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Hey Brussels - COVER


[Very frank article on the recent Brussels bombing, where the author cuts to the chase and points the finger at the ultimate cause of it, namely Organized jewry — KATANA.]



Hey Brussels: It’s Fun to Fight 


Wars for the Jews, isn’t it?


by Thomas Dalton


Mar 22, 2016




[Original document found here:





Earlier today [Mar 22] there was a series of attacks in Brussels. It involved two or three explosions, at the airport and a metro station, killing some 30 people, according to initial reports. The Belgian news agency Belga reported that there were “shouts in Arabic” just before the explosions. ISIS has allegedly “claimed responsibility.


Hey Brussels - Problem Reaction Solution

[Image] The Machiavellian ABCs, or in this case the PRSs of engineering tyranny over a society. Create a “Problem“, get the expected “Reaction“, then offer the “Solution“. Even the somewhat nutty David Ike gets it, without mentioning any “lizard people“.


Obviously it is too soon to know many of the details, but even now, we can be certain that this was one of two possibilities:


(1) an attack by actual Arabs or Muslims, or;

(2) a false-flag operation by Zionists or Jews, and made to appear as a Muslim attack.


Either way, the Jews had a hand in it. Either way, Europeans have once again fallen victim to Jewish deceit.


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RIR - Nick Griffen Jack Sen - COVER


[Red Ice Radio interviews the well known, in British politics, Nick Griffin and also a relative new-comer to British politics, Jack Sen. Both these men are in some circles controversial, for their own reasons, but nevertheless this interview is quite interesting — KATANA]




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RIR - Nick Griffen Jack Sen - Progress Chart 14



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RIR - Nick Griffen Jack Sen - VIDEO



Nick Griffin & Jack Sen – The Battle for the Future of Europe – Hour 1


Posted on Mar 25, 2016


Nick Griffin, described at various times as “the most dangerous man in British politics” and “the most successful far-right leader in British history,” has been active in radical nationalist politics since he joined the National Front in 1974 at the age of 15. In 2009 he was elected as a member of the European Parliament while leader of the British National Party. Mr. Griffin is now Vice-President of the pan-European Alliance for Peace and Freedom and Political Adviser to the British Unity Party.


Jack Sen was the United Kingdom Independence Party’s (UKIP) prospective Member of Parliament for West Lancashire before being unceremoniously, and quite publicly, suspended. Jack then served the British National Party as its North West spokesman in 2015, but stepped down to concentrate on his British Renaissance Policy Institute and finish his book, “How to Get Suspended from UKIP and the BNP in 10 Articles and 2 Tweets.

Nick and Jack discuss their current political engagement and the series of films that BRPI is producing to document the work of British and American Nationalists and create a permanent public record unsullied by the warped and inaccurate accounts of the anti-European establishment and its controlled media. We sum up the main concerns being addressed by genuine Nationalists, including the Islamification of Western Europe and the overarching state of dispossession the indigenous population is experiencing. Jack and Nick explain how the White birth rate decline transpired at the same time as 2nd wave feminism, and we look deeper into the deliberately provoked, divisional force of this anti-male hysteria. We also talk about the Zionist thrust to create a multicultural mishmash out of the West, and the issue of popular alt-news outlets glossing over the relationship between immigration and the rise of terrorism and everyday violence. We touch on the turf wars going on inside the Muslim faction within Europe, and how attacks by radical terrorism networks are fueling more cause for the federalization of the European police force. Then, Nick and Jack outline the APF’s objectives and its meta-political mission to shift the Overton Window to the right.

In the members’ segment, we focus on the steps that must be taken to turn around the ailing state of England and Europe at large, which involves a bit of a debate over the viability of the current political system. Nick illustrates the sheer corruption and manipulation that surrounds the election process, and he describes his infamous Question Time lynching on the BBC that surprisingly resulted in a quadrupling of the BNP’s poll ratings. Then, we look to the possibility of a European civil war erupting and the feasibility of an armed resistance by average citizens with an aversion to firearms and, conversely, the Muslim population that is infatuated by and fully loaded with advanced weaponry. Later, we discuss how Europe can rid itself of the liberal, cultural Marxist, SJW infection that has stolen the pride and identity of its people, and we consider how renewed ethnic cohesion can reinvigorate a desire for young people to have children and stand by traditional family values.



Nick Griffin & Jack Sen


The Battle for the


Future of Europe








Henrik Palmgren: Welcome ladies and gentlemen, friends and enemies. It’s a pleasures to speak with you. I’m Henrik Palmgren. This is Red Ice Radio. I hope you had a good week. Easter season is upon us. A perfect time for renewal, growth, and fertility. Something we of course desperately need to get back into our lives. Pick up the old rituals, the old customs, renew them again if you feel like it and watch the change take place. We have to get back into the cycles of nature and work with it not, against it.


RIR - Nick Griffen Jack Sen - Jack Sen

[Image] Jack Sen at the introduction to his video about Nick Griffen.


