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[Jean-Francois Garié gives his running commentary on YouTuber, Mouthy Buddha and his stream of consciousness second thoughts on becoming “red-pilled” about the jews. Lots of thoughtful and often, untended, humorous commentary by both of them — KATANA.]





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A Pill Too Hard to Swallow


The Twisted Mind of Mouthy Buddha









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Published on October 17, 2017


My comments on the recent audio by Mouthy Buddha. JF’s Main Website: http://jfg.world JF’s Twitch Channel: http://twitch.jfg.world JF’s YouTube Channel: http://youtube.jfg.world JF’s Twitter: http://twitter.jfg.world JF’s Gab.ai: https://gab.ai/JFGariepy JF’s Minds: https://www.minds.com/JFGariepy Community Discord: http://discord.jfg.world Community Reddit: http://reddit.jfg.world Paypal link: http://paypal.jfg.world Mouthy Buddha’s channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKEt… Original audio: https://mouthybuddha.bandcamp.com/tra… * Note: In the video, I assumed that the drug MouthyBuddha had consumed was marijuana, but he has indicated in the chat that it was other drugs he was addicted to, and that he has been sober for a year and a half.










Jean: So someone in the chat just said something that was really interesting to me which is at this point in civilization. If you haven’t yet learned to double down on your views, you’re a fucking moron! And here Mouthy Buddha just released a few hours ago, this state this audio statement where is essentially doing exactly what Trump wouldn’t do! He is backing off! He is hesitating. He is disavowing part of his YouTube contribution. This is following up on a series of videos that Mouthy Buddha has released. One of them he has withdrawn a few months ago.


It was about the jewish Question and it was making a point that, from his description, I have not seen the original video, because it’s been removed, but from his description that he does today, doesn’t seem to be alarming at all. And then, recently, within the last two weeks, he’s released a series of videos called “the jewish Question”, which are extremely high quality videos, in terms of graphics, and in terms of content. He does a fair description of certain views about the jewish people, that is relevant. It’s not encyclopedic. It’s not well defended, but it’s a fair representation of certain views on the jewish people.


And today, he released a statement which will give us an insight into the mind of “The Cuck”! Let’s hear what he has to say.


Mouthy: Okay, before I show you this long ass clip of me talking let me just kind of set you up a little bit.


Jean: So notice that in the audio clip he does a preparation audio clip. So he’s like, “I just recorded that, but I need to add some stuff”.


Mouthy: At the time that I made this recording I was in shock! So it sounds, it sounds stupid to call this a spiritual experience, but it kind of was, because there was very profound change in my consciousness!


Jean: So in other words, your brain is unstable. And, because you are a drug consumer you fall into episodes of instability and of spiritual realization which are really just your brain being shocked by the drugs that you keep consuming, Mouthy Buddha!


Mouthy: I wasn’t able to think very well, so everything is super scattered and rambly, but I knew that I had just experienced something life-changing. So, I just turned on the microphone and took off. So hopefully this gives you some insight into the truth of all this silly controversy and, … But-but-but more so, it kind of shows you what happens when someone gets super red pilled, or black pilled, and how desperate that feeling can be you know! And, but anyways, hopefully this gives you some insight into all this shit.


Jean: So there’s something there’s somewhat some some very high cuckery here! Some very high cuckoldery occurring here, but at the same time it’s good. So what he’s saying is that the following audio, he just dropped it on the microphone. It was just a start, and that I believe! I believe that what we’re about to see is an honest set of feelings that Mouthy Buddha perceives in himself. So that’s good. It gives us insight into what comes out of the cuck’s mouth when they are faced with red pill content.


Mouthy: I’m just going to, …


Jean: But the reason this is such cuckery is that you’re a YouTuber, you’re well-known YouTuber. You are communicator! Don’t show us the insides of your mind! We don’t want to see pictures of your your testicles, Mouthy Buddha! It’s it’s somewhat disgusting! Just like we don’t want to have access to the internal processes of your mind. You are a communicator, so don’t start these audio clips with, … “Ahh, I don’t know what happened there, …”. Come on! Be a man and just talk about your ideas and how they evolved! Talk!


Mouthy: And I’m not going to edit anything, … [long pause]


Jean: Awkward! [long pause continues from Mouthy] More awkward”


Mouthy: Basically, … Basically?


Jean: You see, these statements are not the statements of someone who’s apt at speaking on the public space. You don’t laugh, you don’t say something and then rethink it, and say, “Ahh ha”. You’re laughing about your own statement. So this is the statement, this is the way of speech of someone who’s not apt at speaking on the public space. That’s what happens when you make teenagers YouTube stars.


Mouthy: There’s this idea of me out there.


Jean: See he goes straight to the idea of him out there. So he is not a human being. He denies his own existence, and he already talks about the social perception of his existence. Typical cuckery!


Mouthy: And it’s my fault!


Jean: And now he says, “what people think about me is my fault”! Contrary to the Trump approach, which is:


These people are all liars” I’m the man that I am. You take it, or you keep complaining like a bitch! I don’t give a fuck!”


Mouthy: And the idea of me isn’t really who I am. This “jew hater”! Now what’s funny is I actually, … Before this one video was out, which is a video that I made, like three months ago. It’s called “we are powerless” oh no, “The End of YouTube — We are Powerless”.


Jean: So that’s what Mouthy Buddha is worried about. It’s the video that he published months ago, when he just published, within the last two weeks, a series of videos called, “The jewish Question” which would have been much more relevant to talk about., but let’s see what he has to say.


Mouthy: And I deleted that video a while, … Well actually, I privatized it, because, like maybe a month, or two ago, because it just sounded bad! What I said. What I say, is there’s a part in the video, …


Jean: Someone is asking, is he pulling a “Kathy Griffin”? That’s exactly what’s happening! [laughing] go back to see my video about Kathy Griffin. He’s making a failure to Double Down and it’s fucking hilarious!


Mouthy: You know, where I say, I talk about, it’s just, I talk, …


Jean: See these lost threads of thoughts, where he starts a sentence and then he’s, “Ahh, …” Its like, if you don’t know exactly what you’re about to say don’t start your sentence!


Mouthy: About, um, Israeli influence and the fact that these rabbis are letting in immigrants, or something., but Israel is, basically just a nod toward, you know, this JQ stuff.


Jean: And that’s what there. You made a nod to the apparent contradiction between what jewish people think of refugees in the West, and what they think of refugees going into Israel. And Stefan Molyneux expanded on that hilarious contradiction, by catching actually a jewish person calling him. And that person was defending refugees in Western countries, but then Stefan Molyneux asked him. “what about the refugees in Israel?” and then suddenly he was not for immigration! And so, that was a very good interview. It was fair representation of one argument. There’s no problem with this. Why are you talking like you’re about to die?


Mouthy: But, but what’s funny is I had it deleted, and I’ve really been on top, I’ve had my arguments together and, umm, I can’t think.


Jean: I think that is under a certain quantity of marijuana at this moment.


Mouthy: Oh! The, the accusations that were being thrown my way, you know, what I mean? That I was a crypto-fascist, or something! Which, that’s actually not what I was doing! That’s not, it actually, what it does is it gives me way more credit than I actually deserve!


Jean: So what do you do when people claim stuff about you that is not true? You stand there for your truth, for who you! You say, “you’re liars!” like Trump, and you tell us who you are.


Mouthy: I’m not this, … I’m not trying to like do it calculated, or on purpose. That actually makes me sound like really smart, like I think about these things! I don’t! I don’t! The truth is, …


Jean: This is something I keep telling to people, don’t analyze Sargon statement, or Mouthy Buddha statement as coming from super strategic individuals! That’s not how they live. They live with, by putting themselves out on the public space, fully.


Mouthy: I have been getting so wrapped up in ideology! I can feel myself stuck in it! And I don’t like it! I don’t like it! I fucking don’t like it at all!

See, this is the consequence of decades of liberal terrorism. The guy adopts beliefs, because he does some basic journalism about the question of the jewish people. He ends up with conclusions based on his own rationality and his own process of thought, based on this. Now he’s like, “I’m now disgusted at myself!” yeah that’s because the liberal media has introduced within your brain, devices that are aimed at cultivating guilt on this question.


It’s like all this YouTube stuff has really changed my mind on so many things, and…


Jean: Welcome to a world of learning!


Mouthy: I just feel like, what the fuck am I doing? Why am I doing this? Again, here’s the thing. I had this whole video laid out of, none of those were my opinions, because dude, a lot of them aren’t my opinions! Dude, I don’t know enough about Hitler to think he was a decent person! The truth is I don’t know enough about any of that stuff!


Jean: No, and we’ve seen from your video that you’re not a scholar on the issue. You just made a fair representation of a set of views, and you weren’t bad. You did it right. It’s like I was to tell you, okay I’m gonna infiltrate the Nazi Party and I’m gonna report to you guys what they think. And then I make a video about what they think. That’s what you did. And there was nothing wrong! Hashtag Mouthy did nothing wrong!


Mouthy: But I am playing with fire. And in my own mind is starting to think, well maybe, maybe there is a jewish conspiracy?


Jean: You’re not playing with fire. You are exploring issues with your own rationality and what you think is a honest direction to take based on what, you know. But you’re also a very confused being, with high amounts of drugs in his body. So this twists your mind into confused representations of reality and of yourself.


Mouthy: You know, I set out to do this topic, because I thought it would be like “really entertaining” really, you know, “intriguing” and stuff.


Jean: That’s your job! You did right! You did a video series that was very well edited. It was entertaining.


Mouthy: And, but there was this video, that we are powerless video. I needed to delete that, because now all these accusations are going around that I’m some fucking jew hater, Hitler loving Nazi for real!


Jean: When there’s false accusations going against you, you double down on your views, you explain to these fuckers what’s your true point! And you farm the views, you farm the shit out of it!


Mouthy: So, so I was like, well dude, I’m deleting, not only did I privatize the video, but I deleted it. And dude, just like all day I’ve been like thinking, man, because I’m sitting here, I’ve got Bunty King defending me. I’ve got Jeff Holiday defending me. And like, rightfully so, so I thought, because I was like, I’m not a fucking jew hater! And I’m not any of that stuff!


Jean: And it’s fine. Look at the like ratio of your videos. People didn’t reject you. Of course, you had a certain certain amount of dislike, which is normal if you’re gonna explore a controversial subject. But you weren’t rejected en mass. Kraut has more dislikes than you! People have accepted this video for what it is. Which is high quality, very well edited representations of some ideas, a small summary of ideas on the jewish Question. You did your job, dude! Don’t back up now!


Mouthy: But at the same time, I was like, dude, please don’t get into this mix, because it’s just, … Anyways, I thought to myself if that video gets out, that is just the nail in my coffin! And it did! Oh man! I was sitting, …


Jean: You have the same syndrome as Kathy Griffin, you know? You remember how she said, “Trump is destroying my life! It’s gonna be the nail in my coffin!” these are the same statements, these people they have a grand version of themselves in their head. And especially if you smoke pot like Mouthy Buddha, you’re gonna be stimulated into having this false representation of yourself, detaching yourself from reality. And then you’re afraid of losing that! You’re afraid of failing. But that doesn’t matter Mouthy Buddha, as long as you produce good stuff people are gonna watch you. You won’t fail, there won’t be nails in your coffin. The only nails are in your mind.


Mouthy: …, on the bed, and I go onto Twitter, and I see that Harmful Opinions found the video, and that it’s the video while I talk about the rabbi’s and the jews. Dude! And I was like, fuck! Fuck! That’s fuck! Because now that’s what people need to think that I, you know, really did say all those things!


Jean: Never! Never! Consider what people think about you! Consider the likes, consider the quality of your content. Consider the quality of the information and your research process, and go like a fucking arse toward your goal! Never consider what people think about you!


Mouthy: But dude, the truth is I don’t give a fuck about history, or Hitler, or any of that shit!


Jean: Like most people today. This is too old for people to really care. People care to the extent that it allows them to adopt moral discourse in the modern world, for pursuing ideologies that they have in the present time.


Mouthy: I don’t, again, I don’t know enough about it. But here’s the thing, is that I’m so easily influenced! I’m like a people-pleaser.


Jean: Exactly! And this is what’s happening in society currently. Our lives are being so transferred on the internet. And there’s people coming at the top of the game, Mouthy Buddha is one of them, with a successful YouTube channel, and it creates fake identities in people’s mind. People forget to connect about their reality and see YouTube, or their career, or whatever takes the place of that, as secondary aspects of your life. What Mouthy Buddha needs is a woman, a few babies, and then he would understand that the core of his family is the center of the universe. The rest, what people thinks about him, YouTube, this is all means to an end.


Mouthy: And I’m always, and when I made my “Problem with the alternative-right” video, it was, …


Jean: [laughing] One of the chats says, “this sounds like a bad final fantasy monologue” It does sound like the main character in the Final Fantasy XI.


Mouthy: …, so difficult, while I was making it. Because, I was like, how am I gonna do this? Because dude, I basically made a video where I call out the Alt-Right, and then I say the skeptic community can go after them too. You know, all this macho shit!


Jean: Well you bought into the mainstream view, the blue pill view.


Mouthy: Well, no one else did. So, I was like, okay, well I obviously I have to make my video. But then I was thinking, okay how do I argue against the Alt-Right? Well, I couldn’t! Because it’s funny, because at that time, when I was trying to do it, I was like, I don’t really have, like what am I supposed to argue against?


Jean: Exactly! That’s a moment of honesty from Mouthy Buddha. He’s confronted by the ideas of the Alt-Right and he’s like, there’s nothing to debunk in there. This gives us insight actually, about what happened to Kraut. Look at what he’s about to say.


Mouthy: That’s, I couldn’t find the arguments! This is how much like, I guess, I was, but I, but I’m not Alt-Right!


Jean: See, when he says I’m not Alt-Right, he’s talking about social perception of him. He’s talking about the label. But he just said that he didn’t have any argument to counter the Alt-Right. So that’s funny, because Mouthy Buddha separates his own rational processes from the image that he projects within the universe. And he cares a lot about the image and about our people label him, like I’m not the Alt-Right! But I believe in the idea, ABC.


Mouthy: I’m just so fucking fucked up right now! I just can’t even, …


Jean: That’s what years of drugs will do.


Mouthy: But I guess I was, because I was like, okay, I agree with this, I agree with that, I agree with this. They’ve got this thing down. And then I was like, what the fuck I do? So I went after behavior.


Jean: That’s what Kraut did too. See, I cannot really take on their actual arguments, so I’m gonna, I’m gonna find a way around this. I’m gonna complain about labels, I’m gonna complain about ways in which they interpret the data. I’m not really addressing their real point. I’m not going at the core of their philosophy, I’m just gonna nitpick on some stuff. And here Mouthy Buddha decided to nitpick on the behavior.


