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 Red Ice - Andrew Anglin - COVER Ver 2


Red Ice - Andrew Anglin - Progress Chart 13 - COMPLETE

Red Ice - Andrew Anglin - Video






Andrew Anglin


The Art of Trolling & Satire



Published on Oct 29, 2015





Andrew Anglin created the website The Daily Stormer two years ago, which now attracts over three million unique visitors per month. The controversial and humorous website seeks revolution through the education of the European masses and keeps readers informed of relevant world events hidden by the controlled media. Anglin says,

My goal is that anyone who comes to this site laughs out loud at least once every visit.


We begin with a look at Andrew’s journey through the alternative conspiracy route that brought him to the bigger picture of racial issues plaguing Western culture. Andrew talks about the recent heat that was brought to dailystormer.com when the SPLC [Southern Poverty Law Center] tried to connect him to the Charleston church shooter, Dylan Storm Roof, and he covers the recent drama with Joshua Goldberg attempting to infiltrate the website.


We discuss the art of trolling, tips for dealing with SJWs [Social Justice Warriors], and the future of censorship.


Then, we get into the big problem of low IQ cultures creeping into the system and replacing skilled workers with affirmative action. Andrew brings forth the idea of ‘Detroitification’ sweeping across the US, as minorities take over the suburbs and ‘too White’ neighborhoods are ‘diversified’ through Obama’s new HUD [Department of Housing and Urban Development] social engineering program.


Furthermore, we touch on the issue of low White birth rates and why Western women cheerfully support the mass importation of fighting age men from cultures with large breeding capabilities. Later, we delve into the unavoidable JQ [Jewish Question] and why Israel is so cheri$hed by so many politician$. We wrap up with thoughts on strengthening the Alt Right political ideology.

Listen: http://rediceradio.net/radio3fourteen/2015/R314-151028-andrewanglin.mp3





VOICE OVER: This is Radio 3 Fourteen on the Red Ice Radio Network.


Lana Letkoff (LL): Welcome everyone. This is Lana. Thanks for joining me. This weekend is Halloween and the NPI Conference in Washington DC, called “Become Who We Are”. We’ll be there and hope to see some of you there.


Red Ice - Andrew Anglin - NPI Conference


About my next guest, love him or hate him, joining me is Andrew Anglin. You’ve got to give him credit because two years ago he created the website, Daily Stormer.com.

Which now gets over 3 million unique visitors a month. He is definitely pushing the limits of what is acceptable to the establishment.

It’s mocking, it’s fun and it’s satirical to get the point across. The point being, White people want to be left alone in a country of their own without Marxist filth.

The SPLC* is obsessed with watching Daily Stormer. They can’t handle a peep of criticism in opposition because they are wrong and they know it. They just don’t want everyone else to know it. And they’re certainly alarmed that a hard-hitting opposition is forming before their eyes. Is it really so shocking considering all that they do against white people?


[*The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is an anti-White “civil rights” organization set up in Montgomery, Alabama in 1971 by Morris Dees and the Jew, Joseph J. Levin Jr. The current SPLC president J Richard Cohen is also Jewish, as is its main media representative Mark Potok.

Unlike the Anti-Defamation League and like American Civil Liberties Union the SPLC is not an openly Jewish organization. The SPLC may therefore be able to appeal to individuals and groups who find the more open pro-Jewish lobbying by the ADL disquieting. However, activities of the SPLC generally serve Jewish interests and Jews are prominent among staff and those giving money to the organization.]


With all the censorship and with all the things were told we can’t say, it’s no wonder why the Daily Stormer.com is such a hit. White people want to vent. They want to let loose and shout the obvious from the mountain tops. They want to be left alone to live how and with whoever they chose. Andrew Anglin, coming up.

Welcome Andrew! Thanks for being here. I’ve thought about having you on for quite a while but finally it’s happening.


Andrew Anglin (AA): I’m glad it’s finally happening.



