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Vladimir V PUTIN at the UN - COVER - Ver 2



Vladimir V. PUTIN at the


UN Sep 28, 2015



Vladimir V PUTIN at the UN September 28, 2015 - Video


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Streamed live on Sep 28, 2015

Russian President Vladimir Putin is due to address the 70th UN General Assembly session in New York City on Monday, September 28.

During the highly anticipated appearance, which will be the president‘s first since 2005, Putin is expected to comment on the most pressing international issues including the Syrian and Ukrainian crises, sanctions and the fragmentation of the global economy.

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Unofficial translation
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by H. E. Mr. Vladimir V. PUTIN,
President of the Russian Federation,
at the 70th session of the UN General Assembly
September 28, 2015

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Your Excellency Mr. President,
Your Excellency Mr. Secretary-General.
Distinguished Heads of State and Government.


Vladimir V PUTIN at the UN - 589


Ladies and Gentlemen,


The seventieth anniversary of the United Nations is a good occasion to both take stock of history and talk about our common future.


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   Red Ice Radio - Invasion of Europe - COVER Ver 2


95/95 mins, now complete!]


Red Ice Radio - Invasion of Europe - Progress Chart 19


Red Ice Radio - Invasion of Europe - Audio image



[Note: Transcribing audio is time consuming, for me at least one hour per 5 minutes if just typing it out and correcting for errors. If you have a iPhone or similar, one method is to use Siri. Play a short segment of the video and then pause. Then, repeat what was said using Siri to convert your speech into text in the Notes app. Tidy up the text results and post the results here with the time slot.




Kevin MacDonald, Tim Murdock


& John Friend



 Invasion of Europe



Published on Sep 22, 2015



Kevin MacDonald, Tim Murdock & John Friend – Invasion of Europe


September 21, 2015


Dr. Kevin MacDonald, Ph.D. in Biobehavioral Sciences, is the editor and chief contributor of The Occidental Observer, which presents original content touching on themes of white identity, white interests, and the culture of the West.


Tim Murdock is the host of White Rabbit Radio and the voice of Horus the Avenger, bringing awareness to White genocide through the widely circulated memes, “Diversity is a code word for White genocide” and “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White” and other popular animations.


John Friend is an independent blogger and journalist who maintains The Realist Report, focusing primarily on the events of 9/11, WWII revisionism, media deception and psychological warfare, power and influence of the Zionist Lobby in America, and the systematic assault upon traditional Western European civilization.


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David Duke vs Alex Jones - COVER IMAGE


Alex Jones Debates David Duke


Part 2


Aug 18, 2015


Published on Youtube, Aug 20, 2015



David Duke vs Alex Jones Debate - 1039





[NOTE TO READERS: If you spot any errors in the text please leave a note in the comment section. Thanks.] 






PART 1 ………………………………. 1


Alex Jones Introduction: history of the human race and tribalism

Christian Western ethic of transcending tribalism and having a tribe of love and of helping others

Targeting Whites with cultural guilt to accept the larger New World Order agenda

Erase words and create a new dark age of ignorance

The New World Order controls all the sides, keeps us tribal, wages war against the black community

David Duke is the mirror image of the spectrum that is promoted by La Mancha La Raza and the black supremacist groups

Humanity being paved over by the Hollywood culture of death

I want to get people outside the box to see the prison economy

David Duke Introduction: who the real elite is in this country and the world that is truly an enemy of all mankind?

There exists a vicious hate propaganda and racism against the European Americans.

European Americans have about a 1.6 birthrate which means we are losing a quarter of our people every generation.

European Americans have no  control over the media, the banking system, the Federal Reserve, our foreign policy or even our politics

Over the past three decades every Federal Reserve chairman and vice chairman has been a Jewish supremacist

Zionism absolutely is a jewish supremacist phenomena. It is a racist phenomena

How the jews have become the American elite

Goldman Sachs, the biggest predator, the most evil predator, international bank in the world

Goldman Sachs, the chief corporate contributor of both the Democrats and the Republicans

Paying women not to have men in the house literally destroyed the black community

Blacks and Whites are victims of this Zio control of our media

Every one of the ten largest Hollywood studios of movies and television are all Jewish controlled

What do you think of Donald Trump?

I don’t know if I can trust him, because he has been involved with the Zionists.

Orwell talked about the controlled opposition

In the 1960s, as a young teen, I began to realize that European Americans were going to become a minority in this country.

Jewish divide and conquer strategy

What is your view of at Adolf Hitler?

The West funded the rise of Hitler

No evidence at all that western nations supported the rise of Hitler

So everything is the Jews fault?

Public gender neutral bathrooms

They are in a race to Balkanize us

The KKK was not the author of Planned Parenthood.

