m a good debater just, because they’re full of lies yeah well the first thing you’d have to deal with was the fact that multicultural it was never put a vote we never asked for it and anybody who raise any objections was shouted down and in Enoch Powell’s time so he won’t like, but 1968 it was about 83% wanted me I think it was just about back there and it was just like stop it just stop it altogether zero immigration and it was 83% I think it was I thought it was 74% who they did a poll someone did a poll I think it was Gallup poll look I may be wrong, but I believe the number was 74% of the British public who were polled agreed with Enoch Powell’s “River of Blood” speech have changed, because we were ignored and you get up to now and the pools which come out now are like 70 see it’s Iran, but no more like suddenly far 5% you consider that like 20% of there are threats in 15 to 20% of the population is immigrant it means the percentage of Whites who wander born fewer immigrants has actually increased since Enoch Palestine mmm-hmm that’s interesting that’s really interesting given the propaganda yeah and well I mean, this is where we get back to the “Holocaust” yell anything, because what I’m trying to do with the blog a lot is to it’s a it’s about raising why creation, or consciousness and then seeing how it manifests itself in the mean, you know, in what’s going on in the world and what’s going on in the culture and what’s being, because the people in the media Yvette Cooper they know they know that it’s bubbling the northerners rising and they’re looking for ways to hem it in and obviously in 2016 we’ve got brexit and Trump and people will say well Trump’s a shill and he’s a controlled opposition and all of that guy thing and I and my points like maybe he is I don’t know, but the point is we got to a point where the weights were willing to go that extra step and that’s a good thing and it’s hard to keep track of these things and I do it is there a kind of silver bullet, or is it just this grinding process of breaking things down in the media and like I say a kind of critique and a never-ending critical theory of the mainstream culture around you, because it’s a gift.



Zz yeah and I think that kind of critique that’s a sort of treat for the more cerebral types who enjoy such things and that’s great and I think it’s absolutely essential, because that keeps them engaged it keeps them interested it gives them something to — it gives them a way to grapple with the situation and, you know, that means that they are going to be evermore well it just maintains their commitment to the cause I think, but also it’s useful, because the more we do that the more people we convert okay we’ll get some wet this is what again I’ve said it before this is why I did the wet nil speech in me, because I thought that’s a good way to reach people who would never look for some lip for an eighth no nation Ellis channel they would never look for ethno national, you know, this type of people I’m talking about Artie, you know, that kind of stuff they may well look for a lecture about worth nil and I yeah and the find my channel I know I think we should all let anyone who’s got who’s good at talking about culture and Arts and Media should be doing channels like that, because it’s a very good way to get to attract the types of people that we need in this movement yeah I mean, obviously I’ve got a lot of posts and the tags and in the headlines I am really into popular culture I mean, the Star Trek I’ve got one up now on the film Trading Places from the nineteen eighties where he it was basically the it was a John John Landis and yeah you don’t need to look it up I know it’s thinking he is and so I don’t want to get your channel shut down and it was really it was saying it’s ridiculous cartoon of wasp America in the early eighties and then what we did was SWAT on me literally swapped an upright the White man with Eddie Murphy a kind of cat, or black guy and they swapped them around and it was a nature vs. Nurture argument so they were saying well what would happen if we swap them more wrong is it all just and what, you know, is it is the breeding as they really say at least the two jokes the applause is it the breeding of the O’s the wasps, or is it nurture I can’t come the blacks Lerner and things like that and it’s really interesting to look at, because that what they’re doing is attacking wasp culture and they’re seeing that it’s elitist and that it’s and White privilege you see a kind of embryonic White privilege in there.