Mouthy: Okay, well a lot of the more fucking reactionary shit, let me make that the main method. And then I was sitting, and then I saw, I put out the video, everybody fucking hated it, and, you know, as a content creator, and dude, I don’t give a fuck if anybody’s like, “oh boo hoo!” fuck you! I don’t give a shit right now!


Jean: Well you do give a shit and that’s your big problem. You are so much after the perception of people. I don’t know where this sentence come from why you say suddenly, “I don’t give a fuck”. You’ve just given us 10 minutes 37 seconds of “fuck!


Mouthy: I don’t! I’m just trying to tell you what’s on my mind.


Jean: And what’s on your mind is solely grounded in the perception that you have of others. You are a second level cognitive generator. You generate the minds of others within your mind, and when you think about their mind, you’re worried about them thinking about your mind! You have too much levels of social cognition, which is typical in LSD and marijuana consumers. You are almost psychotic. But you don’t seem to suffer from actual schizophrenia, which is a good news.


Mouthy: And if it sounds like a fucking victim thing, okay, who cares? But when I finished that “Problem the alternative-right” part I, I realized, god damn! A lot of these people are Alt-Right in my audience!


Jean: That’s also a surprise to me. There seems to be within my audience, people who are actually racist. I don’t know the percentage, because I think a lot of them are trolling.


Mouthy: So, then I get kind of uh, and then I was in my bed one day, and I thought, hold on a second, like identity, it is totally not a real thing. But dude, I have so like little confidence in myself right now.


Jean: Identity is a real thing. It is what the differs things from each other. You are different from the table, the table did not cause your internal organs to exist. There are things in this universe from which you are separated and different from. What you are on right now is the Jim Carrey Buddhist syndrome, and it’s very unproductive thinking.


Mouthy: So I don’t even know if that’s true.


Jean: And he says, “I lack confidence in myself” I’m gonna take a bet here and this guy lacked a father figure in his life. This guy just doesn’t have the kind of self concept of himself that is trusty enough of himself to undergo that kind of crisis.


Mouthy: I mean, I’ve experienced it, but who’s to say? I mean, I totally have experienced an absolving of identity.


Jean: Typical Jim Carrey crisis. Jim Carrey added recently, denies identity, I don’t know if he’s trolling, but it seems that Mouthy Buddha actually has the crisis. Very common in drug users and Buddhists.


Mouthy: And by, I mean, we all live through identity every day! I’m just sseing like, …


Jean: There’s nothing wrong with it Mouthy. If you don’t have identity you are not separate from the world, which is what Buddhist wants you to believe. But which is absolutely false! The atoms that constitute you are separate from the atoms that constitute other beings! You are a thing.


Mouthy: A crumbling of all of my arguments, of all of my worldview right now. And it’s so, …


Jean: See? Most people who are emotionally normally equipped, they are able to take huge change in their belief system. Why? Because they have a base. When they fall from high, they don’t fall back to the first floor, because they have a base of things that they wouldn’t question. This emotional base is the kind of minimum thing that you need in life, in terms of self confidence, self determination, love and confidence in the people around you. Mouthy Buddha doesn’t have this. And I’m gonna guess, and take a bet here, and attribute it to lacking father figure.


Mouthy: Freaky! And fucked up! What happened? I know that a part of me, like, fucking love the identity video. Because it registered with me, like on a fundamental level, and it pissed a lot of people off. But I was much more confident with that. That’s why I like went on a stream with “Braving Ruin” and in that guy “Tea and Shit”. But dude it’s like all this shit! It’s like YouTube is a lifestyle! YouTube is, and here’s the thing. I’m a drug addict, right? So and I don’t, but I don’t go to AA. I don’t like spend time with others.


Jean: What you need Mouthy is the minimal ceiling, the minimal floor of emotional stability. This will be provided by giving up drugs, abandoning drugs, starting to develop links with people who are part of your future, like a potentially baby producing woman. And resolving the problem of self-confidence by accomplishing stuff. The good news is, you have a successful YouTube channel, so you’re not so far from being a successful person. And what’s missing is within your mind at this point. To assume who you are and to stand by it.






Mouthy: It really is like my whole life is an internet thing, and when things go south, like the way they’re going for me, supposedly, right now.


Jean: See, he says supposedly, so he’s talking about the opinion of others about him! You should ignore this Mouthy Buddha. If you followed your method, what you think was rational, and you’re own ethics you should stand by it.


Mouthy: It’s devastating! But dude, I think I just have to, I have to go away, and get my priorities straight, you know?


Jean: That is true, but it’s not the right way to say it, because it doesn’t call you to action. There’s people who spend their time smoking drug all life, saying “I gotta get my priorities straight! ” And it’s not operationalized enough to call them into the actual action. What you need as someone says on the chat, is clean your room, develop a social relation with a woman who admires you for who you are and with whom you bind, forever. Then make babies, and also learn to double down.


Mouthy: I’m just having this this moment where I’m like, “Dude, what was I doing for like, what am I arguing for? ” Do I really care about what I’m talking about? Or is it all this sensational editing and, you know, creating, and it is! And it’s fun and it’s fulfilling!


Jean: Well if it’s fun and people enjoy it, what’s wrong? Sensationally, the thing is totally fine! It’s part of the culture of television making, since it exists. It’s beautiful, it’s a form of art. Stand by it!


Mouthy: It’s cool to make something creative and put it out there. It just so happens that what I’m doing creatively is usually super controversial.


Jean: Perfect! You’re going at places where classical TV couldn’t go, because you’re an individual and you can create it yourself and access your put your audience directly. This is beautiful! This is modern civilization showing it’s best attribute! Why do you have a problem with this? What you need to adapt, in terms of attitude, is say, “yeah! That’s what I do! I do editing with music and with a very stimulating visual features, that is beautiful to watch! That is fascinating and that makes the brain of people access other ideas.” It’s beautiful! You did nothing wrong.


Mouthy: Just I hate that I care about reputation! I hate all this shit! And I get it dude! I get it! I get it! I’m sure that if anybody’s listening to this now, or if I’ve even uploaded it, that most people are just like totally turned off by this. But dude, what, …


Jean: We’re not turned off. We’re just observing the effects of years of drug smoking, which is paranoid representations of reality.


Mouthy: …, all these videos and stuff, total fucking mirage! This Buddha dude! It’s fucking fake!


Jean: So now he’s experiencing detachment of the self. So when you are disgusted at one of your actions, or at some of your actions, you start feeling that “this was not even me! ” that’s the same thing we’ve seen in the Kathy Griffin. The feeling that there’s this outside force within yourself and you want to separate it from yourself. Mouthy Buddha, you can do that and you can disavow your stuff, but it was liked by people! So it’s not like you got the 80% dislike ratio. People liked your videos, they were cool! They were good!


So another thing that you can do instead of getting rid of the part of your brain that claims the ownership of these videos, is claim your method as being the right thing that you do. And you did it correctly. You explored the question, you concluded stuff, you reported it! And it was beautiful! And get rid of the other part of your brain, the one that cultivates guilt. Because that part does not come from you, it comes from society, and what society has introduced in your mind.




Mouthy: Slickly edited mirages! It’s not real dude!


Jean: it is real, whether you like it, or not. These signals, we have evolved to send them and process them. It’s as real as words. They mean intentions, they mean information, they represent things that are real.


Mouthy: Real me is incredibly insecure! Neurotic! Just a fucking mess, all the time! I mean, listen to me. There’s no way I’m gonna upload this! If I do, …


Jean: See, we live at a fascinating time where we have access to the ramblings of people after they have committed acts that they regret.


Mouthy: It’s funny, because I was like on destiny’s stream, and I saw contra points talking about this program, that a neo-Nazi made. It’s like no more hate, or something like that. It’s what you go to. For like, no more hate, or like you go to, like it’s like reform from Nazism, or whatever. I’m not a fucking Nazi! Okay! But I do have ideas that I don’t like, because they cause so much division! I remember being more liberal, even like progressive.


Jean: That is a normal change in life, because when you are young you are brought up within the emotional context of being a child. And being a child is requesting everything from your parents, and fighting with your brothers and sister to get things from your parent. And so a form of “socialist communist” mind is just perfect for that. Because you want fairness, you want justice, because you’re not a competitor to your brother and sisters. You want them to succeed and you want yourself to succeed. So this idea of sharing and being fair, is within the emotional construct that kids need.


Then when you become old, you attain reproductive age, and your genes program a change in your behavior which makes you more conservative. Why? Because now you are a provider, even if you haven’t made babies, the genes will still make you that conservative. So even if you don’t have babies you will undergo the normal change of the human mind, which is to become less of a requester from society, less of being about fairness and sharing, and now you are a provider. And as a provider your job is to defend the family and make sure that you bring back to home sufficient resources to help your baby become old and produce their own babies. And the conservative mindset is much better for this.


Mouthy: And having this, this feeling of like, more compassion, there is more empathy, there was more love.


Jean: This is the feeling of all red pilled people. They’ve realized that this world is not made out of love. That you have to make this world. You have to make the love for yourself in this world. Because this world is a constant flow of rape, of aggression, of assault — physical and verbal. This world is fucking wild! It’s worse than a jungle!







Mouthy: I don’t really feel that, with this new way of thinking. Kind of, you know, more, I wouldn’t, I don’t even know what the fuck it is. I guess it’s just kind of very Alt-Right. A lot of my ideas are very Alt-Right.


Jean: Welcome to adulthood. You came in late, because you don’t have a father figure.


Mouthy: They are and they don’t, fucking Mexican slash White!


Jean: See, he’s coming up with identity politics. That was introduced into his brain by liberals.


Mouthy: But it’s so, it’s so like analytical, it’s so scientific, like it’s all the IQ based, or using science to debunk other people. Where is the fucking love dude?


Jean: The love, you make it for yourself. You get a woman and you make a life of love for yourself on your own. Then you go out there on the public space and, you know, that it’s not about love, because all of these other people that are out to get you, they all want their babies to be better than your babies. And there’s no love there. So if you don’t find a place for love in your own life, don’t come out in society for it. You’ll be sorely disappointed.


Mouthy: Where is the kindness? As I am like, starving for it! Starving! I mean, dude if you would have told me that I would be talking about jews, in any fashion, four, or five years ago! Three years ago! Two years ago!


Jean: See, not only is the having representation of other minds in his mind, that he’s constantly talking about what do people think about me. He’s even thinking about his on mine, two years ago. And it’s like, “if my past self was looking at my current self, he would be surprised”! This is typical non-psychotic behavior, but borderline psychotic due to number of years of drugs, of consumption of drugs.


Mouthy: I would have thought you were crazy! I mean, dude, when my fucking my buddy Will, when he would come over and talk about it, I was like, “you’re crazy dude!” but what’s so, what’s so insidious about about this is that once you start going down this rabbit hole.


Jean: See, he makes the reference, the rabbit-hole and he has introduced a a quick frame of Alice in Wonderland in his jewish Question video. So he feels like he’s being pulled into another universe.


Mouthy: It just starts to like infest me! It’s so dark! It’s so fucked up man! Like, …


Jean: That is true. This world is fucked up!


Mouthy: Black pill! This is just so fucking dark!


Jean: Yeah, that’s why we need people to read Richard Dawkins before they undergo such emotional distress when they’re shocked and realizing that the world is as fucked up as it is. And at least if you read Dawkins you’ll know why. It’s, because we are creatures that have evolved to fuck each other up!


Mouthy: Depressing! It’s just gross! It’s like, I don’t want to be this person, you know. Like what the fuck! I want to be, I want to find a way, to like, bring kindness and more compassion and shit.


Jean: Make babies and provide them with kindness! That is the true sense of nature.


Mouthy: I know that sounds fucking cliche, but it’s like there’s, this person inside of me, this thing, …


Jean: Dissociation of his own self.


Mouthy: But it’s just like dude! Do something for someone else! Like stop, leave this stuff behind, go help somebody. Does it matter what skin color they are.


Jean: Evolution programmed these feelings in your brain, because it knew that the first time you would put a penis into a vagina, your penis into a vagina, a baby would pop out nine months later, and you would have these feelings to care about the baby. If you’re directing this to random people you’ve been xxx.


Mouthy: It doesn’t matter see, now I’m thinking yeah but, you know, like immigration, like I’m like obsessed with immigration! I’m obsessed with immigration, defending White people, and I’m like against SJW’s so much! It’s like all I ever think about! What a fucked up existence!




Jean: See this guy lives so much within the theoretical world of YouTube, he doesn’t have anything else to fall back on. When I finish my streaming on YouTube, there’s a reality out there waiting for me, with love, care, and normal human interactions. This guy doesn’t have this. So when he falls back into the world, all he knows is what he knows from YouTube. That’s scary! He needs people in his life, he needs, he probably won’t have a father figure. It’s too late in his life to get that. But he needs to replace this with connecting to reality. Connect to people. Find a woman to love and we will love you.


Mouthy: Where are all these people. Dude, usually I’m just like, my day-to-day is with my roommate, or just chillin by myself, or with my mom, or my sister, or my nephew.


Jean: See, very interesting. Mom, sister, and nephew. So the father is not around for some reason.


Mouthy: Or my fucking buddy. We write music together. You know, simple shit! Where did I get so involved in all this? And God do you, it’s the same shit all the time. Wake up, check Twitter, look at YouTube. Oh hey, he’s got a video out, boom! Watch them just fucking, just like, just rip into Muslims, and rip into fucking black people! And like hearing that shit every day starts to fuck with me!


Jean: That’s, because you don’t have anything else to fall back on. If you were to be able to disconnect from this world and have a reality that you love in your life, this talk on YouTube that would be a separate thing. It would just be all fun.


Mouthy: Cuz, then I go to, let’s say, I go to Starbucks. Well all the sudden my mind is like more thinking about, “Oh, that’s a black person behind the bar”, or “that’s a fucking Asian person over there.” And also, …


Jean: If you have time to go to Starbucks, and get a coffee and pay a coffee there, all of your problems are First World problems.


Mouthy: I’m thinking about all the shit all the time. I wonder if they’re like smarter? Or I wonder there’s, all this shit, where it’s like, can I just fucking go get some coffee? And I know dude! I know! Like, all the stuff that Whites being a minority, I know, I know it! I don’t know what to do! I don’t know what to say to that! It sounds bad to me! It sounds like, it sounds bad!


Jean: He recognizes that there are some emotions in him that tells him, well what the Western civilization is doing to itself is bad! But he’s also rejecting that, because he has the guilt introduced in him by liberalism. And he doesn’t have anything to fall back on where you could say, “Oh, well okay, so the White race is getting extinguished, well I’m gonna make my own babies first, and I’m gonna concentrate on educating them and having a happy life.”He doesn’t have anything of this, so he’s stuck within the world of xxx, typical again of drug consumers, psychedelic drugs.


