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[NOTE: The author of this book was a Christian and as such there are religious references made in the text. What is of interest, and the reason for posting this material, are his observations concerning international jewry and their activities in fomenting war, control of banking, etc.]


Deadlier than the H-Bomb


Part 1


 H Boomb Front Cover


Leonard Young



Having fought against tyranny for thousands of years and having been sustained by a strong faith throughout, first, the Druidic and then the Christian, are we now going to let our Christian and British faith and traditions go by default and tamely submit to the worst tyranny the world has ever known?

The author claims that we are in the process of destruction by something deadlier than the H-bomb; something which in our blindness, we are allowing to corrode the props of our culture and civilisation.

Is there a secret plan for the destruction of the Western way of life? Many famous sailors and soldiers have written on this theme. Here a retired Air Force officer comes to similar conclusions. He quotes from a confidential document of the Political and Economic Planning Organisation [PEP]:

You may use, without acknowledgement, anything which appears in this broadsheet on the understanding that the broadsheet and the group are not publicly mentioned, either in writing or otherwise. This strict anonymity is essential in order that the group may prove effective.

He describes this work of P.E.P. as “Sovietism by stealth.” He quotes many famous statesmen in support of his (continued on inside back cover) contention. Thus Lloyd George writing in his memoirs about the international bankers’ part in the Versailles Conference:

They swept statesmen, politicians, jurists and journalists all on one side and issued their orders with an imperiousness of absolute monarchs who knew that there was no appeal from their ruthless decrees.

Of the New York Stock Exchange collapse between the wars he quotes Senator L. T. McFadden, Chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives Currency Commission, who declared:

It was not accidental. It was a carefully contrived occurrence. … the international bankers sought to bring about a condition of despair here so that they might emerge as the rulers of us all.

Whether you agree with all the author’s conclusions you will certainly have to admit that there are forces behind the political scene which are DEADLIER THAN THE H-BOMB.





Wing Commander L. YOUNG







CHAPTER ………………………….……………………… PAGE

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Publishers’ Note ………………………………………… 5

Introduction ……………………………………………… 6

1. Early British History ……………………………… 7

2. The Jews …………………………………..………….. 12

3. The Khazars …………………………….…………… 15

4. The Jews in Britain …………………..………….. 17

5. Money Lending ………………………..…………… 22

6. Some Effects of the Usury System ………. 30

7. Two Jewish Plans …………………….……………. 33

8. The Poison in Britain …………………………….. 36

9. The Poison in America ……………..…………… 44

10. The League of Nations ………………….……. 49

11. Hitler …………………………………….……………. 51

12. The War ……………………………………………… 56

13. Winston Churchill ……………….……………… 60

14. The Plot in America ……………………………. 62

15. The United Nations ……………….……………. 66

16. Post War Britain …………………..…………….. 68

17. A Hint from the Bible …………..…………….. 71

18. Famous Men on the Jews ……….………….. 75

19. Other Means of Assault by the Jews …… 78

20. The Remedy ……………………………………….. 80

Bibliography ………………………………………………. 85







H Boomb Author web

After the Second World War and twenty-nine years in the Services I retired to civil life. Instead of being able to settle down peacefully, I have found myself in a world in turmoil and in constant dread of the H-bomb being used to terrorise people into all sorts of courses. Like many others, I do not think that an atomic war is inevitable. In trying to assess the situation I have come to realise that we are in the process of actual destruction by something deadlier than the H-bomb; something, which in our blindness, we are allowing to corrode the props of our culture and civilisation; insidiously and relentlessly.

In this book I have tried to show the development of the main lines of attack, to sound the alarm and to introduce the reader to a number of other works on the subject which expound various necessary truths and remedies.

L. Young Winscombe,


May, 1956





In presenting this outspoken book by a patriotic ex-serviceman we do so because we are in agreement with his conclusions on political, economic and agricultural problems. The author’s views on religious matters are, of course entirely his own and not necessarily the views of the publishers.


June, 1956





THE events of the last half-century, and particularly of the last decade, give us every cause to pause and think where we are going. The transformation which has taken place has been stupendous and very much for the worse. The greatest mistake that can be made is to regard events as episodic and that is just the mistake which our politicians, press, historians, economists, etc., persist in making, although it does not require much investigation to realise that there is a design behind events and that we are in the culminating period of a long and carefully prepared plot, which has been carried out with diabolical cunning and remarkable efficiency.

In this booklet an attempt will be made to give an outline of history sufficient to support the above statement. It must be realised that an immense amount of history has been written with the intention of hiding the truth. So a great deal of what is said here may come as a surprise to most people. Also, to cover so much ground in such a small space is very difficult and only an outline can be given. But to enable any reader who may wish to verify what is said or pursue the subject further, a bibliography is given at the end.

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FROM some time after the Flood, probably about 2000 B. C. onwards, Nordic peoples, such as Phoenicians, Trojans and Israelites (it always seems to be taken for granted that the Nordic people are descendants of Japheth but, while admitting to not having made any extensive investigation into the subject, the only evidence the writer has come across suggests that they are descendants of Shem) had been sailing west from the eastern Mediterranean and both settling in and trading with the other Mediterranean coastal areas, Spain, the British Isles, Western and North-Western Europe. During the last centuries B. C. quite a number of Jews settled in Spain and they were probably the main ancestors of the “Spanish” or Sephardim Jews.

Now let us turn to British history. In about 1800 B.C., Hu Gadarn is said to have led the first colony of Cymri to Britain from Defrobane, where Constantinople stands. In the Welsh Triads he is said to have mnemonically systematised the Wisdom of the ancestors of the people he led west. This is the educational system adopted by the Druids. The members of the order were the statesmen, legislators, priests, physicians, lawyers, teachers, and poets of the country. Britain became the headquarters of the druid religion which appears to have been similar to the old patriarchal religion of the East.

The motto of the Druidic world was:

The Truth against the World.

Hu Gadarn was regarded as the personification of intellectual culture and to him has been attributed the founding of Stonehenge and the introduction of several arts, including glass-making and writing in Ogham characters. On his standard was depicted the Ox and this may have been the origin of John Bull.

In 1185 B.C. Troy fell and most of the survivors joined their kinsmen who were already in this country, but it was not until 1136 B.C. that Brutus set out for Britain and landed at Totnes, the oldest seaport in Devon.

Brutus codified the laws of Britain and Lord Chief Justice Coke says:

The original laws of this land were composed of such elements as Brutus first selected from the ancient Greek and Trojan institutions.

In passing it may be of interest to note that a Trojan law of Brutus is that the sceptre of this isle may be held by a queen as well as a king. We do not have the Salic Law prohibiting women from ruling.

[Page 7]

The next king who left his mark upon our history was Molmutius, about 450 B. C ., who was famous for his road-making and his laws. Lord Chief Justice Coke, in his Origin of the Common Law of England, says that:

the Molmutius laws have been always regarded as the foundation and bulwark of British liberties.

At the time of the Roman invasion there were forty Druidic centres of learning, which were also the capitals of the forty tribes. The students at these colleges numbered at times as many as sixty thousand of the youth and young nobility of Britain and Gaul. It required twenty years to master the complete circle of Druidic knowledge, which included natural philosophy, astronomy, mathematics, geometry, medicine, jurisprudence, poetry and oratory. In those days Britain was thickly populated.

In 55 B.C., and again in 54 B.C., Caesar tried to occupy Britain because he found that in all his wars with the Gauls they were receiving assistance from Britain, which country seems to have been regarded among the Celtic nations as a sort of Holy Land. But he was so roughly handled that, when, in the following century Rome again decided to invade, the memory of it caused a mutiny of the legions gathered for the purpose. This is an event unparalleled in the annals of Roman obedience, just as the decisive double expulsion of Caesar is still without parallel in British history.

Claudius, the emperor, sent his favourite freedman and minister, a eunuch called Narcissus, to the scene and his taunts stung the legions into embarking. There now ensued a tremendous war lasting many years, in which the Britons were fighting the whole might of the Roman Empire, under its finest generals.

By this time Britain was becoming Christian. There are grounds for believing that our Lord spent some time in Britain, including a couple of years at Glastonbury, before taking up his ministry. But after the Crucifixion, Joseph of Arimathea led a party to Britain and, in about 37 A.D. started a Christian church at Glastonbury. The Druid religion was one which naturally merged into Christianity and the Christian faith received a ready response here. From the start members of the royal families set an example in embracing the faith and in missionary work.

The British had some remarkable leaders, notably the King Caradoc or Caractacus. He was eventually handed over to the Romans in fetters, due to the treachery of the Queen of the Brigantes in Yorkshire and taken to Rome with his family, but such was the reputation he had acquired in seven years of fighting that, when he entered Rome, he did so amidst the excitement of the three million inhabitants who blocked up the line of the procession to obtain a view of the formidable and illustrious captive, and:

… … Rome trembled.

When she saw the Briton, though fast in chains.

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The preservation of Caradoc forms a solitary exception to the policy of the Romans of casting captive kings and generals into the Tarpeian dungeons to be done to death. Instead he was spared on condition that he never bore arms against Rome again and a residence of seven years in Rome, in free custody, was imposed on him. He lived in the British Palace with his family, some of whom were already Christians, and thus the British Palace became the centre of Christianity in Rome. So, when St. Paul arrived in Rome, there was already a Christian Church there in which St. Paul ministered.

In II Timothy iv, 21, St. Paul mentions Pudens, Linus and Claudia. Linus was Caradoc’s second son and he became the first Bishop of Rome. Claudia was daughter of Caradoc and Pudens, a Roman, was her husband.

After the capture of Caradoc, the Britons carried on the war under the leadership of his cousin, Arviragus. Eventually, in 120 A.D., Britain was incorporated with the Roman dominions, but, by treaty, not by conquest. The British retained their kings, land, laws and rights but accepted a Roman nucleus of the army for the defence of the realm. Finally, in 410 A.D., the Romans abandoned Britain altogether. Professor Huxley says that, during the occupation of Britain by the Romans, the British led a life as separate as possible from the invaders and that, when the Romans left, the population was as substantially Celtic as when they came.

From the start at Glastonbury the Christian faith spread and endured in the British Isles and, in the second century A.D., the British became the first officially Christian nation. It is significant that the Romans were not in the habit of interfering with the religions they found about the Empire but they went to great lengths at times to try to stamp out Druidism and Christianity. A Druidic triad familiar to the Greeks and Romans was:

Three duties of every man: Worship God; be just to all men; die for your country.”

It was this last duty which caused Rome to mark Druidism for destruction because it ran counter to the Roman idea of universal dominion and the merging of all nationalities into their conception of one world.

They failed in Britain and eventually the Christian faith was carried all over Europe, including Rome, largely by the missionary efforts of the British. Constantine the Great was born and educated in Britain. His mother was Helena, a devout British Christian and daughter of King Coel of Eastern Britain. At one time Constantine served with St. George under Galerius in the Egyptian and Persian campaigns and, between the two young Christian soldiers, a lasting friendship was formed. Later, Constantine was proclaimed Emperor in Britain, at York in 306 B.C. {sc.: A.D.} and set out, supported by native British troops, to conquer and Christianise the Roman Empire and;

plant the Cross of Christ on the throne of the Caesars.” (See George of Lydda.)

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Later Britain was invaded by the Jutes and the Angles. The Angles, being the most numerous, gave their name, in this country, to the whole group which was known on the Continent as the Saxons. The Anglo-Saxons were not Christians but neither were they pagans. They believed in a Divine or Infinite Being and had a religion derived, it may be concluded, from the same patriarchal source as the Druids, because the Druidic religion had not yet died out in Britain and the Saxons appear to have found enough similarity between their own form of worship and that of ancient Britain to allow them to unite under the ministrations of a Druidic hierarchy. The Saxons were Nordic like the British, the Danes, the Vikings and the Normans.

The Saxons looked with suspicion on the efforts of the people they were trying to subjugate, to convert them to Christianity and so they were still non-Christian when, in 597, Pope Gregory sent the Augustinian mission here to introduce the Latin form of Christianity. It is possible that, the civil power of Rome being dead, the ambitious Romans were anxious to exercise the universal dominion to which they had been accustomed, through the ecclesiastical power which began to rise on its ruins.

It is interesting and important to note that, under the Druidic system, the British people had become the most civilised people in the world and the most tolerant and humane. Greek and Roman writers ac knowledge the British Druids as world leaders in the study of astronomy and science.

The British Church developed directly from the ministrations of the Apostles, Joseph of Arimathea, Simon Zelotes, Aristobulus, St. Paul and possibly St. Peter, and consequently owed nothing to Rome. The British clergy, or Culdees, based their ministry on the Scriptures or Word of God, to which they adhered closely, and strongly objected to the Romish ritual, superstitions and wealth and power gathering hierarchical system. This opposition to the Roman system never ceased and was the main cause of Britain being the first country to throw off the Roman stranglehold at the time of the Reformation and to open up the Word of God to the people again.

When Augustine arrived, the British Church was strongly represented in the province of the Angles by an archbishopric, seven bishoprics and a great number of abbeys with most devout prelates. The British Church strongly resented the intrusion of an emissary of the Pope and, at a Council held shortly after his arrival, they told Augustine that “they knew no other Master than Christ”, and that “they liked not his new-fangled customs” and refused submission. They were as good as their word and maintained the liberty of their Church for five hundred years after his time, being the last of the Churches of Europe to give up their power to Rome.

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But Augustine met with some success among the Saxons and, by favour of the Saxon king, Ethelbert, the Roman Church was set up at Canterbury. It was the origin of the Church known to-day as the Church of England and it will be noted that it is quite distinct from the origin of the British Church, which was 560 years earlier.

Under Alfred the Great the Gospels had been issued in the native tongue but as the Roman Church gained dominance it took all possible steps to confine the Scriptures to the Latin tongue and to destroy all British manuscripts that fell into its hands.

The kings, people and ordinary clergy, or Culdees, of Britain, however, never fully accepted the spiritual suzerainty of Rome and altogether refused to ac knowledge political ascendancy. The gradual build up of this resistance ended in the Reformation. Also it was the struggle for religious rights which opened men’s eyes to all their rights and led them to withstand political oppression.

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IT is now time to turn our attention to the Jews for a while. Throughout the Bible story is to be found an age-long struggle between Jacob and Esau and their descendants. Even before birth there appears to have been a pre-natal struggle. Esau lost his birthright to Jacob and went off and took unto himself wives of alien stock, Hittites. From him, by these women, were descended the Edomites, or Idumeans and the Amalekites. These people were in continual conflict with the Israelites and, later, the remnant which returned to rebuild the Temple after the captivity. From Josephus we learn that the Jews under Judas Maccabeus temporarily subdued many enemies, including the Idumeans and then, in 125 B.C., when the Jews, under John Hyrcanus were again faced with the hostility of the Idumeans, he reduced their chief cities and compelled them to be circumcised and to be incorporated in the Jewish State in order to be able to stay in the land. So that from that time onwards the Idumeans came also to be known as Jews. Yet true Israelites were reluctant to admit the Idumeans to their community, for the latter were known not to be really converted and, in fact, from then on this seed of Esau-Edom continued to take advantage of all opportunities to pollute and destroy the Jewish race and faith.

The Herods were Idumeans and were responsible for the destruction of the priestly line, the murder of the infants in an attempt to prevent the coming of the Messiah, the slaying of John the Baptist; and the Herodian party played no small part in the bringing of Our Lord to the Cross.

From 66 A.D. onwards the Idumeans were largely responsible, with the Jewish Zealots, for bringing about the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. It would also appear that the infiltration by the Idumeans into the Jewish nation had been such that the subsequent dispersion of the Jews included Idumean and other proselytes.

John viii, verses 33, 37 and 44, suggest that our Lord was addressing Idumean members of the nation because the Jews had been in captivity.

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The Jewish faith, under the priests, had been based on the O.T. Scriptures and the Temple, but with the destruction of the priestly line the Jews came under the rule of the Kahal, based on the Talmud and the synagogue which had been developed in Palestine after the captivity. The Kahal was a development from the political clubs which existed during the time of the Pharisees and Sadducees and it concealed, under a religious masque, the grasping aims of a clique.

By secret society techniques the Kahal obtained complete control over the daily life of the Jews and, with the dispersion and the formation of Jewish communities or fraternities about the world, each community became a miniature Kahal whose aims were intimately related with those of the central body upon which their existence depended.

The ruling clique which had started by grinding down its own race, now saw that, by drafting them into its own organisation, it could exploit the Gentiles on a far grander scale. It developed and perfected the system of espionage which it still maintains in order to strengthen its control and advance the interests of the Jews as a whole. For, although the individual Jew is the slave of the Kahal, he is rewarded for his submission by its support in his struggle with non-Jewish competitors.

The teaching in the synagogue incited the Jews to a thorough exploitation of their Gentile neighbours and the doctrine was eventually embodied in a book, called the Shulchan Aruk. A few quotations will suffice to show its character:

When a Jew has a Gentile in his clutches another Jew may go to the same Gentile, lend him money and, in his turn, deceive him so that the Gentile shall be ruined. For the property of a Gentile (according to our law) belongs to no one, and the first Jew that passes has the full right to seize it.

When a Jew makes a deal with a Gentile and another Jew comes up and deceives the Gentile no matter in what manner, whether he give him false measure or overcharge him, then both Jews must share between them the profits thus sent by Jehovah.

Although it is not a direct obligation for a Jew to kill a Gentile with whom he lives in peace yet, in no case is he allowed to save a Gentile’s life.

It is always a meritorious deed to get hold of a Gentile’s possessions.

Marriages taking place among Gentiles have no binding strength, i.e., their cohabitation is just as the coupling of horses, therefore their children do not stand as humanly related to their parents.

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For success a Jewish community depended upon the absolute subordination of its members and the secrecy of its proceedings. The Kahal concealed its activities from the outside world under the guise of religion and, in order to guard against traitors and renegades, shrouded itself in mystery and mysticism, even from its members. Through the ages the Jewish fraternities have kept their typical character of a secret government disguised under the form of synagogue and schools. They have a heavy heritage, a Jewish conscientiousness, a hatred of non-Jews, a love of deceiving; all this they cannot easily shake off and, with it, the yoke of the Kahal.

After the dispersion the Jews, with many Edomites and other proselytes, settled around the Mediterranean and the Black Sea and Caspian areas. During the 8th century A.D. the Khazars of Russia, an unpleasantly aggressive people, adopted Judaism and the result has been large numbers of Jews in Central Europe. These Jews, or more properly, Khazars, known as the Ashkenazim or “Polish” Jews, contain very few Israelites being nearly all descendants of various proselytes and possibly including some Edomite descendants.

Throughout the ages the Jews have been great secret society adepts and have infiltrated governmental, financial, secret society and other organisations until they have obtained control behind the scenes but they take great care to try to hide the fact as, if it became known, their ability to retain control would probably be lost.

It seems possible, according to the records of secret Jewish Zionism, that Solomon and other learned Jews had, as far back as 929 B.C., thought out a scheme, in theory, for a peaceful conquest of the whole world by Zion and that, as time passed, this scheme was worked out in detail and completed by men who were subsequently initiated into the subject. But these plans were always kept secret even from the Jewish nation itself. The idea was to subdue other countries by an economical conquest.

(See Waters Flowing Eastward, by L. Fry and A Short Study of Esau-Edom in Jewry, by C. F. Parker.)

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MUCH of the sympathy which many people feel for the people they look upon as Jews is probably due to their thinking of them as descendants of Israel and to not having any idea that they are, in fact, mostly of pagan and aggressive Tartar-Khazar race. Perhaps it is worth giving the following information about these people from B. Jenzen’s The Palestine Plot.

Authorities agree that persons of the Jewish Faith in Eastern Europe are the descendants largely of a non-semitic Turkish-Finnish race which came into Europe from Asia about the 1st century A.D. by a land route north of the Caspian Sea. These people are known in history as Khazars. The Khazars had always been a pagan people. They settled in Eastern Europe and there established the Khazar kingdom. By continuous and successful conquests for which the Khazars became famous in history, their kingdom increased in size until, by the 8th century A.D., it occupied the greater part of Eastern Europe located west of the Urals and North of the Black Sea and extending far westwards into Europe. The Khazar nation was converted to Judaism at about the end of the 7th century A.D. The Khazar king in (ca.) 692 selected Judaism rather than either the Christian or Moslem religions which were striving to convert the Khazar king and the Khazar nation to Christianity or to Mohammedanism.

After the conversion of the Khazars to Judaism, only a Jewish king could occupy the Khazar throne. Conversion of the Khazars to Judaism was very successful. Judaism became the state religion. Synagogues and schools for teaching Judaism to the Khazars and peoples conquered by them were built throughout the kingdom. Rabbis to officiate in synagogues and teachers for the schools, were imported from Spain. These non-Semitic Turkish-Finnish people from Asia, now converted to Judaism, formed the Khazar kingdom which dominated eastern Europe:

this great and powerful Jewish kingdom at the peak of its power, was collecting tribute from no less than twenty-five conquered peoples. Conquest was their vocation.

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This great and powerful Jewish kingdom flourished for almost five hundred years without a setback. Even the neighbouring mighty Byzantine and Persian empires feared the Khazars and eagerly sought military alliances with them. Towards the end of the 10th century A.D., the Khazars were defeated in a war with the Russians (Varangians) who came down on them from the north. For the first time in their history this Jewish kingdom was defeated and the Khazars were conquered. This conquest of the Khazars was completed in the middle of the 13th century A.D. The Khazar population and former Khazar territory were thus incorporated into the expanded Russian state.

The Khazar kingdom disappears at this time from the history of the world. The conquest of the Khazar kingdom by the Russians accounts for the presence in Southern Russia of the large and concentrated population of the Jewish faith. During the next few centuries, large parts of this concentrated Jewish population were included in the newly formed Polish, Lithuanian, Galician, Rumanian and other states which, through conquests were carved out of the former greater Russia. These new states were, in their turn, reconquered by Russia and these large Jewish populations were reunited again as Russians. From the 13th century A.D. to the outbreak of World War II the Eastern European area of Southern Russia underwent very little ethnic change and continued to include the descendants of the former Khazar Jewish Kingdom.

Ever since that day Russia has been invading and occupying neighbouring territory:

Conquest was their vocation.” Disraeli remarked about the “mysterious Russian diplomacy” which was controlled by his co-racialists. With the 1917 Revolution the Khazars wiped out the Czar and the Russian aristocracy and completely reconquered Russia which they have kept in subjection ever since with the most appalling cruelty. They are also now well on the way to world domination by a combination of cool cheek and the use of all the dirtiest means which are effective for their purpose.

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THE Jews now come into the British story. In 1066 when William of Normandy came to England he had Jews in his train. It is pretty certain that these Jews would have been responsible for the idea of compiling the Doomsday Book in order to acquire a complete inventory of the country to give information to guide them in exploiting it by means of usurious money lending.

They became unpopular with the English but appear to have stayed in the country under the protection of successive kings who probably found them useful for revenue purposes until, in 1290, that great king and man of vision, Edward I, decided that it was necessary to expel them from the country for many grave offences endangering the safety of his realm and lieges. Twenty years later, Edward II suppressed the Knights Templar who were the bankers of the period and also the ancestors of Freemasonry. As a result England was prosperous during the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries and was known as Merrie England.

Later the Jews were also expelled from France, the Knights Templar having also been suppressed, as in England. The result in France was also great prosperity until the end of the 18th century when the secret societies and Ashkenazim Jews ruined it with the French Revolution. After that the Jews got a grip on the country and it has been in trouble ever since. A study of Nesta Webster’s books on Secret Societies and Subversive Movements and on The French Revolution are of the greatest importance in connection with this. They are a most exhaustive study of the subject and one which is essential to our understanding of what is going on in the world. One slight criticism of Mrs. Webster’s work is that she does not seem to have realised the anti-Christian significance of British Masonry or of its real connection behind the scenes with other societies, such as Grand Orient.

