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[ John Friend of The Realist Report interviews German-Canadian activist Monika Schaefer on her awakening to the destructive activities of organized jewry and its ongoing plan of genocide against Whites. Having spent her entire adult life involved in various environmental causes it was only in the last few years that she  became aware that 9/11 was an “inside job” carried out by organized jewry.

One thing led to another, and she then became aware of revisionism and that the “Holocaust” is a diabolical hoax perpetrated by the usual suspects against Germans in particular and Whites in general.

She went public with her views in June 2016 with the release of a short video titled, “Sorry Mom, I was Wrong About the Holocaust“. Despite being a prominent, well respected individual of long-standing in the “Gingerbread Town” of Jasper, Alberta, she has faced social ostracism and a process of “ritual defamation” from leading members of the community — KATANA.]





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The Realist Report


On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined by Monika Schaefer, a courageous activist and truth-seeker openly exposing the fake Jewish “Holocaust” narrative and other extremely controversial topics. Monika’s brother, Alfred, was recently a guest on The Realist Report.


In this podcast, Monika and I discuss her background, education, and upbringing before moving on to address her awakening process to the lies endlessly promoted and perpetuated by the mainstream mass media, Hollywood, modern educational establishment and virtually all Western governments pertaining to the alleged Jewish “Holocaust” during WWII. Monika gives us her take on the fake “Holocaust” narrative and offers her perspective on Adolf Hitler and National Socialist Germany. We also address a number of other important topics in this podcast, including the reality of Jewish power and influence in the Western world, the systematic promotion of policies designed to genocide the White race, 9/11 and the “Global War on Terror,” and related matters.


Check out Monika’s website and her great video Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust:


The Realist Report.com





The Realist Report




Monika Schaefer


Published on May 17, 2017



(89 mins)





John: All right folks, welcome back to another edition of The Realist Report. This is your host John Friend. The website is The Realist Report dot com, where you can find an extensive archive of these podcasts, as well as other radio broadcasts I’ve participated in. You can also find all of my articles and blog posts, a contact page with my personal email address, my Twitter feed — which is embedded on the right hand side of the website, and all sorts of other useful information and links. I am a regular reporter for American Free Press, America’s last real paper. And I also contribute to the Barnes Review, a bi-monthly history magazine, affiliated with American Free Press. Both publications are worth subscribing to and I highly encourage listeners to do so, if they are not already. Visit American Free Press dot net and Barnes Review dot org, for more details.


All right, with that said, I’d like to introduce my special guest this evening. Monika Schaefer is joining us for the very first time. Monika is a courageous activist and truth seeker who has openly and quite publicly challenged a number of taboo topics in modern Western society, including the fake jewish “Holocaust” narrative, which is endlessly promoted and perpetuated by the educational, media and political establishment, here in the West.


Monika, thank you so much for joining me! How are you this evening?


Monika: Hello John! Thank you so much for having me on! And I am doing very well, thank you, very much. And I honestly thank you for all the good work you do! Yeah, I’ve been listening to your podcasts for a while and reading some of your articles. And I think you do excellent work!


See here for the interview with Alfred Schaefer.


John: Thank you very much, I really appreciate it. And, you know, it’s funny I feel like I know you although we’ve never actually spoken. Maybe it’s, because I’ve interviewed your brother Alfred a couple times now, here on The Realist Report? And I’ve seen some of your video, a couple which we’ll talk about in this podcast. Yes, but I don’t know, I just have this strange feeling that somehow we know each other but, I know we actually don’t. So, it’s great for you to finally be here and, you know, we can kind of get to know each other in real life I guess, or at least over the Internet, as best we can.


Monika: Yes, and I had that sensation too! Yes, that’s right, just from listening to your talk with a number of people and so, it does feel like we know each other probably, because we’re on the same page on a lot of these issues, I think.


John: Yes, I think so. And your brother’s always great talking to. I actually recently interviewed him just a couple of weeks ago. And we dealt with a number of topics that I’m sure we’ll be getting into, in this podcast. So I guess, just to get started, could you kind of tell us a little bit about your background, your education and your upbringing. And perhaps, maybe your professional experience, if you feel that is relevant. Let’s kind of start there, just kind of introduce yourself, please.






Monika: Sure. I grew up in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and my parents came from Germany in the early 50’s. And I was born in 1959, the fourth in a family of five children. And we grew up in a very, I would say, traditional German household, you know, the way we celebrated certain times of year, in a very German style. Like Christmas, you know, we had the real candles on the tree and that kind of thing. And something that I really feel, that affected us deeply was our parents’ love of nature. Even though we grew up in the city we were very, very connected to the natural world. We had a huge vegetable garden always, and we put great value on going for walks, like as a family. We would go for walks in the river valley and just really appreciate nature. That went very, very deep.


Transcripts of Red Ice Radio’s interview are here: Part I and Part II


And yeah, as I was growing up, you know, learning in school, the usual things that we were learning in those days, in the sixties and seventies. And I had, like Germar Rudolf — and you interviewed him recently — and he talks about his very developed sense of justice. I could relate to that when he spoke of that. I feel that applies to me, too. I started to become an activist in environmental things and social justice things, very, very early in my life. Like during my teen years. And then all through my adult life I was very much an activist. And it was always on environmental things and also peace issues.


But, I have to say it wasn’t until about 2011, I started to really understand how the world was working. But before that, I’ll just talk a little bit about my activism. I actually did get involved in politics. I ran as a candidate for the Green Party of Alberta first and then the Green Party of Canada, in several elections. I just felt that the Green Party was the one political party whose principles and values meshed with my own!



But that has now changed drastically! In fact, Elizabeth May, the leader of the Green Party Canada, she did a very public condemnation of me last summer, after my video! And this is why we’re talking today, you and I, on this podcast. The video that I created, and my brother produced it, is called, “Sorry Mom I was Wrong About the Holocaust”. And it’s a very short video, under six minutes. And in it I basically tell the world that the “Holocaust” is a lie! And that unleashed a set of events in my life that basically has changed my life! [laughing]


John: Yes, I can only imagine. You know, real quick, I hate to interject, but let me just make two brief comments. Number one, I actually have never interviewed Germar Rudolf.


Monika: Oh!


John: Although I would love to, I would really like to. I just, I never have. I’ve heard him be interviewed a number of times. I know he’s been on Dr David Duke’s program every once in a while. I’ve also heard him interviewed on Jeff Rense’s radio program I believe, and Red Ice Radio.


Monika: It was the Red Ice Radio.


John: Yeah OK.


Monika: I mean, you know, I was mixed up John.


John: No, no, it’s totally fine. I just wanted to state that for the record. I’ve never interviewed him although I would love to. I think we’d have a great conversation, he’s really, I mean, the expert when it comes to the “Holocaust”.


One other comment I wanted to make; you had said how you, ever since you were a child really, and it’s probably a result of your upbringing, but also maybe something innate in you. You have this very, deep sense of truth and justice, and you just sort of want what’s right. And want to pursue the truth wherever it leads. And that’s exactly the type of person that I am! It’s maybe hasn’t been the wisest thing to do, considering the world we live in. But it’s just something that I just have to do. Again I think it’s something that is innate in myself, in maybe certain other people, like yourself. Do you think that this is something that’s maybe more prevalent in certain people, or something that’s kind of instilled, or innate again in certain people, rather than others?




Monika: Oh my goodness, that’s a big question! I think a lot of people have this sense of justice and wanting to do what’s right. Perhaps some of that gets, I don’t know, squelched out of us. Maybe it’s in our education system and it’s a very demoralizing education system that we have. And there are certain things that create, well, or work towards “anti-creative zombism” if you want to call it that, in our education system. That maybe kicked that out of us? But anyway, … I think a lot of people power have it but we are fed wrong information, then we can’t even seek justice. We don’t know what justice is!


And so, psychological warfare is something that I do want to talk about. And that is the most dangerous weapon being used against us and that can ruined any, you know, sense that we can seek justice. People can still have that desire for who are doing what’s right and doing what’s just. But what I’m experiencing, for example, in this “ritual defamation” that’s being done against me, is that probably a lot of people who are treating me very badly, think that they are doing the right thing! Some of them probably know very well that they are not and that they are actually, you know, deceivers and liars, but I think a lot of the people just get swept along, thinking that they are being righteous, when they are treating me badly, because I have done a “taboo” thing and that is, I have challenged this story, the “Holocaust” myth.


Elements of a Ritual Defamation (click image to enlarge in new window)


John: Yeah, I think so. And I think certainly our modern hyper-capitalistic, hyper-individualistic society, you know, it doesn’t reward this sort of behavior this sort of sense of honor and truth and justice. You’re not going to get very far if you’re this type of person, at least it seems like it. The system is kind of designed that way, any ways. There certainly are exceptions and it’s not impossible to operate in a system and still have this sense of truth and justice. But it does make things very challenging. And so, that’s one point.


Then also, I think you’re right as far as, you know, sort of psychological warfare is concerned. I think there is an attack on our minds and really, you know, the way the media works and the way the educational system works. It’s designed to attack this and to undermine this. And it’s very sad! It’s very, very harmful, it’s been very detrimental to our society, certainly.


Monika: Absolutely! I mean, I think that the teachers in the schools, when they are teaching wrong things to the children, the teachers just don’t know that. They are also indoctrinated and mind contaminated by the books that they have read and by the education they received. So it’s generation after generation that gets deceived. But that is the worst weapon of all, because what happens is we become agents of our own destruction.



And that is something that is written in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. That the “goy” will become, “agents of their own destruction”. And that is just the most tragic aspect of all of this! It’s a much worse enemy to have, you know, psychological warfare and the “chameleon within the gate”. You know, that is destroying us, within our own societies by giving the wrong curriculum and bad curriculum and teaching the wrong things to the children. Teaching lies, basically. That’s a much more dangerous enemy then the enemy comes with the cannons or the guns and the open warfare. I mean, that might be destructive in the moment and it might lead to, you know, it death of people and destruction of places, however, people can recover from that.


