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[In this interview Dennis Fetcho talks with Alison Chabloz about her upcoming court appearance (March 7) after being charged under the Communications Act in the UK, for causing “gross offence” to some jews, by uploading several of her songs to YouTube, that parody the nonsense claimed by some alleged “Holocaust survivors“.


Readers are urged to show support for Alison by, if possible, attending her court appearance this Wednesday morning at Central London Magistrates Court   — KATANA.]


UPDATE: “A blogger accused of broadcasting anti-Semitic songs has told a court there was “no proof” gas chambers were used to kill Jewish people in World War Two. …

The trial continues and a decision is expected in May [2018].”

Source: http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-derbyshire-43321482




Inside the Eye Live




Alison Chabloz


Mar 3, 2018



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Published on Sat, Mar 3, 2018


Dennis Fetcho, Inside the Eye – Live! 2018.03.03



Dennis Fetcho, aka “The Fetch“, is an American ex-patriot living in Amman, Jordan.  He is the author of the Illuminatus Observor, a blog regarded by many as simply the finest Hermetic Qaballa blog in all of blogdom. The Fetch also has a second site called “Inside The Eye – Live! 


Alison Chabloz appeared on Inside the Eye – Live! on Saturday, March 3, 2018. Alison’s first appearance in November of 2016 was greeted the following day with an arrest initiated by an Israeli front NGO/charity known as “The Committee Against Anti-Semitism”.

Alison will be in court on Wednesday, March 7, 2018 in what, hopefully, will bring about a successful closure for the interests of free speech and Western values in the face of Jewish onslaught against Western civilization.

Many items of discussion were raised in this entertaining and delightful interview, including the ongoing social media purges, destruction of social working groups, “anti-Semitism”, and so much more.

Definitely worth a listen for anyone interested in contemporary battles for the heart and soul of Western civilization.


Hour 1 – News And Current Events

Hour 2 – Guest: Alison Chabloz

Hour 3 – News And Current Events





(106 mins)




Intro: Good morning everyone! Coming from somewhere in the Middle East. It is Saturday morning’s hottest streaming media political talk show! Inside the Eye Live with the Fetch!

If it was up to me I’d dump the Israelis tomorrow!

Hey good idea! Did someone tell us a standing member of Congress, that if it were up to them they would dump Israelis tomorrow?

Sound like something you might hear here on Inside the Eye Live.

The Fetch! Oh what a man! Oh my god! You have to listen to that show! He was brilliant! I didn’t know he had gonads of steel, like that! And a mind like a frigging razor! I didn’t realize the was so clear. He cut through that cognitive dissonance that is going on in the whole patriot movement!

Now it’s time for Inside the Eye Live! Intelligent media for the politically aware!




Fetch: This is the Fetch. And you are live Inside the Eye. Today’s date is Saturday March third, 2018. A good Saturday morning to all of you listening in the United States, and Canada, and a good late afternoon and evening to all of you listening in European and Asian time zones. And, of course, wherever you are listening out there on the worldwide web, or our F.M. and micro F.M. Broadcasting outlets, may all be well with you and yours.


The weather here in Riyadh is actually quite a comfortable day. Hitting a high of about seventy-five degrees right now. We’re certain as of the just sunset, just a few minutes ago we’re sitting at what? I don’t know something like seventy-one degrees so it’s really really nice. Got winds about seven miles per hour out of the south-east. And overall just sunny skies, just a beautiful day today. We’re going to be going down to what? Let’s see what the morning lows are going to be tomorrow. It looks like we’re going to go down to fifty-five degrees in the hour before sunrise, and throughout the useful part of the evening looks it like are going to be around sixty degrees, which is going to be about one o’clock in the morning here. So very, very nice weather for sure. So you have very, very nice weather.


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Diversity = White Genocide


“Is it time for our sons to rise again?


I say YES!”


 Diversity = White Genocide - Continued








Needless to say, the class that has turned traitor on Whites is controlled by jews, being riddled with jews via marriage.


Here’s the transcript of this intense speech:






I’m an Englishman.


I’m from Bermondsey, South East London.


My father was called George.


He was also from Bermondsey.


His father, another Bermondsey man, was called George too.


And his father, my great grandfather, … was from the same place.


He was called Edward.


These three generations of my family, … were in the fish trade.


I’m the first member of my family not to work at the market at Billingsgate.


My great grandfather had eleven brothers and sisters.


They all married, except one.


They had forty three children.


Of these, thirty seven married, … and between them they had a further one hundred and fifty nine children.


One of those was my father.


I don’t know exactly how many of his generation married or exactly, … how many children they produced.


I’ve so far tracked over two hundred of them. Many still live in Bermondsey.


Some are still in the fish trade.


There are seven called George. And five called Victoria.


I stand here, … in front of you, … as a representative of all of them.


And I ask in their name the great question, put by our patron, … Mr Powell.


What did they know of England? Who only England know?


Or. What can my family who come from England, who lived in England, … who know only England, say of this, … our country?


Mr Powell once spoke of the destruction of ancient Athens, and the miraculous survival in that blackened ruins of that city, of the sacred olive tree. The symbol of Greece, their country.


And he also spoke of us, … the English, … at the heart of a vanquished empire. Seeming to find within ourselves, like one of our own, oak trees. The sap rising from our ancient roots.


And he said, perhaps after all, … We! Who have inhabited this island fortress for an unbroken thousand years. Brought up, as he said, with the sound of English birdsong. Under the English oak. In the English meadow. Beneath the red cross of St. George. It is us!


Who know most of England.


And I appreciated him for saying that.


Because it was if he spoke for my family, who understand well their own country.


Who understand even better their own capital, London Town, as we used to call her.


As we strolled in her parks. As we marveled at her palaces. As we did business in the city, went west for a dance, … to the boat on the river.


The pale ale, and eel pie, of old London.


The London of my family, for as many generations as I know.


The London that within fifteen years will be less than fifty per cent White.


London within fifteen years, a White person will be in the minority.


Am I a racist?




Do I have anything against people of other races?




Would I prevent them from coming into my home?






My gripe, and I speak on behalf of seven men called George, and five women called Victoria!

My gripe is quite SIMPLE!


My gripe, … is that we were NEVER ASKED!


My gripe is that we were TOLD!




And EVER DAY we are TOLD, AGAIN AND AGAIN, how we are to be!


And how our country IS TO BE!


We are told by THEM!


And we know who they are. They are English too.


They are the class that has always set themselves apart. They’re the class that has always taken whatever they wanted for themselves.


And now they are the class, that is GIVING England AWAY!


They have NEVER asked us!


And they NEVER will.


Do we allow them to sell our heritage? Or is time for us to speak!




To REFUSE them the right, to give away our HOLY, our BOUNTIFUL, our ONLY England that, that has nurtured us, naked, grown us as the oak!


Is it time for us that England know to come yet again and defend our country with our FIRE, our FISTS!


Is it time for our sons to rise again?


I say YES!


I say YES!!









PDF of this post. Click to view or download (0.2MB). >>Diversity = White Genocide


Knowledge is Power in Our Struggle for Racial Survival

(Information that should be shared with as many of our people as possible — do your part to counter Jewish control of the mainstream media — pass it on and spread the word) … Val Koinen


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