And when you zoom it out it really is a vicious attack on elite White America which wasn’t even in 1983 when it came out it wasn’t even that White anymore if if, you know, what I mean, though the people on the stock markets and Wall Street another group primarily they were running the show it didn’t really have much to do with wasp America and so you see that it’s actually this ethnic kind of attack and yeah and if we were that dominant we wouldn’t have these countless films like that wouldn’t really exist it’s the same way that White privilege if I mean, if White privilege a privilege existed we wouldn’t have White privilege being taught in universities yeah we wouldn’t yeah exactly people wouldn’t be hearing about it, because we would have the privilege to suppress such things yeah I mean, I’m a racist White man and I’m gonna stop you doing that in the university exactly so it’s probably some other group that has the privilege at least in within academia and media yeah to be continued I guess um, but yeah there was something he said about the well I nature versus nurture that has become a massive thing I mean, that this whole thing with Croton that lately the skeptic community was all based on that it you can’t prove it’s nature therefore it probably is not sure, or we should assume it is, because that allows us to be as open-minded as possible um, you know, there is an assumption that you should be as open-minded as possible even to the detriment of your own group which again is it’s really isn’t it, but yeah with regard to I haven’t read your article on trading places yet, but one a similar thing that I really loved was the article you wrote about Saving Private Ryan and I think you said that you based on a YouTube video I can remember yeah I did it was them it was Rob we it’s Rob eager and he’s had a beauty channel gold for the ages and he dismantles films he got a little bit lost in stanley kubrick I got a bit boring, but when he hits the moggy hits the mark and see him Private Ryan he analyzed that not an article on earth it’s actually oh yeah I am he it was the way the German soldiers were demonized and as opposed to the American soldiers in Saving Private Ryan and that was it did it likes Spielberg did lots of little things to ensure the audience would not empathize with the German soldiers yeah, but we’d empathize with the German they’re American soldiers and I was known to the one I thought was the most sort of amazing really was that the German soldiers all had shaved heads the American soldiers all had a mop of, you know, that boyish here yeah and I thought wow I don’t even know what to say until it’s pointed out and then you realize fuck I mean, that’s not even yes far as I know that there’s that’s not historically accurate um well it it’s basically universal throughout the film and it does have that effect.



Morgs: Well it was the age as well the age of the Germans saw I mean, another thing was that the German soldiers when they got shot em they didn’t scream out in pain, but when the Americans got wounded the arrives around on the ground in absolute agony and you saw bits of like ligaments and muscles hanging out their bodies the most famous parts the star of the film where that’s really blasted an ear brain whereas when the film moves on to kill lots of Germans the first thing is the German soldiers themselves are in the late 30s and early 40s the actors and they’ve got this really weathered manly tough look about them and they’ve got I mean, they’re literally skinheads whereas the Americans you’ve got Matt Damon and at that time I think he would have been about 22 and he’s got this kind of big mop of blond hair and they’re all very kind of individuals you can tell one part from the other very easily and they’ve all got their own stories and it goes on long it’s very cleverly done yeah they’re the German soldiers you never hear anything about any of them like their background their story I don’t think he even knew their names there’s a strange thing I mean, and there’s somebody who’s probably listening list called Aaron Kasparov and he did a video of an article allocated which I thought was brilliant and an old order now about how White’s became brainwashed and “Holocaust” propaganda played a large role in that just cut along with the there’s the topic and if you see it this is true if you see it as somebody it might be less true now in the, you know, because of the internet, but I’m Generation X and then if you go to the Millennials it’s pretty true that if you say what was the first time he ever saw a picture of a naked human body well they’re probably gonna think it was maybe a woman topless on the beach, or something like that something kind of benign and I’m not talking about, you know, real life where your mother you’re a little child me and other gets all the bath, or something it’s what is the first time you ever saw a naked human being in a picture, or on television and it’s almost always the cast yeah that it’s a pile of dead bodies from a concentration camp.



