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[In this YouTube Hangout (No 2) Morgoth, who runs the blog, Morgoth’s Review, blog regular Jim, and Theberton, talks with YouTuber, Arya Sattya about how she came to be making YouTube videos, the battle between order and choas, Eastern religions, Japanese worldview, Nietzschean philosophy, the Alt-Right, Pat Condell, Counter Jihad, and Holocaustianity, on “Holocaust Remembrance Day” Jan 27 KATANA.]




 — If you would like to improve the accuracy of the transcript please leave any corrected text in the comments section. Corrections to misspelled names, etc., is encouraged. Thank you.


— The tragic, yet funny, “Pat Condell” meme used on the cover, I believe, was originally created in 2015 by John Morlar. It mocks Condell’s constant focus on the Muslim invasion of Europe while studiously avoiding mentioning the cause, organized jewry, falsely portraying jews as a victimized group rather than the arch victimizers that they are. In other words, while Europe goes down he wants to save the very group that are behind sinking it!






Morgoth’s Review


YouTube Hangout 02



Merry Holocaustmas




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Published on Jan 27, 2018



YouTube Description

In our second ever hangout the wonderful YouTuber Arya Sattya joins us to discuss religion, and Holocaustianity on Holocaust remembrance day.






(97 mins)




Morgs: Are we on?


Theberton: And we’re live.


Morgs: Okay, this is the Morgoth’s Review hangout number two.


And we’ve got a special guest, Ayra Sattya today. Hello Arya.


Ayra: Hello. Thanks for having me on.


Theberton: Do you want to introduce yourself Ayra?


Ayra: Yeah. I’ve just started a YouTube channel and I’ve got a Twitter as well just talking about I guess sort of all alts right stuff and philosophy, and things like that.




Theberton: How did you get into this kind of thing?


Ayra: I suppose I’ve been watching like, well YouTube for a long time, and I’ve been subscribed to like Millennial Woes for a few years. So just lots of things happening in the world and like in my life as well. And then watching all of the sort of Millenniyule streams over Christmas just got me sort of really motivated. So I start wanting to talk about it, so, you know, I started a channel and here I am.


Morgs: I think you jumped straight in on the Skeptic Wars, as well?


Ayra: Yeah. I’ve been watching it since like the beginning. So like even before it was like the Gamergate stuff I’ve been watching, like when it used to be about atheism and Christianity. And then it started moving into being about feminism and stuff. So, you know, I’ve been watching it [02:01] come from like the proto skeptic into the proper skeptic movement. And now they’re starting to trying to pivot towards being like classical liberals and things like that.



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[This twelve-minute video gives an overview of the statements of various front-men, overwhelmingly jewish, that publicly promote the “unconventional” genocide of Whites. The ongoing genocide is “unconventional” in the sense that it is not being carried out, yet, by outright blood-letting, as in massacres, but instead by stealth, by psychological warfare that has been going on for many generations now. The genocidal program is being carried out by driving White birthrates below replacement levels, through many methods, such as the promotion of selfish individualism, etc,. Organized jewry did major blood-letting through it being the architect of World War I and II, the “Russian Revolution“, and so many other wars.

The psychological warfare inflicted on Whites through long-term jewish control of media, etc., has mentally softened Whites up with feelings of guilt, to the degree that most Whites are willingly surrendering their lands and people to being invaded by the Third World, that given enough time will completely dominate and finally destroy White societies.

The video ends with a psychological call to arms. Whites need to wake the hell up to what is happening to them and identify the enemy, organized jewry. “Yes Virginia, it’s the f*cking jews!“, and do something about it. If we don’t, then we will be destroyed by the “architects” — KATANA.]








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This is a video i found while on the interwebs



White Genocide


Explained by Its




Published on April 24, 2017



(12:22 mins)






Rabbi: The Messiah will return only once Edom — Europe, Christianity — will be totally destroyed.


So I ask you: Is it good news that Islam invades Europe? It is excellent news! It means the coming of the Messiah. Excellent news.



Gregor Gysi: There has to be a legal [unbureaucratic] way to get asylum in Europe. Countries like Poland — very Catholic by the way — have to be willing to accept [more] refugees.



Oh, and by the way: Every year more native Germans die than there are born.


That is very fortunate. It’s because the Nazis are not very good at having offspring. This [decline of Germans] is why [we] are so dependent on immigration from foreign countries.


See you at the protest. Goodbye!


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