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[In this YouTube Hangout (No 1) Morgoth, who runs the blog Morgoth’s Review. talks with Gentleman Jim Crow and Theberton about the “Skeptics” war with the Alt-Right, UKIP, and the problems facing Whites in general with the invasion of non-Whites into our countries engineered by organized jewry KATANA.]



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Morgoth’s Review


YouTube Hangout 01



Skeptics and Cucks



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Published on Jan 19, 2018



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First ever Morgoth’s review hangout discussing skeptics and cucks, with Gentleman Jim Crow and Theberton.






(87 mins)






Morgs: Weekend hang out number one. And we’re gonna talk I’m with Theberton who does the YouTube stuff, Jim who polishes the comments and other things through the blog, and it’s me Morgoth. We’re gonna have a general banter about the skeptic war, and, what else was on the table Jim?


Jim: The skeptic war, Henry Bolton and his business with his girlfriend.


Morgs: Right. Which I’ve done an article about. I will see how good may be about where the shit will get as well, but the thing with the skeptic war was that we’ve got this little clip that I wanted to have a look okay again that up further there there’s what’s he called me there yeah.


Theberton: I’m here I’m not Sulu, or something like that [01:00] loser Lou I’ve got on my tablet called boozled ooh.


Morgs: Yeah extra expect our favor expecting something why do we go.


Theberton: So got the video a lot.


Morgs: I don’t even well no it’s gonna be great there’s this there’s this skeptic kid I don’t know anything about, or my dad they want to slag them off, you know, and call them names of stuff, but the thing is that they’re engaging more and more with Latos which we all right White nationalists whatever you whatever you want to see it and these debates all these fucking videos keep popping up on YouTube. I’m just overwhelmed with content as they say. And this one popped up and, because it was a bit of a short one I had a bit of a click through it and I came across this question. Now, and I just thought in this [02:03] one question, it’s everything that I think is shit about the skeptic community. And why I’m happy that they’re being torn apart by nationalists. Let’s watch this. Can you play this Theby?


Theberton: Yes. Let’s see if this works.


Interviewer: So can you please explain to me why Anglo-Saxons being a minority in England is not such a bad thing.


Sceptic [he sounds very much like Sargon]: I would say, depending on exactly how it happens, it could just be a neutral thing. If you think that there’s some sort of inherent quality in Anglo-Saxon DNA that can’t be found in other DNA, I would simply refer you to the fact that, you know, these things can change over time. If we select for the quality that we’re looking for, and you guys are right, then it will just be Anglo-Saxons. But if you’re wrong, it won’t just be Anglo-Saxons, but it wouldn’t matter, because you’re wrong about that. So I mean, it’s a pretty simple argument from the Alt-right.




Morgs: Right so when your kid comes running home and see his daddy why am I the only White person in the class to show them that clip and everything will just be honky fucking daughter he wandered I mean, what do you make a lot Jim.


Jim: Um well in terms of the evolutionary argument is wrong on so many levels I don’t know where to start Anglo-Saxon DNA is it so special that it won’t just be recreated in the same environment no, of course, it won’t firstly Anglo-Saxons evolved over tens of thousands of years through hardship and through situations whereby certain traits were selected for those traits don’t exist anymore we now exist in a society of surplus and a welfare state so the traits that made Anglo-Saxons [04:00] special and develop them in the first place will not develop again if you live in a fundamentally different society. The only trait that’s being selected for now is ability to breed you haven’t even got to provide your own children so the idea that if we just let things play out again the same kind of people will arise it’s nonsense. And another point is the idea that well I think it might be slightly off that click clip 30 seconds before of 30 seconds after, but he says something like well what does it matter if Anglo-Saxons become extinct as long as they’re not killed, or wiped out, or as if they don’t suffer any, you know, pain, or hardship in the process well would anyone seriously argue that who cares at the plan that becomes extinct as long as they have a nice life and die comfortably in their beds at night that’s not the point we want to preserve our people and a very important people the idea of suffering in the process of death is neither here, nor there most people thought most things suffer when they die and even if they don’t that’s not the point is, but [05:01] preserving a very important species in life form.


Morgs: I mean, I’ll talk about on a couple of notes on this, because I for me it just sums up everything all the problem having worth meets these classic liberals all of the one of the points what all the accusations against them from our side of this is that there it’s everything gets put into abstractions and sophistry and it’s always well what about the half-castes what about the free speech don’t be a collectivist who pay for the roads, but it doesn’t, but it doesn’t actually address what’s going on in the real world it doesn’t so what he’s done is taken that question and the annie’s is kind of just it’s just utter bullshit, because what how is it not gonna be bad to be a minority why didn’t you just say well it’s gonna be fucking awful it’s gonna be it’s [06:01] gonna be hell on earth I said what.


Jim: He can’t speak to extinction he doesn’t go through the minority stage was to go on, you know, probably for centuries, you know, White mass isn’t gonna just die tomorrow they’re gonna have, you know, centuries of being a minority and the process so it’s a joke analogies kind of.


Morgs: In this particular instance has been convenient to zoom the lens out and then they talk about over millennia so maybe after all the terrorism and the rape gangs and the street violence and the kettle black slaughtering people for no reason once all that’s over then maybe there’ll be some kind of hybrid race of Anglo-Saxon come Jamaican come Pakistani Superman which will still exist., but for fuck’s sake you’ve got a man asking him saying wolf, you know, he knows he knows what’s being asked over there, but he can’t address it [07:02], because if he addressed it then he’d have to admit that I will if PA address the reality he’d have to admit that it was a problem and if he if he I know that was a problem then he’s gonna have to speak out against it and if he spoke out against it he’d be an all right Nazi! And instead of they were not he does the opposite he says well you can use this kind of sophistry and bullshit that I’ve just said as an argument against. So say he’s cool with his crop and then he kind of pointed backwards he points it back to all three all races well there you go you can use this argument against the Alt-Right you can use my bullshit against the people who are saying oh wait a minute it’s gonna be fucking hell on earth as a minority. And he’s proud of it that he’s chuffed on it. And this is why these people are fucking rotten! What are they doing? At least at least with a lefty are the lefty other say well [08:01] you’re an evil White man in Egypt who acts thing pretty much. And what these people are doing they just kind of bog you down and it’s like walking through a thick treacle of shite! I mean, of course, I mean, or on it as well it’s a neutral thing how the fuck can I be neutral to go to be forced in the minority state is in your own country? It’s and I’ve got a couple of notes that you sell at the blog and hey what do you think about that further.


Theberton: Yeah I think sub-zero it’s this kind of very it’s this typical, you know, middle-class detached, you know, everything is going to be within the realm of ideas and, you know, this is huge high value on can rationality and facts and you can see a lot of the classical liberals kind of really get off on that don’t they were all kind of suit themselves is very kind of enlightened [09:00] and it’s like it’s that kind of attitude sort of writ large and it’s also, you know, it’s like we’ve spoken about it before it’s the kind of the cliche of the so absent-minded professor, you know, there’s someone that has that can-do has all these kind of fancy arguments and all this fancy knowledge and stuff but, you know, doesn’t know how to type forgets how to tie their own shoes. It’s a similar sort of thing isn’t it yeah having all these kind of fancy arguments whereas couple of missing the bigger picture completely. It’s a recurrent trait with all these people of missing the missing the wood for the trees I mean, that’s what these people cover it’s the air they breathe isn’t it? It’s go though in, but there’s a way disconnect it’s like the same people that, you know, will get when it comes to the like on the reefs and the streets you’ve seen about the ethno states when it comes to that stuff they get really really into the nitty-gritty of things and, you know, into every sort of finer and I’m missing the point and where it’s missing the big picture well you know.


Morgs: I mean, if you we take [10:03] their kind of worldview and their core values which is individualism and free speech, but then you got YouTube channels right and they all hit collectivism we all read they all hit ethnic groups teaming together to force their will on individuals., but all the they are all individuals on YouTube and some of them own a lot of money and we have the YouTube’s moderated by the Anti defamation League. So then oh he couldn’t miss, you know, so then now they don’t mention that, or he never did in the first place and the thing is just a not see if he did do it, but we’ve literally got an ethnic collective group moderating there and censoring their free speech if they ever went any other problem where they had a [11:03] nice little bit of coin., you know, it what they will do was call a signal the people who are talking about it and they’ve just pissed all over their own values! And it’s just such fucking cowardice!


Jim: I absolutely agree with that, but going back to something thebe returned sadder, but they’ve got all the arguments and they’ve got all the, you know, the facts and all the rest of it they haven’t at all I mean, they are just assuming that if we have this great multicultural experiment it’ll all turn out right in the end and then in a thousand years time the White man won’t exist in this current form, but something else will take shape and it’ll be just as good if not better., but all of the evidence says no. If you look at every human society that has ever existed most of them were awful current Western civilization is the exception [12:01] not the rule and it’s far more likely that the situation that the civilization that arises is going to be abysmal than it is that it’s going to be something the same as better than what we currently have I think this faith that things are just gonna work out okay is not justified by any reference to the evidence, or to history.


Morgs: Yeah, but corn filling.


Theberton: I seen this with a lot this Mississippi nationalists Jim says is this kind of thing. It’s the sort of leap of faith that everything will just kind of work itself out and that things naturally tends towards, you know, to uh sort of a peaceful linear sort of way of turning out, but I mean, just now you can see that even just within our own country that the city’s the whole majority non-White. The cities that have, you know, been the most, you know, burden of mass immigration ever even just a, for example, that we have now is the opposite of what this guy’s saying isn’t it, you know, Western city they can point to this [13:02], you know, there’s majority non-White this actually there’s turning into this kind of classical liberal.


Morgs: Yeah I mean, like Jim said he’s coming up this from a point of view where eventually the Anglo-Saxons will be merged into the Third World and if we select for the characteristics of the newcomers., in other words, if we show bias towards people who have Anglo-Saxon take characteristics then nothing much will change, because they might be a little bit coffee colada they might be a bit, you know, a bit black! What the characteristics will be that we have selected will be Anglo-Saxon ones.


Jim: , but we’re not sorry what selecting for those characteristics at all the only thing we’re selecting for is ability to breed,


Morgs: Yeah, but I mean, even then like the [14:01] writing is on the wall now we can see the writing on the wall now we can see you the groups there Somalians and the Afghan needs and then yeah. If the globalists were the if they really did just want to create a population of consumers with they would have imported millions of millions of Han Chinese people, but the first thing is lots of White men have got yellow fever if they would have bred with the Asian women and then they would have went on and we would have got a high high IQ population which was great at making and buying iPhones., but we can’t we can see that it’s malicious and intent, because the terrorism is already here the rehab gangs are already here. Why do we need the political correctness? The contrary thoughts about it is already here so and when he thinks [15:01] it’s new rule well I think it’s new and, but it’s not it’s why do we need political correctness.


Morgs: Well I mean, one we that’s something I’ve wondered as well as in why do the powers that be wants to make the population less intelligent which is obviously what’s going to happen if you introduce vast numbers of lower IQ people. You would think you would if you want to create a populace that you want the best quality population you can have. One one sort of the apparent is that I think it applies particularly to Mexicans in the US and Hispanics, or things of that the 90 IQ is ruined about the sweet spot., but we’re aren’t where if you’re in that level you are intelligent enough to work intelligent enough to produce, but stupid enough to buy any crap that people want to sell you. I believe the Hispanics in the US are the greatest consumers of media. They’re the people who’ll go watch any movie that’s out there the people, you know, buy [16:01] the latest brand of trainers, or whatever it might be. And I think they’re trying to breed us to a sweet spot of about a 90 IQ for the masses not the Elite obviously they’ll keep themselves separate, but they want us in the 90 so we’re stupid enough to buy all their crap they’re still just about clever enough to work,


Morgs: And they reckon I think they’ll still be a few Whites around and they can import Indians to do jobs in Silicon Valley and design cars, or things they got so that they don’t know they will these kind of big companies will be able to select. There are they donate around from around the world they like the cleverest people to produce these be sold to the kind of 90 IQ cattle., or even then I mean, this and this is the great classic liberal future, because these [17:00] people are expecting like what will it be like a kind of half Somalian half kind of Welsh hybrid thing to sit around reading Thomas Paine and Locke? ,


Jim: , because that’s another thing Stefan Molyneux has got a lot of good material on this, but the idea of classical liberalism that is entirely Northwest European and entirely White. The dark races are getting no interest whatsoever in these things. If you look at voting patterns and then the you who asked this has been, you know, it’s a very well studied blacks and browns I’ve got no that they don’t have the same concept of personal risk instability they don’t have the same respect for liberty these just are alien concepts. It’s like asking us to appreciate yin-yang, or some Chinese philosophy it’s just not all of us and it’s not all of them. So he, you know, Western liberalism is all abuMorgs: It’s [18:01] nots of them they’re never going to adopt it’s not something to interest them. There’s no historical example of a non-White population adopting classical liberalism,


Theberton: Right another thing that’s amazing I think is that people like this guy and loads of the classical liberal types they sort of like to see themselves as the, because they don’t really take a side either way they kind of like to see themselves as the political referee, you know, managing things from either side. And it’s a nice easy way to kind of, you know, seem like you’re all above all this., but yeah the reality is that they’re they actually the ball itself being kicked around either side.,


Morgs: I mean, classic liberalism was all you ever do is sit on the toilet keep the toilet seat warm for somebody else until they get pushed off. Whether it’s from the far left I would say the their cultural Marxist left. I mean, the cultural Marxists starting from about the 50s and the 60s the it [19:02] just went through the classic liberals like shit through a goose! The classic liberal ideology has been a fucking failure time after time after time! Where was their resistance? The neo Marxist came after the war. It was a concerted effort start starting with Nuremberg, where nationalism and European ethnocentrism would basically they’d put it in a hole and throw away the hole! It would be just buried deep deep underground and forgotten about! And the kind of as this, you know, that J left, let’s say it, they understood the danger of nationalistic thought. And they knew they couldn’t take it on an equal and they still don’t to be honest. So it just had to be buried and forgotten about. Like I’ve said in a few posts like on Game of Thrones where you’ve got that wall [20:01] oh it was kind of let’s put them up let’s put the White Walkers up there behind the wall and guard the wall and make sure they never get out. There the liberals got smacked all over by the left, who went through them really easy! Just by inverting all of their values and then when it looks now I mean, it’s only YouTube drama and stuff like that., but it looks like the same things gonna happen to them again, but from the right! , because they don’t actually stand for anything! , but just like I say they’re just keeping the toilet seat warm for the next group who’s gonna push them off and take a dump on it.,


Theberton: Don’t wanna yeah yeah it’s just like it’s like they’re just sort of saying just, you know, just have society, you know, just have just leave leave us alone leave us with our individual, you know, our personal responsibility and all, you know, it’s like just someone else take care of someone else, you know, which they actually risk,


Morgs: It it’s something like the status quo, it’s gonna last forever [21:02] and be you okay and it’s obviously not! I mean, that’s also what he assumes and they’re in this answer to a basic question and it’s a fundamental question I mean, we could go through the whole video can’t be assed. Just a question how is it gonna be good for the English people in England, because I think it’s there what’s it called you, or something. I think he he’s just an English lad and so he’s being asked how is it gonna be good for your group for us to become minorities in our own country? And it’s not! It’s obviously not! It never can be! It never can be a good thing to become a minority in your own country! , but as I said, he can’t he can’t just say it, because and he talks about they talk about all of them they alternative-right, the nationalists so they did have one it’s all about ideology and the lefties [22:01] and the SJW’s it’s all about ideology. Well here you can see that he can’t even address the basic question head on, because of his own ideology. And so what he has to do is give an answer to a question I wasn’t even asked in the first place! He has to kick it into the long grass and zoom the camera right away. If we become this kind of Anglo-Saxon and another thing it’s in assumed assumed there’s this kind of will the power kind of well you look if we come out on top, which is another, so he’s going right in the evolutionary kind of thinking. Well if you do have sufficient will to survive then it’ll be okay. Put that all right you can go down that road pal, but that’s our way of thinking! That’s a strand of right-wing thinking where might is right [23:01]., but they don’t like that either.,


Jim: And also sorry and will also eat a branded political thought evolves in a certain situation in a certain time in place. Classical liberalism evolves primarily in 19th century England. A time when England was 99.9% White and everyone you were these third the old common values that there was a functioning nation. And in those circumstances classical liberalism, or something like it could work. I mean, I do have some sort of libertarian/classical liberal tendencies. I don’t believe in freedom of the individual and that kind of thing in context., but that kind of thing can only survive in frankly an ethno-states, because everyone’s got to be on the same page and all the same values. So these classical liberals they should be White nationalists they should be further to the right than us! , because it’s only [24:01] our worldview they can protect their values,


Morgs: It reminds me that there are like hobbits from Lord of the Rings where they a lot of they’re blind to the all these there’s a you’ve got these huge issues going on outside of the Shire and the Shire itself is in danger. What they do and see oh we just cling on if we just keep planting turnips and drinking Mulberry wine every we’ll be everything will be okay just keep calm everybody. And it’s fucking not! It’s not! And I’ve got a little bit of sympathy in that way that they ‘re still in the classic liberal especially., because a lot of them seem to be in Britain. It evolved in Britain. I’ve got a kind of sympathy for them, because they are just kind of, you know, don’t run for the exits., but they’re like the people on the Titanic who say don’t put the lifeboats out [25:01] yet, because people are panic! It’s gonna be okay! We will stop the ship from sinking! Don’t make things worse. And it’s not! It’s not! The ship has hit the fucking iceberg and were going under! , but there is a this kind of little Englander mentality of just don’t be extremists! Don’t be extremists! Will work and out. And it’s not! You’re not gonna work out! You’re not gonna work Out fucking fourteen hundred girls raped by Pakistanis in Rotherham! And I know all the rest of I could go on and on and on and I’m sure the people listening. The horror is here and it’s happening now. The demographics are baked into the cake as they say in America and it’s here in England as well.