We have a repeating cycle of poverty in America

There is a problem with White birthrates in America.

Jewish racism and tribalism is the real supremacy on the planet earth

The people being genocided are the European people. Our birthrate now is 1.6 per couple

Sexual degeneracy, the lesbian and gay agenda is 98% dominated and controlled by Jewish extremists.

Every major Jewish organization in America supports gun control

Kill White people and get paid for it, what’s not to like”.

Jews dominated the world wide slave trade for two thousand years!

There is a Jewish campaign to make Whites a minority everywhere they live

David, were you a “goblin Cyclops” before you were a dragon?

I think the war between the States was not a civil war.

The South might have won the war if it wasn’t for Judah P. Benjamin

Rabbi Yosef compared gentiles around the world, black people as well, anyone who is not a Jew, with a donkey.

David Duke is basically saying there is a world wide Jewish conspiracy

Putting fluoride in the water to reduce fertility of everybody and to reduce IQ

What should be done with the Jews if you are right?



PART 2 ………………………………. 33


What’s my position on fluoridation? I’m absolutely against it.

Dukes position on eugenics

The Monsanto family was a huge Jewish slave holding family

Alexander Solzhenitsyn on the greatest mass murder of all times by Jewish communism.

The chief financial supporter of the Bolshevik Revolution was the Jew Jacob Schiff

The Jew Yagoda killing 10 million Christians in Russia

Jewish terrorism in the Lavon Affair

The deliberate attack on the USS Liberty by Israel

Jonathan Pollard and the most damaging spy case in American history

Looking out into the future, where do you see the world in 10, 20, 30 years

If this continues to go on, exactly the same kind of conditions that under Jewish-led Bolshevism in Russia. Gulags and the destruction of our people

The “Jewish” takeover of America

WW II was a destructive war against European mankind that could have been avoided.

Jacob Javits, led the fight for the opening of our borders to change our immigration law in, ’67

Some say Catholics are in control of everything

I don’t care if you are black, White, Asian or whatever

You wouldn’t tell me what Grand Cyclops, Grand Dragon meant. I mean those are serious questions

Our people are facing real genocide. We are facing the loss of our own countries

Every major Jewish organisation supports this destruction of America

There are more Jews, at Harvard and the Ivy League, 2% per cent of the population, than there are our 70%

In my book “The Secret Behind Communism” I prove that the Russian revolution was overwhelmingly a Jewish movement.

Oh! You never answered the question about the whole Catholic conspiracy

It’s not the Catholics who own and control the Hollywood destructive media. It’s not Catholics who control the international banks

Christian Zionists, I feel for them, I feel pity for them. That they’ve been so brainwashed by the Jewish media

I’d love to hear Duke’s opinion about Vladimir Putin

This idea of Jewish supremacy and control of the world, has been around a long time

Man, I just, it’s just Jew, Jew, Jew, Jew, Jew.

What about the Rockefellers and the Nazis?

The Rothschilds, by the way, bought off Winston Churchill, a gentile collaborator

They have ethnically cleansed 600,000 Palestinians

The reason we’ve supported ISIS, is because Israel saw Syria as an enemy

Are you a Christian?

Yes I am.

Jews were the ones, in fact, who crucified Jesus Christ

Jews have been an enemy of the rest of mankind for a long time.

David Duke, very wolf like. Nice little friendly wolfie. My, what big eyes he has


GENERAL INDEX (PDF) ……………………… 83




Version History






David Duke: No people, … And thanks for the opportunity, finally. You told me five minutes, and it’s been another five minutes. That’s okay.


Alex Jones: Oh, don’t be a cry baby Duke! You are going to get to talk as much as I do. You can bean count all day. You are getting to talk. You are getting to talk.


David Duke vs Alex Jones - 1124


David Duke: I’m not being a cry baby. I’m just trying to defend my right to make sure I have a fair say here, that’s all.


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 Radicals - The Proud Racist - COVER Ver 2



[Benjamin Raymond, a 26 year old spokesman for the British “far right” nationalist group, National Action, is interviewed by a BBC jewess, Victoria Derbyshire in his home town of Bognor Regis, a seaside resort town on the south coast of England, approximately 90 km south-west of London.


Raymond comes across as composed, thoughtful and frank, not shying away from saying, yes, he is comfortable being considered a “racist” by most. He forthrightly states that he’s a National Socialist and proudly considers Adolf Hitler a role model.

It’s only 10 minutes and well worth watching the video or reading the interview.




Radicals: The Proud Racist — BBC News




BBC - The Radicals - 001


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Published on Sep 1, 2015





Radicals - The Proud Racist - 568


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