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[Andrew Hitchcock plays and then discusses a video by Rosette Delacroix on the “Kalergi Plan”. This plan is explained in Count Coudenhove Kalergi’s 1925 book “Practical Idealism“, where it talks of a future Europe consisting of a mixed Eurasian-Negroid race ruled over by jews. Kalergi himself was of mixed European and Asian heritage, married to a jewess, and who was financed by jewish bankers to push this plan, that is being carried out today.


The “Kalergi Plan” is just one expression of organized jewry’s aim to racially and culturally destroy Whites, as part of their agenda to create a Jew World Order tyranny.


Although Hitchcock and Delacroix view things through a Christian lens, a view that I don’t really subscribe to, this presentation is, nevertheless, a good introduction to the topic.






Andrew Hitchcock


Rosette Delacroix


The Kalergi Plan Decoded


White Genocide


Jul 2018


The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show (714) Rosette Delacroix – The Kalergi Plan Decoded: White Genocide


Published on Jul 10, 2018


Andrew Hitchcock’s Description


In today’s show originally broadcast on July 10 2018, EuroFolkRadio’s Andrew Carrington Hitchcock plays an excellent YouTube presentation by Rosette Delacroix, for a show entitled, “The Kalergi Plan Decoded: White Genocide.”

Rosette discussed: the Kalergi plan to destroy White Nations and turn those Nations into Nations colonized by a mongrel people that would be run by Jews; how Kalergi’s wife was a Jewess; the Kol Nidre prayer; how the Jews are the only race mentioned in the Magna Carta; how the mainstream media are trying to inflame the Whites against the immigrants pouring into their respective nations; the, “Beige Power,” rap song; how the most apartheid country in the world is Israel; the preposterous, “Cheddar Man,” story; the destruction of White History by the Jewish media; how the mainstream media seem to be clamping down on free speech in preparation for a major event that will bring the Kalergi plan into affect; and many other topics.


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Fetcho: You are listening to EuroFolkRadio network at EuroFolkRadio dot com.

And now it’s the Andrew Carrington Hitchcock show with your host Andrew Carrington Hitchcock!



Hitchcock: Hello everybody! As you all know, I like to try and do new and interesting things with this radio show, and today is no exception, because my guest is actually not going to be joining me. Was I’ve got for you is Rosette Delacroix who’s got a very popular YouTube channel and has been on my program before. She has put together YouTube video entitled “The Kalergi Plan Decoded — White Genocide..


And I got this sent to me and I was so impressed with it, I haven’t actually seen the YouTube yet. What I’ve done is I extracted the audio and I was playing that because I’m so busy I’ve played that about three times, while I was doing other things. And so on this program I’m going to play the YouTube for you, so you’ll get the audio. I’m going to make notes as I’m doing that. When the YouTube finishes — it’s just over forty minutes long folks — then I will make some comments and then close out the show..


I’ve spoken to Rosette about this. She’s very happy with the procedure that I’m going to undertake here, the process. And so, without further ado, and also folks I urge you to watch the YouTube. I’m actually going to be watching the YouTube, as I said for the first time as I recall this program, so I can see some of the imagery that she refers to that you don’t get on the audio. A link to the YouTube presentation will be within the post for this show. So now folks see without any further ado, I’m going to bring up Rosette Delacroix excellent YouTube, “The Kalergi Plan Decoded — White Genocide”.





Hi everyone it’s Rosette. I’m back today with another decoding, this one is on the “Kalergi Plan”. I call it “The Kalergi Plan Decoded — White Genocide”.


If you’ve been watching my presentations then you would know by now that the “hidden hand” is behind all the social engineering that’s going on behind the manipulation of the population to bring about their New World Order. An order which has them at the very top controlling the world overtly.



The “man” is getting ready to step out from behind the curtain of Oz.



They told us their agenda in the “Communist Manifesto” and in the “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”.



However, there is one more plan that is lesser known, but just as important. This plan shows how they take over countries from the inside, a more insidious scheme, the enemy cannot be seen in a uniform with a bayonet, this time the enemy is from within.



This plan is called the “Coudenhove Kalergi Plan”, or “Kalergi Plan” for short. Named after its author, Richard Von Coudenhove Kalergi.


In his book “Praktischer Idealismus”, “Practical Idealism”, written in 1925, Kalergi describes the future of jews in Europe, and of a European racial composition, with the following words:


The man of the future will be of mixed race. Today’s races and classes will gradually disappear owing to the vanishing of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, similar in it’s appearance to the ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals. […]


Instead of destroying European jewry, Europe, against it’s own will, refined and educated this people into a future leader nation through this artificial selection process. No wonder that this people that escaped “ghetto prison” developed into a spiritual nobility of Europe. Therefore a gracious Providence provided Europe with a new race of nobility, by the Grace of spirit. This happened at the moment when Europe’s feudal aristocracy became dilapidated, and thanks to jewish emancipation.


So he’s telling us here, they plan to implement the destroying of the White nations, and replacing them with the mixed race, ruled over by the jews. It’s as simple as that!



And this my friends is known as the “New World Order”. [aka, “Jew World Order”]




Now let’s break down what he’s saying.


The man of the future will be of mixed race.


He is a man of mixed race, being half Austrian and half Japanese. Could he have a personal bias in making this statement?



He was already open to this idea, and then it was fed and blossomed by the input of his jewish wife, who saw it as a way to do their part in the great work. Her name was Ida Roland, a famous jewish Viennese actress, pictured here with Kalergi [actually the man is Thomas Mann*]. Who was a divorcee, and thirteen years his senior.


[* Paul Thomas Mann was a German novelist, short story writer, social critic, philanthropist, essayist, and the 1929 Nobel Prize in Literature laureate. His highly symbolic and ironic epic novels and novellas are noted for their insight into the psychology of the artist and the intellectual. His analysis and critique of the European and German soul used modernized German and Biblical stories, as well as the ideas of Goethe, Nietzsche and Schopenhauer.]


The second line reads:


Today’s races and classes will gradually disappear owing to the vanishing of space, time and prejudice.


What an odd thing to say, unless he had inside information! “Space” would vanish with the rise of inflation in conjunction with the high demand, which could only be brought about by an influx of people.



People are moving into tinier and tinier apartments and homes. “Tiny houses” are a trend right now. People finding creative ways to live affordably in boats on the river, in shipping containers, and converted school buses. With rising rents, the average family has to work more to pay the bills, hence “vanishing time”. So if they force immigration, then yes, the vanishing of “space and time” would happen.



In regards to vanishing “prejudice”. Their plan involves all of the Goyim to become the one mongrel race! But what about the jew? They make sure to keep their bloodline alive! They have their own neighborhoods, churches, Masonic Lodges for jews only. Even their homeland of Israel, you need to have a jewish mother to live there. Can we see their hypocrisy?


Can we see their plan? The next line reads:


“The Eurasia-Negroid race of the future, similar in it’s appearance to the ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals. […]”



And why do they want the world to become one race, and look like the ancient Egyptians? Because they were the Pharaohs of Egypt! They were the rulers of Khem. The ones who enslaved the true Israelites.


Khem” means black, and they are the “Black Nobility” which includes Queen Elizabeth. Are we surprised that she is part of the “Hidden Hand”?


Here’s Prince Philip looking on as Pope Francis gives his wife a Masonic handshake [not sure how you tell that is “Masonic” handshake]. Notice the Pope is wearing a yarmulke.





And the next lines read:


Instead of destroying European jewry, Europe, against it’s own will, refined and educated this people into a future leader-nation through this artificial selection process. No wonder that this people that escaped “ghetto-prison” developed into a spiritual nobility of Europe.


He knows the jews have been kicked out of the European countries many times, and for good reason. They are the money lenders who charge high usury and thereby enslave the unfortunates that really needed a hand up. They couldn’t be trusted.



They follow the Kol Nidre from the Talmud, which allows them to lie to any goyim for whatever reason. They are allowed to steal from the goyim. Do whatever they like to the goyim that is to their benefit. It states:


“All vows, obligations, oaths, or anathemas, pledges of all names, which we have vowed, sworn, devoted, or bound ourselves to, from this day of atonement, until the next day of atonement, we repent aforehand of them all. They shall be deemed absolved, forgiven, annulled, void, and made of no effect. They shall not be binding, nor have any power. The vows shall not be reckoned vows. The obligations shall not be obligatory, nor the oaths considered as oaths.”


So basically this means that their word is not their word! Opposite of what Moses said in Numbers 30 verses 1 and 2:


This is what the Lord has commanded. If a man vows a vow to the Lord, or swears an oath to bind himself by a pledge, he shall not break his word. He shall do according to all that proceeds out of his mouth.


They are the only race mentioned in the Magna Carta, because they were, and are, so insidious.



The Magna Carta, Item 10, states:


If anyone who has borrowed a sum of money from jews dies before the debt has been repaid, his heir shall pay no interest on the debt for so long as he remains under age, irrespective of whom he holds his land.


And Item 11:


If a man dies owing money to jews, his wife may have her dower and pay nothing towards the debt from it.




And the last line of the Kalergi Plan reads:


Therefore, a gracious Providence provided Europe with the new rays of nobility by the Grace of Spirit. This happened at the moment when Europe’s feudal aristocracy became dilapidated, and thanks to jewish emancipation.


The Gracious Providence? It was, because they had the nobility by the balls, that they got a leg up! They gave the nobility a choice. Have their sons and daughters marry jews, or go bankrupt and lose their crowns. Jewish “emancipation” is a euphemism for a jewish yoking of the aristocracies’ necks!



They were the direct cause of the aristocracy becoming dilapidated! And jewish “emancipation” means just that, emancipation for the jews, not the people of Europe! Nice double speak, Mr Orwell.



So Kalergi not only married a jew, he became a Mason as well. Remember that the Masonic organization is a jewish organization, run by jews at the very top.


[Click on image to enlarge in new tab]


In the Wiki on Kalergi, it states:


Even the Masonic newspaper, “The Beacon” enthused about the thoughts of the higher degree freemason, Coudenhove Kalergi, and stated in March 1925:

Freemasonry, especially Austrian Freemasonry, may be eminently satisfied to have Coudenhove Kalergi among it’s members. Austrian Freemasonry can rightly report that brother Coudenhove Kalergi fights for his pan-European beliefs. Political honesty, social insight, the struggle against lies, striving for the recognition and cooperation of all those of good will, in this higher sense, brother Coudenhove Kalergi’s program, is a Masonic work of the highest order! And to be able to work on it together is a lofty task for all brother Masons!


Notice, this quote on the Masons is number 33. How ironic! And notice it’s “pan-European” beliefs too. Right? Who’s pan? Pan is the goat god. Lucifer, …




Ever wonder why the Masons use the Egyptian pyramid to show their structure? Right? Tied to the pharaohs, tied to the black nobility, Khem, Egypt.


Now before you go calling me a racist, know that this is one of the major areas of programming the zionists were very hard at. They program us to believe that being a racist is the worst sin by far that one could commit. Because they know this will shut people up to the truth.



To check if you are one of the programmed just insert the word “black” in place of the word “White”, everywhere you see what you consider racist, and check your feelings on it. If it doesn’t sound racist when the word “black” is used, and does when using the word “White”, then consider yourself programmed.


It is, because of this programming on such a wide scale, that people don’t see this for what it is: The genocide of a race of people! Once the race is wiped out, you can’t go back. The White genocide of the Boers in South Africa, is a beta test for what they want to happen in Europe. And yes, America is next.



Afrikaner White Cross Memorial Hill[White Cross Monument] for the Boers that have been murdered in hate crimes. Thousands.



And like in South Africa, Europe’s crime rate is rising! The women are getting raped, the man getting attacked! It is a clash of cultures. You can’t have two laws in one land, common law and Shari’a law.



What I find interesting is they are promoting this in their journals. This one is on the cover of a Breitbart publication, which is a jewish affiliated paper. So they want the White natives to get inflamed. They want them to attack! We can see the social engineering at work.



And everyone must do their part for the great work. So Prince Harry has a hand in the social engineering aspect as well. Marrying Meghan Markle, a black jewess, fits the bill! This is subconsciously giving the green light to the White males of Britain to marry outside of their race. Like a good boy Harry poses for the camera doing the “hidden hand”. It should be so obvious now, what is going on.


Remember, his great paternal grandmother was a jewess, named Julie von Hauck.



And, of course, Meghan is in on it, or she wouldn’t wear a “Goat” dress, just a couple of days after her wedding. She’s down for the goat! Of course, the goat is a symbol for Satan. And G O A T, is an abbreviation for “Greatest Of All Time”, which is a nickname for Lucifer. Greatest! Like their great work.