Now with psychological warfare, that’s difficult, really. Can we recover from that when we have been so misled and contaminated and our minds have been polluted and our spirits have been crushed?






John: Indeed. That is very well said. You’re totally right about that.


And the last part I did, I spoke with Pete Papaherakles, and we were talking about the “Trivium” of education. And, you know, basic logic and critical thinking. And sadly our society these days, people just really don’t know how to use their brain. They don’t know how to evaluate information. They don’t know how to discover what the truth actually is. And that’s really a big problem! It’s that, you know, you try to talk about a subject like the “Holocaust”, for example, and you just ask someone, … And this is what I do regularly, you know, when this comes up, like in a personal conversation, or like, if I’m talking to a friend, or something, I’ll just say:


Why do you believe the ‘Holocaust’ narrative”?


I mean, what evidence and proof is there to demonstrate that this actually happened? Let’s examine that evidence and see if it stands up to scrutiny. And, you know, it’s very difficult for people to do these, like simple things. And I think there’s reasons for that. I think, you know, most people again, simply really don’t know how to think critically and use their brain to evaluate information.


But also, I think a lot of the, … Certainly when it comes to the “Holocaust”, but also other very traumatic events, game changing events in our history, but especially the “Holocaust”, the propaganda used to promote, to perpetuate this myth, is very exploitative. And it really is a form of psychological warfare, you know, again another topic we can talk about, and a topic that I spoke with your brother about.


So I mean, I think there’s multiple factors at play here, but those are really the two main ones. As you know, most people simply just don’t know how to properly use their brain, to use the “Trivium”, to use critical thinking. And also the propaganda associated with a lot of these events is systematically designed to exploit us on very base emotional and psychological levels.


Monika: Yes! You’re hit the nail on the head. So it not only are people not able to use logic, but this subject is absolutely taboo to even question. So, I’ve had people tell me, even if they were trying to remain friendly to me, they would say:


Well Monika, this topic is it just off limits! I’m not going to discuss the ‘Holocaust’ with you! I’m not going to debate it with you! But I’ll still, you know, be your friend.


But I mean, those people, they kind of go by the way side anyway. They’ve been more and more affected in this small town of 5,000 people. It has gotten worse, not better, over the year. But this topic is, … You just cannot debate it! Because we’ve been trained that if you even question it, then you are automatically “a hater”!


I mean, this is bizarre! There is no logic in that, John! Like, how can that even make sense, that if you say that there was no deliberate extermination plan, and that means less people died, that you are a hater! ? Now to me, that is the most bizarre leap of logic, you know? Can you explain that?


John: No you can’t explain it logically, because it’s not a logical argument. It’s a ridiculous argument and there’s no logic involved at all. It’s all pure emotion, all emotion.


Monika: Yes, that’s right.


John: And that’s the thing, that especially the holocaust. But I mean, other events as well, 9/11, for example. Although I do think that the fake “Holocaust” narrative and, you know, World War Two generally, you know, this idea that Hitler was this evil monster, who wanted to take over the world. And he had, you know, his master race and all this other nonsense. This is really, you know, sort of the most taboo and most controversial topic in all of society. And, of course, it relates directly to jews, so if you start talking about Jews your equated with Hitler, you’re equated with the Nazis and you’re a racist, you’re anti-Semitic and all these other weaponized buzzwords are thrown at you. Again, logical fallacies, all of them! You know, none of this is factual.


Monika: All of it!


John: Yeah, exactly!






Monika: It’s the biggest weapon yet! I mean, if it wasn’t for this success this big, huge, mess of the “Holocaust”, there’s no way they would have had the audacity to do something like 9/11.


And 9/11, I mean, that was actually what triggered me to wake up! And it didn’t happen right away. I kind of knew something was wrong with it, but it wasn’t until about ten years after 9/11, that I started to investigate it and figure it out. And that was a really hard door to go through, because it just meant that, they’re lying to us! Like that’s a huge thing to lie about, right? That’s not just a little money scandal. I mean, you always hear about little scandals, this and that, that seem big when they talk about them, like political scandals. But, you always just think, okay, well, they have corruption in this and that, but you just can’t imagine they would lie about something so big. But once you figure that out, that turns your world upside down!


And it was after that, that I started to figure out the “Holocaust”. And at first I really resisted it. I mean, that just, how could there be such a big lie? How could that be?


And just to go back to what I briefly said in my video. It was an apology to my parents. To my mother in particular. Because when I was a teenager, and again this comes back to this deep sense of justice that I had, and we were learning all those horrors about Hitler and the “Holocaust”. And so, there I was, telling my mother, saying things like:


Mom, why didn’t you stop this from happening? If you had just got together with all your friends and your relatives, you could have done something about it!


I mean, that was ridiculous, to say such a thing! But there I was, holding her to account, you know, she was culpable! And I’m sure that there was a whole generation of us that, you know, it caused a real generation gap. A rift between the generations of Germans. That, oh! These parents of ours, or the grandparents, oh, they were monsters, you know! Like this what happened.


And so, there I was, reprimanding, or holding her to account for not having tried to do more! I mean, she was just a teenager in a war anyway, so that was pretty ridiculous just on that count. And then all these years later, and this is after both parents have died, that I figured it all out and I just regretted that so much! And I told Alfred one day on the phone, I said:


Boy, I wish I could say sorry!


And he just grabbed onto that and said:


Oh! Yes! That’s very significant!


Yes, so then, …


John: That’s the video we’re making right there! Do it!


Monika: Yeah, exactly!


John: Well, you know, speaking of your video. At least on Alfred’s channel, I don’t know if this is, I’m sure it’s been viewed on other channels. I’m sure you can find this exact same video on other channels. But just on his channel alone, it’s been viewed over 130,000 times! So this has made quite an impact. And this was, June 17th, 2016. So, a little under a year ago.


And it’s a short, very powerful video. I’d assume most people listening to this podcast have seen the video, but if you haven’t, I will have a link to it. In fact, I just embed it in this post, you’ll find it right on my website. It’s six minutes total, just under six minutes. Take the time to watch it. It’s very good, it’s very powerful, it’s very just straightforward and like, look “Sorry Mom, I was wrong and here’s why. And here’s why it’s important!” And it’s very good. And yeah I just really like this video, especially when it first came out. And again, it made quite a splash, you know, all these waves, …


Monika: Yeah, It struck a chord John, because there are other people who went through that similar experience. Like what I said, that they were disgusted with their parents’ generation. Which is just such a sad thing that has been done to the German people.


Okay, about the video, you mentioned, that this is just on Alfred’s site. You’re right there’s a lot more views even then that. Because I made a German version, an original German version, I speak German fluently. So that is called, “Entschuldigung Mama, ich hatte Unrecht was den Holocaust betrifft” in case you have German listeners. So you could look that up too.


And then also the English version was translated into three languages, within the first four days. Not that we did this, others did this. So, French Spanish and Swedish, I believe. And then these people sent us the links to those at the time. People are just kind of, … Like I say, it really struck a chord. It was just brief, it’s short, so it’s easy to watch and this thing, you know, about the parents and just saying sorry to Mom, you know, reprimanding her for not doing anything to stop these things! And then figuring out it’s all a lie! Oh my goodness!


John: Now, I’m curious. There’s quite a substantial population of Germans in Canada, correct? That came over right after the war?






Monika: Definitely! Yes a lot of Germans.


John: I’d imagine maybe even more so, you know, they came here to America I don’t know that for sure, but it seems like there’s quite a few that came directly after the war.


Monika: Yes tension Canada I mean, you know, yes and through the fifty’s to that when my parents came I think there were a lot of people coming from Germany and my parents came in 1951 and 52, respectively. Yes I think that’s a lot of people left Germany I mean, Germany was destroyed and also you had the expellees from the eastern territories. That eastern, you know, it looks to Sudentenland, East Prussia. All these different territories that were German for hundreds of years and then, you know, in Germany like shrunk after World War One. And World War One led directly to World War Two. These are things have learning a lot about now and really going to be a good education a big learning curve. And I met some of those expellees, people who were forcibly expelled. And this is a story that we certainly did not learn about in school. I think probably a lot of your listeners do understand about this, but millions of Germans died after World War Two was over.


And many of them died as they were being pushed out of those eastern territories and many were murdered many starved many women and girls, you know, young girls up to old women were raped. It was brutal what they went through. And I met a few German expellees who were children at the time — when I went to Toronto last summer to speak there — and I have to say that was just so impacting on me. I mean, it was a very impactful experience for me to meet these people!


John: Right, you know, I can imagine. Now, of course, you had mentioned you guys were really tart anything like this perspective the German perspective of World War Two I’m assuming anyways, when you’re growing up in Canada. Your parents parents didn’t talk about it?


Monika: Well there were some things that my parents did talk about, but I don’t remember the stories of expellees. But what my mother did talk about over and over again was Dresden. She wasn’t there, but she knew all about it. And Dresden was the real “Holocaust”! The “Holocaust” of German civilians, women, children and injured soldiers were there in hospitals. And also war refugees. The city had no military installations and that it had no military targets there. And it had the most beautiful architecture!


And actually the German people started to believe that oh nobody ever promised me and it was aired for most of the war and in February 1945, 13th. I believe, it started, or maybe it started on the 11th, I’m not sure now [The bombing started at 10:14 pm, on Tuesday the 13th] . The bombing began and it was incendiary bombing. It was purposely to start fires and many, many, many people died there, and then they paused [the bombing] and then people, as they were coming out of, you know, the bunkers and whatnot, it’s a survived to tell they were getting stuck in the wall him and then the bombing started. It was just brutal it was sheer and utter revenge from the allies! And they knew this city was full of refugees and women and children and that it was there was no military there.


