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[ John Friend of The Realist Report interviews German-Canadian activist Alfred Schaefer on his efforts to expose the activities of organized jewry and its ongoing plan of genocide against non-jews, especially Whites. The psychological warfare that is being waged against us by organized jewry is of particular interest to him and how they have programmed us to passively accept our own destruction through the constant use of poisonous ideas and words — KATANA.]





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The Realist Report


by John Friend


On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined once again by Alfred Schaefer, a courageous activist, thinker, and revisionist who has been persecuted in Germany as a result of his intellectual and political pursuits. In this podcast, we discuss some of Alfred’s recent activities and speaking engagements. We move on to address the persecution of political dissidents and “Holocaust” revisionists throughout Europe, including Horst Mahler, a German revisionist who has fled the country rather than accept yet another prison term, and Ursula Haverbeck, a righteous German woman whose case I detailed in an article published by American Free Press. Alfred gives us his take on fake history, the “Holocaust” industry and the anti-White agenda it advances, and President Donald Trump, who is increasingly disappointing and outright betraying his supporters. This is one podcast you do not want to miss!


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The Realist Report




Alfred Schaefer


April 2017





(74 mins)





John: OK folks, welcome back to another edition of The Realist Report this is your host John Friend. The website is The Realist Report dot com where you can find an extensive archive of these podcasts as well as other broadcasts I have appeared on over the years on the website. You also find all of my writings and blog posts, an About section, a contact page, where you can find my personal email address, my Twitter feed, which is embedded on the right hand side bar of the website, and lots of other useful and informative links. I am a regular reporter for American Free Press, America’s last real newspaper and I also contribute to the Barnes Review, the bi-monthly history magazine affiliated with American Free Press. Both publications are worth subscribing to and I encourage all listeners to do so. Visit American Free Press dot net and Barnes Review dot org for more details.


All right with that said, let me introduce my special guest this evening. Alfred Schaefer is joining us once again. Alfred is quite a courageous activist thinker and revisionist who has been persecuted in Germany as a result of his political and intellectual pursuits. Topics that we will be discussing during this podcast.


Alfred, welcome back to the program, sir! How are you this evening?


Alfred: Well fine John. Thank you very much for having me back online. We’re going into a very critical time now and thanks for having me on.


John: Yes, of course. It has been a while and I’m glad to have you back. This is something that I’ve been wanting to do for a while and we’re finally able to make it happen. And I should say it’s actually morning if I’m not mistaken where you’re at. It’s evening for me, so I guess I probably should have said, “Good morning Alfred”.


Alfred: Yeah, it’s five o’clock in the morning for me right now.


John: Yeah and thanks for getting up and being a champ and doing this. It probably wouldn’t work out any other way, so I do appreciate that. So anyways, we’ve got a lot to talk about and as I mentioned it has been a while since you’ve been on the program, so what have you been up to? How have you been?


Alfred: Well, we’re working full speed and as you mentioned I’m being persecuted. I had like, … The police had raided our house here back in August and stolen all of my computer equipment and this, … It wasn’t that long ago that I finally, we finally got, you know, through the charge basically. And it really looks like they are looking for a face saving way to back down from these “thought laws” which are completely unsustainable. Because I am the main accused and alongside myself we Ursula Haverbeck, which is an iconic figure. We have Gerhard Ittner who has served a number of years in prison and was kidnapped from Portugal, brought back to Germany to face charges. And we have Henry Hafenmayer who’s working really hard and doing excellent work, you know, with sending information to all the prosecutors and judges and all the different functions in society. So we’ve got a real “dream team” put together here and it really does look like they’re trying to find, somehow, you know, than Aing team to sort of take down these laws. That’s how we’re looking at it. And I’m not in any way fearful, or regret that they came. In fact, this is an opportunity. In fact, we are in times right now where people have to understand that these are fantastic opportunities to take down this construct of lies! And that’s what we’re looking at and that’s how we’re taking it.




John: Good! Yeah, that’s a very productive and positive way to look at your situation. Now you had mentioned that, … So your home was raided. This was back in August of 2016.


Alfred: Yes, correct.


John: Right and they confiscated a lot of your, you know, computer equipment and whatnot. I imagine other, you know, literature you had at home. I’m not sure you want to get into any more specifics about what they actually confiscated?


Alfred: Yeah look, their order was to find all, to confiscate all, … I use the word “steal”, to steal all computer devices and storage devices. So they stole, … I had a very fine computing equipment, you know, for making the videos and so forth. And they basically cleaned everything out, including an ancient, old computer I had of the closet, you know, they just took everything. They packed it up very nicely, you know. Made a nice inventory list of everything they took. And then it was actually, … I phoned the, you know, the police about a week after they had come and I told them, I asked him, you know, how long it’s going to be and how long it’s going to take before I get my stuff back? And they said this is going to take at least, you know, at least two months, or so. Of course, now it’s been like half a year’s up. And then I told him, you know, the fact that you’re here has made some waves in the Internet. And they were like, “Where? What? Where do we have to look?” you know, just key in my name and “Holocaust” and you’ll find all kinds of stuff.

So they basically got such blowback from being here that they immediately understood that this was not a very intelligent thing for them to do. And everything since then has played out in our favor. To put us in a position where we really can do permanent major damage to this construction of lies, and criminalizing thoughts. I mean, this is, we call it an inquisition. We don’t call it, you know, we didn’t break any laws. This is an inquisition and when you’re dealing with an inquisition it is a belief system and this is a belief system based on just evil, evil! And so that is what we are facing.


John: Oh yeah, absolutely! Now what prompted this? I mean, what led up to this? What were you, you know, officially charged with? What crime did you commit?


Alfred: Well, this is the wonder. I mean, everything is stacked in our favor. Their reason they came is, because the B’nai B’rith in Canada had incited the authorities here to do something about the work I was doing. And the actual work that triggered this was the, “Sorry Mom, I was Wrong about the Holocaust”. That video. So here we have on the search papers, which which they say, “Sorry Mom, I was Wrong about the Holocaust”, that wonderful video, my sister Monika, she wrote the script and I just managed the cameras, … That’s her video basically. And that triggered this raid. And they say that contravenes paragraph “130” which is a paragraph they have about “Holocaust” denying. And now they’re trying to redefine this whole thing as “incitement to hatred”. So I say, please explain the logic to me. An apology to ones mom is incitement to hatred?


So they have a real problem now with logical explanations here. And the reason this apology took place is, because we were being incited. I mean, they were inciting against us all of our lives with this ridiculous fantasy of their six million dead jews. I mean, not a single jew was exterminated by the Germans, because he was a jew. It was war time and there was, … The communists that were the threat were mostly jews, so the whole thing is, … They have a problem with how they’ve framed this. So that’s why we’re looking at. The inquisition and the “Sorry Mom, I was Wrong about the Holocaust”, framing that as an incitement to hatred is a pretty bizarre situation.


John: Yeah, exactly! Now, did you actually participate in that video, or did you just help, you know, produce it for Youtube?


Alfred: I produced it. I was the producer and, you know, my name is at the end as the producer and that was on my [YouTube] channel. And the interesting thing is that in this accusation that they’ve taken with Ursula Haverbeck and Henry Hafenmayer. If you take the actual scenes that they, you know, they did their, as detectives they had to write down exactly where the charges are what the charge is, and the part with Gerhard Ittner, he did it, … That was the video, “Dissidents Speaking Out”, you know, the dissident speaks out.




And Gerhard Ittner did a wonderful scene where he is explaining how this jew had presented a box of soap in front of the media and said this soap has been extracted from the carcasses of gassed jews and Ittner did a wonderful scene where, what they really should have done with this soap is they should have blown soap bubbles with it. And these soap bubbles would burst which would symbolically, which would have been very symbolic for the lies. These lies would have burst like a soap bubble. And he did that very nicely on camera and they actually listed this scene as being in contravention to some kind of a law here. So they’re really taking the most, you know, like we’re making a real, just a mockery out of their lies and they’re actually taking that scene and saying this is in contravention to some laws.


So they’re basically setting themselves up to lose. No judicial system that tries to, that wants to represent, you know, law and order can stand with this kind of ridiculous, you know, if we are guilty, because we are blowing soap bubbles with their soap made out of jews, their fantasy world, you know, nobody can take that seriously any more. So we have authorities now that nobody takes seriously anymore. We are in a situation where the little boy screams out, “Look the Emperor has no clothes” and everybody sees that there are no clothes. The Emperor is stark naked! And suddenly everybody says, “Yeah, the emperor is stark naked!” These lies are over!


John: Yes, they’re very, it’s so childish. I mean, what they tell us and just expect us to blindly believe. Now, I’m curious. So was it German federal authorities, like the federal government that was that’s we are pursuing these charges against you guys?


Alfred: Well, they sent the Kriminalpolizei, it’s like the FBI, I guess. I don’t want to get into trying to explain exactly how they fit into the, you know, the structures here, because I don’t really know. But these people just take orders from, … Well, B’nai B’rith in Canada, the jewish secret society that basically, that ordered the German authorities to do this and so they just follow orders. And the people that came and these are people, who were doing their work, they were very professional and I am convinced that they themselves have learned a lot since they came here and this has changed their lives. Because they are following orders, it’s something they are indoctrinated with certain beliefs and what they experienced when they came here was not what they would have expected.


They came here, first of all they didn’t come as a big SWAT team as they normally do, which means that they’re not very motivated anymore, but it was at a gentleman and a woman. And they actually told me I could, for this search, I could get my own witness, which is very unusual, you know, it shows that there, … And by coincidence our neighbors who are very noble people basically, like a Duke, their name is von Luecksberg [sp] . And they had been informed. I had informed them about these lies several months earlier. They knew all about Gerard Menuhin’s book, “Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil” and they were still there, so I got him and his son, who were both lawyers, and they were the witnesses. And they were extremely professional and obviously siding with me. So, the house was completely cleaned up very nice, very orderly. And so, whatever they were expecting and, you know, they might have expected swastikas all over the walls, or skinheads, or something. I don’t know what they were expecting, but the they saw a household that was very clean, very professional. The witnesses that I happened to get from across the street were very professional, very honorable people, and then they confiscate all my stuff.


And after that we had all this activity on the internet about there being here. I was on several talk shows, you know, Glaring Hypocrisy did a nice interview there, where I explained everything, how they came. In fact, I was going to go a little bit on how they came. Normally I’m usually in the shower by six thirty in the morning, but this one morning I was a bit later and I was in the shower at seven o’clock, actually, and I heard the doorbell ringing. And I heard through the door something about Kriminalpolizei, so it just registered immediately what was going on. So I had time to actually prepare psychologically for what was happening. So I came out and I came out completely stark naked! Stood there and there’s this huge guy standing there and I say, “Is there something you are looking for at this hour in my house?”, because I knew that if I came out stark naked, stand there and just ask him what is he looking for in this house, it’s a sort of a symbolic thing. I have got nothing to hide and I am not afraid of you!




So tell me what you want and, you know, let’s see if we can find it. So he says, without even flinching, he said, “Well, you can get dressed”. And he never let me out of his sight. And then, basically we went through the whole procedure here. Before we actually started this search they allowed me to get my own witness, which was fantastic, because like I said before I got these honorable people from across the street. And then the thing sort of unfolded. And they, you know, went through everything basically, packaged everything that they thought was a storage device, or a computer.