Mouthy: No one wants to be a minority! Otherwise all the other minorities wouldn’t be, you know, like, fuck dude, we’re a minority, we don’t have all this, the power of the majority, or whatever. But I guess, I just wish we could find a way to like fucking look beyond that!


Jean: There is no way to look beyond that. The history of humanity is people, again, and again, fucking over the other people around them. Raping them, pillaging them, murdering them. If you looked at the history that led to your existence, your existence, it would be the constant killing and disappearance of hordes of human in the favor of your ancestors. The reason you exist today is a cycle of rape, pillage, murder, rape, pillage, murder, rape, pillage, murder, rape, pillage, murder, that goes on for hundreds of thousands of years, again and again!


Mouthy: But I don’t know how! I don’t see that happening. I have all this compassion for the Alt-Right. I really do! I have so much empathy for White people, but for some reason I get annoyed when I hear things about immigrants! Why? Why do I get annoyed? Why does that fucking annoy me, because it shouldn’t.







Jean: Because the process I just talked about, that introduced things in your mind. Things that tells you within your own sexual emotional reaction, that there is something wrong about letting other people make babies on your land.


Mouthy: An immigrant is a fucking person dude! It shouldn’t like, it shouldn’t annoy me, at the very least! And I know, like the fucking late-night shit, I don’t like it either. All this stuff annoys me, but why should it? I mean, I guess, you know, it is a fucking big ass system on the left, and it’s strong, and they hold the influence, and it is this helpless feeling of like, how the fuck are you gonna be able to beat it? It’s just, we can’t. [long pause]


I’m gonna go away for a while. Seriously!


Jean: So now he is adapting, like phase one depressive, suicidal talking. And I don’t think that he’s severely suicidal, but he’s doing like these guys who are thinking about it a little bit, and like, I’m gonna give my stereo, I’m gonna give my CD player, I’m gonna give up my computer. He’s like, I’m gonna give up my YouTube channel. So I would say Mouthy Buddha, you are suffering from extremely mild depression.


Mouthy: YouTube is, has, or I have allowed YouTube to just suck the life from me! And, …


Jean: It’s not so much YouTube that did that, it’s the absence of other things in your life. If you had a good basis, just love between one, or two people, with one, or two people in your life, maybe a father figure. If it’s too late in your life, maybe a woman. That’s all you need. Then this whole YouTube thing won’t be bothering you anymore.


Mouthy: … Twitter, and Facebook, and this reputation. I’ve basically fucking destroyed it! Destroyed! People think that I’m a psycho Nazi!


Jean: What people think, doesn’t matter if you stand for who you truly are. I don’t know how old this guy is. He talks like a high school person. That’s exactly how a high school student thinks. What will people think? Young teenagers are so worried about what people think! This guy is probably older, but he didn’t get to the mental age of adulthood. He’s still having the reactions of a quarterback football player in a high school, who cares about what people think about him.


Mouthy: I mean, obviously they think that. Shit, I fucking put bread crumbs everywhere! I kept flirting with that, visually, and musically, and like, you know, little things I would say along the way. But the dog whistle thing, [held back sneeze] excuse me. I actually meant that. I didn’t mean that like, I’m fucking dog whistling to Nazis!


Jean: So here Mouthy Buddha is explaining a thing where he was criticized, because he said, “well I’m doing some dog whistling in my videos” and people have come up to him and say, “oh okay, so your dog whistling, you’re kind of whispering things to Nazis, right?” But he is not whispering things to Nazis! Mouthy Buddha is an artist who introduces in his videos references to stuff, to culture, to Disney, to Alice in Wonderland. He’s an extremely talented visual artist, who uses that kind of imagery to add complexity to his videos. That’s what he meant by “dog whistling”. He introduces things, his logo, for example, shows a Buddha with the number 23. His videos feature flashes of images, that make it more complex, that’s all. Fine Mouthy Buddha. Stand by your artistic creation. It is of high quality.


Mouthy: That’s not what I meant. I meant that, all throughout my videos, you can look dude, look for all like, the pill bottles. There’s pill bottles everywhere! Look for all the Gulag Archipelagos, they’re everywhere scattered throughout! There look for all the Sam Harris waking ups! There they’re all over the place. That’s what I fuckin meant! Not that I’m like “dog whistling to Nazis!” It’s not what I meant!




Jean: People understand this Mouthy Buddha. If you were really understood to be a Nazi, in the real sense, in the sense of really good faith people thinking that you are actually dog whistling to Nazis, you would get dislikes ratio that are much higher. People have understood the quality of your content, and the creativity of your use of imagery and music. They are recognizing, they are showing this recognition to you by a like ratio that is totally fine for a controversial video. There’s nothing you did wrong!


Mouthy: Like visually there’s a whole bunch of stuff you can find. Also Reese’s Pieces, Reese’s fucking, Reese’s! Why? Because I mean, well the Reese’s was more of just like, just a random reoccurring thing, that I would put in the back! [happy with himself] They really had no significance whatsoever.


But the pills! I kept placing over and over again, because I’m an addict! And it just it had, … There’s a lot of importance there, so they’re all over the place! Find a video, you’ll find, … Well find a video where I’m actually filming something, you’ll find some pills. Pill bottles all bunched together.


Also 23. I’m gonna give away something right now, that I have not given away about, ever! 23 is my, … It’s a very interesting number to me. In the logo the Mouthy Buddha logo, that’s 23, because it’s that there are two triangles, one small, the others big, they have three sides each. Two triangles three sides each, 23. And you can find some 23s in there too.


You can also find Gulags everywhere, 23s and pills. And what, …


Jean: See! He’s an artist! He introduces imagery in his stuff. That’s totally commendable Mouthy Buddha. I have a channel where I’m just me talking to the mic, and in that sense I’m not at the, I’m not at the top of what can be done visually. You take time to edit beautiful videos and that’s totally to your credit.


Mouthy: Obviously, Buddha’s everywhere! I can watch my videos, the ones like where I film it, there’s Buddha’s everywhere! There’s even like little Buddha’s in like corners you may not know. You see, that’s the kind of shit that I love dude!


Jean: Yeah. And it’s a typical of a certain form of art creation which was very popular in Hollywood movies in the 80s 90s. It’s probably less popular today, but introducing visual symbolism is something that is very cool. And your your audience likes it.


Mouthy: And that’s what I meant! See now, …


Jean: See how aggressive he responds. That’s what I meant, he feels assaulted within his mind by the opinions that he generates. He’s creating a psychotic representation of what people thinks about him, and he actually feels violated. So he has devices in his own brain that he feels attack himself. But that’s himself, attacking himself. He’s not connected to reality.


Mouthy: I’m all defensive and trying to defend myself. I really fucked up man! But! I didn’t fuck up like I actually have these hateful neo-Nazi hatred towards jews! No! That’s not true! That’s not true. But I fucked up in that I was flirting with these ideas. I was letting them get way, I was getting consumed by these ideas. Talking with people on the phone about it. And, and, …


Jean: That’s not a problem. As a creator it is your job to explore ideas and report about it in your own artistic way. You did nothing wrong! Keep it up!


Jean: Really getting, you know, sucked into this stuff. But dude, look, look at it like this. Would I rather live a life in which I think the jews are controlling everything, and, you know, that whole that whole thing, or would I’d rather just live a life where I just do my thing? I don’t worry about shit like that, you know?





Jean: You can do both. You can find a way to have a grounded life in a family-style life not the rest the IDS keep exploring them you’re a great YouTuber and you’ll keep being a great YouTuber, but just see YouTube as this part of your life you don’t you’re making a false dichotomy here by saying I either have to care about IDs, or I have to live my own life and not care about IDs how about you live your own life and continue evolving within your personal sphere while maintaining this all exploration of IDs on YouTube hang out with friends hang out a family do my thing hanging out is not what you need sex with their woman is what you need II okay this is good gone on way too long how fucking long as it’s gone on oh my god 26 minutes what also I gotta say as I’m not going to be back for a while I see I’m not going to be back for a while it’s like he’s leaving, of course, is now recanted this statement he said that he was in an emotional state when he said this and he does have the intention to come back, but it’s a typical Kathy Griffin abandonment and again it’s close to phase one suicidal thoughts, or I don’t even know if ever fuck I was gonna say something I don’t know oh well I guess it was just more about how YouTube is it is a kind of for sure oh it’s all about like oh okay it’s all about for me dude it’s all about doing things that’ll get likes I mean, I know that sounds obvious well he has a social definition of himself again, of course, the likes are a measurement method and you should if you’re a YouTuber you should care about the likes, but you shouldn’t put this at the center of your life this should not be your measure of his success solely because, you know, very well that if you do a controversial subjects that dislikes will be higher if you attack the personality on YouTube the dislikes will be higher you have to have something else to ground your criteria for yourself saying I did correctly and this can be the scientific method it can be how you respect your artistic contribution to YouTube the way a IU does nice videos with music and Mouthy Buddha does so also that’s what needs to be your grounding and then the likes they’re just a method to measure how the public reacts to it, but it integrates a lot of thing like and dislike can mean I’d really don’t like your video, or liking disliking me I really don’t like your IDs, or as people asked me to say on the chat ideas, but this is also why my content got more extreme as time went by like so many people tell me dude your older content was so much more like chill you weren’t so right-wing you weren’t and there’s nothing wrong about exploring these ideas you’ve done your job as a creator so intense, you know, you used to be like seriously neutral on these things or, you know, to the left well that’s, because my audience move was moving to the like you can just tell you read the comments you realize that your audience is like, or I realized that my audience was super fucking fasci like super fasci I I am I realized this the day that I got my friend will don’t forget also that on the internet there’s lots of trolling and there’s lots of second and third degree meaning you shouldn’t take this too seriously the ecosystem of the internet is trying I’ll certify these they’re sending things to you to trigger you have to protect yourself from this to a certain extent you have to keep an ear open, but you have not to forget that these are just words on a stream of electronic signals that people have fun sending.






Mouthy: Who has to well what’s funny is oh man he has very extreme views, but it’s it’s creepy how much I, or some odd reason some part of my mind thinks he makes sense now umm-hmm I got a fucking redesign my I got it anyways, it was a video where he just basically went off and just said all of his thoughts and he said like Hitler was the last great emperor he said black people need to be prevented from breeding I mean, he just man he just got into it and well he always says it, but I was like I want to put that on my channel cause like I want to see what how people react to this and dude I uploaded it and people were like yeah some good points great shit and they were like yes Hitler was the last great emperor and I was so pissed I was so fucking pissed, because I was this week like talk to these people see this is the person lacking a father figure he looks at another man who had a father figure and who knows about what he stands for on the public space and he’s jealous this is the right word he really got the right diagnosis there this is being a cock it’s not being able to have your own testicles and be dreaming about the testicles of another men people and he was this, you know, woke fucking alternative writer that’s when I really had this moment who am I talking to out there is my audience a bunch of fascists, or at least a bunch of fucking alternative writers all writers squeaked so after that that’s when my content really started you can tell you can tell I mean, dude for my content from the very beginning I mean, dude listen am I like early videos that’s when I was, you know, you know, basically wasn’t a fan of Islam didn’t like sjw’s so Mouthy Buddha isn’t on the chap and he says it’s not my dad my dad is brilliant find something else, but I suspect that for some reason he you there was a failure of him being a model for you and when you say you talk about your life you say hang out with my mother my sister and my nephew why was the dad not in the picture and that butt was a Bernie Sanders supporter, you know, basically, you know, like liberal, but just didn’t buy into the identity politics stuff at all and had much more like, you know, gentler views about immigration all the stuff now dude what the fuck this see this is the loss of naiveness at the moment of red peeling beautiful my mind is transformed I have gone from a progressive years ago — now I just died I mean, I don’t know what it is, because I don’t I guess I am, but I’m not all right, because dude they piss me off for so fucking long I was like fuck these people dude that is also why I made the videos there was like a part of me that was like fuck these people we can’t let them go get stronger, you know, this is bullshit I hate it and I think that was, because there was some part of my mind that was like a defense mechanism it was like do you do not want any part of that you don’t want any part of it it was funny is like right now I’m literally just saying just I’m just fucking just saying shit that I want to say, because it’s how I fucking it’s how I feel I’ve never done that on this channel ever I always sugarcoat things, or hide it for like sir, but I don’t give a fuck anymore dude I’m fucked I’m fucked see really feel is like Kathy Griffin when she experienced the scandal he feels like his old life is crumbling maybe this could be a really good thing I started smoking dude again about two days ago, because all this stuff was going on and don’t get me wrong at first I.






Jean: so yeah the period of his life for it was smoking he stopped at some point and I started over two years two days ago so I guess that’s why is more much more difficulty in that audio than he is on his videos usually I think that the drugs have reactivated is psychedelic states didn’t really I was like okay I can totally spend this I’ve actually have a video that I made that’s like 25 minutes of just amazing spin, but it actually and not all of it is spin a lot of it is true like I’m not a fucking crypto-fascist who’s trying to send out fat I’m trying to like do that shit don’t worry these are trolls on the internet claiming that if you have a three-position just stated and most rational people will just believe you on your words okay so he smoked cigarettes two days ago he is, but he has been sober for a year and a half it was just I guess it was just like and I was interested in the topic and, but you say sober Mouthye Buddha you also mentioned that you are consuming pills and that there were pills everywhere on your videos what are these drugs do you count it as being sober, because there are medical drugs I was like dude I can make this fucking entertaining a shit, you know, what I mean, and, but dude at the end of the day I don’t know I don’t know all the stuff about the jews I don’t know dude I’m not this fucking smart guy it’s all a facade it’s all a fucking facade I am creative that’s for sure I don’t like to dope oh sorry sorry, but I do excel in creativity and music in stuff like that and I just I started using it as a kind of weapon, but maybe I didn’t I’m gonna do it at the end of the day you do your job your job is to explore these and entertain people you’ve done everything right who love the videos like right, but I just don’t know I just don’t know this is what I’m supposed to be doing I there’s nothing you should be doing, or you’re supposed to be doing there’s no sense in life okay so he was a pill addict, but it doesn’t it doesn’t take any medication the pill bottles represented is addiction I want to do things that are kinder make babies and do things that are kinder for them then go out on the world with your sword and your shield and chop heads and I don’t know about you, but to me talking about jews is disgusting it’s just disgusting this has been such a fucked up series, because I’ve never done like a series like this it was a fine series I liked it so for me did either like call people it’s a story in dude, by the way, admati Buddha if you want to join us you can go on discord jfg dot world and join the channel device chat the Republic on this card that jfg dot world it would be great to hear from you this guy named David from Israel a jew and have all these conversations so I my mind’s going all over the fucking place and I’m like riding it down trying to make it, you know, cohesive trying to make it interesting trying to make it thought-provoking trying and the first video was well I mean, it was much better received like oh okay I see what he’s doing there he’s he’s strong meeting both sides and the second video dude here’s the thing you want to know why people think why would you didn’t straumann the two sides you gave a relatively fair representation of one side and you mentioned the other side it was all fair not fair in the sense of being equal for everyone, or being headed toward the truth it was a fair description of human opinions you put Nazi propaganda up there they’re not Nazi Prophet well it’s not it’s revisionism, or “Holocaust” denial whatever I mean, at least that’s what I’ve learned it’s people like David Irving they don’t like it when you call him about “Holocaust” deniers, you know, but anyways, it was fair to say revisionist and it was fair to use the word don’t don’t fall for the guilt and used by liberal terrorists you’re currently in a state of terror.