John: Right.


Monika: It was absolutely a crime and crime against humanity that and, of course, there were other cities as well which were bombed like that too, but Dresden is the one that my mother talked about when we were growing up. And yet I didn’t learn about the people who were expelled.


John: Well Monika as, you know, Germany had to perish! Which is actually the title of a book,


Monika: Yes.


John: Written by a jew. So this is the thing that’s so amazing that when I was really getting this information, it became more and more clear the more research I did that literally the entire official narrative were to is truly the exact opposite. I mean, it in it’s very easy to demonstrate this. I mean, we have sources of jewish individuals in America, in Russia, literally calling for the extermination, you know, I wish and the genocide of the German nation. The destruction of the German nation, of the German people. Openly calling for this and looks they wrote in all the sea papers that they, you know, foreign governments and have them implement essentially, you know, in propaganda I mean, you name it, we can go on and on there’s many sources that demonstrate this. And yet you can’t find one single legitimate source demonstrating that Hitler, or the National Socialist government wanted to let alone implement it, a systematic plan to exterminate, to murder European jews. It’s just not even true! There’s nothing to substantiate it, aside from jewish propaganda, jewish lies.






Monika: That’s exactly right! Everything has been turned on it’s head. I mean, in the beginning when I was starting my my learning about all of this, you know, I realized some things were upside down and turned on their head but, you know, people would say yeah everything’s on it’s head. And I would say, well maybe that’s just a figure of speech, but it really is that way the more I learn the more I realize that everything is on it’s head upside down inverted, but thanks for bringing up that Germany must perish by stander Hartman he wrote that in 1941 and it literally is a genocidal plan, where all the German people should be wiped off the face of this earth and supposedly through a humane method of forced sterilization. Now why I wanted to bring this up, and thank you for already bringing it into the conversation. I wanted to talk briefly about Arthur Topham.


Now Arthur Topham is now silenced by law. He has been sentenced to a ten-year ordeal with the criminal justice system intended for the period he speech under under the speech laws in the Criminal Code of Canada. And he had a website called, “The Radical Press”. And it actually started out as a paper, hard copy, magazine in the late 90’s and then he went online. And it went only online for a number of years. And he it was dragged through the court system for ten years and it was just utter harassment and basically jews who didn’t like the things that he was exposing and the truth that he was talking about and the lies that he was exposing.


Now he ended up getting convicted by jury. Guilty on one charge and not guilty on the identical charge for it at different time periods, for publishing this on his website. And in Canada the jury cannot divulge what exactly was the rationale for the guilty verdict, but we can surmise that it was for the parody that Arthur Topham did, called, “Israel Must Perish”., but this was not his words. What he did, is he took the book “Germany Must Perish” and he took a section of that and duplicated it, word for word. But he replaced the title, the word “Germany” with “Israel” and replaced “Germans” with “jews”. And basically this was drawing attention to the genocidal original book “Germany Must Perish”. And he did make it clear that this was a satire, that the books were side by side on his website and there was a preface that talked about satire. And this was all explained in the court. I was there for part of it, evidently the jury was overwhelmed by, I guess, the indoctrination that we’ve all been subject to and this was all just too much for them. But he was found guilty.


Now what I really want to tell your listeners and just make sure that this is clarified is the lies that they now are telling our top minute press when he cannot defend himself. Because if he did he would go straight into jail. He’s now on and basically house arrest so he’s not in jail, you know, it’s been, you know, sentenced, but part of the sentencing this is their website came down and he’s not allowed to speak publicly. So when they say lies about him, for example, that they will say that Arthur taught the coals that sterilization of jews, but they don’t put it into context of this parody, this satire of “Germany Must Perish”, then that is a lie! That is an outright lie! And I want to set the record right here so.






John: You know, I’m glad you have been able to do that, because as you mentioned Arthur can’t even speak for himself. It’s ridiculous.


Monika: Exactly! So anyway thank you for the opportunity to set that straight that, you know, here they are lying about the top and when he can even speak in public and they think darn well know that so it’s just absolutely malicious.


John: It, you know, it truly is speaking of well wishers activities carried out by governments against St Michael’s problem. I just wrote an article for American Free Press and it should be published with these words it should be published in this week’s edition. So I think they published Friday Friday morning. So it should be in the coming edition of American press and it’s about Ernst Zundel. I’m sure you’re familiar with?


Monika: Absolutely!


John: Right. Yeah he lived in Canada for a number of years. I’m sure most people here if you’re not simply Google the man is a watchman. Yes it is venting a lot but, you know.


Monika: Yeah I think, in fact, one of those three videos at the end of my six minute video and I put three recommendations to the listener. Just, you know, I thought OK I’ll just give the listener something that if this is all really blowing their mind and they want to know what they want to know where am I coming from and I get three titles that video. The first one is called “Off Your Knees Germany!” and it’s first son told the story of what he went straight and in the courts and it was one of the first things that kind of caught me turning my mind around the “Holocaust” story was watching that video. It’s ninety minutes long so an hour and a half and I would say, you know, it’s going to be a very, very worthwhile ninety minutes.


John: Right I think oh yeah I’ve seen. Scenes I’ve probably I think I’ve watched all of the, you know, major documentaries that they put together and there are certainly worse watching for sure. Very eye opening very revealing very informative and I mean, if you’re not outraged after after seeing those just understanding what they’ve gone through, you know, what Arthur top and he’s gone through what many people. Know people are being persecuted all over the world for challenging the fake “Holocaust” narrative, that’s absolutely ridiculous.


But speaking of Zundel, the article that I wrote was about how he was just denied entry into the United States. Was deemed inadmissible by the United States federal government. In particular I think it was Office of Appeals I believe of the Department of Homeland Security and they cited his revisionist activities, his educational activities, his political views. Which are all very well documented and very scholarly sourced and entirely legitimate perspectives that he’s offering. And yet he’s deemed inadmissible. Meanwhile, we have millions of illegal aliens overrunning our country. Our government is systematically facilitating refugee resettlement of people we don’t even know how they are! You know, just washed up on our shores. Were supposed to give them free everything, free housing, free, you know, education, free health care, welfare, you name it, it’s I mean, it’s so incredible what is going on! It’s like I can’t even comprehend it sometimes.


Monika: Yeah. Well we see the agenda of who is actually running the country. I mean, I think it was it a real sure all, or was it not, you know, basically just said, “don’t worry about what Americans think about this, or that we are doing. We run America and they know it!”


Yes, anyway Ernst Zundel being kept out and are they actually citing his political views, because it’s not six case then just. That’s the end of the First Amendment and then meant in this in the United States freedom of speech is it not like I think that it’s incredibly. Like it’s very scary very, you know, if that’s what’s going on and look at, you know, stage we’re still kind of, you know, that we’re looking to you guys down there for keeping some semblance of being able to speak freely still. But, you know, this is really really bad. This is somebody being kept out for their political views.






John: Yeah Oh absolutely! Yeah and this is basically openly admitted in the ruling that they released. And it’s interesting, because this was reported on by The Washington Post back in April almost a month ago. And in the appeal here it was essentially. He was denied entry and then they were determining if they could grant him a waiver. Which they did not. They ended up denying.


Monika: I tnk she can’t go to Germany, because she would be thrown in jail immediately there and he can’t come to the state sensibly and also to meet, you know, or to it’s really really sad!


Zx it’s I mean, it’s very, very tragic. In the ruling here they say, you know, when they when they go to deny the waiver negative factors in his case including his long history of inciting racial ethnic hatred. It also goes on to say the record shows that the applicant is a historical revisionist and denier of the “Holocaust”, distributing writings, books, tapes, broadcasts to promote his views. The record further indicates that these publications agitated for aggressive behavior againstjj!


Monika: Oh my goodness!


John: Right yeah all of these I mean, it’s true that he absolutely was a historical revisionist in this and “Holocaust” in Iraq I guess at all so it’s so basically not, but yeah who do I think.


Monika: So that basically says oh that’s illegal in United States!


John: Right. Now get this they also say this the applicant has been a leader in these activities for decades. And has shown no regret, or remorse for his action,


Monika: Of course, not! Because we’re here.


John: Because I know that’s a thing it’s like oh maybe perhaps if he were to bow down to the jews they would forgive him. Because if he were to renounce his views, then just maybe, maybe. Yeah it was so outrageous!


Monika: The laws this is the part I am absolutely dumbfounded that people don’t wake up to this absurdity! That if there are laws to restrict you from saying certain things. Then doesn’t that raise a red flag for people? Doesn’t that show them that there’s something to hide? That maybe there’s something that they’re lying about?


You know, what really gets me I mean, I think long should tell the look there’s something wrong with the official story, you know, it’s exactly the opposite for some people. Because when I raise this issue about the laws, it’s incredible that some people will say, “well you see? You’re wrong” when it comes the laws through, but your problem. Now isn’t that bizarre So that’s kind of a circular saying, … I mean, you could make any kind of a law like stop breathing and then if you breath, “Oh! Like we better throw you in jail, or you just broke the law!” I mean, it is just absurd!


John: I mean, I agree. It’s totally ridiculous!


You know, Monika, I want to get back I want to talk about, basically how you what led you to search questioning the “Holocaust” and kind of like, your wake up process, so to speak, and maybe you could describe like some other topics maybe research, or what would you just start questioning, you know, doing research into the fake “Holocaust” narrative?


Monika: Well I have to credit my brother for basically introducing me to this notion and this idea. And so I was thinking over there and I think twenty thirteen, Christmas time. And this was, you know, already a couple of years after figuring out 9/11 and I really have been so open about that.


John: So is it fair to say that 9/11 was like your big sort of wake up call? What led you to question everything?


Monika: Yes.