I did a decoding just recently of “The Handmaid’s Tale” which is a communist propaganda series.



They have the main character married to a black man.



In 95 percent of the commercials that played, showed either just black, or black women married to White men. This is by design, of course. They want White men to subconsciously think, to be accepted in today’s society they should marry outside of their race.



Notice a White man with a black female in the background.



So this is the US’s way of social engineering their people. We will show you Canada and Sweden’s version, shortly.



I also did it a decoding on Stephen King’s “The Dark Tower”, and noticed some more social programming. King said that Roland is Shane, the gunslinger, was actually based on King Arthur. Yet, they cast a black man in this role!


It’s only racist if Whites marry within their race, though. Japanese have a strong tradition of marrying Japanese. Koreans with Koreans. Jews especially! And what about blacks? Muhammad Ali made no qualms about his race only marrying within. Ali stated:


Black people should marry their own women! Blue birds with blue birds, red birds with red birds, pigeons with pigeons, eagles with eagles. God didn’t make no mistake!



Now, I’m not saying you can’t marry outside your race! What I am saying is that they are social engineering people, subconsciously pressuring them to marry outside. When if they were prodded, would probably marry within their own.



The population of the White race is declining in a major part due to this. Whereas just one hundred years ago, the White population made up a third of the people on earth, today they make up less than ten percent! The EU says the solution to this problem, is to bring more people into Europe, to help repopulate Europe! What!



The way to help repopulate Europe is by promoting Europeans to have larger families! To help Europeans with their large families! To give them incentives to produce more children!


But the opposite is what is being done! They push “over-population of the earth” propaganda, make Europeans feel guilty that they’re adding to the carbon footprint of the earth, if they have more than two children. So most don’t! They have one, or they have a dog, or cat, instead.






Do you really want a world that has only one race? Would you be happy if there was only one race of dog? No more Great Danes or Chihuahuas, no Border Collies, no Pugs!



How about trees? No more redwoods, no more palm trees, no more cherry trees! And birds.



No more finches, robins, doves, eagles, owls! No! Only one! We will combine all birds into one mutt bird, and that would be the only bird left on earth! Would you be happy with that?



We need to embrace the diversity in the human species. Embrace the unique cultures, language, styles, customs, all the things that make life wonderful!



When you visit Paris, do want the buildings to look exactly the same as everywhere else? The food?



What use would it even be to travel, if we have sameness everywhere! It reminds me of the movie “The Giver”, where everything was black and white. They had no color, all the people looked the same. Life becomes a very humdrum existence.



I love how in “The Giver”, the character called “the giver”, showed how the world used to be. A brilliant sunset, people dancing at a wedding, family sitting around a table giving thanks.




He showed how vibrant, diverse, and beautiful it once was. It actually made me cry watching that, because I see what we will lose.


But those gosh darn zionists are relentless! I recently saw a presentation by Red Ice TV, that showed state sponsored commercials promoting multiculturalism in both Canada and Sweden. Notice both Canada and Sweden are White countries! The dude is singing a rap in here, to the words, “beige power! Beige power!


Yeah, that’s what he’s singing.


Red Ice (Lana): So we haven’t been mixing since the beginning of day, …

Red Ice (Henrik): It’s okay to have “beige power” then?

Lana: Yeah, that is right!

Henrik: Yellow power?

Lana: Yeah that’s right. If you’re non-White and you’re mixed you can be the master race and say, “no more White power!” That’s fine, as long as you’re not White, that’s cool!

Henrik:Beige power! Beige power!” it’s amazing!

Lana: It wouldn’t be beige, it would just be a whole lot of brown, too!

Henrik: Well, of course. But they got to make something up, right? It’s just so retarded! It’s the best recruitment here we’ve ever had. Thank you!

Song: By the year 3000, beige power! Beige power!

Henrik: We will all look the same by the year 3000.

Lana: So then, that is not diversity!

Henrik: Exactly!


So here’s a Swedish version, also using a rapper. Like rap is somehow the gateway drug to multiculturalism. All of Sweden mix it up now, he sings.


This one is even more despicable, by having a mixed couple, it looks as if they are having sex while rapping to the audience! Yes, this was on Swedish state sponsored TV. You can close your gaping mouth now! Mine was open too! What the hell!




Notice how African countries aren’t even being pushed into multiculturalism.


Asian countries, like Japan and China, aren’t being pushed into multiculturalism.


Middle Eastern countries, like Saudi Arabia, aren’t being pushed into multiculturalism.


Latin American countries, like Mexico, aren’t being pushed into multiculturalism.


But we can see it is clearly being pushed in the White countries! There is a reason behind it. It boils down to a war between God’s children and Satan’s children. Satan’s children being the zionist jews. They truly are the Synagogue of Satan. They’re doing everything in their power to wipe out who they consider enemy number one, the White race.


Now if we look to the zionist homeland of Israel that was given to the jews through the Balfour Declaration, we see how hypocritical they are.


It reads:


His Majesty’s Government view with favor the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the jewish people and will use their best endeavors to facilitate the achievement of this object. It being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non jewish communities in Palestine. Or the rights of political status enjoyed by jews in any other country.


They must have read the Kol Nidre prayer right after writing up!


It being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non jewish communities in Palestine.


They are the biggest human right violators on earth, next to the South Africans. And how many immigrants to they take in? And how about a big fat zero?


No mixing of races here!


Not to mention, they are the biggest culprits of genocide on this plane! The killing of the Palestinians is a land grab and a satanic ritual! They don’t want them to leave, they want to kill them out of existence, and then take over their land! It’s that simple. The Palestinians live in a big open air prison with walls that are literally closing in on them.


The same culprits are behind what is going on in South Africa. The communist regime that is running the country, was put in place by the British. The same British who are controlled by the zionist jews.


Here’s Mandela with his jewish handler, Joe Slovo.


This communist governments leaders have made public statements saying that they’re planning on killing all the Whites! They’re using White “guilt” to shame other nations in not giving political asylum to the White South Africans called Boers.


And, they’re planning on taking all of their land! So yes, another land grab, like they’re doing to the Palestinians. Same thing.


We won’t slaughter Whites, for now.” Malema said.


But they have! They’ve killed thousands, and beaten and maimed thousands more! These are the more timid photos. I can’t show the others, they are so horrific! So horrific!


They say the Boers deserve it, and they throw out the blanket word “apartheid”. Yet they don’t realize this was a government imposed on them by the colonial rulers of Britain. Ever remember who really runs Britain, the zionist jews behind the scenes. And what is the only country in the world today that is carrying out apartheid? Jewish Israel!


They segregate the Palestinians, not letting them enter areas of Israel that the jews have taken over. Building a wall around them. Taking more and more territory until that wall is not necessary anymore, because they will have wiped those people out. The jews are carrying out apartheid!


You can see here, the living conditions of the Palestinians compared to the jews on the hill. On the very land they stole from the Palestinians.




They not only flood Europe with immigrants from wars, that they implemented for the purpose of causing this flood of immigrants. They also are working hard on rewriting the European history to obliterate the Whites’ historical ties to the land of Europe.


A great example is this preposterous story of “Cheddar Man”.


Are they having a laugh? Using a name that is so cheesy? I would say so.


Notice the image they use. It looks like a White man that is black faced. And he has blue eyes, and his hair is wavy, not kinky. It is the silliest thing I’ve seen lately. It surely is.


And in BBC, or Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation, shows they’re replacing the known historical characters that were White, by either mixed race actors, or black actors. Joan of Arc is now black!


Sir Lancelot is now black! Well I guess that would fit with the now black King Arthur from the “Dark Tower” And I heard that in New Orleans they’re planning on taking down the White statue of Joan of Arc.


Tear it down it says!


Viva Joan de Arc! She already endured one ugly set of misguided and erroneous accusations, which were officially retracted and removed two decades after her death. Let’s not accuse the maid again! She’s done nothing but shine her golden light on us.


Her crime? Being a White girl!


Same thing happening in South Africa with the founder John Von Reebok statue. His crime? Being a White guy!


While in Britain, they put up a statue of the black guy, communist and murderer, Nelson Mandela.


More “black-washing”. A black lady, she’s playing an aristocrat.


A black colonial soldier in a “Dr Who” episode.


A black Roman army soldier.


And even Julius Caesar! Et tu Brute!*



[* Et tu, Brute? is a Latin phrase meaning “even you, Brutus?” It is notable for its occurrence in William Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar, where it is spoken by the Roman dictator Julius Caesar to his friend Marcus Junius Brutus at the moment of Caesar’s assassination. The first known occurrences of the phrase are said to be in two earlier Elizabethan plays; Henry VI, Part 3 by Shakespeare, and an even earlier play, Caesar Interfectus, by Richard Eedes. The phrase is often used apart from the plays to signify an unexpected betrayal by a friend.

Caesar utters these words in Act III, scene 1, as he is being stabbed to death, having recognized his friend and protégé Brutus as one of the assassins. There is however no evidence that the historic Caesar spoke these words.]


And the BBC has a cartoon version of British historical events, with black people alongside the Whites. Of course, this is to influence the youth.


It reminds me of chemtrails. How we know, when we were kids, there were no chems in the sky. It’s a more recent thing. But they make sure and put it in all the movies, commercials advertisements now, so that the impressionable youth will believe the clouds are natural! You know, they added a bunch of different cloud types to look an awful lot like chemtrails, the list of natural cloud formations, right? Have a look!




What we know, there were no blacks in historical Europe. They’re programming our children with black europe, just like they are programming them with chemtrail propaganda.


They even push the nonsense that the blacks are the true Israelites! But check this out. They say at the same time that Jesus didn’t exist! Wow! Sounds like a version of Judaism to me, negating the New Testament and Jesus, in one fell swoop! Just like the jews do.


That somehow the blacks have Hebrew roots and spoke Hebrew. What!


Where’s the proof? Show me a black language that has Hebrew roots! There are White languages that have Hebrew roots, though. Whelsh being the closest, but also German, and even Russian.


So where do the Whites come up then? Was watching this recent presentation that was given in Britain by a Dave Murphy. He calls it “Why Great Britain is No Longer Great, or British”. Was this presentation Rothschild funded? Yeah.


He says that the White people are actually aliens. Yes! He believes that White people are not from earth. Yet he’s a flat-earther and would know there is no space, so, where do they come from. This picture is from his presentation. There he is on the right.


You can see I’m not making this up.


Well he also has a “Plan B”. Although he doesn’t call it that. He says that the black people are really the Anglo Saxons! Saxon, of course, means sons of Isaac and that the blacks came from Jacob, and the Whites came from Esau. Wow! That’s amazing!


Look at them. They make him look like a caveman.


He was wicked, warlike and a cunning hunter. The big bad White.




So tell me Dave, was Isaac, or Rebecca black? I thought they were from the same tribe. Hmmm. It must be a miracle.


So where did all the Whites come from then, if not Europe?


Aliens? Esau? Yet who do the White Esau people live? All our ancient history says Europe. So, …


Well, Dave says, it’s because blacks were in Europe first, and then became white over time! And his proof? That they were names like, “Black” and “Brawn” in England back then.


So does that make Professor Plum with the candlestick, purple? Or Mr Green with the robe, green? How about Colonel Mustard? Would he be yellow? Sergeant Grey looks black. Shoddy he be Sergeant Brown, or Black, then? If Alan Wilson and Buram Black watch this presentation they would fall out of their chairs! Sorry Buram your last name has black in it, you must be black!




And the Trojans were black, too! Wow! So if you want the true history of Britain, then please read “Our Curious Wrecks Discovered” by Alan Wilson and Buram Blacket. They have thoroughly researched the subject, proving the Welsh not only go back to the Trojans, but all the way back to the Israelites.


I would love to see a debate between Alan and Buram vs Dave. Then they could put this nonsense to rest.


And not to mention good ole King James! I never knew he was black too! He was black! Crazy!


So per Dave, Whites are really the first illegal aliens! This would imply not only is the White races homeland of Northern Europe, not their homeland, but that nowhere on earth is their homeland! And the White people the audience were like:


Oh! That’s so interesting!


They didn’t bat an eye! My goodness! The brainwashing goes deep. Can you see what is happening here? God made Cain leave the garden, leave Adam and Eve when he killed Abel. Cain it was to be without a homeland! Cain was a first jew. So the jews who invert everything, is social engineering the White race into not having a homeland. Ten years ago, if someone told me this, I would look at them like they were a madman. But we can see what is going on, and we can see the pace it is being implemented, and only a blind man now would say it is not true.