Mouthy: it’s not that I did that intentionally it was actually just a stupid thing it was like again these videos are dressed up so well that people think there’s like a smart mind behind it there’s really not I’m very careless, you know, like, but I just I just I shoot for the stars and I very I don’t always stick the landing I never really do, but the reason why it’s not rebutted isn’t an intentional thing what it is that the video a video hadn’t been out in like a week it was like god damn and my in these videos take serious time to make that is true making videos like that like he does people don’t do it on YouTube anymore, because it’s just too long you can keep up with the flow of news if you make so much effort on your visual and audio styles there’s a lot of work a video of 10 minutes the way he does them may take a full week full time two weeks three weeks to do and it got to the end and I was like you don’t dude I’ll just end it there I’ll just end it there it took it’s an okay it’s kind of a it’s kind of a fast ending, but I don’t have time to make another five six minutes like rebutting that actually I really even think about rebutting it I didn’t think it would get this reaction see again it defines the result of his method by reaction it’s not react reaction don’t matter it matters only to the extent that okay you want to have a certain measure of how people will react to your videos, but it’s not the center of your enter as the center of your interest is to follow your own ethics and then once the reaction happened I was like that’s fine, you know, I can it’s totally cool uh I wasn’t really freaking out about it I mean, a little bit little part of me was I was like oh shit they fucking think I’m a Nazi this is not good this cannot be this will not work this will not work out uh, but then my mind like the in did the one intelligent part of my mind was like kicking in and I was making this video and really orchestrating these arguments pretty awesome like dude spy know that video was so unfair dude spy Oh what the fuck it was so unfair like he said I was making light of the “Holocaust” I wasn’t don’t don’t be annoyed by these trolls it’s spy Noah is not like the most honest and textual on YouTube so just don’t don’t don’t walk into their beliefs as if they are the truth those are just perceptions like dude that was about me being mixed race anyways, and it was totally disturbing I don’t see how like I meant for it to be disturbing I put like fucking sounds of babies crying and sounds of like scratches on the wall like it was intentionally meant to just disturb the fuck out of you and what I was doing is I put Hitler did nothin wrong with really brutal footage and that was the best moment of your video Matta Buddha I had my hairs raised on my arm I was shaking I almost cried it was beautiful and then what that what I was trying to do is just fucking hit people over the head with that fucking meme Hitler did nothing wrong no he fucking, you know, you know, he did at least that was not that’s what I was trying to do now I see you see my mind is so fucked right now that it’s already like no, because the argument is that the reason why all of those jews look like that see I could even talk about it, but here I have to say this the reason why they all looked like that was, because apparently the Nazis like ran out of resources I believe that’s the argument I know I’m butchering, or something like that, but they either had one, or two choices, you know, give it to their soldiers, or give it to the jews and, but dude at the same time it’s like what the fuck they’re in camps in the first place, you know, what I mean, Jesus I think I’m gonna go now and I think I’m gonna I think I’m gonna go for a long time I’m gonna figure something.






Jean: That’s actually human suffering.


Mouthy: Figure out what it is it means something to me and try and find out maybe I’ll go on a retreat find a woman for the retreat make babies you’ll see your life will take a whole new meaning can be really really really powerful and transformed especially with a reproductive vagina, but if I have like the consciousness that is just catered for it when I go into retreat it’s like boom and I can really, you know, fucking trip I can trip forget about the trips you’re tripping a little too much in your life what you need is to ground your penis into a functionally reproductive vagina see and stuff like when you close your eyes just like miles let’s try doing it while fucking a woman with no condoms see that’s the that’s the addict in me Andrea and really what I need to do is it’s chill and stay focused and be centered, but as for all my patrons first of all thank you thank you so much you guys pay for all my shit thank you it’s so like I actually feel gratitude in this moment right now for all of you and thank you so much so I guess all of this is just to say that I’m not enough I’m gonna really fucked up place too much thinking I have been I’m okay I love you guys they really do no matter who you are if you’re a fascist I fucking love you if your “Black Lives Matter” so you see that my mind brings up antipathy now when I say that, but even if you are dude whoever you are he thinks he’s been brainwashed by the alternative-right and he’s describing every single thing that happens in his mind, or whatever you are whoever you call yourself I love you all right so now he’s gone so yeah that’s a very interesting case of the transition between Cucuy and red peeling this is the first time I see it being dropped on the public space as honestly as this and he’s a very confused individual, but I love him too and that this was not a video to pull him down now as for the lacking father hypothesis he says on the chat my dad has been has been dead for a year now and it tells us that is that was brilliant so it may it may be that my hypothesis is wrong it may also be that that this event of death has thrown him on a tangent of losing his frame is grounding in life and now he’s surrounded by women and he doesn’t have a frame of life other than YouTube I don’t know these are things that would be worth exploring and if he wants to join me I can join this court that jfg that world on the Republic I’m sure you guys would be interested in hearing him, but it was very insightful and I think him for being so honest this is a this is pure art like everything he’s been doing on YouTube and it’s it’s very we are at a very special time of civilization to be having access to such high-quality and harnessed insight into the psychology of a confused individual so this was if and all our love to Mouthy Buda even the people who troll you on the chat and Mouthye Buda this is just my community they’re assholes I mean, I’m the Alpha assholes, but they are kind of baby assholes trying to do like me they are not so talented, but don’t let yourself be put down by their comments they’re just trolling and do the same with everything on the Internet have a great day!











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[Quietly spoken YouTuber, Way of the World (WotW), gently puts the boot into the Left’s empty rhetoric that never challenges the actual  ideas of nationalists, but just name calls, while only offering more degeneracy and destruction of our societies as originally formulated by jewish “intellectual” movements like the Frankfurt School. That we have truth on our side leads WotW to the conclusion that we will win — KATANA.]





Way of the World


Why the Alt-Right Will Win









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Published on October 3, 2017


WotW looks at the latest attempted hit-piece against the alt-right and why we mustn’t lose heart. Please support this channel at: https://www.patreon.com/wayoftheworld or by using the PayPal link on the channel homepage. https://www.facebook.com/wayoftheworld/ https://www.minds.com/WayoftheWorld https://www.bitchute.com/channel/wayo… https://gab.ai/WayoftheWorld https://vid.me/Way_of_the_World











So you probably saw the latest hit piece on the Alt-right from Right Wing Watch. It was the same old stuff we’ve seen before, profiling some of the leading voices of our movement, calling them extremists, and making compilations of quotations that frankly sounded, entirely reasonable. The piece also featured some other people who, whilst not in our movement, sometimes enter our orbit for various reasons, and who are laughingly called in the piece, “Enable of Hate”.



I’m afraid I couldn’t help, but belly laugh when I saw Sargon’s face staring back at me under that banner.



It’s just another day in “clown world”.



So this is just the latest piece of facile posturing, even against those who are simply willing to have a conversation with us and test the merits of our beliefs. I’ve said before that the left, at least those who are leading it and setting the agenda, know the threat we represent. The truth is pure poison to them. And they know we have it. And they know that once people are exposed to it, they will come our way. They are right to be scared and desperate.


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[Quietly spoken YouTuber, Way of the World, describes how the jewish controlled (((Left))) is systematically destroying the normal family, i.e., of a mother and father with their own biological children, by normalizing abnormal and freakish “family” arrangements, through, as an example, TV ads that celebrate everything but this.

He presents the socially poisonous ad for “McCain” french fry chips, that pushes the idea that with families, “Normal isn’t normal.

In contrast, he talks how an Australia TV ad by Dads4Kids, that inspire fathers to love their children and put their families first, was banned because it is considered too “political” while the gay marriage vote issue is going on in Australia.

Not explicitly stated here, but the purpose of organized jewry and their brainwashed Leftie goy tools in promoting abnormal “family” arrangements, especially with the biological father removed, is to destroy White society through breaking down the family unit.

This all part of their plans to bring about a jewish tyranny known as the Jew World Order — KATANA.]





Way of the World


How the Left Is Killing the Family









Click the link below to view the video:







Published on October 1, 2017


WotW looks at some leftist propaganda aimed at the traditional family — the building block of our very way of life — and what lies behind it. Please support this channel at: https://www.patreon.com/wayoftheworld or by using the PayPal link on the channel homepage. https://www.facebook.com/wayoftheworld/ https://www.minds.com/WayoftheWorld https://www.bitchute.com/channel/wayo… https://gab.ai/WayoftheWorld https://vid.me/Way_of_the_World











Ad voice over (Ricky Tomlinson): When it comes to family, what’s normal? Normal isn’t normal!


Does Mummy, Mum, Ma, Mama, stay at home mums, working mums, single mums, adoptive mums, I’m doing this on my own moms, nans who put me to bed and tell you not to believe in ghosts.


Or maybe it’s Dad who tucks you up? Dad, Daddy, two daddies, long distance daddies, weekend dads who pick you up and let you stay up late, but make you promise to never ever tell your mum. Maybe you never met your dad? Perhaps it’s Grandad who takes you out for that get about? Or your brother, half brother, your brother from another mother? Maybe your friends are your family, the family you got to choose, like your sister from another mister, who pops around for tea?

Families come in all shapes and sizes.

But it’s mealtimes that make a family! McCain! We are family!


WotW: This is a current advert for oven ready French fries. The kind of junk food routinely served up to children by parents who are often single and have either a lack of time, money, or inclination, to cook decent nutritious food.


So perhaps it’s no coincidence then that this junk food seller should be actively promoting any other type of family than that which is generally more willing and able to provide good, fresh, nutritious food, cooked with love.


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[Part 19]


[Benton Bradberry’s 2012 book, “The Myth of German Villainy” is a  superb, must-read, revisionist look at how the German people have been systematically, relentlessly and most importantly, unjustly vilified as the arch criminal of the 20th century. Bradberry sets out, coolly and calmly as befits a former US-Navy officer and pilot, to show why and how the German people have been falsely accused of massive crimes and that their chief  accuser and tormenter, organized jewry is in fact the real party guilty of monstrous crimes against Germans and the rest of the world.

Part 19 starts with the German invasion of France via Belgium, Holland, and Luxembourg on May 1940, thus ending the so-called “Phony War“. This was an essential survival reaction to the planned invasion of Germany by a British/French army. The “miracle at Dunkirk” was in fact an extraordinary peace overture, made by Hitler, to England. Despite this and repeated peace offers made by Germany, Churchill, the front-man for the jewish supported “War Party“, rejected them all.

Churchill’s personality is described, with his life-long love of war and indifference to the massive deaths of innocent people.

Hess’ flight to Scotland to negotiate with a group of pro-German elitists in Britain, known as the “Cliveden Set”, is described and how Hitler had hoped that if successful it would;
bring about, if not a military alliance of Germany with England against Russia, then to bring about a neutralization of England.

Both Churchill and Roosevelt worked together to bring America into the war, using among other methods, the jewish control over Hollywood to pump out pro-British, anti-German propaganda to bring America into the war on Britain’s side.

Unable to lure Germany into open war with America directly, Roosevelt achieved it by provoking the Japanese to attack at Pearl Harbor. The Tripartite Agreement then brought Germany into a war with the United States, accomplishing both Churchill and Roosevelt’s aim.

The Germans were then, as defenders of Western Christian Civilization, arrayed against not only a rapacious foe, the Soviet Union which threatened to sweep over and obliterate Europe, but also the “arsenal of democracy” the United States and its massive industrial capacity, able to supply all its allies without limit. Behind these forces against Germany stood Organized Jewry, directing the ever-growing carnage — KATANA.]







NOTE: The author has very generously given me permission to reproduce the material here — KATANA.

 The book can be bought at Amazon here: The Myth of German Villainy




The Myth of


German Villainy




Benton L. Bradberry








Chapter 1   –   The Myth of Germany as an Evil Nation

Germany’s Positive Image Changes Overnight 

Chapter 2   –   Aftermath of the War in Germany

The Versailles Treaty

Effect of the Treaty on the German Economy

Was the War Guilt Clause Fair?

Did Germany Really Start the War?

Chapter 3   –   The Jewish Factor in the War

Jews at the Paris Peace Conference

Jews in Britain

Chapter 4   –   The Russian Revolution of 1917

Bolsheviks Take Control

Jews and the Russian Revolution

Origin of East European Jews

Reason for the Russian Pogroms Against the Jews

Jews Leave Russia for America

Financing the 1917 Revolution

Jews in the Government of Bolshevik Russia

Chapter 5   –   The Red Terror

Creation of the Gulag

Bolsheviks Kill the Czar

Jews as a Hostile Elite

The Ukrainian Famine (Holodomor)

Chapter 6   –   The Bolshevik Revolution Spreads throughout Europe

Jews in the Hungarian Revolution

Miklos Horthy Saves Hungary

Jews in the German Revolution

The Spartacist Uprising in Berlin

Jewish Bolsheviks Attempt to Take Italy

Jewish Bolsheviks Attempt to Take Spain — The Spanish Civil


Czechoslovakia in Danger of Communist Takeover

The Comintern’s Aim? World Domination!