John: All for a video that you produced on You Tube! How absurd is this! I mean, that’s the thing, average people got to be questioning this! What do people say in Germany? I mean, you know, it speaking of, … Let me just actually mention this. I was down in Mexico recently and I ended up meeting quite a few Germans and most of them, frankly, didn’t even know that it was illegal to question the “Holocaust”. They don’t really like, at least the ones that I was talking to weren’t really aware of these issues at all. They didn’t really think about it. I mean, I don’t know how they couldn’t of, but, … That was my, and again this is just a few people that I met from Germany, but what’s your take? I mean, are people kind of waking up to this?


Alfred: Well, what they do you see, they do these things and they do not talk at all about it, except like they tried like, the media, the jewish media, for example, with Urulsa Haverbeck. In over and over again, when she was going through her various trials, it would always big headlines, “Nazi oma [grandmother] goes to jail!” and all of that kind of stuff. So they’d be screaming these things out there, which weren’t even true. Like there be a trial for her, for example, and then they would, in the first instance, you know, the judge who is usually a jew, I guess, would say, “OK, go to jail”. But then she goes into revision and she doesn’t go to jail and she’s being treated very nicely by the people who understand.


And so, you’ve got these people who are in control of the media who are driving a certain narrative, trying to keep people in fear, or they don’t talk about it at all. So the only message people’s get once in a while are, you know, neo-Nazi, right wing extremist has to go to jail, whether it’s true, or not, is beside the point. And they don’t ever get to understand what’s actually going on. It’s completely censored out of the public realm. And that’s with everything. Like, there’s no mention in any newspaper, or anything that they have raided me, so we have to bring this message out in our own networks, because in the jewish controlled media, of course, they get a single narrative and that’s what they want to, you know, push on the people. They want to keep the people in fear and ignorance.


John: Right! Yeah. And they can’t really present you, or Ursula Haverbeck, or any of these other people as like, these crazy deranged, you know, Nazis, or something like that. It’s, you know, far from it. You guys are very professional, good looking people, you know, very scholarly.


Alfred: I’ll tell you what I did at Christmas time, for example, since I’m not hearing anything back from them. But I also kept sending the police department my latest productions, my newest video and I’ll send them a DVD with all kinds of additional information and recommendations of what they can learn. And then I actually, at Christmas time, I sent them a Christmas card with a long letter and I thanked them for coming. Because I told them that until they came my, … I was getting a bit nervous and worried that maybe somebody from Antifa, one of these left wing crazies, communists, would come and, you know, break into the house and destroy all my stuff. And ever since they took all my stuff and this is, you know, known throughout the Internet, that these fears have been reduced and I can sleep very soundly. And also I told them and I broadcast into the Internet, that the police are diligently learning from what they had taken, because what they had taken really was what they needed, almost like a medicine to fight their own suffering from this psychological warfare, or their own induced mental illness.


When you believe these lies and you still react to all these words that trigger the programs that have been pumped into our minds, that’s an induced mental illness. And what they took from my desk, the coincidences were just almost too good to be true!




I had been in London a month before and spoke at the London Forum. And the subject of my talk was, “Psychological Warfare”. And I had all these papers and my speech. All that information that is relevant to the subject on my desk. Plus I had this display case with different quotations from different rabbis going, you know, back hundreds of years. They took all that they photographed all that. They took it. They really have almost like a university course of how, or what this psychological warfare is. They took and their job was to study it and learn it. To make sure that they’re doing that, that’s what I broadcast out on all of messages.


That the police are learning, they are, you know, they’re cleansing their brains from this stuff and now we’ve got the charges that’s exactly what it looks like. They have set this up, they want the A-Team to take down this ridiculous construct of “thought laws”. And that’s how we’re looking at it, that’s how we’re taking it.


If we fail then I say, “good luck” for whoever comes after us. But right now, we are really set up, we are in the poll position basically to take these laws down, or give it a major blow for which they will not recover very quickly! And that is fantastic to be in that position.


John: Yes. Now are you guys all kind of working together in this? I mean, each one of you were charged separately I’m assuming. Are you fighting this together?


Alfred: Yes. We are fighting together. We have got and we are all learning, we are all growing together, we are growing and gaining strength basically, day by day. And the other side is, … If you just watch what’s going on now with Trump in the US and what’s happening in Israel, they are in full panic mode and they know their lies are over and that’s why they’re really desperate now to get us into basically a World War Three, before too many people wake up, but they cannot!


The more they, … Like this is now going into an extremely unstable situation that we’re in right now. And it’s not going to go back to anything stable anymore. These lies are coming down! The jewish construction of lies is coming down. The financial system is coming down. This is basically a war of lies and criminality against honest working people and that is unsustainable. That’s what we’re at right now. And that’s why our very survival depends on us getting our heads functioning again! Becoming immune to the trigger words. These control words that result in ridiculous emotional outbursts that are just straight out of an insane asylum!


We are basically, … It’s almost like our brains are, … The brain of our society is very, very, almost terminally ill. But maybe we have to fall with their face in the mud to understand and then get up and clean and shake ourselves and then we can fight again. Because right now, when you have our men confused about which gender they are and more concerned about the feelings of some transvestite, than they are about protecting their women from the invaders, we have a serious problem! We haven’t had this in our history, in our European history. It’s a first!


John: Yes! I completely agree with you! And I want to talk more about this aspect of World War Two and especially the fake “Holocaust” story. How it really is a pys-op, it’s an ongoing psychological warfare operation being waged specifically against Germans, but really the entire White Western world. And I know that’s something that you’ve spent a lot of time thinking about and discussing and writing about. So, I want to talk more about that.


Real quick, I’ve got to ask you, I just put a video up, I guess it was maybe close to two weeks ago, it was on April sixteenth, of Horst Mahler. He is another German dissident that has faced all sorts of legal, you know, legal problems, legal issues. He’s been in prison for a number of years, from what I understand. And he gave a speech on April nineteenth apparently, his last public appearance before returning to prison. And he basically outlines the jewish plot against the White race in this final public speech. And I posted this up on my website. Have you seen this video and do you know, anything about Horst Mahler? From what I understand he may have fled Germany rather than go back to prison. Is that correct?


Alfred: Yes, that’s correct. And I was actually there when we recorded that meeting when that took place. And what he is doing is very, very important. I see people are coming to the same conclusion independently of one another and what he’s trying to do and that’s what we have to do, we have to scandalize this judaism, this Talmudic judaism. And keep telling people, remind them that these rabbis, who are basically the law givers at the top, they are allowed to, in fact, they are encouraged to rape our three year old girls! Well, three years and one day old! That’s how old they have to be.




And yet these rabbis themselves have been traumatized at the age of eight days when some other hairy rabbi had chewed off their foreskin I mean, this is real test this is so just awful. So these people learn that through lease horrible barbaric animal behavior that they are living themselves they learn and haven’t been killed in their minds there is no empathy in the host populations where they, because they are the parasite and that if you if you are the law giver of these people and you can rape our three year old girls you’re not going to ever be on friendly terms with us, you know, that if these people find out who you aren’t which you are they will kill you and this establishes this they did. They have a wall of heat for between themselves and the host population and if you look at how it was basically everything is turned around everything on it’s head and then it put themselves elevate themselves in our minds through these lies as the chosen people. They are the devil they are sigs and that’s what we’re more people on the on Internet on their information and putting out have come to the same conclusion are beginning to understand that and that is the end of their rule that is the reason why in when the jews had ruled the Soviet Union, under the guise of communism, they would kill anybody who knew of these things, or of these things. And yet here I am speaking with you openly talking about this. They have, you know, where they were the police were here they confiscated all my stuff, but hey, we’re talking about this openly and everybody who listens to this has probably heard it not for the first time, maybe for the tenth time, or that, you know, whatever. And here for the first time they’ll be shocked in the USA No that can’t be, but you’re going to keep hearing it over and over again we’re not making this up. This is in their holy books that tell me you’ve got to understand the Talmud, where these people are coming from. And they’ve been doing this for thousands of years and where they have succeeded they really truly extra made the people and even the memory of them so right now that is what we’re seeing is they know that they have to exterminate the White people.


Because if the White people figure out what’s going on they will probably seek revenge, which is the normal response, a normal reaction. And that’s this is like Ellen’s a prosthesis as an all, or nothing exercise in an all, or nothing exercise there are there’s not much room for compromise and that’s the situation we have like we didn’t invent this we’re not, you know, this isn’t a Hollywood film, this is the reality that we are faced with.


John: And, or smaller there’s a very good job of explaining that’s all any talks about just how truly evil and to prey ved jewish jews are like the jewish religion what the Talmud says as you mentioned. It’s just incredible and most people don’t know these things which is very sad. What’s really amazing to me is that jewish news outlets and like jewish journalism, jewish writers they often, you know, openly talk about these things and report on them. For instance, this whole, you know, ritual circumcision that they do this disgusting to pray practice where literally a rabbi is sucking, you know, the blood off of a baby’s penis after it’s been circumcised. It’s so sick and so just your mind couldn’t even fathom, you know, someone doing this and yet this is a practice that these Orthodox jews do and in many cases the rabbi is giving the baby her peace, you know, that’s how sick this is here’s an article here’s an article in the Jewish Telegraph Agency one of the most, you know, prominent and well established jewish news outlets that goes back to the early eight hundred I think, or maybe even before that the headline here is Orthodox families won’t identify. The circumcisers who gave their babies herpes so the jews they protect them. I mean, they protect these disgusting, you know, herpes spreading rabbis rather than give them up to the authorities. So I mean, my point is that we have just if you just follow jewish, you know, media the jewish open, you know, explicitly jewish media outlets you will learn all these things. All these bizarre things about jews and just recognize how truly alien they are. How, I mean, right evil I would argue they are and, you know, you could really, you know, kind of make sense of the world around us but, you know, people just don’t get this news, they don’t get this perspective, they don’t get this information.




Alfred: That’s the whole thing is this that the jews through the that’s a parasite that the behavior is completely totally parasitic and it’s delusional for a parasite to think that it can kill the host and then still survive and they can do that in the past where they would basically completely exterminate certain tribes of people, because there was other tribes that they could sort of slither out and occupy. But now, because this is global they would have to find another planet essentially and that’s it, it’s end of the life. In fact, when Horst Mahler was in prison, where he had a lot of time to write, so he wrote a book and it’s called inference ended up under shop which means, “End of their rolling” and basically they hit the end of the road, because as long as they could roll they could when you if let’s just say consider yourself a parasite your way through what animal and you, you know, it’s dead so you go on to the next one. Well now, they have with the state of Israel which was like a home base where they could always, you know, the criminals could go there and they wouldn’t have to fear extradition as Israel has no extradition agreements with any other countries. And they could just take criminality to new levels which even surpassed the old levels and then they wanted from this home this base basically to dominate the world. Well, that’s not going to work. Everybody, every single race on this planet is now remembering what this parasite has done to them in the past and it’s not very much a good time to be a jew anymore. And they like a semi less video says to the jews this is a give up, you know, come out with a White flag and just, because the game truly is over you really as a jew uit have to kill us all and then what you think the that the that the people of the Third World are going to how are you going to suck anything out of them to, you know, to support your extravagant lifestyle you can’t and you think the Chinese are going to put up with this now like the game truly is over right now it’s like when Adolf Hitler understood it clearly the jew has an utter hatred for the area and people, because the Aryan people were the last to stand in their way to world domination. Well that happens to be us they want to want to overcome us so that nobody can nobody else can and that’s in their delusional mind and then they can rule the world well that’s just the paths of the same people who are, you know, something to be nurses from each day old boys and raping three year old girls in their pretty wild fantasies and if those are our rulers and if they are capable of exterminating us then we deserve to be extra made right now when I see how many of our, you know, our folk are more concerned about the feelings of some faggots in transvestite than they aren’t protecting their women the jew has come a long ways in demoralizing ready to be slaughtered I mean, that we’re.