[Page 17]

It would probably astonish at least 99 per cent of British Freemasons to be told that it is anti-Christian and, in essence, Judaic. The vast majority just become Masons and leave it at that. They have no understanding of fundamental values and do not think of investigating. Most of them join because they have been told it is a good thing and that it will help them in their trade or profession. But, like all the other secret societies it is, in the final resort, under Jewish control and can therefore be used to exert influence on men in all walks of life and usually in leading positions, to take courses which are designed to lead, in the long run, to the destruction of Gentile and, in particular, of British and Nordic power and prestige and the eventual complete domination of the world by the Sanhedrin or the inner ring of international financiers or the Elders of Zion or whatever you like to call the body of about 300 men referred to by Disraeli and Walter Rathenau.

Investigation shows that movements like Theosophy, Grand Orient, Freemasonry, Illuminism, The Templars, Rosicrucians, etc., derive their ideas from the Jewish Cabala. It is true that many of the leading lights in these movements have been Gentiles and that some of them have apparently been started by Gentiles. In fact, Adam Weishaupt the Bavarian Illuminist, seems to have been the chief architect of the modern secret society movements, but the control in all cases eventually passes into the hands of the Sanhedrin. In fact, in the final analysis, it all comes from Satan, as is proved by the black magic basis although, normally, this is only known to the most secret and advanced adepts. It is to be noted that the works of all these societies never further but are always to the detriment of the Nordic peoples. They are always against individual and national sovereignty. On the other hand they always work to further destructive purposes by means of Nihilism, Socialism or Communism. Also, they are always in favour of World Jewry purposes and were, for some time, of Pan Germanism, because Germany was the base of the Jew financiers and Pan-Germanism was a means of greatly weakening the Nordic peoples and of spreading the chaos necessary for the breeding of Communism.

It has been stated above that the Reformation was really the result in England of the age-long resistance of the British Church to Roman domination but this does not mean that Britain was not influenced in any way by the Continental movements of Luther and Calvin. Calvin went to Geneva from France where his name was spelt Cauin, possibly a French effort to spell Cohen. The Jews claim that he was of Jewish extraction. An unfortunate result of his efforts, as far as Britain was concerned, was that he organised great numbers of revolutionary orators who were spread about Western Europe, with a good sprinkling in England and Scotland. These men laid the ground work for revolution under a cloak of religious fervour.

[Page 18]

It should be noted that this religious fervour did not show much of the love of Christ. It was much more inclined to display the rigid legalism of the Mosaic Law and of the influence of the Talmud and to contract all religion into rigid observance of the “Sabbath”, a Jewish ordinance and regarded as such by Calvin. In fact it was more like Judaism than Christianity. And Judaism, be it remembered, was based on the Talmud and the Shulchan Aruk and inculcated a spirit teaching that all non-Jews are animals. Although they had been expelled, it is clear that the Jews retained, or in time regained contacts in England because, during the reign of Charles I, they organised the English Revolution by similar methods to those used later to organise the French Revolution. In both cases the revolutions were brought about by the activities of secret societies and the use of “mobs”, organised and paid from behind the scenes in London and Paris respectively. In the case of Paris, at least, the men who made up the ruffianly crowd were definitely imported into Paris for the purpose. Cromwell was financed by the Amsterdam Jewish Rabbi Manasseh Ben Israel and Fernandez Carvajal, “The Great Jew” as he was called, was the chief contractor of the New Model Army. It was the Jews who insisted upon and had the power to bring about, through the control of money, the execution or really murder of Charles I, in order then to be able to regain admission to England which they did, illegally, under Cromwell.

The “Levellers” and the “Rationalists” in the army had the same doctrines as the French Revolutionaries and they were what we, to-day, know as Communists. The evidence for all this is available from Jewish sources, e.g., the writing of Isaac Disraeli, father of Benjamin, Earl of Beaconsfield, the writings of Benjamin himself and in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion which fell into Gentile hands in 1897, is the sentence:

Remember the French Revolution, the secrets of its preparation are well known to us for it was entirely the work of our hands.

But Cromwell, even with the assistance of his Geneva sympathisers, dispensing Judaic barbarity, failed to subdue Scotland where Charles II was still called King. It is of interest that Charles accepted the Presbyterian form of Christianity for Scotland and that this form is probably more like the old British Church than that of any other kind of modern times. Steadily the feeling in England came round to the Scottish point of view and, on Cromwell’s death, all Britain welcomed the restoration of Charles II.

Unfortunately, Charles had no idea of the Jewish problem or plans. The wisdom and experience of Edward I had become lost in centuries of segregation from the Jewish poison. And the enemies of Kingship were now entrenched within his kingdom. Charles was, however, aware of the dangers of a “Popish Plot” cry and worked against it but, with the accession of James II the Jews developed propaganda against the Papacy and got the people divided on it, while, under cover of it, plans were prepared for placing control of the finances of both England and Scotland in their hands.

[Page 19]

The chief figure amongst those who deserted James at the crucial moment was John Churchill, first Duke of Marlborough. According to the Jewish Encyclopaedia this duke, for many years, received not less than £6,000 a year from the Dutch Jew, Solomon Medina.

For further evidence on what is said above, reference should be made to The Nameless War by the late Capt. A. H. M. Ramsay, M. P. Nesta Webster’s books and Isaac Disraeli’s two volume Life of Charles I, published in 1851 and referred to by Ramsay.

After the Amsterdam Jews had successfully financed the rebellion against James II, in 1689, the chief of them, Solomon Medina, followed William of Orange to England. The result was to bring about a closer connection between the London and Amsterdam Jewish communities and the transfer of the centre of finance from the Dutch to the English capital. According to Disraeli its practice in England has been equally injurious. (Sybil, Book I.)

The real objective of the “Glorious Revolution” was achieved in 1694 when the Royal consent was given for the setting up of the Bank of “England and the institution of the National Debt. This Charter handed over to an anonymous and private committee the Royal prerogative of creating money and converted the basis of wealth to gold. The money thus created was “negative money”, a book entry, a debt which, by virtue of the mechanism itself could never be repaid. The charter enabled the international moneylenders to secure their loans on the taxes of the country instead of on the doubtful undertaking of some ruler or potentate which was all the security they could previously obtain.

From then on economic machinery was set in motion which ultimately reduced all wealth to the fictitious terms of gold which the Jews control and drained away the life blood of the land which was the birthright of the British peoples.

Shortly afterwards the political and economic union of England and Scotland was forced on Scotland with wholesale corruption and, in defiance of the adverse vote of every county and borough. The main objects of the Union, suppression of the Royal Mint in Scotland and Scottish responsibility, too, for the National “Debt”, were then achieved. The grip of the money-lenders was now complete throughout Great Britain but there was a danger that the members of the new Joint Parliament might, in time, in the spirit of their ancestors, challenge this.

So, to provide against this, the party system was brought into being, thus frustrating true national reaction and enabling the wire-pullers to divide and rule. The financiers used their newly established power to ensure that their own men and their own policies should secure the limelight and that they should have sufficient support from their newspapers, pamphlets and banking accounts to carry the day. This state of affairs is still in full blast to-day.

[Page 20]

As Capt. Ramsay points out, gold was soon to become the basis of loans, ten times the size of the amount deposited. That is £100 in gold would be legal security for £1,000 of loans. At 3 per cent therefore, £100 in gold could earn £30 interest annually with no more trouble to the lender than the keeping of a few ledger entries. The owner of £100 of land, however, still must work every hour of daylight in order to make perhaps 4 per cent. It is inevitable that moneylenders must become millionaires and those who own and work the land, the English man and the Scotsman, must be ruined. The process has continued inexorably till now, when it is nearly completed. It has been hypocritically camouflaged by clever propaganda as helping the poor by mulching the rich. In reality it is nothing of the kind. In the main it has been the deliberate ruination of the landed classes, the leaders among the Gentiles and their supplanting by the Jew financiers and their hangers-on.

The Whig philosophy, descended from Calvinism and other Puritan movements, is always the attack of the black-coated theorist on the practical man, such as the farmer, the sailor, the engineer and the pioneer. Basically it denies personal initiative and judgments and substitutes a set of transcendental values incapable of and, indeed, almost resenting any attempt at proof. Once this is understood, it becomes clear how the philosophy is essential to the supremacy of the financial system and those who control it. What appear to be failures of policy are really the greatest successes. Words become reversed. Stealing is a crime but unnecessary taxation is statesmanship.

With the return of the Jews, Freemasonry also started and developed to such an extent that the country is now riddled with it, particularly in the higher grades of Government Service and the Church of England.

[Page 21]




Deadlier than the H-Bomb – Part 1 – Author’s Preface — Publishers’ Note — Introduction — Early British History — The Jews — The Khazars — The Jews in Britain

Deadlier than the H-Bomb – Part 2 – Money Lending — Some Effects of the Usury System — Two Jewish Plans

Deadlier than the H-Bomb – Part 3  – The Poison in Britain — The Poison in America

Deadlier than the H-Bomb – Part 4 –  – The League of Nations — Hitler — The War — Winston Churchill — The Plot in America

Deadlier than the H-Bomb – Part 5  – The United Nations — Post War Britain — A Hint from the Bible — Famous Men on the Jews

Deadlier than the H-Bomb – Part 6  – Other Means of Assault by the Jews — The Remedy — Bibliography


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The Bloody Red Streak


Bloody Red Streak Cover 128






Part 2








Facts about the Author, Mr. Trefor David

Mobilized with the Glamorganshire Yeomanry in 1914.

Transferred to the Royal Field Artillery and served 2 1⁄2 years in France in World War I. Long record of public service. Member of Bridgend Urban District Council for 2 years, and of the Glamorganshire County Council for 1 year.

Long record of struggle against corruption in Local Government. Convicted 7 times for exposing corrupt practices in Local Government. Sentenced to 12 months’ hard labour in 1938 for activity in obtaining release of sane man from Bridgend Lunatic Asylum. Served in Swansea, Cardiff, Brixton and Birmingham Prisons.

No regrets of his efforts to cleanse public life of corruption and of his convictions for same.


[Page 2]



What is Communism?………………………………………………………… 3

Russia — Jews’ best friend!”………………………………….……..…… 4

Jewishness of Communism outside Russia ……………..…….…… 4

Jewishness of Communism in the BRITISH EMPIRE ………..… 5

Jewishness of Communism in the U.S.A. …………………………… 5

Jewishness of Communism in Holland, Belgium and France  6

Cominform and Cominform World “Peace” Movement …….… 6

But no Communism in Israel, and the Reason Why! …………. 7

Communist Leaders who are Gentiles are all Purged ……….… 7

Communism in Britain is Jewish Too ………………………………..… 7

Communism is Nothing to Do with the Working Class …….… 8

Communism is a Jewish Confidence Trick ……………………….… 9

No Trade Unions As We Know Them in Russia ………………… 10

Communist “Peace” Offensive …………………………………..…..… 11

Real Aim of “Peace” Offensive ……………………………………..…… 11

Why Communists Oppose German Re-Armament …….…… 12

Communism and Judaism are One and the Same ………….. 13

The Second Jewish World War ……………………………………..…. 14

Jews Admit it was a Jews’ War ……………………………………..…. 15

Jewish Gold Standard was Another Aim of Last War …….… 16

Present Position ……………………………………………………………..… 17

Jews Against Economic Nationalism …………………….……..…… 18

Money From Russia ……………………………………………………….… 19

Communist Hypocrisy in Last War …………………….…….……… 19

Freedom of Speech in Britain To-day ………………..………….…. 20

The Strange Case of Aneurin Bevan ………………………….……. 20

Was Hitler Right about the Jews? ………………………….….….…. 22

What the Jews Admit About Themselves ……………………..…. 22

Cruel Pogroms of History: Their Authors, Victims” ……….… 23

What Jews Think of Us Gentiles ………………………….………..… 25

British Parliament To-day ………………………………………….…..… 27

Atomic Spies for Russia …………………………………………….…….. 28

Communist Jailed in Britain for Atomic Spying …………….…… 29

Jews fled to Iron Curtain with Atomic Secrets ……………..,… 29

Gentile Jailed ………………………………………………………….……….. 29

Gentile Who Fled to Iron Curtain with Secrets ……………….. 29

Conclusion …………………………………………………………………..….. 29

Call to Wales ……………………………………………..………………..….. 30


FOR FURTHER STUDY ……………………………….………….………… 31

PAMPHLETS ………………………………………………………………..…… 31







Jewish Gold Standard was Another Aim of Last War


Another war aim of the allies in the recent war was the maintenance of the gold standard. I do not need to tell my readers who owns all the gold in the world! I do not need to tell my readers, either, that all parties, whether Communist or Conservative, work the gold racket. You remember the announcement in the press recently that Russia had rigidly placed the rouble on a gold basis. Confirmed in the Daily Worker of 12th February, 1951.

It will also be remembered that Churchill, who proudly boasts that he has always been the constant architect of the Jews’ future, returned Britain to the gold standard in 1925, which led to the ghastly slump of 1929/1931. He was violently attacked by Phillip Snowdon in 1925 on behalf of the Labour Opposition for not having returned to it sooner. (Similarly the Jewish dominated Labour Party won the 1923 General Election on an anti-Protection ticket — i.e. they did not want British Industries and British Mines protected against Jew-financed cheap foreign goods and coal). The argument against gold is that being a scarce metal, if one’s currency is based on it, currency is naturally scarce. There may be plenty of food in the shops, raw materials and labour in the land, but insufficient currency because that currency is regulated by a metal too scarce to finance either full bellies or full employment; hence we always had at least a million unemployed between 1919 and 1939 while our currency was regulated by gold, and the highest percentage was in Wales. (Do not be misled by the lie that Britain went off the gold standard in 1931.)

[Page 16]

All that happened was we had a measure of depreciation). In time of war, of course, Britain went completely off gold and spent something like her real spending power — £15,000,000 a day — in killing her German brothers, but then the life of world-Jewry was at stake! That’s different of course! Why can’t we spend £15,000,000 a day in peace time on improving the conditions of the British working class? Why can we only spend it when fighting wars for the Jews?

Hitler went off the gold standard completely, both internally and externally. Internally he printed enough money to dissolve in a very short time his seven million unemployed which he inherited in 1933, and also to give them three square meals a day for the first time in their lives.

Put plainly, the secondary war aim of the allies was to save the gold standard. There are about 400 international financiers, mostly Jews, who between them in 1939 had cornered £7,000,000,000 worth of gold. Were Hitler’s economics to be copied by the rest of the world to the vast benefit of their hordes of unemployed, those 400 men stood to lose £7,000,000,000 of gold, which would become useless scrap metal overnight.



Present Position

Now we are no longer on an internal gold standard but all our foreign trade is regulated by a dollar standard, but, as dollars and gold are interchangeable, this is the gold standard as before. (Hitler used barter trading for any foreign trading necessary and short-circuited the great Jewish international trading houses which exercise such a deadly strangle-hold on all foreign trade, both to-day and before the war).

There are masses of food and raw material in the world but the democracies haven’t enough dollars or gold for them to be made available to their peoples. We returned to this dollar-gold standard by accepting the American loan and the Bretton Woods Agreement in Parliament on 13th December, 1945, which, needless to say, the Communists heartily supported. Gallacher, Piratin, Pritt, Platt Mills, Solley, the Silverman Bros., Driberg and all the other cryptos, Communists and Pinks in Parliament were to be found in the Aye lobby voting for the American Loan and Bretton Woods Agreement — See Hansard 13th December, 1945.

Now the Communists pretend they do not like being tied to American capitalism, although they themselves voted for it in the first place. The Communists voted for the American Loan and the Bretton Woods Agreement because these measures smashed wide open the great Empire trading block established by the Ottawa Imperial Preference Agreement in 1932. In fact Britain lost her empire to Wall Street Jewish finance, making a middle way between America and Russia difficult if not impossible. Now the Communists try and separate Britain from America, in which case Britain, no longer having an empire to fall back on economically, will be forced willy nilly into the arms of Uncle Joe Stalin.

[Page 17]



Jews Against Economic Nationalism

Another point worth remembering about the economic aims of the allies in the last war was their intention to smash the policy of economic nationalism advocated not only by Hitler but by all nationalist parties including those in Britain. In 1938, the City of London financiers,again predominantly Jewish, had invested in cheap labour foreign countries the gigantic sum of £3,600,000,000 of good British money. This was admitted in the last Parliament. They did so because the cheap labour of these countries got them bigger profits and bigger dividends more quickly than if the money had been invested in the more highly paid labour of Britain and the Empire. More often than not, these huge investments were actually equipping Britain’s foreign competitors against Britain herself, causing hordes of unemployed and bringing ruin to many honest British industrialists. But Jewish finance didn’t mind. The most that would happen would be that the unemployed might turn to Communism which was a Jewish confidence trick and would suit their book admirably.

And if the Communists were to nationalise any Jew capitalist, they would at once reinstate him as a Commissar — and in Russia Commissars have power of life and death over their workers — powers which even in the disgraceful epoch of child labour in the mines, British capitalists never had. The Nationalist parties of Britain which would inevitably have succeeded to power had there been no war in 1939 made it a cardinal point of their policy immediately to sell out £3,600,000,000 and re-invest it in British and Empire industries.

In other words, the British people stood to gain £3,600,000,000 were the Nationalist parties to achieve power in Britain. We all remember how the Rhondda suffered because Jewish financiers in the city of London preferred investing their money in cheaper labour Polish coal mines rather than in Wales. Do not for a moment imagine that the Communists intend to do anything about this. They are Jewish led and Jewish financed, and if they intend to soak the rich at all it will only be the rich Gentiles.

[Page 18]



Money From Russia

Although British Communists deny that they have ever received money from Russia, they are allowed by Lenin to use lies to us non- Communists, so we need not take them too seriously. Douglas Hyde, for 20 years a British Communist, and for 8 years on the staff of the Daily Worker where he became its News Editor, has stated, on page 7 of his book “The Answer to Communism,” that Russia gave the British Communist Party money to start it off, the last being in 1923.

Further, both Arthur Horner and Harry Pollitt have boasted that Russia has sent our miners a further one and a quarter million pounds to assist them in strikes. Here are their actual words: Arthur Horner on the front page of the Daily Worker of October 14th, 1948,

It was thanks to the help received from miners abroad that British miners were able to hold out in their strikes in 1921 and 1926. It was thanks above all to the help of the Soviet Union, which sent us more than a million pound sterling.

And Harry Pollitt in a signed article in the Daily Worker of January 17th, 1951,

The miners of Britain have not forgotten that in 1926 the Soviet workers sent £1,250,000 unconditionally to the British miners in response to the appeal of the Miners’ Federation for assistance during the great lock-out.

Speaking as a better Welshman than Harry Pollitt or than Moscow stooge Arthur Horner, I say that the miners of Wales want no Soviet gold or interference in their internal affairs and struggles — gold acquired at the expense of slave labour of Christians in Russia. The real cause of poverty and unemployment in Wales, leading up to the strikes of 1921 and 1926, was the international Jewish finance system, which I have briefly outlined in the section dealing with the recent war (above). As we now know, Jewish international finance is at the back of Communism, creating slumps on purpose to plunge the world into Communism. The Communist slave labour system gives Jewish finance bigger and quicker profits than the more highly paid and (Trade Union) protected labour of Democracy.



Communist Hypocrisy in Last War

Before concluding our analysis of the cause of the war, mention must be made of the revolting Communist record. Ever since 1933 the Communists were loudest in clamouring for war against Hitler. On the 3rd September, 1939, they approved the war as a sacred struggle against anti-Semitism. Then Douglas Springhall, national organiser of the British Communist Party, returned with new orders from Moscow and immediately the Communists denounced the war as a capitalist war. (The fact about Springhall bringing orders from Moscow is vouched for by Fred Copeman, ex-Communist, in his book Reason in Revolt, and by Mrs. Charlotte Haldane, ex-wife of ex-Communist Professor Haldane, in her book Truth Will Out, also Douglas Hyde in his book I Believed.

[Page 19]

A few years after this Comrade Springhall got 7 years’ jail for selling his country’s secrets to Russia). Then again, when Russia was attacked in June 1941, the war became a sacred struggle once more against anti-Semitism. The Daily Worker in an editorial on June 13, 1947,bluntly stated that the last war was fought to destroy anti-Semitism in its entirety, a simple way of saying it was fought for the Jews. It is significant, too, that when Springhall brought the new orders, Harry Pollitt and the present editor of the Daily Worker, J. R. Campbell, refused to toe the Moscow line and were immediately expelled from the British Communist Party which was taken over by its real boss, an upper-class Indian-Swede, Palme Dutt. But Pollitt and Campbell made grovelling public apologies to Moscow and were later reinstated.

Freedom of Speech in Britain To-day

It is a strange thing to-day in Britain that although we can criticise everything and everybody under the sun, whether Royalty or miners or Americans or South Africans, no-one dare mention the Jews. If one does, one is immediately accused of persecution and racial hatred. Why are we allowed to defend our country in wars against French, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch and Germans, and not allowed to defend it against the real men at the back of Communism, namely the Jews? Why do they fear criticism? Have they anything to hide? We Nationalists do not hate the Jews because they are Jews, but because they are trying to capture our country through Communism and to destroy our Christian faith. The Jew Rene Groos admitted in Le Nouveau Mercure, Paris, in May 1927, that “there is a Jewish conspiracy against all nations.



The Strange Case of Aneurin Bevan

Consider for a moment the strange case of that “wild man from South Wales,” Mr. Aneurin Bevan. Look how he has criticised everyone under the sun with one exception: the Tories he calls “vermin”; he attacks Americans; he even on occasions mildly attacks Stalin, but there is one race which he has never attacked in spite of his reputation for extremism. Opening the Jewish Dolly Ross Holiday Home at Cliftonville, Kent, in June, 1950, he was reported in the Jewish Chronicle of June 30th, 1950, as saying,

The star of David is very much in the ascendant at the present time, and I for one exult at seeing it become more and more luminous, because no-one who had his eyes open in the last 25 to 30 years can be unaware of the cataract of human misery thrown on the Jewish community.

[Page 20]

So Aneurin Bevan exulted in seeing the star of David becoming more luminous! Where? At Nuremburg, where the atrocities of the Jews were thrown on to the shoulders of the British and the Americans — a bloody stain never to be erased? Was it luminous enough for Bevan and his colleagues when 350,000 civilians, mostly women and children, were brutally murdered in the bombing of Germany, when satisfactory peace terms could have been obtained which would have enabled Germany to be in a position to-day to deal with Jewish controlled Communism, thereby saving more British casualties? Or indeed, the star might have been more luminous in Bevan’s sight over the graves of our allies for whom we saw fit to declare war on Germany — the 10,000 murdered Polish officers found in the graves at Katyn, for instance.

Probably the star of David was not quite luminous enough for Aneurin when 900,000 Russians were massacred previous to the 30,000,000 starved to death since the Bolshevik Revolution.

So it took 25 to 30 years for our Cabinet Minister to see the cataract of human misery thrown on the Jewish community! Was it a Jewish cataract he had on both his eyes when he failed to see the Jews gradually forcing all true Britons out of their business premises; taking all the key positions in order to monopolise homes as key men? Aneurin boasts of the houses built under Socialist government: he ought to be made to say how many homes have been commandeered by Jewish alien immigrants into this country, while our boys and girls were fighting the Jewish war — with no homes to which to come back. Any fool can say how many Jews are working in the mines or on the farms.

Is it not a fact that the emigration drive of Britons is to make room for the immigrating Jews? Five hundred thousand Britons have emigrated since 1945, and almost the same number of aliens entered into Britain. Can we have the following information from the present Jew controlled Parliament:-

How many Jews are forced to work in the mines?

How many Jews are forced to work on the land?

How many Jews are there living on the fat of the land?