John: Okay, and that, yes. That’s exactly how I was, I mean, before I was really getting into 9/11 I was very anti-war and I totally recognized how corrupt the government was, how you were lied to I mean, I was sort of aware these sort of broader systemic issues. How corrupt everything was. I just didn’t really understand the extent of it. How deep it actually went and I certainly didn’t understand who was truly behind it all.


Monika: Exactly!






John: And once I was like that it’s a 9/11 yeah yeah and that’s seems like that’s pretty pretty common for a lot of people they start questioning 9/11 and that everything opens up to them.


Monika: No, that is interesting that’s interesting about that John and there are definitely a lot of people 9/11 was that door that they first went through and then started uncovering these other truths that, you know, in this journey of mine over this past year many people have contacted me from all over the place and so I’ve struck up some dialogues with a lot of different people. And what has surprised me is that for quite a few people other things woke them up.


Like, for example, some people who started learning all about our financial system and how. It was, because of things that happened in their personal lives that, you know, they got basically, you know, that at the end of a deal. And then they started digging and looking into that other than for, or others it was actually the topic of just that why is everything against White people? And this is sort of the taboo subject that we could get into, but for me that was not a starting point at all. Now it kind of to understand is that oh it’s this and goal is to basically get rid of us and replace us.


John: Right, right.


Monika: And our and oh my goodness that didn’t come into my realizeation until well after I start figuring out all these other things. The “Holocaust” is the ultimate weapon to use against us. Because you see there’s this thing that people will have this weird logic that says oh well if you are denying that this happened then the next thing that happens is you’re going to just want to kill everybody. Like you’re going to do a “Holocaust” again, or something like that. Like this is the logic that’s being used against us. So this is the ultimate weapon. Meanwhile, it’s the opposite is happening.


John: Yeah!


Monika: And I mean, there’s lots and lots of evidence that one of the really clear quotes that I have used is no well eight matches and you probably have that on your your page of what’s there, but I mean, I’ll just read this and have it for me here no well it’s not yet a Harvard professor, you know, it’s cool and respected Harvard professor he says:


“The goal of abolishing the White race is, on it’s face, so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition, other than from committed White supremacists.”


OK, I finished the quote so think about that so if you merely don’t want to be destroyed then you are a White supremacist! Can you imagine this being said. Japanese people who wish to see their culture and their traditions preserved and who wish to see Japanese grandchildren? “Oh they must be Japanese supremacists”! Or can you imagine this being said about, maybe. Let’s just pick a country and in Africa, like Senegal. The Senegalese people, if they don’t want to be destroyed:


“Oh well, they must be black supremacists!”


I mean, that’s absurd.


John: It’s I sure is truly absurd you’re totally right. And see like a basic observation like that. It’s so obvious that what you’re saying is true and yet this is very rarely pointed out to people. I mean, well any you have to you have to point out like a basic observation like to get people to start thinking and in many cases at least OK.


Monika: Yeah and also is this conflating a different concept so if you have cry in your people and you love your people you could call it, you know, maybe nationalism White Nationalism, or whatever, but people will instantly just say well it’s White supremacist. And if you correct them insane, or like nationalist, or nationalism, or that you have probably right now that’s a White supremacist. Like this is this instant leap the people will make this, because they’ve been trained to make that leap. They’ve been trained by our media and oh, you know, the movies and the indoctrination I mean, that’s basically, you know, how we’ve been poisoned in the mind.






John: Right. No you’re right it is it is it. I’m questioning your exactly right that’s best way to describe it I think well in jews have always jews and communists and Marxists and those are all pretty much the same thing yeah, because if you’re a if you’re a Marxist, or a communist you’re basically your mind has been poisoned by jews and I mean, Marxism and communism really are in my view rational coherent political philosophies there are jewish schools. Ains to destroy White Christians societies and to take all our wealth and to, you know, create this jewish plutocratic that dominates ID and that’s certainly what we have in the United States. But the jews in communist they’ve left us they’ve always tried to attack any form of White racial identity I mean, going back to the late eighty’s early ninety’s. And they were successful back then, because White people were still it’s sort of healthy, you know, Yeah actually, you know, they could think properly most of us, but really I think a lot of this is a result of the fake “Holocaust” there is and I say it in the official narrative of work to see and this is a point that I was speaking with your brother about and I try to emphasize this, you know, when I talk about these subjects, because I think it’s so important the official “Holocaust” narrative and I think it’s so important to the White struggle and I lot of people dismiss this, or downplay it, or think it’s hard when it might you it’s absolutely central to our struggle doing head on not only with the fake “Holocaust”, but all of it.


Monika: Yes.


John: You know, being able to say look, you know, Adolf Hitler was not this evil monster, in fact, he was like the most righteous honorable leader you seen in generations. I mean, we should be able to say that openly and proudly.


Monika: Yes.


John: Not even hesitate not even flinch Anyways the point that I was trying to make is the whole across America it discredits and truly do you which is this White, or any form of White racial identity and I mean, it’s not the only thing that defies discredit it’s White racial identity I mean, the jews have literally half. WHITE I don’t know if your cultural Marxism. If you identify as that White person and you concern yourself with the interests of, you know, White people broadly speaking you’re considered this irrational bigot who hates jews in is a racist White supremacist, but you’re not of this a lot of this goes back to the “Holocaust” so on the one hand it really serves to do with Jim I’s White identity on the other hand. It’s use to strengthen jewish identity. And there’s public opinion polls done by jews done by, you know, sort of legitimacy organizations like PEW research center. They do polls on jewish identity and what do you jews identify what is the central factor in jewish identity in which you believe it’s the “Holocaust” I mean, it really is so it strengthens jewish identity and it is also created this enormous. Economic political social racket! Think about all these “Holocaust” museums think about all the body. From this fake story think about all these books that have been written about the “Holocaust”, all these memoirs, all these documentaries, all these Hollywood, still I mean, it truly is a gigantic racket!


Monika: Yes John, you have hit it right, you know, hit the nail right on it’s head with what you’re saying here. So this identity thing, that is exactly right. In most that’s the biggest identity existing for the series is the “Holocaust”, but also that they have been persecuted through the ages. They’ve always been persecuted and they’ve always been, you know, a hated this is their identity they’re taught from the day they’re Lcrimer and, you know, I think that most jewish people like street level jewish people are they. Kind of get double dose of indoctrination, but this is their identity, so that’s what they are tolerate from when they’re ornaments I do have, you know, a very nice friend who is really trying her best to wrap her head head around. What I’m saying and she asks very intelligent questions and so I take a lot of time in trying to answer her. And one of the things she says is that, you know, she has a jewish friend and has relatives that she lost in the war and so, and this thing the boat being persecuted like that is how she is and that is exactly it that’s their identity, but here’s the thing that I hate that I like to tell people a little story I mean, a little story, it’s a little allegory for this persecution it is true that Tom That shows have been tricked out, you know, we know it probably at least a 109 times from different countries, or regions in the last two thousand years, but there’s a missing part of the picture that we’re not taught about that.






So let’s say John you go you like to order up the bar and you come home one evening and you’re very upset, because that the bouncer keep you out and I sympathize with you and the next evening you go to another bar and then you get kicked out again and you come home and you complain at that bouncer it was just unfair as well and, you know, and it was just completely uncalled for and again, sixth time and you’re kicked out from different places and each time you’re crying over being discriminated against and those boundaries are treating you so unfairly. And they are just so hateful towards you and I am getting really skeptical about what’s going on and I’m I just. I asked you. Very politely what is it that you are doing to yourself. And then you saying really angrily Oh. Those people just hate it people with, I don’t know XYZ there and they are all anti-XYZ said and then you start lobbying to make laws against anti-XYZ that is I’m not and that’s basically the story I mean, really like him people I just say well what is it that she hasn’t been persecuted, or all these thousands of years it may be that they’ve been doing things wherever they go that wasn’t good I mean, Jesus Christ then moneylenders that temple and I mean, one could believe that story, or not believe it maybe it’s also and that, or an allegory, but there it is that’s the story that the money lenders were kicked out of the temple.


John: Right exactly. Well see that’s the thing I mean. Just. Dealing rationally and truthfully about jews and their agenda and their criminal activities and their subversive activities I mean, this is considered anti-Semitism like literally telling the truth about the jews stating basic facts as you mentioned, you know, they literally how we can document this they literally have been thrown out of over one hundred countries just in modern history and I’m bringing this up, you know, talking about the reality of jewish supremacy and jewish power in the United States in the Western General reality, you know, the Israeli occupation of Palestine I mean, it in the terrorism. It’s all the criminality. I mean, we can go on and on and on and yet you knew we could. We document all these things fact by what I try to do on my website by using jewish sources from, you know, explicit we jewish news outlets that document this and talk about this in some cases brag about it. And yet if you bring it up you’re called an anti-Semite.


Monika: Yeah it’s not bizarre!


John: I mean, it’s like it’s the most it truly is the most like we’re well we think you could think I mean, this is George Orwell, but in reality. This kind man and a force like you can even can even tell the truth like literally tell the truth using jewish explicitly jewish sources to make your points without the regime’s eyes it’s so childish it’s I mean, I don’t know it’s really.


Monika: Yeah. Probably most of your listeners know this, but it’s just something I learned pretty recently, but George Orwell he was actually and my six agent and so he knew and this was his warning to the world like, you know, what when we read them when we were teenagers we saw that this was just really, you know, horrific science fiction, you know, a bearing on reality, but he knew and he was trying to give the world a warning.


John: Right I think so yeah I’ve heard I’ve heard that he was connected British television’s although I can’t say totally verify that for myself either way the book is certainly worth reading generally it’s good piece of literature.