John: And yes indeed. Well I’m curious I mean, I say I’ve argued in the past and I continue to argue that the whole, you know, White genocide agenda. Whether it’s massive non-White immigration into America into Europe whether it’s, you know, White and, you know, the demonization of Whites and how we’re blamed for everything wrong I think a lot of this goes back to the official narrative the official jewish narrative explaining World War Two efficient there of, you know, the alleged holocaust of six million jews by Adolf Hitler and the Nazis I mean, I think a lot of this all goes back to this fake story this paradigm of our history which has been institutionalized. That only by, or schools by, or government but. Also via our culture through Hollywood through these various, you know, books dealing with the Holocaust, you know, their memoirs and all the fiction stories they’ve they’ve written about the “Holocaust” so I mean, what’s your take on that I think this is a topic that we’ve sort of discussed in the past, but what’s your take on what I just said.


Alfred: I’m glad you brought that up John, because that’s a one of the most important parts of the psychological warfare they learned that by inculpate to guilt into a people it makes them defenseless for their own subversion and extermination in the end. They learned that if you can inculpate this guilt into the Germans, as they have done with their fake “Holocaust”, they could after actually exterminating German. The Germans I mean, millions of Germans were Regenesis cited in what they call wrote were to it was that it was a genocidal attack on the Germans.




And they learned that not only can they exist again the take the first real bite out of the dramatic people which is the heart of Europe the Germans were the heart of Europe and they actually manipulated the other Europeans to do the dirty work for them and this was such a successful business model that afterwards these there they were the traumatized the Germans had been. Indoctrinated with. To the point where they were now heaving these jews the parasites who were giving them submarines giving them money without end and the modeling underneath is well this worked very well and they did it, because once you if you are if you are believing you’re guilty of something then you are in his position of submission and now they learned OK how do we get the rest of now that we did the took a big chunk of the Germans we can to we can do away with all the rest of the area people all the Europeans we have to make them feel guilty at the same time that you make them feel guilty you are slowly indoctrinate those who are supposed to do the dirty work of shilling the White people you make them feel hatred, or a vengeful So that’s the reason why the that’s the reason why they aren’t now IMHO hating people to feel guilty about slavery about this. And if there’s nothing they can make them feel guilty about they just use the and tell them they are boring and should have done with Sweden and told the Swedes that they are such boring people they need multiculturalism they’ve done that with the Canadians too the Canadians were always being told you guys are so boring so you need some multiculturalism and it’s more exciting multiculturalism and there it’s true, because when you get raped for a walk in the streets at night it’s more exciting than if you can go outside and not get raped, or murdered to truth is true gets more excited.


John: Right. Well I mean, the very idea of having a White racial identity has been diligent Mizen discredited by this fake story that they’ve told us, you know, if you ask if you’re a racially conscious White person you’re immediately going to be called a Nazi you’re going to be called a racist you’re going to be called a White supremacist and, of course, these are all, you know, truly weaponized terms that the left in the political establishment in the jews have used to, you know, to attack us psychologically emotionally and it’s been very effective. And I mean, now I mean, if this might be another question that you could address what is the best way to, you know, to sort of deal with, you know, with being called a Nazi, for example, I mean, how I view, what I’ve sort of been doing lately is just kind of embracing it, and laughing about it, and accepting it, and just, you know, saying, “Hey! Look these stupid words are not going to impact me in the slightest! You can call me a Nazi, you can call me an anti-semite, you can call me a racist! I don’t care!”


Alfred: Good! Just perfect absolute legit brought that up that is exactly. How do we deal with this. Now if somebody calls me a Nazi, or somebody calls me a “Holocaust” denier, I just say that you said Alfred you’re a “Holocaust” denier my response is, “Oh I ever relieved that you do not mistake me for someone who still believes these pathetic jewish fantasy lies!” And if somebody calls me a racist, I would say, “You know, I was a little bit surprised that you would still be using one of these weaponized groups that are designed to make us feel guilty. I thought you knew better!” I mean, everybody’s waking up to what I do there is I fire I don’t know really if you take if somebody chooses you have something like that and you start justify yourself, or explaining yourself then you are in a position of submission which is which is what this word is designed to put you in line to put you in a position of submission, but if you take this ball and serve it back like you would serve a tennis ball back into the opposite court and fire back as hard as you can then that word that then that then then you are. Using this like the martial arts judo, or something you take the force of this word and fire it back to it’s source and you say fire back and say I’m in a bit surprised that you at this time two thousand seven hundred would still be using that word I mean, people are waking up the word racist is designed to prepare us for our own slaughter. Don’t you see what’s going on? That’s why you have to fire it back to it’s source and express your disdain and surprise at the person using a word, is actually using it when everybody else who has a brain in their head is waking up to it. And believe me these words the people are waking up and now in this time when we still have some. He lives in an area where they’re just surrounded by the zombies who still fall for that stuff. They have to see that as a golden opportunity to turn these people back on their feet.




If you want into a a field that has all these big old nuggets Lainer out that nobody else seems to notice and that’s your opportunity, because everybody everybody will remember who brought them out of this city condition you have to look at these people who are still reacting to these words as they are ill it’s like if you were normally a healthy runner and you have two broken legs and cast on your leg you couldn’t run. You can even walk, but doesn’t in Europe and not a good runner just means that you are in a condition of illness you are sick and all these people who are still respond to these words which are all artificial fake words are in that have been injected into our minds they are suffering from this used mental illness and they need to be healed and like your investment of who understood this very well that you better to the US him and warned of the communism back in the Soviet Union he also. And spoken about this he says that people who are suffering from this induced mental illness they are completely impervious to facts and so what you can shower them with fact and there’s no response it’s, because of this illness and we have to see how we can reach them and the first thing is to do deconstruct these weaponized control words by simply explaining to people what they actually are and then they get that input from again and again they can be healed and these people that come out of that condition are often the best fighters against that system once they’ve been healed.


John: Yes indeed. I think that’s a very good way of handling it. I totally agree with everything you just say. It really is amazing how truly powerful and effective, you know, just the simple stupid words that, you know, one question. For you is I think if you look at the fake “Holocaust” narrative and, you know, World War Two. More generally I guess I think it is very accurate to say that it is an ongoing psychological warfare operation designed specifically to target Germans, but really to the White world in general. Sort of articulate how is this carried out I mean, how is this how does it impact people so deeply.


Alfred: Yeah I have a couple ideas myself, but I want to hear you say it’s a very slow process, you know, and most of the like it’s a very slow process and that’s why if you look at what the jews are are propagating what their goal is really want to do if we let them we let them they’ll do it and they will finish us off they want to bring in “Holocaust” awareness into the kindergartens younger younger age now with our people could never ever imagine that if everybody is telling them a certain story in a kindergarten no child in regard is going to understand that this is all lies so they believe it and if everybody believes it at the same time they make they start to condition people never to step out of line and what they did to finish off Germany is they. Jews were at much more influence in the other countries like that in France and Britain and so forth and they had conditioned them to feel good about attacking Germany and then to keep them happy about doing it after they had with Germany was the heart of Europe like we are brothers I mean, if somebody from England, or France and we are our brothers and sisters we are the same people like the same family and yet the jews had managed to get to each other that we were killing the best of our people were killing each other so we actually brought down the quality of our genetic our DNA as a people and to keep the people who were were conned into doing this horrible crime against the Germans happy, they were able to participate in the spoils afterward. So Germany was plundered. So the same thing, the same a business model, is being applied out all the year all the White people I mean, those invaders from Somalia or, you know, the Third World that. The sludge from, I mean, these countries are emptying their prisons said these people to the White countries these people are participating in death in the spoils and then you have the jews in our countries and they are taking the money they stole from us and putting these invaders up there. Pushing them through our social systems pushing into our schools and so forth I mean, they are getting a free lunch at our expense.




And we are too busy, or we are too stupid, or too weak to too round too sick to understand what’s going on and we’ll get it to the bone and once we get what we are to the bone they’ll just finish us off that’s it that’s the end of the White race. But the sludge that is replacing us will not be a happy lot that will be a very ill will be there will be the better ones off it will be dead but, because the life of living L. If they succeed and that’s what we have this is a this is a life and death struggle and once we understand that once our people who are all still suffering from this induced mental illness understand that life truly is more than just fun and games and has a purpose namely to survive once the understand their life becomes has a purpose again you have a mission is just to survive with proper values, you know, with dignity and be proud of who you are don’t be a shame, but if you’re believing all this crap about the in slavery unless the labor wasn’t jewish business not and European business it was a huge business and so if we fall for that well, you know, we deserve truly, because we’re too stupid to survive I mean, that’s the bottom line.


John: Yeah the it’s certainly true, but I think it’s important understand really just what your average person is up against I mean, this is this warfare this psychological and emotional warfare operation being waged against us is, you know, being scientifically implemented essentially I mean, it’s they know what they’re doing they know how to exploit us emotionally psychologically, you know, their ways that they’ve, you know, studied and perfected and what they’re doing is it is very effective, you know, people have a very hard time dealing with these subjects critically and there’s three, you know, major factors that I’ve kind of focused on, or identified and it’s specially as it relates to the “Holocaust” and the first one is how it’s always repeated. You always hear about the Holocaust, the repetition itself is very powerful and effective in implementing this psychological warfare operation think about I mean, in school you hear about it all the time you see in our movies you see in Hollywood you see in our culture you see in all these all the “Holocaust” Memorial Museums, which is essentially an industry that the jews have created with this fake story. And you most certainly see this institutionalized by our government, certainly by the United States Federal government and probably every other Western nation. I mean, not probably, most certainly, every other Western nation it’s the same story no matter where you go. You know, they have this fake narrative institutionalized by the government and, you know, you’re not allowed to question it. And see, that’s another aspect of it. That the holocaust story really is never explained properly. It’s never explained in context of what was really going on and it’s just presented as this truly horrific story that no one is supposed to question. But everyone is supposed to believe, just blindly believe and accept it. You don’t need any evidence, or proof, you know, you’re just supposed to accept it. It’s, you know, like the ultimate taboo in our society to even question this narrative.


Alfred: That’s, you know, it’s a religion, but it’s a religion of what I call the religion of the devil, because they are using this to carry out their agenda which is at our expense. I agree with a little quotation here from one of these jews. His name was Alexander to the balcony lived in 1885 to 1966. And this is what he said in 1944. “You see, when we get ready to take the United States we will not take you under the label of Communism, we will not take you under the label of Socialism. These labels are unpleasant to the American people and have been speared too much. We will take the United States under Labor we have made it very lovable we will take it under liberalism under progressivism democracy, but take it we will!” And that was like as an effort from Alexandria Totten down in 1944 at the Communist Party’s Madison at the convention. At the national convention of communist parties in Madison Square Garden in 1944. So you see the how they how party of come with their agenda and now this holohoax this ridiculous fantasy, jewish fantasy that we are they’re supposed to throw us onto our knees accepting all these invaders.