So this idea we can just kind of well if everybody just have everybody just meant vidual be okay I gotta work. I mean, how are they actually gonna do that how are you gonna police [26:00] for people connect Lighting’s. Howdy are they gonna ban what’s it called in Britain, the jewish community secretary trust, or something I got it’s called. I mean, if somebody gonna make it as a skeptic gonna make YouTube videos in well, sorry sorry lads sort of put we’re gonna ban your organization, because it’s ethnic collectivism and, you know, you’re trying to push your agenda on the general population., of course, that’ll be fuckin hammered for it. They’re not even gonna be able to ban any Muslim organizer. Let alone how let’s see certain groups get into the BBC, or on the media and other newspapers and then they start helping each other even though it’s not written even though it’s kind of just realizing a name and that somebody went there’s somebody else’s ba-mitzbar it’s far [27:00] and, or well okay he’s a good one I’ll get him a job to worry and I’ll get him a job as a columnist in the independent would be Fame. How are they gonna police state for all that happening well they can and these people sorry they’d have to lease it,


Jim: Well they can’t and they wouldn’t even want to, because they believe in freedom of associations they believe that people should be able to join together with like-minded people. So their whole worldview is based on the assumption that everyone else is like them and the people will want to group together around, you know, particular interests, or philosophies and not around race., but if people do choose to lump together around race, or not thing they can do about it. That’s why their beliefs are fine in a White ethnos their, you know, classical liberalism is a nice way to be, but it’s just fundamentally incompatible with multiculturalism,


Morgs: It’s fine I mean, it’s fine in an all-white country as a set of ideals to aspire to, and, you know, the you [28:03] get the pasta on the church, or the school teacher to say well everybody’s an individual and you’ve got to give more individual rights and the freedom of speech and treat them with each bag of things ago that’s all well and good., but the first problem is pop out of the womb and start crawling around on the floor thinking about Thomas Paine and John Locke. From my point of view, because as I guess I’m a hardcore racist, kids do come out of the womb and stalk around with they need to be with my mother their ethnocentric their racist I’m not kind of through that what they’re gonna just waste show love that a week oh it didn’t happen we do a leg out it doesn’t so we’re just gonna wish it all away. It’s preposterous and I just wish [29:01] and that, you know, the problem is I don’t hear I must say a lot of memes are they’re pretty vicious to be honest. And I just want them to find some balls and jump on board with us instead of instead of this sophistry instead of this bullshit! , you know,


Theberton: I think it’s also easy to forget, because we’re us three often, you know, always in these kind of circles it’s easy to figure out that for a lot of people even just identifying even just calling ourselves a group even just to admit now, or to conceptualize that is, you know, you’re getting into some risky territory, even in their own minds, you know, let alone saying that, or when we’re in a minority it’s going to be fine. I mean, I don’t know that this is disconnecting them thinking that were all individuals, but he’s fine to admit that, you know, if we do become one, or if we to become minority, you know, it’s the ever shifting sands of us against them.,


Morgs: It yeah I mean, but the problem is though the we’re talking I’m [30:01] not talking about somebody that I’ve just bump into on the street. I’m talking about people who are act like engaged that they’re engaged in politics and a critique of a general coach our commentary on the general culture then they’re not unaware of the realities of it. They’re constantly watching videos about about rapes and Sweden, or who they’ll see thousands upon thousands of memes about who’s ruling the media in America who’s against Trump in America what. These people are in the game! That’s the difference! And to be in the game and still at this point and still count a signal like you may not like the ethno state and, you know, what are you gonna is the ethno state gonna ban my porn and my video games, or whatever? It is they say against, but who’s gonna build the roads and the ethnosphere alright alright [31:02] fair enough, but in Europe we already had the ethnosphere. And they’ve been taken away from us we we had the ethnos states in Europe and they’re being robbed! Against the people here so they’re gonna have to shift their arguments to kind of justify that, or they’re gonna have to just join us., but I don’t think they can sit in the Middle Ages for very much longer.,


Jim: Well I don’t think they can and their rationality is becoming their achilles heel. If you see what’s happening in the skeptic given is he really lately we’re trying to deal with race realism they can’t deal with it, because the evidence is on our side and it’s completely on arguable the races are biologically different so you cannot adopt a holier-than-thousand I only follow the facts in evidence philosophy and not acknowledge that the races are biologically different and the more honest ones among them are increasingly [32:00] drifting towards us I’m thinking of Andy war ski who is a no amusingly called Andy race war ski, because he’s a adopted he’s accepted racial differences and guys like Jean Francois Gary pay and those kind of people the bore honest ones are saying yet that the science is undeniable the races are different and the ones who remain are being left tie themselves in ridiculous philosophical knots to try and deny the obvious,


Morgs: Yeah and well I think well this is an example of it to be honest. It can’t be done it’s you they can’t hold this position it’s ridiculous and the this lad here, you know, he has he got a girlfriend is gonna have kids just what does he see in the future. I mean, he looks young miss Rawlings about 27, or something you see it he seems like a good lad., but the problem is these kids [33:00] are gonna grow up in a minority and the majority are gonna hate their fucking guts! And there’s no you can’t get around that and we’re not when it’s I think it’s really important to stay the game it this I mean, I can understand why, but the debate itself being shifted really heavily out American situation and the ethnosphere and then what constitutes is White your my great-grandfather was like an Indian, or something did he can I get on the after estate and they try and trip the Americans up on this all of the time, but in Europe we don’t have that problem in Europe we were ethno-States and so now they’re gonna have to justify the one way they can do it is by saying well it’s a natural process, but this is just the march of modernity, but again that’s gonna fall flat on it ass, because it’s illegal in Britain to have [34:02] a party representing the native people. The PA it happened with the BMP debris the a of the amid a test case of the BMP where they could see well it was illegal, because the BMP was really quite solely White pretty surely, or something they had this thing in their in their manifesto going on 2005, or something and the government said well no you can’t do you’ve got to be you can’t discriminate against people I’m the oven there was a kind of the idea was that the party was gonna get swamped with non weights and just kill the party that didn’t actually happen, but the precedent was set the it was now illegal for a half party representing the native people of Britain. So to get back to this idea that this is all just some kind of the natural flaw it’s just the way modernity works it’s just the ebb and flow of history it’s all perfectly natural. That’s [35:01] completely fuckin bullshit! A more accurate analogy would be that somebody is holding our head under the water and then when we try to come out for air they’re pushing us back one down brings on my head with a fucking hammer! ,


Theberton: Yeah every months we’ve let the whole flight listen to Jordan Peterson it’s a similar thing it’s like it’s almost like the last hundred years haven’t even happened in some ways, you know, it’s like all their idea is just on it’s just it’s just not enough it’s the this so many more salient things going on there that just isn’t part of their it’s not they don’t have the sort of psychological framework to even begin to confront some this stuff,


Jim: Well that’s it in terms of what’s going on in the world today and people who are concerned about things like feminism and classical liberalism and, you know, all these kind of things it would be lovely if we’re in [36:00] time to worry about those concerns that we fantastic if that was all we had to worry about, but we’re prone to invasion the only thing that matters is immigration if it’s not addressed very, very quickly indeed it’s game over I mean, there is nothing else that’s even worth discussing and that’s what’s going on in the US particularly with the whole wall business they’re trying to, you know, fall butt off and kick it into the long grass I think for the US that dies already cast already White babies are in the minority I think the United States is beyond saving. So as far as the United States goes it’s either a multicultural hell, or secession and separation in two different states, but they’re different ethnic groups and, of course, have multicultural lands for those who want to. That’s absolutely fine., but for Europe as more go away at least as we are we were ethnos States up until not much more than fifty years ago and we can still be returned to being at those states, but the longer this goes on the more difficult it is and someone made a good point to me recently [37:00] regarding Northern Ireland and, you know, if an ethnic population has dominated a territory for a few hundred years do they not then acquire a reasonable claim to it and I think that’s true I mean, and the United States cake is the blacks have been there for hundreds of years none of them could say I come from act place in Africa none of them of God exclusive ancestry in one place there’s no place you could sensibly return them to. And as the longer this multicultural morass goes on the more difficult it is to say no folk here you hear from there you better get yourself back there. So I think the window for Europe to set itself straight is quite narrow, because the longer this goes on and then all these people intermingle and become less distinct from their ethnic auckland’s the hard will be to send them back there,


Morgs: The difference between Europe and America and I think it’s Americans I’ve got a horror sell the Richard Spencer kind of look at with the [38:01] ethnosphere and obviously the people the debate was saw gone awry they picked up on it and what do you want to know is the policy decisions and then the ideological makeup and the ethics of the ethno-state of itself. That’s not something we have to deal with in Europe the I mean, you know, the Americans gotta team about themselves those arguments the Americans got a theory I know the kind of contours and things I got in Europe what we have to establish is do the teens have a right to Denmark do the Norwegians have a right to know where to eat your the boy British as it stands on the census I’m not even that much of a purity guy do the White British as it stands on the census to make it easy have a right to that own country and once it’s really a [39:02] moral system and fef the answer is no they’re gonna have to explain why not especially when it’s been against our will every step of the way. And so the in that way in Europe they’ve got a much higher hurdle the jump over to argue against our points in the America, because of history the way it is they’ve gotta do something with the blacks and things I got, but in Europe it’s not so we don’t have to argue about well what would it be like what would a 99% White Britain actually look like? What is somebody gonna censor my porn? What would it be like? We don’t have to answer that the question for now is do we have the moral right to our own countries? To remain the majority and be as ourselves on our own soil that’s the question of the age. Under the in this case of the skeptic kid [40:01] just basically said well it doesn’t exist it don’t know it there is no question it’s just a matter of how bad, or how good it’s gonna turn out and even then his reply was well it’s gonna be pretty much neutral it’s we’re gonna mingle a and I’m gonna look like facili in fucking forever you call them?


Morgs: Favella.,


Theberton: I think it’s something you said earlier that is also it’s a strange thing you see from the people that are very much involved in this and, you know, very much part of the sort of YouTube skeptic, or anything to this of the laughs of the skeptic community we know that making the distinction between them and just your average normally in the street I think you’re saying other day more guff about I might Ben Kevin Logan, you know, someone who is doing everything that’s going on, you know, seeing all the seeing the grooming gangs, you know, seeing the [41:01] Terrorism the acid attacks, you know, and all the rest I mean, that’s what do you think about that what’s going what’s going on they’re the people that are fully aware of all this, but today it’s nothing’s getting through.


Morgs: Well I think in any take somewhere in this Soviet Union in the Soviet Union you had, because everybody will point out with the jewish dominance of the Soviet Union, but the middle level at the middle level and the camp guards they were all Russia’s and that’s what we do, you know, if you’re dealing with any end and I know it sounds like a cliche, but in the end they are just fucking weak! They are just weak people! The Left ideology and way of looking at the world especially when it’s as dominant as it is now it it’s just like a magnet to weaklings, because that you don’t have to stand up for anything you don’t have to stand again against any kind of hostility [42:01] views, because if there’s a whole it’s like everything’s being handed to them all these shut down terms all of this moral superiority. The globalists of them all of the work for they’ve worked out the entire game plan for them. Even going back I mean, I think it was the Rockefeller Institute which funded Herbert Marcuse uses were things they got, because he had all of these people, you know, same background going over from Europe at all over and Herbert Marcuse and they were all from the Frankfurt school and they fled Germany and they ended up in America, but what always interested me was that be the Lama there who how did they pay the rent come from, because they were all very well off and very comfortable and they sat around there I think it was I think [43:02] it was Marquess who could be wrong a core member, but there was one of the more prominent ones and he absolutely adored Beethoven and Varga I think it’s I can’t him about have to look myself maybe for next thing the book there’s a series that is he is above it which they’ve got the strange paradox where you’ve got somebody who’s jewish and, you know, writing the groundwork for cultural Marxism., but he loves European high culture I mean, is there not a paradox there. He couldn’t stand jaMorgs: Music he here in it and it was just well and this lifestyle which it took fundamental ng and a lot of our Institute formula at that point there I mean, I’ve went off on a bit of a tangent, but the point is that it was all being funded from big money from the Rockefeller Institute from [44:00] roster central bank’s trilateral commission things they got going back down to the absolute gonna like that fat fuckin and teddy bear thing Kevin Logan this chubby kid from Birmingham I mean, everything was worked out for him before hand absolutely everything and what he got was a kind of set of ideals that it was like paint by numbers here you go this is what you believe this is what you have to see these are the arguments you hold these are morals II called now go forth amongst your own people and destroy them! It’s just weakness weakness! Absolute weakness! And then on top of that they think that free thing is, of course, against the system it’s a, but then he’s at the extreme end of the system, but [45:00] then you’ve got the skeptic community who by definition should be thinking hang on a minute I’m making YouTube videos on YouTube and I’m earning some pretty cash from like it’s going walk here and what do I hear I hate racial collectivism I hear it censorship a free speech and lobby groups try to impose their will on individuals and oh the ADL is all of that, but I’m not gonna talk about it, because then I’d be out right well maybe the fuckin Alt-rights is right! Maybe you’re just gonna have to admit that you’re wrong! Of what happens when we’re a minority in our own countries oh well that’s a difficult one, because if I had answer honestly it’s gonna be hell on earth, so instead of kicking into the long grass and come up with a kind of really clever sound an order of pata that means nothing! , you know, the people who are work with would listen to rock metal clip only it’d be really confused [46:00] by an intimidated by it. Was that if you say and well they’re shipping in all the Afghani zanna’s volumes of my my town now and what’s it gonna be like when, you know, there’s more of them than us? And then you get this kind of really esoteric abstract I’m sorry well maybe your town will be stronger for it if you select in the town for fuck’s sake! No it just means you’re gonna have bags of horseshit pushed through your letterbox! Means your windows are gonna be put through and your fucking door against touched up by Somalians on the way in school you twat! It’s not gonna be good and it’s not neutral!


Jim: You look what ice having you so you’ve been at out a lot of interesting points there’s there going back a couple. The idea that you can say to the general populace do we have the [47:01] right to exist there Danes of a right to Denmark the Norwegians of a right to Norway the kind of answer you’ll get from a lot of people is and I’ve had this experience myself a lot of times for who says a black man can’t be a clue she can be black in English he was boarding, or he was draw here so that’s step one that’s the mentality you’ve got to deal with, you know, a black man plays for my football team so, you know, our idea for him at the weekends and my friends black and, you know, he likes the same kind of things that I like so I think you’ve got to break down the separation of why a black man can’t be English.


Morgs: I mean, that I mean, I don’t want to do a like these three and three hour and 50 minute long livestream so that fits nicely and the next topic which is cuckoo servant lives and Henry Bolton’s little bit hot Tottie girlfriend, because that’s basically what his argument was wasn’t it.


Jim: Was that his [48:02] counter-argument that it I heard her a comment, or his response.


Morgs: I mean, I’ve got I’ve got an argument okay we can maybe I’ve got a a blog post up about it we can put it under the video of this about Henry Buhl know what’s happened, because some people may not know if they’re in America and something and they haven’t read the blog post which you should do and they might not be aware of that there that’s just get into what something you keep, or this like Civic Nationalist Party in Britain they got us breakfast it’s so fairly a lot the, you know, we’re gonna call not one for that, but the new and it they’ve got like and over the last year they’ve had about five leaders, or something, or how many it is and then all of the other leaders are really boring and I may get the Putin that the parties it’s the end it’s just the party’s just collapsing in on itself. So they’ve [49:00] got this blue can be Putin who’s like who either crush list and he let he dumped as he said in his fifties and he dumped his wife and kids to take off with this little bit hot toddy kind of titties out model, and it turns out she it’s been leaked that she’s said she would never sleep with a black man and she thinks that Megan what she called the Megan Marco lost some finger food worrying from sorry it’s gonna hear seed it’s gonna cause she’s half black. He’s gonna taint the royal bloodline and he’s dumped this girl he’s don’t this model, because she’s racist! , because she doesn’t find black men sexy! You, but this is the right wing this is a discipline right and they’re kosher [50:01] right in Britain where they’re fuckin he’s gonna dump his girlfriend, because she’s not racist, because just, because she’s a pianist, because she doesn’t find black men sexy! Fuckin hell! .


Theberton: Yeah it makes you realize just, you know, really draws to attention just think the currents of climate like surely that can’t be his actual it can’t be his actual reason for no it’s a riddle can you imagine him having the conversation to her, you know, or when he had she had to kind of let it go I wonder what it was actually said I wonder if even to her he still kind of had to, you know, toe the party line and under how under how honesty was in that.


Morgs: Well when they first got together um she she making it was a kind of tweet a storm thing, because she said that the ground felt, or fire thing and was [51:03] just it was really just a bunch of it she called it a nest of immigrants I was going up in flames and she didn’t give a shit she didn’t give a shit! Hahahaha! And then so he knew that before hand and you can’t tell me that she dinner they’ve been having dinner and he’s been buying her all these fucking watches and everything like that he knew she was racist for Christ’s sake! Well then in the end he’s not the choose the party, or whatever it is, but in the way how it looks as pathetic! Absolutely pathetic! To say, well I’m 54 years old enough about a 25 year old supermodel for a girlfriend and she’s like ah sorry what she’s racist I’m gonna laugh like that occur he’s never he’s never gonna sleep with a woman like that again! His wife back, because he’s a backstabbing two-timing scumbag yeah [52:01] what’s he gonna have? And I’m really sitting like alone at night and thinking oh my god wouldn’t it be great watch it wouldn’t it be great if Jo was here now coming in and a skimpy little panties with a little the-shirt on just fresh out the shower! Fucking lovely! Oh I let it cool, because she didn’t fancy black men! Hey fuck off! Well that’s what can anybody respect that.


ZTheberton: Well that’s what hope, you know, for at least half the country think as well the same people would call you Kipp far-right, you know, no that’s what, you know, their actual leader is it’s done it’s just.


Jim: It’s absurd on so many levels I mean, firstly I cannot believe that he is genuinely horrified that his girlfriend doesn’t fancy black man. I mean, who in real life would say oh no she doesn’t like black that’s her father. I mean, it’s ridiculous [53:01], but the second absurdity is the level of cockiness I mean, what he’s doing is bowing down to media pressure I mean, he doesn’t care it doesn’t fancy black man he’s probably quite pleased about it. Which he should be., but the media have said all that so rages that’s disgraceful you cannot hold those opinions and it just shows your house Sofia our society has now become nowadays not only can you not hold unapproved of opinions yourself you can’t even associate with anyone who holds unapproved opinions. So if you hold opinions which the media deem inappropriate everyone around you is supposed to unperson you lest they be tainted by those opinions. It’s mental! .


Morgs: And then the media of he’s caved in to the people who want to destroy a party anyway I’d like you clip it’s one of those things it’s different for the Conservatives and I hear the console [54:02] is far more than you, but the Conservatives he can police think well then you can begin listening. Sorry the dog was humping my leg! Anything well he had it but.


Jim: You didn’t hear me laugh and I was buted there was laughing at the dog humping your leg! I said that’s a nice image! 95% of Tory’s will probably thought fine black people attractive and wouldn’t want their qualities that their partner finding black people attractive it’s the media [55:00] who set up this entire false reality that everyone’s got to subscribe to no one very few White people find black people attractive I would see a subset of females the and they’ve largely been led by the media by say 90 95 % of the population of with no interest in blacks whatsoever so the idea this is some outrageous opinion to hold that, you know, that they should discuss than appalled that the general populace is mental! It just comes from the media normal people don’t think like that.


Morgs: No, but even the people that we have caved in will hear them anyway, because it and it’s if you look at who they’ve came to know they’ve basically caved into the mainstream, but the whole idea of you Kip was to go against the mainstream. At least in theory it was the idea well we don’t give a shit with the Guardian says. We don’t care about the BBC those people [56:01] all the enemies and that’s fair enough I mean, even if I’m not gonna Google, you know, that they’re not gonna go very far that they’re really weak, but then even then it was soon as the people they have designated as enemies which they have over the years attack them they’re gonna fool in an instant. They’re not gonna put any faith at once well you didn’t your 25 year old supermodel girlfriend rather than have a bad opinion piece in The Guardian and it’s not gonna work and he knew it’s not gonna work this is pathetic! In this call this konkwon I mean, especially now with social media like trumpet soon you can outdo that easily oh my I mean, how many eyeballs does a an opinion piece in The Guardian get out, or how many people actually watch news late well if you’ve taken a consideration up against that is [57:02] hundreds of thousands of people on Twitter day in day out the it’s as if they don’t understand the reach of social media and yet you kit was supposed to be the new sawy right-wing party which would get on get a cup so all’s the BNP didn’t I mean, going by the BNP didn’t understand that at all the PNP went up against the entire establishment with absolutely nothing and they were much more hardcore than UKIP and either they didn’t have a fucking clue about social media and about memes all about anything right now I mean, be having a Facebook page they had websites and that was it they just kind of marched up to the doors of the Citadel and said where he had to take over. I mean, of a million votes, or something. They’ve got people you’ve got the most half people more in the reach of social media against rights [58:02] of water, or you a YouTube channel and these kinds of things and yet there’s still yeah, so Silvio must knew that well, you know, the mainstream is not water ones we don’t have to cave in to them like we used to, because there’s something else to get the message and yet they still give in. And I think that’s interesting I mean, we were talking about advertising the other day as well that’s it it’s a similar thing, because why there’s this stop fundamental ng here it can’t be him well let’s add I don’t know then who’s involved, but let’s just say howdy places advertisements in the daily meal and you’ve got these left-wing groups they miss come with lobby group this company and thing called stopped running here and there won’t advertise us who I’m feeling ill and bright bought to stop advertising here no the other Tigers can [59:03] always just turn around and say, you know, what we don’t give a shit fuck off. We don’t care what you think, but they’re doing they actually care VIN they actually care VIN anything well one who are they trying to appeal to surely they’re thinking of the bottom line. Do you I mean, why it’s in it it comes down to the fact that we the Left cooled the more of the general concerns the morality is not neutral it’s not all people think this decent people think that is they like the put it yesterday concerned about Trump coming there to Britain where well we’ve got a lot of good people in this country who just doing what Donald Trump yeah. Well it’s not good well there’s enough there’s other people who will Trump yet not good then so how does it work well it means that the [60:00] moral virtue is bound up and kind of entwined with left-wing morality and that’s the not Henry Bulls gonna have. And you can tell that, because nobody really cared that he left his wife which in conservative circles that should have been worse leaving the mother of your child and the kids the wife to go off for the young lass should have beat her much worse for Parvin than the fact that, but the young lass that he ago no they did the new little blonde bit cloth is a racist. No conservatives should have given a shit about the fact that she was a racist, but he should have been outraged that he left his wife and kids. That would have made sense. I could have got that., but they didn’t they’re just totally cuckooed so the conservative idea of sticking with your wife and bringing up the kids is through out the window, but you bend over as soon as the [61:01] left find out about your new girlfriend’s a racist. If they can and again the morality the is a left-wing ideal and you Fe had any brains they’d be fighting against that they’d be saying well no he could just point it out and say what he did he didn’t really care when I left the wife, but you do care, because new girlfriends, or missus what kind of fucking bullshit, or out is this.