The greatest crime of which Hitler was guilty was to make the Jews work for their living. Aneurin Bevan knows that if he is to attain his pet ambition, and become Prime Minister, he must hold the candle to the Devil in the form of the star of David by appearing in the Jewish Chronicle, which is far more important to him than housing ex-service­ men’s families, who, according to men of his stomach, should emigrate to make room for the ever-increasing alien Jewish immigrants.

[Page 21]



Was Hitler Right about the Jews?

Whatever one’s views on Hitler’s methods of government may be, he did at least put the brake on Jewish control in Germany. He also purged and cleansed Germany of the filthy, rotting immoralities with which the Jews had permeated that land in their effort to destroy the moral fabric of the Gentiles. Hitler, in fact, prevented Germany becoming a second Russia and thus probably preserved the civilisation of Europe for many years. Nine out of ten people to-day when asked their views will say that Hitler was right about the Jews. Most people will also tell you that we should have made peace with Germany when Hess flew over here in 1941. Most people are saying that he was a brave man, as also was Goering who beat his hangman and the Jews to the punch by poisoning himself.



What the Jews Admit About Themselves

Jews themselves have admitted they 2make bad and disloyal citizens. The Jew Maurice Samuels, for instance, in his book You Gentiles (1924), said,

We Jews are destroyers — even made everything foul, rotten, decomposed, and decayed. There is no way to eradicate our spirit.

The Jewish Encyclopaedia, Volume IX, at the words “Nervous Diseases” reads:

The Jews are more subject to diseases of the nervous system than the other races and peoples among which they dwell. Hysteria and neurasthenia appear to be the most frequent. Some physicians of large experience among Jews have gone so far as to state that most of them are neurasthenic and hysterical.

Max Nordau, Zionist leader, says:

We are neither Germans nor English nor French. We are JEWS. Your Christian mentality is not ours.

The Jewish World, London, 22nd September, 1915, says:

No one pretends that a Japanese or Indian child is English because it was born in England. The same thing applies to the Jews.

The Jewish Courier and Jewish World, January 17th, 1924, says:

Jews may adopt the costumes and language of the countries where they live; they will never become an integral part of the native population.

I confess it to you, openly and sincerely, … we who have posed as the saviours of the world, we who have even boasted of having given it ‘the’ Saviour, we are to-day nothing else but the world’s seducers, its destroyers, its incendiaries, its executioners. … We who have promised to lead you to a new Heaven, we have finally succeeded in landing you into a new hell.

An extract from a letter by the well-known Jewish author, Dr. Oscar Levy, sent to Captain George Pitt-Rivers, of Worcester College, Oxford, which letter was published in full in the preface to the latter’s book, The World Significance of the Russian Revolution (1920).

[Page 22]

As for being persecutors, the Jews themselves are the biggest persecutors of all time. The Jew Samuel Roth says in his book, Jews Must Live, We come to the nations pretending to escape persecution, we the most deadly persecutors in all the wretched annals of man.” And the following is an interesting extract from The Key to the Mystery by Adrien Arcand, great leader of the Canadian Nationalist Party:-



Cruel Pogroms of History: Their Authors, Victims

When Poles move to control trade in Poland, when Germans want to be judged and treated by German judges and doctors in Germany, when Rumanian peasants want to deal with Rumanian wholesalers in Rumania, when young Canadians want Canada to be developed first for the profit of Canadians, the Jews pushed away from a nation’s patrimony fill the world with their cries, they shout everywhere com­ plaints of onslaughts, massacres and pogroms.

It is curious, though, that Jews never mention the most cruel pogroms in history. Why? When one gives just a quick glance at history, the answer is easily found.

In antiquity, Jews indulged many times in horrible massacres of peoples and tribes living in their neighbourhood.

Under Ahashuerus, they caused 70,000 Gentiles to be murdered in just one day, which they still celebrate under the name of Purim.

On the eve of their flight from Egypt, massacre of the first-born son of all Egyptian families. At the birth of Jesus Christ, massacre of the Holy Innocent children throughout Palestine, in the hope of killing the infant Redeemer.

Jews force a death sentence on Jesus by Pontius Pilate.

The stoning of St. Stephen.

They persecuted the apostles and caused most of them to be martyred.

Nero had as first adviser the Jew Attilius and for his favourite, the Jewess Poppea, both of whom incited him to murder hundreds of thousands of Christians.

[Page 23]

In the Jewish book Sepher Juchasin (Amsterdam 1717) it is stated that in the time of the Pope Clemenius (A.D. 91-100), the Jews killed, in and outside Rome, “crowds of Christians innumerable as the sands of the sea.

Dion Cassius, the great historian, in his “Roman History” (translation by Anthoine de Bandole, 1660), wrote:

In that time, the Jews who lived along Cyrenea, having for their captain a certain Andreas, killed all the Greeks and Romans, ate their flesh and entrails, bathed in their blood and dressed with their skins. They very cruelly killed some of them, sawing them from the top of their heads down through the middle of the body; they threw some to the beasts and forced others to fight one against the other; so much so that they brought death to 220,000. A similar cruelty they showed in Egypt and in the island of Cyprus, under a certain Artemion, their leader in barbary. In Cyprus, they slaughtered 240,000 persons, in consequence of which they can no more set foot on the island.

A marginal note of the great French historian Guizot, in Gibbon’s Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire reads thus:-

In Cyrenea, Jews slaughtered 220,000 Greeks, 240,000 in the isle of Cyprus, and in Egypt a great multitude of people. Most of the miserable victims were sawed alength, according to the example which David had authorized by his conduct.

The Jewish book Sepher Hadoroth tells us that Rabbenu Jehuda was in the favour of emperor Antoninus the Pious.

Rabbenu told him that the malice of the Nazareans was the cause of a pestilential malady and obtained the execution of all Nazareans who were in Rome in the year 3915 (A.D. 155).

The same book tells us that it was through the influence of the Jews that, in the year 177, Marcus-Aurelius “put to death all the Nazareans that he could.” (Among the latter Nazareans were Saint Pothinius and 47 of his faithful, of whom Saint Blandina and the Christians Macturus and Sanctus).

The same Jewish book tells us how the Jews could get still “more fun” under emperor Caracalla, the ferocious beast of Ansonia. The Sepher Hadoroth also states that in the year 3974 (A.D. 214),

the Jews killed 200,000 Christians in Rome and all Christians of Cyprus.

The Jewish Sepher Juchasin also states, on page 108:

Upon the desire of the Jews, Diocletian killed a great many Christians, among whom were the Popes Caius and Marcellinus, as well as the brother of Caius and his sister Rosa.

[Page 24]

Mahomet was killed by a Jewess, Czars Alexander I and Alexander II were killed by Jews, as well as Czar Nicholas II and his Czarina, his Czarevitch and his four daughters, Alexander of Y ugoslavia and Barthou by the Jew Peter Kalmen, Huey Long by the Jew Weiss, Archduke Francis-Ferdinand by the Jew Princip, the Archduke Rodolph by a Jewess: a Jew (Dr. Don Rug Lopez, alias Wolf) hanged in England for an attempt to murder Queen Elizabeth; the Jew Ravaillac assassinated King Henri IV; among a long list of Judaeo-Masonic murders are noticed those of Gustav II, Louis X V I and his family, Rossi, Garcia Moreno, King Carlos, President Doumer, De Lambrecht, Mores, Judge Prince, General Koutiepov, Felix Faure, Abraham Lincoln, Stolypin, Count Tisza, etc., etc. (and recently Count Bernadotte, the Swedish U.N.O. mediator in Palestine — T.D.).

Terrible pogrom of Hungarian Christians by the Jewish dictators Bela Kuhn and Tibor Szamuely during their 4-month reign in Buda-Pest, 1918.

Pogrom of Germans in Bavaria about the same time, when the Munich hostages were massacred by Jews Kurt Eisner, Levine, Levin.

Immense Judaeo-Communist Pogrom in China, where ten million human beings have died as direct result of the Jewish Bolshevik plan in the last fifteen years. Terrible slaughters and artificial famines.

Pogrom in Brazil, where the Jewish plotters of Sao Paulo caused the deaths of hundreds of Christian patriots.

Pogrom in Spain where 400,000 Spaniards have been killed brutally for their faith and opinions, apart from those killed on the battlefields, in the last 12 months, under the reign of Jews sent to Madrid by the Komintern. (Notably Bela Kuhn — T.D.).

The most murderous and considerable pogrom in human history: that of Soviet Russia, where 1,900,000 Christian Russians were executed in the first 18 months of the Red Terror, under the reign of the Jews Trotsky, Sverdlov, Zinoviev, Kamanev, Joffe, Litvinov, Kaganovitch (Stalin’s brother-in-law), Levine, Rappaport, Parvus-Helphand, Garin, Radek-Sobelsohn, Kalmanovitch, Smirdovitch and other Soviet dictators (more than 90% of whom were Jews); where thirty million persons have died of starvation or of epidemics consequent on famine, according to the figures of Dr. Fritjof Nansen, President of the Nansen Commission, official of the International Red Cross Society.

[Page 25]

Those are only the best known pogroms inflicted by Jews on Christians. The history of antiquity, of the middle ages, of modern times is filled with mentions of such pogroms of individuals and whole populations. And when Jews were punished for those crimes, they nowhere suffered one-tenth of the evils they had inflicted upon races which had given them hospitality.

As the Jew Samuel Roth says in his book Jews Must Live, and as they appear in history,

Jews are a tribe of ‘most deadly persecutors,’ not a persecuted minority as they pretend. Through propaganda, they have tried to convince public opinion of the contrary, but facts and history stand as their accusers, even their own authors and publications.” (End of Arcand’s quotation).



What Jews Think of Us Gentiles

My readers might also like to know what Jews think of us Gentiles. The following are five extracts from the Talmud, the Jewish Bible:-

You (the Jews) shall be called Men, but the other peoples in the world shall not be called Men but cattle.”(Baba mezia, page 144b).

The non-Jews are created for the service of the Jew. They must plow, sow, weed, dig, mow, bind, sift and grind. The Jews are created to find all this prepared for them.” (Berachoth, page 58a).

It is in every respect permitted to mislead the non-Jew and cheat him. The Jew may sell counterfeits as genuine to the non-Jew. He (the Jew) may cheat him when paying out money to him.” (Baba kamma 113b).

If a Jew can rob a Goy (non-Jew) of his possessions he shall do so, because Yahweh (God) has exposed the possessions of the Goys to the Jews.” (Baba kamma fol. 37b).

All property of other nations belongs to the Jewish nation, which consequently is entitled to seize upon it without any scruples.” (Schulchan Aruch, Choszen Hamisphat 348).

In view of these laws, who will now say that Hitler was not taking a wise step on behalf of his people when he insisted that Jews were to wear the Star of David and have it clearly displayed on all their shops?



British Parliament To-day (September 1951)

The following is a list of Jews in the British Parliament to-day:

Labour M.P.s (27):

G. R. Strauss (Millionaire capitalist).

Emanuel Shinwell.

J. Strachey (a quarter Jewish — old Etonian).

Sir Frank Soskice (half Jewish).

F. Messer.

[Page 26]

I. Mikardo (who signed the Communist Peace Petition recently. the object of which is to deny Britain the atom bomb to defend herself against Russia).

M. Orbach (a known pro-Communist).

J. Silverman.

S. S. Silverman (presented Communist ““Peace” Petition to Parliament 12.12.50).

Dr. B. Stross (an official of the Communist Front British Czech Society).

M. Turner Samuels, K.C.

D. Weitzman.

Major Wilkes.

A. Albu.

J. Diamond.

M. Edelman.

M. Follick.

Mrs. Ganley

B. Janner.

C. Jeger.

S. W. Jeger

L. M. Lever.

Ν. H. Lever.

J. Lewis.

Col. M. Lipton.

J. D. Mack.

W. G. Mackay (probably).

(Mackay is a rich man and a great supporter of Western Union, which was originated by the slick American Jew lawyer Lilienthal; and who also wants us to quit Malaya and Hong Kong so as, presumably, to let the Communists in).

How many of these are secret Communists I cannot say.

[Page 27]

Tory Jew Μ.Ρ.s (3):

W. Fletcher.

G. Nabarro.

N. Bower (who has spoken on behalf of Communist China recently).

At the 1950 elections, not less than 10% of the Communist candidates were Jews, which was an even higher percentage than Labour!



Atomic Spies for Russia

The following is a list of all men arrested or convicted for atomic espionage for Russia, or who have fled from the West to Russia for sanctuary with atomic secrets.



Jews Jailed in Canadian Spy Case:

Rose (Canadian Communist M.P.).

Carr (Organiser, Canadian Communist Party).

Both jailed for selling secrets to Russia.



Jews and Jewesses Arrested in the U.S.A.

Harry Gold (now sentenced to 30 years’ jail).

David Greenglass.

Julius Rosenberg.

Mrs. Greenglass Rosenberg.

Abraham Brotham.

Miriam Moscowitz.

Morton Sobell.

A. D.Slack.

Note:- The Jew Dr. Sidney Weinbaum has also been sentenced to imprisonment for falsely denying he was a member of the American Communist Party on entering the U.S. Atomic Energy Station.

[Page 28]



Communist Jailed in Britain for Atomic Spying

Dr. Fuchs (to whom we trustingly gave shelter when he came here before the war saying he was “persecuted” by Hitler, is of Jewish appearance. He became a naturalised British subject and obtained employment on the atom bomb. He then betrayed our atomic secrets to Russia, and has now been jailed).



Jews fled to Iron Curtain with Atomic Secrets:

Dr. Leopold Infeld (who fled from Canada to Poland with atomic secrets). Professor Bruno Pontecorvo (who fled from Britain to Russia).




Gentile Jailed

Professor Raymond Boyer (jailed for revealing secrets to Russian agents; Boyer became a Jew on marrying a Jewess, but they are already divorced).



Gentile Who Fled to Iron Curtain with Secrets

Lajos Janossy (who fled from Ireland after having worked at Harwell, to Hungary. We include him as a Gentile to show our impartiality, but Janossy is a well-known Jewish name and he is also believed to have a Jewish wife).

TOTAL of above:- 14 Jews and Jewesses, 2 Gentiles.

In view of these startling facts, would it not be wise to purge all the key Jewish scientists from our atomic station at Harwell in the interest of national security, and there are very many of them (14 in fact) under the control of the Jew Minister of Supply, G. R. Strauss, M.P.




Fellow countrymen: our country is in mortal danger but there is one way and one way only by which it can yet be saved and by which war can be averted. Spread the truth about the nature of Communism. Make your Editors, your M.P.s, your Councillors, reveal to the world that it is nothing less than a Jewish ramp. Demand that the truth about Communism be told. Russia can be defeated without a war, simply by helping her patriots to liberate themselves from their Jewish masters. An anti-Jewish revolution in Russia will mean world peace. There is in the Free Britain Movement a more explosive and more powerful weapon than the atom or even the hydrogen bomb — the weapon of truth. Work with us and the Free Britain Movement with the following four aims:

[Page 29]

(1) National Regeneration. Britain must be purged of all the sordid filth with which she has been flooded. As we know, all great cities like London, Cardiff and Glasgow are nothing more than cesspools of vice.

(2) Widest possible diffusion of wealth. W e support co-partnership and profit sharing in industry with the abolition of all absentee shareholding. This is true socialism as opposed to nationalisation which replaces the private boss by the soulless bureaucrat. As everyone knows, for instance, no miner is satisfied with the National Coal Board.

(3) Rigid economic self-sufficiency within the British Empire. We shall make no attempt to compete with cheap labour foreign countries in an insane capitalist dogfight for rapidly dwindling sellers’ markets. This merely means that wages at home are lowered in order to cheapen goods being sold abroad. Even thus we could not hope to meet competition like Japanese, German and American, let alone that of the Iron Curtain countries, whose slave labour system makes their goods dirt cheap compared with ours.

(4) The expulsion of all Jews from Britain. For years the Jews have wanted Palestine as a country of their own. Now they have got it, they apparently do not want to go there, as countries like Britain and America, and Europe generally are too much like lucrative gold mines for them. Let us insist that Jews must go to Israel. Let us, in fact, call their bluff over it.



Call to Wales

We call upon all Britons of whatever class and creed to rally with us in Wales and make this country a great and God-loving nation once again.

[Page 30]




The International Jew — an edited version by G. F. Green of the late American Motor Manufacturer, Henry Ford’s investigation into the world’s foremost problem. 182 pages. Cloth. … … 6/0

The Jewish War of Survival — a critical analysis of the causes and aims of the 2nd World War, by Arnold Leese. 132 pages with Index. Card cover. … … 5/0

Know Your Enemy, a 56 page illustrated booklet with names, figures and facts about Communists, by the American Investigator, Major Robert H. Williams. … … 3/6

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion — the most sinister set of documentary forecasts ever written. They show how Communism and World Dictatorship were part of a deliberate Plan conceived in the last century. … … 2/6

The Rulers of Russia — Lists of Names and nationalities with extracts from vital Documents — by Rev. Denis Fahey C.S.Sp.. B.A., D.D. 100 pages, paper cover. … … 1/9

Red Stars Over Hollywood, by Michael O’Toole. … … 1/0

Hollywood Reds are on the Run, by Myron C. Fagan. … … 1/0

Gentile Folly — The Rothschilds, giving details of the world control over Gentile affairs by this Banking House. By Arnold Leese. 64 pages and Index. … … 1/0

Is It Too Late? by Η. T. Mills, with Foreword by Admiral Sir Barry Domvile, K.B.E., C.B., C.M.G. … … -/9

The Hidden Hand — A Plain Statement for the Man in the Street, by Lt.-Col. A. H. Lane. … … -/6




The Beast Marks Russia, by Captain Arthur Howard. … … -/3

Cardinal Mindszenty, details of the Cardinal’s real “crime” as proclaimed by the Communists — compiled by Hilary Cotter. … -/3

Judaism & Bolshevism — Some Facts by, Dr. A. Homer, M.A., D.Sc., F.I.C … … -/3

Behind U.N.O. Stands the Jew, by Alfred McCarthy … … -/2

Russia and the Jews … … -/2

Zionism and the Christian Church … … -/2

The World’s Enemies … … -/2

Refugees Before Britons! — A Menace to the Nation’s Health … -/2

Atomic News … … -/1



Postage: Add 2d. for the first 1/- and a1⁄2d.for each additional 1/-

Send for detailed List of all Publications to:


40, Great Ormond Street, W.C.1

[Page 31]




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The Bloody Red Streak


Bloody Red Streak Cover 128






Part 1








Facts about the Author, Mr. Trefor David

Mobilized with the Glamorganshire Yeomanry in 1914.

Transferred to the Royal Field Artillery and served 2 1⁄2 years in France in World War I. Long record of public service. Member of Bridgend Urban District Council for 2 years, and of the Glamorganshire County Council for 1 year.

Long record of struggle against corruption in Local Government. Convicted 7 times for exposing corrupt practices in Local Government. Sentenced to 12 months’ hard labour in 1938 for activity in obtaining release of sane man from Bridgend Lunatic Asylum. Served in Swansea, Cardiff, Brixton and Birmingham Prisons.

No regrets of his efforts to cleanse public life of corruption and of his convictions for same.


[Page 2]



What is Communism?………………………………………………………… 3

Russia — Jews’ best friend!”………………………………….……..…… 4

Jewishness of Communism outside Russia ……………..…….…… 4

Jewishness of Communism in the BRITISH EMPIRE ………..… 5

Jewishness of Communism in the U.S.A. …………………………… 5

Jewishness of Communism in Holland, Belgium and France  6

Cominform and Cominform World “Peace” Movement …….… 6

But no Communism in Israel, and the Reason Why! …………. 7

Communist Leaders who are Gentiles are all Purged ……….… 7

Communism in Britain is Jewish Too ………………………………..… 7

Communism is Nothing to Do with the Working Class …….… 8

Communism is a Jewish Confidence Trick ……………………….… 9

No Trade Unions As We Know Them in Russia ………………… 10

Communist “Peace” Offensive …………………………………..…..… 11

Real Aim of “Peace” Offensive ……………………………………..…… 11

Why Communists Oppose German Re-Armament …….…… 12

Communism and Judaism are One and the Same ………….. 13

The Second Jewish World War ……………………………………..…. 14

Jews Admit it was a Jews’ War ……………………………………..…. 15

Jewish Gold Standard was Another Aim of Last War …….… 16

Present Position ……………………………………………………………..… 17

Jews Against Economic Nationalism …………………….……..…… 18

Money From Russia ……………………………………………………….… 19

Communist Hypocrisy in Last War …………………….…….……… 19

Freedom of Speech in Britain To-day ………………..………….…. 20

The Strange Case of Aneurin Bevan ………………………….……. 20

Was Hitler Right about the Jews? ………………………….….….…. 22

What the Jews Admit About Themselves ……………………..…. 22

Cruel Pogroms of History: Their Authors, Victims” ……….… 23

What Jews Think of Us Gentiles ………………………….………..… 25

British Parliament To-day ………………………………………….…..… 27

Atomic Spies for Russia …………………………………………….…….. 28

Communist Jailed in Britain for Atomic Spying …………….…… 29

Jews fled to Iron Curtain with Atomic Secrets ……………..,… 29

Gentile Jailed ………………………………………………………….……….. 29

Gentile Who Fled to Iron Curtain with Secrets ……………….. 29

Conclusion …………………………………………………………………..….. 29

Call to Wales ……………………………………………..………………..….. 30


FOR FURTHER STUDY ……………………………….………….………… 31

PAMPHLETS ………………………………………………………………..…… 31







The third World War appears to be almost on top of us. For this, the responsibility must be placed (1) on the shoulders of Communism, and (2) on the shoulders of our insane “politicians,” both Labour and Conservative, who so foolishly plunged us into war on the 3rd September, 1939, with no British interests whatsoever involved, on behalf of international Jewry against the Germans, who were Europe’s only bastion against Russia. Let us consider Communism first.


What is Communism?

Communism was invented by the German Jew Karl Marx one hundred years ago. Of the 135 revolutionaries sent into Russia in a sealed train in 1917, no less than 128 were Jews, mostly from New York. The U.S. Senate Overman Report, 1919, stated that the first Central Bolshevik Government of Russia consisted of 371 Jews, 1 American Negro and 17 Russians.

The Central Committee of the “Russian” Communist Party in 1935 consisted of 56 Jews out of a total of 59, the three solitary Gentiles, one of them Stalin, having Jewish wives. In the “Russian” Politburo of 13 to-day, Kaganovitch (Stalin’s brother- in-law), Beria (Secret Police Chief), and Shvernik (Chairman of the Supreme Soviet Presidium) are Jews, while Stalin, Molotov and Voroshilov are married to Jewesses.

The U.S. Jewish paper, B’nai B’rith Messenger of March 3rd, 1950, quotes a statement of a former Red Army General now living in the U.S.A. that Stalin himself is of Jewish ancestry. On page 14 of his book The Life of Stalin, Iman Raguza states that Stalin’s maternal grandfather was a Jew junk peddler. Of the 18 man Supreme Soviet Presidium, at least 8 are Jews and these include the four key positions of Chairman (Shvernik), Secretary (A. F. Gorkin), and Deputy Chairmen (Kirchenstein and Vares).

Other leading figures in Soviet Russia to-day who are Jews are:—

Ilya Ehrenburgh (chief propagandist and mouthpiece of the Kremlin);

Fratkine Schmul (liquidation of anti-Communist persons and movements outside Russia);

Varga (economist — now on loan to Hungary for purge of Hungarian Communist Party);

Z. Mekhlis (Ex-Minister of State Control, head of Red Army Political Commissars and late Editor of Pravda);

Solomon Lozovsky (Director of Information — Lozovsky is responsible for ensuring that only news which “proves” Russia is a workers’ Paradise leaves the U.S.S.R.);

[Page 3]

Gorshenin (Minister of Justice);

D. Y. Raizer (Minister for Construction of Heavy Industry);

P. A. Judin (Minister for Building Materials);

S. Y. Fomin (Minister of Construction of Machinery for Industries);

D. I. Fomin (Minister of State Food Reserves);

Lavrentiev (Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs);

Nossenko (Deputy Minister of Shipbuilding Industry);

Kaftanov (Minister for Higher Education);

Ginzburg (President of State Bank);

Levitsky (Deputy Chairman of Council of Nationalities);

and “the most unusual man in the Kremlin” according to the London evening Star of 6th September, 1948;

Vladimir Asberg, formerly of the Nye Banken, Stockholm, who financed the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917 in conjunction with the Warburgs (Jews) in Germany and their affiliated group Kuhn Loeb, of New York.