I think they are themselves quite surprised at their success which was due to the technological revolution which they are, of course, in television and radio and the magazines that the printed printed media which they all they completely took to control of that and it not tolerate anybody else controlling any of that. Because they knew that ease medians through that medium they can control our minds and that is why now the digital age is when you get people like it’s always in jews that took over all the Internet technology not, because they invented it, or anything of, because they used every trick in the book tube to steal it and get control of it basically and, because they knew the importance of it were as we not we were just too naive a good measure stand of what was going on, but this technology is not something they can really control and now they’re trying to will it is a before the G.P.S. The “Holocaust” narrative in the schools and everywhere and yet all these things that they are putting all these all these monuments and so on were these will be the first things that will just be torn to shreds and they will not have enough people to protect them is when we when we get a critical number who understand well if you can’t get the parasite it himself you get the monuments there what represents them whatever landmarks you have they will all get torn out stomped on not one of these “Holocaust” things will survive and the more of it the further they push this trying to try to, you know, make their laws more draconian death penalty for anti-semitism which is what they’ll do if they can they’ve done it before the further they drive this the more it’s like putting another, you know, wrapping in a pressure cooker it’s like tape, or something and putting a flame on. He said You’re not going to prevent that explosion from happening and when this is the truth which is growing under the surface growing and growing when that erupts it will sweep everything. That was good in it’s way it was we did awake and everybody now at this point in time two thousand and seventeen will have the opportunity to explain what they did, or did not do to keep the lies under cover, or to help the lies come out everybody will be measured on what they did and it’s nice to know that lists are now being generated everywhere of teachers, for example, teaching is “Holocaust” bullshit these teachers will have some explaining to do and that day is coming closer every single day so that everybody who listens to this should understand if you everybody this is that a responsibility we take we have to be to start becoming responsible for what’s going on around us and if somebody thinks they don’t have to know just go with the flow that’s going to be a bad situation to be in, because the flow is determined the wind is changing the truth is coming out and nothing can stop the truth now.


John: Yes sir! I love it Alfred! I love your optimism. You’re so spot on and that’s exactly what is going to have to happen if we’re ever going to get this stuff under control and have a proper understanding of our history it’s very well said I prefer hearing that it’s uplifting, because sometimes it can be. Kind of depressing and especially in your situation. Geez, after how much you’ve gone through to have that sort of attitude I really just admire you. What go if you want to comment I want to bring up one other aspect of the fake whole it wasn’t just wire at that point, because.


Alfred: You’re saying that if you like the way I present about tell you one thing that when people notice it everywhere that when you come out of this matrix of life you it’s like a rebirth and you find a new energy that you didn’t even know you had at the knees when you were when you. Living in a, you know, in a world of labels and guilt and so forth you’re just listless and there’s no purpose and you have no energy you don’t even know you’re just existing once you understand who you are and what is going on it’s you just you can understand why our forefathers accomplished what they accomplished, because they did not they did not have to have. A struggle under this lead blanket. Of life and forbidden thoughts and it’s got this construction of lies where some fucking jews are telling you, you know, to get on your knees, because of some phony “Holocaust”. I mean, honest to God I have, in fact, when you spend let’s say a week with people who are who are awakened who are informed and then you go back and go into a crowd of people who are zombies it’s like being with a bunch of little tiny children completely helpless little hopeless children and you say how can these children this little kids who believe these lies they have no hope for surviving what’s coming if they don’t get out of that edition.




It really are set up for a collapse for total failure that’s why that’s why you see the people who have come out and understand this they’ll generally have a lot more energy than the zombies who are trying to keep them down, in fact, the zombies they always come in crowds the old the only move in a bigger burden at the back, you know, that I didn’t. Look at what happening to Monika [Alfred’s sister] on the town she lives in Jasper [Alberta, Canada] . There that people are attacking her, but like as a complete and total coward as a talent Jasper is, or not a single man with a brain and no they’re all she’s in that she’s, you know, it’s so pathetic it’s all I mean, give me a little scene that she went through recently she was walking on the I want in a cart pulled up, you know, a bunch of young guys White guys, European guys, you know, eighteen years old, or something they’re. And scream at her oh you’re not and this is don’t they understand that when Monika is doing is to help these people, but it’s for people to have a future where they are so sick with the lies that they actually attacked her and that’s what the jews have always Yet they said they said we will we will get the girl to become agents of their own destruction and that’s an example of that when my sister Monika is being attacked by her fellow people, because they are sick and they’ve been dishing like a board where the rats to do that and they do that then you can see the jewish plan playing out where they said and brokenly stated in the protocol never will since they will be agents of their own destruction and that’s what we’re seeing right now throughout our societies.


John: Yes. Yeah and we’ve been saying that for a very long time it’s kind of a theme of our history, you know, what one thing I want to bring up and this is again another point that I’ve kind of tried to emphasize and make on my website in the podcast that I do is, you know, all of the propaganda relating to the fake “Holocaust” narrative whether it’s the Hollywood movies, or the books you read in school or, you know, the documentaries it’s all very emotional and very traumatizing you see all these, you know, her reflect photographs of dead bodies you hear, you know, the cortical “Holocaust” survivor you hear their testimony and, you know, what they allegedly went through how they lost all their family they lost their sister their uncle their mother, etcetera. It goes on and on and on and nine times out of ten they’re totally fake stories, or somehow and, you know, otherwise embellished. What’s your take on this? Especially, because this to me is why people have such a hard time questioning it, because they’ve been traumatized by all of this propaganda.


Alfred: Yeah. What did you have with it you’d have learned a long time ago is that. If you take a picture and just the pictures are true, but what they say about the pictures is not true they will take pictures of the people that were slaughtered by the jews themselves, like the Baltics, or like, you know, in Eastern Europe were it like in there you take a holiday war in Ukraine, or something where millions of people starve to death that resulted in having huge piles and piles of bodies, you know, it depending on, you know, the circumstances situation so you take these pictures and then you write oh these are all jews that were the Germans killed. The Nazis killed so people see the picture and the real ones as below and they think that’s just like look at 9/11 they show us pictures of, you know, two towers coming down with it came down and they tell us that these were Arabs with carpet knives.


John: Box cutters.


Alfred: And so people believe that, you know, shit for like I believe that for quite a long time which is quite shameful that I fell for that. And once you get that they use the same. The same script over and over and over again they take a picture, or some story and they write something completely false about it and they got it out on all their channels which is all under their control and that’s how they do it so that’s the whole thing to did to become healthy and we have to understand that what they are feeding us is. So different that’s why we have to form we have to become our own media we like once you once you extricate yourself from this jewish media and then you go back and look at something you cannot believe that you ever watch that stuff, you know, I guess, you know, every German newsier it’s just so sickening it’s so disgusting it’s complete total indoctrination it’s worse here than I, but then I think it ever was in the former Soviet Union and we used. That and not understand that we ourselves are also being lied to and now the now the just like the rule waking up simultaneously still.




John: Yeah. Yeah no no doubt it’s one gigantic scam and it’s so obvious to see what you want you really start thinking about these subjects and really do your own research and come to your own conclusions you can really just see it everywhere and see, you know, all the propaganda and all the commercials, for example, or really anything that’s on the television anything that comes out of the radio even a lot of things you see on the Internet, you know. And getting back to the role of like survivors, you know, “Holocaust” survivors there I’ve been seeing a lot of articles lately have it in, you know, this is you see this from time to time in the jewish press how they’re sort of, you know. They’re afraid, you know, that, because all of these, quote, unquote, “Holocaust” survivors are dying and they’re afraid that, you know, the memory of the “Holocaust” is somehow going to fade away, or something and they’re actually they’re literally creating, you know, like virtual reality and having these like simulated “Holocaust” survivors in these museums now have you seen anything about the seen any news stories about this I just saw an article of Haaretz’s the other day that I tweeted and, you know, they’re basically creating these fake “Holocaust” survivors and, you know, putting them in virtual reality and, you know, in order to perpetuate this fake story it’s ridiculous.


Alfred: I know a story I read this about maybe you’re no result was in the UK someplace where the young younger jewish people are saying oh, you know, just a hearing and hearing what my my grandmother went through it as traumatized me and I need special care. So they’re whining, whining on about would they are there also home cause for my breast, because they hear these stories from their grandmother and blah, blah, blah and so they’re just taking it and just trying to take these lies further and further. The thing is that the jews have maneuvered themselves, painted themselves, into a corner and they don’t know how to get out of that. They are on a stage and don’t know how to get off and that’s why I say we have to fight. We have to try to open a door for those jews who are not the culprits themselves from this construction of lies. Because these lies are over. They have no future and if they choose to try to exploit these lies at our expense they will have some explaining to do when the mob comes and looks for justice, which it will. And mom will I mean, it was not without a reason that the jews have been tossed out of about 109 countries, or areas, before, that we know. It’s probably a lot more that we don’t like to erase history all the time so they always leads to the same result. It’s like you have a parasite and the parasite grows and grows inside of you until one day you just throw up, you get it out and that’s what’s going to happen. We are now at the stage where we cannot stand these lies anymore and we are going to throw up, get rid of it, toss it out! And when you get, when you have this condition and you feel you’re going to die it really said after you have thrown up got rid of the parasite then you can start to recover and slowly get back to a meaningful life some kind of a future, because living with a parasite controlling you completely and totally bringing in the blood in your lands that your forefathers fought for and built with invaders are that they’re not being able to resist that is no life that is not a future and then these invaders. Are so dangerous and tell you that you are the of something while they’re stealing everything from, you know, they’re profiting from this on, you know, so that’s it like it is up to us and that’s why when you talk to other White people it is everybody’s duty to do everything you can to all of those who are near and dear to you to make sure they are immune to these control trigger words become healthy again and join our team. And we have to grow our team and that’s what we’re doing.


John: Yes exactly well. Now I want to wrap up and get your take on sort of what, you know, what what’s going on here in America with President Trump, you know, maybe the prospects of other nationalists in Europe. I mean, do you see any sort of political solution any this, or any any prospects in the political arena in addressing any of these issues.




Alfred: Not with truck Trump has been a massive deception we had a lot of people warning us about it some of us had hopes that he has triggered a certain awareness, or of the fact that we’re being alive to now Trump has caved in and is nothing, but a sledge is being used as a sledgehammer by the jews to start to basically as a sledgehammer against Iran probably against Syria against basically trigger the third rule, or the.


John: Against against North Korea as well. Yeah, you just get more lockring it’s everyone.


Alfred: And I think, you know, what how much of that is just bullshit how much is just to make this I sterile and that there is no reliance on any information that we do know one thing that Trump has exposed himself as being just pathetic. Two of these jews and that’s when some of us might have the hope in his big ego if you understood enough of what’s going on that he would actually do something for our people and, but he hasn’t he has proven himself. To be a tool their tool that’s why the solution is going to be it’s going to be an ugly one it’s going to be brutal, but he is basically probably going to be the last President from this system that we have now and they were going to go into a chaos mode and that’s why it’s good to have networks of your own people, you know, people in the countryside have their own farms and so who have the best chance of surviving that we’re going to go into a. Very chaotic time that way and I was hoping we were holding the Trump might as out of this stranglehold from under the stranglehold of the parasite, but he’s not he’s actually a tool their tools are not really good.


