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France - Sentence to 2 years in Jail - COVER Ver 2



[Here’s the transcript of video by a French blogger activist, Boris Le Lay explaining how he’s been persecuted and sentenced to jail for expressing his opinion about the Islamization of France and the West in general.

Although the speaker talks only about the Muslim problem, readers should be aware that the Muslim invasion of Europe is merely one symptom of the disease of  jewish supremacism. It’s organized jewry that is the driving force behind the Third World invasion of Western countries, as part of their push for a Jew World Order by creating chaos in Western countries and then offering them the “JWO Final Solution”, aka, a jewish tyranny.

Please note I’ve made some minor changes to his English to make it a smoother read — KATANA]



France : Sentenced to Two Years in Jail


for a Blog Post Against Islamization



by Boris Le Lay


France - Sentence to 2 years in Jail - VIDEO




Click on the above link, or copy the link into your browser to view the video.


Published on Apr 25, 2016

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Hello guys, my name is Boris Le Lay. I am a French national officially, even though I consider myself as a Britton national, because I come from Brittany in the western part of France. Brittany is culturally related to Wales, in the UK for those who know a bit of history, about those regions.


France - Sentence to 2 years in Jail - Map Brittany


I made this video, because I wanted to talk to an English speaking audience and the American public, in particular, about what’s going on in France. I have just been sentenced last week to two years in jail, for a blog post I made on a website I used to participate in, regarding a previous [jail] sentence, in 2015.


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Most Anti-semitic Video - 1911 - COVER Ver 2


[This is the transcript of a 15 minute video by Evalion giving, in her endearing teenage anime style voice, a summary on how jews have been secretly subverting our societies for a long time.  Organized jewry has been poisoning our societies through the promotion of a multitude of degenerate movements and “isms” that sell themselves as being beneficial to minorities, while not letting on to the true reason behind these agendas, that of destroying our societies, for the purpose of taking us over step by step, to create a Jew World Order — KATANA.]



Most Anti-semitic Video - 1912 - VIDEO



[NEW LINK ABOVE (as of Dec 31, 2018) — The previous links have been “shoahed“, jew to “hate speech“. This video is in “limited state” on YouTube requiring the viewer to click an “I understand and wish to proceed” button. ]

Click on the above link, or copy the link into your browser to view the video. If the link doesn’t work then do a search for the title in your browser.


Republished on Apr 17, 2016




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The Most Anti-semitic Video Ever


The Truth About Jews


Why Hitler Wasn't Evil - Evalion


By Evalion








Recently my video, “How to Identify a jew” got posted to the h3h3 sub Redditt. And it got a lot of attention from people that probably have never been exposed to the kind of stuff I talk about here on my channel. I was pleasantly surprised to see people asking me questions and willing to learn more about what’s going on in the world today.


Most Anti-semitic Video - 1782 Understanding the World


In this video I want to talk further about understanding the world today and the impact of jewish influence.


Most Anti-semitic Video - 1783 German children identifying the jew


I am a realist. When I look at the world, I notice that obviously we do not live in a utopia.


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Why Hitler Wasn't Evil - 794 COVER Ver 2


[This is the transcript of a 7 minute video by Evalion giving, in her endearing teenage anime style voice, a short summary of why Hitler wasn’t (((evil)))*, but was in fact, the opposite of that — KATANA.]

* It’s become a trend in some “Alternative Right” circles to indicate the nasal voice of a whiny jewish speaker by enclosing key emphasized words in multiple parentheses/brackets.



[NEW LINK ABOVE — Her account has been “shoahed“.]


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Published on Apr 20, 2016




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Note: Pretty amazing growth in all stats.

She now has 53,621 subscribers, up from 3,747 when I made this post. Also note the number of Dislikes.

Apr 30 — Views: 17,381 – Comments: 747 – Likes: 1,017  Dislikes: 194

Apr 26 — Views: 12,332 – Comments: 745 – Likes: 845  Dislikes: 156

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Apr 22 — Views: 7,041 – Comments: 493 – Likes: 580  Dislikes: 77 
Apr 20, 2016 — Views: 4,079 – Comments: 287 – Likes: 453  Dislikes: 48







Why Hitler wasn’t




Why Hitler Wasn't Evil - Evalion


By Evalion








Why Hitler Wasn't Evil - 731 Hitler baton salute color


The media and school system has told you all your life that Adolf Hitler was the most evil man to ever live. Unfortunately you were told lies, and you most likely believe them.


