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[In this 22 minute video Alfred Schaefer interviews German dissident Gerhard Ittner. Gerhard, a critic of the German regime and  its “Holocaust” lie talks about his persecution and jailing as a result of the peaceful expression of his opinions! Alfred concludes with his thoughts on the “Six Million Lie” and how necessary it is for people to free themselves from the “Holocaust” fraud and other deceptions, like 9/11, that organized jewry has imposed on the world. —  KATANA]




Alfred Schaefer



A Dissident Speaking Out



Gerhard Ittner




A Dissident Speaking Out - Gerhard Ittner - VIDEO




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Published onAugust 14, 2016


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A Dissident Speaking Out

Gerhard Ittner in a dialog with Alfred Schaefer

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Alfred: [00:10] It is my pleasure and a great honor to have someone in the line today, who has been abducted by the power now occupying Germany, in order that he could be imprisoned in this occupied Germany. These are methods like in the darkest Middle Ages. Just, because his opinion did not suite those in power.

Gerhard Ittner, thank you for taking the time to have this dialogue with me now. In a few words, please describe what happened, how you were abducted and taken back into the BRD.


Gerhard: [00:48] Yes, Mr. Schaefer, I greet you also, and the pleasure and the honor is all mine, to speak with a such a fantastic producer who has just put that outstanding video onto the internet, with your sister, Monika Schaefer.

And this video has had a phenomenal impact! And the enemy is spewing fire and venom, which gives me great satisfaction.

This video, it is opening the peoples eyes. I am following this on the internet, almost on a daily basis. The impact that this video with your sister Monika Schaefer is having, this is not only in Germany, but the impact is on an international level! The media is preoccupying itself with this video. In particular, the jewish media is preoccupied with it, for example, Bnai Brith, and many others.

And it really is fantastic what you and your sister have accomplished! One can see by the reaction that our opponent has become “Rumpelstilskin”. He is jumping in circles, he does not know what to do, because the peoples eyes are really being opened about how we have been deceived and lied to! And the lying press and media continue to do this.

To come back to your question. Yes! I was really abducted from another country, for no other reason than my completely peaceful expression of my dissident opinion.

The only thing that I did as a thinking person was forming my own independent opinions and expressing my doubts about the totally absurd claims regarding the so-called “Holocaust”. I think that this must be allowed!

It must be allowed that a person can form his own opinion and then to express this opinion, and if this opinion is that I do not believe your stories about your “Holocaust”, because they are nothing, but contradictions and bear no truths whatsoever!

I have never asked for more than the right to express my own opinion, and never will ask for more than this right, nor do all those other people who also do not believe the stories that are being forced down our throats.


Alfred: [4:44] Thank you Herr Ittne, I would feel very ashamed if someone were to imply that I believed in the so called “Holocaust”, now in 2016, just, because someone somewhere tells me to believe this.

The “cat is out of the bag” and having kittens!

Have you ever tried to get one of those cats back into the bag? It is not that easy!

But what I don’t understand Herr Ittner, is why did the BRD take you back here, that way they only focus more attention on this feeble minded criminality.

If they want to continue to poison the minds of the people with these perfidious lies, they would have been better off to leave you where you were. You were not bothering anyone where you were.


Gerhard: [5:40] Yes, I thought so too, because as long as I was here, they moaned about:

“If only we could get rid of Ittner! Ohh! … Just get rid of Ittner!”

Then they were rid of me, for seven long years, the easiest and least expensive way. I was gone. I had disappeared from the political stage. And I never would have returned to the BRD and the political stage, if they simply would have left me in peace, left me where I was!

But, there were several real geniuses in the Nurnberger Justice system.

They couldn’t think of anything better to do than to abduct me and shove the BRD down my throat! This was a real masterpiece, a display of exceptional intelligence! These people really wanted me back here. And they did this by breaking the law and abducting me. I am not a citizen of the BRD, I have no BRD identification, no passport! This is abduction, a criminal offence!


Alfred: [7:01] When and where were you abducted, and how long were you locked up in thought crime detention?


Gerhard: [7:09] Yes, I was abducted in Portugal on the 11th of April 2012. Then I was detained for 5 months in Portugal for extradition. We were 9 men in an 8 man cell. And these circumstances were not a very pleasant time.

After these 5 months, they took me to Bayreuth in Germany, and kept me locked up for over two years. In this prison, in Bayreuth, the real criminals were not the ones in the cells, but those occupying the prison administration.

Then, on the 16th of October 2014, they moved me to Nurnberg where I was once again locked up for peacefully expressing an opinion. Where I remained imprisoned until the 16th of October, 2015.

So, I spent three and a half years locked up as a political prisoner of the BRD for expressing an opinion! All that, in this so called, “most free and democratic State proclaiming the rule of law” that has ever existed on German soil!

And since I had already spent time locked up as a political dissident before this time, I spent a total of 5 birthdays behind bars — as a political prisoner of the BRD, for nothing more than the totally peaceful expression of my opinion.


Alfred: [9:06] That is really something! Just like in the old Soviet Union. Unbelievable!


Gerhard: [9:11] Yes, Mr. Schaefer, actually it is even worse than in the former Soviet Union. Did the Soviet Union abduct people from outside the country, because they disagreed with their opinion?


The former communist East Germany did not abduct people from outside their territory, because they did not agree with their opinions! Today’s North Korea, or China, do not do that!

With pure hatred they go after and hound and abduct someone for their opinion. These characteristics of the present criminal regime is unique in German history. It is a rogue state! This is a historical first for any regime on German soil.