And that there’s a lot of reasons behind that and, you know, a certain group in America I wanted to get poem published in the 1960s and the Catholic Church actually warned up on the one that round and said no we’re not gonna do it and then they came back and they said well what about these “Holocaust” things we want to show the reality of the “Holocaust” and yeah it is naked bodies, but it’s a horrible thing and yeah they were guilt-tripped and there was a well okay we’re not gonna put up a fight against that that, you know, you’ve obviously suffered, but the result of that was that the European body in a naked foam and European nakedness White nakedness, because that’s what it looks like there was pile of bodies they look like piles of dead White people naked and that’s the first image that most Europeans today see of a naked European ground is a pile of dead and it’s imprinted and another thing is that you’ll find about movies about the “Holocaust” this is why understanding culture and understanding the general culture is so important to break down and analyze, because this is the fucking a lot which is killing us, it’s psychologically another thing that you’ll notice about “Holocaust” movies is that there’s like a huge amount of kind of soft porn and in general nakedness in the films I mean, Schindler’s List as like extensive love scenes and quite quite hard Carlos teens with Liam Neeson of his girl and then Ralph Fiennes and his lover at a time you’ve got Kate Winslet who there was a phone called the reader where she’s a teacher and she’s like a this lengthy bath scene and the love scene what they’re doing is again and again and again they’re connecting the naked European form to horror and death this is a kind of it’s disgusting! It’s absolutely disgusting when you think of it, because that it means when you look at the nakedness of the European form, the European body are as an object of beauty in and of itself then you instantly go back to horror death concentration camps Nazis evil hitless it and we and we need to get over this we need to find a way to break through this and I mean, this is why I’m quite I’ve got quite a lot of contempt from follow the classic liberal skeptic kind of community. I think they’re just a bunch of bullshitters really.



Because they pretend that they’re free think as a need to understand any of this have V operate within the morality that this kind of fog hands down and instead about me a tacos the attack was for pointing it out well indeed that this is the thing that I’ve gone over this extensively so I don’t want to labor here, but they pretty they claim to be objective and rational when they are not and they are actually very ideological well it’s not just the YouTube community, because I know that being homage and I don’t really wanna repeat what everybody else a, but even if you follow their that the how would you put it the kind of wider classic liberal way of looking at it with Richard Dawkins and sam Harris they’re all inside of this bubble and what irritates me is that they all think they’re so fucking rational I’m so open-minded and they’re not they’re not at all I mean, that there are none Richard Dawkins a while back a few weeks ago where he said and I mean, this is a story in itself so it started on Twitter where somebody said somebody called right-wing rebel who was a Twitter account obvious kind of American patriot conservative free guns free speech type there were conference in Africa to about elephant conservation and this Twitter account said it’s a shame II did care about babies as much is he care about dead elephants, because Dawkins has kind of really opal abortion his fame and what worried what he’s done there and then he replied this and a full blog post and his idea was at the human baby well it doesn’t actually feel it doesn’t have any empathy and so it’s irrational to have it to hold it more dear than add an elephant, or an a live elephant Allah and it seemed that clever argument, because it’s purely rational, because the elephant does haven’t a fee it does feel and it does fear and a human baby in the mother’s womb doesn’t it doesn’t have any memory it doesn’t have any friends and blah, blah, blah and dolphins even used the word speciesism he said this right-wing rebel America was the speciesist the well-being of an unborn human baby over the well-being of an elephant and he another strether enough oh this is fucking mental!



Because everything that talk and subscribes to the elephant empathy taken care of it’s young it feels fear you can ascribe that to the common right so now we now he’s in a bad situation, because now he’s saying that we should care about a rat more than a human baby that hasn’t been born he’s rationalized himself in a fucking lunacy and he even in his own day job he can’t get himself out of this, because what he has argument is to say well why the human baby can’t feel the human baby is nothing it doesn’t have any friends it does not many empathy it doesn’t feel, but he’s already debate his own argument in his entire life’s work, because he wrote a Selfish Gene I feel bad baby than what I do for a fucking elephant, or a rat, because I’m selfish my genes are selfish I protect my own and he’s debunked and they’ve got this problem where on the one hand the door let’s see it all and is, but they all come from there this new atheist crowd sceptics all of it is where you say well it’s all rational and if we have it’s evolution and we have to go for laws of nature and if you when they talk and the Christians they’ll say I don’t give a flying fuck if your feelings are hurt by this I don’t care that it debunks your religion and your theology, but then all of a sudden they turn when you realize where that’s all heading they turn on a kind of liberals and see if what Dawkins on Twitter I talk about open borders and tolerance and diversity even though it flies in the face of every one of his fucking scientific principles you it’s ever shade and I can’t stand these people are really, because Dawkins knows and they’ll see if they sell it to the Christians for years on end we have to abide by the laws of nature we have to go if evolution that’s the facts and I don’t care if it hurts our feelings well okay so see if racial nationalism is just the selfish gene in political fall when it comes down to it it’s not very pretty it’s not very nice, but that’s what it is and then all of a sudden darkness thinks oh shit if I continue on thinking like this if I put my scientific principles and understanding into political form I’m going to look like I’m gonna be like a fucking Nazi so then he kind of lead they do like a kind of somersault and then they said oh well now and this is the occupant where well we’re humans so we have to overcome these barriers we have to write we are rational and we can write we can rationalize, or away into waging war on nature a overcometh vote down brexit and open doors and multiculturalism cannot be done.