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Teaching Whites about Jews - 1782 - COVER


[This is the transcript of a 43 minute video by the History Reviewed Channel guy, in his usual measured tone, on the need to teach Whites about jews, especially about their unparalleled ability to lie and deceive. An exemplar of this is the hoax of the twentieth century know as the “Holocaust”.


HRC guy spent most of his life revering, looking up to jews as a special victim group that deserved our respect and protection. Then he began studying WW II history and to his shock and horror discovered the truth about jews and how they are at war with Whites with the intention of destroying us.


HRC guy is originally from Rhodesia but has, since the early 1980s, lived in South Africa where he has witnessed how a once White run First World country has deteriorated into a complete mess under black rule, engineered by organized jewry — KATANA.]




Click on the above link, or copy the link into your browser to view the video.

NOTE: The original site was banned, so the above link is from someone re-posting the video. If the link doesn’t work do a search for the title in YouTube — Feb 13, 2017.


Published on Sep 5, 2015



I discuss my attempts to teach Whites about jews & also give examples of self-serving jewish stories that are passed around to make people believe they are victims. Jews want everyone to believe they are victims.


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Apr 30 — Views: 9,541 – Comments: 292 – Likes: 302  Dislikes: 28
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Apr 17 — Views: 8,856 – Comments: 279 – Likes: 282  Dislikes: 27

Apr 16, 2016 — Views: 8,785 – Comments: 279 – Likes: 280  Dislikes: 26







Teaching Whites


about Jews


By History Review Channel








Welcome to the History Reviewed Channel where we analyze the lies and deceptions of history.


Some time back I did a video called “Jews 101: Whites Colonised Blacks, jews Colonized Whites”. It was an attempt to try and convert some old military officers who I know very well. And these old guys used to like my African Crisis website. They used to like my work when I was exposing the communists and all the sneaky, nasty things that the blacks were getting up to, and all the deceptions and murders, and so forth, that were carrying on, that people didn’t know about. So they supported me when I did that and they loved it, because they knew I was telling the truth. They knew the media was talking nonsense. And they were delighted that somebody was bothering to stand up.


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Paris False Flag Exposed - COVER



[Here’s the transcript of a short video made by Ken O’Keefe giving a brief outline on how ISIS, contrary to Western propaganda, is an organization secretly created, funded, trained and supplied by the West and its allies in the Middle East for the immediate purpose of destroying Syria.As such, recent terrorist attacks, like in Paris, are false flag events engineered by our own intelligence agencies as part of a larger plan to create chaos and assist in bringing in the New/Jew World Order. As an aside, O’Keefe still has plenty to learn as he seems to hold to the conventional jewish created worldview of the 1930s and National Socialism  — KATANA.]



Click on the above link, or copy the link into your browser to view the video.


Published on Apr 10, 2016




John Pilger, Ken O’Keefe and Gearoid O’Colmain discuss the causes/government complicity in the Friday 13th, 2015 false flag Paris terror attacks and the absolutely incontrovertible facts that make clear that so-called ISIS is an extension of western so-called “intelligence services” … and therefore, any attack by “ISIS”/“IS”/“ISIL”/ etc., is in fact, an attack by our own Western governments against the people of the nations these traitors are meant to represent.


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Apr 11, 2016 — Views: 3,926 – Comments: 113 – Likes: 608  Dislikes: 2






Paris False Flag Exposed


John Pilger, Ken O’Keefe


and Gearoid O’Colmain



By Ken O’Keefe



      Paris False Flag Exposed - 1728 - Hollande


Paris False Flag Exposed - 1729 - Pilger on RT


Pilger: We are at war! The republic is at war! Well, sure. Yeah, he’s at war and he’s supplying the wherewithal, the arms for that war, for the very enemy that he denounces.


Paris False Flag Exposed - 1733 surface to surface weapon


Announcer: A shocking truth as unfolding. America has been arming ISIS! Just hold that thought. America has been arming ISIS! That’s the context in which you need to understand all of this. America has been arming ISIS!