Monika: So one of the things that people always say well besides saying well we’re not like this with you and there’s no way, you know, you can’t talk about this limits taboo subject, but if they do say anything about it they’ll say there’s Murrays of evidence mountains of evidence it’s the most well documented. Bent in the history of mankind and then I’ll also say and there’s all those eyewitnesses and what about the survivors OK So first of all of all those mountains of evidence that they don’t present there is not some evidence they just keep repeating that mantra and then when you do look into the evidence it’s actually the opposite, you know, I just read a book called The Great “Holocaust” trial by Michael Hoffman and that is about the one nine hundred eighty five that’s the first to Ernst Zundel “Holocaust” trials that took place in Toronto in Canada. And I mean, reading that book that should be mandatory curriculum in the schools, but I’m sure it would never be allowed into this who of that book, because what came out in that trial was just most astonishing, you know, evidence and evidence that basically the “Holocaust” did not happen as it as they say it happened and, you know, there were reports in the media, but the thing is even though there were reports in the media that they were reporting what was going on and yet the way they reported it. As a young. Woman in my early twenty’s at the time I just it was kind of background noise for me and I just kind of assumed that tourists and all of you must be a bad man, or something, but I didn’t really pay much attention to it and I regret to say that perhaps if I had paid more attention to what they were actually saying I might have looked into this more deeply but, because of how they were, or training him in the mainstream media. He was just kind of a, you know, a bad man in my mind so you see this is how they can do it even when they were kind of to report what was being brought out in the trial. Which was stuff like, you know, real Hilberg though they may be jewish “Holocaust” historian at the time he was the main. Witness for the prosecution side. I mean, when it was brought into the court that there were were no other documents that said that there was a plan for the extermination of the jews there was not a single document to that effect and he actually said in the court.


That yes it is incredible there must yes there are lists. And meeting of the minds needs.


John: Exactly. So well he’s literally conceding points to the revisionists openly in court. Yeah it’s amazing I haven’t read the book I should gosh I really should. I’m familiar with your talk about.


Monika: Yeah it’s easy to read it’s very short it’s a skinny book a new edition Timo that’s longer I haven’t read the new editions so I think he probably adds stuff I’m not sure exactly I have it in my possession I haven’t read it yet, but maybe the next trial I don’t know. Yet, but then the other part of it about eyewitnesses that just is a conversation starter, because people feel worried that they’re going to insult the memories or, you know, it something about that like that’s how we can train to just you dare not disrespect.


John: Yeah yeah exactly it’s a form I mean, this is like a psychological aspect of the “Holocaust” it’s disarray Viber testimony as well as the photographs.


Monika: Yes the photographs.


John: People either like can even talk about it like we just can’t talk about the surge, or bring up the survivors as you mentioned, or the bringing up the photographs what about all these dead bodies how does that.


Monika: Exactly. What does that prove? Through the halakhah I mean, one is that we went to step through how does a pile of dead bodies prove gas chambers and secondly who are those dead bodies some in some cases those dead bodies may not have even been, you know, jewish dead bodies like the might of some of them were were possibly German jet bodies after the war, because some of these photographs didn’t come out until years after the war so and I’ve seen some documentation about a lot of doctored photographs as well like. I’m not talking about get bodies now I’m talking boat where two identical photos. Are side by side and the one there’s been something inserted into it like perhaps a hanging body and then, you know, of a soldier a German soldier standing there with a grin on a stage something, you know, just crazy things when it just doctored photos and, you know, made lies out of them.






Anyway, but doesn’t dead bodies do not prove extermination of jews and gas chambers. Especially so that when and then the survivors, you know, I do have actually a story about. Fits and I wish that survivor who lived in this little town of Jasper and we were actually good friends he liked music and I’m a musician and so we we ended up spending times together at sing a longs and that kind of thing and I invited him over to my home is when I still believed in the whole “Holocaust” story and I was doing, quote, unquote, the right thing and, you know, wanting my daughter to get to be educated about it and all this and I had him in his way for over to give that talk, because he had gone into the schools quite a lot and given that talk about the whole, you know, he. That’s experience he did have the, you know, the tattooed number on his arm and everything. Anyway so it became over and we had a nice dinner and after dinner cleared away the dishes and then he read his talk and he explained that it was easier that way so he got a prepared talk that he read and we listened to end then at the end which. I just remember feeling some sense of disappointment, because I didn’t really hear any of the details about what we thought had happened in those camps and remember this was years ago when I still fully fully believed in the whole US. Now I don’t think that he was. Ever purposefully deceiving anybody and I think he had come to believe all those stories too and he was a very, very good man. He’s dead now, so right past tense. He and his wife they were lovely lovely people and the thing is I think he was a very honorable man, because he didn’t make up stories so when I see I was slightly disappointed at the end the top, because you’re I had this Hollywood version as, you know, filed this way file that way and, you know, the lineups of people and just horrible scenes and that kind of thing well he didn’t describe any of that well probably he didn’t describe any of that, because he did not see that kind of thing.


So I mean, now in retrospect it’s just also very, very interesting for me, because I really I realized well yeah he didn’t see those things, because it didn’t happen those things that are, you know, Hollywood version of the “Holocaust” and he didn’t talk about any belching chimneys, or anything like that great he just talked in more general sense of how he ended up in the camp you also made several times made statements about how he did not come to hate the Germans that he was Polish, by the way, he. Not commie then Germans, in fact, he married one, because his wife was a German and he met her afterward in Germany and I don’t he was also not jewish so he was and he had worked for the underground, or something like times and he also says that there were many other people other than choosing that have made that very clear in his talks so in retrospect when I think littlest things I think well, you know, I knew that, you know, nice he told me all those things and.


John: Well I think you’re right I do think that a lot of jews a lot of “Holocaust” survivors I think there is there are a lot of them. Really do buy into the fake story that the organized jewish community has created and I mean, that the origins of the story it’s really a combination of the jews in the British government the American government I mean, they were making up these atrocities stories about the Germans to demonize them and to garner support, you know, to go to war against them basically was black propaganda that became institutionalize So a lot of these people actually do believe the stuff. But getting back to what you’re saying about this guy who was actually kind of like telling the truth I had you seen that video on You Tube called the “Holocaust” survivors who tell the truth?


Monika: I think I have yeah.


John: It’s kind of it reminds me of what we’re explaining here it’s so many people who are legitimate all cortical “Holocaust” survivors they provide testimony that’s actually truthful, but basically diplomas like the official narrative right, but yet they still believe in yeah, you know, they talk about oh, you know, we went into we went into the gas chambers and all the sudden. There was a shower taking a shower which is, I mean, that this truth is like sort of what happened, you know, and a lot of the stuff one of the “Holocaust”. It was basically rumors floating arounf.


Monika: Yes.


John: And, you know, spreading, you know, gossip starts rumors start this when it was in this became institutionalize.






Monika: Absolutely there was a whisper campaign things were deliberately begun and deliberately spread so you call it the rumor mill, or a story but, you know, at that time I think they actually call them whisper campaigns, or something like that and like that you mention the black propaganda and yeah that was a huge part of the war was. Well first of all you had to get the world to hate Germans and Germany and now been going on for decades before World War Two already. I mean, I think already in the lady this campaign of hatred towards Germans had begun?


John: Yeah it’s certainly had. Monika we are over an hour now.


Monika: Yes.


John: And we have a limited that’s yeah we wanted to keep it to under an hour and a half, or about an hour and ten minutes, or so in this I do have a couple sort of big questions I want to ask and I think it’s probably in the city’s time to address. And I definitely want to do so. The first one is. In these first two they’re kind of related, but the first one is based on your research into the alleged “Holocaust” story I should say the fake “Holocaust” soring this be serious it is FAKE Yeah. What are the main conclusions that you’ve come to like if you wanted to make the most important points to someone about, you know, you know, the research you’ve done in the conclusions you come to what would you tell them.


Monika: Yeah well I think that the ultimate goal for the Organized jewry I’ll call it like the globalists is to rule the world! One world government. And they’ve been telling us that for quite a while actually I remember when I was at university in the 80’s remember receiving some kind of postcards, or again a material that actually said one world government and was exposing these great ideas about just, you know, having one will government and he says they said in this in this propaganda literature and I have no idea who was behind this and the border was and it’s coming, but anyway that is the goal is for it chooses to have this dominion, or we’re all the world and all in all that they’re well. On everything and enslave the rest of us and I think they want to annihilate a lot of us and that’s I mean, the “Holocaust”. That they call a cost is a big part of their equation, because it’s their weapon that you use against us when we start to point out any of the things that are going on with White genocide and when I first heard that term, I thought what are you talking about, you know, but it really is the goal and I think it’s, because Europeans have stood up to the jews and that they have been the biggest obstacle to jewish domination over the years that the European people have been able to stand up to the jews over time and that’s why they are trying to get rid of the European people so that would be right yes.


John: OK Very good I mean, I certainly agree to the “Holocaust” narrative is probably the number one weapon used by the jews to advance their agenda to advance their interests to do it utilize our interests and, you know, to discredit the notion that, you know, we can even identify as White people and have interests.


I mean I totally agree with you and I guess just to emphasize that. I don’t understand how we could really ignore this issue how we could ignore, or downplay the “Holocaust” ignore, or downplay revisionism and doing seriously and truthfully with the “Holocaust” with World War Two when literally it is constantly brought up and you buy jews as a weapon against us all day long! Every single day! I could point this out Gosh I wish I had the time to do what I used to kind of do it when I was writing more of my website, but I mean, literally Monika not even exaggerating and I could highlight and write a blog post I could probably do three, or four. Different articles appearing in the jewish press appearing in newspapers like Times of Israel the jewish Daily Forward tablet magazine the jewish how it recreation I mean, just open the talking about the “Holocaust” and using it to advance jewish interests. Harming Our interests I just don’t understand how it can be avoided and I mean, I can certainly not going to get it, but I would argue that it’s very central to our struggle and I think yeah.