Today we have Nick Griffin and Jack Sen on the program to discuss a film, a British Renaissance conversation with Nick Griffin, which is part of the series that Jack’s organization, the British Renaissance Policy Institute is doing. Nick Griffin is described at various times as, the “most dangerous man in British politics” and the “most successful far Right leader in British history“. He’s been active in radical nationalist politics since he joined the National Front in 1974 at the age of fifteen. Now a father four with four grandchildren, he’s best known in Britain for having gone from facing jail for high profile, Race Law prosecutions, for speaking out against Muslim grooming gangs in 2004, to being elected a member of the European Parliament, while leader of the British National Party.

He is now vice president of the Pan European Alliance for Peace and Freedom, and a political advisor to the British Unity Party. Jack Sen was the United Kingdom Independence Party, UKIP, prospective member of Parliament for West Lancashire, before being unceremoniously and quite publicly suspended by Nigel Farage, one week prior to the general election for alleged anti-semitism and attempting to broach the subject of indigenous displacement in Britain and British culture suicide.

Despite being dismissed from the party Jack placed a strong third in the parliamentary election, receiving over six thousand votes. A total greater than UKIP’s Deputy Leader, Paul Nutall. And the other UKIP MEPs representing this region. Jack then served the British National Party as it’s northwest spokesman from May through mid-October, 2015, but stepped down to concentrate on his British Renaissance Policy Institute, and finishing his book, “How to Get Suspended from UKIP and the BNP in 10 Articles and to Tweets.

The “Fate and Future and Fight of Europe” is our main topic.

Good show ahead and stay tuned.



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Teaching White Kids about AH - COVER


[This is the transcript of a 65 minute video by the History Reviewed Channel guy, in his usual measured tone, on the need to teach younger Whites about Adolf Hitler and his true White revolution that severely threatened to break the power of Organized jewry. He highly recommends young people read Hitler’s Mein Kampf as part of their education in fighting jewish communist and liberal brainwashing.  HRC guy is originally from Rhodesia, but has, since the early 1980s, lived in South Africa where he has witnessed how a once White ruled, first class country has deteriorated into a complete mess under black rule, engineered by Organized jewry — KATANA.]




Teaching White Kids about AH - Video




Click on the above link, or copy the link into your browser to view the video.


NOTEAs of Sep 7, 2016 this video is no longer available on Alfred Schaefer’s Youtube channel.


Published on Mar 20, 2016


Jews need a curtain of ignorance to descend on all people. Then Jews THRIVE! Hitler & Mussolini are the only two TRUE white revolutionaries in a long time, perhaps since the American revolution. Hitler’s legacy & goals have to be lied about because this is the only true, unexpected & successful revolution carried out by common whites from the bottom, which the Elite & Jews were not secretly sponsoring.


We also discuss Hitler & women. Why women liked Hitler & women were avid supporters of Hitler and the NAZIS.


We MUST teach all the white children about Hitler because they, sadly, have to continue the war which our forefathers & ourselves have LOST.




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Teaching White Kids




Adolf Hitler


By History Review Channel








Welcome to the History Review Channel where we analyze the lies and deceptions of history.


Teaching White Kids about AH - 650 - Nazi flag with sunrise


Finally the hectic stuff at work, etc., which has been keeping me up late at night and working a lot of extra hours, finally all of that is out of the way and I can resume a more normal routine again. But this being South Africa things are never quite stable. I notice this week when we were putting out our garbage that again the blacks had not come to collect the garbage. We have a company that we all pay money for and it’s part of our rates and taxes. We pay for a service but they decide when they’re going to work and when they’re not going to work. And this must be about at least the fourth time this year that they have not come to pick up our garbage.


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Hitler's Barber - 00 COVER


[In this relaxed non-hostile interview, conducted in 1948 by Nuremberg Judge, Michael Musmanno, August Wollenhaupt describes his pleasant experience as Hitler’s barber from 1932 to March 1945.


One of the outstanding features that this interview brings out, contrary to many decades of cartoonish propaganda, both from Hollywood and from the halls of “academia” and its well rewarded, yet whorish scribblings, is Hitler’s well balanced personality, his humanity and good manners towards someone very low on the official totem pole — KATANA.]



An Interview with


Hitler’s Barber


August Woolenhaupt



Original document found here:



Hitler's Barber - 01 August Wollenhaupt being Interviewed


[Image] Hitler’s barber on the left, being interviewed for this piece in 1948.


This is an interview with Adolf Hitler’s barber, August Wollenhaupt. He was the only man allowed to cut Hitler’s hair from 1932-1945. The interview was conducted in 1948 by American judge, Michael Musmanno.


Hitler's Barber - 02 Musmanno at Nuremberg, 1947


[Image] Judge Michael Musmanno at Nuremberg, 1947


Throughout the interview, MM refers to Musmanno and AW refers to Hitler’s barber, August Wollenhaupt.








MM: When did you first meet Adolf Hitler?


AW: I first actually saw him in 1929 in Berlin. He was then just a young politician and he happened to be leaving a bakery as I was walking in. I looked at him because I recognized him. He gave me quite the piercing stare. After that I attended a speech of his and I have to confess he was quite something up there.


MM: Were you a Nazi party member?



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