Kuhn Loeb is the most powerful Jewish international banker in the world.

Ilya Ehrenburg, Jew, is the Member of the Russian Parliament for RIGA in Latvia. At the recent Russian General “Election,” this Jew was the only candidate allowed for RIGA.

Latvia was invaded by Russia in 1939 and forcibly annexed.

Ehrenburg has never been to Latvia in his life and can’t speak Latvian! Such is the wonderful “Democracy” of Communist Russia!




Russia — Jews’ best friend!

The Israeli Leader Moshe Sneh was quoted in the Jewish Chronicle of 2nd July, 1948, as saying

Every Jew knew in his heart who was his greatest and most consistent friend — the Soviet Republic.

Yankee Jew Dr. Louis G. Reynolds went further — he said (see the July 5th, 1946, issue of California Jewish Voice)

I cannot conceive of any Jew in the role of an enemy of the Soviet Union. To me, such a Jew is an unnatural monstrosity, a travesty of everything that is decent and right.




Jewishness of Communism outside Russia

Seven of the Polish Communist Politburo of eleven are Jews under the dictatorship of the rich upper middle class Jew, Jacob Berman. The Deputy Dictator is the Jew Colonel Ochab. The Times on August 10th, 1949, stated that 9 out of the 11 members of the Communist Cabinet of Poland were of the middle class.

In Hungary, the Communist Dictator is the Jew Rakosi, and until recently his communist cabinet consisted of 5 Jews and 1 Gentile — the Foreign Minister Laslo Rajk (see News Review, 16th December, 1948).

[Page 4]

The Times of 20th June, 1949, also stated that there was only one Gentile (Rajk) among the leaders of the Hungarian Communist Party. Since then, the solitary Gentile, Laslo Rajk, has been hanged, and according to The Times of 20th June, 1949, and the Jewish Chronicle of 23rd September, 1949, one of his “crimes” was anti- Semitism.

In Czechoslovakia the Communist Dictator is the Jew Slansky, while 5 of the 8-man “Czech” Communist Politburo are Jews. In Rumania, the Communist Dictatoress is the Jewess Anna Pauker. The Communist Dictator of the Ukraine is the Jew Manuilsky and its President is the Jew Korneichuk. It will be remembered that this Jew President of the Ukraine came to London in June, 1950, at the request of the British Communist Party and in a speech with the Negro Paul Robeson told British workers to sabotage their country’s defences against Russia. A few months later, the “British” Communist Party asked another big Jew from Russia to come and do the same in Trafalgar Square (Ilya Ehrenburg).

The head of the six million strong South American Labour Confederation is the Jewish millionaire Toledano.




Jewishness of Communism in the BRITISH EMPIRE

South Africa’s first Communist M.P. is the Jew Sam Kahn, while the Chairman of the “South African” Communist Party is the Jew I. Horwitz. In Canada, most of those involved in Soviet espionage were found to be Canadian Jews, while Canada’s Communist M.P. (Rose), and the organiser of the Communist Party (Carr), both Jews, have now been jailed for selling atom secrets to Russia.




Jewishness of Communism in the U.S.A.

The top Communist intellectuals in the U.S.A. are the Jews A. Kahn and A. Bittelman. Of the 11 leading American Communists sentenced for conspiracy 6 are Jews and 2 are Negroes.

The Editor of the American Daily Worker is Israel Ragenstrich, although he now calls himself John Gates, while the Jew Bart is its Managing Director. The London Jewish Chronicle of September 8th,1950, attacked U.S. Congressman John Rankin for saying that 75% of American Communists were Jews, but it did not even attempt to dispute his statement. The Jew Gerhart Eisler (Chief Comintern spy in the U.S.A., until, recently, he escaped to Britain), now heads the Press and Censorship Department of the Russian Zone of Germany.

[Page 5]

Although the Communists are supposed to be against Wall Street, the great Wall Street Jew multi-millionaire banker Herbert Lehman (Lehman Bros.) violently attacked the Bill aimed at outlawing the American Communist Party in the U.S. Senate in September, 1950.

There are so many Jewish Communists in New York that a special Communist daily newspaper entitled the Morning Freiheit is published for them in Yiddish. It has a larger circulation than the American Daily Worker. The London Jewish Clarion of September,1948, admitted that of the 10 leading Communist spies unearthed by the un-American Activities Committee, 8 were Jews.




Jewishness of Communism in Holland, Belgium and France

The Editor of the Dutch Communist paper Truth is the Jew F. Schoonenberg, while in Belgium the Communist daily Red Flag is edited by the Jew F. Coenen. Of the Executive of the “French” Communist Party, no less than 4 are Jews, while Jacques Duclos, its real leader, is married to a Jewess.




Cominform and Cominform World PeaceMovement

The Editor of the Cominform weekly paper For a Lasting Peace, For a People’s Democracy, is the Jew P. Judin. The President of the Cominform World “Peace” Committee is the Jew Professor Joliot-Curie, who also runs the Cominform “Peace” movement in France. The “artist” who drew the “Peace” dove for the Cominform is the Spanish Communist Jew Pablo Picasso. The head of the Cominform “Peace

Movement in the Argentine is the Communist Jew psychiatrist Dr. Bermann. A key member of the Cominform World “Peace” Committee representing Britain is the Jewish millionaire aristocrat the Honourable Ivor Montagu. The Jew Arnold Zweig is President of the “Peace” Movement in the Russian Zone of Germany. An amusing incident in January, 1950, revealed the true nature of the Cominform World “Peace” Movement — the Deputy Leader of the Christian Democrat Union in the Russian Zone of Germany, Professor Hugo Hickmann, made a speech urging German neutrality in an East-West conflict, and for doing so was immediately purged by the Communists as a “warmonger.

[Page 6]




But no Communism in Israel, and the Reason Why!

There is naturally only a minute Communist Party in Israel. Communism is a method whereby Jews take your country away from you — they don’t, of course, want it in their own.




Communist Leaders who are Gentiles are all Purged

It is significant, too, that the recent purges of senior European Communist leaders have all been confined to Gentiles, namely:

RAJK — Hungarian Foreign Minister, hanged.

GOMULKA — Polish Vice-Premier, purged and awaiting “trial.

DJODJE — Albanian Vice-Premier, shot. KOSTOV — Bulgarian Vice-Premier, hanged.

TITO — Yugoslavia, expelled from Cominform.

MARKOS — Greek Communist Army leader, purged.

CLEMENTIS — Czechoslovak Foreign Minister, purged and relegated to a minor post in the Bank, and then arrested, now about to be “tried” and will obviously be liquidated.




Communism in Britain is Jewish Too

In Britain, the Jews, the Hon. Ivor Montagu, son of the Broad Street, London, International financier, Samuel Montagu, the Jewess Tamara Rust (head of the Women’s Section of the British Communist Party), the “intellectual” Andrew Rothstein, and ex-M.P. Piratin are next only in real importance to Britain’s Communist dictator-designate, Rajani Palme Dutt — an upper-class Indian Swede of public school and Oxford education. The Foreign Editor of the Daily Worker is the Jew Derek Kartun, and the Daily Worker correspondent with the Communists in Korea and China is the Jew Alan Winnington. The leaders of the 1949 British dock strike were seven Jews, five of whom were imported from abroad.

[Page 7]

Harry Pollitt, Willie Gallacher, Arthur Horner, Alf Davis and Idris Cox are all Gentile stooges behind whom stand the real leaders of the British Communist Party — Palme Dutt, with not a drop of British or working-class blood in him, and the Jews Andrew Rothstein, Phil. Piratin, the Hon. Ivor Montagu and Mrs. Tamara Rust. The Hon. Ivor Montagu, that self-styled champion of the workers, has not a drop of working-class blood in him either and went to a posh top-hat public school. The Jewess Tamara Rust, is scheduled to be Dictatoress over British including Welsh women (like the Jewess Anna Pauker in Rumania) in the event of Russia forcing Communism on us by War.

Incidentally, another Left Wing and self-styled champion of the British working class, Mr. K. Zilliacus, like Palme Dutt, has not a drop of British ox, working-class blood in him. He comes of upper-class Finnish- American parents and was educated at an expensive co-educational public school in England and at Yale University.

At the annual 1946 conference of the British Labour Party, no fewer than seven out of the 12 speakers on British foreign policy were aliens — Mr. Zilliacus and six Jews. All took a pro-Communist line. Durham Miners’ leader Paddy Cowan has been violently attacked in the Jewish and Communist Press for saying at the annual 1949 conference of the “British” Labour Party, “Why can’t we have Britishers in Parliament?




Communism is Nothing to Do with the Working Class

Communism is, of course, nothing whatsoever to do with the working class. The working class figures only in the abstract in Communist propaganda, but in Communist revolutions the working class do the dirty work for their Jewish masters. If the revolution succeeds the Jews ride to power on the backs of the working class. If the revolution fails, the working class go to jail or the firing squad and the gallows. We can see the truth of the anti-working-class nature of Communism by the presence in Britain and Western Europe of hundreds of thousands of Polish, Ukrainian, Yugo-Slav and even Russian workers, all of whom have fled from the so-called workers’ paradises of Russia and Eastern Europe and who would rather commit suicide than return. It will also be remembered that when Madame Kasenkina, Russian schoolmistress at the Russian Consulate in New York, heard that she was returning to the “workers’ Paradise,” she hurled herself out of a skyscraper window in an effort to commit suicide. Her boss was the Jew Jacob Lomakin, “Russian” Consul General in New York.

[Page 8]

We also know that the Germans had a free Russian Army of 800,000 fighting for them in the last war under the command of the Russian Nationalist General Vlassov, and Moscow radio itself announced in June, 1946, that the republic of Crimea had been liquidated for going over en masse to the German National Socialists, whom they welcomed as liberators (see The Times, 27 June, 1946). We also know that to-day, in spite of the Red Army and the Secret Police, there are hundreds of thousands of nationalist guerillas active in Eastern Europe, particularly in the Ukraine. Russia had in fact the biggest “fifth column” of any country in the last war — except that her “fifth column” consisted of Nationalists, Patriots and Christians trying to free their country from the Jewish Bolshevism.

Because the Jews have throughout every age and in every country been universally noted for their genius of salesmanship, they have been able to sell the workers’ hell of Russia as a workers’ paradise. The Jews can sell not only phoney goods in shops but phoney ideologies. The fact that the truth about the Jewishness of Communism is not more widely known is due to the cringing cowardice of the British and World press at mentioning the word Jew. The last daily paper to mention the Jewishness of Communism was the Morning Post which was killed in the 1930’s. The great historian Hilaire Belloc summed the whole thing up in “G.K.’s Weekly” of 4th February, 1937, as follows:-

As for anyone who does not know that Bolshevism in Russia is Jewish I can only say he must be taken in by the suppressions of our deplorable press.

How can Communism be a working-class dictatorship when it is run by Jews? How can it be a working-class dictatorship when The Times on August 10th, 1949, admitted that of the 11 members of the Polish Communist Cabinet, 9 were of the middle-class? (This includes the Jew Dictator Berman — T.D.) The Times of 6th July, 1949, further reported that Hungarian Communists had been criticised for “not having a single working man among their friends!



Communism is a Jewish Confidence Trick

Communism is, in fact, a confidence trick whereby Jews acquire a nation’s wealth by pretending to nationalise it for the working classes. Communist leaders themselves make no bones about this — after they get into power, of course! For instance, Matyas Rakosi, Jew Communist Dictator of Hungary to-day of an all-Communist Cabinet of 5 Jews whose sole Gentile Laslo Rajk was hanged for anti-Semitism (a clue as to what may happen to the Gentile stooges Pollitt, Gallacher, Cox, Alf Davies and Horner), plainly stated as recently as the 31st May, 1949, in a violent attack on the Hungarian working class for slackness, that socialism does not imply equality, and jeered at them for foolishly supposing that the shares of the factories should be taken over and divided among themselves.

[Page 9]

A report of this speech can be found in The Times of the 3rd June, 1949. In other words, before the Communist revolution, the Jews say they will nationalise everything and give all the profits to the workers and also make everyone equal, but after the Communist revolution they say the same thing as Rakosi said above and attack the workers for being suckers and slackers. (Note:- Socialism is the name given to the regime in Communist Russia and in all Communist countries. Communists deliberately tell the workers that the “ideal” of Communism will take very many years to attain. They do this so as to dangle a kind of carrot in front of the workers to spur them on to work for a vague Utopia which is always just around the corner. In another thousand years the Jews will still be telling the Russian workers that the “paradise” of Communism is “just around the corner.” Jews, of course, hate real Communism or Socialism (which we define as the greatest possible diffusion of wealth), hence their hatred of Hitler who introduced profit sharing in his factories).

Ex-Soviet diplomat, Theodore Butenko, who fled from Rumania in 1938, described Communism bluntly in the Giornale D’ltalia of 17th February, 1938:-

The Bolsheviks have promised to give the workers the industries, mines, etc., and to make them masters of the country. In reality, never has the working-class suffered such privations as those brought about by the so-called epoch of ‘socialisation.’ In place of the former capitalists, a new ‘bourgeoisie’ has been formed, composed of 100% Jews. All the big industries and factories, war products, railways, big and small trading, are virtually and effectively in the hands of the Jews.


No Trade Unions As We Know Them in Russia

The Jew is hindered under democracy in his lust for maximum profits by the trade unions who protect the worker and enable him to bargain for a share of the wealth available. Under Communism, the function of the trade unions is simply reversed. Instead of protecting the workers against exploitation, it now acts as an instrument of the exploiting Communist State (the Jews Kaganovitch, Beria, Rakosi, Pauker and the rest) to crush the workers, to extend hours of work to a maximum, reduce wages to a minimum — to squeeze the last rouble of profit out of them. Further, the peculiarly Communist technique of depriving workers and civilians of their civil rights under the slightest pretext, and then using them as slave-labour, has enabled the Jew rulers of Russia to build up the greatest profit-making force ever known in history — 20,000,000 slave-labourers who are paid no wages at all. Hence most Jews back Communism, not democracy.

[Page 10]

The trade unions are kept on under Communism for three reasons:

(1) As an instrument (already in the factories) of the Jewish ruling class now to screw down the workers;

(2) For the Jews to swipe for themselves political levies paid in by trusting trade unionists; and

(3) To fool the workers into believing they have a semblance of protection.

All strikers are, of course, shot under Communism.




Communist PeaceOffensive

We have already given the names of the Jewish leaders of the World “Peace” Offensive. To these should be added the name of Ilya Ehrenburg, who runs it in Russia. In Britain the three leaders are:- the Jew millionaire aristocrat, the Hon. Ivor Montagu; Professor J. G. Crowther; and Mr. D. N. Pritt, an extremely wealthy barrister educated at an exclusive public school (W inchester) and at foreign universities. Mr. Pritt, it will be remembered, was expelled from the Labour Party for his support of Russia’s foul invasion of little Finland in 1939. (The Daily Worker of January 29th, 1951, described this war as “the Finns’ Winter War against the Soviet Union in 1939 and 1940!”).




Real Aim of PeaceOffensive

Let no-one mistake the real aims of the “Peace” Offensive. This is simply an instrument of the Cominform to deprive the countries next on the list for invasion by Russia of the weapons with which to defend themselves, and also to induce in those countries a spirit of defeatism. Let no-one for a moment think Communism stands for peace. Communism stands for a war of world conquest. Let no-one think, as the Rev. Donald Soper, Methodist Minister, thinks, that Communism is preferable to another war. Our geographical position precludes neutrality: the Communists know this full well and are using the British people’s desire for peace to get them in effect to surrender to Russia and to sabotage their defences in preparation for a Russian invasion. They intend to use Britain as advanced war base and Red Air Force aircraft carrier with which to atom bomb our American allies in a Soviet war of world conquest. Britain will, in that eventuality, be of course subject to atomic, germ, and hydrogen bombing by America in retaliation. But British Communists would not mind one rap about that, for their allegiance is not to Britain but to Russia. They aim to use Britain as a gigantic atomic cushion or shock absorber to take America’s limited supply of atomic, germ and hydrogen bombs which might otherwise fall on their precious motherland of Russia.

Communists the world over, including English and Welsh Communists, make no secret that Russia is their country and not England or Wales.

[Page 11]




Why Communists Oppose German Re-Armament

The Communists in our midsts are opposing the Atlantic Pact with Western Europe and America because they want the Red Army to conquer Britain and put them in power. They know they were heavily defeated at the General Election of 1950, and now see no other way of coming to power. They are doing their best to sabotage Britain’s defence programme. They oppose German re-armament for similar reasons. Only the immediate healing of the Jew-created quarrel with our German brothers, and the immediate re-arming of Germany can prevent Russia conquering Western Europe, including Britain and Germany. The Communists know this and that is why they want to stop the Germans re-arming. The Communists also know full well that the Russians in Eastern Germany are re-arming the Germans at full speed, and by the end of 1951 according to the Daily Mail of December 7, 1950, will have an army of 400,000 strong, plus a “Police Force” of at least 180,000, equipped with tanks and aircraft. The Communists have no objection to this sort of German army. In fact, if a German Communist Army invaded Britain, British Communists would welcome them as “liberators” and do all they could to stab in the back our British boys fighting them.

Just like the Communists, the Jews are also opposing German re-armament. In November, 1950, the Board of Deputies of British Jews passed a resolution against German re-armament. Similarly the Daily Worker of January 19th, 1951, gleefully reported that German re­ armament had been condemned by the British Section of the World Jewish Congress. (It will be remembered that S. S. Silverman, Labour M.P., is Chairman of the British Section of the World Jewish Congress. Silverman presented to Parliament on December 12th, 1950, the Cominform “Peace” Petition, organised by the Communist British “Peace” Committee. The object of the “Peace” Petition is to stop Britain and America using the atom bomb in self defence, and — as everyone knows — only the atom bomb stops Russia invading Britain).

[Page 12]

As to why the Jews are so anxious to stop defensive measures against Soviet Russian aggression, such as German re-armament and the atom bomb, it is necessary to refer to the example of Hungary for a clue. In 1945, in the full flush of “liberation” when gratitude to Communist Russia could be expected to be at its height, a General Election was held in Hungary which resulted in 246 seats for the Smallholders Party, 71 for the Socialist Party, 22 for the National Peasant Party, and only 67 seats for the Communists. In spite of this overwhelming defeat, the Communists were forcibly put into power by Red Army bayonets and all other parties liquidated, their members being killed or sent to the mines in Siberia. And what does the Hungarian Communist Government consist of? Well The Times of 20th June, 1949, specifically stated that there was only one (1) Gentile among the Hungarian Communist leaders, and he was Laslo Rajk the Foreign Minister (who led the Underground fighting against the Germans while the present Dictator — the Jew Rakosi — was safe in Moscow throughout the whole of the war). Rajk has since been hanged! So now there are no Gentiles at all among the leaders of the Hungarian Communist Party! The Red Army, therefore, put the Jews into supreme power in Hungary, and will do the same in Britain — if they get the chance!




Communism and Judaism are One and the Same

Other similarities between Communism and Judaism are:

(1) Hatred of Christianity. The Russians, far from hating Christianity, are one of the most religious races on earth, religious even to the point of superstition: the anti-Christian campaign in Communist Russia is Jewish. The Jews have hated Christianity ever since they got Christ crucified by Pontius Pilate. Let us compare a Communist on Christianity with a Jew. The Soviet Education Commissar Lunachersky defined the Communist attitude to Christianity as follows:-

We hate Christianity and Christians; even the best of them must be looked upon as our worst enemies. They preach the love of our neighbours and mercy, which is contrary to our principles. Christian love is an obstacle to the development of the revolution. Down with the love of our neighbours! What we want is hatred. We must learn how to hate and it is only then that we shall conquer the world.

Millionaire Hollywood Jew playwright Ben Hecht, who went wild with delight every time a British soldier was murdered in Palestine, writes on page 120 of his book A Few in Love,

One of the finest things ever done by the mob was the crucifixion of Christ. Intellectually it was a splendid gesture, but trust the mob to bungle. If I had had charge of executing Christ I’d have handled it differently. You see what I’d have done was have him shipped to Rome and fed to the lions. They could not have made a Saviour out of mincemeat.

[Page 13]

Do not be fooled by the “Christianity” of the Communist Dean of Canterbury, Dr. Hewlett Johnson. While Jewish hooligans were desecrating Christian churches and holy places in Jerusalem (between £200,000 and £300,000 worth of damage was done according to The Times of 1st July, 1949), Dr. Hewlett Johnson said in an interview he granted to the Jewish paper, Labour Israel, 6th May, 1949,

I do not think there is any ground for the claim that the whole city (Jerusalem) should be neutralised to safeguard Christian interests. I had much rather trust the Jews to look after them. I believe they would be the most honourable custodians.

(2) The Jews by their bible, the Talmud, are allowed to cheat, rob and deceive Gentiles. (Communists rob Gentiles of all they possess by simply nationalising all property off them on pretence of giving it to the “workers,” but actually they keep it for themselves. They intend to rob your savings off you by a capital levy and eventually your house or farm by nationalisation of the land.) The Communists, by Lenin’s direct orders in his book Left Wing Communism — An Infantile Disorder are allowed to use “lies, deceit and subterfuge” to non-Communists. No value, therefore, should be placed on the descriptions of Russia and Communist Eastern Europe and Communist China by Communists who have returned from carefully conducted tours there. Their orders are by that mass murderer Lenin, whose rotting corpse lies pickled in a glass jar in Moscow and is to them a substitute for a God, to lie about the real nature of Communism to you. It is my firm belief that Communism won’t be destroyed until the carcass of Lenin is given a decent Christian burial.

(3) The Jews are a geographically international people. The Communists are a geographically international party.




The Second Jewish World War

Let us now consider the second Jewish World W ar, 1939/1945. All Hitler was doing was to rectify the injustices of the Versailles Treaty of 1919. Britain went to war over Danzig and the Polish Corridor which separated East Prussia from Germany. In the British Labour Party Speakers’ Handbook for 1922 it was stated that Germany had every right to Danzig, as it had been German for over a thousand years, but in 1939 the British Labour Party (led by conchies like Herbert Morrison) were among Britain’s greatest war-mongers.

[Page 14]

What had happened to Danzig in the intervening 17 years? The answer is that in 1922 Germany was firmly in grip of the Jews, while Poland was governed by Nationalists. In 1939 Germany had liberated herself under Hitler from the Jews! Hence the Labour Party’s amazing volte face over Danzig. Now 7 out of the 11 members of the Polish Cabinet are Jews and the Daily Worker of May 20th, 1947, gloatingly boasted that even verbal anti-Semitism was a criminal offence in the new Communist state of Poland. So I leave it to my readers to guess who rules in Poland now!

One can, of course, argue that 360,000 young British lads in the prime of life did indeed die for Poland, but it was not to stop the Germans from having Poland, but to stop the Poles themselves from having Poland! No wonder the Poles in Britain are afraid to return to “Poland”!

Would it not have been wiser in 1939 to allow Germany to carry out her traditional policy of driving towards the east, to smash up the citadel of Jewish Communism in Russia, at the same time liberating the Russian Christians from their horrible yoke, while we in Britain remained strictly neutral, re-arming and consolidating our bases in the Empire in the event of Hitler ultimately turning on us? As it was, we chucked in the B.E.F. beside a rotting Jew-ridden France, led by wealthy incest-lovers like the Jew Leon Blum, several times Prime Minister, only to lose all our equipment before the German onslaught. Had Germany then invaded us we would only have had two Canadian Divisions to oppose them.