Absolutely I mean, I’m kind of laughing at this end of it when you’re talking about yes every day you’re right it’s not a laughing matter is this so so serious, but the fact that it is twenty four seventh’s in all the different media I like whether it’s radio whether it’s movies whether it’s well I don’t watch TV, but just anything it’s always brought up even if in a movie it vote something completely different, but somewhere in the movie the whole apostle come up, or it will be invoked and, you know, what is the most ironic. Thing about it is some people when they are maybe well meaning. It towards me, you know, just say how do you do well on this thing that was so long ago it’s not relevant it’s not relevant and I just he said.


John: Yes exactly that’s when I was saying.


Monika: How can you not relevant well. Yet this Harare action against me that contradicts that statement that they’re making that it’s not relevant, of course, it’s relevant if it wasn’t relevant they would never cared about my many and I mean, that’s something that we don’t talk very much, but I don’t want to get into are eight now, but that’s this ritual defamation process and I actually just briefly say like I live in a town of five thousand and I think it’s kind of like a textbook case of where ritual defamation is being carried out, because this town is kind of like a little bubble I think if you live in a big city. People are more anonymously, but each temptin a town of five thousand, or so oh my goodness they have unleashed a storm against me here, but I don’t want to get into that right now, but it’s just been a most interesting thing and I do kind of make my observations and I, you know, I can write about it and I do write about it a little bit, you know, probably maybe make a ring to my free speech morning to website which this. Cast I would assume?


John: Absolutely!


Monika: They have a you had a you had another question for me and so to hear what that was.


John: Yeah now that you brought that up that was actually something I mean, just the reaction. Amongst people. Because I mean, we sort sort of I don’t want to say similar experience I guess it is kind of I mean, I’ve been doing this very public for a long time I mean, I wouldn’t bring it up with people people would have to find out. Simply by me as if that’s like a. Task to do but, you know, I didn’t really bring it up and, you know, it’s cause a lot of problems professional we and friends. Other relationships. So I guess I’m just curious sort of your reaction you have in a small town I don’t live in a small town by any means. But could you maybe just give us insight to your experience and sort of what’s happened to your friends, or acquaintances.


Monika: Yeah I mean, I still have some friends seven happy to say and there are people who have stuck by my side, you know, it through six and then even if they don’t get into this topic, or don’t research it so they probably don’t even agree with me, but they have remained my friend so I don’t want to make it sound like I have zero friends here in this town however if the general sentiment against me is just it’s this role and I am banned from certain places like that there is that in most actives venue for music and happenings happens to be the Legion and Legion This is I guess they operate sort of like a private club and they have banned me from entering and a lot happens there like a lot of live music I used to be in there a lot with not just listening to musicians who are coming to town, but also playing there a lot so that’s.


John: That is so pathetic!






Monika: It is and last summer I didn’t get a busking license I was not allowed to have a busking license. A busking is when you put your case out in front of you when you playing music like, you know, public place and then passers by can throw a coin in if they want to like, you know, if they like your music, or whatever they can show their appreciation by throwing some money into your your music case. And this was the first time that busking became a sanctioned activity in Jasper and I was one who bought me for eight years already and then ironically I was denied at busking permit last summer for my, quote, unquote, public proclaiming. They say might my political, my non-inclusive you like this is just unbelievable and, you know, when I want to not lose.


John: They’re the ones excluding the.


Monika: Exactly until I’m just to give them back up so I have given my music terribly to this town for thirty five years basically the whole time I’ve been living here in terms of, you know, playing at fundraisers, or playing for in the school is, or playing for the seniors, or playing all over the place for free, because I just have the enjoyment of doing that, but I also play professionally and teach and all that, but I had been giving and donating that my time and my music for decades and then when it came time to get busking permit me that now we’ll see how that goes this summer, but that’s still a question mark I have to say so I can’t report on that yet, but anyway so there’s I’m sure there’s things that happen I mean, people well all kinds of letters to me in articles in the main paper and there’s two papers here and both have had their various sort of different things in the papers about me and one paper the main one that weekly went Oh my goodness they are treating the research hostility and I have not had the right of reply. Basically in terms of this subject and it’s, you know, in. Right all kinds of slanderous that was about me. That’s that’s been it has had it’s effect people sometimes they look at me with fear and then I just greet them in a friendly way and then the fear dissipates, but actually some of the worst is that the young the high school kids and I live right across the high school and I’m telling you sometimes the young things at me that are just they only do this when they’re in groups I have had, you know, people do this when they’re by themselves facing and one time I turned around when there was a group of them behind me are on bicycles hours by bicycle and somebody shouted something like I don’t know that’s your Hitler I don’t know what they showed that just something very hostile and I turned around and faced them and I said in a silly talk about an he had fear in their eyes and I tried to engage them that was impossible and then zoomed off ahead and turned off as you can follow us you follow us to the Legion I mean, I was just kind of laughing in the night here at the wheels of laughter like I could hear them blocks away!


And then there’s other times when people drive and they stick their heads out the window and just shout obscenities at me I mean, just absolutely crazy this kind of thing! But I have to say there are others who. They say greet me in a very friendly way there isn’t anybody in this town and doesn’t know about this, you know, controversial issue since since this is happened to me and, you know, me grinning at all I guess what that video and but, you know, when I’m seeing people downtown, or in a grocery store I don’t bring this up, in fact, I don’t want to bring it up, because I just want to live a normal and I repeat go and talk about other things like, you know, talk about mundane things, or talk about music, or gardening, or ever and I just try to be friendly and I am a friendly person I’m pretty gregarious and just try to normalize the situation and sell it to a certain extent does work and people see that they sort of feel reliefs after I speak about something else they feel relief any They want to talk to me about, you know, other subjects, or whatever so that they can see that OK she doesn’t just go around her little Arnold a lot and start talking about, you know, the holohoax posts, you know, those National Socialist Germany, or whatever like Anyway it is quite an interesting situation here there are people who are just dearly love to chase me out of town and they have sent me all kinds of messages to that effect and he messages and whatnot that Anyway I’m sure that anybody who talks about these things openly has that kind of reaction to them too, but I guess in this size of the town it is very interesting and so I kind of tell a story we have to have.






John: Well I’d love to come hang out with your Asperger’s at.


Monika: Jasper Yes I was just really very alert. That you probably heard of them.


John: I’m sorry, but I have not.


Monika: Yeah that’s OK That’s OK, but these were in the Rocky Mountains.


John: Yes Or like directly north of Colorado basically like if you were to keep from. Following the right now,


Monika: So that kind of goes north west. Northwest East so but, you know, we’re in the same MO range that. The Colorado Rocky Mountains are that’s the same mountain range and it’s beautiful here. It’s just absolutely beautiful.


John: Oh, I believe it.


Monika: You know, it’s a little bit of a fairy tale town, because it isn’t it’s own bubble and a friend of mine calls it gingerbread town so I kind of laugh about that. And I call it, “Gingerbread Town” and people don’t like it when you rock the boat, because they might get a little bit wet, you know. So anyway I do have a big smile on my face and I’m doing very well and I’m a happy person. I’m much happier since I figured out the truth about things which maybe that sounds strange to people, because it is so dark these things that we’re learning and yet it lifts something off your shoulders a little bit. It lifts your spirit. It’s better to know the truth and to do something about it than to not know the truth. And the BEEN Wilner by all the turmoil in the world in the war isn’t this in there that is going on nothing makes sense. Now things make more sense to me and I can understand things better and anyway I’m doing my best to do something about it.


John: God bless you! That’s exactly not that’s exactly how I feel I mean, that’s exactly, you know, what I just want to know how that really works and what’s really going on you can get a pretty good idea this. Now I’m just trying to do some of us make it better that’s really.


Monika: Yes Well it has been such a pleasure talking with you John and I know that we’re not listening to you talk before that’s how I felt that we were really kindred spirits.


John: Yes I think so I can. Give you one of these days I’ll make it up there to visit Canada I’ve never been to Canada I’ve been to Mexico I’ve been to South America and Europe, but never been to Canada. These days get up there well have a good old time.


Monika: Oh yeah.


John: You make all sorts of friends in Jasper.


Monika: Yeah yeah that’s great.


John: OK Monika I will go ahead and this is go ahead wrap it up. There’s been a very good conversation. I’d love to do it again in the future.


Monika: I sure would be John I am sure it will stay in touch.


John: OK Very good I will have a link over to your website as well as. That we’ve been discussing sorry Mom costs. Monika Schaefer thank you so much. I really appreciate it I will talk to you soon.


Monika: Thank you John.


John: OK good night.


Monika: Good night.












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[Patrick Grimm wrote extensively during 2007 and 2008 exposing and warning the world about the dangers and machinations of organized jewry and its nation wrecking activities. Here is a two part series that he wrote that lists the numerous ways that they are destroying our countries — KATANA.]







Patrick Grimm


There Must Be 15 Ways


To Destroy


Your Country:



How the


Jewish Supremacists


Wrecked America







I have updated my listing of ways that the Jewish supremacists are wrecking America. This list provides a good introduction to those neophytes just immersing themselves in the world of the anti-Zionist and anti-Jewish supremacist movement, and shows them the countless ways Jewish extremism negatively affects our country. It’s a quick and handy primer to enlighten and educate our people (European-Americans), preparing them for this noble struggle for survival they must choose to fight if they are truly desirous of having a future life upon this planet for their children and grandchildren. Supremacist Jewry is killing us; it is killing our soul, killing our spirit, killing our will, killing our pride and killing our nation. Its policies are killing our people. We must make this clear and present the ugly reality and the unpleasant truth in an easy-to-understand format. I believe this list is a good step in that direction.




They have destroyed our pride in our history, and a nation that loses its sense of history soon ceases to be a nation.




They have labeled our beloved Founding Fathers as “racists” and “white slavers, ignoring the great representative republic that these men constructed.




They have promoted multiculturalism, celebrating every culture — no matter how backward and barbaric — except for Western white European culture. As Jewish Marxist intellectual thug Susan Sontag stated in a poisonous rant “The white race is the cancer of humanity.