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 Dear ... COVER


Dear …



Memes - 609


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 A Squire's Trial - Cover Ver 2



 [Here’s a nice, readable short story that lays out the basic worldview behind “fascism” and National Socialism, that is, basing society on a desire for truth and justice by recognizing nature’s laws.  — KATANA]






A Squire’s Trial





Alexander Slavros


Charles Chapel


An IronMarch publication


A Squire's Trial - Logo


Version 1.1


Original pencil drawing for cover by


Jose Antonio Garcia Moreno



To the reader of this book we pose the question:


Would you truly consider him mad, one who’d want to revive chivalry?


Chivalry – a community of those who “show up everywhere a conflict erupts, in order to spread the terror that their weapons evoke in defense of honor and justice.


(Pope Urban II)



Ahoy there!


I turned around at the strange greeting and saw a man briskly walk toward me off the highway road and down the path to the storage house. It wasn’t rare that we got visitors all the way out here as customers from the city would often come by to check in on their goods or deal with the boss when his job demanded he stay here, but they all arrived by personal vehicles, whereas this stranger that approached me was traveling by foot, moreover he wasn’t approaching from the direction of the city – exactly how long has he been walking? As he grew closer I realized that he may have traveled quite the distance.


He was clad in black military-looking clothes, dust and dirt from the road covering his boots and pants up to his knees, a severely scraped and scratched knee-guard on the right leg. A sizable back-pack, a jacket with rolled up sleeves and a loosely tied scarf on his neck, and everything had pockets full of something. The more he approached the more the little details began to spring up, like some custom patches over his clothes, marks on his knuckles and some scars.


What was the most striking element of this peculiar traveler, however, was his face. Sharp features, blond hair combed back and a scruffy beard, certainly not a native to our country as this was not a common appearance here. He had the face of someone weathered or hardened by experience and yet his eyes, … the man was most likely well into his 40s but in his eyes was the mirth of youth. Overall he gave an impression of someone with stories to tell.


Could you please tell me if that’s the capitol there?he asked me pointing towards the city on the horizon. Rather curious how he didn’t know this, nevertheless I told him that it was.


Ah, grand! You don’t suppose you could share some water with me? My camelback is almost empty.


Camelback?” I inquired, never having heard of such a thing and he explained to me that his backpack had a reservoir for water and a tube through which he could drink it straight out of the backpack. I’ve certainly seen tourists and backpackers before but none like this man and certainly not with such equipment, even though he insisted it wasn’t so uncommon. I pointed him to our well — and this time around I got to surprise him as it wasn’t often that he was offered water from a well, he was used to everyone only having bottled water.


As he was filling up his camelback I asked if he wanted a ride to the city; my shift was already over and I needed to run some errands in the capitol myself.


He declined saying:


I walked this far on foot, I may as well finish on foot.


This again piqued my curiosity and I had to prod further:


Exactly where from have you been walking to the capitol?


His reply brought more questions than answers as he tried to describe, in some uncertain terms, what I barely managed to piece together as being the port city that was some 350 or more kilometers away! Surely he doesn’t mean that he walked the entire way, that would take days! But to my amazement he insisted that he had, indeed, walked the whole way here, which baffled me completely, who in this day and age would bother walking so far and moreover allow himself to lose so much time? Maybe if I knew why he was traveling to the capitol I’d figure out some answers.


So why, exactly, are you going to the city?


I’m heading to hook up with the Toreros for a while.


At first I didn’t quite realize what he meant until I looked him over once again and it clicked: he meant the notorious self-proclaimed fascist gang that gained infamy for practically wiping out the entire antifascist movement in a series of attacks that the media described as “provoking protesters into confrontation and leading them to violent ambushes”.


You’re a fascist?


Indeed I am.



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 Edda Budahazy on Mass-Immigration - COVER



 [This is the commonsense opinion of a Hungarian woman on the invasion of non-Whites into Europe and in particular Hungary. She’s a race-realist that demands that Hungary is for the Hungarians and that not one Negro should step foot in Hungary — KATANA]


Edda Budahazy on Mass-Immigration - Youtube


Click on or copy the above link to your browser to view.