John: Yes I basically agree with you and I wanted to give Trump some benefit of the doubt and give him some time to see if he could actually follow through on any of the stuff that he ran on and it doesn’t look like he’s going to be doing that any time soon he’s just spend increasingly increasingly more and more disappointing yes and I mean, he’s basically even betraying, you know, a lot of the things that he said and said he was going to do whether it’s the war, you know, he’s basically backing down the wall thousand it just said the other day that, you know, the Travers’ these illegal aliens who were born here, you know, he’s basically saying that there are they’re OK They’re not criminals they can stay, you know, it’s very disappointing and to top it all off now he’s really suck it up and kiss it up to the jews he just gave a speech at the US “Holocaust” Memorial Museum just today.


Alfred: I was I don’t that’s beyond that beyond. Yeah and for me I mean, for him to have so little, such a dysfunctional brain is nothing short of astounding and that a positive thing is that I do not recall ever having a President of the United States being exposed, to being the fraud in such a short period of time. I mean, how long has he been in power now and we’re going home people have now seen through, in fact, he is nothing, but pathetic. He’s jews and that’s not know we know it we know what we’re dealing with so that’s, you know, you have to try to put us all up against the wall and kill us all. Like you’ve done and this will be a union, but I don’t think, you know, it’s who I know it’s global and this is an end game this is the this is the part of the jewish plan that will not go according to their original designs.


John: Right. It’s like well you guys are going to I put up some some links on my Twitter feed govern my Twitter feed and check out some of these Trump’s recent statements dealing with the “Holocaust” and, you know, speaking in front of these big jewish groups and whatnot it is enough to make you want to vomit. I mean, I almost did earlier today. I was watching some of it as, well I pretty much watched the whole thing, it was like fifteen minutes long of his speech at the “Holocaust” Memorial Museum. And it’s just so pathetic! It’s all the ridiculous talking points all the jew ass kissing and, you know, “Never again!” and “We stand with Israel!” all the other nonsense you hear repeatedly from all the other politicians. It is very, very disgusting to watch and it just shows once again, you know, we’re never going to get anywhere unless we’re openly dealing with revisionism, with the fake “Holocaust” narrative and less for openly dealing with other controversial topics like 9/11, for example. And, you know, the reality of race. I mean, we have to deal with these subjects as adults and Alfred, I think you’re right. I mean, we’re at a moment in history where you can get on your phone you can get on your entered a get on, you know, get on your computer and discover the truth about all of these topics you really can you have the information is easy. Usually available to you,




You know, you’re going to be judged on how, you know, where you stand right now, you know, what absolutely what role are you playing and helping to expose these lies, or are you going along with it, or are you, you know, benefiting off of it, or are you facilitating this crime spree. Yeah, but less no excuses anymore, yeah.


Alfred: What you have to remember those people who choose to keep their head in the sand are betraying all of our forefathers and they are betraying all of their are our children this is a single moment in history and the lies are going through and for anybody to pretend not to understand what is this is if you if you are still supporting a lie you are either it’s either, because you aren’t coward, or you are a traitor, or you are retarded, but no eyes are going through there’s no honor in her tending you don’t understand and a lot and that’s a whole thing that people have to understand that you really will. Be hiding in shame by protecting the life, because no matter how much you think everyone else is going with a lie no you’re not people are waking up an incredible array and faster than ever before this is an exponential curve so I just tell people is that if you want to be taken seriously by anybody in the future you better start speaking up loudly and clearly, because we take note of who is pretending not to understand and these people are shameful, just shameful, disgusting.


John: Yes, and it has to be emphasized we all have a role to play every last one of us, you know, where where where what is what role are you going to play that’s a need ask yourself exactly. So yes, we’re very good Alfred. I’m glad that you were able to come on the podcast and talk about some of your recent activities. So I mean, I guess real quick, just to wrap up I mean, what where you currently stand are you basically. Waiting to go to court, or Weyerhauser legal situation.


John: They told me I have the obligation to get a lawyer and then I had a good colleague of mine, a comrade, and he says he has a good lawyer for you, because if you don’t, if you let them give you one they don’t think it’s a communist, or something and you just, you know, have, you know, not really worked for you, but the thing is that they I don’t think anything’s going to happen. They keep this in a state of limbo, because they know that they don’t really have a chance against us as a team. And we are a good team we’re they have to lock us up with some new law and bring in and do it like in the super union basically throws down and kill us which I think this is now at the point where they have to either be they have to become extreme and just kill us hopefully that will instill enough fear in other people to keep their mouths shut, but the truth is coming out so I don’t know what right now I’m just enjoying life I’m working like crazy I’m talking to you about things I’m not allowed to talk about, but I don’t pay attention so when he tells me, you know, how to think I don’t take him seriously and that’s it like like. I do not. I do not obey a law that is legal.


John: Right on. Well I admire you sir and I wish you the best. You have to keep the audience posted on developments, you know. If we can do this again and in a couple months we’ll see where you’re at. And, you know, I agree with your optimism. I mean, I think that we’ve made a lot of progress. I think it’s still going to be a long struggle obviously, but we have a very valid and terribly righteous cause and we shouldn’t be ashamed of it. And, you know, people got to get involved and you’re certainly doing your, you know, playing your part.


Alfred: Well thank you John and I always say that you are also a shining light a beacon of courage and initiative and that’s what we want. More people who need to support you need to do stuff themselves. Everybody has to start doing something. Doing nothing is just not good enough!


John: Yes I agree. OK Alfred. Well, thank you very much for joining me this evening. I really do appreciate it and yeah we’ll have to do this again in the future.


Alfred: Absolutely, and the pleasure is all mine. Thank you very much John.


John: Thank you. All right, thanks everybody for tuning in. We will talk to you all very soon.










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[Millennial Woes, a Scottish vlogger, discusses his recent doxing by the Main Sewer Media, Hope Not Hate and some low-life anti-fa types  — KATANA.]







YouTube Description



The story of the attack on me by the Daily Record (including ace reporter Alan McEwen), the Scottish Sunday Herald, and other low-brow newspapers, done in collusion with Hope Not Hate and some gormless Scottish antifa.


Part 1: 0:00:00
Part 2: 0:03:57
Part 3: 0:28:02
Part 4: 0:53:48
Part 5: 1:08:42
Part 6: 1:16:53


[This channel is my livelihood. Donations to http://www.paypal.me/MillennialWoes are appreciated, as are pledges on http://www.patreon.com/MillennialWoes and bitcoin donations to 1743rc3jnBaYL3piL9eeEHqbrXrroZLVWW. Thank you.]


[This video is not intended to condone violence or hate.]






A Woes By Any Other Name





Published on Jan 21, 2017












Part One: Introduction


Hello. This video is going to describe what has happened to yours truly over the last few weeks. And it’s going to be quite an involved story, I’m afraid. I’ll try to be brief, but we know that, I don’t tend to do that successfully very often. Nonetheless, I will try. But before I get into what happened, first things first. I’ve got a few messages from various people. To my supporters. These are the most important people. Thank you very, very much for the help you’ve given me over the last seven days! Thank you for the donations which have been very generous and numerous and certainly have made my immediate future more navigable than it was before. And also, thank you for the countless messages of moral support and encouragement that you’ve sent. Well, … It would have been pretty awful without them, honestly. I would have felt quite alone without that, so thank you!


To the public. I do not hate. This is contrary to what you will have read about me in the press. These ridiculous articles that are being printed, or have been printed. I want to give you my side of things. You need to be able to see me as I am and not as these hack journalists portray me. I do not hate. I do not spew hate on this channel, or anywhere else. And I don’t, I don’t encourage hate either. And certainly not deliberately. I’ve no interest in doing that. I never have had any interest in doing that.


I mean, we’ll get into that later. Anyway, to the police, because I know that I’ve probably been reported for “hate speech” in the last few days. I mean, I expect so.


So on to the police. Honestly, it seems to me [laughing] that you have better things to do than investigate someone like me. I’m just a guy talking about the world and trying to do so honestly. And that’s all I’ve ever been doing on this channel. But, I know that you have to follow up on things. So, maybe I’ll be speaking to you soon.


To the Scottish Government and judiciary. I don’t believe I’ve said anything illegal on my channel and I don’t think it’s “hate speech”. That is just an infantile category, of course. But I don’t think that what I do qualifies as “hate speech”. However, if you do put me on trial —and this is not threat. This is just what I think is likely to happen. If you do put me on trial for “hate speech” I think it will backfire hugely on yourselves, for various reasons. I have international support. Tens of thousands of people I know will rally around and it will just look ridiculous to put someone like me on trial. However, I’ll go into in more detail in a future video. For now, let’s concentrate on what has happened recently in the last two weeks.




Part Two: What Happened


OK, so we’ll start with our rundown, a chronological rundown of what happened, starting from the 19th of November last year, 2016. And with the NPI [National Policy Institute] gathering in Washington DC. This is my, the third conference I’d attended and everything was going just swimmingly — up until the end of Richard Spencer’s speech, when some people gave Nazi salutes in the audience.




Now, I’ve talked about this before on the channel, briefly, but I think it’s worth emphasizing there were about, at least, three hundred people there, I believe, at that conference. And from the footage it looks like about four people did these salutes. I don’t know who they were. I saw one of them bragging about it on a forum.




I don’t know if they were leftist infiltrators. I don’t know if they were just young men drunk and showing bravado. And I don’t know if they were genuine neo Nazis. But what I do know is that they did not represent the majority of that audience, or anything like it. They’re a tiny minority.


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[Here’s the transcript of a short YouTube video by Colin Liddell from Alternative Right website on the banning of  the “neo-nazi” group  National Action in Britain. He also discusses The Daily Stormer   — KATANA.]


Discussing Stormerism in a Storm







See also his blog post:




By Colin Liddell

Published on Dec 15, 2016


YouTube Description


While cycling along a Tokyo dyke in a storm — as you do — Colin Liddell, the Chief Editor of Alternative Right, discusses a recent debate about Stormerism (the tendency of some Alt-Righters to LARP as full-blown Hollywood Nazis). This is then linked to the recent banning by the British government of National Action, a group that employs Stormerist tactics. He also draws attention to the interesting fact that where Neo-Nazied Stormerist excesses are directly banned by the state, nationalist movements tend to do rather well, and where they aren’t they tend to do badly.


Greg Johnson’s “Punching Right” (with butthurt comments by (((Andrew Anglin))) ):



Article by Daniel Barge on the banning of National Action:








[09:24 mins]


[Note: For “stylistic” reasons Liddell chose to record this while riding a bike along a dyke on a stormy day, making it hard to hear some parts. Text has now been updated with the missing parts.]



Colin Liddell: Hello! Friends, followers and fellow fake fascists of the Alternative Right. This is Colin Liddell, the chief editor of Alternative Right.


And, here I am cycling along Tokyo’s flood defenses, on my way to one of my “normie” jobs. And as you can see the weather is a bit inclement today. So, I don’t think I want to talk for too long. But, you know, I’ve been a bit busy to make a video for a couple of weeks, so, and this is the first one for at least two or three weeks, I think. And it’s been a very kind of eventful sort of three weeks, as it always is in the Alternative Right. Never a dull moment.