They know people are catching on that they are not the chosen people of God, but rather the chosen people of Satan. They are the “Synagogue of Satan”! The only race that has synagogues. And so they manipulate this information so that people don’t see who the real Chosen People are. Now this plan has been going on for some time. It is, of course, their great work, spanning generations. It is just now that it seems to be turned up, going full throttle, like there is a future date they need to have this by. It is like they need to accomplish a complete clampdown for an event that will shift us into a new age, a new order takes place.


Jewess, Barbara Specter, seems to be really excited about it. She said recently:


I think there is a resurgence of anti-semitism, because at this point in time Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. And I think we’re going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place.


Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the center of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode, and jews will be resented, because of their leading role.


The Kalergi Plan!


Manachem Begin was very vocal on his jews of Israel what he thinks of the other races. He states:


Our race is the master race! We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. Other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best.


Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. The masses will lick our feet, and serve us as our slaves.


Other races are “beasts and animals, cattle at best” he said. Notice how they use the camel tag on [sp].




Now for the ones saying that Kalergi was actually trying to help humanity, they need to remember the fact that he was funded by the Rothschilds! They gave him sixty thousand dollars towards implementing his goals. A jew does not part with his money unless it will pay him back two-fold.


This was a deposit towards, their ultimate goal of owning the world!


Kalergi wrote the plan to mix the races, so that the European one would go extinct. Rothschild, the banker family adopted and funded the plan to annihilate Europe.


The UN, the group executing the plan, they call it “replacement migration”. And let’s give Angela Merkel a big six pointed star for her part in the Kalergi Plan!


People say the Whites should get out of Africa, but what about the blacks in America? The blacks flooding into Europe? Do we see a double standard here?


I want to end this by saying to my fellow White people.


Stop with your White guilt! You have nothing to feel guilty about! Nothing to be ashamed of! The Bolshevik jews killed sixty million people, and are killing more every day in all the current wars in Palestine, in South Africa. They use our hearts against us! They know that we are a kind people and just want to get along with everyone and live in peace. But by letting our guards down, we let in an insidious parasite in! A parasite that is eating from the inside, and it will not stop until it controls the host one hundred percent, or kills it, in the attempt. That host is us!


We are fighting for the survival of our race! Wake up before it is too late!






Male voice:


I wish I had been there when the memories returned.


They were the truth.


The elders and their rules were a lie.


So I do not apologize!


I knew Fiona was safe. That I’d see her again.


And that I held the future, there in my arms.


The Giver had led us here.


To this house.


It was real.


From far behind me, from the place I had left.


I thought I heard music too.


Perhaps it was only an echo.


But it was enough.


It would lead us all home.




Hitchcock: Okay folks, there you go. That last little clip there, was from the film “The Giver” that Rosette mentioned in the presentation. I thought that was absolutely fantastic! And I think you understand the reasons for playing it. Again, I would draw you to the post for the show, where you’ll be able to view the YouTube. I urge you to share this program and the YouTube far and wide. Very powerful.


Now what I’m going to do is add a few comments. Firstly, Rosette has been in touch with me herself. Now there’s a quote that she mentioned by Dontell Jackson, and she left on the screen in the presentation without reading it. I did consider reading it when it was up there, but I thought I’d wait until now and just have that as a little pause during the presentation today. The quote from Dontell Jackson was:


We blacks are all simply pawns to the jews who have no other use for us beyond being a source of profit to them, and a weapon to be used to help destroy Whites, who they see as their sworn enemies, by encouraging us to breed with them, until they were no longer any Whites left.”


And there’s a couple more Dontell William quotes here, that Rosette sent me. Here’s the first one:


The reality is that the White race had little to do with the slave trade that took our ancestors away from Africa and sold them into bondage in the new world.


And the second one:


Whites were, and continue to be exploited and manipulated by the jews, the same as blacks, and their race is even more hated by the jew!


Well, I couldn’t agree with this guy more.


So I’m going to go to my notes now for the show, because I was watching this YouTube as I played it for you today.


Obviously the Kalergi Plan. I mean, Rosette’s done some fantastic work, I mean, I wasn’t aware that Kalergi was actually married to a jewess. And she’s uncovered that information, and she’s got the visuals of that as well in the presentation, which I found very interesting.




I agree with what she said regarding apartheid. We’re being told all the time how evil White people are, but there’s never anything bad written about jews! And why not? Because, well maybe they control the media and they don’t want to squeal on themselves? What we’ve seen recently in Palestine, with them just killing children, nurses, reporters! I mean, there is no condemnation! The only condemnation is coming out of Muslim countries. And they’re quashing that. They don’t report that in the mainstream media. It is just absolutely amazing! These people, this “Synagogue of Satan”, as Jesus Christ referred to them, they literally think that they have won.


We own the media, we own the banks, we control your governments, and we’re going to kill you!


That’s the attitude that you get.


And anyone that we touch, anyone that we kill, we won’t be condemned for it.


But if a White, would so much as attack a black man, over an argument over a parking space, that will be front page news! But the idea of blacks killing whites on daily basis in South Africa, that doesn’t make any page of the news. You know, it’s astonishing the chutzpah that this group of people have got for us now. They’re like:


We’re doing it! This plan is in effect!


This is World War Three, folks. It’s been going on for a few years, but it’s ramping up.


When we win this, and I firmly believe we will. I think it will be through divine intervention that we will, because we’ve allowed ourselves to be absolutely overrun by all these other races, who incidentally are just making hay while the sun shines. If you lived in a Third World country, and you were told that you could come over to a first world country, be given a free home with heating, lighting, electricity, be given allowances to buy all your food, you don’t have to work. If you were told all those things and we were just living in poverty in a mud hut somewhere, with no sanitation, or electricity, what would you do? No running water, you know, things like that. You’d jump at the chance! Obviously I don’t agree with it. They should stay in their own countries, but they are being seduced. It’s like the way the devil tried to seduce Jesus twice. To give him everything. Well that’s what these people who Jesus said were the children of the devil, are saying. These NGO organisations are saying:


Oh, come with us! We promise you everything!


And so they’re coming along. And then they’re taking it, and then they’re being roused up against the indigenous people of the White nations they are being brought into. Their being encouraged to attack, to rape, to rob, to murder! Because there’s not any penalty for them it seems. They come out in Germany and Sweden and well, they don’t “understand”! They don’t understand you can’t just grab a woman off the street and rape them! It’s not their fault! Well I was always taught that ignorance is no defense in court. If you’re ignorant of the law that’s no defense, but that obviously applies to white people, but it doesn’t apply to non-Whites.




Let’s move on to the next point.


Well, “Cheddar man” again, and all the different imagery that Rosette used to show how our history has been changed. I read an article in the BBC, about a year ago, where it said:


We’re going to change the history, because it doesn’t matter if we change the history, the key thing is to prevent racism! So we”d rather lie to the people to prevent racism.


What they basically say to enable the Coudenhove Kalergi Plan, that’s what they’re saying there. To kill off white people.


We’d rather do that than tell people the truth.


I think recently I told you about the Bilderberg conference in Turin in June, where the eleventh item on the twelve point agenda, was the “Post Truth World”. There you go!


How the enemy seemed to be clamping down on free speech in preparation for a major event that will bring the Kalergi Plan into full effect.


Again, this is something on in full agreement with Rosette on.


What’s that event going to be? They certainly seem to have been going into overdrive in recent years.


Can you all remember when homosexual marriage laws were passed all around the world at a similar time? Or do they remember the few months later when all the transgenderism was promoted? Homosexuality, that’s passe now! We’re a few months down the line. Now it’s transgenderism. What’s it going to be later this year? Beastyality? Pedophilia?


We know the elites through the pedophilia. There’s overwhelming accounts that go back forever, on that. You know, it’s not just this pizzagate stuff, that people have said it was fake. It might have been floated out there to try and get people to follow it, so they could set up a fake event, and say:


Well therefore, all allegations of pedophilia against the elite are fake!


This is a sort of garbage that these people get up to. The Synagogue of Satan do the works of their father the devil, if I kind of join some of Revelations, chapter two and John chapter eight there, together for you folks. This is their game! This is how they live! They lie! Rosette read the Kol Nidre prayer for you. Where they say:


Any oaths we make between this Kol Nidre and the next Kol Nidre, will be null and void.


So, in other words, you cannot trust what these people say to you. That’s why I say to.


All, if they fall foul of the system and they’re taken into a police station, … That would be the starting point. You will be arrested and taken to a police station. Five words folks:


I have nothing to say.


End of! Okay? Then let him give you their allegations in court. Because it’s like that film “Goodfellas” you go back to that the early scene where Henry Hill, the youngster, gets arrested. And they are all waiting for him, the mafia guys outside court. He’s only like sixteen or seventeen, and they say, he says:


Oh, why are they celebrating, because I got pinched?


They said:


No, we’re celebrating, because you told them nothing and they got nothing!


And that’s what these police will do, folks. They will come over to you, and they’ll be like:


Just explain, you know, we understand, …


Because they can’t work with any information you don’t give them, okay.


So keep your mouth shut! And let them come up with what they’ve got at court. And then, certainly if this happens to me, I’m going to go to defend myself, because they don’t like that. Because they don’t know what you’re going to bring out. And that’s the way you need to be, … You can’t trust the legal system, folks. So many times I’ve had people on, I’ve seen it happen recently. Will somebody give me an example of how a defense barrister, defense attorney, defending a Nationalist has actually got their client off?


I can’t think of any. They always seem to be found guilty. Now the best that they can seem to do is mitigate the sentence. But they can’t affect the judgement, so I wouldn’t trust a lawyer, folks, as far as I could throw them. That’s my point.




Anyway, I want to thank Rosette again for the excellent video, and I encourage you to support her YouTube channel and check out this video that I broadcast the audio for you today. I want to thank you all for listening and I will be back with you all tomorrow, and until then folks, bye for now.


Fetcho: You have been listening to the Andrew Carrington Hitchcock show. A new show every day of the year on the Euro Folk Radio Network. If you’d like to support Andy’s work, please go to the website, Andrew Carrington Hitchcock dot com, where his book “The Synagogue of Satan” is available, in an updated, expanded, and uncensored edition.










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[ Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán gave a speech on Mar 15, 2018, in Budapest at the commemoration of the 170th anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution of 1848.


With only weeks to go before a general election, Orban used the occasion to warn the nation of the threat posed by (((Globalists))) represented by such persons as (((George Soros))) who are intent on destroying Hungary, racially and culturally, by flooding the country with non-Whites — KATANA.]








Viktor Orban


Speech on the 170th anniversary


of the Hungarian Revolution


of 1848



Published on Mar 16, 2018







I welcome you all on Hungary’s celebration of freedom! I greet those taking part in the Peace March. It is with special esteem that I greet our Polish friends. Our closeness is natural, and our embrace is a source of strength. In the time of our forefather Kossuth, it was written that:


Hungary and Poland are two imperishable oaks which have grown two separate trunks, but whose roots have intertwined. Therefore the existence and strength of one is the precondition for the life and health of the other


It is no different today: if Poland is strong, then Hungary cannot be lost; if we are strong, we can help our Polish friends. Therefore the Peace March is not simply a rally for the cause of our country, but also a stand we take alongside Poland. Honour to Poland! Honour to Hungary!


Once again, Fellow Celebrants, the day has come which lifts the heart of every Hungarian. The day on which, in the great book of world history, a word was written in the Hungarian language: that word was “Freedom”. On this day multitudes come together for us to honour the brave and bow our heads in memory of the heroes.


Today, in particular, we have come together in large numbers. In addition to our show of respect, there is now a special reason and a special goal. Barely more than three weeks from now we will again decide the fate of Hungary. And what is at stake in this election is not merely a four-year term. I knew that there would be many of us here, and I knew that here I would see determined faces. This is exactly what we need today: seriousness and determination.


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[In this interview Dennis Fetcho talks with Alison Chabloz about her upcoming court appearance (March 7) after being charged under the Communications Act in the UK, for causing “gross offence” to some jews, by uploading several of her songs to YouTube, that parody the nonsense claimed by some alleged “Holocaust survivors“.


Readers are urged to show support for Alison by, if possible, attending her court appearance this Wednesday morning at Central London Magistrates Court   — KATANA.]


UPDATE: “A blogger accused of broadcasting anti-Semitic songs has told a court there was “no proof” gas chambers were used to kill Jewish people in World War Two. …

The trial continues and a decision is expected in May [2018].”