Chapter 7   –   The Nation of Israel

History of the Expulsion of Jews

Chapter 8   –   Jews in Weimar Germany

Jews Undermine German Culture

Chapter 9   –   Hitler & National Socialists Rise to Power

The 25 Points of the National Socialist Party

Chapter 10  –  National Socialism vs. Communism

National Socialism

Jews Plan Marxist Utopia

Chapter 11  –  Jews Declare War on Nazi Germany

Text of Untermeyer’s Speech in New York

The Jewish Persecution Myth

Effect of Boycott on the German Economy

Jewish Exaggerations are Contradicted by Many

Chapter 12  –  The Nazis and the Zionists Actually Work Together for

Jewish Emigration out of Germany

The Nuremberg Laws – 1935

The Zionist Movement

Chapter 13  –  Life in Germany Under Hitler

Night of the Long Knives

1934 Annual Nazi Rally at Nuremberg

Hitler Revives the German Economy

Hitler Becomes the Most Popular Leader in the World

Chapter 14  –  Hitler Begins Reclamation of German Territory

Chapter 15  –  The 1936 Olympics

Chapter 16  –  Anschluss”. The Unification of Austria and Germany

Austrian Economy Revived

Austria’s Jews

Chapter 17  –  Germany Annexes the Sudetenland

Chapter 18  –  War with Poland

The Polish Problem

Hitler’s Proposal to Poland


German-Polish Talks Continue

Jews Influence both Roosevelt and Churchill

British and American Political Leaders Under Jewish Influence

Roosevelt’s Contribution to Hostilities

Lord Halifax Beats the War Drums

Germany Occupies Bohemia and Moravia

Roosevelt Pushes for War

Anti-war Movement Becomes Active

Poles Murder German Nationals Within the Corridor

Chapter 19  –  The Phony War

Russo-Finnish War

The Norway/Denmark Campaign

German Invasion of Denmark and Norway

Churchill Takes Chamberlain’s Place as Prime Minister

Chapter 20  –  Germany invades France Through the Low Countries.

The Phony War Ends.

Churchill the War Lover

The Fall of France

Hitler Makes Peace Offer to Britain

Chapter 21  –  The Allied Goal? Destruction of Germany!

Chapter 22  –  Germany as Victim

Rape and Slaughter

Jewish Vengeance

The Jewish Brigade

Chapter 23  –  Winners and Losers





Chapter 20


Germany Invades France


Through the Low Countries


The Phony War Ends





On May 10, the same day Churchill became Prime Minister, Germany invaded Belgium, Holland, and Luxembourg, as the only viable pathway into France, which was Germany’s primary goal. This must also be seen as a pre-emptive strike, as Britain had already sent large numbers of troops into France, and a combined British/French army of 500,000 men was at that moment being organized for an invasion of Germany. Since their declaration of war on Germany, both Britain and France had been frantically building up their military forces in preparation for an all out offensive against Germany. Germany, as previously discussed, had tried to avoid a war with Britain and France, and even made a formal peace offer to both countries after the Polish war ended, but it was rejected out of hand. Not only did Britain and France reject Germany’s offer of peace, but went even further and began a relentless naval campaign against Germany, known as the Battle of the Atlantic, which included a naval blockade of German ports. It was clear that a land attack on Germany would follow as soon as the Allied military build-up was ready.



What was Germany to do, wait helplessly for the inevitable invasion? Again, Hitler seized the initiative and beat them to the punch with his invasion of the Low Countries on May 10 and his rapid push into France. France’s impregnable Maginot Line blocked a German invasion across the German/French border, but the Maginot Line extended only to the Luxembourg border. The border between France and Belgium, and France and Luxembourg was unfortified all the way to the English Channel. An invasion of France would have to go around the Maginot Line, through the only route available, and that would be through the Netherlands, Belgium or Luxembourg. Again, Hitler’s initiative was “reactive” in nature, and essentially “defensive” as opposed to “offensive.” All of Hitler’s military initiatives were of this nature; all the result of Allied provocations or of Allied threats. Britain, led by Churchill, was the provocateur throughout.


Three days after becoming Prime Minister, and three days after the German invasion of the Low Countries, Churchill addressed the House of Commons and made his melodramatic “blood, sweat and tears” speech. In the speech, he declared British war aims as:


Victory. Victory at all costs. Victory in spite of all terror. Victory, however long and hard the road may be, for without victory there is no survival.


Churchill deliberately ignored the fact that Adolf Hitler had made numerous peace overtures to Britain, had repeatedly expressed his admiration for the British Empire, had even offered German military assistance if needed by the British Empire, and had made repeated attempts to establish friendly relations with Britain, all of which were spurned. Germany had no designs on Britain and wanted above all else to avoid a war. It should also be remembered that Britain and France declared war on Germany, not the other way around. Germany’s occupation of Norway, as well as the invasion of the Low Countries, were actually defensive in nature, though Churchill and his “war party” held them up as the ultimate proof of Germany’s plan to conquer the world. Perhaps they even believed it.


Churchill’s life dream had at last come true. He was now Prime Minister of England, fulfilling his imagined destiny of heroically leading the British Empire to victory in war. Making peace with Germany was the farthest thing from his mind.


On May 10, 1940, German bombers hit air bases in France, Luxembourg, Belgium, and the Netherlands, destroying large numbers of Allied planes on the ground and crippling Allied air defenses. Elite squads of German paratroopers were dropped onto fortified Allied points along the front, neutralizing a key element of France’s defense strategy.


On the ground, German forces advanced in two directions: one through the Netherlands and northern Belgium (as Britain and France had expected) and the other, larger force to the south, through Luxembourg and into the Ardennes Forest on a path that led directly into the French heartland (which was completely unexpected). Unaware of the German advance to the south through the Ardennes Forest, Britain and France sent the bulk of their troops to Belgium.


During the first days of the attack, German progress toward Brussels and The Hague was slowed unexpectedly by the formidable resistance of the Dutch forces. On May 14, when the Dutch forces refused to surrender, the German Luftwaffe was unleashed for a massive bombing attack on central Rotterdam. Efforts were made to call the bombers back when the Dutch suddenly agreed to negotiate, but only a few of the German pilots received the message and turned back. The remaining bombers continued on and dropped their bombs on the city, killing more than 800 civilians. The Netherlands surrendered that same day.


The British and French plan to defend Belgium was to make a stand at a line of forts between the cities of Antwerp and Liege. Unaware that these forts had already been captured by German paratrooper units on the first night of the invasion, the British and French armies found themselves under attack on May 13. At the same time, the second German offensive to the south emerged from the Ardennes Forest, to the complete surprise of the Allies. Over the next few days, the main Allied armies were trapped between the two German forces, able neither to protect Paris nor to stop the Germans from advancing to the English Channel. Then, when the German troops to the south moved between the French and British forces, the Allies were divided and thus weakened still further. The Allied defense of Belgium turned out to be an unequivocal disaster.


German tanks emerge from the Ardennes Forest


While the main French army was trapped between the two German armies, the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) was pushed to the coast near the French port of Dunkirk. Over 200,000 British and 140,000 French, 340,000 in all, were trapped on the beaches of Dunkirk; sitting ducks for the German forces pressing in on them.


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[Quietly spoken YouTuber, Way of the World, describes how Whites’ energies are being channeled into sports and other forms of “bread and circus” activities by the (((globalists))), while our race and culture is being systematically destroyed by these same people who are importing the Third World hordes into our lands. He calls on Whites around the world to unite in racial solidarity and to fight against this, or face destruction — KATANA.]





Way of the World


Join, or Die!









Click the link below to view the video:







Published on September 17, 2017


WotW looks at what a chaotic football match in London can tell us about the divisions we have amongst our people.
Please support this channel: https://www.patreon.com/wayoftheworld
https://www.facebook.com/wayoftheworld/ https://www.minds.com/WayoftheWorld https://www.bitchute.com/channel/wayo… https://gab.ai/WayoftheWorld











Recently there was a football match in London between an English team, Arsenal, and they German team, Cologne, that caused a lot of consternation in the media. Twenty thousand Cologne fans travelled all the way from Germany for the game, and there was a lot of chaos and disorder on the streets, and some fighting inside the stadium. As I watched these thousands of young White German men screaming for their team, I couldn’t help but notice where they were from. Cologne!


Cologne is the city that will be forever etched into my mind as the place where, on New Year’s Eve, 2015, around twelve hundred defenseless White German women were sexually assaulted by Muslim immigrant gangs.


So, as I saw this army of young German men defiantly marching through London like a conquering army, I couldn’t help, but wonder where they had been on that fateful night, while their women were being savaged in their own city.


The modern phenomenon of watching sports has bothered me for a while. It bothers me, because most days of the week you can see huge crowds of young White men, their faces contorted with rage over a poor refereeing decision, or a wayward shot on goal.


But where is their rage at how their countries are being destroyed by their politicians? Where is their rage at the invading hordes of Third World immigrants living off their tax money? Where is their rage at the sexual violation of their wives, girlfriends, daughters, and mothers?


I guess these men save up all their rage for match day.


It was the Roman poet, Juvenal, who first coined the phrase “bread and circuses” to describe the frivolous preoccupations of a previously heroic, but now lost populace. Of the people of Rome Juvenal said, and I quote:


Already long ago, from when we sold our vote to no man, the people have abdicated our duties for the people who once upon a time handed out military command, high civil office, legions, everything now restrains itself and anxious hopes for just two things, bread and circuses” unquote.


The bread and circuses where the free wheat and public entertainment the politicians used to gain the favor of the masses. I see today’s popular culture of football, TV, and drinking, as much the same thing, i.e., ways of diverting attention from the real issues and maintaining the power of those overseeing the decline.


As in Rome, the men of modern Europe have become infantilized by a system that glorifies trivialities.


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[This twelve-minute video gives an overview of the statements of various front-men, overwhelmingly jewish, that publicly promote the “unconventional” genocide of Whites. The ongoing genocide is “unconventional” in the sense that it is not being carried out, yet, by outright blood-letting, as in massacres, but instead by stealth, by psychological warfare that has been going on for many generations now. The genocidal program is being carried out by driving White birthrates below replacement levels, through many methods, such as the promotion of selfish individualism, etc,. Organized jewry did major blood-letting through it being the architect of World War I and II, the “Russian Revolution“, and so many other wars.

The psychological warfare inflicted on Whites through long-term jewish control of media, etc., has mentally softened Whites up with feelings of guilt, to the degree that most Whites are willingly surrendering their lands and people to being invaded by the Third World, that given enough time will completely dominate and finally destroy White societies.

The video ends with a psychological call to arms. Whites need to wake the hell up to what is happening to them and identify the enemy, organized jewry. “Yes Virginia, it’s the f*cking jews!“, and do something about it. If we don’t, then we will be destroyed by the “architects” — KATANA.]










YouTube Description

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This is a video i found while on the interwebs





White Genocide


Explained by Its




Published on April 24, 2017









Rabbi: The Messiah will return only once Edom — Europe, Christianity — will be totally destroyed.


So I ask you: Is it good news that Islam invades Europe? It is excellent news! It means the coming of the Messiah. Excellent news.



Gregor Gysi: There has to be a legal [unbureaucratic] way to get asylum in Europe. Countries like Poland — very Catholic by the way — have to be willing to accept [more] refugees.



Oh, and by the way: Every year more native Germans die than there are born.


That is very fortunate. It’s because the Nazis are not very good at having offspring. This [decline of Germans] is why [we] are so dependent on immigration from foreign countries.


See you at the protest. Goodbye!


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[Andrew Hitchcock talks with Ole Dammegard about Ole’s journey into studying the world of political assassinations, and now his ongoing investigations into false flag attacks being carried out to further the aims of the New/Jew World Order.  His research has led him to the contentious conclusion that most of the false flag attacks following 9/11, that he has studied, have been staged. He discusses the practical reasons for this and also some of the standard methods to carry out false flag events — KATANA.]






Andrew Hitchcock


Ole Dammegard


False Flag Attacks



Click here for the audio:

Andrew Hictchcock with Ole Dammegard on False Flag Attacks


Click here for: Andrew Carrington Hitchcock webpage for this interview


Click her for Ole Dammegard’s website: Light on Conspiracies


Published on June 1, 2017



Andrew Hitchcock’s Description


On today’s show I was joined by Ole Dammegard, the world’s leading expert on, “False Flag Attacks.


We discussed: The history of political assassinations; crisis actors; various false flag attacks; Ole’s panel of experts that assist him in his investigations into false flag attacks; how we can prevent these attacks; and many other topics.









You are listening to TBR Radio, brought to you by The Barnes Review. Now the Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show. Your host, Andrew Carrington Hitchcock.






Ole Dammegard


Andrew: Hello everybody! And today I’m very pleased to have a guest who’s basically an expert on false flags. In fact, he even predicted four of them. I haven’t done a show on false flags before folks, so this is going to be the go to show for false flags. And I’m very pleased to bring my guest up right now. His name is Ole Dammegard. Ole, are you with me?


Ole:I sure am.


Andrew: Excellent. And thank you so much for joining me on the show. I’ve been following your work and I heard a recent show you did with Jeff Rense, which was excellent. As it’s your first time on the show, could you start off please by going through your background in as little or as greater detail as you would like, and also let the listeners know where I can find any websites. I understand you’ve also written some books, where they can get those. The nature of the books, etc., So I’ll hand it over to you to go through that for us, please.


Ole:Okay, thank you for that. I was born in Denmark many years ago. Then as a kid I moved to Sweden and started working as a journalist. And in Sweden I became extremely interested in the JFK assassination in the late seventy’s, beginning of the eighty’s. And almost obsessed trying to find out what actually happened there. Which is an incredibly multi-layered extremely well carried out assassination, if you want to see it from the attackers point of view. And that area led me into the assassinations of Martin Luther King, Robert Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln, and so on..


Quite early on, I started to see that these assassinations I thought was totally separated and had nothing to do with each other, had extreme similarities, once you started really digging into it. And after a while it came to a point where I almost felt like I was looking at a bullet point list of how to carry out a political assassination on a top-level, and how to, say, trick and lure the population into believing that it is the deed of a lone crazy guy.


Olof Palme n Stockholm.


Then in 1986 the Swedish prime minister Olof Palme was gunned down, or allegedly gunned down in the streets of Stockholm, and it was a massive, massive shock in Stockholm and other can countries nearby. But after a while, I mean, to start with, I thought:


Thank God I’m in Sweden where I can trust the police. I can trust the government. It is horrible that he was murdered but, of course, they will find the guy. There would be a proper investigation and all of these things, …


And then down the line a few months went by and so on, and after a while I started seeing the exact same template being used in this assassination as well. Which I just thought, how is that possible if these assassinations are not connected? How can they be carried out in a very similar way? And when I say similar way, I’m not I’m not saying on a street level, where the exact assassination took place, but the whole set up with multiple shooters, multiple get away cars. An investigation that is part of the crime. That is there only to stop anyone finding out the real truth and point out the patsy.


Scene of Olof Palme’s murder on March 1, 1986 in Stockholm.


The patsy, always the same, it’s a lone crazy guy. The reason why they want him alone is then by law there’s no conspiracy, and then if that person dies, or is suicided, then:


Case closed! Thank you and goodbye!


And the reason they want him crazy, is because then there’s no motive, there’s no reason for motive. He was crazy, or he was a fanatic and end of story once again!


Case closed! Thank you, go back to sleep!


And so, when I started seeing that happening in Sweden as well, I just thought, if I’m seeing something here then I should be able to predict what’s going to happen, since I had put together, over these thousands of hours that I put into both of the Kennedy assassinations and Martin Luther King, etc. Where I had a quite a clear bullet-point list that I put together myself., following these different cases and the similarities.