There’s been a bit of a spat with The Daily Stormer and Andrew Anglin. And I think, well, you know, Greg Johnson wrote an article at Counter Currents called “Punching Right“, and I think anybody who was anybody in the ’punching right’ debate kind of pitched in, so that was kind of interesting, I think. I expressed my opinion there. I said, … I think one of my most interesting points was that the Daily Stormer lures people into a state of inauthenticity, having a fake position in private, having a different position in public life — whichever one is fake, whichever one is genuine who knows. Suspicions abound.


Anyway, it’s not a healthy way to be, to sort of believe something, or to be lured into believing in something that you can’t actually talk to normal people about! That is obviously a ghettoizing mechanism to prevent White nationalism, which is a natural ideology of most people, because it suits their interests. That’s obviously a ghettoizing device to stop White nationalism spreading. And it’s a kind of anti, … The left would see it as an anti-contagion device — and that’s a disease metaphor. So, we would not use that, obviously. We would see, we would see it more in terms of spreading enlightenment.




See if I can just fix my hat here. No, no, the winds is keeping it there! Anyway, have a look around. There’s an interesting vista — some motorways over there, bridges, dredging the river, … And I’m actually cycling along a large dyke, which is relatively, relatively deserted. Just one, or two other lonely cyclists on their way to work at this early hour in the morning.


Anyway, back to the big debate, … Also, I think another thing that ties into this “punching Right” debate is the banning of this so-called “neo-Nazi group“, National Action in the UK. They were banned, I think just yesterday, by the Home Secretary who goes by the name of Amber Rudd, which is a soft sounding name especially for a Conservative. And anyway, they were banned. Now, National Action, they kind of dress up in scary costumes with skull masks and black ninja costumes and they wave their obviously very fascistic looking flags. And there is usually about, like, 10 to 20 of them. And if they stick around for more than five minutes the anti-fa usually give them a hard time. So they kind of pop up and they pop down a lot. And I’ve always seen them as a kind of cosplay neo-Nazi LARPy* group.


* A live action role-playing game (LARP) is a form of role-playing game where the participants physically act out their characters’ actions. The players pursue goals within a fictional setting represented by the real world while interacting with each other in character.


And so, I think banning them isn’t actually, you know, really it’s almost an irrelevance. But, I think the only significant point is that the state can use these little shock groups to justify clamping down on things like social media, more and more. It becomes permissible for social media to throw perfectly moderate and calm people off their platforms, because such groups exist!


And, you know, we saw that with, when Andrew Anglin was on Twitter. He was very active, and of course, you know, he sort of set a precedent for Twitter throwing people off. And then, they then used that power more recently against many members of the Alt-Right, including their Richard Spencer. And then, they kind of, you know, they retracted that suspension in the case of Richard Spencer. But, you know, it’s just something they can do any time they feel like now. And they can always justify it and back it up with:

Look at these neo-Nazi psychopaths spreading hatred and violence! And look what happened to Joe Cox and that poor jewish MP, Luciana Berger. She was sent hate mail and death threats!” blah, blah, blah!


And, because these politicians are women, it makes it all the more easy to ban those kind of extremist groups!


Now, I’m not too bothered by that, you know, because if you look at the one country that doesn’t have a lot of extreme censorship is America. OK, you can still lose your job, but for the most part, for the most part, it’s not really a problem, if you are financially independent.


[On his bike] I’m going downhill now, it’s getting a bit fast! Safety first!


Anyway, so as I was saying, … The one country, the one country that doesn’t have extreme censorship laws is the United States. And, “Wow!” by weird coincidence that is also the one country that doesn’t really have a healthy White nationalist movement. At least in electoral terms.


Whereas Europe, which has a lot if, you know, “thought crime” legislation and “hate crime” legislation and that bans little funny cosplay* groups like National Action. This area, or this collection of countries, that is where nationalism is doing much, much, better. Although, of course, in the UK, it’s in a period of abeyance at the moment after, following the collapse of the BNP a few years ago. But, if you look around Europe, they all have these very, very strict, you know, anti, you know, in inverted commas “hate laws” and various other forms of thought crime legislation and, … You know, nationalism is doing relatively well there!


* Cosplay: the practice of dressing up as a character from a film, book, or video game, especially one from the Japanese genres of manga or anime.

Austria — they almost elected somebody from the Austrian Freedom Party! They almost elected somebody from the Austrian Freedom Party, which is typically described as a hard line anti-immigrant party.


In France Marine Le Pen is, you know, again, very, very, you know, a cultural, she’s a cultural nationalist, I guess you could say, civic nationalist, not a religious a genuine ethno-nationalist, but still that’s a lot better than what America’s got. America’s got Donald Trump, and we’re still not really sure of, what we’ve got there. The omens are very, very mixed. He could turn out to be, you know, he could actually turn out to be a decent guy, a stand up guy, who wants to at least ensure the dominance of the Republican Party. Which would also mean deporting a lot of the illegals and securing the borders, and encouraging White people to have more kids. Or he could just be part of the whole the globalist system! A kind of reboot.


Anyway, I think that is plenty of thoughts to mull over.


So, from Tokyo, over and out!







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[After a year’s break from blogging and interviews TANSTAAFL returns with this interview with John Friend at his The Realist Report site. I consider TANSTAAFL to be one of the most insightful commentators on the jewish problem, and in this interview he doesn’t disappoint with his take on what’s being going on in our movement to expose and rid ourselves of the organized evil jewish cabal that dominates our societies.


Topics include; the ongoing jew war on Whites, the meaning of “conspiracy theory”, kikeservatives, Twitter, the jewsmedia, Trump, Bannon, (((the echo meme))), Alt-Right, Richard Spencer, Greg Johnson, Jared Taylor, Hitler and National Socialist Germany, and White racial consciousness — KATANA.]







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On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined once again by Tanstaafl of Age of Treason. To begin the program, Tanstaafl gives listeners an overview of what he’s been up to lately, including being banned from Twitter for making factual statements about Jews and their anti-White agenda. We move on to focus on the Jewish problem more generally, and the open and quite blatant war being waged on Whites by the organized Jewish community. We also discuss Trump’s election, the Alt Right, and related topics.




The Realist Report







Published on Dec 8, 2016










John Friend: All right folks. Welcome back to another edition of the Realist Report. This is your host John Friend. Joining me today is TANSTAAFL, who maintains the excellent website Age of Treason. TANSTAAFL is one of the most insightful and articulate commentators in the alternative independent media today, especially when it comes to the jewish problem. A topic that we will be discussing at length during this podcast.


Tan thanks for joining me. How are you today sir?


John: Good! Well, you sound fine and, you know, if you’ve got to sneeze, or cough, or anything, …


TAN: I may! [laughing]


John: … Just put yourself on mute and I’m sure we can deal with it. Thanks for coming on the program. Last time you were on was actually a year ago, exactly. I was just looking at my website and one year ago, today. Well, I guess when I post this program, which will be technically tomorrow, December 7th. You were on and I’ve been wanting to or I had been wanting to interview you for a long time because I followed your work for a number of years and listened to pretty much all of your podcasts and you’ve been a big, you know, influence in my thinking, especially when it comes to racial issues and, of course, the jewish problem.


So, just to get started, could you talk about what you’ve been up to lately? I know you were recently shoahed from Twitter. So you are no longer on Twitter, but I see you’ve been blogging a lot lately so, why don’t you just tell us what you’ve been up to well.


TAN: Well, yeah, I wouldn’t call it a lot. I’ve actually been pretty inactive for the last year. Actually, it started even before I talked to you last. But, I’ve been active mostly on Twitter. I had stopped blogging so much. Before I had been in the habit of posting about once a week, once every couple of weeks, and it really dropped off to almost nothing. But Twitter is, … It wasn’t because I was not paying attention to what was going on and didn’t have thoughts. It was just because I was expressing myself mainly through Twitter. Which is really a different form of media. It’s like, it’s been called a “micro blog” and that is really a good description for it. So, instead of writing these long posts on a blog, you write little snippets of thoughts that fit in 140 characters and you can whip them off pretty quickly and in response to lots of different stories. So it’s becomes addictive! You know, you’re sitting there paying attention to what’s going on in the news, what everybody’s excited about and you have some insight into it, or you just want to bring it to other people’s attention and you comment on it. And the big problem with it, as I found out — I was well aware I was just wondering when it would happen — but I found out a couple of weeks ago right, you know, few weeks after the election. When Twitter decides that you’re too much of a problem, they can just delete your account and it’s as if you never existed.


So I don’t really plan on going back, as useful as I found it. Most of the value was, for me, in the besides sharing thoughts with other like minds, was, … What I found on Twitter was that basically the enemy is using it as a communication platform. Very similar to what they, what was uncovered back several years ago. I think 2012 election cycle. The journalist email list that they used to use back then — it might have been even 2008 cycle? I can’t recall now. It was quite a while ago. But basically before Twitter existed, the jews and the jews media and their fellow travellers used to communicate with each other via a private email list, that was invite only. But it was a massive number of people. And when it was uncovered and the e-mails were shared by somebody, it was shocking to a lot of people. That these people were colluding and, you know, coming up with a shared narrative about how to deal with certain scandals that broke. And we’ve seen it again in this election cycle with the Wiki Leaks thing, I mean there was there was a bit of that.


But every day on Twitter — and you don’t even have to have an account on Twitter — you can sign up. And the main reason to sign up is so you can make a list. But even if you don’t sign up for Twitter you can just go to these different accounts one by one and look at what they’re saying. It’s convenient when you make a list, because it basically mashes them all together. And that’s one of the first things I did after they kicked me off. I just created a dummy account so that I could create a list of all these jews media jews, so that I could see what they were chattering about, what they were screeching about today. And so basically it’s what they call that, “opposition research“?




John: Sure


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[Red Ice Radio’s host Henrik Pamlgren interviews Andrew Anglin the publisher of The Daily Stormer for the first time. — KATANA]












Andrew Anglin


Somalian Refugee Nightmare


& Trump’s Fix


Published on Dec 2, 2016




Andrew Anglin – Somalian Refugee Nightmare & Trump’s Fix



December 2, 2016


Andrew Anglin is the founder of The Daily Stormer and has written countless articles on race realism, nationalism, Jewish influence, and social degeneracy.
We begin by discussing the recent terrorist attack at Ohio State University. Since Andrew hails from Ohio, he’s able to offer us a firsthand perspective on the – and growing – Somali community in his home state. We learn that the Somalian refugees are overwhelmingly unemployed; many, though, are involved in illegal activities, such as heroin trafficking. Unlike other immigrant groups, such as Mexicans or Indians, Somalians aren’t brought in by the elite as a cheap labor force. In light of this, we ponder why our ruling class is intent on importing large numbers of people who are, biologically and culturally, very different from us. This leads to a discussion on the issue of Muslim rape gangs in Europe, and how decades of Jewish control of newspapers have pushed a narrative that have convinced White people that it is moral to commit racial and cultural suicide.


The members’ hour [Part 2] begins with a consideration of Jill Stein’s recent push for a vote recount in Michigan. We laugh at the absurdity of the situation, and Andrew reminds us that the recount will ultimately prove meaningless. Switching gears, we discuss the fact that some people still believe Trump is a Jewish puppet; Andrew half-jokingly suggests that the notion of Trump being part of a Jewish conspiracy is itself a conspiracy benefiting Jewish interests.