Jews Admit it was a Jews’ War

The Jews themselves make no secret of the fact that the recent war was a Jewish one in its entirety. Consider these statements by Jews on it. The Jew Scholem Asch in a pep talk to French troops in the line, written in the French newspaper Les Nouvelles Litteraires of 10th February, 1940, says,

This is our war, and you are fighting it out for all of us. Even if we Jews are not bodily with you in the trenches, we are nevertheless morally with you.” (Note — I did not notice many Jews with us in my years in the trenches in France in 1914-1918 — T.D.).

The Rabbi Reichhorn wrote on July 1st, 1880, in the periodical Le Contemporain,

We shall drive the Christians into war by exploiting their national vanity and stupidity. They will then massacre each other, thus giving room for our own people.

[Page 15]

The Jew Marcus Eli Ravage wrote among other things in the periodical The Century Magazine, U.S.A., January, 1928,

We have stood at the back of, not only the last war, but all your wars; and not only the Russian, but of all your revolutions worthy of mention in your history.

The Jew Emil Ludwig (Cohn) wrote in Les Annales in June, 1934,

Hitler will have no war, but he will be forced to it, not this year, but later on. …

The Jewish Professor A. Kulischer published in October, 1937,

a call to the democratic press the world over”: “Germany is the enemy of Judaism and must be pursued with deadly hatred. The watchword of Judaism to-day is: a merciless campaign against all German peoples and the complete destruction of the nation.

The Jew Vladimir Jabotinsky, leading Zionist, wrote in his book Die Judische Kriegsfront, 1940:

When the National Socialists and their friends cry or whisper that this war is brought about by the Jews, they are perfectly right.

The Jewish magazine The Sentinel, of Chicago wrote in its issue of October 8th, 1942, as follows:

The second World War is being fought for the defence of the fundamentals of Judaism.




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Death of a City





287 pp paperback


Single copies £1.50 inc. post.



Michael McLaughlin


Part 3

‘And everybody praised the Duke

Who this great fight did win.’

‘But what good came of it at last?’

Ouoth little Peterkin:

‘Why that I cannot tell,’ said he,

‘But ‘twas a famous victory.’

— Southey, After Blenheim.


In terms of personal success, there has been no career more fortunate than that of Winston Churchill. In terms of human suffering to millions of people and destruction of the noble edifice of mankind there has been no career more disastrous.

The European and English Journal. Source; American Manifest Destiny and the Holocausts, P. 176.


One closes these volumes feeling, uneasily, that the true heroes of the story they tell are neither the contending air marshalls, nor even the 55, 888 officers and men of Bomber Command who were killed inaction, They were the inhabitants of the German cities under attack; the men, women and children who stoically endured and worked on among the flaming ruins of their homes and factories, up till the moment when the allied armies overran them …

London Times reviewer on the ‘British Official History of the Strategic Air Offensive’,



Hamburg at the end of the war. Millions of Germans had no home, no places of work, schools or hospitals, Almost the entire country was destroyed and that which remained was looted by allied governments and multi-national companies., Much of the looted industrial booty still produces goods in British factories today.

Copyright 1982

Michael Mclaughlin

Published by Phoenix Publications, 95a Chester Rd. East. Deeside, CLWYD. CH5 2AA.

ISBN 0-86246-00206
























Words, even in a language as rich and descriptive as the English,  fails to convey the sheer horror that faced survivors of the Hamburg holocaust. The putrid stench of decaying corpses,  the sickening sweetish smell of roasted human flesh warped the mind and seared the soul. It polluted mile after mile of devastated city. The mere act of breathing, albiet it shallow breaths was enough to induce violent vomiting yet breath people must. It is a city that is no more, yet the life that is left must go on and thousands of survivors dejectedly scrambled from the ruins to do what they could. They endured the ultimate in grief yet were denied by circumstances even the opportunity to search for their own loved ones.

The streets of Hamburg were covered in corpses in various stages of decay and destruction. Death had chosen its victims indiscriminately. There were mothers and their children,  mounds of dead babies from maternity homes and school children. One could see rows of corpses of old people who had perished in a nearby old folks home, Here and there, a body of a lone child would be found,  or the body of a young lady who days earlier had barely concerned herself with the latest hit song or a letter from her boyfriend at the front. There were men and women, lying often in absurd postures who had recently lived with dignity. Many were now shrivelled and charred objects in the rubble-strewn roads. Here again there was hitherto unknown phenomena. Bodies were found that were burned beyond recognition yet clothes were untouched by fire. There were naked bodies that appeared to bear no violent marks or signs of burning. Many had died through, sheer overwhelming fright. In this one begins to grasp the magnitude of the tragedy for in reality, unless under totally exceptional circumstances, the human being is resilient and is not easily given to dying of fright. Many survive truly horrible traumatic experiences. Yet it was later revealed that no less than 12.6% of those who died in those ten days, did so through shock.

Thousands of bodies were naked; they resembled the wax dummies in tailors’ shops. Some looked peaceful in death whilst others were cramped in agony. Imagine, here was a city similar in size to Manchester or Birmingham, in which over 100,000 people had lost their lives. Many times that number had been maimed or otherwise badly injured. 750,000 people had been made homeless. Think of a city comparable in size to any major British city and consider what it would be like to pick your way through the rubble from one end of it to the other. To find in that area over 100,000 of your fellow citizens dead in the rubble. And weep because it had no affect whatsoever on the course of the war other than to lengthen it. As one analyst put it;

The brutal allied air offensive against Germany proved to be costly, ineffective and of doubtful morality.

[10] I’ll say it was! One might say it was Hobson’s choice as to whether it was better to be ‘liberated’ by Britain’s warlords or Moscow’s hordes of raping, looting Asiatics.






The British people of course had no way of knowing what was being done in their name and as we have seen, even M.P.’s were victims of a conspiracy to deny and hide the facts. It is beyond doubt that the British people and peoples of other nations engaged in the war with Germany, would never have tolerated carnage on such a scale, particularly as it brought nothing but misery for our side too. Only now, many years after the war’s end is the full truth available and then only for the scholar diligent enough to go to the trouble to seek it out. Such few books that do deal with this and related tragedies are given the orchestrated cold-shoulder by the British media. And yet this same media wastes no time in giving full publicity to tales of Jewish suffering, even those tales of dubious authenticity. And so, by means other than outright censorship, the lies and cover-ups continue to distort balance of opinion.

Hamburg 449

[Image] In air raid shelters,  glass, metal and human beings disintegrated and melted into blobs.

But there is one element in this dreadful and pitiful episode which was so appalling that the allied high command went to great lengths to hide all trace of it. This was the use of, and the consequences of using phosphorous bombs on a civilian population. Even today no British television or radio station, or newspaper would dare to mention its consequences for fear of the revulsion it would cause.

Martin Caidin who as previously stated is perhaps better qualified than any man living to comment on the effects of terror bombing,  who as an author has probably researched more material related to terror-bombing than any other, spent years trying to get details of the use of phosphorous. In his own words, he has;

met with less than the success required by the historian to include the episode in a documentary book”.

He says:

Perhaps the solution to the total absence of any reference in official (post war) German documents is explained in the story told to me by a U.S. Army officer, who learned that portions of the documents on the after effects of the Hamburg attacks were ordered to be destroyed and all references to the surviving victims of phosphorous bombs stricken forever from the records.” [11]

Hamburg 460

[Image] A picture taken as the first teams entered the still-smoking ‘dead-zone’ of Hamburg. This illustrates vividly the terrible difficulties of the people in trying to evacuate streets such as while flames roared through the air with a blast furnace effect.


Nevertheless, it has been established that the British weaponry used in the holocaust of Hamburg included many bombs of which the incendiary contents were phosphorous. The U.S. Strategic Bombing Survey reports officially on these phosphorous bombs,  stating;

Phosphorous burns were not infrequent; but that most such burns occurred in people who had come in contact with unexploded phosphorous canisters lying about in the streets or in the rubble.

Even in such a telling statement such as this, one smells the whiff of guilt. Note the wording carefully. Perhaps German inquisitively strolled the streets,  sticking their fingers in the contents of unexploded bombs to see what they felt and tasted like! And the phosphorous bombs of course had obligingly fallen on buildings carefully avoiding people as they sprayed their murderous contents. An official British source was a little more honest when it gave as its reason for using phosphorous;

because its demonstrated ability to depress the morale of the Germans.” [12]

Wouldn’t the rack, or beating to death on the wheel served the same purpose just as well but a little more humanely? What is so special about phosphorous that the allied High Command has gone to such lengths to hide? Simply this. As a refinement to barbarism, it has no equal and it is doubtful if it evil will have except those found in the pits of the KGB’s torture chambers in Moscow’s Lubianka Prison.

It is one thing to fight an incendiary bomb which can at least be put out using ordinary means — and which soon burn itself out anyway. It is quite another thing to face a bomb that no matter which way it is handled,  persists in flaring into life again and again. And which furthermore will stick grimly to anything that it touches; brick, wood, concrete. steel; and human flesh. Whatever the material, the phosphorus clings tenaciously to it and continues to burn unless scraped off. Imagine the effect of that on a human body, not to speak of a child’s body. One can only stand back in mute horror at the minds of those who dreamed such a satanic weapon up and authorised its use to;

Depress the morale of the Germans.

There was one incident in the Hamburg holocaust which is on record and which stands as testimony to the use of phosphorous which incidentally is still used today in the Jewish/Arab conflict. This incident happened at the height of the bombing. It was at that most awful period earlier described when the whole city was engulfed in flames,  tens of thousands were already dead, and many more were on the verge of death. Among those thousands cornered in the inferno were several hundred people who were trapped in a dense shower of phosphorous bombs. The injury to those poor souls was immediate.

The exploding phosphorous bombs sprayed their contents indiscriminately and clothing caught fire and had to be torn from the body quickly otherwise the wearer would suffer terrible nightmarish burns. When the liquid spattered on to people’s hair, the victim was doomed. There was no chance to cut off the hair. The chemical globules, like a burning jelly, burned fiercely setting aflame the entire head and indeed, the head itself burned.

These terrified and pain-wracked people were seen to leap about in a frenzy, dashing their heads against the ground in blind panic — anything to douse the flames. One can extinguish an ordinary fire by smothering it with clothing but such were useless. against phosphorous. It continued to burn and set afire any material that was thrown over it. Such people in these circumstances could only be left to their sad fate amidst the terrifying background glow of the streets in flames.

They writhed in the rubble strewn roads with their bodies partially ablaze. Others were nearer to the River Alster and dozens of these shrieking demented souls, trailing tongues of flaming smoke and dashed madly to the water to fling themselves into the life giving liquid. Men, women and children too; ran hysterically, falling and stumbling. getting up, tripping and falling again, rolling over and over. Most of them managed to regain their feet and made it to the water. But many of them never made it and were left behind,  feet drumming in blinding pain on the over heated pavements amidst the rubble, until there came one last convulsive shudder from the smoking ‘thing’ on the ground, and then no further movement.

Those who made it to the water found the safety they had sought so desperately — but incredibly, some faced a choice that stuns the mind in its horror. Water prevents phosphorous jelly from burning because it denies the chemical the one thing it needs to burn: oxygen. Those with the blazing chemical on their arms, their legs or their bodies were able to douse the flames by remaining under the water. But many had the phosphorous jelly on their faces or heads. Certainly the spluttering fiery chemicals went out as the victims ducked their heads beneath the water, but the moment they brought their heads up again to break the surface and take a breath of air, the phosphorous burst into flames again immediately. And so such victims were faced with a choice. Death by drowning or death by burning.

While others watched, sick and despairingly, the victims of phosphorous on faces and heads thrashed in the brackish waters, screaming with pain and frustration. Spluttering and choking, they alternately burned alive or drowned. They met a slow and pain-wracked death. Their wild motions eventually ceased and the froth on the water slowly subsided.

Little wonder that such horrors were, “stricken from the records”. One can only imagine the publicity that would have been given to such a method of warfare had Hitler or Mussolini used it.

Those with a mystical mind might dwell on an incident that occurred high in the skies as fleets of bombers churned the air towards the stricken city. Flight lieutenant Robert Burr of No 44 (Rhodesia) Squadron described how on takeoff, masses of dense black clouds hung low over England. Climatic conditions were such that they assumed that tonight’s armada would be cancelled. The rain came down in sheets yet the expected recall never came. The bombers would go out that night. Against almost incredible natural odds, fighting turbulent rain and winds, the fought to stay air borne. Wind gusts were striking Robert Burr’s aircraft at gusts of over 100 miles per hour and bolts at lightening smashed open the blackness of night. The aircraft’s instruments unaccountably went haywire. The airspeed indicator had gone absolutely crazy and was fluctuating between 40 and 50 miles per hour. The altimeter was useless. One moment it would show that the bomber was climbing at 2,000 feet a minute; the next moment, the needle would slap down to indicate that the aircraft was plummeting towards the earth at 3,000 feet a minute. There appeared to be no good reason for such behaviour.

It was a mission in which weather exceeded the danger presented by the enemy, and became a foe much more deadly and effective. At 17,000 feet, the bombers refused to climb any more but they were at least above the turbulence and they cruised on towards the German coast line between massive banks of cloud. Then, without any warning, nature revealed a hidden weapon. From total darkness lit by brief moments of pale shadowy light oozed a strange new kind of light that slowly clutched at the bomber. It was a form of lightning which is not accompanied by thunder; nor does it rip through the skies in jagged bolts. It is a personal hellish fire, persistent and frightening. The pilot said;

All the metal parts of the aircraft shone with the blues pikes of St. Elmo’s fire. About a quarter of a mile to port was another aircraft flying on a parallel course. It seemed to be in a mass of flames and I realised that it too, must be covered with St. Elmo’s fire. I stared at this flying beacon and suddenly, as I watched, a streak of lightning split the heavens. There was a huge flash and burning fragments broke away. The blazing wreckage tumbled into the clouds and quickly disappeared.” [13]

… and was it not retributive justice that Franklin Roosevelt, the American President whose bombers flew in daylight with the added refinement of his fighter planes straffing fleeing German refugees, was to be incinerated beyond recognition when he stumbled into the glowing embers of his fireplace at Warm Springs in Georgia? [14] Something else which has virtually been “stricken from the records.”

Hamburg 455

[Image] The heart of the firestorm area; a picture taken by the Germans soon after the attack. The half-buried vehicles are gutted fire trucks that had to abandoned because of the tremendous heat.






By the morning of 3rd August, 1943, Hamburg was no more. At least not in any true sense of the word. No less than 6,000 square acres had been utterly gutted. Ruined beyond repair. One can only wonder at the scale of values of ‘historians’ who equate Hamburg or Dresden with Coventry. This is not to minimise in any sense the loss of 380 people who died in Coventry, or the 100 acres lost but if we can flinch at such ruination, what of 100,000 people killed in Hamburg in a few days and nights? For every person who died in Coventry, no less than 300 people died in Hamburg. How well such comparisons reveal the enormity of this crime which transcends all others and which for 1,000 years and more will blacken the names of Britain and America.

Worst of all, it never changed the course of war by one iota. What it undoubtedly did do was instill in the minds of the people of the German nation, that their country was indeed fighting for a higher order of values against a foe so barbaric as to make Atilla and Ghengis Khan appear to be conscientious objectors by comparison. German war production hardly faltered as Albert Speer was to later testify. Certainly such policies lengthened the course of the war and embittered the German Armed Forces to fight with a spirit of vengeance. It is reasonable to assume that thousands of British servicemen and women, and civilians too, died because of Churchill’s penchant for satanic sadistic crimes on an unprecedented scale.

As the great fire storm of Hamburg thundered to its climax, the rampaging fires subsided only when there was simply nothing left to burn. Never in the history of mankind had any community of peoples been so utterly devastated although a similar fate which later befell Dresden and other German cities certainly equalled it. 60% of the city was destroyed beyond repair. No less than 30 square miles of Hamburg city and its suburbs were badly damaged. Twelve and a half square miles had been completely burned out making Hiroshima the lesser tragedy. 300,000 dwellings had disappeared. If God has ever wept for mankind’s weakness, this was surely the time.

There was one vast area of the city that was simply called ‘the deadzone’. It was in this area that nothing, absolutely nothing had survived. It was cordoned off and only decontamination and other specialist work units were permitted to enter the ‘deadzone’. At its edge, survivors huddled in groups. Few of them had mentally survived the holocaust. Those still in the waters of the Alster and other waterways, who had not been burned by phosphorous or other wise incapacitated by their injuries, made their way as best they could to the far banks of the Alster, or as far away as possible from the utter devastation. Those who couldn’t move any distance or swim across the waters, had no choice but to stay where they were. In the shallows or huddled in craters in the pock-marked desert that had once been a city. They were numb. Some were mentally deranged, and others were suffering from severe shock. Children, many of them orphan lay immobilised, their tiny minds paralysed, their pain-wracked bodies destined to live out their physical lives in postwar institutions and mental asylums. Such was the ‘liberation’ of Germany.

In such conditions little or no thing could be done for the victims unless they had the means to survive on their own for awhile. There were to few able-bodied people available. Medical supplies and other equipment was scarce. Many in the waters were suffering from heat and water blisters and were in the final stages of agony. Despite their tormented condition, they fought their would-be rescuers violently for they knew that their real agonies would come as their bodies left the water and came into contact with the air.

To the very limits of their ability the people who could come to their aid did so and did all they could to ease the hellish torture of the phosphorous victims still partially submerged with the globules of chemical still adhering to them and threatening to burst into flames as soon as it came in contact with the air. Rescuers cried as they gave these victims fresh water to drink. They tried to attend to their visible wounds and burns. But really, there was very little that could be done and many in the water were in effect the living dead.

Their skin in huge folds began to slough off. Burns festered and pus oozed exposing raw meat and muscles that are normally seen only by surgeons carrying out operations. Most of the victims were deranged to some extent and as night fell, the silence that fell on the Alster was broken only by the pitiful moans and the tortured cries of the demented souls still in the water. In the darkness of the night, huddled forms could be seen liS intervals, crouching along the banks in the murk, supporting an agonised victim in the water, administering to their needs. As the night wore on, huge folds of skin slipped from the bodies of victims like the skin from a peeling snake. Insanity showed in many of their eyes. They shrieked in agony. Weird, inhuman screams and they cursed and called damnation on all who would leave them thus.

Much later that night, and as the dawn approached, the most heart-rending task ever ordered of a city’s officials and a national army took place. As the sky lightened in the East, the last civilians in the area were removed by German official and military personnel. With the entire area seated off, small boats bearing policemen and soldiers who had been home on leave, began to move about with the waves slapping against the sides of the small craft in the cool morning air. Moving slowly and gently between the stumps of heads bobbing about in the water, and others close to the shoreline, they carried out their grim task and as they did so, more than one man vomited.

Above the splash of the oars against the water, and the moaning of demented human beings came the sound of metallic clicks. It was the noise of gun hammers being drawn back; the cold metallic warning of Lugers being cocked. And then … a shot would ring out. Another, and another, and another.

The boats moved quietly among the stumps, More shots, and more.

Some of the boats ran out of ammunition. There were sharp thuds, the crack of heavy oars against human skulls. It was the only and final act of mercy that could be carried out. It was the only peace that could be found. The pall of yellowish black smoke hung over the pock — marked desert and acres of devastated shells of buildings where once had stood a beautiful city. The sun shone grimly the yellowish sky but for those in the water. it was all over. They had gone home.

Hamburg 490

[Image] The Avro Lancaster of Bomber Command hurled tons of bombs and incendiary devices into Hamburg and other great cities.

Hamburg 500

[Image] Suffer little children.






[1] F. J. P. Veale: ‘Advance to Barbarism’. Mitre Press London

Hamburg 497

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Advance to Barbarism was first published in England in 1948. It was a noteworthy little book because it dealt for the first time with such then recent innovations as the indiscriminate bombing of civilian populations and the trial of prisoners of war by their captors as symptoms of a world-wide development which had begun in 1914. At the time of its publication this point of view was considered so willfully perverse that no British newspaper with a national circulation would review this book. (Lord Hankey)

This eloquent work traces the evolution of warfare from primitive savagery to the rise of a “civilized” code of armed conflict that was first threatened in the US civil war, and again in the First World War, and was finally shattered during the Second World War. The ensuing “War Crimes Trials” at Nuremberg and Tokyo, and their more numerous and barbaric imitations in Communist-controlled eastern Europe, Veale argues, established the perilous principle that “the most serious war crime is to be on the losing side.

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Hamburg 498

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Hamburg 499

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Hamburg 119

[Image] The streets. covered with corpses.

Hamburg 472

[Image] The Borstelmannsweg section in Hamburg, part of the firestorm area. Temperatures here reached 1,472 degrees F.

Hamburg 477

[Image] Despite the shattered and fire-gutted appearance, this district near the waterfront was not part of the firestorm. This section was hit on the first heavy raid. Large mass fires exploded outwards.

Hamburg 489

[Image] Civilian casualties laid out in rows for identification by relatives. Victims of a Allied bombing on Berlin, September 23, 1944

Hamburg 429

[Image] There were too many bodies to bury so they had to be piled high in stacks of hundreds and burned. These pictures were put to the most dreadful use when after the war, allied propagandists claimed that these dead German civilian s were Jews killed by Nazis.

Note: This image was taken after the firebombing of Dresden.


“In spite of all that happened at Hamburg,  bombing proved a comparatively humane method.” — Quote: Air Chief Marshall ‘Bomber Harris’. Such statements prove that Harris must have known inside that what he was doing was a crime against God and humanity. Otherwise he would not try to cover up for his policy by making such statements.

Hamburg 114

[Image] Some of Churchill’s enemies. “Our aircraft occasionally killed women and children,” said Air Chief Marshall “Bomber Harris”. Perhaps he made this remark at the end of the war when there weren’t any German woman and children left to kill!

Hamburg 109

[Image] Corpses found in shelters. Most likely carbon monoxide was the killer: the increasing heat afterwards blackened the bodies.

Hamburg 496

[Image] In 1945 Dresden received similar treatment to Hamburg with at least 135,000 dead. The picture shows victims being burnt on huge funeral pyres in the street.






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Death of a City





287 pp paperback


Single copies £1.50 inc. post.



Michael McLaughlin


Part 2

‘And everybody praised the Duke

Who this great fight did win.’

‘But what good came of it at last?’

Ouoth little Peterkin:

‘Why that I cannot tell,’ said he,

‘But ‘twas a famous victory.’

— Southey, After Blenheim.


In terms of personal success, there has been no career more fortunate than that of Winston Churchill. In terms of human suffering to millions of people and destruction of the noble edifice of mankind there has been no career more disastrous.

The European and English Journal. Source; American Manifest Destiny and the Holocausts, P. 176.


One closes these volumes feeling, uneasily, that the true heroes of the story they tell are neither the contending air marshalls, nor even the 55, 888 officers and men of Bomber Command who were killed inaction, They were the inhabitants of the German cities under attack; the men, women and children who stoically endured and worked on among the flaming ruins of their homes and factories, up till the moment when the allied armies overran them …

London Times reviewer on the ‘British Official History of the Strategic Air Offensive’,



Hamburg at the end of the war. Millions of Germans had no home, no places of work, schools or hospitals, Almost the entire country was destroyed and that which remained was looted by allied governments and multi-national companies., Much of the looted industrial booty still produces goods in British factories today.

Copyright 1982

Michael Mclaughlin

Published by Phoenix Publications, 95a Chester Rd. East. Deeside, CLWYD. CH5 2AA.