Yeah yeah I think this is something that you okay yeah I think this is something that needs to be laid I’m very clearly for people, because it is our glaring contradiction view I mean, as you say it’s interesting, because it does go hand in hand with the progressivism in effect with whatever you call a gala telling us and it’s that same political thing and is tied to well the nihilism that the new atheist crowd peddle yeah and so you get you rationalize yourself into a situation where you can’t say I want my own biological genetic group to have let’s just say in Britain we, because we’ve got an island and it’s easy so we’ve got this island and what we were all pretty genetically similar and it was in our interest to hold this territory for ourselves you cannot use a selfish being argument at all to say that we should have immigrants it can’t be done so then what they have to do is rationalize themselves just to feel like just, because it will go down well it’s walking swanky dinner parties in Chelsea oh well we have to overcome this division why well, because it’s nice it’s a hold on a minute this is just gone an irrational lalalala this is what you hated the Christians for this is why you hated religion, because it feels nice I don’t get and this is where the mean came from oh I don’t give a shit about your feelings how many planks of wood does make to make doors awk oh I don’t know well fuck your feelings and now that doing is seeing themselves well sorry new atheist I don’t give a fuck about your feelings I want a knife no see it yeah it’s as simple as up yeah I mean, I wonder how relevant they are, because I mean, they’ve kind of morphed into the skeptics like that community yeah what I would say about the New Atheism thing in and off itself is I think it’s irrelevant it’s sort of obsolete no, because it’s so fucking empty it’s so nihilistic and I think that we’re heading into well basically where I think we’re heading anti-religious time, because and this is what progressivism this is the purpose it serves for people though and there’s Islam and people respect Islam which is very interesting, you know, and the very same people were talking about have a sort of, or their post rate themselves before Islam I find that fascinating as well.



And yes you could say that’s for also for racial reasons it’s the sort of thumb they know that Islam is strong and they know that they are weak so there are prostrating themselves before it, but as that, but I also think that it’s just a general fascination with religion the idea that people could actually believe in something and this is a huge danger actually, because a lot of Western White atheists well find themselves being attracted to Islam I think for that reason, because their lives are so fundamentally hollow spiritually I mean, I finished the article I did on Dawkins where we just found it grotesque the idea that you couldn’t I found a grotesque and I found that, but he was a total hypocrite, but I I’d known I’d known this for a long time about the atheist crowd and I’m talking about this, because it is the kind of wellspring of skepticism and classic liberalism in many ways so now you’ve got Jordan Peterson and sam Harris and all these kind of gatekeepers and it’s at your care it’s great to see the skeptics being shot down in flames, but there’s bigger ones out there is these bigger pieces I need to be so in and replaced with an overt nationalistic political philosophy, because we are more honest than we are I’m a more consistent I we’re not going to cook it out, because if, you know, that was an there’s a thing on YouTube and it’s going back for 10 to 12 year as well all the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and it’s got Christopher Hitchens Dawkins Daniel Dennett and sam Harris on and they’re all sitting there own stroking each of us cops about how rational they are and about how will they even care about your feelings and we’re going to pursue the truth no matter where it leads and that’s what matters the truth always the truth the scientific truth and we don’t care for pisses you off and then Hitchens is pissed and he says well what about if the bell curve turns out to be true and the older and it takes a couple of seconds and you can watch this and they all look down and they all well, you know, and they just moved the conversation quickly on began I a Batman it’s gone my ten years I didn’t know what the bell curve was and so I had a quick Google search of it no it’s racial this part is an IQ and I thought you fucking frauds you fucking liars here you are sitting telling us don’t care we don’t when Oakland incorrect we it’s always wrong science all right would you and then piss top fucking trot, but the bell curve and you all shit your pants and I just that was me don’t know I thought fuck you guys I’m out!