While on the subject, we take a critical look at Trump’s relationship to the Jewish community. Andrew stresses the fact that, regardless of how much praise Trump lavishes on Israel, his policies stand in opposition to the globalist machinations of worldwide ZOG. The members’ hour also includes Andrew’s thoughts on the recent NPI controversy.





Part 1




Henrik Palmgren: Welcome ladies and gentlemen, I’m Henrik Palmgren. This is Red Ice Radio. We are very glad to have you here today. redice.tv/live is the website. Please check it out for more radio shows, videos and our TV show and of course our busy news section, as well.


Well today with us is Andrew Anglin from the Daily Stormer. I don’t think he needs an introduction, frankly. I think both friend and foe do know him by now. A very effective journalist that covers the kind of stuff that very few others do. At least in the humorous, in the way that he does it. And, of course, there is a lot that we have on the plate today in terms of discussions to go into, from Trump, to the Alt-Right, to the recent NPI controversy. But also, of course, the attack on Ohio State University, the people there. By the, I mean the feral Somalis population up there. And do believe me I know the situation. We have them in Sweden too. I think you guys recall the Australian, Sixty Minutes crew that were in the suburbs outside of Stockholm to cover how great immigration was. They were actually attacked primarily by Somalis. So it is, for sure, a problem. But Andrew, welcome to the show. Good to finally actually have a dedicated radio show with you. We have you, of course, on our TV show before, but we haven’t had a chance, I guess, to sit down and spend two segments together, so thank you for coming on.


Andrew Anglin: I’m very happy to be here Henrik. I told you when you sent me an e-mail inviting me, I said I’ve been waiting years for this! [Henrik laughing] So I’m very, very happy to be here!


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[In these two latest videos Ramzpaul explains why he has dropped his support for the Alt-Right “label” after Richard Spencer failed to disavow the movement’s “Nazi” element following the NPI Conference, where some attendees gave “sieg heils” when Spencer raised his glass and declared loudly, “Hail Trump! Hail our people! Hail Victory!”  


Although Ramzpaul makes many good points on some side issues I think he’s making a mountain out of a molehill out of this whole incident by declaring the Alt-Right’s “brand” toxic because of it.


More seriously though, is Ramzpaul’s belief that the website, “The Daily Stormer” which has recently claimed to be Alt-Right, is in fact fake opposition, funded by the ADL.


But then in that case, what about Amren, which Ramzpaul does support, and its leader, Jared Taylor, who attended the conference and is openly pro-jew? The very people whose organizations are behind our on-going destruction! Is Amren also fake opposition, funded by the ADL, Ramzpaul? —  KATANA]










Alt-Right — RIP




“Sieg Heiling”


Published on Nov 23 and 19, 2016








Published on Nov 23, 2016


Donald Trump disavows the Alt Right after Roman salutes are featured at the NPI conference.

After NPI’s Roman Salutes,  President elect Trump was forced to disavow the Alt Right. Most normal people can support the Alt Right ideas of self-determination, protection of borders, good trade deals, America First, etc. But normal people can’t support anything that is associated with Nazism.

In my discussions with Brietbart I explained the tension between the Alt Right versus the 14/88 crowd. In general, Breitbart was sympathetic to the ideas of the Alt Right as I described them.

However, they obviously did not support the 14/88 notion of the Alt Right.

Eventually, the 14/88 crowd won this battle once Richard Spencer was associated with Nazism. Of course, I don’t think Richard is a Nazi. But it does not matter at this point. Whenever the Alt Right is discussed in the media, they will show the Roman Salute clip over and over. And as Richard is the self proclaimed leader of the Alt Right, the brand is now impossible to rehabilitate.

But it really doesn’t matter at this point. The Alt Right was a phenomenon that helped launch Trump into the White House. Now that he has been elected, there is no need for the “alternative” label. We are now the Trump Right.







Alt-Right — RIP








Hey guys. First of all I’m still in the process of moving back home. I don’t know my final location, but, so I don’t have my camera equipment. But I thought I had to discuss this whole thing that blew-up with Richard Spencer and the NPI and the Alt-Right. And, first of all what was reported was outrageous. Because supposedly Richard said that he asked the question, “Are Jews even human?” He didn’t ask that and in his speech he said, “Are Republican strategists even human?”. It was a joke! He wasn’t talking about Jews. So, CNN had lied there. And there’s supposedly the, you know, the Roman salute that happened. All Richard did was he had a glass and did a toast, “Hail Trump!” at the end. Big deal! We say “Hail To the Chief” for the president. It shouldn’t be that big of an issue. But unfortunately, we have some people that intentionally got up and did the Roman salute, a couple times, I guess there before and they did that and tweeted it.



[Image] Richard Spencer raising his glass while announcing, “Hail Trump! Hail our people! Hail Victory!” at the NPI Conference 2016.


And yeah, at that point, Donald Trump had to disavow the Alt-Right. Because, you can’t hang on to something that’s Nazi. You just can’t! Because Naziism, it was seventy years ago. It’s just a brand that doesn’t translate well. It scares people. And if you’re going to do a seig heil, it’s over! It’s really over! And so, the truth, it doesn’t really matter what happened with NPI and with Richard Spencer. It’s a perception. And whenever they think about the Alt-Right now, people are going to think about the Romans salute! [laughing] And I won’t even do it now otherwise they’ll use my image.



[Image] “Hands up” at the NPI Conference 2016.


And yeah, that’s not fair, but politics is not fair. So now the Alt-Right brand is damaged. It’s associated with Naziism. And normal Americans aren’t going to support that. Which is a shame, but it’s really OK, you know. Why am I saying it’s OK? For a period of time before Trump got elected, the Alt-Right really grew. And part of the reason — I’m a little of the reason, just hang on — I did an interview with Milo and I spoke to him briefly. He’d use a lot of my quotes with Breitbart when they talk about, “What is the Alt-Right?” And I did some also some articles for “Return of the Kings”, some videos. And I try to explain what the Alt-Right is. It’s not traditional conservatism, which is about low taxes and open borders, but it’s also not 14/88, about neo-Nazis and all that shit! It’s about having an identity. That all people, jews, White people, Chinese — we all have an identity and we all have the right to live and of self-determination. That’s a core.


There’s other issues too with trade and so forth, but that was basically the core. It’s not like this Nazi hate ideology! And, you know, what? Most people can really get on to that. Most people are like:

Yeah, I’m tired of political correctness. If other groups have identity, why can’t we? Why can’t we all have nationalism?


And it really resonates with people.


And it did with Breitbart. And I know, because Milo published it and Steve Bannon saw that. And that’s why Steve Bannon, Trump’s Chief of Staff now, was on board with the Alt-Right. Because it’s something you can defend! But what happened is, immediately the enemy primarily and I’ll say it, I’ve said this before. I think Daily Stormer, to be honest, is a fake opposition. I think is funded by the ADL. And I’m not going to get into debates, why. I think that, I really do. And initially this Daily Stormer, they were opposed to the Alt-Right. But when they saw that it was getting on, they changed their strategy. And I said “they”, because I don’t think it’s just Andrew Anglin [laughing] that is in charge of it. I’ve heard his interviews. I think there’s a whole group that works on that website. And they decided to repurpose it, or try to co-opt the Alt-Right, to say:

Hey! The Alt-Right is all about Naziism, of 14/88”.


And they were so good at that, they were basically able to say:

Hey! 14/88 and Naziism, that is the core of the Alt-Right, and the rest of you are trying to co-opt what we’re doing!


Which was nonsense. But that was their strategy. And, but there was a lot of tension there between it. But still the ones that looked at the Alt-Right is not being Naziism, but being [about] identity, about being nationalism, were able to win the day initially up to the election. Then right after the election, … Yeah, finally because of the Richard Spencer thing that blew apart, now it is associated with Naziism!


But it’s OK! It doesn’t matter. It would be kind of like you’re playing a basketball game and you’re winning by two points, at the last second the guy shoots it, and it’s a three point shot. And you go, “Oh no! We lost!” But no, the game ended before the three pointer went in! And that’s kind of what happened.


We kind of won. We won, we got Trump in! So that’s fine.

So, I no longer identify as Alt-Right, just because, there’s no way of rehabilitating that whole image of what the Alt-Right is. It’s, I mean, good for Daily Stormer, I guess. They got it associated with Nazism and they’ve kind of quit that now. They’re trying to associate Republicanism with Nazism! [laughing] That’s their new strategy. Good luck with that!



[Image] The Daily Stormer, “America’s #1 Most-Trusted Republican News Source”.


That’s OK, because I want to look at the Alt-Right now instead of it just being the Right. There’s no need to have the “Alt” label anymore.

We have Donald Trump. People like me that support borders, that support immigration controls, that are opposed to globalism and free trade, we have our man in office now. We don’t need to call ourselves, “Alt-Right”.


So, I’ve given up the label, but I still support self-determination and nationalism for all! I’ll talk to you guys later.
















Published on Nov 29, 2016


A response to Richard Spencer’s video addressed to me:



Richard Spencer created a video (see link above) that addressed me concerning many topics concerning the Alt Right. This is my video response to cover some of the common questions that people have raised that include:


1. What is Nazism

2. Punching to the Right

3. Disavowing

4. Cucking

5. Brand identity

6. Boundaries needed for a movement


From the list above, #6 is key. The idea that you can have a movement that has NO boundaries is insane. Yet, because some people have been fooled with the mantra “never punch to the right” and “never disavow” we now have the Alt Right brand associated with Hollywood Nazis. And as the mainstream media looks at Richard Spencer as the leader of the Alt Right, the fact that he won’t explicitly disavow Nazism is fatal to the movement.  The serious thinkers have been replaced with Hal Turner and Andrew Anglin types.


I think Richard is intelligent and quite eloquent. But I fear his message will be muted and he will become the new David Duke for his generation – pulled out every 4 years by the media to try to discredit the politician he endorses.


I recommend that Spencer should explicitly disavow that the Alt Right has any connection with Nazism. If he refuses to do so, the Alt Right brand will remain toxic and attract only the kook element.



The Alt-Right and Boundaries





 [11:42 min]


All right. This is going to be my last video about the “Richard Spencer, sieg heil” case.


But I want to do some clarification. And is going to be a little bit more in depth, because there’s a lot of questions about, you know, what is a Nazi, is it National Socialism, is it Hitler, is something new? What’s a Hollywood Nazi? And there’s a lot of ideas like:


Hey dude, you can never punch right! Never punch right!” or, “Never disavow, don’t disavow! The left doesn’t do that!” or, “They’re going to call you a Nazi anyway, so why do you fight it?


So, there’s all these things I just want to discuss a little bit.


Part of the problem whenever the word “Nazi” is thrown out, is like, “What’s really meant by that term?” Because it’s really so ill defined now. And, so I thought it was good to take a step back, you know, to understand there’s basically three categories that sort of fit the word “Nazi”.