They have driven our Christian faith and heritage from the public square by utilizing their countless criminal cadres of ADL and ACLU Communist lawyers. Our children will soon grow up in a society wiped clean of any vestiges of the Bible, Christ or the cross. However, the menorah is still allowed in the White House for Hannukah celebrations. In fact, the Jewish religion is the only faith that can’t be mocked openly in Hollywood entertainment.




They have torn our borders open, permitting, indeed cheering, the Third World dregs who will soon replace us as the majority. The Javitzes, the Lautenbergs and Cellers meticulously designed the legislation (Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965) that will genocide us. They have done all this while simultaneously — and with no sense of irony supporting Israel’s “Jews-only” immigration policy.




They have created, pushed and profited from pornography and perverse entertainment. The “Chosen” make up 90% of all American pornographers. The Hollywood they run has mainstreamed wife-swapping, common law marriages, pedophilia, scatology, licentious sex, drug and alcohol abuse and self-indulgence. Bestiality will be next on the list. In fact, they are already releasing a documentary portraying men who have sex with horses.



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Daily Stormer - A Normie's Guide Alt-Right - COVER


[The following text, A Normie’s Guide to the Alt-Right  (available here as a PDF) was posted on The Daily Stormer website by its publisher Andrew Anglin on August 31, 2016. Its purpose is to give people new to the movement a brief overview, from the Stormer’s point of view, of what the Alt-Right is and isn’t, covering its history, the people involved, beliefs and terms commonly used.

To quote Andrew Anglin:

The core concept of the movement, upon which all else is based, is that Whites are undergoing an extermination, via mass immigration into White countries which was enabled by a corrosive liberal ideology of White self-hatred, and that the Jews are at the center of this agenda.





The Daily Stormer



A Normie’s Guide to



 the Alt-Right





Daily Stormer - A Normie's Guide Alt-Right - 2298 - Dark Reaches




Click on the above link, or copy the link into your browser to read the full post.


Published on Aug 31, 2016







An Accurate History of the Alt-Right

Troll Culture

Conspiracy Theorism


The Manosphere


The Old White Nationalist Movement

Identitarian Movements

A Reboot of the White Nationalist Movement

Creating a Counter Culture Which Eventually Becomes the 

Dominant Culture

The Ideology and Values of the Alt-Right


White Countries for White People

Scientific Racism

Opposition to Feminism and “Gender Equality” Support

for Traditional Families

Endorsement of White History

Cultural Normalization

Common Sense Economics

The White Struggle as a Global Battle

Our Memes




Dindu Nuffin



White Genocide

We wuz Kangz

Le Happy Merchant




Nirvana Fallacy

Sam Hyde


Vibrant Diversity



It’s [Current Year]

Leaders” of the Alt-Right and the Media’s Fake Narrative

The Future of the Alt-Right

Version History & Notes








Following condemnations by Hillary Clinton, everyone in the world is now trying to define exactly what the Alt-Right is. Most of them are getting it wrong.

The short story is that although the term could refer to a lot of different people saying a lot of different things, the people that it is being used to refer to by the media – Trump-supporting White racial advocates who engage in trolling an other activism on the internet – are the core of the movement, with any other groups and figures being peripheral.

The core concept of the movement, upon which all else is based, is that Whites are undergoing an extermination, via mass immigration into White countries which was enabled by a corrosive liberal ideology of White self-hatred, and that the Jews are at the center of this agenda.

The Alt-Right is a “mass movement” in the truest possible sense of the term, a type of mass-movement that could only exist on the internet, where everyone’s voice is as loud as they are able to make it. In the world of the internet, top-down hierarchy can only be based on the value, or perceived value, of someone’s ideas. The Alt-Right is an online mob of disinfranchised and mostly anonymous, mostly young White men.  This collective of dissidents argued with itself until it reached a consensus (consensus is yet to reach 100%, but it is damn close). We have now moved from arguments and debates and become a new political collective, a type of hive mind.

The mob is the movement.

Some of the ways the movement presents itself can be confusing to the mainstream, given the level of irony involved. The amount of humor and vulgarity confuses people. The true nature of the movement, however, is serious and idealistic. We have in this new millennium an extremely nihilistic culture. From the point when I first became active in what has become the Alt-Right movement, it was my contention that in an age of nihilism, absolute idealism must be couched in irony in order to be taken seriously. This is because anyone who attempts to present himself as serious will immediately be viewed as the opposite through the jaded lens of our post-modern milieu.

Now, on to the long story.

I will first lay out what the movement actually is and where it came from, and then layout what it appears to be to the mainstream media, and why I believe these narratives differ so drastically, and conclude with some loose predictions of where I see all of this going in the future.



An Accurate History of the Alt-Right


Roughly four years ago, a new type of White nationalist movement began to form on the internet. This was mostly made-up of young people who were formulating ideas with minimal influence from prior White nationalist movements.

It was a situation of different online subcultures (some of which were influenced by older offline movements) coming together. These groups collided, based on their having reached common conclusions, and the result is what is now called the Alt-Right.

I am going to layout here these various factions, and what ultimately led them toward this center-point where we have all met. The campaign of Donald Trump is effectively the nexus of that centerpoint.


Daily Stormer - A Normie's Guide Alt-Right - 2298 - Pepe Trump


Note that there is quite a bit of overlap between these various communities, with many people – myself included – having traveled through more than one. Breaking them down into specific categories just makes it easier to grasp the overall development of the different threads of thought.

Note: I will list associated sites and people for each sub-group, though these sites will not necessarily be Alt-Right in nature. They are merely to let people know what is associated with the various factions.



[Please continue reading the rest at The Daily Stormeror download the PDF of the complete text below.]










Click to download a PDF (78 pages (illustrated)) of this post (5.0 MB).


Daily Stormer – A Normie’s Guide to the Alt-Right – Ver 3


Daily Stormer - A Normie's Guide Alt-Right - COVER




Version History



Version 3: Sep 5, 2016 — Improved PDF (Ver 3). Added missing image and link (Sam Hyde); improved formatting; added “Further Reading” in two chapters. [With thanks to B.Bitterburg from The Daily Stormer.]


Version 2: Sep 4, 2016 — Improved PDF (Ver 2). Added links in Contents; formatting [with thanks to B.Bitterburg from Daily Stormer].


Version 1: Sep 4, 2016 — Created post.

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Duke interviews Andrew Joyce - COVER Ver 2


[In this 47 minute audio interview Dr. David Duke gets straight to the point with Dr. Andrew Joyce, a British historian and regular writer for the Occidental Quarterly and the Occidental Observer. He discusses the role of organised jewry in pushing multiracialism, multiculturalism and its drive to exterminate the White race through such organizations as the EU. Also discussed is the Brexit result and Andrew’s opinion on UKIP and Nigel Farage —  KATANA.]






David Duke





 Dr. Andrew Joyce





Click on the above link, or copy the link into your browser to listen to the audio.


Published on June 29, 2016





Today Dr. Duke had as his guest the promising young scholar, Professor Andrew Joyce. Professor Joyce discussed the Brexit vote, quoting numerous major Jewish sources stating that Jews overwhelming voted to remain in the EU. One such source decried the possible loss of a “multicultural paradise” in which she barely saw a white face.

Dr. Joyce explained that white interests and Jewish interests are fundamentally different. He went into the history of both immigration and censorship in Britain, and stated that he has documented that Jews were the ones who were behind these policies, and nobody who checks his sources will be able to deny it. He also gave his impression of the UK Independence Party and its leader Nigel Farage.

This is fascinating show with a great new voice for our people. Please listen and share it with your friends.








 [47:16 min]





David Duke: Ladies and gentlemen, friends and open minded people wherever you live in the United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and, of course, my ancient homeland of Europe. This is David Duke and I’m also speaking to the whole world, because the problems that Europeans face is causing a huge problem. The enemy, the globalist enemy that controls this planet, the international finance, the global politics and the global media are truly an enemy of all humanity, of all peoples, of all independent peoples everywhere on the earth and the unique expressions of those people in their own homelands. That’s the true diversity of the earth that is worthwhile to preserve. Biologists talk about diversity all the time in terms of nature, the animal kingdom and the importance of the fact that we have different species and subspecies, races if you would, because that’s another name for subspecies and the truth is that the diversity of nature is only maintained through what you call a gene pool, or a group of people, or a group of organisms, living things, that share a common series of genes and traits that create that very diversity. And our diversity is being destroyed, obviously, all over the world.


I always come up with a little bit of thought like that to begin a show. I also want to mention the fact that I just came off the Don Black Show and he interviewed me today and we had a very good discussion about the attacks in Sacramento and we had a very good discussion about the Trump campaign and why the Trump campaign, or the Trump candidacy for president of the United States has been a very powerful encouraging event, not only in the United States, but all over the world. Because of the fact that he’s addressing issues that, what we call the jewish agenda is not confronting. That it’s addressing and bringing to the forefront the immigration issues and the realities of immigration to our own lands and the realities of foreign trade and the whole realities, in some ways, that have been encapsulated in Great Britain with the recent Brexit vote. A great victory for those people want to preserve Great Britain and really preserve Europe. My hash tag, my most recent hash tag on Twitter is “Smash the EU and save Europe”. Sounds almost like an oxymoron or misnomer. But that’s the reality, “Smash the EU” is not Europe, the EU today is an organization that’s destroying Europe and the European people.


I’ve got a very special guest today. Honored guest, I must say, because I’ve been reading his writings for quite a while. He does a lot of stories in the Occidental Quarterly. He’s a good friend of Dr. MacDonald as I am. He is also a professor, he’s Dr. Andrew Joyce. He’s a young man, very young man and he is totally dedicated to the preservation of our heritage, our freedom and he recognizes the international globalist power that’s dedicated to destroying our people. That sounds pretty radical to say that, just out, but that’s exactly what they are doing. He’s also done a lot of research recently in the Brexit case. Brexit, excuse me. Excited today, had a very exciting time on the Don Black Show. By the way, if you don’t listen to the Don Black Show I’d tune it in every day before mine. Anyway, I’m going to go right to him today, because I want to get his thoughts. He’s been doing a lot of research on Brexit.