So I thought, if I am correct here then, and I went through the different things that had happened in the Olof Palme case, that was exactly similar to the other cases, then I looked at the old cases where I had like more than twenty years sort of, … I was that much ahead. And I said, if it’s the same template is being used in Sweden as well, then this is the next thing that would happen, by studying the old ones.


And two weeks later that exact thing happened in Sweden. Absolutely blew me away! Because then, I suddenly discovered that, I thought I lived in an innocent, small, little neutral country, that with one living in Sweden you are being pumped with all this propaganda about, there’s no crime, there’s no corruption, everything is fantastic, the most beautiful little island, White Island in the world, a perfect democracy, no need for bodyguards, and so on. This was in 1986, I mean, it since then it’s changed drastically.


So when I discovered that the same thing was possibly being pulled off in Sweden, I just felt:


My God! I need to do something about it.


So, I quit my job as a journalist. I moved to Stockholm right away. I took whatever job I could get. I started as a bus driver, cleaner and so on, and totally dedicated my life into finding out what was going on in Sweden. Because nobody seemed to be aware. And it was only, because I had put so many thousands of hours into the other assassinations that I had sort of higher overview of what was possibly being pulled off in Sweden. So I went up there, I met up, I joined a small little group of civilian investigators. I mean, people who, lawyers, former police officers, former military, custom officers, these type of people. Retired many of them, that were very, very concerned about what was going on in this nation. And it just took me into a very, very dark area that I had no idea what I was getting myself into.


Like I said, it was twelve years where I just dug into, … I mean, I spent, once again, thousands of hours. Every hour I was not working with my normal bus driving job, I was buried in file cabinets, or down in, what do you call it, newspaper files and documents. Everyone I could find that knew anything, I went there and learned as much as I could. Then over the years some of these friends that I was with, were starting to get careless, because they didn’t see that what the size of the forces we were up against.


Because, what I understood quite early on was that, we’re looking at the same kind of very global, very brutal force, behind these different assassinations. Carrying them out having different teams, but even sometimes the same participants of these teams, carrying out assassinations, but on a global scale! They just traveled from country to country when needed, and take out people. That’s their job and they’re professional and there are not very many of them. So they’re being used in multiple different locations.


And my friends didn’t, … They thought that this was just a Swedish assassination and had no idea that the investigation was actually part of the crime, which is very scary once you start understanding how these things are carried out. Because then, the people who you think you can trust are the ones that are the one you should be afraid of.


And it ended with two of my friends being murdered. And I had a visit at home. I wasn’t there, but they went into my apartment and made it very clear that they were aware of what I was up to. Then went out again, locked, everything was put back exactly the way it was before. Doors locked, everything, but in the apartment everything was turned upside down and so on, or some of the things were turned up. And there were some clear messages saying:


We see you! We know what you’re up to. Back off!


And so I felt at that point, since I started seeing a whole long line of accidents, suicides, drive by killings, murders that follows around these assassinations.






I mean in Sweden as well.


Jackie Kennedy reaching for part of JFK’s skull (click image to enlarge)


When it comes to the JFK assassination I have a list of like 370 people that have died prematurely, or in strange ways that had some kind of connection to this assassination. So I heard this interview with a statistician who said that the chances of you dying at a young age if you have any kind of anything to do with the assassination of JFK, as a witness, as police, or you heard something, or you were there, is one trillion higher than for a normal person. So it’s not to be paranoid to start understanding that these are really sensitive areas to get yourself into. Especially if you really get close to the real truth. This was before the internet, so especially then, if you had a lot of information that you were the only one that who knew about, that put you in a very dangerous situation. Nowadays the information speed has accelerated to an incredible speed now with the Internet, and how fast it is to get it out there and sort of secure your own safety in a different way.


JFK with Johnson. Johnson later went on to become part of the false flag plot to sink the USS Liberty in order to get the US to attack Egypt.


But at that point not good at all. And so, when my two friends died I was getting scared as well, because when you see how brutal the people on the street level, that take care of these operations, how brutal they are and how violently they deal with what they call “problems” ir is very scary. So, I decided I don’t want to be part of the statistics. I spoke to my girlfriend and said:


What do you say? Should we move, or should we leave Sweden?


And she had always been dreaming about changing countries, so boom, we left quite rapidly. And since then I’ve been living in Spain, since the year 2000.


What I’m doing is I’m over the years after, … The deeper I’ve looked into these top political assassinations, the more I discovered the ways of who is behind these murders, but also who is part and behind what is called the New World Order. The agenda to make a global overtake, where these top political assassinations are part of the overtake. Anytime somebody stands up for freedom all these beautiful values that normal people want, they become a threat to this, they call themselves the “elite” this small little group of very, very, dark individuals that wants the exact opposite. They want death, destruction, total dominance, total control, a depopulation, and so on. Very, very, dark! And very efficient in their way of moving forward.


And while I’ve been studying these over many, many years, I mean, it’s thirty odd years now, I’ve started to understand that false flag operations are a major tool for them to control us. Because over so many, I would almost say thousands of years, there’s always been a smaller group of people that thought that they were so much better than the rest of us. Wanted us to be slaves and just to accept anything they wanted to do, and also even pay them to control us and humiliate us.


A horrific staged event — blamed on a political enemy and used as a pretext to start a war or enact draconian laws in the name of national security.


So the big question has always been for them even, even from the old Romans and Greeks and so on, how can you control a population if you are few and they are so many? And the only answer that I’ve been able to see and I think they’ve also come up with, is through fear! It is only through fear that they can control us! So in times of peace when they haven’t been able to create a war, or something like that, where they can blame a real enemy, they have created boogie men, their own creation, or used what is called false flag operations.


A false flag operation is an old naval term where it comes from, in the old days when the British Empire was out there, Holland, Spain and so on, out conquering, raping and plundering the rest of the world. When they were out doing that, I mean, they were so powerful these nations that many times it would be no problem at all to just go in and overtake any kind of little country and so on.






But sometimes that could cause problems with trading agreements with their reputation and so on, so they came up with a much better idea, like a psyop [psychological operation] where what they did, was they put the enemy’s flag on one of their own ships, then they let their own ship attack themselves, and then suddenly they were in a situation where they were the victim and they had to defend themselves. So that then justified them going in, invading, rape and plunder. That was the whole idea. They did exactly the same thing, but through this psyop suddenly it became justified and they were treated like heroes afterwards! So it was a super, super psyop and black op that has been used, I don’t know how many times. Until this very day there are multiple false flags.


Andrew: That’s very interesting, Ole, the origin of the term “false flag” before we get into specific false flag events, have you got a website, or any books that you can describe for listeners, where they can find that information, please?


Ole:That’s very kind of you Andy, because I’m a one man band, I’m not part of any organization, or group, or anything like that. I’m not financed. So, I’ve got my website, it is “light on conspiracies dot com” light on conspiracies, plural, because there’s a lot more than one going on. You can find me on Facebook as well, ole dammegard dot com.


Coup D’etat (click to enlarge)


I’ve got several books, one of them is called “Coup d’etat in Slow Motion” Part One and Part Two. It’s about the assassination of Olof Palme, but with incredible connections into the Iran Contra Scandal, international arms trading, drug trading, pedophile trafficking, many, many other murders as well that are connected into this whole thing. Connected with the P2 Lodge, the Freemasonic circles George Bush is buried, deeply involved in this as well. And it’s extremely detailed, lots and lots of names, photos, it’s almost 900 pages exposing what actually happened. Even connecting it to the sinking, or blowing up of M.S. Estonia, the ferry that was blown up in September 94, with almost a thousand casualties, or dead.



I have another book called “Shadow of Tears” which is the true story about when I took an old bicycle and left Sweden on my way to South Africa, but instead ended up in Iran. In a country that I was quite afraid of, because I thought they were just a bunch of crazy people running around screaming “Allah Akbar”, shooting each other. But instead, I ended up in the middle of the war between Iran and Iraq and met the absolute, incredibly beautiful, generous people, but in an extremely difficult situation.


One of my friends was murdered down there and then I decided to do everything I could —this was in 84 — to help my other friends, my new friends, Iranian friends escape. So I smuggled one of them through former Russia, from East Germany up to Sweden. Where he’s now, a well renowned doctor in his area. And we got seven other people out to Sweden and to Canada. Then I got another book called — it’s a true story, pictures, everything in the book is true — “Shadow of Tears”, is the name.



I got another book called — it’s a small little power book — called “Re-mind Me”, read dash me. Of how to change your mind and how to learn to live a more balanced life where you let go of fear, where you can’t handle stress and pressure and where you focus on compassion, love and forgiveness. And this is exactly the way I live and how I keep balanced in these very, very dark and dangerous areas that I am in at the front line of.



Then I’ve got a kids’ book called “Yolanda Yogapanda”. It’s based on the old Raja Yoga principles. Raja Yoga, it’s not a religion, it’s more like, it’s even more than a philosophy, it’s almost like a manual of how to control your mind. How to calm down your mind, and how to sort of surf through life in the best possible way. And my intention is to try and share some of this to kids at an earlier of age as possible, so that they can become more balanced and steady, and also get a strong “yes and no” so that they can be part of creating a new beautiful world, even though they will be challenged in many ways during their life.






So, these are my books. I’ve got several more coming. I’m working on one called the “Global Tour of Terror” which we’re going to go get into, this false flag. I would really claim that what we see today is a coordinated attack globally, but carried out by a small little team, just like a rock band, but they’re scene is terror, international terror. And this small little unit is being transported in army planes from NATO countries to NATO countries. Then being helped and backed up on whatever country where they are. All of them are NATO countries, or countries that have some kind of intelligence, or security agreements with NATO, like Canada, Australia. Otherwise more, or less all of the countries involved and affected with alleged terrorism, are NATO countries. Because, what we’re looking at are inside jobs, inside jobs! I’m going to come back to that. Not Muslim terrorist at all, I’m telling you!


False flag terror attacks flow chart— a “zionized” modified version from 9/11 SYNTHETIC TERRORISM – MADE IN USA, by Webster Griffin Tarpley (click to enlarge).


Well, that’s about it. And I’m also right in the process of starting my own podcasts, which will be named, “Light on Conspiracies” as well. “Light on Conspiracies” is a very handpicked name, because that is what I try to do. Let the truth do the job, you know. In the light, right into the darkest of the dark areas, into the belly of the beast, and let the truth do it in a totally nonviolent, but very powerful way. Because all types of criminality, I think it includes more, or less all types of criminality, can only continue in the dark. As soon as we put the spotlight on them, they lose their power, they really do. And many of the people involved, I must say, are like cockroaches! Not a lot of backbone, nor courage. And you aim the light at them, they disappear. So, that is what I try to do.


Andrew: Excellent Ole! When we get into the false flags, if we go through, you know, I’ll let you pick which ones you want to go through in detail. But before you start with you first false flag and the information regarding that, could you let the listeners know of the four false flags that you predicted? And the way you were able to predict those false flags.


Ole:Sure. If I can just explain a little, how and why they are done first, and then we’ll get into that. Just like I said, the reason for false flag operations is a “psychological operation” of how to get the attacker to look innocent and become the victim, and then serve a solution that we would never ever accept had it not been for whatever the problem is. They base this on an old Roman template. We’re back to this, as behind a new world order, that agenda, are people in the thousands. We, the population of the world, are billions! So how are they able to pull it off? How are they able to keep us in this grip of fear and terror? And this is based on an old Roman template, called “Problem, Reaction, Solution”. This is extremely important to understand. Problem, reaction, solution! They, the elite few in power, secretly create a problem. This pro, mass shootings. These are the ones that are in fashion at the moment.






So they secretly create one of these events. The reason they do that is to get an emotional reaction from us. Problem, reaction. The reaction they want is totally emotional so we don’t use the brain, we just go into an “Oh my God! Oh my God! I need protection!”. That kind of mode. That’s where they want us so that we don’t think, we don’t take a step back and breathe slowly, start thinking logical, look at the evidence. No, they just want us to react. And then, when we are in that mode, then they serve us their solution. And their solution, every single time, is the same. More and more control, more and more militarized police, more and more surveillance cameras, more and more budget up, up, up, and financing unjust wars, their wars, or pumping in incredible amounts of money into the military, into the police, into the surveillance state, and so on. Blocking the borders more and more, all of them things that we would never ever have accepted had it not been for the problem. Problem, reaction, solution.


Now in the States, for instance, the elite have an — the elite, by the way, is their name of themselves, I don’t think that fits them at all. I have names that are not very pleasant that would describe this group in a more correct way — anyway, but I call them the elite, because that is what they call themselves, and that’s what you can see on the Internet, you can find out a lot about them under that name.


Okay, so the elite, what they do is they create this problem and, for instance, in the States where the population is armed, then that is the place where all of these mass shootings are. Why are the mass shootings in this States? Because: Problem, reaction, solution. They want to get rid of the weapons, so they stage all of these events where they claim that there’s been a mass shooting to get us into an emotional reaction. And the reason why they’re all, more, or less, always in schools and so on, is because women and children, that is the thing that can get the emotions going. So most of the time many of these victims or claimed victims from these actions are women and children. Female teachers, nuns, nurses and so on, to get the emotions going. Because once the emotions is going, then “boom” they can serve us their solution and we will accept it.


So nowadays, it’s quite interesting, because these false flags are being carried out in the hundreds, I must say, when you look at, … They are ramping up the speed. So, since our concentration span due to fluoride in the water and many other things, are a lot less than it used to be, now they need to, you know, serve all of these three things in one portion at the same time. So it’s almost when you see one of these things being carried out now days, you will see something awful has happened — and please understand just, because somebody is interviewed on TV does not mean that they’re not part of the operation. Just, because somebody is a reporter does not mean that they’re not part of the operation. It’s very, very important to understand that it’s through media that they pump this out. Media is crucial for them in this whole way of operating. So there will be something awful has happened, “boom” a bomb, something like that, horrific images are being spread in media, blood and dead bodies and so on, to get us into an emotional state of “Oh my God! Oh my God!” And then you see the reporter will interview — once again, the reporter is in on the operation, part of the operation, — will interview different witnesses and — the witnesses are also part of the operation — will say:


Oh! It was horrible! It was horrible! There were so many dead people! I saw dead children, or children without heads, or blood!


And whatever, all to get the emotions going.