If the link doesn’t work do a search for the video title as someone else may uploaded it to another Youtube channel.

Video uploaded on Aug 3, 2015





Edda Budahazy




Interviewed on Mass-Immigration





What disturbs me the most regarding this immigrant issue is that I feel the crux of the matter isn’t being talked about. What is happening in Hungary? Aliens are flooding in unabatedly across our borders by the thousands, by the tens of thousands, who are 99% coming from a completely different culture. An alien species, or an alien human race, we could say.


A foreign culture, with completely alien customs. They are flowing in unabatedly. And I feel that the Hungarian people are not being informed of this.


Edda Budahazy on Mass-Immigration - Edda


Everybody says how financially taxing it is for the government. But what are the health risks involved (diseases, parasites, etc.). Perhaps the crops of the farmers may get stomped upon. Or there could be cultural conflicts in the little towns where they trespass. Or that they start sleeping everywhere on our streets.


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   London Forum - Kai Murros - COVER Ver 2


London Forum - Kai Murros - YOUTUBE


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Video uploaded on Oct 6, 2015


Alternative link:


YouTube Stats


Apr 30 — Views: 17,528 – [Comments disabled] — Likes: 593  Dislikes: 16




London Forum


Kai Murros



‘National Revolution in England’ 



Published on Oct 6, 2015




London Forum - Jez Turner - 01


Jez Turner: Yes, London Antifa [1] did a website and said that a dangerous secret meeting in London on Saturday. With a dangerous speaker. And our next speaker is a dangerous man, for he’s a thinker. Yes, he thinks! He dares to think outside the politically correct box! No Liberal democratic straitjacket to this man’s mind. He’s even caused a new word to be added to the political lexicon — “Murrovian”! His book, “Revolution and How To Do It in a Modern Society [2] achieved world-wide acclaim! Until, until, there’s always an until, until it was realized that the revolution he talked about was not from the Maoist Left at all. But from the Right! Hmmm!


And Murrovian thought covers two scenarios. Firstly, how we take drastic action to avoid the coming collapse and subsequent race war and conflagration. And the second, if we can’t avert the coming collapse, how we survive it and how we win it!


Without further ado, please put your hands together and welcome all the way from Finland, Kai Murros! [3]


[Loud applause]



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Hitler's Mountain Home - COVER

[Click to enlarge images]


Hitler’s Mountain Home



Homes & Gardens, Nov, 1938


In November 1938 the English fashion magazine Homes & Gardens profiled on page 193-195 the home of Adolf Hitler.



Hitler's Mountain Home - H & G COVER


A visit to ‘Haus Wachenfeld’ in the Bavarian Alps,
written and illustrated by Ignatius Phayre


Hitler's Mountain Home - A closer view of the house


A closer view of the house, showing the umbrella-shaded terrace.



IT IS over twelve years since Herr Hitler fixed on the site of his one and only home. It had to be close to the Austrian border, hardly ten miles from Mozart’s own medieval Salzburg. At first no more than a hunter’s shack, “Haus Wachenfeld” has grown, until it is to-day quite a handsome Bavarian chalet, 2,000 feet up on the Obersalzberg amid pinewoods and cherry orchards. Here, in the early days, Hitler’s widowed sister, Frau Angela Raubal, kept house for him on a “peasant” scale. Then, as his famous book, Mein Kampf (“My Struggle”) became a best-seller of astonishing power (4,500,000 copies of it have been sold), Hitler began to think of replacing that humble shack by a house and garden of suitable scope. In this matter he has throughout been his own architect.


Hitler's Mountain Home - Chalet’s Lovely Setting

This view shows the chalet’s lovely setting. In the foreground are Hitler (back to camera) with Field-Marshals Göring (left) and von Blomberg (centre).


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