Jim: Well that’s a and I don’t think there’s one recorded instance of someone being forgiven for cucking. I mean, talking and apologizing is something his girlfriend will not make the media few more favorably, or a for autumn a more favorably see may as well not bother the only proper thing to do is to praise now for the only sensible thing to do is brazen I’m not saying it’s morally right after he left his wife for her, but the other interesting point you made was regarding UK and don’t they have people [62:01] monitoring social media and monitoring what’s going on and frankly I’m really not sure they do I think you kept seemed to be all Tories, you know, some Tories from the 80s and 90s and I don’t think they have their finger on the pulse of the cutting edge of the Internet the old way on all those kinds of things and I think if they, or a party like them did that it could be a lot more successful. That’s what’s happening in America so they withdrawn from the Alt-Right that a lot of is the youth who are seeing the horrors of diversity I mean, anyone that’s going to school today they’re going to be looking at their lucky 25% ethnic minority up there maybe 50 percent depending on where they are the country. Going to school today is a very different experience to what it was we went to school and as the youth are seeing the horror of it and as the youth that are increasingly going wife with seven generations icon and all the rest of it and I think any right-leaning anti-immigration party really needs to be youth focused to make any progress that ain’t new capes so blue in story [63:03] philosophy is not going to last that long.


Morgs: I mean, you can see I think I’m Marie Walters party is a lot more interesting than you kid, but I know you don’t like her, because she’s an Irish lesbian. And Christ I can sympathize math, but she this for Britain thing is breakaway is much more sawy with Twitter and YouTube and things they got. It’ll be interesting to see where she goes with this, because she’s much more within our reach I mean, you kept to me you’ve always been these kind of boring libertarian golf club twats and the conservative such as dead-eyed corporate zombies and so there’s a kind I think that’s gonna be this battle for Walters. As I might not the idea that she’s an Irish feminist lesbian is [64:01] pretty repulsive., but to me they’re just they’re just vessels to carry our ideas into the mainstream. And armory war as us like constantly engaging on Twitter how’s she hungry more us will see a shit-ton of say happy merchant memes and alright kind of propaganda on Twitter and she probably watches it on YouTube and things I got she’s much more engaged roughly the Internet., but the problem is how far she’s gonna take that is it gonna be wet she knows collected in the policies, because she does she does say I’ve watched some of the speeches and she does say it’s an attack it’s a war on White people. And she says I know people don’t like to hear it in these terms, but [65:01] that’s really what we’re dealing with yeah it’s a war against the native people of Europe. Was there one of the hours before Christmas there was one of the first beaches and I thought well she’s probably picked that up from social media and she’s thinking well this is where the future is. The problem is you’re gonna have certain parties who have got lots of money are gonna say well okay we’re going to invest see half a million pounds on your party, but we do want, you know, you’ll get a boost it and pay for some nice advertising move that so that’s a lot of campaign money however much it would be., but caveats and they’re gonna be that you have to support Israel we do what you see nice things about Palestinians and, you know, where it’s gonna go [66:00]. She’s gonna have to water it on the message and so she’s in this funny funny situation where on the one hand she’s kind of engaged with the alright which she knows what we’re saying at the same time the old enemy is also aware of that and gonna give her lots of money. And so like she she she was on the Henry Putin thing on Twitter she was quite chuffed about it, because she saw that they having problems and she was kind of rubbing salt in the wounds. And Millennial Woes replied over on Twitter and said well all you care about is Islamic fundamentalists at the end of the day you’re not that much better the new kid prove to us that you’re wrong, you know, I’m hearing will serve as soon as she, but if she did that she’s gonna lose her doing us I think that’s please, but I do want a CR Murray waters on question time [67:00] and I’d want to see it on the television just for a Trump factor just for the fact that she’s gonna fuck up the narrative and to me that’s more important than her being like a feminist lesbian I just want it’s the ideas that need to be carried by the mainstream rather than, you know, getting hung up on what the actual, you know, the shape of a telephone is.


Theberton: Yeah the idea is being carried into the mainstream do you think that there’s something about it’s almost like people aren’t ready to hear this from like a White guy still a White man in public it’s almost like it’s almost like we’re at the stage where these ideas can have to be introduced through women when you plan you’ve got the pen man for the ATM the ADF woman who’s the lady is willing to.


Morgs: Well I think it it’s easy for them, because it’s hard, but get the clips of them I mean, there’s [68:01] this thing about whether Sargon has a black granddad, or something and then when what people tend to do whether, or not that’s true I’ve got no idea I don’t really care, but what I’m seeing is that people tend to look for maybe in a way to cling on to a new Marxist identity politics. So they’ve got a kind of rapid world, or rundown so in the case of on Mary Moore as she can see well it does look like a war on White people and when I see what’s happening what the Pakistanis are doing poppy skills it breaks my heart and everything they are and then if she’s called over like she can see well I’m hung like a lesbian feminist. Who are you election me? I’m true I’m true to liberal values! The Dawkins kind of crowd argument about against Islam and this kind of thing. And they’ve all that they’re kind of [69:00] looking for is that, in other words, they’re still liberals they’re still liberals they don’t have a fundamentally philosophically right-wing, they’re liberals who don’t like Muslims they’ve learned that and, you know, there’s some honest fear that what’s happening against White people is wrong and they start to see that as well., but they also know that to talk about the JQ was just completely, you can’t do it. And I only weigh about up in our mains I don’t know.


Jim: In terms of what you sad about, you know, the need for someone to go on question time and blow the narrative wide open and do a Trump and start taking the bull by the horns and stating the plain truth I’m not sure the extent to which that’s possible in Britain. I think we are a lot [70:00] more buttoned down and say America is I’m thinking in particular the speech that Trump gave Lee was calling out the international bankers and calling and calling them the enemies of the American people and the things he said about Mexicans and all the rest of it and don’t if you did that and Brit you can find yourself up in court. So I’m not sure how far you can go in Britain in terms of pushing the truth and pushing that they’ve actually outlawed the truth that’s the position we’re in now..


Morgs: Yeah well I think when I said earlier where you can’t have a party that represents the native people. Cause there is no native people! That’s the law! It’s not the truth, but it’s the law. So, how do we deal with that? And I don’t know I really don’t know, because sooner, or later that’s gonna have to be broached and it’s one I don’t know how you get around that, because they’ve basically all told the truth. There is a [71:00] need of population to the British Isles and the population of British Isles have a moral right to remain the overwhelming majority in their own country. So the law runs against most objectively moral and good! And I really don’t know what you do that well what ends up happening is that we lose? , or there has to be some kind of revolution? , because the state is not going to retract those laws.


And I’ve seen these petitions going around as well about well we have together they get hold of hundred thousand votes and put them up before Parliament that we get rid of these Hate Speech Laws. They’re not gonna listen to it, because they can’t! .


Jim: I think there’s two things are two-pronged approach to dealing with that firstly I think we need to turn the rules against them and start taking action against all these various that [72:02] they societies the association of black police officers of black lawyers of all the ethnically specific non-White groups that there are. So it cannot possibly be proper that they can have explicit groups for themselves and we can’t so they could attack it that way. And I think secondly these wide scale disobedience people just need to L be difficult to start if people if everyone starts speaking their mind and saying no this is ridiculous here’s what how I think and telling the truth they can’t possibly jail as all., but it’s going to be hard to get the wave started. To get that underway..


Morgs: Well I mean, to be fair that’s a skeptic argument. A skeptic argument would be where all of these lovely these ethnic groups have to be disbanded and that they become just individuals., but then that relies on the people at the top of the system liberals are not a tight-knit ethnic community., because if [73:00] it is, and it is, then that’s never going to get off the ground so we’re gonna go nowhere. They’re never going to repeal here laws! In theory from the skeptic point of view there’s no good reason for a government not to repeal the hate laws, the hate speech laws. Now from so if you’re gonna be, you know, why this skeptic liberalist kind of camp, the popular will of the people says we don’t want these hate speech laws anymore they’ve gotta go. And they will try and justify that they’re trying yeah why a lot opers being social justice was. As if fuckin thought Social Justice Warriors have the power to sit at the top of the society and dictate, they create anti free speech and censorship laws for saying things that people either like on behalf of the great cause. It’s all crap! It [74:00] means that the people the group with the power in their society has a vested interest in maintaining those hate speech laws! They want them there! They’re there for a purpose, and they’re specifically designed to stop people singling out a minority. It’s right there than in the print those hate speech laws are specifically designed to stop people singling out a group of people and saying this group is doing this! And the sort of classic liberalist is absolutely useless against that! They do not know how to deal with that. And it gets even worse, when you bring an arena that’s just the kind of raw politics. It gets even worse when you bring it into the cultural realm. On one of those debates the other day it’s it’s, because if how do you control the [75:01] culture and they would say well you don’t have to control it, but all about me and just like you get that’s it all that means is that once again you get a highly motivated networking group that ends up controlling all of your media and then they pump all of this fucking poison in a of population and there’s nothing you can do about it! And then when people point out of it the Padre will look at this have you noticed they’ve all got something in common? They turn around and they said it’s, because they’re smart! That their high IQ! They work hard! Kathy Newman Kathy Newman the Marx feminist debating with Jordan peterson. Just let go to a Wikipedia page and see what pops up for fuck’s sake! I bet it’s just, because she’s smart and she worked hard! She’s not smart. What is Lena as Lena Dunham smart? Is [76:02] Adam Sandler really that smart? .


Jim: On my own pet peeve, what’s her name the fat one Amy Schumer. God I hate that woman! She’s a her uncle is her uncle’s Chuck Schumer the US Congressmen Yoshi cheese dogs result.


Morgs: Does she strike you as being particularly smart? Who’s puttin 70 hour weeks to become a major media player? It’s just it’s a fucking your argument is totally retarded! It really is! These people are fucking idiots if they can’t see what’s going on! .


Jim: Can I just go back to your last point before I address you on this one firstly it’s time to hate speech laws and some attacking them under this of skeptic classical liberal paradigm. Hate speech laws are antithetical to centuries of British tradition. Speech is either true it is not whether it is hateful, or [77:01] contrary to the interest of any particular group is entirely irrelevant. You cannot sensibly censor any speech which is true, and even speech which is untrue. That was governed by libel and slander and those kind of things. So the idea that you can’t make negative statements, but one particular group it just goes against everything British society has stood for, for centuries. It’s fundamentally against British principles of British constitution and everything else! , but moving on to the more recent point you made about the success of jews and how they will try and say that all yes, because we’ve got higher IQs and all the rest of it. That’s a point that I always find particularly amusing., because when White people do well and when White people are statistically over-represented in a particular field, it’ll be all White privilege that’s outrageous! You’re doing during the brown people in there, whatever else people. Whereas whatever jews are statistically over-represented is [78:01], because of their inherent brilliance! So I think that’s another open goal that we can attack them on! I mean, jewish over-representation that’s their field is way beyond anything that White people have in any field. And the idea if they try and argue well that’s just, because we’re better than you well, you know, but that sounds like hate speech! .


Morgs: Yeah yeah yeah., but I mean, the class of liberals would say well that’s just a meritocracy. In a meritocracy the best floats to the top. My argument of that and there’s a lot of arguments this is just utter bullshit., but one thing that I would say is that like I said before they’re not that smart. And what they’re doing is not great what was that Amy Schumer so series that went on in America where it was like all about people looking each other’s asses, or something? I mean, is this is this like what our cultural elite is giving us? And then shooting.


Jim: Going back to a point you [79:01] made considerably earlier about producing great culture that’s something that’s exclusively European. Is, I mean, you know, if you want to see the classic so you want to see offer if you want to see ballet, if you want to see classical music that is all European. There is nothing that jews have produced that is brilliant! So if they are so brilliant that so intellectually superior where other magnificent works? What could they point to and say yeah we did that’s why we’re better than you. I can’t think of anything..


Morgs: Mmm no, but more indie in Johan the YouTube channel Klaus don’t you have Jim we’re gonna have to get with we’re gonna have to be a little bit careful, because they own this well, you know. This if somebody reports this and they go through it they’re gonna hear it and then the old gonna do like what I’m hearing yeah we’re gonna have to shut this down! I and I know I know absolutely three times, but why aren’t the skeptics onto this? Why on the why [80:02] who was the greatest threat it’s some sjw intergender nutcase in university with purple hair who needs a two-and-a-half-hour fucking video about why she’s wrong? , because she’s got a blogger and all the fact that we can talk about real problem on YouTube, because we’re being censored by an ethnic collective! For fuck’s sake! And it’s that this is the big problem that just bullshit us! And I think I can’t see them lasting much longer really. They’re gonna have to they’re gonna have to lay the cards on the table and say well, you know, what let’s maybe it will happen in be hanging doors, or something like that cards on the TLC all right look well then they could lift more a lot of money a lot of our annual rest on it from [81:02] YouTube, or we would be rough we rather a lot. We didn’t know what you were talking about we didn’t understand the points and we just want to be left alone. Just leave us alone to like laugh at feminists and SJW’s and we would fuck with you ever again.


Or they can join us and they can help us out! I’d like to see them help us out to be honest., because to go back to the beginning of the Hangout that lad sitting there with his, you know, behind his computer you voila whatever he his necks on the line as well, yeah he we’re all in the same shit! I’m ticketed to kick all of this and there’s some kind of hi philosopher all just this sophistry! It’s not gonna fucking work! Come on! Come on! If and if you’ve got to swallow your pride and see it okay the Alt-Right was [82:00] right over the, you know, the Nazis have got more points than I thought. Then just swallow you if that’s what’s that’s what’s supposed to be a skeptic. You’re gonna get you’re gonna get pushed off a toilet seat anyway! .


Jim: Well there was an interesting phenomena about a year, or two ago now called the Alt-Left we why it was lefty liberal type, you know, your sir you hipsters and those kind of guys a guys that might live in, you know, East London, or Portland in America, or whatever. The people who like wearing big glasses and drinking craft beer and draw an amusing beards and all that kind of thing. And they were coming to the realization of the only way that they can have the lifestyle they want which is a very, very White lifestyle is in an overwhelmingly White environment and the Left was starting to realize they hey hang on we’ve got to keep our space White., because once all the blacks and the Mexicans, or the Pakistanis and whatever else move in we can’t live the way we [83:00] want to live. That seems to have gone away a bit, because I think very foolishly, the media will certainly in America not so much in the UK, have started to refer to an anti-fa the extreme left this as being the Alt-left as if they are the counterpoint to the Alt-right, but they’re not the old left they’re Marxist revolutionary communists. And they really should be called like revolutionary communist, because America hates communism. That’s something that really annoys me every time I hear it. If people are communist call them communist the American people hear communists do not do them the credit of calling them the Alt-left which makes them sound a lot more interesting in twists on them, you know, but if the Left need to realize and your White hipsters and you’re kind of going like Sargon and they’re so velu guy and all these people who like sitting behind their computers pontificating is White society that gives them these privileges. They won’t be doing that under Sharia they won’t be doing that when I was like Somalians [84:01] wanted rounder buddy this race with meat cleavers and machetes. They need to appreciate that is White society that gives them the comfort and security to live the sort of lifestyles they want to live. And I don’t think it should be that hard to persuade them of that they need to realize that they need the people who hate groups need the protection of our group to let them live the way that they want to live.


Morgs: Yes. So that is a pretty good hangout first time huh just for wait Wayne Adele where nobody has anybody got us only I’ll start.


Theberton: No I think that’s a good point to leave it we’ve been going just over an hour and we come back to what we started.


Morgs: With one thing I mean, I don’t want to just kind of cut you off there, but one thing that I’ve noticed on YouTube is that all these videos are platon hop up on my feed and I like three and a half fucking I was on who’s got who’s what anger [85:01] watch it three and a half hour video we’ll see how this goes and I’d like to keep it at an hour, because I really don’t like bore everybody to death. If he’s tea a more gross review I don’t really you a pop up you’ll get an hour you’re given an hour of good banter and then not see how like I’ll say no way. I’m not gonna ask you to put half a shift in listen this sort of it is I feel. I think and I was quite quite sufficient things. Everybody happy with us.


Theberton: Yes one.


Jim: Yeah I agree I see these water key ones at three there are powers of my heart saying an hour to two hours is the right range.


Morgs: Yeah I’ve got about five and a half years of water skis fuse to watch I’ll get back around I’ll get back out and you think gee Joe I’ll tell you I’m just gonna have is it there’s a there’s a channel called cruelness on YouTube and he kind of cuts out the highlights and puts them on YouTube so you can picked out, you know, like what they used to do a football [86:00] where you didn’t have the time to watch much of that year so you just watch the goals and that’s kind of that’s kind of what this cruelness channel is like uh one of the other understand well people just talk for like seven hours on YouTube every fucking day! That’s not my year that’s not that’s not gonna be the way here lads, I’ll tell you that! So anyway I think we’ll wind it down thanks thanks for joining I was alright when I went work here.


Theberton: Yes good having a lot.


Morgs: Jim?


Jim: Yeah that’s a will do for a first attempt..


Morgs: Not bad. Not bad at all. All right. I’ll catch you all down the trail boys.


Theberton: Bye everyone.


Jim: Cheerio.







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[In this video, Probing the Holocaust — The Horror Explained Part 1” some of the most iconic propagandistic film footage used to convince the post-war public that the Germans had carried out an extermination policy against the jews (and others), is analysed in the context of those camps and their conditions that prevailed as the war came to an end. The truthful explanation reveals that the public has been deeply manipulated and deceived by the explanations given in that footage.

This video, although dealing with only one part of the “Holocaust” narrative, forms part of a larger analysis by Revisionists that proves beyond doubt that the “Holocaust” is in fact an ongoing hoax of world historic proportions.


For people new to this view, one question that usually comes forward is; how? How could something so massively accepted by the media, governments, churches, academia, and so on, be false, a hoax? The answer is that the alleged victims of the “Holocaust“, the jews, are in fact the very people, as in “organised jewry“, that run our governments behind the facade known as “democracy“. In other words the alleged victims are the very perpetrators of this ongoing hoax of world historic proportions. These people were the “behind the scenes” instigators of both World Wars, and many other wars and false flags, right up to now.

Another question is; why? Why would organised jewry need to create such a hoax, known as the “Holocaust“? The answer is that it:

1) Fulfils jewish religious prophecy of a “Holocaust” or “burnt offering” of six million jews. This will then apparently lead to the return of a jewish Messiah and the establishment of jewish rule over the world.