Yeah well again is this cowardice they will they’re the gleefully destroy things as long as they have the permission of the cultural elite to destroy those things and also the rest of the sadism involved now I don’t think, you know, when they say I don’t care about your feelings I think that’s not quite the whole truth I think they do enjoy hurting people there is a sadism in the new atheist he does he does kill about the feelings that people have he wants them to be upset I think there is a tremendous egotism in that whole thing yeah yeah I mean, but even though I find I find that kind of meme I don’t care about your feelings now I think that’s like a real in and that kind of thing because, you know, where I am you go to a pub and you look along with somebody’s girlfriend and, you know, there’s a kind of exchange and you still look I don’t give a shit about your feelings, but you could somebody’s gonna kick your teeth in you it doesn’t work like that you can’t you can’t go up to Muslims, or jews and say it well, you know, what it is I don’t give a fuck about your feelings, because they’re gonna destroy you at the end of it here, but it’s phrased in such a way about the person who says you’ve hurt my feelings is a victim I’m the kind of snowflake in reality the person whose feelings you’ve just offended I’m gonna chop your fucking head off well exactly bitch is the ones that they can yeah it’s very typical and I think Christians have not stood up for themselves they haven’t stood up for their beliefs well I mean, a video about this years ago in the first year of the channel saying it’s a sad thing that you just see Christians giving in and, you know, I know that there’ll be people in there are people in the life chancing they don’t like Christianity that Christ cocks and all that, but it is still it doesn’t really matter whether you like her, or not it was still a belief system IR unifying that bonded people together and gave them spiritual strength in the West and it’s I don’t think you should celebrate their being deconstructed even if you think you’ve got a better alternative to it you should not celebrate the destruction of this thing, because it might well leave us completely fucking naked no, but I like Christian more than I like the new atheist crowd on this kind of X this lying Russian bullshit which is going to demand that I have the similar MAPI for atella elephant, or Iraq than for a human baby, because it’s obviously ridiculous and based on lies.



Our job I’m happier with Christianity the more I am of that, but in the end I think I’m more than each in time, because I’ve never known anything except fucking hardship that’s it it’s them, but no one I’m not even really really religious, but the more I look into this stuff yeah the closer I come the thing and well it’s not that bad, but I am I am well aware of the White nationalist critique of Christianity on it is pretty damning so I always say, or not to be I’m an agnostic I’m not I do really oh cool one way of the other another one one thing I’ll say about is them just to kind of finish it off no no that, because I was in the New Atheists coffee and it was good a few years ago he went on one who was horrible Sunday morning programs these DPA programs again it’s another reason why you need to understand and deconstruct this shit and there was it set up in a certain way where the idea was women’s rights in Islam and how that’s affecting people in the UK they’ll never say it Britain they would just say UK, you know, stare ayah so he’s like a cone resume yeah yeah and so Dawkins is facing off in the really isettas hope is that they’ve got a few plants in the audience who can ask strategic questions loan it and then we had Dawkins and they had this kind of like cartoon figure of an extremist Muslim with a big beard and he’s kind of fat from the owner benefits and he’s wearing his pajamas Lola and then he turned the tokens and he said and then this clips probably on YouTube and he took until Darwin’s on he said yeah well all your women this is important all your women they’re all just holes and they’re running around half naked and doing whatever they want and dorgon’s replied and he said they’re not our women and what you ha ha yeah anything are you fucking Turkey, because what is body it’s that individualist bullshit what’s God on there I wonder too bad that was gonna go what’s happening the Muslim is the Muslim is calling door ends out as being a cook, because the Muslims kind of right the Muslims kind of right Western White women are out of control and from his in his culture beyond and Dawkins has has kind of unset to this by single than, or ours.