Problem, reaction, our reaction sitting in the sofa just going “Oh my God! Oh my God! It’s happened again! I’m not safe anywhere!” and then, very often you will hear the reporter serve us the solution. Like when the Charlie Hebdo thing happened, the reporter said, “Well, since this is happened now, we need more airport security.” What the hell was that! There was nothing in the Charlie Hebdo attack that had anything to do with airports! Here we need more airport security. When the mass shootings at the island in Norway happened, the chief of the secret police, the Norwegian secret police, she said in an interview afterwards, right when this was happening, where people were totally blown away emotionally, saying, “Well, this would never have happened had the population been micro-chipped”. What was that? Do you see what I’m saying? So here you can see it being played out right in front of your eyes, if you are aware of how they do it.






Andrew: Yeah exactly. It’s like you say. It’s always guns in America, because of mass-shooting in America, because they want to get the guns. And they go for the most offensive sort of targets, so it will be schools, it will be children, and on that subject as well because with have a lot of these school shootings, the crisis actors, like, you know, people ought Robby Parker at Sandy Hook. It’s amazing isn’t it how a lot of these crisis actors, it’s like their job and you find at different false flag events. And people have been able to put together presentations on YouTube that clearly show the same so-called victims at different events, after they’re supposed to have died in previous events, or had loved ones lost in previous events, etc., So they’re not very adventurous, or in their choice of the people that they use. They obviously have quite a low-budget, for certainly the crisis actors they get involved, because you think it would make sense wouldn’t you Ole, to have different people at each event, not keep using the same ones?


Chip Tatum and Ole Dammegard are interviewed here on Red Ice Radio in 2014.


Ole:No it’s actually the exact opposite. Money is not an issue to these forces, because they even print their money themselves through the Federal Reserve Bank and so on. Not an option. They’ve got massive amounts. And I’m a personal friend of a CIA whistle-blower Chip Tatum, who in his career used to be part of some false flags as well. And, … I lost the thread now, …


Andrew: It was, …


Ole:Okay, yes the crisis actors. I believe that it was after 9/11 where you still had massive operation with massive amounts of real deaths. And it turned out very, very messy for these powers that carried out 9/11. Especially families that would not back down, that would not accept the official story, that was build an absolute lies and deception. Especially mothers. I mean, don’t mess with a mother with a dead child, even if the child was 53 and she’s 82. These women will not back down! And after 9/11 there was a series of mothers in different ages that were eliminated through accidents, murder, suicide and so on. But still others would not back down. And it came to a point I believe, around Boston Bombing, Sandy Hook. I think Boston was the first where it was a completely staged event. Where somebody had come up with the idea:


Why don’t we do it like. This instead of pulling off real terror events, inside jobs, but terror events with lots of dead people. Where we have to deal with these people for years and years, why don’t we create a small little unit where we can control all parameters. Everything! Including reporters, marketing agencies, coordinators, directors, crisis actors, experts on explosives, make up. All of it, but in one unit, including catering, including everything that is needed. And then we just use this unit just like a rock band on tour and just go from place to place, to place, carry out the exact same scene again, and again, and again. And the smaller unit we have the better, because then it’s a lot easier to avoid whistle blowers and so on.”


And I constantly get the question:


How come that there are no whistle blowers among crisis actors?


And Chip Tatum, who actually was the henchman of George Bush Sr. He was a commander of an ultra secret hit seen called “Pegasus” that carried out at least seventeen assassinations in the world, well in Europe and the Western world. He said that it is very, very simple to keep units like that in control. First you pay them well. Second, most of them are not very intelligent. You need to use actors that are not very good, because the good ones are already occupied. I mean, you will find them in adverts, or in photo shoots, or commercials, or in films and so on. So you can’t use the good ones, because they from a very early age, most of them, get into the film industry.






So you need to use normal ones, not very good ones, and many of them are now taken out of prisons, or sort of getting into this unit. This is also why when you see them being interviewed, it’s ridiculous, especially turn down the volume and you see most of these crisis actors are sitting smiling while they talk about these horrific atrocities, you know, like ISIS chopped the head of my father. You turn down the volume, the girl is sitting smiling. The same with a woman who just lost her two children, the woman is smiling. It’s called “duping delight”. It’s a psychological term, where people, when they know —especially a certain type of personality — know that they’re deceiving you, they just can’t stop smiling. “Duping delight” is the name.


Examples of “Duping Delight”: Compilation Of Crisis Actors In Duping Delight


But then, Chip [Tatum] said, first you pay them. Most of these have all of them have signed confidentiality agreements. Also, if they even order a single word they would be sued from here to the moon. But, should anyone, anyway, consider speaking out, or connecting, or contacting the media, or something like that, … They just have a small little gathering and then they beat up one of them in front of the other ones. Or they bring in somebody’s grandmother and they kill her in front of the eyes of all of them, or they kill a pet, or something like that. And that normally keeps them in total control. And this is how it’s done. And also this unit, I believe, is being transported on army planes to different, NATO bases and American air force bases, then transported in buses on location, wherever it is, in whatever country they’re carrying out the operation.


The buses there and the same buses carries [them] back to the base where they then take off to the next place. And these buses, you will see, they are recurring, again, and again, and again, where casualties are people in shock, or whatever, in these gold blankets, heating blankets, are being held and then put on buses. Very rarely in ambulances. They’re put into the ambulances then pulled out again and put on the bus.


I believe that it’s extremely important to understand this whole thing, to understand, to see that what we’re actually watching being played out in the world, is not that the world is filled with crazy fundamentalist Muslim terrorists that wake up and can’t think of anything else than blowing the rest of us to pieces.


Instead, these are inside jobs, connected very strongly with NATO, Gladio, Mossad is extremely involved in this, CIA, MI6. These are the major forces that are working in the background behind it.


And then, they’re just being flown from country to country, like I say, it’s like a revolving thing. If you haven’t noticed, it’s the exact same countries that are being allegedly hit, again, and again, and again.


And I humbly believe that what we’re seeing now is what I would call the, “Euro Spring”. If you remember some years ago there was what was called the “Arab Spring”, where the land in North African countries had revolutions, so-called revolutions. Where a leader was replaced by an another person through these revolutions. But it has later turned out that these revolutions was totally infiltrated, started, financed by the same forces. We’re talking CIA, Mossad and so on, to replace whatever person they had problems with, and also to take control of the central bank of these countries. To totally get control over the financial system in that country as well. And so it was through revolutions that they managed these Arab countries.


But in here in Europe, that wouldn’t work, because people are too content, they’re too well off, they’re too laid back. You can’t get them going with revolutions. I mean, it’s only since the French Revolution I think, that it happening in Europe. So what they need to do with these other countries is keep shaking them up with so-called “terror”. That is their way to destabilize each nation.






And so they just go around, and around, and around, and around, and speeding up. And now it’s come to a point where, quite a scary point I must say, where there’s companies, like especially one, Crisis dash Solutions dot com. You go to their website and they’re bragging, they have this video where they’re very proudly show how they can do these so-called security drills for our protection, or they say “game”, security games, where they show how they can pull off multiple attacks at the same time, simultaneously, even on different continents.


The only thing the participants need is online access. They can sit and be part of these almost war games from anyplace in the world, just with a laptop. And they’ve got different sensors, different organizations that take care everything from ambulances, fire trucks, police, military, or people that look like military, police and so on. Just because somebody is running in a police uniform, does not mean that he’s actually a police officer. We’re back to this, it’s an illusion being played out in front of us.


And so I think that is really good news. That instead of us living in a totally terrorized world filled with Muslim terrorists, we’re looking at a small little group like, “Pink Floyd” almost. But, but this is a Rocky Horror Show, like a terror group just on global tour. So instead of looking at the whole world that is in a major dilemma, we’re looking at a small little unit that are trying to scare us into obedience through media. So the thing is, it’s laughable really when you think of it! It’s really laughable, because once you start very early getting into and looking at the evidence in these events, it’s so poorly pulled off. So many times, really crap operations, I tell you. This is where we see these crisis actors, again appear, again, and again, and again. I mean, I’ve seen people that have died several times! It really makes you believe in reincarnation! [Andrew laughs] I’ve seen the same person, I have my own favorite, a woman she’s appeared in at least five different operations that I know of! You know, I mean, there’s shameless!


It’s this same, the same, the same, and so when you see something happen in London, or in Stockholm, or in Sydney, or in Ottawa, or in Fort Lauderdale, or, you just go on, and on, and on! Check them out! Check them out!


This is what I tried to do. In the background, do facial recognition, you know, this person who’s running around there, have I seen her before? Have I seen her? Yep! There she is, “boom”! That person over there, that person who’s on a stretcher there, that person who’s driving in an ambulance there?


I’ve also gathered like a small little the unit, almost of experts. You know, former police officers, forensic detectives, crime investigators, doctors, ambulance drivers, people from the fire brigade, and so on, to help me. And I do it in these interviews on my podcast, Light on Conspiracies, where we just go through, step by step. For instance I show them random pictures of these terror events, and just saying, … For instance this car that was said to have hit all of these people in Westminster Bridge, and then crashed into the railings and the wall outside the parliament. When you look at the damages of the car, what does that tell you? If you show the photo without telling the other person, the forensic detective, or the crime investigator, without saying the background, just look at the vehicle. That vehicle, as an example the detective right away says:


Well it’s some kind of a head on collision. It’s been hit slightly from the side, but with another vehicle”.


So I said:


So it’s not from hitting a wall?


No” he said.


Had it hit a wall you would see the structure of the wall, as sort of the shape of the wall, and so on, in the vehicle.


It would be very obvious. Like if you had a pole you would see that it’s a pole it’s hit and so on so. So he said:


No, absolutely not! This vehicle has hit another vehicle!


Also the impact has been very, very high, because the engine block is cracked, there’s oil underneath the vehicle, and so on. So when you look at it, the wall where the car is said to crashed right into, there’s not a scratch mark, nothing whatsoever! But it has hit multiple pedestrians, allegedly!






So we ask the question again. Could this be caused by human bodies? Absolutely not! Because human bodies are soft, vehicles are hard and when you hit a pedestrian there might be a slight bow, dent, down the front of the car, but most of the impact will be on the bonnet on the hood, or and the front windshield itself. That is where the impact will be. Not metal like that at all.


Also when you look at the how the ambulances were parked, how the buses were parked around Westminster Bridge. Absolutely blocking off every type of traffic around and so on. I asked an ambulance driver, police officers and so on, when you look at the way they parked, Sandy Hook and other events as well. When you look at the way these vehicles are parked have they been parked by normal ambulance drivers? Absolutely not! They would have been fired right away! What they have done is totally endanger the life of any victims, because they block any exit for any other vehicle. So why would they be parked like that? No reason! They couldn’t explain it.


Well I could, because they wanted to block out, so that we didn’t have any view from the outside to see in, what was going on, and so on. Also doctors, I had doctors look a, for instance, now there’s this girl that is claimed to have died in Stockholm. There were four claimed deaths, five actually now, and one of the images is of this twelve-year-old girl that has been torn apart by this truck. Horrific images, if you don’t know what you’re looking at. So I asked the doctor with more than thirty years experience. Please have a look at this image and tell me what you see. She said:


That is not a human body, because a torn body like that would have a complete bleed out. It would look like a bloodbath, because all the main arteries are torn off, and so on.


And here we see a torn apart body, but not a single drop of blood. She said:


It’s not a human body. I don’t know what it is, but it’s not a human body.


This type of step, by step, by step, by step, investigation is extremely important in my opinion. And I’ve done hundreds, and hundreds, I don’t know how many. Maybe it’s up in the thousands now of interviews where I’ve gone into great great detail about all the different events that I know of since. Especially since Charlie Hebdo, beginning of 2015, and then all of them since then. Which in my, once again in my humble opinion, all of them false flags! There’s not one single real one.


And over all of these years where I’ve even gone on location, on most of the locations in Europe, I’ve been to ten, or twelve, where these alleged attack have happened. I’ve been there trying to track down the victims, I’ve been on graveyards trying to find the graves. I’ve been to different authorities trying to get the paper, the death certificates of these alleged victims, and so on. I come up with nothing all the time, because they are staged events! Many times using phantom identities. So it’s a very, very strange area to get into, but at the same time, since this is the tool they use for us to accept their very, very brutal control, and get us to accept what they call the “new normal”. Where we see military people with automatic weapons walking up and down the streets, at train stations, at airports, for our protection it’s said! But when you really look into it, all of it is staged by them. All of it based on fake terror!


And I’m not the only one saying this. There’s Rod Blake [?] a CIA whistle-blower as well. He says all of them in the US, all of them have been staged event! Inside jobs, state sponsored terrorism.






Andrew: Yes Ole. When we go back to “problem, reaction, solution”, of course, what we saw after the Westminster Bridge attack was the Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, coming out and saying how terrible it was we can’t get access to Whatsapp messages, because this guy was supposedly using Whatsapp. Of course the basis for this attack was they want to get more control over your communications. And there are a bit annoyed that a lot of people are using Whatsapp and they can’t get into that. Whereas they can get into all your emails and all your text messages and all your phone calls.


So they are basically saying we’ve got everything apart from that. And that was what a purposeful for this attack, to justify the people, you know, to gain the public support for them having access to your private Whatsapp messages. Now we’ve only about ten minutes left. Now, we can overrun, so I don’t know if you’re able to do this, but could you go briefly through some of the false flags? Maybe the four that you predicted and as I said we can overrun, but I’ll hand book to you.


Ole:Well, one of the ones I predicted was on the twenty-first of February. I went out publicly on international radio saying it that Big Ben might be the next target. Very clearly pointing it out and then, “boom” exactly it happened. The reason why I been able to predict these and it’s actually more than four, but I can’t say for sure. Is that, according to insiders from the elite that have been turning whistle blowers, they say that the way these people see the law of karma is that if they don’t tell us, even in subtle ways, through media, films, or whatever, what they’re up to, what the in. But if they let us know and we do not react, then the bad karma is on our shoulders, the victims, not the attackers! So it is extremely important for them to put it out there, what’s going to happen next.


And it was in the beginning of 2015, I started understanding that they were actually hiding clues in the debris. So, wherever, you know, around the crime site for the next upcoming attack. Once I understood that, I thought, “Oh my God! This is a blessing in disguise!” Because now it’s only up to us to find it. Once we find it, we can hopefully, if we have fast we can, you know, get ahead of them and expose it before it actually happens.


So, it’s very important I believe to also see what is included in one of these terror events, and how can you expose it. Because normally I compare it to baking a pie, where you bake a pie, you can change the shape, the color, the smell, the taste of it, but it’s still a pie. You still have the same ingredients; flour, water, milk, I don’t know, butter, salt, whatever. Here we’re looking at Terror, but it’s like a “Terror Pie” where the exact same ingredients are being repeated. So it’s a matter of becoming aware of what are the ingredients, so that the next time they happen, whoa! Hang on! Before I buy into this, before I get terrified, I am just going to breathe, take a step back, and start looking.