Source: http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-derbyshire-43321482




Inside the Eye Live




Alison Chabloz


Mar 3, 2018



Click here for the audio:



Click here for: Inside the Eye — Live!



Published on Sat, Mar 3, 2018


Dennis Fetcho, Inside the Eye – Live! 2018.03.03



Dennis Fetcho, aka “The Fetch“, is an American ex-patriot living in Amman, Jordan.  He is the author of the Illuminatus Observor, a blog regarded by many as simply the finest Hermetic Qaballa blog in all of blogdom. The Fetch also has a second site called “Inside The Eye – Live! 


Alison Chabloz appeared on Inside the Eye – Live! on Saturday, March 3, 2018. Alison’s first appearance in November of 2016 was greeted the following day with an arrest initiated by an Israeli front NGO/charity known as “The Committee Against Anti-Semitism”.

Alison will be in court on Wednesday, March 7, 2018 in what, hopefully, will bring about a successful closure for the interests of free speech and Western values in the face of Jewish onslaught against Western civilization.

Many items of discussion were raised in this entertaining and delightful interview, including the ongoing social media purges, destruction of social working groups, “anti-Semitism”, and so much more.

Definitely worth a listen for anyone interested in contemporary battles for the heart and soul of Western civilization.


Hour 1 – News And Current Events

Hour 2 – Guest: Alison Chabloz

Hour 3 – News And Current Events





(106 mins)




Intro: Good morning everyone! Coming from somewhere in the Middle East. It is Saturday morning’s hottest streaming media political talk show! Inside the Eye Live with the Fetch!

If it was up to me I’d dump the Israelis tomorrow!

Hey good idea! Did someone tell us a standing member of Congress, that if it were up to them they would dump Israelis tomorrow?

Sound like something you might hear here on Inside the Eye Live.

The Fetch! Oh what a man! Oh my god! You have to listen to that show! He was brilliant! I didn’t know he had gonads of steel, like that! And a mind like a frigging razor! I didn’t realize the was so clear. He cut through that cognitive dissonance that is going on in the whole patriot movement!

Now it’s time for Inside the Eye Live! Intelligent media for the politically aware!




Fetch: This is the Fetch. And you are live Inside the Eye. Today’s date is Saturday March third, 2018. A good Saturday morning to all of you listening in the United States, and Canada, and a good late afternoon and evening to all of you listening in European and Asian time zones. And, of course, wherever you are listening out there on the worldwide web, or our F.M. and micro F.M. Broadcasting outlets, may all be well with you and yours.


The weather here in Riyadh is actually quite a comfortable day. Hitting a high of about seventy-five degrees right now. We’re certain as of the just sunset, just a few minutes ago we’re sitting at what? I don’t know something like seventy-one degrees so it’s really really nice. Got winds about seven miles per hour out of the south-east. And overall just sunny skies, just a beautiful day today. We’re going to be going down to what? Let’s see what the morning lows are going to be tomorrow. It looks like we’re going to go down to fifty-five degrees in the hour before sunrise, and throughout the useful part of the evening looks it like are going to be around sixty degrees, which is going to be about one o’clock in the morning here. So very, very nice weather for sure. So you have very, very nice weather.


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[In this interview Andrew Hitchcock talks with Alison Chabloz about the “lawfare” that is being waged against her by members of the British jewish community who are using laws, introduced by jews over the years, to curtail free speech against anyone who dares to criticize  jewry in any way, but especially those that dare cast a skeptical eye against their most “holy of holies” fraud, known as the “Holocaust“.


Alison, a talented singer and musician, has created several songs that satirize various Holohoax claims made by “survivors“, including “shrunken heads, soap, and lampshades“. As a result, a jew organization known as the Campaign Against Anti-semitism, headed up by jews, Mr Falter and a Mr Silverman, have instigated a “legal” persecution campaign against her as punishment.


The importance of this case, if these jews get away with this, is then it will be just another ratcheting up the jewish run police state that Britain has become. That will lead ultimately to any criticism of jewish crimes being totally outlawed and severely punished. That will effectively mean that any criticism of European countries being flooded by non-Whites, will also be outlawed as “anti-semitism“, since organized jewry is behind it all.

So, I would urge all people concerned about truth and the survival of Whites, to attend her court appearances, and to give her as much support as possible. Your, and your children’s, future will, in part, depend upon it. — KATANA]




Andrew Hitchcock




Alison Chabloz


“No Regrets!”



Click here for the audio:



Click here for:

Andrew Carrington Hitchcock webpage for this interview


Click here for Alison’s blog:



Published on Jan 18, 2018



Andrew Hitchcock’s Description


The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show (541) Alison Chabloz – No Regrets!



In today’s show originally broadcast on January 18 2018, EuroFolkRadio’s Andrew Carrington Hitchcock interviews Alison Chabloz, for a show entitled, “No Regrets!


We discussed: What Alison has been up to since she was last on the show in May 2017 and her several court appearances since then; the charges that have been brought against Alison; how “Holocaust” denial is not a crime in Britain, so how has Alison committed any crime; why haven’t the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism (C AA) gone after certain Anti-Semitic Sex Pistols songs such as, “Belsen Was A Gas,” and “No One is Innocent,”; how the mainstream media have avoided covering Alison’s case as they want the British public to still believe they have their democratic right to free speech in Britain; the sentence Alison faces if she is found guilty; how elements of the British Race Relations legislation was actually drafted by the Board Of Deputies Of British jews; how Alison uploaded 9 videos to YouTube in December 2017 and all of them were banned; and many other topics.




(61 mins)





You are listening to TBR radio, brought to you by The Barnes Review.

Now the Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show with your host, Andrew Carrington Hitchcock.


Andrew: Hello everybody. And returning with me today he is the persecuted musician, persecuted by the jews. That is Alison Chabloz of the UK. Now we’re recording the show on January the 4th, and she has a court appearance coming up in a few days. I’m not airing it until January 18th, but I knew Alison is making it available before hand. So to all Alison’s followers I want to welcome you to the show. and I want to bring Alison up. Allison are you with me?


Alison: Hello Andy. Yes!


Andrew: Excellent.


Alison: Good morning. How are you?


Andrew: Very good thank you. it’s great to have you back on. I wish it was in more pleasant circumstances. But firstly let the audience know where you can be found. your website, YouTube, what have you. any way of contacting you.


Alison: And yes, it’s just a simple Google search for my name, which is quite unusual, Alison and Chabloz, CHABLOZ. A Google search will bring up immediately my blog, WordPress blog: alisonchabloz dot wordpress dot com, and my YouTube channel and various articles about me. Just a simple Google search is the easiest way.


Andrew: Excellent. You were last on the show in May of 27th, last year. Could you give the audience an update as to what’s been happening to you, in between May of last year and January of 2018?


Alison: Well, the year continued as it began last year. I was first in front of court in December, 2016, twice. My case was adjourned in March. I think we spoke briefly about that in May. There have been altogether now, six, or seven court hearings. And I think it’s probably a record, because — perhaps your listeners will know — I’ve been charged under the Communications Act. Finally I was charged in September, or October. It was very late. It took them months to actually charge me. And, in fact, in October I had a court hearing where I was only notified that I wasn’t required to attend this hearing. This is on the fourth of October.





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[In this long (151 minutes) YouTube Hangout hosted by Andy Warski and JF, Mike Enoch debates the self identified jew, Halsey English on the topic of White advocacy and jewish power.

In many heated exchanges Enoch takes the correct position that organized jewry is a hostile “elite” that needs to be expelled from Western countries, while Halsey attempts to argue, in an almost legalistic, hairsplitting “jewy” manner, that while some jewish groups may have excessive power, jews as a whole are not the cause of White racial and cultural displacement. Yeah, right.

A bizarre part of this “debate” are the many abusive comments that Halsey directs at Enoch, calling him a lying fraud!   KATANA.]




 — If you would like to improve the accuracy of the transcript please leave any corrected text in the comments section. Corrections to misspelled names, etc., is encouraged. Thank you.










Mike Enoch






Click here for the video:






Published on Feb 14, 2018



YouTube Description


Halsey Vs. Mike Enoch






Streamed live on Feb 14, 2018






(151 mins)






Warski: What is going on everyone? Welcome back to another Warski Live. I’ve a new setup still in alpha phase. We’re getting the light fixture fixed as well. But this is part one. But, of course, joining me up it’s still in an out.


JF: Hello Andy! I think you were the only show that gets worse with time, visually!


Warski: Why you think it’s worse?


JF: I mean, I don’t know what’s happening here. You look like you have an eight-bit background that just bugged and then everything became black.


Warski: Yeah. Well that’s supposed to light up. But then when I turned it on, it over exposes everything and is a mess. So I have to get a friggin dimmer installed. Yeah believe me it’s a, it’s been a hectic day for me.


JF: A great debate on the way. Before, I’d like to hear Mike Enoch on the case of the lawsuit against you. I think it’s an important issue regarding free speech and I’d like to hear what’s happening with this.


Mike: Yeah thanks. Thanks for giving me the opportunity. I know we have a big audience here and I just want to make an appeal. I know my politics are controversial and this goes beyond my individual politics, or the politics of the people that attended the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville this summer.


There’s a lawsuit against us that is essentially an attack on the First Amendment and free speech and internet privacy as well. So these are they’re very powerful and wealthy lawyers that have taken this case and they have attempted to allege some kind of broad-based conspiracy. But, in fact, as they have admitted if you look at press reports about this lawsuit there was something in the New York Times yesterday. There have been various reports on it. They are essentially admitting that they are [02:01] attempting to use the court to shut down the Alt-Right.


To shut down political opposition. The New York Times article yesterday has the lead attorney in the case Reberta Kaplan, who is a very wealthy and powerful jewish lesbian, who has is attempting to shut down the Alt-Right, by her own admission. She is, this is a strategic lawsuit, quote of her “This is a strategic lawsuit”. Integrity First for America which is the group fundamental ng the lawsuit which is a group of about twelve very wealthy jewish lawyers, are admitted that this is a political lawsuit, because the government has not done enough to silence the Alt-Right. This is in the New York Times. They’ve admitted all these things.


Basically they are admitting they do not have a case before the court and this is purely an attempt to intimidate and silence the defendants. And it goes beyond us. You might say, all right, well tough! Look you went up against the wrong people. But it goes beyond us. As part of [03:00] this process. There’s a subpoena issued [03:02] to Twitter. Twitter is a third party they want information on people that’s tweeted certain hashtags. They want all personal identifiable information including email address, IP address, MAC address, for people that may have tweeted certain hashtags. Unite the Right, Free Cantwell, among others.


Now again, you might think I don’t care about these guys. They did something dumb. They went up against the most powerful group of people in the world, and that’s stupid. Maybe so, but if it’s us first, it’s gonna be you next. We’re out here running cover for you, for free speech. And I think we need to get campus free speech groups, the ACLU, any Pro First Amendment group, any Pro Electronic Privacy group, because there is no reason why a person that tweeted out a certain hashtag would add to their case. Like they are alleging something that’s non-existent. They don’t have a valid cause of action before the court and they know it. So if they get these subpoenas granted that’s [04:01] all that they want. So this is in case of Electronic Privacy, your right to privacy on the internet, your right to free speech and this is what these people are attempting to squash.


And I think it’s really very important that everybody gets behind, one in condemning the lawsuit, exposing the lawsuit as was it is. And I’m not asking you to support us. I understand that’s a step that many people don’t want to take. I simply want you to support the principle. Support the principles of electronic privacy and anonymity on the Internet. The right to use Twitter without being subjected to potential political witch hunts based on hashtags that you might tweet. And frankly the right of anybody to speak their mind without suffering this kind of “lawfare”. It’s important to note there is no criminal complaint. This is a civil complaint. JF, I know you’ve talked about the abuse of civil courts before. There’s no criminal complaint here, it’s a civil complaint. Why? Because a standard of evidence for a criminal complaint is much higher. They don’t expect to win this case?


They [05:00] merely want to use the case as a vehicle to get as much information on as many users of the Internet as they can. And I know that amongst those people that have tweeted the hashtags that they’re looking for are people that are not Alt-Right. People that might be pro Trump. People that might be critical of Israel. These are very serious First Amendment issues they cut to the heart of our rights as Americans. And I think every decent freedom-loving American of any race of any political affiliation needs to come out against this website. Call it for what it is. Understand what’s going on. And we need to light a fire under the butts of all the free speech organizations and Electronic Privacy organizations to come out against this!