Again it’s like yeah he has been accused of not keeping control of his women he replies by saying not only have I not kept control of them they’re no it’s my women so you can’t even I mean, he’s cut and then he’s been and then he’s cuts himself it’s amazing and, because what he’s doing is saying well we’re all individuals they can do whatever they want, but the Muslim was just thinking and he’s looking he’s sitting there with a big fucking grin on his face, because he’s thinking well, you know, what it is I’ve already got my woman, but I’m gonna take your women as well now, because don’t dorgon’s has disavowed his own woman and what’s worse than that if we get back to his kind of scientific work then after I’ve read I’ve read the ancestors em what’s a cool to be the unsexiest healed Dorgan spooky ancestor steel where you trees fuck and I’ve averaged two thousand pages of this prick telling me about the zebra finch the meals are preference needs the females are roughage it goes on and on and on throughout nature and then all of a sudden, because he’s on television and he’s a liberal he disavows it he disavows at all he hasn’t got any women he hasn’t got any fucking females ah oh god it’s just I haven’t got women they’re not our women, you know, it’s so full you just like I don’t think I even hate them it’s just like get the fuck off the stage get the fuck out of the way you stupid old dinosaur you silly old cunt this big pile of liberal dollop of shit we as nationalists should be driving through this shit like a coach and horses this is just waiting to be taken down now it’s, you know, the sceptics on YouTube are sort of that they’re kind of like little offshoots of it but, you know, let’s go for let’s go for let’s take a whole fucking two let’s rip and hold down, because that’s what it’s gonna take, because the gatekeepers, because they’re telling White people oh well if we’re all just individuals it’s not it’s not just Sauron on YouTube and all of that so there’s a much broader thing and it all needs taken down, but also just individuals we don’t have any women it’s you it’s you crazy Muslim with your big beard you are the problem and the Muslims just sitting there thinking Jesus Christ what a fucking faggot!




Ha ha ha indeed he just bared his his weakness he’s just displayed it to the Muslim who well, of course, be completely it’s, you know, and then what was all these programs, you know, on that one as well they’ve got like this kind of feminist Muslima in the audience and she stands up and disavows that the kind of masculine Putney are Muslim Lucas, but they’ve got telling Richard Dawkins what women are remote control and she says and so this plant this kind of Muslim obsessed GW feminist plant stands up and she says well, you know, what it is it’s, because of people like you Muslims have a bad name and Muslim women like me we are free and we do what we want and again he’s it’s like he’s sitting there the Alpha thinking do you don’t know you fucking don’t so he’s caught he’s got a Muslim feminist on one side and Richard Dawkins on the earth to serve on his own woman and he knows they’re all full of shit yeah well I suppose I mean, even the westernized Muslim women I believe will completely fall into line once the shit hits the fan oh yeah, but the purpose the purpose of having the feminist sjw Muslima on the program is so that John Bull zombie sitting out in la-la land looks at it and he’s there and, you know, he gets the scary fat Muslim thought benefit Muslim with his pajamas on and then from out the audience he gets like that the young Muslim woman who stands up sees you don’t control us we control our own destiny and then like John Bull and Zombieland thinks oh oh, you know, what it’s gonna be okay look at this modern feminist Muslim I was shitting myself when I saw the bollards going up in the terrorist attacks and the grooming gangs and the hundred and fifty billion dollar budget for terrorism in the country, but now that this little feminists gonna stir up and said hey you won’t control us, it’s gonna be okay we’re gonna survive the Muslims that’s the purpose of yeah is to show that Islam is being cocked by the West Islam is being dissolved by the same nihilistic forces that dissolve Christianity so don’t worry yeah yeah they’re not gonna kill us all yeah it’s gonna be okay a Muslim a Muslim girls startup and fault for a Muslim pantry RV, but the Muslim Patriarca is rock-solid yeah yeah it is and I think it and this is a seriously unnerving fact, you know, because we are not we are not solid we need to get fucking solid, you know, individuals and communities especially as communities to be honest so mr. Fat fat on my taxpayer money is selling them’s pajamas just laughing at this fucking weakness!