2) Provided a sympathy pretext for the establishment of the jewish State of  Israel despite it resulting in the Palestinians being dispossessed of their lands through terror.

3)  Demonizes any form of  White nationalism. At first only the “Nazis” were blamed for the “Holocaust“, but then all Germans were, and now the blame for the “Holocaust” is placed on all Whites. Any White group, political party, organisation, etc., that attempts to look after White racial interests by, for example, rejecting mass non-White immigration, is implicitly, or on a sliding scale, explicitly accused of being “Nazi“.

Organized jewry uses their hoax “Holocaust” as a shield against any criticism of their world-wide aggression, and also as a sword to attack and guilt-trip Whites into not defending their right to exist and reject the takeover of their countries by the Third World.

The “Holocaust” needs to be exposed for what it is, a diabolical lie of historic proportions. It also needs to be exposed because that lie is being used by organised jewry as a major part of their arsenal of psychological weapons to genocide Whites out of their homelands and out of existence in the long term KATANA.]





Probing the Holocaust


The Horror Explained


Part 1




Germar Rudolf, Eric Hunt


Dec, 2017









The Horror Explained






The Holocaust” is widely known as the murder of six million Jews by Nazi Germany, many if not most of them in gas chambers deceptively disguised as shower rooms.


We have all seen the terrible imagery of dead prisoners taken after concentration camps were liberated. This documentary reviews some of the most memorable of these images, which were taken in camps such as Dachau, Nordhausen and Bergen-Belsen. A closer examination of this imagery we’ve all been exposed to reveals a very different story than what we were made to believe. Surprisingly, a large number of the bodies we were shown were the direct result of Allied bombing and strafing attacks, rather than victims of a systematically planned Nazi exterimnation policy.


Probing the Holocaust: The Horror Explained (Part 1) presents surprising information which shed a new light on the horrific imagery and enables many viewers for the first time to truly understand what transpired in Germany during and at the end of the war. Watching this presentation with an open mind will surprise you and leave you asking questions of your own.


Download this video documentary:



Download subtitle files:






Copyright Notice: This movie has been released to the public domain for educational purposes only. It may be copied and distributed free of charge only. No commercial use is permitted. If copied and distributed, no changes to the movie are permitted without the prior written consent of the author/director of the movie.


Note: This video replaces Eric Hunt’s Questioning the Holocaust: Why We Believed, Part 1, which had a number of quality issues.



To watch the video over at Inconvenient History please click here:


Probing the Holocaust: The Horror Explained 




(96:40 mins)



It’s something we were told throughout our entire lives: Six million Jews, and large numbers of non-Jews, were murdered by the Nazis:


[Clips from various film footages:]


“Eleven million people died in Nazi Germany’s death camps. Six million were Jews.”



“An estimated six million Jews were killed during World War II.”



“Hitler murdered six million Jewish people”



“six million Jews”



“six million died”



“six million people crying from the grave…”



The term Holocaust commonly refers to the systematically planned and executed extermination of six million Jews by Nazi Germany during World War Two. Mainstream historians agree that, of these six million Jews, approximately three million were killed in gas chambers.



The vast majority of them, they say, were killed or died in six extermination centers in Polish territory. Here is a break-down of these three million alleged gas chamber victims by each of the six camps.


Camp Jewish Gas Chamber Victims
Auschwitz/Oświęcim 900,000*
Treblinka 900,000
Bełzec 500,000
Sobibór 210,000
Kulmhof/Chelmno 240,000
Lublin-Majdanek unknown (thousands)*
Total: 2,750,000 + thousands
* The total Jewish death toll of these camps is higher than the number given due to deaths resulting from other causes (diseases, exhaustion, executions etc.)



These numbers are an average of figures found on the websites of two of the most reputable Holocaust research institutions, the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C., and the Yad Vashem Museum in Jerusalem.[1]



The Holocaust is so important that the United Nations even decided to create a dedicated memorial day for it. Every January 27th, the day when the infamous Auschwitz Camp was occupied by the Soviet Red Army in 1945, the whole world is reminded to commemorate the victims of the Holocaust.[2]




In 2017, on the occasion of this International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the White House under U.S. President Donald Trump released this statement:[3]



[It is with a heavy heart and somber mind that we remember and honor the victims, survivors, heroes of the Holocaust. It is impossible to fully fathom the depravity and horror inflicted on innocent people by Nazi terror.

Yet, we know that in the darkest hours of humanity, light shines the brightest.‎ As we remember those who died, we are deeply grateful to those who risked their lives to save the innocent.

In the name of the perished, I pledge to do everything in my power throughout my Presidency, and my life, to ensure that the forces of evil never again defeat the powers of good. Together, we will make love and tolerance prevalent throughout the world.]


Stop the video to read it, if you like. There is nothing unusual about the statement, except maybe the fact that Jews aren’t mentioned in it. That triggered quite some vitriolic reactions, for instance from Jonathan Greenblatt, the current head of the Jewish Anti-Defamation League. He tweeted on that same day that Trump did not even mention Jews,[4] which triggered a deluge of similar attacks on the U.S. President for not having expressly mentioned the six million Jewish victims of the Holocaust.[5]



The White House countered a day later that it wasn’t just Jews who died in the Holocaust, but that five million gentiles were killed, too,[6] who also deserve equal remembrance, referring to an article which had appeared two years earlier in the Huffington Post.[7]



That in turn unleashed a series of attacks on the president and that 2015 article, claiming that this “five-million-gentiles” victim figure is bogus and vastly over-inflated. Among those, I may quote here The Times of Israel’s take on this death toll:[8]



It’s a statement that shows up regularly in declarations about the Nazi era. […] It is, however, a number without any scholarly basis. […] The ‘5 million’ [non-Jewish Holocaust victims] has driven Holocaust historians to distraction ever since Wiesenthal started to peddle it in the 1970s. […]

Yehuda Bauer, an Israeli Holocaust scholar […], said he warned his friend Wiesenthal […] about spreading the false notion that the Holocaust claimed 11 million victims – 6 million Jews and 5 million non-Jews.

‘I said to him, ‘Simon, you are telling a lie,’’ Bauer recalled in an interview Tuesday. ‘He said, ‘Sometimes you need to do that to get the results for things you think are essential.’

[…] Wiesenthal […] told them that he chose the 5 million number carefully: He wanted a number large enough to attract the attention of non-Jews who might not otherwise care about Jewish suffering, but not larger than the actual number of Jews who were murdered in the Holocaust, 6 million.

It caught on: […]

Deborah Lipstadt, a professor of Holocaust studies at Emory University in Atlanta, wrote in 2011 […] ‘this number is simply inaccurate, in fact made up […].’



Deborah Lipstadt went over the top, however, by accusing Trump of flirting with Holocaust denial.[9]


So, here we seem to have a case where a prominent Jew, the late Simon Wiesenthal, inflated the number of Holocaust victims for political purposes.


But did Wiesenthal really invent that number? And was he the only one exaggerating numbers?


During and right after the end of the Second World War, a number of war propaganda movies were filmed with the support or even under the control of the U.S. government. Throughout these propaganda movies, there are many references to the thousands and even millions of victims of National Socialist barbarism – yet none of these films ever single out Jews as the primary victims of a “Holocaust.”





The most infamous among those propaganda movies was titled Die Todesmühlen,[10] which was designed for, and eventually shown to, German audiences as a tool for shock-and-awe re-education. It was later also released in an English edition: Death Mills.[11] Both movies mention as the death toll of National Socialist persecution 20 million without making any specific reference to Jews:[12]


But these eleven hundred were a small fraction of the twenty million men, women and children murdered by the Nazis. 20 million human beings, equal to the population of 22 American states. 20 million corpses.”


In fact, the narrator insists that the victims were:


of all the nations of Europe, of all religious faiths, of all political beliefs, condemned by Hitler because they were anti-Nazi.[13]


This is only the most prominent example. There are more which highlight that death toll claims of National Socialist persecution have a history of exceeding the six million, and that Jews have been mentioned with regularity as only one among many victim groups.


This issue is also not just a matter of journalists and propagandists making up wild figures. In 2015, in a book about the forensic examination of mass-murder locations of the Holocaust, a British archaeologist who has been working with the leading scientists in the field for several years wrote, quote:[14]


The exact number of people killed during the Holocaust remains unknown. Some scholars have suggested a figure of around 11 million. Of these, it is estimated that approximately six million Jews were killed but the number of Roma, Sinti, disabled people, political prisoners and others killed cannot be estimated with complete certain[t]y.


She provides no source for that claim, though. So maybe she merely repeated what she had heard through Wiesenthal’s grapevine? But is it really Wiesenthal’s? Interestingly, the very same Washington Holocaust Museum that, according to just-quoted article in The Times of Israel, issued a statement on Trump’s text emphasizing the centrality of the annihilation of the Jews to the understanding of the Holocaust, had announced in 2013 in a press release that their research has revealed that:


The Nazi Holocaust may have claimed up to 20 million lives,


while leaving the 6-million Jewish death toll basically unchanged.[15] This would mean that as many as 14 million non-Jews died in the Holocaust, not just five.


I may also point out that 20 million is not the ceiling of death-toll estimates. For instance, an article of Sept. 21, 1992, from Germany’s most prestigious daily newspaper, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (p. 13), illustrates in a very useful manner the kind of topic we are dealing with and the problems that are related to it. The title of the article translates to “Traces of the Crime; Shoes, Shoes, even Children’s Shoes.” It is a report written by a student about his visit to the Stutthof concentration camp not far from Danzig, in postwar Poland, that has been turned into a museum. The author, in his fourth sentence, states that he cannot imagine what an extermination camp might look like and talks of, quote, “installations in which ‘6 million Jews and a total of 26 million detainees […] were killed,’” unquote. So here we have a combination of the general 20 million victims plus six million Jews.


At the end of his account the author writes that he found himself facing, quote;


the remains of the most brutal genocide, the highly modern killing machines of the time, the cruelest crime of humanity,” unquote


By putting things that way, one of the most highly regarded newspapers in the world has given its definition of the Holocaust. The annihilation of a total of 26 million people by the National Socialists in ultra-modern killing machines is the cruelest crime in the history of humanity.


So, how many victims were there now? Six million Jews plus a few others, or eleven in total, or twenty, or even twenty-six million?


At most one of these figures can be correct, but with all this speculation going on, it may turn out that they are all wrong. But if that is so, what is the truth? Can you tell?


One thing is for sure: we obviously cannot believe everything we hear about the Holocaust, because the things we hear often contradict one another.




Let’s start at the beginning, with the documentary “Nazi Concentration and Prison Camps” that the Americans introduced during the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg in 1945 as proof of Nazi atrocities. Psychologically speaking, it was one of the most powerful pieces of evidence submitted, because a picture tells more than a thousand words. Here are some scenes about the Dachau Camp. Dachau was one of the first major camps the Americans captured toward the end of the war:[16]


Hanging in orderly rows were the clothes of prisoners who had been suffocated in a lethal gas chamber. They had been persuaded to remove their clothing under the pretext of taking a shower for which towels and soap were provided. This is the Brausebad, the shower bath. Inside the shower bath, the gas vents.


Actually, what you are seeing here are not gas vents but recessed light fixtures.


On the ceiling, the dummy showerheads. In the engineer’s room, the intake and outlet pipes. Push buttons to control inflow and outtake of gas. A hand valve to regulate pressure. Cyanide powder was used to generate the lethal smoke.


Interestingly, on August 19, 1961, a letter to the editors by German mainstream historian Martin Broszat was published in Germany’s biggest weekly newspaper Die Zeit stating, among other things:


Jews or other inmates were gassed neither in Dachau nor in Bergen-Belsen nor in Buchenwald. The gas chamber at Dachau was never fully completed and taken into ‘operation.’


On January 24, 1993, the famous Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal wrote in a letter to the editors of the U.S. military magazine Stars and Stripes in the same vein:


A gas chamber was in the process of being built at Dachau, but it was never completed.


Thus, between the 1960s and late 1990s, the Dachau Museum had a sign displayed inside the Dachau gas chamber stating:


Gas Chamber, disguised as a shower room never used as a gas chamber.


Today, however, this sign is no longer there. Instead, a less-visible text on a sign outside that room states:


Gas chamber

This was the center of potential mass murder. The room was disguised as ‘showers’ and equipped with fake shower spouts to mislead the victims and prevent them from refusing to enter the room.


Currently, the US Holocaust Museum itself admits, quote:[17]


There is no credible evidence that the gas chamber in Barrack X was used to murder human beings.


Barrack X was the official name for the crematorium building where that sinister room was located.


One of the leading books by mainstream historians on the gas chamber question, the 1993 collective tome Nazi Mass Murder, states on page 202:[18]


It has not yet been conclusively proved that killings by poison gas took place at the Dachau concentration camp.


And on page 203, we read:


But during the trial there was only one witness, a Czech physician assigned to care for the prisoners, Dr. Frantisek Blaha, who declared that experimental gassings had taken place in the Dachau gas chamber.


Blaha signed an affidavit on January 9, 1946, in which he described his experience with the Dachau gas chamber. It is in German, but an English translation was read into the record during the Nuremberg Tribunal as follows:[19]


Many executions by gas or shooting or injections took place right in the camp. The gas chamber was completed in 1944, and I was called by Dr. Rascher to examine the first victims. Of the eight or nine persons in the chamber there were three still alive, and the remainder appeared to be dead. Their eyes were red, and their faces were swollen. Many prisoners were later killed in this way.


And that’s it. If Blaha was the only witness on trial testifying about the gas chamber, and if he had no experience whatsoever about the gassing procedure, then how did the American documentary makers know that the victims;


had been persuaded to remove their clothing under the pretext of taking a shower for which towels and soap were provided?


Only a few days after the liberation of the Dachau Camp, a number of U.S. Congressmen visited the camp. Here they are shown inside the gas chamber. And this is footage taken in 2016. As you can see, the ceiling of that room is rather low. In fact, the room is roughly 2.15 meters or seven feet high. Why do I mention this? Because an official U.S. commission investigated what had transpired at Dachau, and in a report to the U.S. Congress dated May 15, 1945, compiled by David Chavez, we read, among other things, that in this room “the ceiling was some 10 feet in height[20]




How can anyone confuse seven feet with ten feet? But that’s not all, because that report continues as follows:


The supply of gas into the chamber was controlled by means of two valves on one of the outer walls, and beneath the valves was a small glass-covered peephole through which the operator could watch the victims die. The gas was let into the chamber through pipes terminating in perforated brass fixtures set into the ceiling.


However, the ceiling did NOT have brass fixtures, but merely zinc-plated iron showerheads. Furthermore, as can be seen in this photo of a spot where a showerhead had been removed by the Americans as a piece of evidence, these were merely fake showerheads – or rather watering can rosettes such as this – that were not connected to anything. Already the documentary we watched earlier said that there was:


A hand valve to regulate pressure.


But there’s a problem. Zyklon B, which was allegedly used for the murder, was not a gas under pressure that could be fed into pipes. It consisted of gypsum pellets soaked with liquid hydrogen cyanide, the active ingredient in Zyklon B. When such a can was opened, its poison evaporated slowly.


In addition, from many cases of accidental poisoning with hydrogen cyanide, and from executions with that poison as they were carried out in several U.S. states during the 20th century, we know that the victims Blaha claimed to have examined cannot have succumbed to Zyklon B. Such victims do not have red eyes. They do not have swollen faces. Actually, if they show any symptoms, it is a pinkish-reddish discoloration of their skin as shown here.


It is clear that the Americans, when making their documentaries and congressional reports, were jumping to a lot of conclusions, contradicting each other and the material facts in the process. But what’s the truth here?


The tubing shown in the American documentary is really impressive. Such heavy tubing with cast-iron hand valves are commonly used for piping large amounts of chemical liquids or pressurized gas. The design of this tubing was investigated by the French officer Capitaine Fribourg a week after the camp’s liberation. Here is a sketch drawn by him showing how the piping worked. According to this, fresh air was sucked in through this intake vent, which protrudes through the roof. This intake pipe is subsequently led through a heat exchanger located over the gas chamber in the building’s attic. Here, the air is heated by the building’s hot-water heating system. After that, the now-insulated pipe is split into two and led out of the attic area into the room behind the gas chamber, where both pipes are led in a semi-circle, each of which equipped with the hand valves shown. Leading back into the attic area over the gas chamber, Fribourg shows the pipes being merged back into the outgoing pipe, but that would make no sense at all, because then the air would go nowhere. Therefore, that’s a mistake. In fact, a report compiled by German architect Axel Will in the early 2000s, a copy of which we received from the Dachau Museum, described in detail that the layout actually looks like this. Will wrote:


Air is drawn in via a pipeline of 400 mm diameter extending over the roof, and is then led through a steam-operated heat exchanger. The pipeline is insulated behind the heat exchanger. It is split into two lines by means of a y-branch pipe, and leads with two pipes of 200 mm diameter into the room adjoining the gas chamber. There the airflow can be adjusted with a valve each. Both these and the other two valves of the ventilation system are made of massive cast iron and carry a $ sign in a circle. Such valves are common in gas pipelines but not in ventilation systems.

Behind the valves both pipelines are again led back into the attic area above the gas chamber and merged back together into one pipe. This pipe enters a sheet-metal shaft, which again goes through the adjoining room and leads the heated air to the air intake at the floor of the gas chamber.

This sheet-metal shaft is not insulated. This raises questions. Design logic suggests that this shaft would be the suitable location to add substances [such as Zyklon B] to the heated air prior to entering the gas chamber. The examination of the sheet-metal shaft has so far not revealed any opening for such a manipulation. Yet the missing insulation points to such a possibility.





So much from architect Will.


The air exhaust system starts with two openings in the ceiling. From there, the two non-insulated exhaust pipes merge into one, and are led toward the wall to the room behind the gas chamber, where the pipe splits up into two again. Then it is led outside in a semi-circle equipped with two hand valves, and led back into the attic area, where it is merged again into one pipe, as can be seen in this photo taken in the attic of that building. Then that merged pipe is fed into the electric blower that drives the whole operation, here visible in another attic photo, and from there out the exhaust chimney, which exits the roof here.


Now, if that gas chamber was meant to be operated with Zyklon B, it would have been smart, as architect Will correctly suggested, to equip the sheet-metal shaft running down the wall of the adjacent room with some trap door – hinted at here with blue lines – allowing for Zyklon B to be inserted into some kind of basket inside the shaft, hinted at here with the red meshwork. That way, the constant stream of warm air would have evaporated the poison gas quickly and would have spread it out inside the room rapidly. But, as architect Will correctly observed in his report, there is no trace of any provision to that effect.


So, the poison was neither administered using the false showerheads, as the congressional report claimed, nor using the ventilation system, as the U.S. documentary that was shown during the Nuremberg Tribunal suggested. But how else could it have been done? Here is the story as we are told today:


they would pour Zyklon B down these slots right here, and onto the floor.[21]


Rocks with Zyklon B could be inserted from the outside[22]


Here are some photos of these slots from the inside and from the outside. So, the entire sophisticated ventilation system did not serve any other purpose than moving air around. Why then was it so complicated? It makes no sense at all! It would have been much easier to simply feed the heated air directly into the shaft going into the chamber, as shown here, and to feed the exhaust pipes directly into the blower, using the blower’s speed to adjust for any needed change in air volume. For now, this entire ventilation system seems to be a nonsensical mystery.


But that’s not the only one. Fact is, that neither the congressional report nor the postwar documentary mentions these Zyklon B slots. In fact, David Chavez, the main author of the congressional report, had compiled an earlier version of this report that did not get submitted. It stated:[23]



Gas Chamber. Gas tight doors. Wooden shed believed to contain pump or compressor.