First of all, welcome Dr. Joyce, welcome to the program.


Dr. Andrew Joyce:Thank you very much Dr. Duke, it’s a pleasure to be here. I’d like to thank you especially for that terrific introduction. I would also like to say, just a little introduction of my own. That I was sixteen years old, a young sixteen year old boy, when I first heard about you and your work. And over the last decade and a half, or more, I’ve been following my own journey of sorts, but always with you in the background putting out your very valuable content and contribution to our cause. So, that journey that really began when I was sixteen, now seems to be coming full circle in a lot of ways and it’s a real honor to be here and to be able to discuss with you today some very, very pressing and some very, very important topics. So, I just want to say that I’m excited too!




David: Thank you so much, that was very kind of you to say those things and, but, let’s go right into your research.


So, first of all, before we go into the powers behind the EU and the powers that control the EU and the effect of the EU organization on Great Britain and Europe. In terms of who’s behind it and who is opposed to the Brexit or the exit of the UK from the EU. Why don’t you give us your view of the EU and how it affects Great Britain and how it affects Europe and a little bit of analysis, from your point of view, from that first, and then we’ll talk about your exciting and very interesting, fascinating research into the powers and the forces behind the EU and behind the opposition to Brexit. So let’s start with that.


Duke interviews Andrew Joyce - 2207 Queen Backs Brexit

[Image] The Sun made the claim that the Queen backed Brexit. The official position was that the Queen was neutral on such issues. No doubt many of The Sun readers where swayed by such headlines.


Give me your basic impression for our listeners not only in Europe, but all over the world, because we have an awful lot around the world, on the EU itself and why the EU has become an institution, or how it’s become an institution that is not only dedicated to denying the rights of individual countries and it’s hurting our economics and hurting our well-being in so many ways, but it’s also, now seems to be an act of force that’s ultimately trying to destroy the European people. Could you give us an analysis, please?



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Lana Interviews Evalion - COVER



[In this friendly and at times amusing interview, Lana Lektoff from Red Ice (Radio 3Fourteen) talks with Evalion on her YouTube video’s that gained over 500,000 views in a matter of a few months.

But it wasn’t long until YouTube shut her channel down because she dared to talk about National Socialism, Hitler and the Alt Right in positive terms while also daring to talk about the disastrous negative power and influence of jews on White societies   —  KATANA.]






Red Ice


Radio 3Fourteen


Lana Lokteff


Interviews Evalion




Oy Vey!


Shut it Down!



Lana Interviews Evalion - 1693 Radio 3Fourteen





Click on the above link, or copy the link into your browser to listen to the audio.


Published on June 3, 2016




Evalion is the 18-year-old Canadian YouTube sensation who gained staggering notoriety in 2016 for her controversial red-pill videos. Her most shocking and widely viewed broadcasts include, “Why Hitler Wasn’t Evil,” “The Most Anti-Semitic Video Ever,” and “How to Identify a Feminist.” YouTube recently censored her channel.

A filmed version of this interview is available for Red Ice members.

Evalion is with us for a chat about her rabble-rousing recordings and the eruption of attention that led to the blackout of her channel. She talks about the hit piece by LeafyIsHere, “The Most Racist Girl on All of YouTube,” which seriously ruffled some Social Justice Warrior [SJW] feathers and brought her thousands of new fans. Evalion explains how the holohoax instigated her own red-pill process, and names her most influential nationalisted alternative-right figures and sources. We discuss the follies of feminism, gay fury, Jewish supremacy, fake history, national socialism in the current year, and the power of propaganda. Later, Evalion gives her views on how multiculturalism is working for Canada and on the attitudes of typical teens, along with tips for attracting fashy goys and her future plans for dispensing more red-pills to the masses.



Evalion YouTube Backup












This is Radio 3Fourteen, on the Red Ice Radio network.


Lana Interviews Evalion - 1694 Lana Lokteff Host


Lana: Welcome everyone, including our first ever live studio audience, crazy Swedes, over there, on the couch and also Evalion is joining us, via Web cam. Welcome to the show Evalion. Thanks for being here.


Evalion: Hi! Yeah, I’m really excited. I’m a fan of the show.


Lana Interviews Evalion - 1695 Lana and Avalion


Lana: Cool! Thank you. So, your parents know that you’re in the next room, possibly talking about Hitler?


Evalion: Yes,and they support me, one thousand four hundred eighty eight percent! [laughter] Well, they didn’t always support me, but now they do.


Lana: So how did you come out to your parents, if you will?


Lana Interviews Evalion - 1728


Evalion: I was just telling them the stuff I was reading and telling them the good stuff. It just kind of caught on.


Lana: And so now, they’re pretty cool with it and you can openly talk about things. I think you said in one of your videos that your mom was actually more of a leftist feminist. Right? So, you were basically working on her, right? Trying to breaking her down.



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Y women destroy civ - COVER



This is an interesting, polished and provocatively titled, video that is right in terms of describing many symptoms, but is silent, and therefore fundamentally wrong, on the real causes of those symptoms — that is, the Organised Jewish disease that spawned them. It’s like a doctor describing the crazed behavior of a village who has had its well poisoned, without him talking about that fact.


It’s RIGHT that the “success” of women’s rights, women’s liberation and feminist movements have undermined and been very destructive to the West. The sum total of all the consequences of these movements and trends is that White birth rates are way below replacement levels, which mean that if those trends continue, WHITES will go EXTINCT!


It’s RIGHT that the “success” of women’s rights, women’s liberation and feminist movements have increasingly turned men into women and women into men. This results in both men and women being less able to resist the takeover of our lands by non-Whites.


It’s WRONG about the “cause” of women’s rights, women’s liberation and feminist movements. They have been deliberately engineered and forced upon the West, not by females in general, but instead by Organized jewry and their jewish female agents pushing these agendas through their total dominance of the Main Stream Media and other institutions of the West. Almost all the “leading lights” in feminism have been, and are jewesses. They even boast about it.


It’s WRONG about the “cause” of why men have seemingly gone along with all these changes. Male “tolerance” of this movement has been deliberately engineered and forced upon the West, not by males in general, but instead by Organized jewry and their jewish agents pushing these agendas through their total dominance of the Main Stream Media and other institutions of the West. Almost all the “leading lights” in supporting feminism have been, and are jews. They even boast about it.


It’s WRONG about the “cause” of why the West is being invaded by so-called Third World migrants or refugees. The “refugee invasion” has been deliberately engineered and forced upon the West, not by Whites in general, but instead by Organized jewry and their jewish agents pushing this agenda through their total dominance of the Main Stream Media and other institutions of the West. Almost all the “leading lights” in supporting and facilitating the invasion have been, and are jews. They even boast about it.


In CONCLUSION, it is Organized jewry that has been at the forefront of constantly pushing and promoting “Feminism” through their total dominance of the Main Stream Media and other institutions of the West, not White men or women. Feminism is just one of the jews multi-pronged strategies for destroying White societies.


The real people to blame are not the victims (both male and female) of massive long term and relentless jewish psychological propaganda that exploits all known weaknesses in both sexes, but rather Organized jewry that has an ages-long agenda to destroy Whites. They have set women against men and men against woman — the classic strategy of divide and rule to destroy.





Click on the above link, or copy the link into your browser to view the video.

Published on Feb 17, 2016



* UNINTENTIONALLY and/or INADVERTENTLY. Please watch the entire video, you may miss the gist if you don’t.

***The title is controversial only if you don’t watch the whole of the video.


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Why Women


Destroy Nations and other


Uncomfortable Truths


Video Published on Feb 18, 2016




















If women sexual preferences are liberated and go unchecked, they destroy civilizations.

If women are allowed to choose, harems form.

Screen Text: [HAREMS FORM]

If women are allowed a voice in matters that pertain to the safety of the nation, than that nation will die, inevitably.


It’s as simple as that.

Once you realize this, you understand the entire basis behind civilized society.


And if not, you’ll understand by the end of this video.

As this is a complicated subject, let me state briefly what I’m talking about in this video so you can follow along more closely.


Women do not, on an instinctual level, care very much about her tribe, nation or civilization. It’s in their nature not to.


Women are biological creatures like all others and they seek to maximize their chances of having viable offspring.


This half-century-long experiment of women’s liberation and political enfranchisement has ended in disaster for the West. And the damage done to the West may be irreparable.


And the only solution would be a return to a more patriarchal society. And this seems highly unlikely.

I want you to hold onto this key thought as the meaning will become clear as this video progresses.


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Ted Nugent vs ADL - COVER




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Published on Feb 11, 2016




This video, Dr. David Duke, PhD and former member of the House of Representatives-LA completely and utterly refutes the vicious J. Greenblatt, ADL attack on Rocker Ted Nugent. It definitely answers the question of who is behind gun control in America and the hypocrisy of Zionists who have exactly opposite policies for their precious Israel than they do for America and the entirety of the Western World.


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David Duke on


Ted Nugent VS the aDL


Who is Behind Gun Control?



Video Published on Feb 11, 2016







Ted Nugent vs ADL - 627

Ted Nugent vs ADL - 628

Ted Nugent vs ADL - 629

Ted Nugent vs ADL - 630

Ted Nugent vs ADL - 632



Ted Nugent vs ADL - 633


Duke: The head of the Anti-Defamation League, the aDL, is Jonathan Greenblatt.


Ted Nugent vs ADL - 634


He recently condemned famous musician and gun rights activist Ted Nugent, for daring to say:


Ted Nugent vs ADL - 635


Who is really leading the push to take away American Constitutional gun rights?


I will quote Greenblatt directly:


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