ISBN 0-86246-00206























Hamburg presented a vision of what the inner-earth must look like, or the fiery wastes of the sun’s surface. The sounds of the screaming winds competed with the deafening crackle of thousands of fires. Explosions filled the air and tar on the roads became liquid, rippling and moving slowly. It was a sight never before seen by man and in terms of lives lost and buildings damaged, far exceeded the damage done to atom-bombed Nagasaki. In such heat as this, everything, literally everything burned. Gases vomited from stricken buildings. Super-heated gases travelling at incredible velocity seared the skies as high as the earth’s troposphere, an incredible 40,000 feet above the city itself. Still the bombers came and the pillar of twisting smoke and gases reached five miles higher than the bombers themselves.

This was a fire storm.

The air above Hamburg was pure flame. Six square miles of Hamburg had become engulfed in the world’s greatest fire and merely looking at the blinding heat and light could terrorise, destroy the mind. There were no longer any individual blazes and the winds relentlessly feeding the flames were sucked in at higher and higher speeds. Even out in the suburbs it was like no ordinary wind. Such winds as we all experience each day of our lives swirl in eddies and gusts. They blow this way at one corner, another way at the next corner. But these winds showed no variation in direction or speed. The wind flowed into the city at a constant speed. During the early stages these winds had reached forty and then fifty miles per hour.

Ninety minutes after the first bombs fell, trees on the outskirts of the city were beginning to lose their leaves. It was as though some giant supernatural vacuum cleaner was sucking them off. Small branches were snapped off and the natural debris of the streets was picked up as though by some unseen hand and swirled a way, bouncing off the shells of buildings but always sucked in one direction. Outside the city’s perimeter, tens of thousands of people had gathered to witness that which no man had witnessed before them. A whole city had become a throbbing inferno of intense heat. They watched as a column of flame a mile wide reached the inner limits of space. This surely was a night when God wept!

The winds reached supernatural speeds and far exceeded tornado or hurricane velocities. It flattened flames. It turned the city into one gigantic flame thrower or blow torch. Flames many hundreds of feet long were caught in the blast of wind and seared streets where thousands of people still huddled in the open, hiding behind partly demolished walls, cowering in alleys. These unfortunates were incinerated and their shrieks of terror and pain mingled and were lost in the screaming wind and crackling fire storm. It will never be known how many such people simply disappeared as though they had never walked the earth. Not even a few charred bones marked their presence on earth. It is estimated that the winds feeding the blazing city reached speeds as high as 150 miles per hour, maybe more. This is twice that of hurricane force and at such speeds, trees three feet in diameter were sucked out of the ground and hurled into the flames.

For those of us whose knowledge of fire is limited to our experience of manmade controllable ones, such heat as was generated in the fire storm of Hamburg is beyond all comprehension. The temperatures reached 1,400 degrees fahrenheit. At such temperatures,  lead becomes a bubbling fluid as liquid as water itself. Balks of wood simply explode without necessarily coming in contact with flame. Metal, rubber, and glass melts.

The fire — for the city was literally a fire, threw flames three miles up into the sky and its gases reached as high again and more. It was a sight so spectacular and horrifying that the well known effect of an atom-bomb explosion becomes relatively lesser. As the fire’s superheated gases boiled upwards, they passed through a stratum of cold air high above the city. The debris in the soaring flames and smoke attracted moisture and caused a meteorological reaction. The natural elements combined to reject the debris which was transformed and fell to the earth once more in big greasy black rain blobs.

For those still trapped in the city there could be no escape but being human, many tried. Some judged that it was better to attempt escape through the blazing streets than to take their chances in the stifling heat of the oxygen deprived shelters. Perhaps they had been deceived by seeing an acre or two of relative calm, minor crackling fires. Such areas were as deceptive as the calm eye of a hurricane storm. Rushing out into the streets,  they would soon run into a wall of flame. Retreating. some would look for another way and perish whilst others realising the hopelessness of their situation would stagger back to their shelter’s door. Battering uselessly on the door for admission as the flames licked around the comer and down basement steps, their twitching bodies were consumed by the flames.

For those in the shelters the heat became unbearable. They gasped for air uselessly. Some fainted and weaker, especially older people had heart seizures. Children became hysterical and mothers were out of their minds with fear and horror. They had only one overwhelming urge and that was to flee and they did, ripping open doors and rushing blindly into the heat-seared streets. There was no escape.

They were doomed.

Firebrands rained down on them. The air was filled with choking gases and whirling embers of fire. One might as well try to to dodge raindrops in a thunderstorm. The blazing firebrands stuck to clothing and to flesh and mothers, children — and children who had lost their parents — ran screaming through the blazing streets. Such was the heat that as they ran, many simply burst into flame. They beat madly at their hair, their eyes, or whatever parts of the body was on fire and they ran in directions that no longer had any meaning or purpose. Out of their minds, they staggered, often running blindly into walls. They would stumble, pick themselves up and run a few more feet and the least fortunate ones lost their reason and became demented in their final moments. Others burst into flames. Some, beside themselves dashed unseeing into fires and many just ran until they could run no further and collapsed to fall twitching in the bubbling street tar.

There is no cause in the world save that of satanism which justifies the horror that was callously inflicted up on Hamburg during that ten day period. It was more than a blot on Britain’s coat of arms. It was a reminder that in mankind dwells the devil himself as well the Lord, and that the arbiter between the two is our own conscience.

When innocent people and in particular children, become an enemy to be disposed of using the most refined methods of torture, then whatever cause is championed is degraded. It no longer serves idealism or freedom once evil is recruited as an ally. There are many people motivated by high and noble ideals who will become so enslaved by those ideals that they lose all claim to nobility or even humanity. They will commit any crime, sell their souls to the devil to see victory theirs. Those who declare war on children declare war on God, and in Hamburg that night, and in tens of other German cities, children suffered as children have never suffered before.

Of the children during these dreadful nights, what can be said? Their fright became horror and then panic when their tiny minds became capable of grasping the fact that their parents could no longer help them in their distress. As Martin Caidin surmised, they lost their reason and an overwhelming terror took over. Their world had become the shrieking centre at an erupting volcano from which there could be no physical escape. Nothing that hell offered could be feared more. By the hand of man they became creatures, human in form but not in mind. Strangled noises issued from them as they staggered pitifully through the streets in which tar and asphalt ran as streams. Some of these tiny creatures ran several hundred feet. Others managed only twenty, maybe ten feet, Their shoes caught fire and their feet, the lower parts of their legs became flickering sticks of flame. Here were Joan of Arcs … thousands of them. All who had perished unjustly on the fires of the Middle Ages were as nothing when compared with what was happening this night. The sounds of many were unintelligible and undoubtedly many more called for their parents from whom they were parted by death or by accident. They grasped their tortured limbs. their tiny burning legs until they were no longer able to stand or run. And then they would crash to the ground where they would writhe in the bubbling tar until death released them from physical misery.

Hamburg 426

[Image] Corpses found in the shelters. Most likely carbon monoxide was the killer: the increasing heat afterwards blackened the bodies.

How I wish that this were nothing more than sensational writing. These are not my words but if descriptive account by Martin Caidin who as an academic is not given to sensationalising emotive subjects. In his book The Night Hamburg Died he describes how,

…. the fire instantly embraces them in curling tongues, sets aflame their clothes, their hair and their skin, rushes into their mouths and burns out their tongues even they scream soundlessly from throats already blackening, already steaming with the evaporation of the body liquids.

Oh, what a price is paid for national self righteousness. But for whom does the till ring?

There was no end to the horror. For those on the streets still, heat was a constant goad to movement and move they did until they too were consumed by the flames and heat. Those who were destined to escape were tragically few. Deprived of shelters for many reasons, thousands of civilians ran without reason or direction and as they did so, superheated air rushed past tongues that had become swollen and blackened. Air passages to the lungs rasped through having become as crisp and dry as leather bellows. lungs seemed to explode agonisingly with each tortured breath. Imagine the horror of those last to die in such groups. They dashed in a frenzy a long open spaces and in front of them, a man, a woman, it child burst into flames.

Hamburg 428

[Image] Note how vast areas have been turned into bomb-cratered quagmires. The remains of German town of Wesel after intensive Allied area bombing in 1945 (destruction rate 97% of all buildings).

Such methods of warfare failed to shorten the war by a day, and failed also to curb Germany’s war effort. Churchill refused such good advice and persisted in his policy of genocide.


 Hamburg 458

[Image] Aerial view of bomb-damaged residential areas, Essen, Germany, 1945





Hamburg is a city that has its fair share of waterways, canal and dock basins, and thousands of people sought a watery refuge. They sought salvation in the waters grown brackish that ran in threads throughout their city. Those who had survived the fiery streets threw themselves into such waters even as the heat seared their flesh; a heat that had already scorched the hair and often their clothes from their bodies. The strongest made it to the middle, to the deeper waters where for hours they trod water dipping their heads repeatedly under the surface to escape the heat of the air. There were many who were unable to swim or were too weak to do so. They would go as deep as they could, standing on their toes and immersing themselves to their chins and they too would constantly duck their heads under the water to escape the unbelievable heat. Still the bombs came in waves.

Despite such efforts, many in the water continued to die from the heat. Large portions of the exposed skin on their faces and necks grew red and swollen, blistered and burst. Eye balls stood out from their sockets. Great water blisters appeared and burst unfelt and the ruptured folds of skin slithered down raw faces and into gasping mouths. In such ways did countless Europe an civilians die; Men, their wives and sweethearts, their mothers, their children.

Yes, it was the children who suffered most of all. It might be said with much truth that the world’s most renowned writers of horror fiction have never exceeded in descriptions of horrific events,  the horror that was visited up on these unfortunate waifs of war. Parents retained semblance of sanity only though the instinct to keep their children alive. “The children, save the children! Oh God. let them survive!

It is an instinct that transcends all others and is just as total when all hope is lost and that night, even God had been driven out of Hamburg. That night, the city be longed to Satan.

Standing neck deep in the canals and water ways of burning Hamburg, parents — mostly mothers held their children aloft so that they would not drown. But It was not enough. Their super human efforts were no match for the horrific events that surrounded them, They kept raising and lowering their children so that the heat did not flay their young skins. They suffered terribly and were unable to even cry out. They gasped for breath when they were pushed under the water; sucking and spluttering they vomited and gasped in the heat when raised above the waters. Their hair that so recently had been lovingly combed and cared for steamed and streamed in the heat. Their tongues became swollen and they could not cry out. Only moans and sobs tortured their tormented parents.

For how long did their parents strength sustain them? Their energy was depleted, their muscles ached and grew weaker and finally they would subside beneath the water no longer able to struggle against such overwhelming odds. Their children, left to flounder in the water weak and terrified into insanity would thrash wildly in the water as an instinctive reaction against drowning.

As the hours pass, more and more bodies float on the surface. Infants, older children, their mothers and fathers, grandparents. As the corpses floated in the brackenish waters, the clothing still above the surface steamed and then burst into flames as did any visible tufts of hair. The floating cadavers had become burning rafts of horror. Caidin writes;

The corpses are partially alive with flame. Mostly buried,  the exposed skin becomes bloated and bursts open in great watery pimples. The skin shrivels and peels and shows the redness beneath. But at least these dead are beyond pain …

Who has been to hell and returned, and can describe the ultimate in horror heaped up on horror? There are those in the waters who suffer indescribable tortures. They remain standing constantly dousing their pain-wracked faces and necks. Terror and fatigue exert their toll and finally they lack the strength to remain afloat. They stand or half float in the water, while the burning debris spewed into the waters by the fires that surrounded them into their faces and sparks stab at their eyes. Tortured by pain, seeking only the sweet oblivion of death, they try to drown themselves and still the bombers roar overhead. They are dropping bombs on top of bombs. They are cratering craters. They are mutilating those who are already mutilated. They are bombing the dead. They are bombing a mortuary. It is as though the bombers no longer have control of themselves but are in the grip of some monstrous force.

Caidin describes the scenes of horror in which thousands of people lost their lives. He describes relatives screaming for one another as they become separated and lost forever. Many of the fleeing refugees wrap themselves in wet blankets or soak their clothes but live long enough only to become insane from the visions of the horrors that survive them. Even in these cases, the clothes steam, dry and finally bunt into flames. The tortured demented souls fling themselves on the ground, thrashing and flinging themselves about, their feet drumming in agony, their hands clutching at their faces in self-inflicted unknowing pain. And then they are still and no more.

In the midst of so much carnage, there is the shrieking wind feeding the inferno. It is so powerful that it tugs and pulls at partially destroyed buildings until their walls collapse. Huge balks of timber, debris of all sorts is dragged by screaming winds along streets in flames. Imagine the horror as those alive fling their arms around trees to save themselves from being sucked along by the wind only to feel the tree that they clutch being torn itself from the ground. It is no exaggeration to describe events in which men, women and children,  already burning alive being swept helplessly along roads, caught up in the clutching fingers of wind and hurled bodily into the flames. They are as helpless as dried Autumn leaves floating on the eddying winds that surround a bonfire.






Through 2,000 years of Christianity, the world’s most imaginative and inspired artists have depicted hell as they have imagined it in all of its horror. Yet each description leaves us unmoved once compared with such events as these. As bombers roared overhead and winds far beyond hurricane force screamed about them, thousands of survivors pressed towards canals and waterways that were already filled with doomed souls. There was no room in the waters for more yet still they came on, pressed forward by the fires behind them. The people in the canals standing and floating shoulder to shoulder screamed at those on the banks to stay there. They may just as well have screamed at the flames for the hordes of terrified people who pressed forward had no choice. To stop would have denied life to themselves,  their families, their children. They plunged into the waters, their feet and arms striking those already there. Some were suffocated or drowned in the pressing assault of half mad human beings. Wedged like sticks, they burned, suffocated and died yet still the crowds pressed forward until what had once been a canal became a snake of sorts that squirmed and wriggled between blazing buildings. Of those who still survived, many did so at the expense of weaker ones whose bodies were now beneath their feet and all around them in the turgid waters. In the shallows the heaped mounds of corpses burned with bluish flickering flames yet even there life remained as occasionally, a mound would feebly jerk.

This was Hamburg experiencing the ultimate in barbarism, in wanton savagery that arguably had no precedent in the history of mankind.

If is impossible to imagine, let alone document each individual private horror. Merely touching the surface of events is depressing. Children are torn shrieking from the parents arms by the wind. They are flung head over heels, tumbling crazily down burning roads and into the infernos while their demented mothers half run, are half dragged after them. People are sent physically reeling as unseen fists of exploding air currents slam them in all directions. After the holocaust was over, one could still see the finger marks in the loads where people, out of their minds with terror had clutched the road’s surface to save themselves from being swept up in the wind’s tidal race. Frantically. they attempted to save themselves from being incinerated alive. Their mouths we open but they were unable to scream out and their eyes appealed with animal pain. Their attempts to save themselves were useless against a wind that picked up cars and trucks as though they were toys, and hurled them into the all-consuming inferno.

In the shelters,  thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of people suffered a different but no less horrifying fate as the world blazed above them. In many cases, no flames ever did touch them but they died all the same. Nobody survived the firestorm area. Not a man, woman or child. The entire area was sterilised. Not even insects lived through this holocaust.

In these shelters, the huddled apprehensive and bewildered civilians could only, guess at the horrors above them. They sat, dimly aware of others sitting or lying beside them in the darkness, waiting and conserving their ebbing strength. Their breathing became shallow and rapid as the oxygen they needed so much began to disappear. It was feeding the flames above. For some, death came slowly and compared with the deaths of others, pleasantly. It came in the form of slow suffocation. They went to sleep and never a woke. They never knew when their heart stopped beating.

Groups of people, especially families, clung to each other in the blackness or the semi-darkness of their shelters. They embraced. Mothers held their children tightly, murmuring many comforting expressions of hope as the raging fire storm shrieked somewhere high above them, Thus they died. Long after the last person had lapsed into the the arms of death, the heat continued to rise in the shelters,  the subways, the cellars far beneath the burning streets. No flame ever touched them but thick glass bottles grew soft and then melted into shapeless pools of molten fluid. Kitchen tools; knives, forks, pans, melted and formed pools of cloying liquid. The bricks began to glow and burn, throbbing with intense heat until such heat far surpassed the temperatures that had once created them. Finally, they crumbled into dust in these ovens of intense heat. It will be a long time before these shelters are opened again and when they are, men will look up on sights that mankind has never before witnessed, and hopefully, will never again.

Mixed in with the molten glass and metal, they will find hideous mounds of half -human remains. Such mounds are mostly dust or viscose fluid. Such mounds are their fellow citizens. Some of these shelters had to be left alone for as long as two weeks after the holocaust had ended, the heat was so intense. Each day, decontamination crews discovered thousands more corpses to add to their stupefying lists. Counting the bodies was a hopeless task. Some of the shelters had held hundreds of people yet they had disappeared without trace, buried beneath the rubble of collapsed buildings. Often when shelters were opened, workers had to run for their lives. As they opened the shelter’s door, air was sucked into the overheated oxygen-starved interior and the shelter’s interior would explode in flames. Some had to be left many weeks to cool down.


[Image] Charred and blackened bodies,  many of them children. were found lying in the streets and the shelters.

In most of the shelters,  the number of corpses could only be guessed at. The bodies had melted into the debris and congealed with mangled, melted glass and iron, and brick turned into mounds of dust. Often just a few scorched bones remained; a man’s, a woman’s, a child’s?

The decontamination teams entered some shelters to find lifeless men, women and children; often in family groups lying as though asleep, In some cases, a family group might be sitting around a tables lumped or sitting just as they had died. It was as though they were asleep. Death had come to them without warning. They had died through carbon monoxide poisoning, but the heat had never touched them.

There were yet other shelters where the teams found signs at terror and panic. They discovered people who in their final moments had clawed insanely at walls, or had flung their bodies at walls and pillars. Bodies were frequently found lying in thick pools of greasy black substance which was subsequently found to be melted human fat. All kinds of strange phenomena were discovered as the teams of sickened weary relief workers entered the shelters. They discovered bodies that had been burned to a crisp long after the victim had died. The oxygen allowed in to the shelter by their arrival was all that was needed to cause the cadaver to burst into flames. Other shelters contained only heaps of ash with scattered bone from which it was concluded to be the remains of another victim.






Modern warfare has reached new levels of barbarism largely because of man’s ingenuity in devising weapons that have results of which the pilot can hardly be aware. Then as today, the pilot and the plane’s crew were spared the ordeal of witnessing the result of his pressing the fire button. Thomas Kiernan, the American author, described with great clarity a personal tragedy that in was so insignificant to the world at large that no more than two or three people witnessed it, and fewer cared to record it. Yet, it effectively explains why old rules of combat and chivalry play no part in modern warfare. He described what happened when an American jet armed with American weapons and piloted by a Jew, attacked a Palestinian settlement.

A human figure materialised out of the gloom, an eerie,  unintelligible chant issuing from what was once its lips. Stumbling, weaving, then falling to its knees and crawling, it crept towards us. It was a child and its charred skin was literally melting, leaving a trail of viscous fluid in its wake. Its face had no recognisable features. The top of its skull shone through, the last layer of scorched membrane on its head. Not more than ten yards from us it fell on its side, its kneecaps exposed like yokes of poached eggs. It twitched once or twice in the dust. gave a final wheeze. and then went still in the puddle of molten flesh-that formed around it in the dust.

Next to me, Albricht was being sick. I tasted my own vomit in my throat.”

The pilot of the aircraft undoubtedly ate his meal that evening with great relish. He had not seen the result of his day’s work. So it was with Hamburg and sixty other German cities not to mention Tokyo, Hiroshima and Nagasaki which between them lost 250,000 people in just three air raids. I am well aware that such a critical view may appear to be partisan but this account concerns itself only with terror bombing and its consequences. There are many excellent books on bombing as a act of war but that is something which is quite different and totally different from the policy of saturation bombing for the purpose of terrorising and destroying a civilian population.


[Image] The condition of this man was typical of many lying thus in the streets of Hamburg.


The British bombers flew in darkness and rarely saw other aircraft. High in the night skies, each crew was a tiny community fulfilling an unemotional task as best they could do in the dim light of the aircraft’s interior. They saw the flames below but could hardly imagine the scenes of carnage below them. Theirs was a distant, perhaps academic view of events. They knew that the air raid sirens were sounding in the city below when the overhead electric flashes of the city’s tram cars ceased. From 100 miles off they could see the flames. From 15,000 feet they could see individual fires but often they were denied the sight of mile after mile of fires because of smoke clouds. However, even pilots far removed from the horrors described knew that what was happening was a completely new and terrible kind of warfare.

One said;

“It was murder in the city. I knew that the firestorms that came later were terrible and unlike anything that had ever happened, but the fires in the city were as bad as anything I’d ever seen in the whole war so far — and I’d been along on a goodly portion of the major attacks,

He went on to say;

I never had the chance to see the firestorm in full strength. Many of the other fellows did, and their stories were almost beyond belief. A few of the planes got caught in the flue of superheated air as they passed over the city at 16,000, and it was as if they were nothing more than woodchips in a storm at sea, The pilots told me that they had no control over their aircraft any longer. They were thrown about by the heat and even flipped over on their backs. Everything sort of went to hell until the Lances managed to get free of the severe turbulence.

We were at 16,000 feet. Everybody was still tossing ‘window’ tinfoil out of their aircraft, and we howled in glee as we listened in on the Jerry wireless and heard them going crazy.

Condemnation can come easy but whether or not it would he justified is something that could be argued from both points of view. The really smart dog goes not for the stick that beats it but the hand that holds it. Those powerful men such as Churchill, Lindemann and others were so much aware of the consequences of their actions, and indeed had engineered them for the precise results that they were now getting. By no stretch of the imagination could it be said that they were unaware of the consequences. These powerful men held the power of life and death over millions of their fellow human beings and irresponsibly abused that power. Such terror bombing was a policy that had no other purpose than to satisfy their bloodlust. Members of the inner circles of power, in the Armed Forces also, argued against the policy of total bombing not only on moral grounds but on strategic grounds. They were dispensed with in as brief a manner as were Stalin’s underlings who disagreed with him.

Responsibility for the needless deaths of hundreds of thousands of German civilians lies with Churchill. His too, for the needless deaths of thousands of British civilians who died in raids of retaliation. And last but not leas responsibility lies heavy with him who in order to satiate his bloodlust, his pathetic scrabbling for personal power, sacrificed no less than 55,888 British airman who died during the bomber offensive. This figure represents nearly the number of British junior army officers who died during the entire 1st World War.

There is no doubt about it that had the war ended other than as it did, or had the Nuremberg Trials been administrated by neutral countries such as Sweden, Switzerland, or Chile, Churchill and his closest advisors would undoubtedly have ended their lives at the end of a rope and justifiably so. That Churchill’s statue stands today in Parliament Square is no more a monument to his greatness than is a statue of Lenin or Stalin in Moscow’s Red Square.





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Death of a City





287 pp paperback


Single copies £1.50 inc. post.



Michael McLaughlin


Part 1

‘And everybody praised the Duke

Who this great fight did win.’

‘But what good came of it at last?’

Ouoth little Peterkin:

‘Why that I cannot tell,’ said he,

‘But ‘twas a famous victory.’

— Southey, After Blenheim.


In terms of personal success, there has been no career more fortunate than that of Winston Churchill. In terms of human suffering to millions of people and destruction of the noble edifice of mankind there has been no career more disastrous.

The European and English Journal. Source; American Manifest Destiny and the Holocausts, P. 176.


One closes these volumes feeling, uneasily, that the true heroes of the story they tell are neither the contending air marshalls, nor even the 55, 888 officers and men of Bomber Command who were killed inaction, They were the inhabitants of the German cities under attack; the men, women and children who stoically endured and worked on among the flaming ruins of their homes and factories, up till the moment when the allied armies overran them …

London Times reviewer on the ‘British Official History of the Strategic Air Offensive’,



Hamburg at the end of the war. Millions of Germans had no home, no places of work, schools or hospitals, Almost the entire country was destroyed and that which remained was looted by allied governments and multi-national companies., Much of the looted industrial booty still produces goods in British factories today.