This wooden shed located just outside the alleged gas chamber can be seen in many photos and film footages shot right after the liberation. It was located where today the two Zyklon B slots are located. But according to Chavez, it did not contain any slots, but rather some not clearly identified equipment.


The French officer Capitaine Fribourg describing the facility on May 25, 1945 as he claims to have seen it on May 5, 1945, hence, a week after the camp’s capture by the Americans, also mentioned the wooden shed as follows:


Right next to the shower room, adjacent to the building, is a palisade some 2 meters high fencing off a space of 2 m wide. It was not possible to get inside due to the presence of a pile of decomposing corpses stacked up against the palisade.




behind the palisade is said to have existed or exists a compressor group (?)


He also described two slots in the wall obscured by this shed from the outside as follows:


At about 75 cm from the ground, 2 hoppers connect the shower room with the outside (palisade side). Each hopper ends on the inside with a grate, and on the outside with a movable shutter system.


That’s also what we see there today. Fribourg even included those hoppers in one of his sketches.


If we look at the outside of this wall in that location today, we can see these strange features. It may have been the electrical outlet for the device operated in that shed.


Looking closer at the Zyklon-B slots, we notice that the mortar around them is not original. The original mortar used to build Barrack X contains coarse gravel rather than sand, while any mortar used around the Zyklon-B slots, and on later repairs and patch-ups, as we can see them here, are made of mortar containing fine sand. Here we can even see how some of the new mortar flowed over the old mortar.




On the inside, it is apparent that the tiles around those slots have been damaged. In fact, a simple test with the finger nail shows that these rough surfaces aren’t even tiles. They are plaster made to look similar to the tiles around them.


In other words, those slots are not part of the original building. They were added later on by hacking holes through the existing wall.


Who did that change, and when was it done? Chavez didn’t mention them, and neither did the U.S. documentary on Dachau of May 3rd. Fribourg saw them two days later, but he did not claim that they were used to throw in Zyklon B. That wouldn’t have been a good idea anyway, because a large amount of the gypsum pellets would have gotten stuck on the grill on the inside. But what were those slots used for? Or is it a post-war forgery?


And if that is so, what else is?


Here is one hint. This footage was recorded on October 25, 2017 from the website of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. When searching their video archive for the term “gas chamber” the first result is this video. It’s titled “Exhumation; inspection of gas chambers; Lt. Hodges.


This is footage taken after the liberation of Paris of an alleged “Gestapo Torture Chamber” near the Eiffel Tower. In the description, we read:


World War II interiors of gas chamber used by the Germans in the execution of prisoners. Demonstrating method of securing prisoners in gas chambers. Various Close-ups, pipes leading into room.




hand prints and scratches dug into cement wall of gas chamber by the victims.


Here are those ominous pipes. They are rather fancy, but not very functional. Most of all, they would have been within reach of the victims, and wouldn’t have survived very long, because they would have been demolished very quickly. Also notice all those windows illuminating this room. How long would those window panes have lasted if the victims inside trashed the place and tried to break out?


For that footage, they even pumped some innocuous, but dramatic-looking smoke through the pipes.


Here are the handprints in the cement, allegedly created by gassing victims during their death throes. Needless to say, handprints can only be made in fresh mortar, and only insane people would use a room as an execution chamber whose walls had just been plastered.


These gas pipes and handprints are not evidence of Nazi atrocities, they are evidence of a deliberate Allied psychological warfare campaign to demonize the defeated Germans. Because this hoax is so obvious, no mainstream historian has ever taken that claim seriously. That does not prevent the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum from presenting it to an unsuspecting audience, though. Unfortunately, most people just accept whatever the government, media, or religion tell them to believe.


So, what was necessary for the Americans, who had liberated Paris several months earlier, to create that footage? First of all, they must have had a plan. Then, they must have had at their disposal the necessary hardware to create the film set: pipes, smoke-generating devices, and some workers able to install that hardware and to create a cement wall with handprints.


In contrast to that utterly unknown Gestapo torture chamber in Paris, Dachau was one of the best-known German concentration camps. It was the first one to be opened right after the Nazis came to power. When the Americans finally moved in in April 1945, this camp had dominated the fantasy of Nazi opponents for more than a decade. So, did the American psychological warfare executives have a plan? You bet they did! And did they come with hardware and workers to put that plan into action? If they did it in Paris in January 1945, they surely were even more likely to pull it off at Dachau, which was a much more promising propaganda stage.


So, let me ask again: why are these fanciful pipes in Dachau so impressive and even intimidating, but at the same time so completely useless and pointless?


Before we jump to conclusions, let’s look at some wartime documents. First, there are the two photos shown earlier taken some time in 1944. On both, we can see the ventilation chimney that’s part of the gas chamber’s aeration system. So at least that exhaust chimney was built by the Germans prior to the end of the war. Next, among the few original documents available on that building, there are two blueprints of special interest. This one shows a cross section through the gas chamber. It shows that the ceiling is indeed only some 7 ft high, not 10 ft, as the rest of the building.[24] Next, a section enlargement of this document shows the floor plan of the gas chamber.[25]




As we can see, both doors are 90 cm wide and consist either of two doors each, one opening inward, the other outward, or of a swinging door. Either way, such an arrangement would not have been suitable for a gas chamber, as swinging doors could neither be made gas tight nor panic-proof, and in case this layout consisted of two doors, the inner one opening inward could not have been opened if dead bodies were piled up against it inside the chamber. Such an arrangement is actually common for morgues. For instance, the blueprints of the morgue in the old crematorium at Auschwitz show the same type of door design.


Today, this room is equipped with two heavy steel doors of the type that were quite common for air-raid shelters. The doors are one meter wide and set in steel frames. The same doors are shown in the U.S. footage recorded on May 3, 1945, hence just five days after the camp was captured by the Americans. They were therefore most likely built in there long before the Americans arrived. Also, one of the walls actually consists of two layers with a hollow space in between, which is typically used as insulation, something also seen at the above-mentioned Auschwitz morgue.


Hence, it looks like this room was initially meant to serve as a morgue. In fact, the striking feature of this building is that, if we discard the idea that this alleged gas chamber served as a morgue, this building has no other room of a suitable size equipped with a ventilation system.


But if that is so, what about the weird, oversized piping? And what about those heavy doors? And what about the shafts on the outside, evidently added after the building was completed?


And what about the peephole in the rear wall which Capitaine Fribourg described in his report? He even drew a sketch of it. It slanted rather steeply downward, hence it wouldn’t have allowed anyone to see anything except for maybe the feet of a few people standing or lying close to that hole.


The hole inside that gas chamber that is said to have been the other end of that peephole can be seen to this day, although it is way higher than what Fribourg reported, who in his sketch placed the peephole below the second little port visible on that wall, close to the floor. Today, neither the peephole’s exit nor the switches are visible in the adjoining room. The switch panel and switch box are shown in the footage recorded on May 3, 1945 for the U.S. documentary. But that documentary neither shows nor mentions that peephole. There is, however, a photograph of that area from May 1945 showing not only the switch panel and switch box plus some of the insulated pipes and hand valves, but also a crude opening in the wall just beneath the switch panel. If we compare that image with a still of the footage just shown, we see:


a) that the lid of the switch box to the left has disappeared;

b) and more importantly, the upper, rugged edge of the hole in the photo should also be visible in the still, but it isn’t. Therefore, somebody must have hacked that hole in there after the documentary was shot.


Here is how that hole looks on the inside, seen from the gas chamber. It does indeed angle upward. In the background you see bricks and mortar used by the museum to close up that gaping hole in the adjoining room. Inside this tube runs an electric cable put in there when the room was prepared as a museum exhibit.


What we see here is the fact that, since the camp’s liberation on April 29, 1945, quite a few people seem to have tampered with the evidence of this suspected crime scene. It’s difficult to assess what this hole was really used for. A peephole, however, would have been installed in the doors, as was and is common for air-raid shelter doors, rather than hacked through a thick brick wall, and it most certainly would not have slanted downward.


So, is the Dachau gas chamber a post-war fraud? Considering that the camp was liberated on April 29 and that the gas chamber was inspected by four members of the U.S. Congress only 3 days later, on May 2nd, this seems to be not enough time for a major fraud.


In fact, there is evidence pointing in a different direction. Most importantly, there is a letter in the German Federal Archives by Dr. Sigmund Rascher to Heinrich Himmler dated August 9, 1942, which reads:[26]


As you know, the same facility as at Linz is being built at the Dachau concentration camp. Since the ‘transports of invalids’ end up in certain chambers anyway, I ask whether the effect of our various combat gases can be tested on people who are destined for that anyway? So far, all we have are experiments with animals, or reports on accidents during the production of these gases. Because of this paragraph, I am sending my letter marked ‘Secret.’


Dr. Rascher was the infamous doctor who conducted medical experiments on inmates at Dachau, which were among the crimes prosecuted by the American occupational powers after the war in the famous “Medical Case” of the Nuremberg Trials of War Criminals. While there was plenty of evidence for a variety of experiments on human guinea pigs such as exposure to low air pressure and extended submersion in cold water, tests of combat gases at Dachau were not among the charges. There was simply too little evidence to make that case.




We may speculate that Dr. Rascher had indeed tried to re-rig the morgue of Barrack X for the potential testing of combat gases, with those shafts perhaps simply serving as air-intake shafts for a better ventilation, since the room had no windows. But since Dr. Rascher was arrested by the German police in April 1944 and eventually executed for a number of crimes, child abduction and murder among them, that project, if it ever existed, ended up being abandoned at that point at the latest. When the Americans arrived a year later, the room was nothing more than a morgue, filled with the victims of diseases and malnutrition, which could not be cremated due to the lack of fuel.


For the time being, any answer to the question what these strange objects were meant for remains speculation to a large degree, because almost the entire original paperwork regarding the planning and construction of that building – cost estimates, progress reports, blueprints, invoices etc. – have disappeared from the Dachau camp archives. Only a few, not very informative documents are left, such as the ones we just saw plus a few others. So, either the Nazis destroyed them because they had something to hide, or the Americans confiscated and/or destroyed them, because they wanted to prevent anyone from figuring out what that room really looked like and was used for.


At Dachau, imagery of a gas chamber disguised as a shower room was driven into our minds.


Dachau is where the world came to believe the rumors and saw what we believed to be evidence of well-engineered German machinery, capable of gassing with precision and efficiency.


So, if that gas chamber wasn’t what we are told, or at least wasn’t used at all for mass executions, why were there massive amounts of clothes hanging in its vicinity when the Americans arrived?


Hanging in orderly rows were the clothes of prisoners, who had been suffocated in a lethal gas chamber. They have been persuaded to remove their clothing under the pretext of taking a shower for which towels and soap were provided.


Actually, these are clothes airing outside the Dachau disinfestation chambers. The narrator merely claims that this is the clothing of homicidal gas chamber victims. Then they deceptively cut to the shower room door, making the viewer believe they are the same door; the one with the obvious written gas warnings on it and the supposed gas chamber, disguised as a shower room, designed to trick those entering.


The hoaxers showed film of these disinfestation gas chambers for fumigating clothing, located at the end of the building. They claimed these doors, clearly marked with warning signs and skull and crossbones, were used to gas prisoners.


This is where the disinfestation chambers are and the doors clearly marked with warnings. But the “shower room,” the alleged gas chamber, is located a few rooms away. The deception was to trick the average viewer into thinking, the clearly marked delousing chamber door with skull and crossbones located at the end of the building was the same as the shower room door. This dirty deception continues to this day.


For example, take this 2012 documentary on Dachau by filmmaker Levi Mierau. After showing the gas chamber and describing how it allegedly worked, he, too, deceptively cuts to the disinfestation chamber while continuing his narration about homicidal gassing. Watch it:[27]


A door labeled shower bath went into a large room, which is meant to deceive, since the room was not actually a shower room but a gas chamber. The room consisted of outlets in the walls, floor and roof.


Stoooop! Outlets in the floor and roof? These showerheads weren’t an outlet for anything, and those six drains in the floor are actually real drains, which indicates that the room was originally designed to handle a lot of water, not gas.


Fast forward a few seconds, we have this footage:[28]


Rocks with poison gas pellets named Zyklon B could be inserted from the outside. Since the gas chambers were only built during the camp’s last months, only seven were killed in the gas chambers used as test subjects.


So, while showing the disinfestation chambers, Levi deceptively talks about gas chambers, in the plural, used to kill seven people.




The same kind of deception is committed by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum on its website (capitalization added):


View of THE door of THE gas chamber in Dachau.[29]

An American soldier stands outside of THE gas chamber in Dachau[30]

View of THE door to THE gas chamber at Dachau next to a large pile of uniforms.[31]

THE door to THE gas chamber in Dachau. It is marked ‘showerbath.’[32]

View of THE door to THE gas chamber in the Dachau concentrations camp. A sign above it identifies it as a shower.[33]


The US Holocaust Museum uses the singular “the” to imply, both of these doors were the same door of the same homicidal gas chamber, disguised as a shower room.


They show the outside of the clothing fumigation chamber doors, located at the end of the building, then show the inside of the shower room door, located all the way over here. There are four disinfestation chambers, not one.


But they chose photographs which show one door and used the singular “the” and mix it with images of the shower room. You can see the disinfestation chambers had warnings not to enter and marks designating when clothing fumigations started and when it was safe to open the doors again.


Here they refer to this as “a” gas chamber,[34] of course ignoring that it was one of the four used to delouse clothing.


The photograph’s caption reveals the early propaganda lies, still perpetrated today.


Gas Room – People were hung up in here.


These hooks were not used to hang people in gas chambers. They were just hooks for clothing, of course.


View of the hooks outside the door to the gas chambers in Buchenwald.[35]


First, this isn’t even Buchenwald. This is a photo of a Dachau delousing chamber.


The original caption reads:


Buchenwald was the home of Ilse Koch, wife of the commandant. She was known as the ‘bitch of Buchenwald,’ an insult to every dog who ever lived. She had her inmates tattooed in various designs, then had them killed, then skinned and their hides tanned to make book bindings, lamp shades, and other articles. I saw these things! One story has it that she enjoyed sexual intercourse with her victims – this may be apocryphal. These ‘meat hooks’ were used on the bodies of humans!


Just about every claim in this miscaptioned photo is false. This example illuminates the typical hysterical propaganda common at the time and still repeated today by a government-funded institution. In reality, these alleged “meat hooks” are just hangers for clothes to air out after passing through the fumigation chambers.


This complex machinery sure looked like it would be something we’d expect in German-designed death chambers. But because this equipment could NOT be used to introduce Zyklon-B fumes into the chamber, today we are told the Germans instead just dumped the pesticide pellets onto the room’s floor through these vents in the outside wall. This is quite odd, because the disinfestation chambers right down the hall actually did have advanced specially designed mechanisms to properly heat and circulate cyanide gas from the Zyklon B pesticide pellets.


This was called the DEGESCH circulatory device made by the manufacturer of Zyklon B.[36] A member of a clothing fumigation crew would put a can of Zyklon B into the holder. A built-in can opener operated from the outside with a crank would open the can. The pellets would drop down a chute into a basket where hot air would be blown through to speed the release of cyanide gas from the pellets. The pesticide would be spread throughout the clothing fumigation chamber, and when finished, the gas would be removed from the chamber and fresh air blown in.


One should be very skeptical upon learning that today the official story is that the Germans, rather than using something like this specially designed device used in the clothing delousing chambers right down the hall, simply poured Zyklon B pellets through holes in the wall. Such a procedure would have been very detrimental, because once those pellets were inside the room, they could not have been removed, unless the room had been cleared of all the corpses. Since Zyklon B releases its poison for an hour or more, depending on temperature and humidity,[37] this means that any effort to swiftly ventilate the room after an execution would have been in vain.


Hence, these shafts, if they were added during the war within the framework of Dr. Rascher’s testing frenzy, may simply have been designed to assist the ventilation of that room.


Anyway, this is not exactly the advanced German engineering we are constantly propagandized with, is it?


In the face of overwhelming evidence that this room was never used to gas anyone, mainstream historians now claim that the inmates employed to build this gas chamber managed to sabotage its completion by dawdling on the job for some three years, or so we read in the original French edition of Paul Berben’s “official history” of the camp, quote:[38]


The Dachau gas chamber, however, never functioned because to a certain extent, it seems, of sabotage carried out by the team of prisoners given the job to build it.




So, the narration of the Nuremburg trial evidence film “Nazi Concentration Camps” was completely wrong. This clothing did not belong to inmates suffocated in the gas chamber. This was just clothing which passed through the real gas chambers for delousing clothes and was airing out.


This deceptive narration of the Dachau segment is an important part of the falsehoods in the Nuremberg trials film evidence center piece.


This bizarre practice of calling shower rooms gas chambers continues to this day. We can see on the website of Israel’s Holocaust Museum “Yad Vashem” a photograph of the actual inmate shower room at the Dachau Camp captioned:


“A gas chamber after the liberation.[39]


This is just another real shower.


Flossenbürg, Germany, Gas chambers, which were called showers.[40]


This claim is repeated on the “HistoryWiz” web site “The Final Solution”. The photograph is captioned:[41]


The final destination for those who could not work, the gas chamber – here, the gas chamber at Flossenburg.


The hoaxers pulled the same old trick angle in the camera to block out the many windows of this real working shower room. The top official authorities today concede this room was a real shower, never used to gas anyone. Moreover, no mainstream historian has ever claimed that there was a homicidal gas chamber at the Flossenbürg Camp.


This doesn’t stop Israel’s Holocaust Museum and others from spreading gas shower nonsense. The “HistoryWiz” website presents an important quote:


To be ignorant of history is to remain always a child. – Cicero


That certainly holds true for those who childishly and ignorantly believe showers were gas chambers.


A major reason we believed in the stories of the showers of death is the terrible images of corpses taken at the end of the war. But those horrific images of emaciated and dead prisoners are not proof of an extermination program.


This special presentation of the Oprah Winfrey Show is brought to you with limited commercial interruption. It is supported in part by the new AT&T, committed to education.

I am here in Poland at the Auschwitz death camp, where it is estimated that 1.1 to 1.5 million people perished here in the Holocaust.


At an early age, you were probably already exposed to a program like this.[42] Documentaries such as this one are specifically aimed at young people. You can even see this copy was taken from a website called “School Tube”. Videos like this shock their audience by showing atrocious imagery which, if it were fiction, would be rated unsuitable for children.


That evil has a name: The Holocaust. A systematic mass murder meticulously planned and executed by Nazi Germany that brutally wiped millions of people off the face of the earth. More than six million of those human beings were Jewish.


But since this imagery is real, it is not rated unsuitable for children, although it is even more traumatizing exactly because it is real. However, hardly anyone, let alone a child, has the ability or experience to analyze the context of this imagery. This horrific film footage of emaciated corpses is presented with no context other than the claim that they are proof of a systematic extermination policy.


The Holocaust. A systematic mass murder meticulously planned and executed…


These images, however, were taken at the very end of the war. Mainstream historians claim, however, that any extermination activity had ceased in those camps in October of 1944 at the latest, based on an affidavit by German SS officer Kurt Becher, in which he quoted an order allegedly issued by Himmler in September of 1944 as follows:[43]


I prohibit any annihilation of Jews with immediate effect, and on the contrary order the nursing of weak and sick persons. I hold you (with this, Kaltenbrunner and Pohl were meant) personally responsible for this, even if this order is not strictly followed by subordinate departments.


Both Kaltenbrunner and Pohl were top officials of the concentration camp system. No trace of that Himmler order has ever been found, but that’s beside the point I want to make here. When we look at what was really going on in those camps, we are in for a surprise. Here is a chart showing the number of inmate deaths at Dachau as recorded first by the German authorities and then by the Americans. It clearly shows that mortality exploded at a time when Hitler’s extermination policy is said to have been abandoned. The same happened at the Bergen-Belsen Camp, where mortality exploded only in early 1945, as can be seen from this chart exhibited today at the Bergen-Belsen museum.