JF: It’s indeed a very worrying story and, in fact, it’s part of a tendency to use civil courts as instruments of abuse and instruments of quasi police investigation. When they cannot [06:00] get the police to investigate, because there’s nothing to investigate, people are increasingly using in our country the civil courts as a as a bypassing of the law. And, in fact, it makes private agents and judges of civil courts in this country, essentially police investigators, judges at the same time, and agents of this state. It’s absolutely worrying and I fully support you in that.


Mike: Yeah, and it’s honestly in my opinion it’s an insult to the integrity of the court. I mean, these people are basically saying:


We don’t respect this court we don’t respect this court as a means for citizens to redress damages against each other. We use is this is a course nothing but a political vehicle. It’s just a tool we just want to use subpoena power to get information on our enemies. We don’t care that we’re not gonna win.


They’re not gonna win. I mean, they have no complaint. The complaint they’re making is emotional distress. That’s been struck down many times. Anyway, well let’s move on.


JF: So your message has been put forward. Andy today we have an amazing debate [07:02] have you been expecting as much excitement as me?


Warski: Oh yeah! The Valentine’s Day Massacre. Is that what we dubbed this?


JF: Yes. Tell your girlfriend it might be the last!


Halsey: Can I comment on the lawsuit?


JF: Yes.


Halsey: There’s one thing that I don’t seem to understand about why we would want to fight against this lawsuit. And just so, you know, I think that an attack on free speech is something that should be defended. I would donate to the group fighting against the lawsuit myself.


Mike: I’m not asking for money, I’m just, ….


Halsey: No I’m not. I’m not putting words in your mouth. Don’t worry! We’ll have plenty to today, ..


Mike: You’ll put words in my mouth later! I get it.


Halsey: Let’s agree to disagree later? Okay, what I’m saying is that a court case cuts both ways. And everything they can subpoena we can subpoena as well and anybody can subpoena the government’s decision-making process, the police records, the orders from town from Terry McAuliffe. If anything I would think this is going to turn out more [08:01] like the Moller lawsuit. It’s going to [08:02] turn out that they want Twitter names of people who nobody gives a shit about, when at the same time we could get information about people that actually we do give a shit about. So I don’t think that it’s such a bad thing that the lawsuit is going forward. I just think it has to be played right, and it can be actually a very good thing for our side.


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[Hidden Empire was written by William Pelly in the late 1930s warning Americans of the threat that Organized jewry posed by its plans for the takeover of America and world domination.

In Part 4, Pelly first describes, in detail, the jewish Kahal that consists of a vast pyramid type of network that controls its adherents through a “Seven-times-Seven” form of organisation. The world is divided into two hemispheres with each having a “Prince Sponsor”, who in turn has seven “Arch-Censors” under him, with each Arch-Censor having seven “Ministers”. There are then seven, ‘Heralds” under each Minister, with further divisions under the titles of “Courier”, “Scrivener”, “Auditors“, finally ending with seven “Mutes”. This totals to 960,800 male jews in each hemisphere;

organized into a tight, rigidly controlled body, every man knowing all the men under him, but only the one man above him, and all responsible to the Prince-Sponsor at the top. There is no Jew of consequence in North America who is not involved in this organization — terrible in its power for predatory control of Christian society — or who is not listed some where down the line on the roster of its obedient adherents.

With this organisational structure and money power, jewry can then control events to its benefit, including the appointments of Presidents, starting and ending wars, including the Great War, creating economic booms and busts, etc.

In the next section, on Germany, Pelly describes how Organized jewry had insinuated itself into official positions of influence and control in Germany with a particular rise to ascendency during the Bismark era and subsequent Great War years, with jews profiting from military contracts, etc. In the following Peace Conference jews swarmed throughout the German delegation as as “experts” and “advisers”.

Hitler’s rise to power enabled the German people to rid themselves of this “Kahal Frankenstein”, although at the cost of the jewish controlled media in the USA defaming him and the German people endlessly, screeching about “persecution” of jews, while remaining silent about the mass murder of over 30 million Whites in the jewish controlled Soviet Union.

In the next section, on Russia, the takeover of Russia by Organized jewry and its enslavement and mass murder of millions of its people is described. Anti-semitism in Russia also became classed as counter-revolutionary, and was punished by death — KATANA.]






Hidden Empire




William Dudley Pelley


circa 1939


Part 4





Part 1

William Dudley Pelley
Out of Their Own Mouths

Part 2


Part 3


Part 4


Part 5


Part 6


Part 7














William Dudley Pelley

(March 12, 1890 – July 1, 1965)



Bolshevik Revolution correspondent, Zionologist,
author and founder of The Silver Legion.


… By the end of the First World War, Pelley’s prestige was such that his publisher commissioned him as a foreign correspondent on assignment in Eastern Europe. With a generous expense account and the diplomatic rank of “consular courier” conferred upon him by the United States government, he shipped out for Russia in early 1918. To him, his assignment was a fun adventure, a well-paid lark and a chance to vacation overseas. It turned out to be something far more. Until his fateful voyage, Pelley was a happy-go-lucky, up-and-coming author, with no real convictions of his own. As he remembered years later, the experience transformed him “from a nondescript writer to a grim crusader.


For two years, he covered 8,000 miles by train and horse-back through Siberia, into the Ukraine, across the steppes of Central Russia, into the Far East and through Asia to Japan. Through all these extensive travels, he was a personal witness to the communist revolution. He saw peasant women crucified to barn doors and a schoolroom in which the teacher and all the students had been bludgeoned to death, their brains splattered against the blackboard. There where whole villages depopulated by murder, with corpses swinging from every lamppost and choking the nearby streams. These victims where rarely military personnel, nor politically involved in any way. They were common people, mostly farmers and factory workers. Such horrific sights, encountered wherever the Reds passed, almost unhinged his mind. But they were so commonplace, he gradually grew inured to the sea of blood through which he traveled daily.


He learned first-hand that communism was not an ideology, it was simply the organization of the worst criminal elements led by Jews to destroy society. This was no speculation. Virtually all the commissars he knew (some of whom he interviewed) where Jewish, while the majority of their activists where common murderers and perverts “liberated” from prison. They were motivated by hatred, power and revenge, nothing else. All their slogans about “Equality” and “Peace” where transparent rues to dupe thoughtless liberals among the Russian people, their victims.


Drunk with success, the Jews boasted openly of their plans for world conquest by fomenting the same kind of divisiveness in other countries. They told Pelley that Russia was just a stepping stone, a base for international subversion. Even their phony “communism” was utterly dispensable, just like their own followers, who they never hesitated to massacre on the slightest whim. Their long-range goal was one-world government, in which the masses became willing slaves, fueling an international economy with their genius and labor, while the Jewish people dominated all important positions of power.



“‘After Russia,’ one greasy commissar smirked at Pelley, ‘then Europe and later, America!’…











AMERICANS living in New York frequently hear of the Jews giving Kehillah parties in city blocks, but the fact that the Kahal is a vast network of espionage and predatory action for world-wide Jewry, and that it correlates the progress of the Jewish nationals all over the earth, has only been authentically uncovered since the Boer War, mostly by the British military and secret service agents.


[Page 36]


Try and grasp fully what now is to be disclosed:


In the time of George Washington there were about 4,000 Jews in this country. Most of them were well-to-do traders. In 1783 the United States became the first country to grant them civil equality, and ever since they have enjoyed political equality.


According to published figures of the Jewish Statistical Bureau, the Jewish population in the United States increased from 229,087 in 1877 to 4, 228,029 in 1927, and apparently no Jewish census figures have been released to the general public since 1927.


However, we have received from an authoritative source, figures compiled by the Jewish World Government for its own purpose of levying poll taxes on Jews in all countries of the world, which tabulations indicate that in 1937 there were in United States 12,046,648 Jews, of whom about 4,000,000 were of foreign birth. Which means that the country was supporting 7,818,619 more Jews than in 1927; an increase of 15,000 a week or 2,200 a day. Whatever the true figure, when the statement is made that the most powerful among them are effectively controlled by one international organization so tightly constructed that one man rules it from the top, the information is labeled fantastic.


But wait! Listen to what espionage agents of several countries have attested before responsible committees:—

The Kahal officials divide the world into the two hemispheres; the Eastern and the Western. As the United States lies in the western hemisphere, we will confine ourselves to that alone.


[Page 37]


The Kahal is reputed to be constructed on the mystical Figure Seven, At the head of the hemisphere is placed the Sponsor.


The Sponsor for the eastern hemisphere is not of consequence herein. However, both Sponsors, for both hemispheres, are reputed to be accountable only to Aka’dham, the Unknown and Uncrowned Prince of Jewry throughout the earth, whose identity is kept a guarded secret. He has, as has been quoted, his Prince-Sponsors in each hemisphere, and under these Prince Sponsors divides the Seven-times-Seven organization —


Under each Sponsor are put seven Arch-Censors

Under each Arch-Censor, seven Ministers

Under each Minister, seven Heralds

Under each Herald, seven Couriers

Under each Courier, seven Scriveners

Under each Scrivener, seven Auditors

Under each Auditor, seven Mutes


These figure out to 960,800 male Jews in each hemisphere, organized into a tight, rigidly controlled body, every man knowing all the men under him, but only the one man above him, and all responsible to the Prince-Sponsor at the top. There is no Jew of consequence in North America who is not involved in this organization — terrible in its power for predatory control of Christian society — or who is not listed some where down the line on the roster of its obedient adherents.


Such an organization can, of course, be terrible for the peace or upset of any nation. It can set up or pull down Gentile governments, start or stop wars at its pleasure, control the most intricate dealings of Leagues of Nations, besides dominating all officialdom, determining the money standards of nations, including America’s, directing its economics, intimidating or controlling the nation’s newspapers, radio, and movie screen, so that nothing can be released that is inimical to its far flung interests, Careful researchers, who are not in its pay, declare that they have traced the prevailing depression in America directly to its threshold. Presidents have been elected by its money. Its directing heads and their satraps, often camouflaged politely in press and Congress as “International Bankers” have been busily engaged in buying — in America at bankruptcy prices, effectively looting and eliminating the United States permanently from its pathway as a major power, reducing it to the status of a third rate vassal state subject to their officers — Isaacs, Sassoon, Samuel, et al — in the so-called “British” Cabinet.


[Page 38]


This would seem to be the “influence” to which President Wilson referred on his return from Versailles when he said that “there was a secret power in Europe with which” he could “not cope.


Was this not the same power that started the World War in furtherance of its schemes, and that proved so effective that the statement is made on espionage authority that orders were given to the British Admiralty that at no time during the war was Berlin, Hamburg or Frankfort to be raided, shelled or bombed, because their homes and families were there and they had no intention of suffering physically or jeopardizing their lives in this war which they had conceived for their own world plans and financial profit?


Sir Douglas Haig, English Field-Marshal, obviously under the influence of his “secretary” — Philip Sassoon of the family of Bagdad Jews — explained that the English were too “humane” to bomb cities holding innocent women and children. That suited gullible Christians, and heaped full odium on the “Germans” who ordered such atrocities from Berlin to be perpetrated on London. And it did save the necks of the Kehillah Jews!


Small wonder that, with the whole Christian world hoodwinked into an international war, killing each other’s nationals off by the hundreds of thousands, Judah celebrated Der Tag, or the Day of the Jews coming into their own!



[Page 39]





No one knows where we would be today if a Bolshevist Reich had come into Stalin’s power. It would have been self-annihilation had Germany failed to heed her peril and had allowed the program of mass destruction of human life to be carried out. The loyal German people fought the Communists for ten years and when, at last successful, they started deporting the aliens that were responsible for the chaos, the fact that so many of them were Eastern Jews caused the rest of International Jewry to raise the old hue and cry of “persecution.” There is nothing that indicates so clearly the ownership and control of most of the American Press as the fact that the vilification of Hitler has been constantly wedded to a subtle praise of the Red Russian system in our newspapers.


Kahal officials had perfected their power over Germany and the Germans long before the outbreak of the war. In fact, their ascendency dates back to Bismarck who was surrounded and dominated by the Jews and who saw to it that Germany was turned over to the Princes of Jewry back in 1870 exactly as America is being turned over to the Princes of Jewry now.


The Jews were the only people who were able to use Bismarck so that all liberal reforms in Germany would turn out to the profit of the Jews.


An industrialist who visited the Prussian War Ministry in September, 1914, told with amazement that he found Jews predominating in this high office, and not German officers and military officials as he had expected.