Copyright 1982

Michael Mclaughlin

Published by Phoenix Publications, 95a Chester Rd. East. Deeside, CLWYD. CH5 2AA.

ISBN 0-86246-00206
























Woven into the tapestry of the 2nd World War, the air blitz is a stark reminder that this war, perhaps more so than any other affecting the European continent, provided for the deliberate destruction of civilian s as an instrument of policy. Most of us are familiar with the major events of World War 2 and of these, the blitz on such major cities as London and Liverpool stand out as beacons of devastation. The blitz on Coventry was equally tragic and the horror is increased as we subsequently learnt hat civilian losses could have been reduced enormously but for the fact that Winston Churchill, the Prime Minister of the time. refused to warn Coventry’s inhabitants that their city was to be raided lest the enemy realise their code had been broken.

Sir Basil Liddell Hart, Britain’s foremost historian described the policy of bombing civilian targets as being:

The most uncivilised method of warfare the world has known since the Mongol invasions.

It is a sad reflection on Britain that it was a British Government which initiated this war crime which by its nature would needless ly destroy so many European lives not to speak of British lives lost in raids of retaliation.

On the 10th May, 1940, just one day after his appointment as Prime Minister, Winston Churchill announced that the bombing of Germany’s civilian population would commence. J. M. Spaight, C. B. C.B.E. who was the Principal Secretary to the Air Ministry admitted that;

Hitler only undertook the bombing of British civilian targets reluctantly three months after the R.A.F. had commenced bombing German civilian targets.” [1]

He went on to say that;

Hitler would have been willing at any time to stop the slaughter. Hitler was genuinely anxious to reach with Britain an agreement confining the action of aircraft to battle zones.” [2]

Churchill’s decision to bomb Germany’s civilian targets was to cost Britain dearly in terms of lives lost. The smouldering blackened ruins of London, Liverpool, Coventry and many other British cities bore silent testimony to this. The blitz on Coventry stands out as an example of such retaliatory raids and the British people in their innocence, unaware of the true reasons for their suffering, grew to hate and gave their all to strike back at the German barbarians. When the war ended in 1945, Coventry mourned 380 of her citizens who had died as a result of German bombing raids and 100 acres of their city lay in ruins. A tragedy of enormous proportions which was nevertheless to pale in to relative insignificance when compared with the results of bombing raids on German cities by allied bombers.

For every Briton killed by German bombs, no less than nine Germans were killed by allied bombs. In the demilitarised city of Dresden, an estimated 135,000 people, mostly civilian refuges, were slaughtered in allied bombing raids in just 24 hours. And for no purpose other than sheer blood lust. That beautiful city which contributed very little to the German war effort was virtually remove d from the face of the earth. It was a crime of such magnitude that one of Great Britain’s most eminent Socialists. R.H.S. Crossman described it as:

The long-suppressed story of the worst massacre in the history of the world.

He went on to say;

The devastation of Dresden in February 1945 was one of those crimes against humanity whose authors would have been arraigned at Nuremberg if that court had not been perverted.” [3]

Equally horrendous were the earlier attacks on Hamburg. In ten terrible days from July 24 to August 3, 1943 British bombers reduced to rubble more than 6,000 acres of Hamburg. During those ten awesome days, an estimated 100,000 people lost their lives.

When a thousand-year old city of 2,000,000 souls is incinerated in just a few days with the loss of so many lives, what affect does it have on survivors? An official German document states:

For weeks afterwards, eyewitnesses were unable to report without succumbing to their nerves and weeping hysterically. They would try to speak then would breakdown and cry; ‘I can’t stand seeing it again; I can’t stand it!’” [3]

Many weeks later, a woman who did survive was interviewed. She had still not recovered from the experience;

I saw people killed by falling bricks and heard the screams of others dying in the fire. I dragged my best friend from a burning building and she died in my arms. I saw others who went stark mad. The shock to the nerves and the soul, one can never erase.

The Police President of Hamburg reported:

It’s horror is revealed in the howling and raging of the firestorms, the hellish noise of exploding bombs and the death cries of martyred human beings as well as the big silence after the raids. Speech is impotent to portray the measure of the horror, which shook the people for ten days and nights and the traces of which were written indelibly on the face of the city and its inhabitants …

No flight of imagination will ever succeed in measuring and describing the gruesome scenes of horror in the many buried air raid shelters. Posterity can only bow its head in honour of the fate of these innocents, sacrificed by the murderous lust of a sadistic enemy…

Manin Caidin, one of the world’s leading authorities on military science subjects, who was a high-ranking U.S. Government official expert on bombing effects and author of many related books, described the bombing of Hamburg as;

Standing out as the worst of the disasters visited up on civilisation during the insanity of the 2nd World War.” [4]

As National Socialist Germany’s second largest city, Hamburg was a natural target for allied bombing raids. The shame attached to ‘Operation Gomorrah’ was that it far exceeded that which was necessary to paralyse the city’s contribution to Germany’s war effort. “Gomorrah” was the code name given to the plan to incinerate Hamburg in 1943.

Hamburg was. a Hanseatic city that straddled the beautiful River Aister immortalised by many songs and ballads and in particular, by the ‘Moonlight on the Alster’ waltz. Perhaps its most endearing feature was its medieval half timbered Elizabethan-style houses that attracted tourists from all over the world. Sadly, this feature made it also attractive to the allied warlords who reasoned that such a city would burn easier and offer more potential victims per square mile.

The method devised for the total destruction of Hamburg was simple. and as we shall see, was extremely effective. The first waves of bombers would release thousands of high-explosive bombs on the city which “would keep the population, and especially the fire service in their shelters. Then. the subsequent raids would rain down magnesium bombs. It has been conservatively estimated that during those “ten days” Hamburg was struck by 1,200 land mines 30,000 heavy high explosive bombs, and 3,000,000 stick incendiary bombs. In, addition to this, perhaps the most macabre weapon devised by mankind, the phosphorous bomb. was deemed suitable for dropping on a city’s civilian population. 80,000 of these 100 pound phospherous bombs were dropped. plus 500 phosphorous canisters, and 500 phosphorous incendiaries. The affect that this type of weapon had on civilians is one of the worst nightmares to emerge from the 2nd World War as we shall later see.






As might be expected of a German National Socialist city, no effort was spared to make the city as safe as possible from air attack. It was perhaps the best protected city in Europe from an air attack point of view. The Police President of Hamburg wrote;

The fate of our cities in the Ruhr district and on the Rhine was a warning. None gained there was disregarded. The plainly increasing intensity of the war in the air led to an acceleration of tempo in the constant development of air protection measures which finally reached the limit of possibility.

There was total mobilisation of all resources and there was no shortage of volunteers. Men. women, and even children worked ceaselessly to make their city safe. Equipment was kept in tip top condition and always at hand. A massive air raid shelter construction was begun and the authorities assisted civilians in building air raid shelters in homes and factories. The same authorities saw to it that the city’s hospitals, government buildings, schools, administrative and police buildings were likewise catered for.

Predicting conditions in which every drop of water would be more precious than gold itself, a program was started that would revolutionise the entire water system in and around the city. All open waters were requisitioned. At the city’s harbour and canal systems were built special ramps, approaches and platforms to enable easy access. Wherever possible, water storage systems were built. Streams and rivers were damned and lakes and ponds in the area were cleaned out, enlarged and made deeper. Even sewers were used for the piping of water to those areas in need.

Nothing was overlooked. Swimming pools, rain water tanks, industrial cooling tanks, wells, empty oil storage tanks; even the water tanks in the laboratory of Hamburg’s ‘Experimental Ship Construction Institute’ were used. If it is true that necessity is the father of invention, Hamburg ’s preparation was the proof of it.

When all such measures had been taken, the mobilised city looked to other ways and means by which water could be stored. The cellars of two wrecked buildings were cleaned out and the shells used as reservoirs. Seven thousand private wells were catalogued and 52 private wells on industrial premises were linked to the general system. Firms like oil companies, breweries which used especially constructed fluid carrying vehicles were also utilised. Rarely in the history of mankind has an entire population mobilised to defend itself better than Hamburg’s did. No matter how small and seemingly insignificant, nothing was over looked. All vital targets were camouflaged, smoke screen generators were placed where needed. All inflammable material was remove d unless it was absolutely necessary. All attics were cleared of any material of an inflamable nature by lawful edict and all homes were liable to spot checks to ensure that defensive measures were being complied with.

By the time that all possible defensive measures had been completed, it was impossible to improve upon them. Hardly a single person regardless of age or sex, wasn’t involved in some aspect of defence. Caidin wrote that civil defence and activities in the city of Hamburg attained an almost unbelievable level of co-ordination and efficiency.

The people were totally mobilised as fire watchers, air raid wardens, rescue teams and voluntary firemen, labour gangs, evacuation crews, medical teams and messengers. In addition to those measures, neighbourhood assistance programs were started as were self -help groups. When the holocaust was to be visited upon these people, it could never be said that their idleness had contributed to their tragedy.

In his official report the Police President of Hamburg wrote;

… a greater state of readiness in the Air Protection Service was not possible. On the material side — bearing in mind existing conditions — the limit had been reached. On the side of personnel and organisation, not only had the legal regulations been fulfilled and even surpassed, but among the entire Hamburg population there was a readiness for defence and a spirit that was bound to surmount any test. Difficulties of a bureaucratic nature, which in a modern state, with a mass of necessary authorities as a rule unavoidable; practically did not arise in Hamburg. Collaboration on all sides, in the spirit of a true National Socialist community was so exemplary that at least one prerequisite for successfully meeting the severest ordeal by fire was assured ...” [5]

Throughout June of 1943, and halfway through July, Hitler’s Germany withstood ceaseless and relentless waves of bombers, both American and British. During the day, the skies over Germany were darkened by U.S. Airforce bombers and the night skies were filled with Britain’s R.A.F. bombers. Little regard was paid to the likely victims of bombs dropped indiscriminately. Indeed, the allies had already decided that civilians, even refugees were not only legitimate targets but in some cases, preferable targets.

Prime Minister Chamberlain, before he was ousted by the Churchill clique, had been quite adamant on the matter of bombing civilians. He had said that such a policy, “was absolutely contrary to international law”. And he had given the assurance that:

The British Government would never resort to the deliberate attack on women and children for purposes of mere terrorism.

Winston Churchill had no such scruples and was a principle party to the most appalling acts of mass murder which included the strafing of women and children refugees as they fled from their burning cities, or before the Red Armies raping Asiatic hordes. [6]



[Image] An old man with his grandchild: typical of Hamburg’s citizens.

His premiership was accompanied by a new war policy in which it was decided that at whatever cost, Hitler’s National Socialist Germany must be unconditionally and totally destroyed and the means used must have little or no regard for long established rules of warfare. Indeed, it could be safely said that in this, Churchill overturned rules of war that had endured for more than 1,000 years of European history.

What was to take place was carefully hidden from the British and American public. Even making allowance for propaganda-fed wartime hysteria, the iniquitous conspirators knew that ordinary folk would never stand for mass murder on such a scale. Outrage and revulsion would curb excessive bloodlust. The labour M.P. Richard Crossman who in 1964 became Minister for Housing in Harold Wilson’s Government, spoke severely of the screen of lies that was setup to deceive the public on the terror bombing of Germany.

One of the most unhealthy features of the bombing offensive was that the War Cabinet — and in particular the Secretary for Air, Sir Archibald Sinclair, felt it necessary to repudiate publicly the orders which they themselves had given to Bomber Command.

Nothing illustrates the cover up more than events which resulted from questions raised by Richard Stokes, M.P. in the House of Commons on 6th March, 1945. He had demanded to know the truth about a report that originated at Supreme Allied Headquarters in Paris which had gloatingly described the terror bombing of the refugee-crowded city of Dresden. This particular report had been widely published in the United States, and broadcast on Paris Radio. But the official censor in Britain had suppressed its publication presumably as a result of the indignant protests it had already aroused.

Mr Stokes had insisted on being told,

“‘Is terror bombing now part of our policy?’ Why is it that the people of this country who is supposed to be responsible for what is going on, are the only people who may not know what is being done in their name? On the other hand, if terror bombing be not part of our policy, why was this statement put out at all? I think we shall live to rue the day we did this, and that it (the Raid on Dresden) will stand for all time as a blot on our escutcheon (Coat of Arms).” [7]

It is interesting to note also that whilst Members of Parliament of all political persuasions — including Government Ministers, were extolling the virtues of Britain’s working class, Professor Frederick Lindemann, Churchill’s closest advisor was getting his own way in demanding that Bomber Command’s saturation bombing raids be concentrated on working class areas of Germany because this would give us a much higher kill-rate per ton of explosives because working class houses were built closer together. British High Command reasoned that if German workers were kept busy burying their wives and children, industrial output would drop. [8] It would be difficult if not downright impossible to imagine a more monstrous inhuman callousness than this. And it is the most dreadful irony that Churchill’s first scientific advisor and his blood lusting sycophants were proved wrong in the end. One can only imagine why Churchill selected Lindermann to be his first advisor when scientifically, his track record was that of persistent failure.

Who can know the state of mind of those who were by now directing the British war machine? Although it is beyond the comprehension of rational human beings, hindsight and hitherto unknown facts suggest that Churchill and the other Warlords were caught up in a vortex of satanic bloodshed. In 1953, H.. M. Stationary Office published the first volume of a work entitled: The Royal Air Force, 1939-1945. In the relevant volume, The Fight at Odds, which was officially commissioned and based throughout on official documents which had approved by the Air Ministry Historical Branch, the author Mr Dennis Richards stated;

The primary purpose of these raids was to goad the Germans into undertaking reprisal raids of a similar character on Britain. Such raids would arouse intense indignation in Britain against Germany and so create a war psychosis without which it is impossible to carry on a modern war.” [9]

It would appear that the British people were beginning to tire of what was clearly a European civil war over matters; which were of no interest or concern of Britain’s, and that Churchill’s War Cabinet was determined to goad the Germans into attacking Britain’s civilian population to put some fight into them.

At this time also, Stalin’s Communist Russia was reeling from the Wehrmacht’s onslaught as Hitler’s Germany sought to remove the menace of world communism once and for all. Stalin was in a blind panic which was increased by the knowledge that he could no longer count on the Red Army to defend his slave empire. Wherever the victorious German Army appeared, they were regarded as saviours liberating Russia and its vassal states from their Communist rulers. Tens of thousands of Red Army soldiers were joining Hitler’s legions and the counter-revolution was sweeping all before it. Russian cities, largely undefended by cowed populations fell to the German Armies and Stalin, Churchill’s comrade-in-arms loudly condemned Winston for not doing enough to draw the Germans off. With Georgian cunning, Stalin reasoned that German bombers could not attack Kiev while they were attacking Coventry. That German bombers and fighter planes could not be in two places at the same time. In Stalin’s twisted mind, Russia was making all the sacrifices and Churchill had to be leaned on to draw the German armed forces off. J. M. Spaight, the Principal Secretary to the Air Ministry later wrote in his book Bombing Vindicated:

It gave Coventry and Sheffield and Southampton, the right to look Kiev and Kharkov, Stalingrad and Sebastopol, in the face. Our Soviet allies would have been less critical of our inactivity if they had understood what we had done.

The facts are beyond dispute. German bombers were in the words of one British historian invited to bomb Britain’s cities to relieve pressure on Russia’s cities. A British housewife’s life in exchange for a Russian women’s life. It is true and fair to say that a further reason for the Germans being goaded into attacking British cities were to relieve pressure on British airfields but in general, the Luftwaffe’s bombers that attacked British cities had not been used to a great extent in attacking British airfields.



[Image] Old Hamburg before it was incinerated. It was precisely because its medieval houses were dry-timbered and packed closely together that R.A.F. High Command on Churchill’s orders bombed them. They reasoned that in such areas, they could kill more people per square mile.

The air attacks on German cities increased and had become a regular feature of German life. But abruptly on the morning of July 15th, 1943, the skies over Germany became clear of bombers. An eerie silence settled over the entire German nation. The absence of the incessant drone from the sky was a completely new experience and Germans looked wonderingly at each other as they emerged from their cellars and air raid shelters. There was even talk that a secret peace agreement had been signed. This profound silence was to last ten days and there was good reason for it. The allies were preparing for ‘Operation Gommorah’.






As July, 24th, 1943 came to an end and the sun slipped down behind the western horizon, the scents and sounds of another English Summer’s day were submerged by the activities surrounding events as nearly 800 heavy bombers were made ready for declaring war on a great city. Over 5,000 British airmen; pilots, co-pilots, bombardiers and navigators, radio operators and gunners were preparing to take part in the first assault wave of an air armada that in ten days would erase from the face of the earth, one of Europe’s oldest and loveliest of cities.

As darkness descended, English airfields vibrated to the roar of nearly 4,000 of the most powerful air engines devised by man. Each bomber was being positioned for a long nose-to-tail lumbering take off. The engines screamed on full throttle whole pilots checked their instruments. Their brakes stayed firmly on while the pilots waited for the signal to go. Finally it was given and the brakes were released. The bombers; Lancasters and Halifaxes sluggishly moved down the runways trying to pick up speed yet handicapped by huge bomb loads.

In each, everything had been sacrificed to enable them to carry the heaviest possible bomb load and incendiary devices. The Lancaster could carry a bomb load of seven tons. In weight, that is the equivalent to that of a double-decker bus. It could carry monstrous bombs weighing many tons each. The Halifax likewise could carry bomb loads of seven tons and cruise at speeds of 230 miles per hour.

On the ground the bombers were cumbersome although the sense of their power was overwhelming as these monster aircraft lurched awkwardly down the runways. It was an awesome spectacle. Each of the aircraft’s four propellers chewed hungrily at the air, dragging the reluctant fuselage along and slowly increasing its speed until 60 to 70 miles per hour was reached. Then, each tail slowly started to lift as the pressure of air increased beneath the aircraft. Finally, the wheels grudgingly left the tarmac and airborne, the bombers clawed to increase height.

This air armada of nearly 1,000 bombers took their bearings from English coasts and then as one they headed out over the North Sea towards Germany. Leading the pack were ‘the Path finders’ — a corps d‘elite made up of the most experienced and skilled crews. In the armada itself were 51 bombers that would not take part in the attack on Hamburg. They are decoys. They will break off from the main body to swing towards other coastal areas as a ploy to confuse the German defences. As they do so, these bombers and others too will release thousands of strips of tinfoil called ‘window’ and these will appear on German radar screens as enemy aircraft and will cause further confusion. German fighter planes directed by ground control units will search the skies vainly for a non-existent enemy. By the time they realise that the British are attacking Hamburg, it will be too late for them to do much about it. They will find that the earth beneath the air armada has been torn apart and that a large section of their homeland has become a sea of flames.

During the day, Hamburg’s citizens had already been inconvenienced by two false air raid alarms but when the sirens start screaming again at 24 minutes past midnight, they dutifully went once more to their air raid shelters. The silence of the night was broken again at 33 minutes past midnight and moments later, the urgent shrieking at the warnings was drowned out by the roar of nearly 1,000 bombers and already the first deadly rain of landmines, high-explosive bombs and incendiary devices was falling on the city. All hell broke loose and no words can adequately convey the awesome spectacle that unfolded before the eyes of people watching from the safety of small towns beyond Hamburg itself.

The clean night air of Summer was broken by countless flickering, wavering searchlights as they stabbed at the darkness seeking an airborne enemy for the flak guns to aim at. The combined noise of the air armada, air raid sirens, and anti-aircraft guns firing made speech impossible. The din on the ears was enough to make some people lose their senses. The darkness of the night sky, now broken by the searchlights and the jagged bursts of flak was lightened by a more ominous as bombs struck the city and incendiaries thudded through houses and buildings setting them ablaze.

The flames spread through the city as the very air itself throbbed to the drumming roar of hundred sand hundreds of heavy bombers overhead. Smoke started to rise from the city; first as many hundreds of individual columns but soon to become one column of cloying choking gases. Beneath this black shroud, flames danced. Some were hundreds of feet high, swirling from building to building. Shock waves from the falling bombs could be felt running through the ground several miles away and as onlookers watched from a safe distance and the horizon became a sea of flickering flames, they were mesmerised by the awesome sight. Their minds became numbed by the horror that unfolded before them for they knew that in those flames, thousands of their fellow country men, including women and children, were being done to death.

For the city ’s German defenders, the misery was increased, for against the swirling clouds of tinfoil being dropped by the bombers, their search lights and their anti-aircraft guns were virtually useless. Ground defences were thrown into turmoil for both searchlights and anti-aircraft guns were radar controlled. The apparatus which normally guides the searchlight beams and gun sights to their targets had seemingly become deranged. The apparatus reported bombers where there weren’t any. The beams of light wandered aimlessly, stabbing uselessly in all directions. Far above the confusion, a bomber’s pilot reported exultantly;

They waved aimlessly in every direction. It was a beautiful sight to see.






In Hamburg itself, the fire defences were completely overwhelmed.

Bomber Harris’s’ prediction was coming true and the old dry timbered medieval sections of the city were ablaze from one end of the city to the other. High explosive bombs had smashed water mains and firemen looked on helplessly as the flames leapt from building to building. The noise was beyond all previous experience. Every explosive device known to man was pouring down on the city. The sound smashed the ears, it stunned the brain. People, terrified out of their wits succumbed to violent spasms and shaking. From all quarters could be heard shouts; and above the shouts, the shrieks of pain, madness, agony, terror, anguish and horror. It was not until twelve hours after the Lancasters and Halifaxes had left that the full horror was gauged. The city’s officials were appalled at the numbers killed for during that two and a half hours attack, 1,500 citizens of Hamburg had been killed and many times that number mutilated and maimed beyond all practical help.

All gas, water, electricity mains had been destroyed. Devastation was everywhere. The world famous Hagenbeck Zoo had been totally destroyed and pieces of animals were scattered in the area.

The radio operators in the Lancaster’s and Halifaxes were beside themselves with glee as they listened on their radios to the confused shouts on German radio waves as for two and a half hours, their bombers poured 2,396 tons of bombs on to the stricken city below. The first air raid was terrifying in the extreme to the people of Hamburg. Large parts of their city were in flames and the suburb of Barbeck on the left banks of the Alster was almost completely destroyed. The suburbs of Hoheluft, Elmsbuttel and Altona, and the inner city too were likewise desolated. They had no way of knowing that pro-Zionist Winston Churchill had embarked on a coldly calculated policy of wiping Hamburg and as many of its citizens as possible off the face of the earth, that the night’s horrifying event was just an appetiser for ‘Bomber Command’ and that in ten days time, their city would be no more, that it would resemble nothing more or less than a desert of bomb craters and crumbling shells of burned out buildings.

That night’s bombing was just a grim foretaste of what was yet to come. For perhaps the first time in the history of mankind, one European nation was to utilise technological advantage to raze to the ground whole cities without any thought of sparing the inhabitants. innocent or otherwise. This is terror-bombing designed for no other purpose but to instill in a population a boundless fear, a mindless terror. What the Red Army could do with barbaric Asiatic hordes, the Western allies could do with bomber armadas.

When the dawn came a nightmare was revealed. A thick yellow mantle of chemical dust overhung the entire city and fires bellowed smoke and fumes to add to it. People were in a state of severe shock. Others appeared at first to be rational and composed until one looked into their eyes which mirrored the horrors that they had seen. Of these people, thousands wandered away over the ruins and out of the city hardly knowing or caring where their faltering steps took them. They were hardly clear of the city when behind them, they heard the sirens screaming once more. It was then twenty minutes to three in the afternoon and the bombs began to fall once more on the paralysed, terrorised city. This time it was the U.S. Air Force. To them, the days, to the R.A.F., the nights.

The following 48 hours were broken by repeated air raid warnings, feints and minor bombing attacks. And then, on the night of 27th July, an attack was to come that would mortally wound this great city of north Germany.