The reason for that was severe overcrowding combined with the disastrous collapse of food and water supplies as well as medical care and hygienic measures, which taken together caused malnutrition, starvation, and fatal diseases such as typhus and dysentery to spread out of control.


In those months, the Allies bombed Germany’s entire infrastructure to smithereens, including the supply lines into the camps. Shipments of medicine, sanitation supplies and food into the camps, power plants and water treatment plants were systematically bombed, and in some cases, they even bombed the actual camps. Not only Jewish concentration camp prisoners struggled and perished during the final months of World War II. For months upon months, the German civilian population was the target of an unprecedented fire-bombing campaign by the western Allies. From Hamburg to Dresden, tens of thousands of innocent German civilians were deliberately targeted and murdered. Women and children were burned alive, and terrified families suffocated from poison gas in bomb shelters. They don’t ever show you these pictures, do they? You should ask why, though.


Anyway, many Germans who survived became refugees running for their lives, and also struggled to feed themselves.


In the east, German civilian populations were also fleeing the invading Soviet army which was torturing and murdering civilians en masse. The Red Army raped untold numbers of German women from young children to the elderly.


Using these horrific images, the catastrophic last days of a collapsing Germany surrounded on all sides and bombed to smithereens, as proof of deliberate extermination camps is the dirty trick that is the main reason people believe in the Holocaust.


It’s why many react strongly against those critically investigating mainstream Holocaust claims. After all, we all saw the bodies, right? These images were taken in camps liberated by the western Allies, primarily Dachau, liberated by the Americans, and Bergen-Belsen, liberated by the British – camps which are today admitted, even by mainstream historians, not to have served as extermination or death camps.


Today, all of the so-called death camps or extermination camps are claimed to have been in Polish territories conquered by the Soviet Union.


Early witnesses originally claimed these western-liberated camps also had homicidal gas chambers, disguised as shower rooms. However, British and American doctors performed thousands of autopsies on some of the corpses the Allies discovered in those camps.


Russell Barton, an English medical student who had spent a month in Belsen after the camp’s liberation and had investigated the reasons for the camp’s disastrous conditions toward the end of the war, stated, quote:[44]


German medical officers told me that it had been increasingly difficult to transport food to the camp for some months. Anything that moved on the autobahns was likely to be bombed. […]

I was surprised to find records, going back for two or three years, of large quantities of food cooked daily for distribution. I became convinced, contrary to popular opinion, that there had never been a policy of deliberate starvation. This was confirmed by the large numbers of well-fed inmates. […] The major reasons for the state of Belsen were disease, gross overcrowding by central authority, lack of law and order within the huts, and inadequate supplies of food, water and drugs.





Here is an interview Dr. Barton gave to the late Ernst Zündel some ten years after this article had been published:[45]


You were on the scene in Belsen as a young man.

Yes. I went with a group of medical students. We arrived in Belsen on May the second 1945, and I first went to the camp on May the third. Himmler ordered the camp to be ceded on April 11th in order to stop typhus, which was an epidemic spreading throughout Europe. The British came in; a tank division came in on April the fifteenth at three o’clock, and they did their best to segregate the typhus[-infected] and the dying from the other.

How many people were in the camp at the time when the British took over the camp?

I think there were about fifty-seven or sixty thousand. The British bombed everything, and the Americans, that moved on the roads. So getting food there was extremely difficult. The water supplies became contaminated with sewage, and the administration in the camp more or less broke down. The distribution of food in the individual huts was left to the inmates, and the inmates, we found out – we were fooled at first, but this was after May, after I got there. The inmates… one particular group was in control; they would take what they wanted and then leave whatever food there was left to the rest of the hut. So that meant, perhaps ten powerful people would gobble everything, and three hundred and fifty would have whatever was left. There were, I’d say, all nationalities, mainly Polish and Russian. Most of them were Jewish.

Were there men and women?

Yes, there were men and women, and children.

And were they segregated?


Segregated camps. And that was still segregated when you got there?


Even, let’s say, if the German camp administration had made maximum effort, and had been given everything at hand, could they have prevented this?

There was no cure for typhus at that time. The British put DDT, which is an insecticide, over everything and everybody, and in that way, I think, the typhus was contained. But it was a great danger. People don’t realize it was typhus. It was… I supposed 50, 60 percent of the people died of typhus.

Why are these bodies naked? I mean, some of them are so emaciated. Why don’t they have their clothing on?

Well, they did. When they were pushed outside the huts, they had clothing on. But clothing was so scarce – everything was scarce – that the inmates would immediately rush out and take all the clothing off, because it was a pity to waste it. That’s why they were naked.

Did you see, when you got there two weeks after the British army took over, any evidence of gas chambers, the way propaganda has said that the Germans had in these camps? Or was there any claim made to that effect?

No. I don’t think it was ever thought there was a gas chamber in Belsen-Bergen. People were dying at 500 a day, by the way, a rate of 500 a day.

Even under British administration…

Under British administration, yes. And what was happening mostly, the English soldiers were giving people their food, people half starved, had very thin stomachs. The stomachs would burst, and they’d die. The inmates said that the conditions there, this is what inmates said, that conditions weren’t too bad until the end of ’44. And then this mass immigration… But by the time they put in another 50,000, fully 50,000, of course…

Were you there during the time when the bulldozers were actually putting these bodies in the graves, in these long trenches that we’ve seen?

The bulldozers… the bodies were being thrown in. They would put… a truck went around every day and picked up the bodies outside the hut, and then they would take them to where the bulldozer had dug the grave, and they would throw them into the grave.

You are a man born in England. You published this article, I believe, for an English publication. And the London Times picked up on what you have published here?

That’s right. This was published in November 1968. I was asked to write it. I was solicited. I had no intention of so doing.

Nobody ever interviewed you from any German magazines or papers?

Oh no. No, no.

To this day?

Not to this day.

Did anybody ever, officially from Germany, come and contact you for a kind of historical documentation, of the [???German Federal] archives in Koblenz and places like that?


No. Never?



Similar to this is the account given by Dr. Charles Larson, a U.S. forensic pathologist working for the U.S. Army’s Judge Advocate General. Right after the war, Dr. Larson performed autopsies on hundreds of victims in some twenty former concentration camps. In 1980, a newspaper article appeared reporting about his wartime experience. We read there:[46]


Larson has talked little publicly about the war experience. One reason for his silence has been that his autopsy findings conflicted with the widely held belief that most Jews in Nazi camps were exterminated by gassing, shooting or poisoning.

What we’ve heard is that 6 million Jews were exterminated. Part of that is a hoax,’ Larson said. […]

Never was a case of poisoning uncovered, he said.





Larson’s biographer wrote the following about this episode, quote:[47]


In one grave the bulldozers uncovered an estimated 2,000 bodies, many of which were subjected to autopsy examination by Major Larson. All of those autopsied had died of various conditions such as emaciation with starvation, tuberculosis, typhus or other infectious diseases.

For the next ten days, many nights with only an hour or two of restless sleep, Larson worked among the dead. He performed about 25 autopsies a day and superficially examined another 300 to 1,000 bodies. He autopsied only those bodies that appeared to have died questionably. ‘Many of them died of typhus,’ Dr. Larson told me recently.

At Dachau Larson’s work – the profile of the prisoner population that his autopsies projected – indicated that only a small percentage of the deaths were due to medical experimentation on humans. It indicated that most of the victims died from so-called ‘natural causes’ at the time; that is, of disease brought on by malnutrition and filth which are the handmaidens of war.


Today, these particular camps are admitted not to have had homicidal gas chambers at all. So, none of the corpses seen in these images were gassed. What you see in these images are prisoners who died from disease, as well as a lack of appropiate food, water and medical supplies. A large part of their condition was due to the Allies bombing supply lines to the camps.


Allied fighter planes even bombed and strafed trainloads full of prisoners as they were being evacuated to different camps. Those prisoners who weren’t hit by bullets or bombs were without appropiate supplies for days until arriving at their destinantion.


The liberation of Dachau concentration camp is dramatized in the film Shutter Island. The Americans liberating Dachau came across what became known as “The Dachau Death Trains”. They saw bullet holes in the sides of the trains and dead prisoners inside in terrible condition, believing the Germans locked starved prisoners inside the trains, then machine gunned them, the Americans turned their fury to the capture of German guards.


The guards surrendered, we took their guns, and we lined them up. It wasn’t warfare, it was, it was murder!


Many of the German guards who surrendered the camp had only recently been transferred to the camp in the final days of the war. Some were just teenagers from surrounding towns. Ironically, this young German guard even looks like the young DiCaprio. This young German was not a deliberate holocauster of Jews or anyone else but a young man tragically swept into the final days of the most brutal war in the history of mankind. The German soldiers surrendered, and with their hands up, the Americans shot dozens of captured unarmed German guards. And it didn’t happen in the heat of the moment either, as this movie suggests. In fact, the Americans actually brought the guards to the camp’s coal yard, got a heavy machine gun from their vehicle and brought it into position, and they had their army photographers take pictures of the event, as this photo and others prove. It was a war crime. The Americans played judge, jury and executioner. They even dragged German soldiers from a nearby hospital and shot them, even though they had nothing to do with the camp at all, let alone the death trains. Here is the testimony of one of the Americans involved in this murder:[48]


I was not prepared for what I saw in Dachau. Nothing could prepare you for that. Nothing could prepare you for that type of slaughter that was carried on in that camp. […]

I never liked to see people killed unnecessarily, no matter what their stripe is or what they have done. We did kill some people there that I consider unnecessarily. However, given the circumstances, while I am sorry about it, it was just one of those things that no one could control. Actually, the people that we killed died a much easier death than the people that they tortured and killed as we subsequently found out. Torture and hangings and executions in various manners was a daily occurrence. So, in a way, we were kinder to them than they were to the people that they murdered.





The only problem is that the people he helped to kill were not those who had run the camp for many years.


But evidence has come to light that the Germans did not lock prisoners inside the trains and machine gun them.


The bullets which tore through the trains full of prisoners were not German bullets but in fact the result of Allied war planes strafing the trains.


Here is a Jewish former prisoner talking about the Allies bombing and shooting his train, killing prisoners on the way to Dachau, explaining their condition:


I was ordered to go march out to the railroad station back into the cattle cars, but this time they had open wagons and regular cattle cars. But the only difference it was that the railroad tracks, on one track, the Nazis were retreating with the heavy artillery, ammunition and all their hardware. In another track the concentration camp inmates in the train load. The Nazis were hoping maybe because we are there they will not be bombed.

It would have been a short trip, but it took us almost three days to get to Dachau. What had happened, we got hit by air raid. They bombed the both of the tracks, they machine gunned our train. And in the train were I was sitting – this time it wasn’t so loaded – we were all squatting down. Both of the fellows beside me got hit by machine gun fire. And I just, days… by then the guards were gone. We opened the railroad car and stumbled out of the car and walked into the woods in nearby, and hid there. Remember going out on the fields and dug off some potatoes for food. But they came back next morning or a day later with dogs, gathered us together and ordered us back to the railroad cars. They never removed the bodies. This is how we arrived to Dachau.


This Jew’s train was bombed and shot by Allied planes. The prisoners the Allies killed were left inside the train. Prisoners who weren’t blown up or shot by the Allies suffered further malnutrition, in part due to the bombing of train tracks, delaying their journey.


The Allies were directly responsible for killing many on these death trains. Bullets from Allied air planes tore through the bodies of those prisoners shortly before the American infantry arrived at Dachau. American infantry, ignorant of the role of Allied bombing and strafing runs contributing to the deaths of the prisoners inside the death trains, put the blame on the Germans.


They lined the unarmed, surrendered German guards against a wall and executed them, committing a war crime, which has gone unpunished to this day. Misunderstandings, propaganda, falsehoods, blind patriotism, mistakes, rushing to judgement. How else could millions be driven to killing their own people, themselves essentially?


“It wasn’t warfare, it was murder.


The Allies also directly bombed concentration camp prisoners, and today we are told this is proof of a German planned Holocaust.


This is another segment from the American propaganda film “Nazi Concentration Camps” which was shown at the Nuremberg Trials.


The slave-labor camp at Nordhausen liberated by the Third Armored Division, First Army. At least three thousand political prisoners died here at the brutal hands of SS troops and hardened German criminals who were the camp guards. Nordhausen had been a depository for slaves found unfit for work in the underground V-bomb plants and in other German camps and factories.


A deceptively captioned image of Nordhausen appears in Steven Spielberg’s The Last Days companion book. We see American solders walking past corpses strewn on the ground. The caption reads:


The horrific scene of mass annihilation within the Nordhausen concentration camp.


Let’s look closer at the photograph. We can see the buildings have been bombed. Testimony of former prisoners shows they were lucky to survive Allied bombing attacks.


This Jewish former prisoner and doctor describes prisoners laying in the camp hospital, sick of tuberculosis in the final days of the war.


And there I had over 4 thousand prisoners laying on tuberculosis. Sick. What are you doing? It’s tuberculosis. No medications, nothing, hardly food, it was very meager already. The Germans didn’t have to eat.





This former prisoner and doctor described conditions in the camp in the final days of the war. Sick prisoners didn’t have enough supplies. However, he points out the Germans themselves also didn’t have enough even to eat. Clearly, the Germans could have killed the sick prisoners at any time, yet instead treated them in hospitals.


And all of the sudden, it was April 3rd at 3 o’clock, alarm, and American air force over us, and dropped the bombs just on our camp. And the whole camp was entirely destroyed. And out of this four thousand people, we were 200 survived. Because they died there. They were in the camps, you know. Hanging in the ceiling, their bodies and… It was awful. It was burning days and days. We were still…, the nurses, the doctors, the administration people, the working administration… we ran away.


And the Americans made a mistake because they didn’t know this is a concentration camp. They knew it is a military camp. They emptied the military the month before and in January they put us in, you see. So, they didn’t know. So, they came back at 9 o’clock in the morning and hit the whole city. The whole city they flattened. We ran away in the wood, in the fields, and when they emptied the planes, they came and strafed us with machine guns. They didn’t know who it is. They are Germans, you know. And we went into the woods, and we remained about a week in the woods. And we ate only the raw potatoes.


British Royal Air Force bombed the camp, full of sick prisoners. They turned around and shot survivors running for their lives. They flattened the nearby town, full of innocent German civilians.


The British are primarily responsible for the scene of, quote, “mass annihilation.” But images of Nordhausen recently bombed and strafed by British planes are still used today as proof of a deliberate German-planned Holocaust.


And it’s important to note that most of those seen in this photograph aren’t even Jews but primarily non-Jewish political prisoners, including Poles, Russians and Jehovah’s Witnesses. These majority non-Jewish victims of Allied bombing at a former labor camp are used to sell a supposed Jewish Holocaust.


The Oprah program deceptively used two shots of the aftermath of the British air raid at Nordhausen.


More than six millions of those human beings were Jewish.


This victim of the Allies blowing up and strafing sick prisoners at Nordhausen being carried over rubble was in fact likely not Jewish. So, we’re looking at someone who is both not killed by the Germans but by the British and who is likely not a Jew.


Here is another clip of Nordhausen. The prisoners of the camp for seriously ill prisoners were blown up and shot by the British, and were buried in this mass grave. The soldiers standing at the edge are Americans. But we are led to assume they are Germans, standing at attention after a job well done.


“[…] that brutally wiped millions of people off the face of the earth.”


Actually, the British brutally wiped these prisoners off the face of the earth. The Germans put them in a camp with doctors and nurses.


What’s incredible is that you were shown these images as proof of an organized, planned, systematic extermination program going according to plan.


A systematic mass murder meticulously planned and executed …


…when in reality, this was the result of the total disorganization and utter chaos of a collapsing Germany which was still being bombed relentlessly into submission.


Rather than do the right thing and accept blame for what could be said is accidental collateral damage based on faulty intelligence, the Allies instead just blamed the Germans. Images of a camp full of sick prisoners bombed and strafed by British planes at Nordhausen are used as proof of a systematic, planned German extermination program. However, every single mostly non-Jewish prisoner in this imagery was killed due to a British bomb or bullet.


The editing of the film “Nazi Concentration Camps” was supervised by Budd Schulberg, born Seymour Schulberg, son of the head of Paramount Studios. Schulberg was Jewish and a member of the communist party USA until 1939.




All of these dead were murdered with British bombs or bullets. Yet no mention is made of that. Schulberg claims they died at the brutal hands of Germans.


At least 3 thousand political prisoners died here at the brutal hands of SS troops and hardened German criminals who were the camp guards.


This is a total lie and inversion of history. The final shot of the “Nazi Concentration Camps” film shows footage of a prisoner at Nordhausen who had his head blown off.


A prisoner account describes exactly how this happened and who is responsible:[49]


THE APRIL 3 BOMBING. The accounts refer first of all to the Tuesday, April 3 bombing: ‘Right from the first blast, I took shelter under the concrete staircase of the Revier. A bomb hit the Block and the staircase was demolished. I ran to the middle of the camp, to a shelter dug right into the ground, where there were already a dozen civilians, women, children, and also an SS man – as green from fear as his uniform – who could only stammer: ‘Schrecklich! Schrecklich!’ (Horrible! Horrible!) And indeed, it was not a pretty sight; corpses every five or six yards, headless or their innards ripped open.


Today, images of Nordhausen are widely used as proof of a Jewish Holocaust. Why is this particular image so popular? The bodies of those blown up or shot by the British, then pulled out of craters or the rubble of buildings and lined up in ordered rows by the Americans are meant to imply an orderly German method of mass murder. Apparently, they want us to believe the Germans lined all these prisoners up here in neat rows and shot them where they stood. If these dead people were German soldiers, the Brits would pat themselves on the back for a job well done. Instead, the Allies just blamed their bombing and shooting screw up on the Germans. What a horrific scam, pulled right in front of our very eyes. Imagery of tragic deaths which were the direct result of the Allies’ actions are cynically exploited to sell a lie.


[Footage showing historian Stephen Ambrose:]


Adolf Hitler was pure evil. And he was in command of the most advanced technology and the best-disciplined people and the best-educated people in the world.

In the wrong hands, technology helped turn Europe into a slaughter house. This was a war that was also a crime.

Eisenhower, when he first encountered concentration camps, was shocked and surprised. He hadn’t been told about it. His immediate reaction was, ‘This is so horrible that there will inevitably become a revisionist movement some day to say ‘this never happened; this is propaganda; this is a figment of wartime imagination,’ so he insisted that every GI who could be marched through those camps and he said ‘bring your cameras with you.


This is a classic quote used to attempt to refute revisionists. Eisenhower said, there would be deniers in the future, so he ordered witnesses march through camps and film them. No one denies these are real bodies. But the false analysis of their cause of death deflecting all blame onto Germans is the propaganda. Every single shot in this news segment was taken at Nordhausen. All of the footage of murdered prisoners in the sick camp at Nordhausen shows prisoners blown up or shot by the British.


This is another example of the propaganda formula: supposed expert, deceptive imagery, plus calling those who question it evil haters. It turns out this master historian was later accused of plagiarism throughout his entire career.[50] He even lied about spending hundreds of hours with Eisenhower and meeting with him daily. Official records show he spent five hours on the record with Eisenhower. This is the mentality of these master historians, promoted to the forefront of the monopoly media. There was no plan to turn these prisoners into this condition. This was the result of the catastrophic end to the war. Not everything going perfectly according to an evil plan.


Up until this time these images of a bulldozer dumping naked emaciated corpses into a mass grave at Bergen-Belsen were the most horrifying imagery in the history of film. This film footage was shown to our grandparents’ generation on a big screen. It has been shown to you at a young age. What are you to believe? Some programs such as the Oprah presentation lead one to assume this is a German driving this bulldozer, making his quota of gassed Jews for the day, rather than a British solder pushing epidemic typhus victims into a mass grave.