Herr Walther Rathenau, a Jew, sat in a large room, at an enormous secretary writing-table and “dispensed” or gave away army contracts. Around him were seated, almost without exception, Jewish clerks and Jewish business people.


The feeble government under Emperor Wilhelm II which had already favored Jews in all important positions, allowed this to happen, owing to its perplexity and ignorance. In the course of the war, the fact arose conspicuously to the surface that since the beginning of Wilhelm II’s reign, the Jews had been the real rulers of the German Empire.


For the previous 15 years those in immediate personal contact with the Kaiser were mainly Jewish financiers, Jewish manufacturers and Jewish merchants like Emil and Walther Rathenau, Balin, Schwebach, James Simon, Friedlander-Fuld, Goldberger, Guttman, Hulshinisky, Katsenstein and others.


Upon the change from the old regime to the new, that is, from the monarchy to the so-called republic, the cabinet composed of six men, which superseded the Ministry of State, was dominated by the Jews Haase and Landsberg. Haase had control of foreign affairs. His assistant was the Jew Kaursky, a Czech, who in 1918 was not even a German citizen.


[Page 40]


Associated with Haase were the Jews Cohen and Herzfeld. The Jewish financial Minister of State was Schiffer, assisted by the Jew Bernstein. The Secretary of the Interior was the Jew Pruess, with the Jew Dr. Fround for his assistant. The Jew Fritz Max Cohen was government publicity agent.


The Kingdom of Prussia duplicated this condition of affairs. The Jews Hirschand Rosenfeld dominated the Cabinet, with Rosenfeld controlling the Department of Justice and Hirsch the Department of Interior. The Jew Simon was engaged in the Treasury Department. The Prussian Department of Justice was wholly manned and operated by Jews. The Jew Kastenberg was Director of the Department of Art. The War Food Supply was directed by the Jew Wurm, while in the State Food Department were the Jews Dr. Hirschand the Geheimarat Dr. Stradthagen. The Soldier’s and Workmen’s Committee was directed by the Jew Cohen, with the Jews Stem, Hertz, Katsenstein, Lowenberg, Frankel, Israelowicz, Laubenheim, Saligsch, Laufenberg, Heimann, Scheisinger, Marzand Weyl having control of the various activities of the Committee.


The Jew Ernst was Chief of Police at Berlin. In the same office in Frankfort was the Jew Sinzheimer, in Munich the Jew Steimer, in Essen, Jew Levy.


It will be remembered that the Jew Wisner was President of Bavaria, his financial adviser being the Jew Jaffe. Bavaria’s trade and commerce were in the hands of the half-Jew Brentano. The Jews Lipinky and Schwarz were active in the government of Saxony; the Jews Thalheimer and Heimann in Wurtemburg, the Jew Fulda in Essen.


Two of the delegates sent to the Peace Conference were Jews and a third was notoriously the tool of Jewish purposes. In addition, Jews swarmed through the German delegation as “experts” and “advisers” — Max Warburg, Dr. von Straus, Morton, Oskar Oppenheimer, Dr. Jaffe, Deutsch, Brentano, Struck, Wasserman and Mendelsohn-Bartholdi.


[Page 41]


Is it any wonder that with such a state of affairs obtaining, Hitler should have been espoused by the pure-blooded German people as a leader who would rid them of this Kahal Frankenstein, whose American arm has already become quite as offensive to enlightened persons here in the United States?


Hitler preached a doctrine of “Germany for the Germans” and we should preach a doctrine of “America for Americans.” Hitler used a steel wedge “to split a hardwood block” and at once when he had gained to power and started breaking up this Kahal monopoly, it set its publicity machinery at work all over the world to defame and misrepresent him, suggest boycotts, and introduce resolutions in houses of government which if acted upon would lead to war. It is obvious that the Kahal controlled press — which constitutes about 90 per cent of American metropolitan newspapers — and the radio and the screen, received their orders to acclaim Hitler as a monster and “persecutor” who had “set Europe back into the Dark Ages.” Protest meetings were held, the old whine about Christian tolerance for God’s Chosen People was dragged forth again, dusted off, and made to do service in stirring up protests. Hitler had thrown a big monkey wrench into the Kahal’s machinery in its steady progress for international domination, and with characteristic lack of any sportsmanship, the Jews began to gather around a new wailing wall and fill the air of the nations with their hypocritical lamentations. Wherever a Jew is blocked in the accomplishment of a predatory scheme against Gentiles, he will immediately whine “persecution” or “lack of tolerance.


The description of German national life during her period of strife almost fits our present order. The whole of her people were near losing their national honor, hundreds of thousands of her children were being taught by atheist teachers, filthy and dirty literature adorned all her news stands, and anti-Christian and immoral films constituted the choicest dish of entertainment. The International Red Relief (the same as our American Civil Liberties Union) worked under the cover of humanitarianism at aiding in. the defense of persons (Communists) charged with political crimes.


[Page 42]


As is stated in the book “Are These Things So?”:


A nation that is practically united in its campaign against Bolshevism and Communism, controlled by Jews, is not to be condemned by the same race which produces these elements which have for their objective the destruction of nationalism and substituting for it a form of Sovietism which is abhor rent to everyone who knows how it actually operates in practice..


Hitler saw the sword of Damocles hanging over Germany and in saving Germany from this insidious foe it meant that he acted as any courageous leader would act to defend his country, which, in brief, was to protect it from the false Jew..


America ought to be grateful for the barrier that is thus being created in its behalf, rather than join with those who are on record as having ulterior designs against this country which was once the land of the free and the home of the brave.


A fitting tribute to the fact that Germany is solving her Communist problem is the experience that befell Hitler’s representative to the Chicago World’s Fair when he landed in this country on May 25th, 1933. The New York Times. next day captioned:


Nazi Envoys Saved from Reds at Pied


And then proceeded to tell how it required the strenuous efforts of one hundred policemen to save these envoys from one thousand Communists. The envoys escaped from the mob by being spirited away from the liner in a tug.


There are nearly 600,000 Jews in Germany who protested Germany’s condemnation at the hands of our “American” press.


The following is a part of a letter sent to the American Embassy at Berlin by the Federation of Jewish Soldiers who fought at the front. Dated April 7, 1933, it reads:


We think, however, that it is about time to cease the agitation against Germany carried on by so-called Jewish intellectuals abroad. These men who, for the most part, never laid claim to being German, left their fellow Jews, for whom they claim to be fighting, in the lurch, and fled abroad at the crucial moment. They have forfeited the right to act as spokesmen in German-Jewish matters.


[Page 43]


The story of what happened in England, placing England in Jewish Kahal power, is too long to be told here, but Great Britain’s vassalage to the Sassoons, the Normans, the Samuels, and the Monds, is quite as complete as that of Germany before Hitler began dethronement of the anti-Christ element. Is it not odd that while the proven records of Jewish killings in Germany amounting to only three in number have received untold publicity, yet the destruction of over thirty millions of Gentiles in Russia has not even received world admission? Perhaps it gives you a bit of an idea of who controls our press.





WHY is it that we are told that the whole population of Soviet Russia is kept at work and enjoys a measure of equality not enjoyed else where in the world? Why is it continually harped upon, regarding “persecution” of the Jews in Germany? Why are we not told the truth concerning the tragedies that are being enacted by untold millions in Communistic Russia? Why is the fact hidden from us that in 1929 alone, 1,370 church properties in Russia were either confiscated or destroyed ?


And that since then, other thousands of buildings used for religious worship have been closed and that only atheists can obtain work or food cards? Why is it that we are not told that an organized plan is being carried out by the present Communist government to wipe out the institution of family life, that people have been starved until they have had to resort to cannibalism?


The facts that you have heard and read should give you your answer. If there were not worldwide organization behind it and the same organization hat controls our press — we would know about it!


[Page 44]


Possibly the foothold that this pernicious element has obtained in our governmental institutions and administration can be appreciated when it is known that no money can be appropriated for the protection of our homes and families against the growing onslaught of Communism- the type of government that has been engaged, and is now engaged, in the systematic killing of the Christian population of that same country.


The Third International, a newspaper published in Moscow, gives the following official list of admitted Bolshevik murders in Red Russia, prior to 1933:


1 Royal family and seven innocent persons.

28 Bishops and Archbishops.

6,775 Priests.

6,575 Teachers

8,500 Doctors

54,850 Officers.

260,000 Soldiers.

150,000 Police Officers.

48,000 Gendarmes (detectives).

355,250 Intellectuals.

198,000 Workers.

915,000 Peasants.


The above figures were referred to by Congressman Hamilton Fish of the State of New York in his speech before the House of Representatives on February 29, 1932. It would be well worth your while to send ten cents to the Bureau of Printing and Engraving at Washington, D. C; and obtain the Congressional Report on “Communistic Activities in the United States.” It is interesting to note that this Congressional Report was never allowed to be read on the floor of Congress; it was buried in one of the committees.


[Page 45]


In this same Communistic Government of Soviet Russia you will note that the officials are preponderantly Jews. Below are statistics showing proximate participation of Jews in the present Soviet Government. The word “proximate” is used because there is a normal fluctuation of affiliations due to daily or weekly dismissals, deaths, etc. Before we proceed let us remember that the U.S.S.R., stands for the Union of Socialist Soviet Republics. Thus, any other country being converted to Communism automatically becomes attached to the U. S. S. R., receiving orders from Moscow. Here is the list:


Office ………………………………………………………. Total ……… Jews

Members of the Government (Total) ………… 503 ………. 406

Commissioners of the People ……………………. 22 ………… 18
………. “ ……….  for War ……………………………… 43 ………… 34
 ………. “ ……….  of the Interior ………………….. 64 ………… 45
………. “ ……….  of the Exterior …………………… 17 ………… 13
………. “ ……….  for Finance ………………………. 30 ………… 25
………. “ ……….  for Justice ………………………… 19 ………… 18
………. “ ……….  for Hygiene ………………………. 5 ………… 4
………. “ ……….  for Public Welfare …………….. 53 ………… 44
………. “ ……….  of Labor ……………………………. 7 ………… 6
………. “ ……….  for Social Aid ……………………. 6 ………… 6
………. “ ……….  for the Provinces ………………. 23 ………… 21
The Economic Council …………………………….. 56 ………… 45
Soviet Members in Moscow ……………………… 23 ………… 19
Editors of the Official Press ……………………… 42 ………… 41


The above information is not the product of Gentile discernings.


According to the “Jewish Chronicle” of January 6, 1933;


over one-third of the Jews in Russia have become officials.


Anti Semitism in Russia is now classed as counter-revolutionary, and is punished by death.


It is significant, that the Red Star which in former times was the symbol of Zionism, is now the symbol of the Russian Proletariat. If England were to be overthrown by a revolution and, as a result of that revolution the government were left almost entirely in the hands of some other nationality, would you not say then that this other nationality was responsible for the revolution? Of the 224 revolutionaries who in 1917 were dispatched with Lenin to Russia to foment Bolshevik Revolution, 170 were Jews.


[Page 46]


An individual who works for the Travelers’ Life Insurance Company, residing in Omaha at present, saw cannibalism in Russia in 1923, when he was purser on an American vessel. This man also saw over fifty children that were starved to the point where they were more like little animals than human beings, herded together in a shack that had no doors, packing themselves together in order to keep warm overnight. He saw them the next morning, two in the center suffocated and trampled, and three on the outside frozen, their lifeless bodies to be then dragged away by a pack of hungry dogs and eaten. Communism has been progressing in our country for fifteen years, and is getting worse in every other country but Italy, Germany, Austria, Spain, and Japan.


Do you care to see your children torn from you and left to shift for themselves like a pack of animals? Do you care to see your wife the property of beasts? Read part of an official Soviet Decree:


This decree is proclaimed by the Free Association of Anarchists of the Town of Sararov, In compliance with the decision of the Soviet Peasants, Soldiers and Workmen Deputies of Kronstadt, the private possession of women is abolished.


Social unequalities and legitimate marriage having been a condition in the past which served as an instrument in the hands of the bourgeoisie, thanks to which all the best species of the beautiful have been the property of the bourgeoisie, who have prevented the continuation of the human race.


Such ponderous arguments have induced the organization to edit the following decrees:


1. From March 1, 1918, the right to possess women having reached the age of 17 and not more than 32 is abolished.

3. The decree does not affect women having five children.

4. The former owners may retain the right of using their wives without waiting for their turn.

5. In case of the husbands resisting, they shall forfeit the rights given them in the last paragraph.

6. All women from this decree are exempted from private ownership and are proclaimed to be the property of the whole nation.