On the one hand he’s got the White guy Richard Dawkins disavowing his own wall may not lie women now everybody’s and then he’s got this stupid little Muslim teenage girl just talking shit and he thinks this is it this is ours this is ours yeah and we’ve got to make sure that it isn’t theirs I mean, this is a very important thing to emphasize because, you know, and this is the final millennial of the year 2017 I don’t want to end it with despair because, you know, this is essential this is a the fight of our lifetimes the battle that we are going to be involved in whether we like it, or not and for that reason I would say that it’s better to be optimistic than the not certainly about this about this we know we have to have a positive attitude this see I’m always nervous about using the word positive, because it’s, you know, the pause, but we have to have an optimistic attitude about yeah and I think that the yeah, because otherwise and the well more stone, you know, if we believe that we’re gonna fail then we will fail as simple as that so we have to believe even if we turn out to be wrong we have to believe that we are going to win ya know we’re gonna succeed I’m let’s take down let’s take down liberal liars this is my final parting shot look 2017 let’s destroy liberal liars and we’re going to talk about and again this time next year oh yeah will will assuming that my channel survives until this time next year I say that every year, but who knows and if it does get taken down I guess I’ll just start another one, but um yeah I think there is reason for optimism I mean, it’s not entirely of a rational fake it till you make it thing clearly National feeling is on the rise throughout Europe and America and I also think that as a component of that so that it’s still embryonic just now, but it will grow just as the nationalist the Civic nationalist thing was an embryo ten years ago and now it’s far more widespread far far more widespread than it was and within that is the embryo of ethno-nationalism and I think, you know, the developments of the last few months have seen far more mainstream normy types of people becoming involved and that’s becoming voices in this movement and I as I’ve said before I think that is a fantastic sign.




Morgs: Okay I think we have to look at it and in a and aware that we are rats in one of those circular mirrors and the atman rationalist we all right if you want to call out whatever we are on the ultra most sort of contours of the mears, but then we’ve still got lots of people lots of other rats it’s terrible now that’s yeah it’s actually terrible way to pull it, but okay I’ll go with and we need to break down and get them finding their way to us as fast as possible we need a prayer kick down them ears and show them the way to our where we are as fast as possible and that’s why I talked about “Holocaust” reality, because that’s key and, you know, people god problems with daily storm and they’ve said this up yeah, but one way you can do it which you’ve got to be in America for is to take it full on and just shit all over the entire morality both together that comes with costs, but there’s other ways around it explain it at people at just explain the paradigm just explain how it works good, but Hitler evil and that White racial consciousness has been shackled to Hitler as Satan we need to snap that we need to break it and move on yeah and so and the way to do that is to have as many voices doing this stuff as possible, because that, you know, that will create it’s own competition it will create it’s own ecosystem and, you know, I think we’ve seen with just this millennial last year it was twenty four this year that’s been 63f week sixty two if we discount the non identitarian guess that I’ve had so we’ve gone from 24 to 62 and that’s clearly fantastic, because it shows how the movement has grown and I think that we need more and more and more and I think we also need to concentrate things like there should be main channels major channels major outlets that we concentrate power in towards to keep them strong to keep them resilient, but I also think that the more voice is the better and so what I would say to people at the end of this season of millennial is it would be nice to have another sixty two channels on next year that podcasts blogs and so on next year people who have not appeared on this one, because they haven’t even started yet I would like you to start and I’d like you to create something and I’d like you to really try don’t do it by half-measures don’t do it and some lazy wait really put your all into it and do your best, because after all what’s at stake here is Western civilization in the future of the White race so don’t fuck around!




Yeah I’ll just like to say it before we wind it down that somebody’s making a blog I’m happy to post articles some more was reviewed higher your blog yeah and also you’re going to start your own channel and I think when you’ve done that when you when you’ve got a few videos up you could come back on my channel and sort of to advertise it for people that people know that you’ve got your own channel 9 so I don’t know maybe in a few months from now yeah yeah okay I will oh how I’m actually what I’m my YouTube channel is actually gonna look like I don’t know I think it’s gonna be mouki 10 minute videos nothing nothing fancy effects just me talking about events of the day as oh my god right okay all right well um so we end up there yeah um screw me and take care and Happy New Year everybody okay would you like to leave them with some encouraging words Morgoth hit them hard and hit them often okay all right Thank You Morgoth and this is the end of millennial 2017 I hope you’ve enjoyed it and I hope it’s been used to the community I think it has been and I’ll probably do the same thing next year who knows maybe it’ll be a bit different I’m not sure so okay I’ll put up a few more videos in a few days from now, but that’s it basically so I suppose I should just end it thank you for listening thanks for staying with me thanks for supporting me it’s been a hell of a year and I will need your continued support next year I will be here for you so thank you alright wait millennial 2017 is over thank you for listening.











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