It began at 24 minutes to midnight and the scream of thousands of bombs ripped the night apart. The sound of high-velocity bombs to people sheltering from them can only be likened to that of an express train screaming through one’s home. The sky, had it been light would have been darkened anyway by the awe-inspiring phalanx of 1,000 bombers in perfect formation, pouring across the city’s skies in a never-ending train of destruction. Only fifteen minutes after this first onslaught, Hamburg was finished. There was no need to wreak further damage. Industry had come to a halt, the docks were useless, the people were incapable of helping the war effort. To all intents and purposes, the city of as a going concern had ceased to exist. It had become a flaming inferno from one end to the other. The only differences worth commenting on were that some parts of the city were totally destroyed, others partially devastated but all normal life or anything approaching it had come to an end.

The fires were so intense that an entire house would disappear as completely and as quickly as would a piece of paper thrown onto a fire burning in a grate at home. Within thirty minutes of the first attack, two out of every three buildings in an area of six square miles were burning. Yet the bombers continued to empty their cargoes of death on the stricken city. The most heavily populated area of Hamburg was doomed.

There was no wind in Hamburg that night but the fires created their own wind. Hamburg was a city that was dead except for the intense flickering of flames and ignited gases. That which remained of the terrified population was sheltering and knowing that exposure on the streets would almost certainly result in a quick and horrible death. The heat was so intense that phenomena previously unknown to man began to occur. Parts of buildings simply burst into flames although no flame had been near them. Flames, hundreds of feet in length danced and waved in the air unattached to any combustible material. Pockets of air heated to incredible density exploded.

It became possible to see air moving. The flames of the doomed city needed oxygen and the breeze feeding the fires became a stiff wind wafting through the avenues and streets leading into the city. As a million flames embraced and became one in a multi-mile inferno, the winds became gales and partially destroyed buildings began to collapse in the fast-moving streams of air. Flaming wreckage was picked up and hurled through streets and into the city itself. Never in the history of man have such scenes been witnessed. Balls of fire were leaping into the air and exploding.

Gales shrieked as the countryside surrounding the mutilated city was starved of air. It began to look as though the very skies above Hamburg were on fire. For the tens of thousands of lost-souls in their air raid shelter sanctuaries. escape was hopeless. The condition outside of their shelters were such that survival could be measured in minutes if not moments. They sealed the doors tight and bolted themselves inside little knowing that they had sealed their own tombs and that they would never again set eyes on their city. There was no escape but some did try. They were totally unprepared for what they were to see. The neighbourhood that they had known all their lives had disappeared. Greeting them was an unrecognisable flaming desert. Roads had disappeared under rubble and here and there, charred corpses lay in grotesque positions. Having ventured out into the searing heat of the blistering city, they became bewildered and panic-stricken, stumbling through avenues of debris, blinded by fumes, gasping for air until they collapsed through a combination of heat, smoke and terror.

And the worst was yet to come.

Hamburg 456 

[Image] Children feeding the swans on the Alster. Little could they know that soon this idyllic scene would play a major part in the most horrifying episode in the history of mankind.


Hamburg 457

[Image] Hamburg as it was before the bombing raids. In the foreground the busy port area of the River Elbe. And in the background, the beautiful Alster, immortalised for its scenic surroundings.




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Auschwitz: Myths and Facts



Institute for Historical Review


by Mark Weber

Circa 1990 ~ 1993

 Auschwitz Myths and Facts 407

[Image] Main entrance to Auschwitz I camp (2007)


Nearly everyone has heard of Auschwitz, the German wartime concentration camp where many prisoners — most of them Jewish — were reportedly exterminated, especially in gas chambers. Auschwitz is widely regarded as the most terrible Nazi extermination center. The camp’s horrific reputation cannot, however, be reconciled with the facts.


Auschwitz Myths and Facts 417

[Image] “Swimming Pool, Auschwitz Camp, June 1996. Inmates from Auschwitz and surrounding camps enjoyed swimming and sunbathing beside the pool on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Although not as popular as sports like soccer, some competition was organized where inmates from different countries of origin, and different camps, raced in individual and relay events.” From www.air-photo.com , now off-line.



Scholars Challenge Holocaust Story


Astonishing as it may seem, more and more historians and engineers have been challenging the widely accepted Auschwitz story. These “revisionist” scholars do not dispute the fact that large numbers of Jews were deported to the camp, or that many died there, particularly of typhus and other diseases. But the compelling evidence they present shows that Auschwitz was not an extermination center and that the story of mass killings in “gas chambers” is a myth.



The Auschwitz Camps


The Auschwitz camp complex was set up in 1940 in what is now south-central Poland. Large numbers of Jews were deported there between 1942 and mid-1944.


Fred Leuchter - 26 - Map - Auschwitz Complex

[Image — Click to enlarge] Map showing the three camps (Auschwitz I, Auschwitz II and Monwitz) that made up the Auschwitz complex.


The main camp was known as Auschwitz I. Birkenau, or Auschwitz II, was supposedly the main extermination center, and Monowitz, or Auschwitz III, was a large industrial center where gasoline was produced from coal. In addition there were dozens of smaller satellite camps devoted to the war economy.



Four Million Victims?


At the postwar Nuremberg Tribunal, the Allies charged that the Germans exterminated four million people at Auschwitz. This figure, which was invented by the Soviets, was uncritically accepted for many years. It often appeared in major American newspapers and magazines, for example. (note 1)


House of Orwell - 0143

[Image] Original plaque at Auschwitz proclaiming 4 million toll


Today no reputable historian, not even those who generally accept the extermination story, believes this figure. Israeli Holocaust historian Yehuda Bauer said in 1989 that it is time to finally acknowledge the familiar four million figure is a deliberate myth. In July 1990 the Auschwitz State Museum in Poland, along with Israel’s Yad Vashem Holocaust Center, suddenly announced that altogether perhaps one million people (both Jews and non-Jews) died there.


House of Orwell - 0926

[Image] New plaque at Auschwitz proclaiming about 1.5 million toll


Neither institution would say how many of these people were killed, nor were any estimates given of the numbers of those supposedly gassed. (note 2) One prominent Holocaust historian, Gerald Reitlinger, has estimated that perhaps 700,000 or so Jews perished at Auschwitz. More recently, Holocaust historian Jean-Claude Pressac has estimated that about 800,000 persons — of whom 630,000 were Jewish — perished at Auschwitz. While even such lower figures are incorrect, they show how the Auschwitz story has changed drastically over the years. (note 3)



Bizarre Tales


At one time it was seriously claimed that Jews were systematically electrocuted at Auschwitz. American newspapers, citing a Soviet eyewitness report from liberated Auschwitz, told readers in February 1945 that the methodical Germans had killed Jews there using an;

electric conveyor belt on which hundreds of persons could be electrocuted simultaneously [and] then moved on into furnaces. They were burned almost instantly, producing fertilizer for nearby cabbage fields. (note 4)


Auschwitz Myths and Facts 404

[image] The Toronto Star – Feb 2, 1945 – page 15


And at the Nuremberg Tribunal, chief U.S. prosecutor Robert Jackson charged that the Germans used a “newly invented” device to instantaneously “vaporize” 20,000 Jews near Auschwitz “in such a way that there was no trace left of them.(note 5) No reputable historian now accepts either of these fanciful tales.


 Auschwitz Myths and Facts 403

[Image] Chief U.S. prosecutor Robert Jackson at the Nuremberg Tribunal.



The Höss “Confession


A key Holocaust document is the “confession” of former Auschwitz commandant Rudolf Höss of April 5, 1946, which was submitted by the U.S. prosecution at the main Nuremberg trial. (note 6)

Although it is still widely cited as solid proof for the Auschwitz extermination story, it is actually a false statement that was obtained by torture.


Auschwitz Myths and Facts 397

[Image] Rudolf Höss captured by British troops. Note knife wielding sergeant on left.


Many years after the war, British military intelligence sergeant Bernard Clarke described how he and five other British soldiers tortured the former commandant to obtain his “confession.” Höss himself privately explained his ordeal in these words:

Certainly, I signed a statement that I killed two and half million Jews. I could just as well have said that it was five million Jews. There are certain methods by which any confession can be obtained, whether it is true or not.(note 7)


Even historians who generally accept the Holocaust extermination story now acknowledge that many of the specific statements made in the Höss “affidavit” are simply not true. For one thing, no serious scholar now claims that anything like two and a half or three million people perished in Auschwitz.


Realist Report Interview Eric Hunt - 1829 Dr Mengele in uniform with two others

[Image] Richard Baer, Dr. Josef Mengele and Rudolf Höss (right) in happier days.


The Höss “affidavit” further alleges that Jews were already being exterminated by gas in the summer of 1941 at three other camps: Belzec, Treblinka and Wolzek. The “Wolzek” camp mentioned by Höss is a total invention. No such camp existed, and the name is no longer mentioned in Holocaust literature. Moreover, the story these days by those who believe in the Holocaust legend is that gassings of Jews did not begin at Auschwitz, Treblinka, or Belzec until sometime in 1942.



No Documentary Evidence


Many thousands of secret German documents dealing with Auschwitz were confiscated after the war by the Allies. Not a single one refers to a policy or program of extermination. In fact, the extermination story cannot be reconciled with the documentary evidence.



Many Jewish Inmates Unable to Work


For example, it is often claimed that all Jews at Auschwitz who were unable to work were immediately killed. Jews who were too old, young, sick, or weak were supposedly gassed on arrival, and only those who could be worked to death were temporarily kept alive.

But the evidence shows that, in fact, a very high percentage of the Jewish inmates were not able to work, and were nevertheless not killed. For example, an internal German telex message dated Sept. 4, 1943, from the chief of the Labor Allocation department of the SS Economic and Administrative Main Office (WVHA), reported that of 25,000 Jewish inmates in Auschwitz, only 3, 581 were able to work, and that all of the remaining Jewish inmates — some 21, 500, or about 86 percent — were unable to work. (note 8)

This is also confirmed in a secret report dated April 5, 1944, on “security measures in Auschwitz” by Oswald Pohl, head of the SS concentration camp system, to SS chief Heinrich Himmler. Pohl reported that there was a total of 67,000 inmates in the entire Auschwitz camp complex, of whom 18,000 were hospitalized or disabled. In the Auschwitz II camp (Birkenau), supposedly the main extermination center, there were 36,000 inmates, mostly female, of whom “approximately 15,000 are unable to work.(note 9)


Auschwitz Myths and Facts 402

[Image] Oswald Pohl (left) with Commandant Richard Baer (right) during an official visit to Auschwitz by automobile.


These two documents simply cannot be reconciled with the Auschwitz extermination story.

The evidence shows that Auschwitz-Birkenau was established primarily as a camp for Jews who were not able to work, including the sick and elderly, as well as for those who were temporarily awaiting assignment to other camps. That’s the considered view of Dr. Arthur Butz of Northwestern University, who also says that this was the reason for the unusually high death rate there. (note 10)


Auschwitz Myths and Facts 411

[Image] Arthur Butz, Northwestern University engineering professor and author of the famous book The Hoax of the Twentieth Century.


Princeton University history professor Arno Mayer, who is Jewish, acknowledges in a recent book about the “final solution” that more Jews perished at Auschwitz as a result of typhus and other “natural” causes than were executed. (note 11)



Anne Frank


Perhaps the best known Auschwitz inmate was Anne Frank, who is known around the world for her famous diary. But few people know that thousands of Jews, including Anne and her father, Otto Frank, “survived” Auschwitz.

The 15-year-old girl and her father were deported from the Netherlands to Auschwitz in September 1944. Several weeks later, in the face of the advancing Soviet army, Anne was evacuated along with many other Jews to the Bergen-Belsen camp, where she died of typhus in March 1945.


Auschwitz Myths and Facts 413

[Image] A 1958 Life magazine cover.


Her father came down with typhus in Auschwitz and was sent to the camp hospital to recover. He was one of thousands of sick and feeble Jews who were left behind when the Germans abandoned the camp in January 1945, shortly before it was overrun by the Soviets. He died in Switzerland in 1980.

If the German policy had been to kill Anne Frank and her father, they would not have survived Auschwitz. Their fate, tragic though it was, cannot be reconciled with the extermination story.



Allied Propaganda


The Auschwitz gassing story is based in large part on the hearsay statements of former Jewish inmates who did not personally see any evidence of extermination. Their beliefs are understandable, because rumors about gassings at Auschwitz were widespread.


Sorry Mom - Wyatt Mann - What Did Johnny Learn in School Today ver 2

[Image] The propaganda continues more than ever today.


Allied planes dropped large numbers of leaflets, written in Polish and German, on Auschwitz and the surrounding areas which claimed that people were being gassed in the camp. The Auschwitz gassing story, which was an important part of the Allied wartime propaganda effort, was also broadcast to Europe by Allied radio stations. (note 12)



Survivor Testimony


Former inmates have confirmed that they saw no evidence of extermination at Auschwitz.

An Austrian woman, Maria Vanherwaarden, testified about her camp experiences in a Toronto District Court in March 1988. She was interned in Auschwitz-Birkenau in 1942 for having sexual relations with a Polish forced laborer. On the train trip to the camp, a Gypsy woman told her and the others that they would all be gassed at Auschwitz.

Upon arrival, Maria and the other women were ordered to undress and go into a large concrete room without windows to take a shower. The terrified women were sure that they were about to die. But then, instead of gas, water came out of the shower heads.

Auschwitz was no vacation center, Maria confirmed. She witnessed the death of many fellow inmates by disease, particularly typhus, and quite a few committed suicide. But she saw no evidence at all of mass killings, gassings, or of any extermination program. (note 13)

A Jewish woman named Marika Frank arrived at Auschwitz-Birkenau from Hungary in July 1944, when 25,000 Jews were supposedly gassed and cremated daily. She likewise testified after the war that she heard and saw nothing of “gas chambers” during the time she was interned there. She heard the gassing stories only later. (note 14)



Inmates Released


Auschwitz internees who had served their sentences were released and returned to their home countries. If Auschwitz had actually been a top secret extermination center, the Germans would certainly not have released inmates who “knew” what was happening in the camp. (note 15)



Himmler Orders Death Rate Reduced


In response to the deaths of many inmates due to disease, especially typhus, the German authorities responsible for the camps ordered firm counter-measures.

The head of the SS camp administration office sent a directive dated Dec. 28, 1942, to Auschwitz and the other concentration camps. It sharply criticized the high death rate of inmates due to disease, and ordered that;

camp physicians must use all means at their disposal to significantly reduce the death rate in the various camps.

Furthermore, it ordered:

The camp doctors must supervise more often than in the past the nutrition of the prisoners and, in cooperation with the administration, submit improvement recommendations to the camp commandants … The camp doctors are to see to it that the working conditions at the various labor places are improved as much as possible.

Finally, the directive stressed that;

the Reichsfhrer SS [Heinrich Himmler] has ordered that the death rate absolutely must be reduced.(note 16)


Heinrich Himmler on Homosexuality 339

[Image] Heinrich Himmler and his daughter, Gudrun, visiting Dachau concentration camp in 1941. Immediately to the right of Himmler is Karl Wolff

Gudrun wrote in her diary: “Today, we went to the SS concentration camp at Dachau. We saw everything we could. We saw the gardening work. We saw the pear trees. We saw all the pictures painted by the prisoners. Marvellous, and afterwards we had a lot to eat. It was very nice.


German Camp Regulations


Official German camp regulations make clear that Auschwitz was not an extermination center. They ordered: (note 17)

New arrivals in the camp are to be given a thorough medical examination, and if there is any doubt [about their health], they must be sent to quarantine for observation.

Prisoners who report sick must be examined that same day by the camp physician. If necessary, the physician must transfer the prisoners to a hospital for professional treatment.

The camp physician must regularly inspect the kitchen regarding the preparation of the food and the quality of the food supply. Any deficiencies that may arise must be reported to the camp commandant.

Special care should be given in the treatment of accidents, in order not to impair the full productivity of the prisoners.

Prisoners who are to be released or transferred must first be brought before the camp physician for medical examination.



Telltale Aerial Photos


Detailed aerial reconnaissance photographs taken of Auschwitz-Birkenau on several random days in 1944 (during the height of the alleged extermination period there) were made public by the CIA in 1979. These photos show no trace of piles of corpses, smoking crematory chimneys or masses of Jews awaiting death, things that have been repeatedly alleged, and all of which would have been clearly visible if Auschwitz had been the extermination center it is said to have been. (note 18)


Auschwitz Myths and Facts 406

[Image] Enlargement of a portion of an Allied aerial reconnaissance photograph of the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp, taken on May 31, 1944. As Mattogno and other revisionist scholars have pointed out, this photo shows no trace of the mass extermination of Jews that supposedly was being carried out there on that day.



Absurd Cremation Claims


Cremation specialists have confirmed that thousands of corpses could not possibly have been cremated every day throughout the spring and summer of 1944 at Auschwitz, as commonly alleged.

For example, Mr. Ivan Lagace, manager of a large crematory in Calgary, Canada, testified in court in April 1988 that the Auschwitz cremation story is technically impossible. The allegation that 10,000 or even 20,000 corpses were burned every day at Auschwitz in the summer of 1944 in crematories and open pits is simply “preposterous” and “beyond the realm of reality,” he declared under oath. (note 19)



Gassing Expert Refutes Extermination Story


America’s leading gas chamber expert, Boston engineer Fred A. Leuchter, carefully examined the supposed “gas chambers” in Poland and concluded that the Auschwitz gassing story is absurd and technically impossible.


House of Orwell - 0136

[Image] Fred Leuchter


Leuchter is the foremost specialist on the design and installation of gas chambers used in the United States to execute convicted criminals. For example, he designed a gas chamber facility for the Missouri state penitentiary.

In February 1988 he carried out a detailed onsite examination of the “gas chambers” at Auschwitz, Birkenau and Majdanek in Poland, which are either still standing or only partially in ruins. In sworn testimony to a Toronto court and in a technical report, Leuchter described every aspect of his investigation.

He concluded by emphatically declaring that the alleged gassing facilities could not possibly have been used to kill people. Among other things, he pointed out that the so-called “gas chambers” were not properly sealed or vented to kill human beings without also killing German camp personnel. (note 20)

Dr. William B. Lindsey, a research chemist employed for 33 years by the Dupont Corporation, likewise testified in a 1985 court case that the Auschwitz gassing story is technically impossible. Based on a careful on-site examination of the “gas chambers” at Auschwitz, Birkenau and Majdanek, and on his years of experience, he declared:

I have come to the conclusion that no one was willfully or purposefully killed with Zyklon B [hydrocyanic acid gas] in this manner. I consider it absolutely impossible.(note 21)





The Auschwitz extermination story originated as wartime propaganda. Now, more than 40 years after the end of the Second World War, it is time to take another, more objective look at this highly polemicized chapter of history. The Auschwitz legend is the core of the Holocaust story. If hundreds of thousands of Jews were not systematically killed there, as alleged, one of the great myths of our time collapses.

Artificially maintaining the hatreds and passions of the past prevents genuine reconciliation and lasting peace. Revisionism promotes historical awareness and international understanding. That is why the work of the Institute for Historical Review is so important and deserves your support.



About the author


Auschwitz Myths and Facts 405

[Image] Mark weber


Mark Weber is editor of The Journal of Historical Review, published six times yearly by the Institute for Historical Review. He studied history at the University of Illinois (Chicago), the University of Munich, Portland State University, and Indiana University (M.A., 1977). For five days in March 1988, he testified as a recognized expert witness on the “final solution” and the Holocaust issue in a Toronto District Court case. He is the author of many published articles, reviews and essays on various aspects of modern European history. Weber has appeared as a guest on numerous radio talk shows, and on the nationally-syndicated “Montel Williams” television show.

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From Ted Twietmeyer



This article was well-written and researched. And it also means that the Shindler’s List film is fiction as well, which also depicts countless people being gassed daily. As for the crematories, I completely concur with the commentary in the article.

The Facts: It takes about 70 minutes (according to one furnace manufacturer’s spec sheet, see

[1] ) to cremate a body even today. This is a burner of 400KW. If each crematory furnace were to cremate 20.6 bodies in every 24 hour period running 7 days a week, then to handle 20,000 bodies a day would require more than 971 furnaces running non-stop, AND sufficient fuel to keep them all operating. And all this, in a Germany that was always short on fuel?

Preposterous of historians to never look at the numbers!

Ted Twietmeyer

[1] – Furnace spec sheet with cycle time:





From William Purcell


I haven’t read the entirety of Mark Weber’s essay yet — but one fact that should ALWAYS be brought out — particularly in regard to this so-called “60th” commemoration of the … er … the … “liberation” of Auschwitz in January of 1945 by the Red Army of the Communist Soviet Union is this fact: that camp in Poland – Auschwitz – merely underwent a CHANGE IN MANAGEMENT at THAT time, ie from “Nazi” to “Commie.” It most definitely was NOT ‘liberated‘ no matter how one looks at it.

That camp in Auschwitz was CONTINUED to be run as a concentration camp up until the year 1951 (!!!!) by the Communist USSR under Stalin until two years before Stalin’s death when it was then converted (1951) into an official Communist ‘State Museum‘ (read: anti-German Propaganda Factory) in then Communist Poland.

From 1945 up until 1951 when it finally finished its role as a functioning death camp — some 250,000 victims were put to death there. Victims of the Commies this time. It point of actually documented fact — this total of Stalinist victims actually exceeded the previous occupiers ‘ total by about three times: ie the ACTUAL number of persons who died in Auschwitz between 1940 and 1945 when the Germans were running that place was some 75,000 souls — 63,000 of whom were JEWISH — few if any of whom ever died from any “gassing.”

Most died from the wartime typhus epidemic and severe malnutrition-induced illness

None of the 250,000 victims during the Stalinist period (1945 up to 1951) ever died of any “gassing” there, either, for that matter.

Most died from either being worked to death as slave laborers — or died of disease and starvation. A few died from firing squad style executions.

That’s it.

Those are the ACTUAL, REAL historical facts about the real Auschwitz.

All of the rest is Propaganda. It had originally been claimed that “over 4.5 million” of the “six million Jews” had been “gassed” there. This figure went through many, many permutations and revisions by the JEWS THEMSELVES until about 1985, when Dr. Francisek Piper — the very one whom the American Jew, David Cole, interviewed in his now famous video — the one in which Piper admits that the “gas chamber” that was always shown to the tourists there — was actually built in 1947! — two years AFTER the war was over.

see: www.codoh.com

see: www.ihr.org

see: www.vho.org

It was Dr. Piper, Auschwitz Chief Archivist and historian for 27 years, who first ‘officially‘ lowered the number to “1.5 million” and then, by 1988 — again lowered to “1.1 million.

So, then what happened to the ‘extra‘ 3 or 4 MILLION Jews? Nothing.

The propagandists have kept up the “6 million” figure – in spite of all of the official reductions that have made over the years.

Van Pelt, a Dutch Jew, who was the big Jewish “expert ” on “The Holocaust” by the time of the David Irving ‘trial‘, maintained that “500,000” Jews had been “gassed” there. Yet another fantastic downward reivison of the original 4.5 million figure.

Yet, I understand that they are now back to the infamous “1.1 million” figure for the ‘annniversary.’


By Mark Weber


When considering the story of the lost ‘Six Million‘, most overlook an obvious and crucial source of data: the 1938 World Almanac which listed the populations of countries by religion.

If you add up the numbers for the all European countries — less the Brittish Isles and the Americas — there was total population of roughly 6 Million Jews in the whole of Europe when the war broke out. There were about a half million in Germany.

This simple and irrefutable fact clearly debunks that claim that ‘6 million‘ were killed … or there would not have been any Jewish people left to tell a story. It would have meant that Hitler completed his supposed goals for Europe.

Most people should be able to find a copy of the 1938 Almanac in thier library. I hope this sheds some new, clear and logical light on the story.

* Source: http://www.rense.com/general62/meth.htm




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