The first one is National Socialism. National Socialism is not a political party. It’s a ideology. It’s an economic system, sort of like Socialism is, or Marxism. You know, for example, you can have Marxists, but there’s a lot of different political parties that may adopt Marxism, the same way with National Socialism. And National Socialism is really not about concentration camps, the Holocaust, jews. No! It’s an economic policy. It’s, for example, if you believe in single payer health care. That was a National Socialist policy. Protecting the environment was very important to the National Socialists. Protecting the workers through good trade deals. That was National Socialist. That’s all it is, and that they don’t really have any symbols as an ideology, like Capitalism, or Communism.


Then, in the 30’s, 1933 to 1945, just twelve years, just twelve years! That’s all it was in Germany. You had a political party that advocated National Socialism. And they were called the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. What we now know as the Nazis. Adolf Hitler and all that. And as a political party, like the Republicans and the Democrats, you had the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. And the Republicans, they have the elephant as their kind of symbol, the Democrats has a donkey. Well, the National Socialist German Workers’ Party had the swastika. That was it! It didn’t have anything to do with the National Socialism ideology. It had to do with that specific political party. And they also used the Roman salute, which became the Nazis salute, and so forth. And it was headed by Adolf Hitler.


That was in a sense the Nazi that ended in one 1945. And it was over! It was specifically German. So where is National Socialism, the economic policy, or the ideology, you could export to various countries — even Hitler thought that. But National Socialism German Workers Party, it makes absolutely no sense to export, because it’s just for Germans! So using a swastika elsewhere, especially like the Slavic areas, is stupid! It makes no sense! That party is dead. So the Nazis the real Nazis are all gone. They don’t exist anymore.


But we have this thing called, “neo-Nazis”. And neo-Nazis, they’ve really started after WW II and almost all of them, like, I posted the link before, have been false flag, heavily Jewish funded, or government funded organizations. And you can ask, “Why would they want to fund something like that?” Well, it’s to discredit nationalist organizations. Because after the war the National Socialist German Workers Party, the Nazis, were really demonized and that’s part of the propaganda. And some of it was justified, some probably wasn’t. But that’s not up for debate. What happened is they were made out to be the devil and it’s got all the worse. So they’re looked at, like Satan now! The worst thing imaginable. So what happened, these groups, they fund these neo-Nazis and then the neo-Nazis — and then this happened through the 70’s and the Illinois Nazis, headed by a Jewish guy, in the 90’s there was a guy named David Wolf something, that was a famous Nazi, he was fake, a Jew.


Recently we had Hal Turner, the big Nazi, he turned out to be a Federal informant, and you have groups like Daily Stormer, that I believe are fake and they are doing the same thing. And what they’re, … The goal of the neo-Nazis are is to attach themselves — because they know they’re toxic and 99.9% of people are opposed to them — they attach themselves to a movement they want to discredit. And, for example, originally that the Daily Stormer they attach themselves to Donald Trump and it’s not because they like Donald Trump, it’s because they wanted to discredit him. So the mainstream media can say:

Look at these evil Nazis are supporting Donald Trump! Do you want to support someone that’s supported by Nazis?


See, that was the psychology they were using. And it is pretty effective. And that happened with the Alt-Right too, the Daily Stormer was originally opposed to the Alt-Right, but when they saw it was gaining momentum, they decided to try to cut it off, by saying:

No! No! The Alt-Right, it’s all about Nazis! If you’re not a Nazi you’re Alt-Right!


They started to push that. Now they’re trying to tie it to Republicanism.


But the goal of neo-Nazis is just to discredit normal identity nationalist movements. And not to say, … I’m sure some people are very sincere. There are some sincere neo-Nazis, but in general Neo Naziism has nothing to do with the original National Socialism. I mean, if you go to sites like the Daily Stormer, they don’t really talk about the ideology of National Socialism, or the economic policies, they say the word “kike” over and over. But the original National Socialism wasn’t about saying, “kike, kike, kike, kike, kike, kike!” It had to do with something deeper. And it has nothing to do with the old Nazis of Adolf Hitler. They just use the same symbols, but it is really not related at all.


So, you have the three different groups. You have national socialism, which is the ideology. You have the National Socialist German Workers’ Party that was in Germany and then you have these Hollywood neo-Nazis that are mostly fake!


One of the things that just bugs me, it’s so frustrating! You hear this all the time is, like, “Dude! Never punched to the right!” Or, “Never disavow!” I mean, that is just retarded! It really is! [laughing]


Because, just think about it logically, right! If you can never punch to the Right, which means never criticize someone to the supposed right of you. That is the most extreme positions are beyond criticism! Right, just think of a thought experiment, the most the extreme Right-wing stereotypical position. I don’t know, anyone that doesn’t have blue eyes or blonde hair should be put to death! ! That’s pretty extreme! And so, anyone trying to criticize it, you behave:

Dude! Dude! Don’t push to the right! Don’t push to the right!


You see how stupid that is? And the guy has a psycho position could say:

But why? You believe people with brown eyes should be able to live? What are you, a cuck? Cuck, cuck!


See, this is just insane!


What you need to do as any organization is have a circle, a boundary. Yet, you can cuck, and what does cucky means, is you have your principles and you compromise your principles to try to appease the left. God knows, the mainstream Republicans have done that so much they have cucked on that. They’ve taken their principles, they betrayed them. That is wrong. That is cucking! But holding to your principles is not cucking! So you don’t have to support these neo-Nazi, Hollywood Nazi types, otherwise you’re a cuck. In effect if you don’t draw the boundary, you’re screwed. Because they’re going to taint your brand, which we saw with what happened in the Alt-Right.


So you do need to punch right when needed.


Now, the Left, they will punch right, left, if they need to, if they’re pressed on it by the Press. But they usually aren’t. That’s why they usually don’t punch left. But if they were pushed on it, they would. You know they would! And, for example, the whole idea too, that:

Hey they’re going to call you Nazis, anyway, so you might as well just be a Nazi”.


That’s another argument, I hear. Well, again that is stupid! And I use an analogy. There’s the pick up artist community, of guys that try to seduce women, or whatever, into bed. I’m not saying that I agree with it or disagree with it, but the feminists always call them rapists! “Rapists! You’re a rapist!” Which is not, which is absurd! They are not rapists. They try to charge people. That’s not the same thing as rape. But should, by that logic, should they say:

Well, hey, these feminists are going to call us rapists anyway, so we should self identify as a rapist!


That’s stupid! No you don’t want to do that! It is the same thing with this “agree and amplify”. That could be a good strategy at times, but not like someone accuses you of being a child molester of an eight year old girl. You don’t want to “agree and amplify” and say:

No! No! No! You’ve got that wrong! I rape four year olds!


So that’s just dumb! You’ve got to have some maturity with this. So, as an organization including the Alt-Right, or whatever organization you have, you got to exclude people on the left, or the right. If you don’t exclude anyone on the right, then you’re just going to be, you’re going to lose it! Because the clowns are going to take over and define your movement. That’s what has happened in the Alt-Right.


Now, the sad thing is, I don’t disavow Richard Spencer, because — I’ll find this interview and I’ll link to it. He did after the conference and — the man really is brilliant. He’s eloquent. He has really interesting things to say. But, what’s really sad, is that is not going to be heard anymore because of his refusal to disavow these Nazi types. And it’s not that hard to say, to disavow. And, you know, he, I think he said:

It has bad optics, but I’m not going to disavow, or anything like that.


Well, if you don’t do that, then you’re always going to be associated with Nazis. And you could say:

Well, I don’t care they could all be associated with Nazis”.


But 99.9% of the populace does care, and they won’t take your message seriously. And every time you’re introduced, you’re going to be introduced as a Nazi sympathizer with the “sieg heiling”. And again this has nothing to do with Naziism back in the 30’s. I’m talking about this Hollywood neo-Nazi, Daily Stormer version. You’re always going to be tainted with that, and no one is going to take you seriously.


And it causes also problems for the people that attended the convention. I kind of feel sorry for them, because whenever you’re attending convention you assume there’s going to be certain protocols. I’ve spoken at Amren, American Renaissance, and one of the things I’m confident of, is Jared Taylor is never going to turn [it] into this “sieg heil” fest. Because it would be embarrassing, that would taint me. And the same thing with the people that spoke at this now, they’re all have this on their hands and they have to say:

Hey! I didn’t have anything to do with this!


So, you’ve got to really think what you’re doing and look at the image of your brand, and you’ve got to have a brand that will appeal to people.



[Image] “Exuberant” attendees going all Roman on us. Actually the guy on the left kind of looks like Ramzpaul!


Now, White identity, self-determination, really all those things are winning points. Trade, the whole idea of the Alt-Right really sells to people. But once you mix into it the “sieg heiling” you just lose it! You just lose it.

So, what Richard, I wish he would have said is:

Hey, I gave a speech, some people, four, or five people did this ‘sieg heil’. We can’t control what people do. I do not approve of this. We are not a Nazi organization. We disavow any Nazi influence, that’s not we’re what we’re about.

And if you just said that, it would have ended it. Because people, yeah the Leftist still would have been mad, but who who gives a shit about them, but normal people would have looked at it and said:

Yeah, well that makes sense, you know, you can’t control what your audience does. He disavowed the people who did that sort of thing, that sort of behavior.

That’s the end of it. But if you don’t disavow it, you just try to play the game, like:

It was just, they’re just trying to have fun, it’s bad optics”.

People are not going to buy it.

So, I think that is the last thing I’m going to to say on the same subject.

Talk to you guys later.












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[In this 50 minute speech (including Q & A) at the Nov, 2016 NPI Conference, Prof. Kevin MacDonald discusses the long term role of organised jewry in pushing multiracialism, multiculturalism in the United States and the West. Jewish money power is at the forefront of financing both the Democrat Party and the Republican Party and steering their respective policies towards jewish goals, despite growing grassroots opposition, especially towards Israel and its murderous apartheid policy towards the Palestinians. MacDonald also discusses how organized jewry is notorious for opposing free speech related to race, ethnicity and immigration, in other words, anything that interferes with the jewish goal of destroying homogenous White societies  —  KATANA.]







Youtube Description


Prof. Kevin MacDonald gives an informative talk at NPI 2016 in Washington D.C. about organized Jewish influence. Q & A follows the talk.





Kevin MacDonald


NPI 2016 Conference


Published on Nov 22, 2016








Richard Spencer: I hope our next speaker won’t be insulted by the brevity of the introduction that I’m about to give.


There is no man on the planet who was done more for the understanding of the pole around which the world revolves than Kevin MacDonald! [audience applauds]


Welcome! They know who you are.


Kevin MacDonald [Kmac]: They know, oh, OK.


All right. It’s great to be here after such an exciting, inspiring victory for Donald Trump and I mean, I don’t think anybody really expected it, you know, watching that movie that Richard showed tonight, you know, he could be a hero of our people. And I think that’s what we would all hope and it could happen. I really do think it’s going to happen.


But tonight I’m going to talk about Jews. [audience erupts in laughter]


[Kmac laughing] it’s not that I relish doing this, but somebody’s got to do it! And it’s definitely a subject that should be addressed. The best that we can fairly, factually and realize, we’re not talking about all Jews. We’re talking about activist Jews, we are talking about the main thrust of the organized Jewish community, which is pretty easy to figure out.



[Image] Edward Alsworth Ross (December 12, 1866 – July 22, 1951) was an American sociologist, one of first sociologists who pursued a comprehensive sociological theory. Regarded as a founder of sociology in the United States, he believed that the purpose of sociology was to bring about social reform, solving problems in human society. 


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