[Page 47]


14. All women proclaimed by the decree to be national property will receive from the funds an allowance of 238 rubles a month.

15. All women who become pregnant are released from direct duties for four months, three months before and one month after childbirth.

16. Children born are given to an institution for training until they are 17 years old, at the cost of the Public Funds.


(Signed)    Council of the City of Saratov.


The terrible consequences of this type of decree cannot better be shown than by a quotation from what a missionary on the Russian Border said in The Christian Alliance Weekly. It is as follows:


A Russian From Soviet Russia reports, under oath in a public court, that in Moscow the police made a street drive, bringing all the homeless children and young people together. They were inspected by a medical man as to their condition. Out of this mass from 1,200 to 1,400 were singled out, and by means of a good substantial meal, and other favors, they were induced to march with soldiers on horseback out of Moscow into the open country. At last they halted. The soldiers on the horses were on the outside of the children’s and young people’s group, driving them into a bundle tight together. A word of command. Hidden machine guns began a weird song of death. In a few minutes the whole group of humanity was a mass of dead and dying.


”The machine guns were silent. Soldiers came to bury everything that was left. Why was all this? From 1,200 to 1,400 young people, living on the streets of Moscow, had become so diseased that the government knew of no other way to get rid of the plague.


This, then, is the type of government that the United States was forced to recognize in spite of the fact that over two hundred patriotic organizations in the United States protested vehemently against such a procedure. This is the type of government that has openly avowed as its purpose the overthrowing of the United States Government and its replacement by a Soviet America.


[Page 48]


Should we not be interested? The large number of people who think the Communists are worthy of some consideration because they “overthrew” the “terrible” Czar Regime is another ever present testimony of the effectiveness of Red propagandization.


What are the facts? There were two Russian revolutions. The first came with the abdication of Nicholas I, on March 16, 1917; this marked the end of the Russian Empire. The governing power then devolved upon the Duma, the only legal mandate holding group in the country. A provisional government, under Kerensky, was organized, and was immediately recognized by the United States, our government being the first to recognize the right of the Russian people to revolt. Russia lived under a democratic form of government for about eight months, until November 7, 1917, at which time about 30,000 or 40,000 communists, falsely promising to satisfy the land hunger of the peasants, took over the Russian nation, the same being under the supervision of Lenin (a Jew), who, with thirty others, mostly members of the same race, was allowed to go through Germany in a sealed car, financed by Schiff money. The then Jewishly controlled German government was responsible for the assistance that enabled this band of international racketeers to place this vast nation in bondage [pp, 69 and 70 of this Fish Congressional Report).


See other Parts:


Hidden Empire — Part 1 — William Dudley Pelley; Out of Their Own Mouths; “WHAT DO THESE HEBREWS HERE?”; INTRODUCTION









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[Hidden Empire was written by William Pelly in the late 1930s warning Americans of the threat that Organized jewry posed by its plans for the takeover of America and world domination.

In Part 3, Pelly takes us through the history of the jewish menace starting with its two main dispersed  branches, the Ashkenazi in Eastern Europe and the Sephardic in Western Europe, particularly Spain and Portugual.

In 1776 a German jew, Adam Weishaupt, created an organization dedicated to revolution known as the Illuminati that Askenazi jews took control of and brought about the French Revolution and the Reign of Terror. The Rothschilds backed Napoleon, who was sent forth to serve the further continental aims of international jewry. After his fallout with the jews, his subsequent defeat at Waterloo allowed Nathan Rothschild to make a gigantic fortune in the English stock market.

Rothschilds agents in the form of the US banking house Kuhn, Loeb & Company and its president Jacob Schiff helped finance the jew Boldhevik revolution in Russia, whilst agents like Paul Warburg set up the Federal Reserve.


In “Was Lincoln a Victim of a Plot“, Pelly discusses how Lincoln’s understanding that jewish bankers’ aim to control the country’s money was an even greater threat than the South ever was, and his efforts to prevent that, ensured his assassination.

Pelly ends this part with a preliminary introduction of how the old Sanhedrin, a council of the elders of jewry, would transform itself into the Kahal structure for furthering jewish aims KATANA.]





Hidden Empire




William Dudley Pelley


circa 1939


Part 3





Part 1

William Dudley Pelley
Out of Their Own Mouths

Part 2


Part 3


Part 4


Part 5


Part 6


Part 7














William Dudley Pelley

(March 12, 1890 – July 1, 1965)



Bolshevik Revolution correspondent, Zionologist,
author and founder of The Silver Legion.


… By the end of the First World War, Pelley’s prestige was such that his publisher commissioned him as a foreign correspondent on assignment in Eastern Europe. With a generous expense account and the diplomatic rank of “consular courier” conferred upon him by the United States government, he shipped out for Russia in early 1918. To him, his assignment was a fun adventure, a well-paid lark and a chance to vacation overseas. It turned out to be something far more. Until his fateful voyage, Pelley was a happy-go-lucky, up-and-coming author, with no real convictions of his own. As he remembered years later, the experience transformed him “from a nondescript writer to a grim crusader.


For two years, he covered 8,000 miles by train and horse-back through Siberia, into the Ukraine, across the steppes of Central Russia, into the Far East and through Asia to Japan. Through all these extensive travels, he was a personal witness to the communist revolution. He saw peasant women crucified to barn doors and a schoolroom in which the teacher and all the students had been bludgeoned to death, their brains splattered against the blackboard. There where whole villages depopulated by murder, with corpses swinging from every lamppost and choking the nearby streams. These victims where rarely military personnel, nor politically involved in any way. They were common people, mostly farmers and factory workers. Such horrific sights, encountered wherever the Reds passed, almost unhinged his mind. But they were so commonplace, he gradually grew inured to the sea of blood through which he traveled daily.


He learned first-hand that communism was not an ideology, it was simply the organization of the worst criminal elements led by Jews to destroy society. This was no speculation. Virtually all the commissars he knew (some of whom he interviewed) where Jewish, while the majority of their activists where common murderers and perverts “liberated” from prison. They were motivated by hatred, power and revenge, nothing else. All their slogans about “Equality” and “Peace” where transparent rues to dupe thoughtless liberals among the Russian people, their victims.


Drunk with success, the Jews boasted openly of their plans for world conquest by fomenting the same kind of divisiveness in other countries. They told Pelley that Russia was just a stepping stone, a base for international subversion. Even their phony “communism” was utterly dispensable, just like their own followers, who they never hesitated to massacre on the slightest whim. Their long-range goal was one-world government, in which the masses became willing slaves, fueling an international economy with their genius and labor, while the Jewish people dominated all important positions of power.



“‘After Russia,’ one greasy commissar smirked at Pelley, ‘then Europe and later, America!’…











LET us see briefly where this Conspiracy began —


In the twelve centuries that passed between the dispersing action of Titus, and the 1306 expulsion fiat of Philip IV of France, world Jewry had taken on a two-fold aspect. Jewry out of the Tribe of Judah and presided over in a temporal way by the Sadducean Sanhedrin, had in a manner of speaking, split into two parts or racial divisions. One-half migrated northward out of Palestine, into what is now the Soviet Ukraine. Here they interbred further with Asiatic and Tatar Mongols, and caught in the western onrush of the hordes of Genghis Kahn, they were swept in vast numbers through Poland into the Danube Valley.


They became in time the Ashkenazim, or Mongoloid branch of world Jewry, comprising the great mass of Russian and German Jews. We have them today throughout America, round headed, grasping, alternately whining and arrogant, strict materialists, who openly consider Jewry to be not followers of a religion but a world-wide political State, in other words, a nation competing with all other nations.


The other branch of Jewry migrated westward through countries adjacent to the Mediterranean, particularly throughout North Africa, where they intermarried with the Moors and Berbers and later with the Spaniards, and the Portuguese. This racial division is known as the Sephardirn and its members are called Sephardic Jews. Because of their strong infusion of Aryan blood, these Jews have the cleanly cut Grecian features, the cherry-black eyes, and the general characteristics of Spaniards and Arabs. Not only do they differ in appearance from the Ashkenazim but in mannerisms, the Sephardim are more esthetic. They hold generally that Jewry is a religious and not a political nation, though by no means are they adverse to standing with their Ashkenazic brethren in presenting a united Jewish front against the Gentiles. Nevertheless, there is a certain schism fundamentally between these two major divisions of world Jews, and internal rivalry between their leaders has been responsible for more changes in international politics among the world’s Gentile nations than the layman dreams. Both seek the goal of Jewish world control.


In world finance, economics and politics, the Mongoloid Ashkenazic Hebrews are represented by the great banking families of the Rothschilds (or Mayers) of Germany, the Sassoon families of Bagdad and the Orient, and the Samuel families of London. The Sephardic Hebrews are largely officialized by the Ginsberg families of France and Spain.


[Page 26]


In the substance of the foregoing paragraph, if the Christian layman only knew it, lies the key that unlocks the seemingly inconsistent moves making for war or peace in scores of the world’s Gentile nations.



About 1492 King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella found their kingdom in the same compromising situation from Jewish encroachments, as earlier monarchs had confronted since the year 70 A. D. and which they had uniformly solved by consigning this non-social trouble-breeding people to live in Ghettos.


Map — Migration and Settlements of the Spanish jews. (click image to enlarge)


The well known edict of Charles VIII of France in 1489 ordered all Jews to embrace Christianity and become loyal citizens and good subjects or suffer forfeiture of their goods and chattels, also expulsion from his domain.


The heads of Sephardic Jewry thereupon wrote in their extremity to the Elders of Zion, the Sanhedrin, then sitting in Constantinople asking for advice as to what they should do. The mischievous reply to this appeal has come up to us across the years of history, and shows itself as being directly responsible for the growth of the Zionist Movement throughout the earth. These Constantinople Elders responded:


Dear beloved brethren in Moses: We have received your letter in which you tell us of the anxieties and misfortunes which you are en during. We are pierced by as great pain to hear it as your selves.


The advice of the Grand Satraps and Rabbis is the following:


As for what you say that the King of France obliges you to become Christians; do it, since you cannot do otherwise, but let the law of Moses be kept in your hearts.


As for what you say about the command to despoil you of your goods; make your sons merchants, that little by little they may despoil the Christians of theirs.


As for what you say about their attempts on your lives; make your sons doctors and apothecaries that they may take away Christians’ lives.


As for what you say of their destroying your synagogues: make your sons canons and clerics in order that they may destroy their churches.


As for the many other vexations you complain of: arrange that your sons become advocates and lawyers, and see that they always mix themselves up with the affairs of State, in order that by putting Christians under your yoke you may dominate the world and be avenged on them.


Do not swerve from this order that we give you, because you will find by experience that, humiliated as you are, you will reach the actuality of power.


[Page 27]


Such was the direful and subtle Protocol of 1489 whose authenticity has never yet been convincingly refuted nor honestly denied by well-informed Jews. That it was acted upon in the southern European countries with manifest success, the pages of history will attest, Jews every where “accepting” the Christian religion for policy’s sake and, in Spain, becoming known as Maranos, or Jews committed to Crypto-Judaism. What part Jews played in the world-wide success of the Society of Jesus, or the Jesuits, probably can never be determined, but we do know that Adam Weishaupt, founder of the Illuminati— that vast and terrible secret society of Europe whose influence culminated in the French Reign of Terror — studied with the Jesuits in his early life and from them gained many of his ideas for subverting the Christian Catholic religion.


The Illuminati, strongest in Germany where it had its home and where it perverted and subverted Christian Masonry through the machinations of Frederick the Great, introduced what is known as the Grand Orient Lodge to Europe — or the co-Masonry against which every European monarch has set himself from time to time, both Mussolini and Hitler excommunicating its political intrigue. The most complete, detailed, and authenticated history of this movement, and how it was financed by Jews as a gesture to get their release from European Ghettos, are recounted in the works of the famous historian, Nesta H. Webster, author of Secret Societies and Subversive Movements.


[Page 28]






DOUBLY important was the year of the founding of our Republic because in May, 1776, a notorious organization was conceived by a German Jew, Adam Weishaupt, that constructed the actual machinery of revolution, against which we are fighting today for self-preservation. Not even the Communists know the full significance of the date that has come to be known these later years for its world-wide riots and mobbery.


In 1185 a secret order functioned under the name of “Confrerie de la Paix,” or the brotherhood of peace. Disguised as an attempt to end all wars, it was one of the earliest efforts to establish a godless Communism. In 1712, more than 500 years later, was born Jean Jacques Rousseau, a French Jew. Boil down his entire creed and one salient mandate remains, “Destroy civilization; whatever is, is wrong!