Until the end of the war, Bergen-Belsen was not a death camp were Germans deliberately starved to death and murdered prisoners. In fact, it was originally designated as a recuperation camp, or Krankenlager, where sick prisoners were sent to improve their health. It wasn’t such a terrible place until the final days of the war, and there is evidence to prove it. Rose Kahn, a Hungarian Jew, was transported from Auschwitz to Bergen-Belsen in the summer of 1944. Before Auschwitz was abandoned, and Bergen-Belsen was severely overcrowded, she describes Bergen-Belsen as not such a terrible place.


So, when we arrived to Bergen-Belsen, and they told us to get out, and the Nazis came with those big, big dogs, with their wolves, and they asked us who cannot walk, is sick, should tell ‘em, so they gonna put us on a bus. I was afraid to say it. I couldn’t walk, but I didn’t say it. And if I would say, would been good, because this was not a bad place. This was not at that time, at that time.

So in other words it wasn’t a trick?”

No, no.

They really would have taken you by bus.

Yes, yes, yes.

I think you were right, though.

Yes, but I was so afraid, so my mother and my friends were holding me. We had to walk a few miles, quite a few miles to it. And we arrived there, and we lived in tents and straw, we slept on straw. And we weren’t treated badly. No, it wasn’t too bad over there. We were given nice meals. What happened? They wanted us strong to send out to work, so they didn’t want weak and sick people.


Witnesses such as this help prove that Bergen-Belsen was not a specially designed death camp whatsoever. Before the catastrophic end of the war, prisoners were routinely fed and decently cared for.


The major trick of the Holocaust promotion industry is to show these horrible images of emaciated bodies and make you believe that prisoners were always like this. That the Germans immediately starved them to death, and this deliberate starvation had been going on for years as part of their plan of extermination. However, witnesses such as this and others prove that at times the concentration camps were not so terrible.


This was not a bad place. This was not at that time.


It was only as Germany was losing the war, surrounded on all sides by a terror bombing campaign from the west and marauding Soviets in the east, that conditions in camps such as Bergen-Belsen deteriorated disastrously.


And then we stayed there until they started to build barracks for all the other Auschwitz people when Bergen-Belsen became hell.


Bergen-Belsen became hellish at the very end of the war. The major cause of this was the Allied bombing campaign. As the Allies fire-bombed German civilian population centers, burning innocent men, women and children alive and shot at or bombed just about anything that moved on roads or train tracks, even the Germans themselves had trouble finding enough to eat at the time.


[Camp survivors interviewed:]


…hardly food, it was very meager already. The Germans didn’t have to eat.

Food didn’t improve very much because, simple reason, they didn’t have very much themselves, so…

Did the civilians try to help you at all? Did they trade goods for things?

It’s as I say, we had almost everything what we wanted, from the soccer teams, from the civilians, from outside civilians.


The spread of deadly diseases and severe overcrowding exacerbated the entire situation. Prisoners from areas in the east which were now being overrun by the Soviets were hastily evacuated west. After days or weeks journey, often on foot, they wound up in these overcrowded camps full of deadly diseases. And because the German infrastructure was being destroyed, this was catastrophic.


In early February 1945, a large transport of Hungarians were admitted to Bergen-Belsen while the disinfestation facility was out of order. As a result, typhus broke out and quickly spread beyond control. The hot-air delousing machine sometimes failed to work for several days. The worst killer was typhus. But typhoid fever and dysentery also claimed their lives.


There was a breakdown in order and communication throughout the German system as the Germans were losing the war and fighting for their survival. Trainloads of food were destroyed by Allied planes. At Bergen-Belsen, the final factor which guaranteed mass casualties was in the final weeks of the war: The Allies bombed the power plant which supplied electricity to the facilities that pumped water to the camp.





Water too had been cut off. And so, the water cart was the most important thing to arrive. There had be no water supply for six days. The Germans pleaded it had been cut.[51]


The electric plant which powered pumps supplying water to Bergen-Belsen was not cut by some unnamed force. It was blown up by the British. A destroyed system for providing clean water to the camp compounded already disastrous hygiene and medical conditions. Clean water, necessary to shower prisoners, wash clothing and treat dehydrated typhoid fever, dysentery and typhus patients was indeed cut off by British bombs.


One might ask why all the inmates surviving were not removed out of the camp altogether to a large town, for example, where there would be feeding and housing facilities. The answer is simply the dread word – typhus.

A mobile bacteriological unit and all medical aid possible together with 90 medical students from London hospitals were rushed to the spot to deal with it.

Lack of soap and water brought lice to the inmates, and lice carry typhus. To get rid of typhus, one must first get rid of lice, so contaminated patients were removed from their huts and put through a laundry process.


The British struggled to remedy disastrous conditions in Bergen-Belsen after liberation. Many thousands died after liberation. In the end, the British burned the wooden barracks, as they became infested with deadly epidemic-typhus-carrying body lice. Images of the disastrous situation at Bergen-Belsen are fraudulently used to portray a deliberate German extermination policy.


These post-liberation images of Bergen-Belsen as well as Dachau and Nordhausen have become symbols of German barbarism. But these people were victims of the larger war, not a deliberate German extermination plan. The Germans did what they could to keep people alive, and in some cases contacted the Red Cross for assistance and even turned over some camps to them. The shameful truth hidden amongst this Holocaust propaganda is that not only were none of these people gassed, but the Allies played a major role in their deaths.


As terrible as these images of emaciated prisoners are, images of union prisoners of the American confederate civil war camp Andersonville show liberated prisoners also appeared in a similar condition. What happened at Andersonville was a complete breakdown in hygiene measures due to inadequate sanitation facilities. Toilets in the overcrowded camp didn’t drain properly, exposing prisoners to filth and disease, in particular dysentery. Symptoms of dysentery include diarrhea and rapid weight loss. In extreme cases, patients may pass over a liter of fluid per hour. It’s easy to see how someone who is repeatedly defecating, vomiting and urinating would quickly lose body weight, especially if food supplies, medicine and water became scarce.


At Andersonville, as overcrowding increased, so did the death toll. The confederates also lost the war in a catastrophic way much like the Germans. So, there is a direct correlation between the images of Andersonville prisoners and the so-called Holocaust images.


Now, these people at Andersonville aren’t Jews, and never has anyone alleged the South aimed for a total genocide of Northerners. The photographs of Andersonville and for instance Bergen-Belsen are quite similar and correlate with the breakdown in hygiene, overcrowding, the spread of disease and one side of the war losing catastrophically. What you see in these images at Bergen-Belsen is primarily the result of typhus.


Typhus is a disease carried by the body louse which is similar to head lice. But body lice prefer to attach themselves not to the scalp but to the inner seams of clothing. Typhus was responsible for the deaths of millions throughout history. Typhus epidemics routinely occurred throughout Europe during war time. During World War I, more than three million people died from typhus.


What you see in these images are primarily typhus epidemic victims. The Germans did not intentionally starve them to death. We can see several people liberated from the camps. Although not in pristine condition, some appear well fed, some even fat. They simply didn’t have disease. The Germans in fact tried to stop the spread of disease. The insecticide Zyklon B was a pesticide used to kill these deadly typhus-carrying body lice.




There is nothing inherently murderous about Zyklon B. In fact, Zyklon B was used on the Mexican border to gas the clothing of Mexicans crossing the border. The delousing process went like this:


Prisoners entering a camp would strip their clothing and get a haircut to prevent any areas where deadly typhus-carrying body lice could thrive. Then they would take a hot shower. At the same time, their clothing would be put into specially designed fumigation chambers where fumigation crews would use the insecticide Zyklon B to kill deadly typhus-carrying body lice.

The prisoners would then be given clean, lice-free clothing, and enter the camp. It is easy to see how this life saving delousing process involving real fumigation chambers for clothing and real showers was misconstrued into wartime propaganda about showers of gas by prisoners spreading rumors as well as Soviet propaganda artists deliberately framing their enemies.


One of the final exhibits at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. sums up the importance of the information presented in this video.


Museum visitors are bombarded with film clips taken after the Allies captured concentration and labor camps. These films are meant to represent proof of a deliberate German extermination policy. But you have now seen many of these clips, explained and debunked.


Near the end of the museum’s main exhibit two banks of three video monitors flanking a fallen Nazi flag play film footage taken after camps were captured by the Allies.


Each of the three monitors is dedicated to one of the three major Allied powers: the Soviet Union, United States and Great Britain.


On this screen is US Army footage taken at Nordhausen, Dachau and Buchenwald. The caption reads:


Local German civilians are ordered to tour Buchenwald Concentration Camp.


This is an American army official gathering Germans around the supposed human-skin lamp shade and the table filled with propaganda props. Visitors are shown the Dachau death trains full of victims of Allied bombing and strafing attacks. Majdanek, the outside of a real shower facility, “Bath and Disinfection II,” and the inside of “Bath and Disinfection I” showing the real, working shower room. Again, the camera is angled away from the many windows. The caption reads:


Soviet Army officers inspect chambers where prisoners were killed by poison gas.


Today, every serious mainstream historian acknowledges this wasn’t a gas chamber with fake shower heads, it was a real working shower room designed to keep prisoners alive and free of disease.


Again, the bulldozer pushing epidemic typhus victims into a mass grave at Bergen-Belsen. A disaster, but not deliberate or planned.


On the last television screen, we’re shown footage of Nordhausen bombed to smithereens by 500 British warplanes over two days. Much like at the Nuremberg trials, the final shot we are shown before moving on to the exhibit on post-war trials is the victim of British war planes at Nordhausen with his exposed brains.


How sick to show gory imagery of Allied air attack victims as proof of the evilness of Germans.


Mothers rushing their children past this section never question the context of this imagery. This is powerful, trauma-based mind control used to brainwash, not by using logic and facts, but by searing these horror images into a captive audience’s mind, and manipulating emotions with mendacious narrations.


Real shower rooms, phony planted evidence like this lamp shade, and victims of Allied bombing are not proof of a genocide using gas chambers, disguised as shower rooms. We were manipulated, misled and lied to.


We were shown images taken during the final days of a destroyed and collapsed Germany as proof of a systematic, planned extermination program. Upon further investigation by the western Allies, these claims of extermination camps equipped with homicidal gas chambers in western-liberated camps have fallen by the wayside.


However, the powerful imagery of these western-liberated, overcrowded, disease-infested camps, devastated due to the Allied bombing campaign in the final months of the worst war in the history of mankind is still used to brainwash the public as proof of an extermination program of gas chambers disguised as shower rooms in camps captured by the Soviet Union.


In Part 2 of this documentary, we will explore some aspects of the most infamous of these camps: Auschwitz.








This documentary is not meant to whitewash the National Socialist regime of Germany from any of its undisputed wrongdoings. Imprisoning people without proper due process is a crime. Any authority committing such a crime ultimately bears responsibility for those in its custody.


However, this crime was not only committed by the German authorities prior to and during World War II, but during the war also by the U.S. authorities who imprisoned many Japanese Americans as well as Italian and German immigrants. The biggest criminal in this regard, however, was the US’s most important ally of the Second World War, the Soviet Union, where millions were imprisoned and ultimately murdered prior to, during and after the war.


Unfortunately, this crime of unlawful incarceration is today again committed by U.S. authorities in Guantanamo Bay and other similar facilities.






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Dear Contributors and Readers, …



Merry Christmas  2017






A Happy New Year, 2018!




 And let’s also remember and honour those that

understood and fought the “problem” before we did, …




Some thoughts about, …


The Past


National Socialism drove Germany to achieve massive positive developments in all areas of life, supercharging the economic, scientific, social, and cultural life of the nation to great heights that were, given the economic depression that the rest of the world was being subjected to, the envy of all. Germany was headed for world superpower status, all based on its people’s industriousness and inventiveness, organised under a system that brought Germans together to work for the benefit of all.


Yet such positive and wonderful developments could not go un-answered by Hell!


Hell was unleashed on Europeans by Organized jewry in 1914 with its carefully planned WWI, and subsequent massive destruction of Russia in its 1917 “Jewish Revolution” and following slaughter of its people over decades.


Organized jewry then unleashed Hell, Version 2, aka, WWII, in response to the reactionary rise of National Socialism. Using  the best puppets that jewish Money Power could buy, it used its tools; Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin to wage war on Germany.


The end result was over 55 million dead, Europe in ruins, the expansion of the jewish Soviet empire and the everlasting poison pill, the “Holohoax“. But most importantly, National Socialism was “discredited” and jewish Money Power ended in full control, running our “democracies”, where Tweedledee is set against Tweedledum.



The Present


The latest major iteration of the “Tweedledee vs Tweedledum” puppet show being, Trump versus Clinton. Many see Trump’s election as a gain for our cause, all things considered. I see Trump as a complete tool of Organized jewry that used White concerns to divide us. His election is Organized jewry’s “business as usual” even if some bones are thrown our way.



The Future, …


No, you don’t need shades quite yet, as its brightness, all very much depends.


The future is up to us. We either fight Hell and defeat it, or we, and all our descendents will end up in hell, under a tyranny run by Organized jewry. That book, 1984 warned us about that.


I’m cautiously optimistic. Over the last several years I see more and more thinking people awaken to what is going on. We’ve been massively conned over many generations, yet there is a growing understanding of that.


To return to the past, the good Germans of the 1930s understood the problem, … can we do likewise while preventing Hell re-asserting itself?


A fantastically great future awaits humankind, if only we could, … and we will, with great struggle, …


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!









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[Part 20]


[Benton Bradberry’s 2012 book, “The Myth of German Villainy” is a  superb, must-read, revisionist look at how the German people have been systematically, relentlessly and most importantly, unjustly vilified as the arch criminal of the 20th century. Bradberry sets out, coolly and calmly as befits a former US-Navy officer and pilot, to show why and how the German people have been falsely accused of massive crimes and that their chief  accuser and tormenter, organized jewry is in fact the real party guilty of monstrous crimes against Germans and the rest of the world.

n Part 20 the Allied goal of carrying out genocide against the German civilian population is described, starting with the Lindemann Plan — “strategic bombing” — formulated by the German born jew, Frederick Lindemann, and other jews. Lindemann advocated the killing of massive numbers through saturation bombing raids, particularly of high density working class areas. By the end of the war some 160 of Germany’s largest cities had been reduced to rubble.

One infamous case of wanton sadism committed by the Allies was the destruction of Dresden starting on February 13, 1945, a city with little to none military value, and with the end of the war (May 8) just a few months away. A total of 1,300 British and American heavy bombers dropped nearly 4,000 tons of high explosive bombs and incendiary devices on Dresden, followed with American Mustang fighter planes strafing survivors. Estimates of the number killed range from David Irving’s, 135,000, to up to 500,000.

Winston Churchill had earlier in the war, said:

The air opened paths along which death and terror could be carried far behind the lines of the actual enemy; to women, children, the aged, the sick, who in earlier struggles would perforce have been left untouched.

Also discussed is the infamous Morgenthau Plan and how it’s origins came from jews within the Soviet Union through the secret communist spy agency in Washington called the “Silvermaster Group” that the jew Harry Dexter White belonged to. White was given the job because of his relationship with Morgenthau, and Morgenthau’s closes relationship with Roosevelt. White got to work immediately and produced the infamous Plan. The plan as described in Morgenthau’s book, “Germany is Our Problem — A Plan for Germany” called for the de-industrialization of Germany, an act that would lead to millions of German deaths through starvation.

International jewry, fully in control of the Allies, had a pathological hatred for the German people and harbored a burning desire for vengeance. Despite Germany’s constant willingness to end the war, the unconditional surrender policy of the Allies, its knowledge of the Morgenthau Plan and similar plans for their total destruction, the Germans came to understand that they had no choice but to fight on, and ensured that millions more would die and Europe ruined.

At the end of the war, jewish sadism continued on, with the kangaroo court cases of the Nuremberg Trials and the creation of the “Holocaust” myth, a diabolical lie used against Germans, and Whites in general, today — KATANA.]








NOTE: The author has very generously given me permission to reproduce the material here — KATANA.


 The book can be bought at Amazon here: The Myth of German Villainy




The Myth of


German Villainy




Benton L. Bradberry








Chapter 1   –   The Myth of Germany as an Evil Nation

Germany’s Positive Image Changes Overnight 

Chapter 2   –   Aftermath of the War in Germany

The Versailles Treaty

Effect of the Treaty on the German Economy

Was the War Guilt Clause Fair?

Did Germany Really Start the War?

Chapter 3   –   The Jewish Factor in the War

Jews at the Paris Peace Conference

Jews in Britain

Chapter 4   –   The Russian Revolution of 1917

Bolsheviks Take Control

Jews and the Russian Revolution

Origin of East European Jews

Reason for the Russian Pogroms Against the Jews

Jews Leave Russia for America

Financing the 1917 Revolution

Jews in the Government of Bolshevik Russia

Chapter 5   –   The Red Terror

Creation of the Gulag

Bolsheviks Kill the Czar

Jews as a Hostile Elite

The Ukrainian Famine (Holodomor)

Chapter 6   –   The Bolshevik Revolution Spreads throughout Europe

Jews in the Hungarian Revolution

Miklos Horthy Saves Hungary

Jews in the German Revolution

The Spartacist Uprising in Berlin

Jewish Bolsheviks Attempt to Take Italy

Jewish Bolsheviks Attempt to Take Spain — The Spanish Civil


Czechoslovakia in Danger of Communist Takeover

The Comintern’s Aim? World Domination!

Chapter 7   –   The Nation of Israel

History of the Expulsion of Jews

Chapter 8   –   Jews in Weimar Germany

Jews Undermine German Culture

Chapter 9   –   Hitler & National Socialists Rise to Power

The 25 Points of the National Socialist Party

Chapter 10  –  National Socialism vs. Communism

National Socialism

Jews Plan Marxist Utopia

Chapter 11  –  Jews Declare War on Nazi Germany

Text of Untermeyer’s Speech in New York

The Jewish Persecution Myth

Effect of Boycott on the German Economy

Jewish Exaggerations are Contradicted by Many

Chapter 12  –  The Nazis and the Zionists Actually Work Together for

Jewish Emigration out of Germany

The Nuremberg Laws – 1935

The Zionist Movement

Chapter 13  –  Life in Germany Under Hitler

Night of the Long Knives

1934 Annual Nazi Rally at Nuremberg

Hitler Revives the German Economy

Hitler Becomes the Most Popular Leader in the World

Chapter 14  –  Hitler Begins Reclamation of German Territory

Chapter 15  –  The 1936 Olympics

Chapter 16  –  Anschluss”. The Unification of Austria and Germany

Austrian Economy Revived

Austria’s Jews

Chapter 17  –  Germany Annexes the Sudetenland

Chapter 18  –  War with Poland

The Polish Problem

Hitler’s Proposal to Poland


German-Polish Talks Continue

Jews Influence both Roosevelt and Churchill

British and American Political Leaders Under Jewish Influence

Roosevelt’s Contribution to Hostilities

Lord Halifax Beats the War Drums

Germany Occupies Bohemia and Moravia

Roosevelt Pushes for War

Anti-war Movement Becomes Active

Poles Murder German Nationals Within the Corridor

Chapter 19  –  The Phony War

Russo-Finnish War

The Norway/Denmark Campaign

German Invasion of Denmark and Norway

Churchill Takes Chamberlain’s Place as Prime Minister

Chapter 20  –  Germany invades France Through the Low Countries.

The Phony War Ends.

Churchill the War Lover

The Fall of France

Hitler Makes Peace Offer to Britain

Chapter 21  –  The Allied Goal? Destruction of Germany!

Chapter 22  –  Germany as Victim

Rape and Slaughter

Jewish Vengeance

The Jewish Brigade

Chapter 23  –  Winners and Losers





Chapter 21


The Allied Goal?


Destruction of Germany!