So, the ingredients in a “Terror Pie” is, number one, a drill. There is always, always, always, a drill beforehand. And the drill is there for this group to be able to, … They go out on local radio, TV, whatever, in the newspaper, saying:


Well tomorrow we’re going to have a security drill for your protection!


And that then gives them the possibility to close off streets, to get into areas they wouldn’t be allowed to otherwise, without us interfering.


We’re just there being totally gullible, saying:


Oh my god! Thank god! It’s so considerate that they so want to protect us!


Many times possible, sometimes absolutely not! Then we look at these black ops. So the drill is extremely important. And the drill will have, more or less, the exact same scene as the real thing. Sometimes this drill will be a drill, and then go active in the middle of the whole thing. Like the 7 / 7 bombings, 9/11. These drills were there, in place, with many, many, many, many people involved in it, believing it was a drill. And then in the middle of it all “boom!” it just went live!






So the drill is extremely important. They have the drill there to be able to get vehicles in position, explosives in positions, crisis actors, catering, makeup facilities, smoke bombs, explosives, all of these things in position.


They also need access to some building close by, where they can park these vehicles, so nobody noticed them. That they can get catering, toilets, they can set up their make up, all of these things. Just really like a film shoot. Just like if they were shooting a commercial for Fanta [a soft drink] this is shooting a “commercial for terror”, identical set up, identical set up! And it would be surrounded by what looks like, they often are like in sweatshirts and trainers. They look like a little overweight former military people, that are just wandering the area, just walking around. But they’re there to make sure that nobody from the outside gets in and nobody from the inside gets out. That’s their job. So the drill is very important then the patsy as well, … It sounded like you wanted to ask something?


Andrew: No, no, no. Please carry on.


Ole:Okay, so the drill is one of the ways that we can predict what’s going to happen, or be aware of. So my Facebook page where I think, I don’t know, I’ve got like eleven thousand followers, or whatever, that I’ve got from all over the world, are sending me information as soon as somebody hears about a drill where they’re located, they send it to me. So it’s almost like a hub where as soon as I get the information I put it out there. There’s a new drill coming up. There’s a drill there, there’s a drill there, a drill there.


Because the whole idea is, if people, if we go there, the day before the drill is set to take place and during the drill film them. Film these individuals who are setting it up and who are carrying it out. And the important thing is to make it very, very obvious to them that they are being observed, that they are being filmed. Because, once again, they can only do these things when they’re hiding, behind the scenes where they are not being visible.


As soon as we see them we de-power them, we take the power away from them. So this is a very, very powerful, nonviolent way of stopping it! And then nowadays there are some fantastic apps [smart phone] one of them is called, “Bamboozle” where should you be approached by somebody that looks quite angry, or brutal, often in the form of a police officer, or what looks like a police officer — just because they’ve got a uniform does not mean that they’re real police, keep that in mind.


You can just film them and then say please, before you think about hitting me in the head with something hard, please know that you are now being filmed and it’s live on You Tube! Through this app, you just click one button, “boom!” and it goes live on You Tube! So you’ve got a live stream. And that can be a security measure that can really help you. It is also recommended to not go on your own, be a group of people and spread out and so on. And then just expose it.


The Bataclan — 2008 (click image to enlarge)


So, these are just a few of the ingredients, but since we’re running out of time you were talking about which ones that I predicted and how to predict them. For instance, at the Bataclan massacre in Paris, if you remember that on November thirteenth, 2015. The only image from inside this music theater where they claim that all of these people had died, it’s always, they claim that they’re all of these victims. I’ve been on location like I said, I’ve been looking everywhere! I try to get in touch with these people in multiple different countries! I try to get in touch with the families, the graveyards, … They don’t exist! I tell you, I cannot find them! And that is not normal.


I mean, that is very weird. It should be very easy to track down these people. It should be very easy to track down their graves, and their documents, and so on. But when you find them, when you see these victims that are being lined up, naturally thirty-eight died there, another twenty-three died here.


And you see, the places you find them are on Facebook, but the so-called paper trail is very, very short. It goes like three months, or something like that back, and then they’re not there. But if you and I, if we sort of asked for all the information that is available on us on the internet — there ways to do that — you would get thousands of documents! You do the same with these individuals, you get three papers.






So, “Bourne Identity” is one movie that is recommended to me by different CIA operatives that shows quite a lot — in a Hollywood fashion — but still shows quite a lot about how these things work, how they’re sleeping agents with multiple identities, how creating new identities is not a problem at all, and so on. And I believe this is often what we seeing.


So, I don’t know how to make this short, but in the evidence, for instance in Bataclan, there were all of these dead bodies, or claimed dead bodies on the floor. Around them were painted with like a one metre wide brush it looked like in blood, what appears to be a heart shape. Very bizarre with these dead bodies put on top of it that.


Inside the Bataclan (click image to enlarge)


When I saw that I couldn’t understand what it was. I thought it was some kind of, … For one thing they said that this blood thing, was because somebody had tried to save a person and drag them around. But would you drag somebody around in a heart shape? I mean, we’re talking like ten fifteen yards, and how can you make somebody bleed that evenly, almost like three, four feet wide? I mean, you cannot! It is put there on purpose. Then when the Brussels airport attack, or alleged attack, when that happened it turns out that the logo of the airport is identical to that exact thing. [heart shape]




Then at the Brussels airport attack I found that there was one cafe called, Cafe Lin [sp] in the background of where these bombs are claimed to have happened. I’m saying all of these are false flag. That I stand for one hundred percent. And in the background behind all of the furniture turned over and so on, there was a painting, a wall painting of the Eiffel Tower lying down, horizontal. And I thought “Oh my god! That is so weird!” Could that be the one? So I went out publicly. This was the second, or third of them and said:


Please be aware, please be aware it’s possible that the Eiffel Tower is the next one.


Then one week later, ISIS, or they claim ISIS, came out with a video threatening to do exactly that thing with the Eiffel Tower, with an identical image of the Eiffel Tower, more, or less, horizontal.


And then when the Nice attack happened — absolute false flag once again — when that happened, at the exact same night, the Eiffel Tower was attacked! Most people don’t know about it, but it was covered in smoke and flames, the bottom part of it. Where they later said:


Oh, there was a truck standing underneath it and there was some fireworks that went off.


But it was all lit up, with spotlights around and it looked almost covered in smoke and flames at the bottom part.


Then, in the Nice attack there were things pointed toward what I saw was Acropolis in Greece. So I went out and warned [about] it. And please understand, every time I went out and publicly tried to warn about these things, there’s a big chance that I might look like an absolute idiot, so it’s not something funny to do. At the same time, I just feel the need to do it if I can possibly be part of stopping this madness. So instead of Acropolis, it turned out to be Olympia, which is right in front of Olympia [Acropolis] . But there was the Olympia, the supermarket, in Munich instead.


Then in Munich, so I tell you’re talking about how the same people appear again and again. When the Nice truck attack happened, there was one person filming it from a balcony. The balcony filmed on was the Westminster Hotel on the Promenade des Anglais, on the English Promenade in Nice. And the guy that filmed it, his name was Richard Gutjahr, a German journalist, an internet sensation. And every time when somebody just a happens to be there filming, especially before anything happens, that is the type of people you really need to check out. Because why would you have the camera up there filming before something happens? If you are I, if something happens, “boom!” you pull out the camera you start filming. If you film and then, “boom!” there’s a big chance that you are somehow, you know, about what you are going to see, otherwise there’s no reason for you.






Anyway, so it turns out when we checked out Richard Gutjahr that he’s married to a woman called Einat Wilf. Einat Wilf is a former member of Knesset, which is the Israeli government. She is a former advisor for Shimon Peres, and she did her military service, strongly connected to Mossad, in Unit 8802, I believe it was.


Okay, so what are the chances of Richard Gutjahr being married to somebody directly connected into Mossad, when Mossad is very, very strong. Their appearance has been very strong in Europe for the last few years, at least, in these operations.


Anyway, so a few days later, “boom!” it happened in Munich, and who was there filming? Richard Gutjahr! What are the chances? And one of the main individuals that were being interviewed* on international media, was a young girl called Thamina Stoll who is there and running around and so on. So who’s Thamina Stoll? Well she’s the daughter of Richard Gutjahr! Okay, And just a month, or so before that, she was there with photos taken of her together with Hillary Clinton. And Einat Wilf the wife of Richard Gutjahr had just been and had taken photos with Shimon Peres, who had just been with Obama. So, very, very strong connections, this tight little family has.



Then the Berlin truck attack happened, and I thought, “Oh my god, are we going to see Richard Gutjahr here again?” No! Are we going to see Einat Wilf again? No! Instead we had Shlomo Shapiro, who is an is Israeli terror expert, who was on location in that small little Christmas market when this is said to happened. He left just a few minutes before. And who is his colleague at the university in Tel Aviv? Einat Wilf!


You see it’s the same, it’s a small little unit traveling around. And then when they get exposed, like Richard Gutjahr, they can’t use them anymore. So the more of them that we can expose like that, we neutralize them, but in a totally nonviolent way. Which is my way.


Andrew: Thank you very much Ole. Is there anything else you’d like to go through before we sign off for today?


Ole: I mean, I can keep on for at least another eleven hours, straight on in these areas! So anytime you want me back on, just any area, any assassination, just let me know.


Andrew: Absolutely!


Ole: I would like to say, if I can brag a little, is that I was the receiver of the Prague Peace Prize last year and have also been a nominee for the Lighthouse Award, because the intention, my intention is peace, understanding, compassion and lifting this world to a new beautiful level. Becoming fearless together and stop this madness, because that is the whole idea. Not to just thrive in conspiracies and thrive in all of these things. I just want it to come to an end, where this small little group, I mean, it is like a cancer growth that is trying to kill the rest of the body. And we need to expose it, otherwise we are in big danger. So, …


Andrew: I agree. Before we go can you let the listeners know your websites again, your Facebook, and also where people can go to get your podcasts, because we’ve only been able to touch on issues today that I’m sure you go into far greater detail. So, just get that information again, please Ole.


Ole:Okay, my website is Light on Conspiracy’s dot com, Light on Conspiracy’s dot com. My Facebook is Ole Dammegard. And like I say, it’s like a hub I use it really like, almost like a headquarters. Because, when one of these attacks happen it’s almost like a battle between the dark and the light, it’s like information war where they spread lies and I feel less extreme urge to try and see what actually happened. And then as soon as I find out the facts, get it out there! Get it out there, get it out there to neutralize these lies, and so that people can start clearly seeing what actually happened and understand who is the real enemy. Muslim terrorists, or their own government? And unfortunately, I would say it’s the people put there to protect us.






You can always see the people that I’m doing it to you, are the ones that come out afterwards, stand up and say:


Our nation has been attacked! We need to stand united in the face of terror! We will not bend down!


These are the people who are doing it to you! These are key people. You can also see in the police investigations, because these are inside job, at so the people that are there press conferences, that are there leading the investigation, and so on. These people are the ones that are involved on a low-level, still involved, so you can pick them out, one by one, like that. And then when it comes to on the level of politicians, and so on, check with the Bilderberg Group members in the Bilderberg Group, Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission.


These are the organizations where you can see their real agenda, what is actually going on. And also why they carry these things out. So, my podcast which is going to go live within a day, or two, is called Light on Conspiracies, Light on Conspiracies. And I’ve got multiple books and you can just search my name on Amazon, also on You Tube there. I don’t know how many hundreds of interviews, where I go into very, very great detail about all of these big events, all of them.


And also, like I mentioned before, I’m a sort of a one man band, not financed by anyone. This is not my job, but I’m dedicating full-time, since years. Because I feel that we if we don’t do anything, if we don’t wake up and see what’s actually happening, we are in deep danger! It is a very dark future if we don’t wake up. But, if we wake up and see what actually going on, we can create a fantastic place for us to be. So, if you want to support me, or a fair exchange of energy, please sign up for my newsletter, my membership area on my website, or buy my books. What I use the funds to feed my family, and then get out there on location.


I’ve been to the London bombings, I’ve been to the Madrid bombings, the beheading in Watford, and in the mass shooting in Norway, the blowing up of the government in Norway, Stockholm attacks there. I’ve been to the airport in Brussels and the Metro in Brussels that are said to have been blown up. I’ve been to the Queen’s Day massacre in Holland. I’ve been to all of the different places in Paris, Charlie Hebdo, Bataclan, all the different cafes with an undercover photographer. I’ve been to Copenhagen shooting and so on, and so on, and so on.


Where I also aim to do a documentary series where I, on location, just like David Attenborough can be on a remote island showing off some kind of weird rare monkey species, I go on location with a photographer. And on location, take the viewer, step by step, by step, trying to expose what actually happened. Because once you’re on location it makes it so much easier to see that, mu God, the distances are just so different and that it’s not important that it’s not possible, the vehicle could not come from that point of view, because that is a one way street, and so on, and so on. And once you compare the official story with what you find on location, backed up with all the facts, it is like up against Tyson; game over! Boom! The truth is so powerful. So that is what I try to do as well.


So, Andy, would it be okay, for you if we end with a prayer?


Andrew: Yes absolutely! You good ahead please.


Ole:Okay, I’m not a religious person, but I am a human being that wants to make a difference. So here is a prayer that I really believe in. It goes like this.


May the entire universe be filled with peace and joy, love and light. May everyone, and especially ones who hurt us, be filled with peace and joy, love and light. Victory to that light.


Because these forces, these individuals, these people also need healing. If they don’t heal this madness will just continue and many of them, even though their absolute assholes, are victims of victims. They have been victimized themselves through different and corrupt themselves, or tricked into corruption. And so we are at a point where I think, let go of the blame, and the hate, and the revenge, and all these things. We need to heal this planet here. We need to save this whole thing before it goes down. And so leave these other negative feelings aside, step forward, become fearless, be part of exposing these things. And also to people who are on the other side, please get some balls, get some backbone, time to step up, become a pure human being, redeem yourself by showing what you’ve been up to. What your part have been in this, to help the rest of us understand the bigger picture. Every whistle-blower is extremely important. No guarantees, you have been in deep shark waters with people that are very scary. Horrible things can happen, but if you do not step forward, your soul will be forever damaged by this thing. You know, you cannot get out of it, so the only way forward, get some courage, step forward, join the ninety-nine percent instead of the one percent that are killing the rest of us.


Andrew: Thank you very much Ole! Wonderful show today. It was a real one on one, on false flags. Well thank you so much for joining me. I want to thank everybody for listening. I’ll be back with you all soon, and bye for now.


You have been listening to the Andrew Carrington Hitchcock show on TBR Radio. Brought to you by the Barnes Review. Andrew’s book, The Synagogue of Satan is now available on his website, Andrew Carrington Hitchcock dot com in an updated, expanded and uncensored edition.









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