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The Holo Lie - 0000 COVER


[Horst Mahler describes the creation of the Nuremberg Trials by American jews and how the trials were kangaroo courts that lynched the Germans  — KATANA.]



The Holocaust Lie


Made in America



circa 2006





No one denies that America and Germany incarcerated certain fractions of their populations under guard as war measures in the 1940s.  Americans like to forget that at least 120,000 Americans of Japanese extraction were rounded up and put in concentration camps in the western United States for the duration of the war.  However, they never permit the Germans to forget that Jews in German-controlled areas of Europe were treated likewise, though the reason was the same — a specific group was detained because some unknown fraction within it was a danger to the war effort and neither country was willing to risk letting it remain free for possible sabotage.  There is no dispute about this.  It happened.


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[This post is for occasional news and miscellaneous items that readers may find of interest. The latest is posted at the top — KATANA.]


News and Miscellaneous – 201604



News and Misc - Dividing Line



Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler!



April 20



Hitle's Birthday - KAT



News and Misc - Dividing Line


Bradley R Smith - Cover



Special Edition of Smith’s Report, #220


March 2016, 36 pages, is now online!


In this Issue of Smith’s Report # 220 Special Edition you will find:


Bradley Reed Smith – Our Hero, by Germar Rudolf

Remembering Bradley R. Smith, by Richard Widmann

Remembering Bradley, by Ernst Zündel

Farewell to an Optimist, by David Cole

A Life That Made a Difference, by Arthur R. Butz

Bradley Smith, by Robert Faurisson

Remembering Bradley Smith, by Mark Weber

Losing a Wise Friend, by Germar Rudolf

Libertarian Free Spirit Was Masterful Revisionist Writer and Activist, by Michael Hoffman

Bradley in Baja, by Roberto Hernandez

Bradley Smith, RIP, by Chip Smith

Bradley Smith: In Memoriam, by Samuel Crowell

My Memory of Bradley Smith, by Michael Santomauro

Revisionist Bradley R. Smith Has Passed Away, by Kyle Hunt

We Love You, Bradley! Community Voices

3D Imagery Demonstrates the Auschwitz Hole Hoax, by Eric Hunt

Refusing to Look through Galileo’s Telescope, by Ken Meyercord

ADL: BoB’s Rap “Flatline” Promotes “Holocaust Denial”, by Hadding Scott

Ted Nugent, Gun Control, Jews and Nazis, by Hadding Scott

French Revisionist Comedian Banned from China, by David Merlin

Georgetown University Gets $10 Million for Holocaust Study Center, by Roberto Hernandez

Israel to Form Coalition for World Internet Censorship, by Roberto Hernandez

The Vermont Cynic: Bradley Smith’s Last Campus Project, by Roberto Hernandez

Architectural Considerations Not Anti-Semitic, by David Merlin

Activities, by Santiago Alvarez


You can read each item here (opens in new window).



Click to download a PDF of the Special Edition of the Smith Report (1.2 MB):

Special Edition of the Smith Report (220)


News and Misc - Dividing Line


[In this two part video, the studied History Reviewed Channel guy outlines, through analogy, the similarities between serial killers and organized jewry in their methods of using various ruses to lure their victims into a position of weakness and vulnerability that end in death traps.

While serial killers can practice and perfect their deadly craft over decades, organized jewry has had generations, centuries, if not millennia to hone their tyrannical craft of slaughter through engineering wars, revolutions, and every other form of destruction, and now, presently using the ruses of Liberalism, liberation and freedom, etc., that will result in our eventual enslavement and death unless we wake up, resist and destroy these destroyers.

The clearest manifestation of Organized jewry’s power and genocidal intentions today is their engineered invasion of all White countries by the Third World, with the aim of destroying White people.




Don’t Listen to Serial Killers


& Jews: Part 1



Published on Apr 3, 2016

(24 minutes)

We examine the similarity between Serial Killers & Jews. The way Jews behave towards ALL WHITES ON THE PLANET is EXACTLY the same way Serial Killers behave towards their victims! We look at the psychological tricks of Serial Killers in preparing their victims for their murder and how it is similar to what Jews and Liberals do to whites. Do NOT listen to what Liberals & Jews have to say!




Don’t Listen to Serial Killers


& Jews: Part 2


News and Misc - 201604 - Don't Listen to Serial Killer and Jews Part 2


(87 minutes)





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