The Illuminati, under the renegade Weishaupt, became in time an openly destructive satanic society, with everything in its doctrines and rituals the exact antithesis of Christianity. Enticing its victims into the first initial degrees by the most beautiful and altruistic of fraternal ideals and noble aspirations, gradually it wove about them a net of murderous satanism, Implications in secret rites at length bound them securely to the organization with chains of steel. As Mrs. Webster has shown, the “ideals” of Illuminism were:


1. Hatred of God and all forms of religion.

2. Destruction of private property and inheritance.

3. Absolute social and racial equality, promotion of class hatred.

4. Destruction of all forms of either monarchical or democratic governments, including civil liberties, such as freedom of speech, of the press, of assembly and of trial by jury.

5. Destruction of all nationalism, love of country, patriotism and allegiance to civil or political rulers.

6. Abolition of marriage, and practice of free love.


[Page 29]


On page four of report No. 2290, Seventy-Five Congress, III Session, investigation of Communistic propaganda in America, the same articles are advanced as the definition of Russian-Jewish Communism in its fundamental aspirations. Indeed, the Jews, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, in their nefarious works on Socialism and the instigation of the First International, “borrowed” the Illuminati program bodily, a flagrant plagiarism from Weishaupt’s Satanism which has not been generally revealed.


The point we are getting at is, that the Ghetto-imprisoned Jews beheld in Illuminism exactly the weapon they needed to effect their emancipation. This brand of revolutionary philosophy further suited their inherent revolutionary temperaments. So we find indications of the German Jews’ embracing and helping to finance Weishaupt, until it became such a danger to the throne that the Illuminati was ordered to be disbanded. But it never disbanded. This edict but sent it underground. Thereupon, speaking figuratively and literally, the Ashkenazic Jews “took it over,” and the history of Europe for the next hundred years, from the effects of this control, reads like a nightmare.


Nesta Webster has brought out the full manipulations of the Illuminati Jews in organizing, conducting, and later suppressing, the French Revolution and Reign of Terror, when they had accomplished their hidden purpose and removed certain royal personages who stood in the way of their ultimate command of Europe. We cannot enter into that long and sordid story here.


But we must pay some attention to the escape of the German Jews from the Ghettos and the rise of the House of Rothschild or “Red Shield” — in Germany. It presages the active identification of the most terrible international Jewish organization of modem times, the Kahal, to which we shall give some attention in a moment.


When William the Landgrave of Hesse came to power in Germany he was somewhat fanatical in the pursuit of his hobby, the collecting of rare and precious coins. In the adjacent Ghetto lived old Anselm Mayer, with his five sons and five daughters.


[Page 30]


This Jew set himself to cultivate William and win his favor by presenting him with precious coins.


A strange and intimate friendship grew up between the two. Then comes a fearsome event, too little known to patriotic Americans.


George III needing mercenaries to fight the revolting Colonials in the Americas, a deal was made with William the Landgrave for the use of 17,000 Hessians for which George III was to pay the sum of $20,000,000. Anselm Mayer was secretly in touch with the Colonial situation through American Jews, particularly Haym Salomon of Philadelphia, who made it possible for Robert Morris to finance the Colonials who thus unwittingly placed themselves under obligations to the Jews as the following will show.


Observe what happened and how the pernicious circle of international events was maneuvered to spill the blood of colonial Americans, that the Jews might escape the Hamburg and Frankfort Ghettos. George III did not have the English soldiers requisite to fight a successful war with the Colonies, yet was egged on by predatory and scheming Hebrews in the New World, of whom American historians are careful to make no mention. The Colonials were revolting and George III had to do something about it to maintain the prestige of the Crown. William’s 17,000 Hessians were “offered” him. But only recently has it become known that back of it all was a deal whereby Anselm Mayer “Red-Shield” (Rothschild) was to get the loan of that $20,000,000 for 20 years.


Naturally Haym Salomon, now eulogized for his great financial services to the struggling Colonials, was agreeable to backing them. By producing the Revolution in America, it meant that George III would have to use those Hessians to put down the insurrection. That meant that William the Landgrave would get the twenty millions that Anselm — and his strategizing Jews — could and would use to make the Ghettos things of history and finance his progeny and compatriots into important banking positions among the squabbling Christian monarchs of the Continent.


[Page 31]


So America had Bunker Hill, Yorktown, Valley Forge, Monmouth and Brandywine. When the smoke had cleared away and the dead were buried, in spite of all Jewry could do to the contrary, our founding fathers, after great hardship and political chaos, brought forth a Republic. A Republic is the Golden Mean between an Autocracy (where the few rule) and a Democracy ( where the many rule through direct action). When some of the delegates to the Constitutional Convention tried to inject the nostrums of Democracy into the Constitution, George Washington arose in anger and said:


Let us raise a standard to which the wise and honest can repair. The event is in the hands of God.


Our Constitution provides for a Republic. A Republic is poison to World Jewry. On the other hand, it is easy for those with evil designs to gain control of a government which operates as a Democracy; hence the steady assault on the Constitution. A sleeping America has allowed its plan of government, as guaranteed in the Constitution, to be tossed aside and has embraced the phobia of Democracy by adopting the initiative, the election of judges, the referendum and the direct primary. In doing this we have opened wide the gates for Internationalists to promote their campaigns against the Republic of the United States.


Democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention. Our founding fathers repeatedly warned us to avoid this type of government. Our Constitution means to the science of Government what the digits mean to the science of arithmetic or the chromatic scale means to the science of music: in other words, it is the key to the science of government. In a Republic, the few are protected from the many, and the many, from the few. “Jewocracy” or, in other words, Communism, easily takes a Democracy, turns it upside down, makes the many think they are to govern themselves, but in actuality, the many are controlled by the worst sort of Autocracy. It is in that direction we are drifting today.


[Page 32]


Anselm “Red Shield” Rothschild got his twenty millions and freedom for his people from the Ghettos. Whereupon Jews immediately scuttled like cockroaches all over Europe. All the five sons of Anselm immediately made themselves solid with the leading bankers of five great continental capitals, and the five daughters were artfully married off to various foreigners and political Big-Wigs. France was an especial goal of exploitation where the German Jews wanted to “dig in” and entrench themselves against any influences of the more esthetic and spiritual Sephardim. So utilizing the nefarious Illuminati again, the French Revolution was subtly precipitated. For a more complete history of Jewish manipulation of this Red Terror, read Mrs. Webster’s books.


At any rate, when the French Revolution had accomplished its purposes, Count Cherep-Spiridovitch tells us that it had to be halted. So a conscienceless young Corsican was found who would have no compunction about shooting down his own people if it served his personal vanities and the aims of his military career.


Napoleon was “chosen” by the “Red-Shields” (Rothschilds), equipped, financed, and sent forth to serve the further continental aims of international Jewry.


Napoleon is every where acclaimed as a great military genius.


Nowhere except in the world’s secret history is it revealed that “Red-Shield” (Rothschild) gold preceded him, made his military pathways as easy as possible without giving away this secret alliance, and made and unmade monarchs as it pleased the House of Rothschild to have them toppled around. But note that when Napoleon broke with the Jews and gave evidence of co-operating with the Catholic Pope, the skids were mysteriously put under him and he found himself on Elba. He staged a return and came to Waterloo. De Grouchy “mysteriously” was delayed in supporting him and his star had set. Meantime, Nathan Mayer, son of Anselm, on Sunday, the eighteenth of June, 1815, on the battlefield at Waterloo, noting that the battle had gone strictly according to his plans, mounted a horse, rode to the coast, got a fast boat across to London, and, simulating a victory for Napoleon, sprang a panic on the English Exchange which tumbled stocks down to zero where Nathan’s agents scooped them in at panic prices. Next day, when the real truth became known, Nathan didn’t need any more German loans to finance international Jewry. He had cleaned up in one of the greatest stock market coups in modern history.


[Page 33]


So the “Red-Shield” (Rothschild) fortune which proceeded to make and unmake political regimes on the Continent up to the time of the World War, was first founded on the dead bodies of American patriots and then securely established on a colossal lie which beggared thousands of Englishmen.


Incidentally, when Anselm came to pay back his loan to William the Landgrave, the Jew was made a present of the interest.


Figured even at four percent, the interest on that amount for 20 years amounts of itself to 16 millions of dollars. Quite a tidy sum to receive as a “gift.


So the Rothschild fortune was launched, and its repository in America today is the banking house of Kuhn, Loeb & Company, whose late president, Jacob Schiff, presented Lenin with a cool million dollars to finance Russian-jewish Bolshevism, now known as Communism, and whose younger generation helped to formulate through Paul Warburg, the Federal Reserve banking system.


With these facts as background — facts, by the way, that have never been denied by international Jewry — is it not rather patent why we cannot make headway in cleaning up America until this pernicious element is shorn of its power?


[Page 34]








IN 1876, Bismarck revealed to Conrad Siem the double-crossing by international Jews of the Northern States trying to win our Civil War and hold our Union together. Bismarck said concerning the martyred Abraham Lincoln:


He was anti-slavist and he was elected as such. But his character prevented him from being the man of one party. While he had affairs in his hands, he perceived that those sinister financiers of Europe, the Rothschilds, wished to make him direct their designs. But Lincoln read their plots and soon understood that the South was not the country’s worst foe, but these Jewish financiers. He decided to eliminate the international Jewish bankers by establishing a system of loans, allowing the States to borrow directly from the people, without intermediary …


He obtained from Congress the right to borrow from the people by selling to it the bonds of the States. The local banks were only too glad to help such a system, and the government and the nation escaped the plots of the foreign financiers. They understood at once that the United States would escape their grip …


The death of Lincoln was decided upon! Nothing was easier than to find a fanatic to strike. The death of Lincoln was a disaster for Christendom. There was no man big enough in the United States to wear his shoes. And Israel went anew to grab the riches of the world …


I fear that Jewish banks with their craftiness and tortuous tricks will entirely control the exuberant riches of America, and use it to systematically corrupt modem civilization.


Now we can understand why the Federal Government had such a difficult time raising funds for the Civil War. Possibly the fact that one of the main instigators of the Southern Secession was one Judah P. Benjamin, a Jew, who later became its Secretary of State, will explain the foreign aid to the Confederacy. According to the Jewish Encyclopedia:


Throughout, Benjamin was Jefferson Davis’ most intimate and most influential adviser, and was generally described as the ‘brains of the Confederacy.’


Benjamin’s most important labors were, however, rendered in connection with the diplomatic activities of the Confederacy. Unfortunately, a thorough study of the diplomacy of the Confederacy has not yet been published, nor any adequate biography of Benjamin, of which that would be the principal chapter. But by such a publication it would be shown how near the Confederacy came to securing European intervention — particularly through the aid of Napoleon III


[Page 35]


We next wonder how much can be properly classed as “diplomatic activities” in considering the death of Lincoln at the hands of Booth. In an issue of Harpers Pictorial History of the Civil War, issue of Oct. 8. 1894, p. 788, we read:


It was afterward proved that a cipher found in Booth’s trunk corresponded to that used by the Confederate Secretary of State, Judah P. Benjamin.


As a portion of the evidence offered before the Military Commission at the trial of the conspirators, the following was quoted by Harper’s:


Charles A. Dana, Assistant Secretary of War, testified that he went to Richmond April 6, and there found in Benjamin’s office the key to an official cipher. It is a machine about a foot long and eight inches high, and consists of a cylinder of wood, which has a paper envelope inscribed with letters; the cylinder revolves on pivot-holes at each end, and a bar across the top contains indices pointing down to the letters. Major Eckert then being sworn, testified that a cipher found in Booth’s trunk corresponded with that of which Dana had spoken.


But there is yet a more fearsome factor in world Jewry of which the layman knows next to nothing and which must now be considered.


The ancient Sanhedrin that Jesus had denounced in language that left nothing to diplomacy, and that sent the pleasing response to the Sephardic Jews being “persecuted” by Louis V, had by no means been inactive throughout this time. Out growing Palestine, capitalizing on all Jewish “persecutions” affecting to carry on the fight for Christian tolerance toward this scheming, predatory people, it began to adopt world-wide aspects after the admirable maneuverings of the Maver clan. Thus do we arrive at the impressive structure of the Kahal.



See other Parts:


Hidden Empire — Part 1 — William Dudley Pelley; Out of Their Own Mouths; “WHAT DO THESE HEBREWS HERE?”; INTRODUCTION













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