You must understand that this war is not against Hitler or National Socialism, but against the strength of the German people, which is to be smashed once and for all, regardless whether it is in the hands of Hitler or a Jesuit priest.


Winston Churchill, 1940, as quoted in Emrys Hughes book, “Winston Churchill, His Career in War and Peace.


[Add image] Emrys Hughes, and his 1950 book, “Winston Churchill in War and Peace”. 


Frederick Lindemann, later known as Lord Cherwell, was a Jew born in Baden-Baden, Germany but raised in England. He went back to Germany to obtain a Ph.D. in physics from the University of Berlin, after which, he returned to England. Lindemann was an early pioneer of British aviation technological development, and when Churchill became Prime Minister, he appointed Lindemann as the British government’s (and his) leading scientific advisor. As a Jew, Lindemann harbored a pathological hatred, not only of the Nazis, but of Germany and the German people.


[Add image] Jewish-British Frederick Lindeman, an advisor to Churchill and promoter of the bombing of German civilians. 


Vengeance against the Germans motivated his every action and opinion. He was a leading advocate from the start of “area bombing” of German cities, and devised a “plan” to carry it out.


The Lindemann Plan proposed that Britain should forget military targets and concentrate air attacks on Germany’s civilian population in order to break the morale of the German people. After their morale was broken, Lindemann believed, and Churchill believed also, the German public would demand an unconditional surrender to the Allies. His plan proposed that;


bombing must be directed to working class houses. Middle class houses have too much space round them, so are bound to waste bombs.


It should be emphasized,” Lindemann said;


that the destruction of houses, public utilities, transport and lives, the creation of a refugee problem on an unprecedented scale, and the breakdown of morale both at home and at the battle fronts by fear of extended and intensified bombing, are accepted and intended aims of our bombing policy. They are not by-products of attempts to hit factories.


In other words, killing massive numbers of civilians should be the primary aim of the bombing raids.



Lindemann was not writing in a vacuum when he created the Lindemann Plan. Professor Solly Zuckerman and Professor Desmond Bernal, both Jews, also did studies on the effects of area bombing on structures and people, and both became strong advocates of massive bombing of Germany.


[Add image] Jewish-British Solly Zuckerman and John Bernal, both promoters of the bombing of German civilians.



Bombing cities as a means of waging total war had already become an accepted strategy among the members of Britain’s “war party.” Britain began developing and building long range, heavy bombers as early as 1933. The United States did the same.


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Eric Thomson, also known by the pen-name, Eric Campbell, was a prominent activist, prolific author of articles and racial patriot in the American national liberation movement. He coined the term “ZOG” in 1976 to describe the contemporary situation of government in Western societies. During the “Cold War” he worked for the US secret services in South America. He then spent time in southern Africa with the Rhodesia White People’s Party (alongside Harold Covington and Jeffrey Spencer). Later on, he was an assistant to the famous German-Canadian promoter of revisionist material,  Ernst Zündel, in Canada.


Here he talks about his training in International Relations and his growing awareness of the central jewish role in international affairs, the hoax nature of the “Cold War“, and how the “goyim” are asleep. Although he laments that, he sees the spreading of information as being a bit like a “First Aid” kit, there to be used when really needed  — KATANA.







Eric Thompson



Dear Robert:




Oct, 2000



Dear Robert:


I have spent most of the morning extracting jewspaper items which I hope you will find informative and interesting, as I do. One fellow asked me what I was doing with all the bits and pieces of information, and how I could ever remember it all. I replied that it was easy, for the minor notes fit into the larger theme, as in a kind of monstrous symphony. After a while, one notices the outlines of a big picture, into which the small news items fit like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. This is the job of an intelligence analyst. Were I working with real intelligence reports, as a ZOG-nerd for NSA, I would really have to be anti-White to avoid becoming alarmed and despondent.


As a student of International Relations, I survived with a score of others, to begin graduate studies in the subject. I.R. is a subject which includes everything, so it is indeed a large subject. Basic tests were on such things as using a terrain map with elevation lines to determine where one would find (a) a deep-water port; (b) a hydroelectric station; (c) a major rail line. Courses included the destabilization and formation of governments, and lots of other information useful to the analyst and/or activist.


By way of “welcome” to graduate studies in the field, the head of the department said:


So you want to study International Relations on the graduate level.


We all nodded in affirmative. He said:


Well, there’s one quality you must have, above all others.


He paused to let us cogitate. What could it be, we thought, talent in foreign languages, math skills? I’m sure no one, including myself came up with the answer. The professor said:


You’ve got to be tough.


That surprised everyone. He continued:


Because you will be dealing routinely with concepts and information which would send most people, you know, right up the wall.


So far, I have found that statement to be true.


In regard to intelligence analysis, which all of us do in varying degrees, in our daily lives, he said that the gathering of information is easy, but its analysis into useful categories is not, and still requires human brains because it is a matter of quality, as well as quantity. The analyst must be able to sort the important from the unimportant, and to distinguish false information from true. He said that “there are no big secrets”, but they are so big and so obvious that most people do not see them. Right again!


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[Part 19]


[Benton Bradberry’s 2012 book, “The Myth of German Villainy” is a  superb, must-read, revisionist look at how the German people have been systematically, relentlessly and most importantly, unjustly vilified as the arch criminal of the 20th century. Bradberry sets out, coolly and calmly as befits a former US-Navy officer and pilot, to show why and how the German people have been falsely accused of massive crimes and that their chief  accuser and tormenter, organized jewry is in fact the real party guilty of monstrous crimes against Germans and the rest of the world.

Part 19 starts with the German invasion of France via Belgium, Holland, and Luxembourg on May 1940, thus ending the so-called “Phony War“. This was an essential survival reaction to the planned invasion of Germany by a British/French army. The “miracle at Dunkirk” was in fact an extraordinary peace overture, made by Hitler, to England. Despite this and repeated peace offers made by Germany, Churchill, the front-man for the jewish supported “War Party“, rejected them all.

Churchill’s personality is described, with his life-long love of war and indifference to the massive deaths of innocent people.

Hess’ flight to Scotland to negotiate with a group of pro-German elitists in Britain, known as the “Cliveden Set”, is described and how Hitler had hoped that if successful it would;
bring about, if not a military alliance of Germany with England against Russia, then to bring about a neutralization of England.

Both Churchill and Roosevelt worked together to bring America into the war, using among other methods, the jewish control over Hollywood to pump out pro-British, anti-German propaganda to bring America into the war on Britain’s side.

Unable to lure Germany into open war with America directly, Roosevelt achieved it by provoking the Japanese to attack at Pearl Harbor. The Tripartite Agreement then brought Germany into a war with the United States, accomplishing both Churchill and Roosevelt’s aim.

The Germans were then, as defenders of Western Christian Civilization, arrayed against not only a rapacious foe, the Soviet Union which threatened to sweep over and obliterate Europe, but also the “arsenal of democracy” the United States and its massive industrial capacity, able to supply all its allies without limit. Behind these forces against Germany stood Organized Jewry, directing the ever-growing carnage — KATANA.]







NOTE: The author has very generously given me permission to reproduce the material here — KATANA.

 The book can be bought at Amazon here: The Myth of German Villainy




The Myth of


German Villainy




Benton L. Bradberry








Chapter 1   –   The Myth of Germany as an Evil Nation

Germany’s Positive Image Changes Overnight 

Chapter 2   –   Aftermath of the War in Germany

The Versailles Treaty

Effect of the Treaty on the German Economy

Was the War Guilt Clause Fair?

Did Germany Really Start the War?

Chapter 3   –   The Jewish Factor in the War

Jews at the Paris Peace Conference

Jews in Britain

Chapter 4   –   The Russian Revolution of 1917

Bolsheviks Take Control

Jews and the Russian Revolution

Origin of East European Jews

Reason for the Russian Pogroms Against the Jews

Jews Leave Russia for America

Financing the 1917 Revolution

Jews in the Government of Bolshevik Russia

Chapter 5   –   The Red Terror

Creation of the Gulag

Bolsheviks Kill the Czar

Jews as a Hostile Elite

The Ukrainian Famine (Holodomor)

Chapter 6   –   The Bolshevik Revolution Spreads throughout Europe

Jews in the Hungarian Revolution

Miklos Horthy Saves Hungary

Jews in the German Revolution

The Spartacist Uprising in Berlin

Jewish Bolsheviks Attempt to Take Italy

Jewish Bolsheviks Attempt to Take Spain — The Spanish Civil


Czechoslovakia in Danger of Communist Takeover

The Comintern’s Aim? World Domination!

Chapter 7   –   The Nation of Israel

History of the Expulsion of Jews

Chapter 8   –   Jews in Weimar Germany

Jews Undermine German Culture

Chapter 9   –   Hitler & National Socialists Rise to Power

The 25 Points of the National Socialist Party

Chapter 10  –  National Socialism vs. Communism

National Socialism

Jews Plan Marxist Utopia

Chapter 11  –  Jews Declare War on Nazi Germany

Text of Untermeyer’s Speech in New York

The Jewish Persecution Myth

Effect of Boycott on the German Economy

Jewish Exaggerations are Contradicted by Many

Chapter 12  –  The Nazis and the Zionists Actually Work Together for

Jewish Emigration out of Germany

The Nuremberg Laws – 1935

The Zionist Movement

Chapter 13  –  Life in Germany Under Hitler

Night of the Long Knives

1934 Annual Nazi Rally at Nuremberg

Hitler Revives the German Economy

Hitler Becomes the Most Popular Leader in the World

Chapter 14  –  Hitler Begins Reclamation of German Territory

Chapter 15  –  The 1936 Olympics

Chapter 16  –  Anschluss”. The Unification of Austria and Germany

Austrian Economy Revived

Austria’s Jews

Chapter 17  –  Germany Annexes the Sudetenland

Chapter 18  –  War with Poland

The Polish Problem

Hitler’s Proposal to Poland


German-Polish Talks Continue

Jews Influence both Roosevelt and Churchill

British and American Political Leaders Under Jewish Influence

Roosevelt’s Contribution to Hostilities

Lord Halifax Beats the War Drums

Germany Occupies Bohemia and Moravia

Roosevelt Pushes for War

Anti-war Movement Becomes Active

Poles Murder German Nationals Within the Corridor

Chapter 19  –  The Phony War

Russo-Finnish War

The Norway/Denmark Campaign

German Invasion of Denmark and Norway

Churchill Takes Chamberlain’s Place as Prime Minister

Chapter 20  –  Germany invades France Through the Low Countries.

The Phony War Ends.

Churchill the War Lover

The Fall of France

Hitler Makes Peace Offer to Britain

Chapter 21  –  The Allied Goal? Destruction of Germany!

Chapter 22  –  Germany as Victim

Rape and Slaughter

Jewish Vengeance

The Jewish Brigade

Chapter 23  –  Winners and Losers





Chapter 20


Germany Invades France


Through the Low Countries


The Phony War Ends





On May 10, the same day Churchill became Prime Minister, Germany invaded Belgium, Holland, and Luxembourg, as the only viable pathway into France, which was Germany’s primary goal. This must also be seen as a pre-emptive strike, as Britain had already sent large numbers of troops into France, and a combined British/French army of 500,000 men was at that moment being organized for an invasion of Germany. Since their declaration of war on Germany, both Britain and France had been frantically building up their military forces in preparation for an all out offensive against Germany. Germany, as previously discussed, had tried to avoid a war with Britain and France, and even made a formal peace offer to both countries after the Polish war ended, but it was rejected out of hand. Not only did Britain and France reject Germany’s offer of peace, but went even further and began a relentless naval campaign against Germany, known as the Battle of the Atlantic, which included a naval blockade of German ports. It was clear that a land attack on Germany would follow as soon as the Allied military build-up was ready.



What was Germany to do, wait helplessly for the inevitable invasion? Again, Hitler seized the initiative and beat them to the punch with his invasion of the Low Countries on May 10 and his rapid push into France. France’s impregnable Maginot Line blocked a German invasion across the German/French border, but the Maginot Line extended only to the Luxembourg border. The border between France and Belgium, and France and Luxembourg was unfortified all the way to the English Channel. An invasion of France would have to go around the Maginot Line, through the only route available, and that would be through the Netherlands, Belgium or Luxembourg. Again, Hitler’s initiative was “reactive” in nature, and essentially “defensive” as opposed to “offensive.” All of Hitler’s military initiatives were of this nature; all the result of Allied provocations or of Allied threats. Britain, led by Churchill, was the provocateur throughout.


Three days after becoming Prime Minister, and three days after the German invasion of the Low Countries, Churchill addressed the House of Commons and made his melodramatic “blood, sweat and tears” speech. In the speech, he declared British war aims as:


Victory. Victory at all costs. Victory in spite of all terror. Victory, however long and hard the road may be, for without victory there is no survival.


Churchill deliberately ignored the fact that Adolf Hitler had made numerous peace overtures to Britain, had repeatedly expressed his admiration for the British Empire, had even offered German military assistance if needed by the British Empire, and had made repeated attempts to establish friendly relations with Britain, all of which were spurned. Germany had no designs on Britain and wanted above all else to avoid a war. It should also be remembered that Britain and France declared war on Germany, not the other way around. Germany’s occupation of Norway, as well as the invasion of the Low Countries, were actually defensive in nature, though Churchill and his “war party” held them up as the ultimate proof of Germany’s plan to conquer the world. Perhaps they even believed it.


Churchill’s life dream had at last come true. He was now Prime Minister of England, fulfilling his imagined destiny of heroically leading the British Empire to victory in war. Making peace with Germany was the farthest thing from his mind.


On May 10, 1940, German bombers hit air bases in France, Luxembourg, Belgium, and the Netherlands, destroying large numbers of Allied planes on the ground and crippling Allied air defenses. Elite squads of German paratroopers were dropped onto fortified Allied points along the front, neutralizing a key element of France’s defense strategy.


On the ground, German forces advanced in two directions: one through the Netherlands and northern Belgium (as Britain and France had expected) and the other, larger force to the south, through Luxembourg and into the Ardennes Forest on a path that led directly into the French heartland (which was completely unexpected). Unaware of the German advance to the south through the Ardennes Forest, Britain and France sent the bulk of their troops to Belgium.


During the first days of the attack, German progress toward Brussels and The Hague was slowed unexpectedly by the formidable resistance of the Dutch forces. On May 14, when the Dutch forces refused to surrender, the German Luftwaffe was unleashed for a massive bombing attack on central Rotterdam. Efforts were made to call the bombers back when the Dutch suddenly agreed to negotiate, but only a few of the German pilots received the message and turned back. The remaining bombers continued on and dropped their bombs on the city, killing more than 800 civilians. The Netherlands surrendered that same day.


The British and French plan to defend Belgium was to make a stand at a line of forts between the cities of Antwerp and Liege. Unaware that these forts had already been captured by German paratrooper units on the first night of the invasion, the British and French armies found themselves under attack on May 13. At the same time, the second German offensive to the south emerged from the Ardennes Forest, to the complete surprise of the Allies. Over the next few days, the main Allied armies were trapped between the two German forces, able neither to protect Paris nor to stop the Germans from advancing to the English Channel. Then, when the German troops to the south moved between the French and British forces, the Allies were divided and thus weakened still further. The Allied defense of Belgium turned out to be an unequivocal disaster.


German tanks emerge from the Ardennes Forest


While the main French army was trapped between the two German armies, the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) was pushed to the coast near the French port of Dunkirk. Over 200,000 British and 140,000 French, 340,000 in all, were trapped on the beaches of Dunkirk; sitting ducks for the German forces pressing in on them.


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[John Friend and Carolyn Yeager discuss the recent Greg Johnson vs Andrew Anglindebate” where the “Holocaust” and Revisionism were some of the topics discussed.

John and Carolyn then take Kevin MacDonald and Greggy to the woodshed for their failure to man-up and confront the fraudulent nature of the “holocaust industry” that the jews have placed, like a millstone, around the necks of Whites.

The Revisionists have systematically and conclusively proven that the “Holocaust” is the “hoax of the 20th century“. What stands in the way of this becoming general public knowledge is organized jewry’s stranglehold over our governments and media, etc.

Between this proven hoax and the public’s  lack of awareness stand two prominent members of the White movement, who for reasons explored by Carolyn and John, make excuses for evading this fact, or worst, pretend with word play that it still “happened“.

As Carolyn and John discuss, the fraudulent “Holocaust” is central to organized jewry’s strategy of guilt tripping Whites to prevent them into moving towards White nationalism by linking it negatively to racial awareness, that then leads to “Nazism” and the inevitable “gassing of six million innocent jews“.

As such, it is essential that the White movement comes to grips with exposing the Holohoax for what it is, so that this massive psychological weapon, roadblock, can be neutralized.

Meanwhile the jews continue on with their genocidal plans to destroy the White race — KATANA.]








The Realist Report


Carolyn Yeager


On the Johnson vs Anglin Debate





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The Realist Report – Carolyn Yeager

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The realist Report Description


Published on Sep 6, 2017



On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined once again by Carolyn Yeager. Carolyn and I focus on the recent debate between Andrew Anglin and Greg Johnson which focused on the importance and relevance of historical revisionism in the overall pro-White struggle. Carolyn and I both agree that revisionism is an essential aspect of the struggle for the White race, as our historical narrative – especially as it pertains to WWII, Adolf Hitler, and the so-called “Holocaust” of “6 million Jews” – has been entirely weaponized against our people. We also address a number of other related issues in this very important podcast.

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Voice over: You are listening to The Realist Report. And now your host, John Friend!


John: All right folks, welcome back to another edition of The Realist Report. This is your host John Friend. The website is The Realist Report dot com, where you can find an extensive archive of these pod casts as well as other radio broadcasts I have participated in, in the past. You can also find all of my blog posts and articles, a contact page, my Twitter feed, which is embedded on the right hand side of the website, and many other useful and important links. I am a regular reporter for American Free Press, America’s last real newspaper, and I also contribute to The Barnes Review, the bi-monthly history magazine affiliated with American Free Press. I encourage everyone listening to subscribe to both publications. Check out American Free Press dot net and The Barnes Review dot org for more details.


OK, with that said, let me introduce my special guest this evening. Carolyn Yeager is back once again to discuss a recent debate between Andrew Anglin and Greg Johnson. Which focuses on the importance and relevance of historical Revisionism in the overall pro-White struggle. A topic Carolyn and I have addressed in the past.


Carolyn, welcome back to the program! How are you this evening?


Carolyn: I’m just fine, John. Glad to be here.


John: Yes, good! I’m glad that you could join me. You wrote an article about this debate between Greg Johnson and Andrew Anglin which is over on Carolyn Yeager dot net. And I will link to it. I hope people go there and check it out. I think you have a lot of very important and good things to say about the debate. And really that’s going to be the main topic for this conversation. I will be honest, I did not listen to the entire debate. I think if you can find it on YouTube and you can also find it on, … There’s like a new alternative to YouTube from what I understand. I think it’s Bitchute, is that correct?


Carolyn: Yes.


John: Yes. You can find it [the debate] in multiple places. You have it linked on a couple of different, …


Carolyn: Yes. I have both of them linked.


John: Yes, over on your site. If you just Google it, you can find it. It’s been all over the place. It is a pretty interesting debate. Certainly worth checking out. Again I didn’t listen to the entire thing. I listened to most of it, and I mean, frankly I’ve basically heard what both Anglin and Johnson have to say about the subject, so it really wasn’t anything, …


[Image] The many faces of Andrew Anglin.


Carolyn: And then Anglin said, afterwards, that it wasn’t supposed to be a debate, but then afterwards they started calling it a debate. But I guess that was important to him, that he didn’t feel like he was in debate. You know, he wasn’t prepared, maybe, to debate anything. You know, but they did have interestingly pretty much opposing views when it came to “Holocaust” and revisionism, which is the part that I found interesting.


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