Alfred: [10:20] Yes, Herr Ittner, to abduct people from outside the country for nothing more than their opinion, that leaves me speechless!

And if the BRD dictatorship does that today, one wonders how far it will go next? Maybe as far as in the former Soviet Union where they murdered political dissidents and anyone that did not conform to the thought laws, by the millions. In sum total the jewish Bolshevik communists murdered over 60 million citizens, with extreme sadistic brutality!


Gerhard: [11:00] Precisely, Mr. Schaefer. That is so true. But the fact that we dissidents are not yet condemned to death, is not, because those that are now imposing thought laws are being humane. No! They would condemn us to death now if they could, but the present system of laws does not yet permit them to. However, we can be quite sure that they are working on this, at least conspiring how best to move in that direction.

Once they realize that their system of lies and thought control can only be maintained by imposing ever more draconian punishments on dissidents, they will do this. After all, their entire regime can only hold as long as their lies prevail. Once the lies crumble, so does their regime!


Alfred: [12:14] Do you really think that they will go that far, to execute political dissidents here?


Gerhard: [12:23] Yes, I am convinced of that Mr. Schaefer. As an accused in multiple political thought law trials here, I have experienced what absolute wretched scum, dressed up judicial robes, are sitting in our halls of justice! These will do anything to serve their political masters. You must remember, that someone who will prosecute a person for deviating from the party line, has such a corrupted character that this person is capable of doing anything that their political master asks of them.


Alfred: [13:14] How can it be that anyone, anywhere, still believes that the lies can be maintained with these methods? What will their own children say about them, when they understand that they prosecuted people, simply because they did not submit to the lies?


Gerhard: [13:38] These criminal justices of thought crime prosecutions, they are making the same mistake that the minions of treasonous regimes have always made, throughout history. They fail to see that they are on the final brink of collapse. And after this collapse they will be held accountable! Accountable to German law representing the German people!

Making this criminal regime accountable will consist of having all those who supported it, besides the criminal prosecutions that this will entail, lose all of their ill gotten property, as well as all of their retirement benefits.

And now comes the reality of this BRD regime as it is today:

While they hound and prosecute German people for expressing an opinion, these very same corrupted and criminal justice gangsters let the most vile and criminal, so called migrants, so called asylum seekers, and other totally incompatible invaders off the hook for the most vicious violent crime, rape, terror against German Women and young girls, or they are let off the hook with pathetic probation!

The German people will not allow this to continue. And this I tell you, for this, the German people will hold you to account! That, you can be sure of!


Alfred: [16:07] Thank you Herr Ittner, that you have expressed this so directly and clearly. I am sure, that those individuals who now, in the year 2016, still prostitute themselves to prosecute anyone for expressing an opinion, that these individuals will be held to account after the collapse of their regime.

I can not understand how anyone would still do this. Everybody knows, the lie is through! It is over! Now there is nothing that can stop the final triumph of the truth! And to place oneself on the wrong side, to run back into a burning house, I don’t understand that, it makes no sense.


Gerhard: [17:00] Yes, Mr. Schaefer, I don’t understand this either. These criminal justice gangsters and thought police must have at least that tiny little bit of brain left to know that you can not hold up the truth with methods like that.

In fact, quite the opposite. The people become skeptical if they are being prosecuted for an idea, or an opinion, just, because this idea does not suit a regime, a certain very powerful financial and political lobby.

It is simply astounding how we have been lied to about this “Holocaust”!

Simon Wiesenthal, he came along, with a box full of soap, and claimed that this soap was made from the fat that was extracted from gassed jews! Then, he ceremoniously buried this soap. The newspapers printed that!

He could also have blown soap bubbles. These bubbles, they would, of course, have very symbolically burst, … !




We have now reached the point where we have driven our quest for truth to victory. The enemy can do nothing! It is through! And we, we can not allow anyone to take away our right to have and express our own opinion!

No regime in this world will ever again take this right away from us. Especially not this fake BRD regime. No regime in the world has the right to impose on us what we are supposed to think, and what we are not allowed to think. Not with us!

These times are over! And if anyone wants to impose on us what we are supposed to think, and impose some absurd stories that we are supposed to believe, we will simply laugh at them!


Alfred: [20:02] Thank you very much Gerhard Ittner. Your struggle has not been in vain. You have played an instrumental part in driving the truth to victory!

The fact, Herr Ittner, that you live in Nuremburg is indeed symbolic. This is the city where the jews extracted, by torture, the confessions that were then used to give birth to this mother of all lies.

This lie morphed into a multi billion extortion racket. It became a blueprint for similar extortion rackets ever since.

911 is just one further example. There are many more.

The “Six Million Lie” not only made a lot of money for the jews, but is now used to torment us and break any [psychological] resistance [opposed] to their tyranny. They have, in effect, replaced the original sin of the Christian faith with the, “Six Million Lie”!

They teach this to our children, knowing that little children believe anything they are told by older people. This is instinctive. To keep the older people believing it, “Political Correctness” and “Hate Speech” laws are used. Any dissent is punished with increasingly harsh measures, eventually leading to our own extinction.

What the jews have harvested with this lie, until now, is almost beyond comprehension!

However, this success has deluded the jewish mind set, that this can go on and on and on. They truly are playing this as an, “all or nothing” exercise.

Now, of course, the effect of digital technology, combined with our ability to comprehend the empirical evidence and provable historical facts, is having the same effect on the jews and their lies, as did the discovery and application of penicillin on bacteria.

Good for us… bad for them!

Continued belief in the lies, induces behaviour in the believer that more resembles that of a conditioned laboratory rat, than a thinking human being.

Don’t let any of your friends be left believing the “Six Million Lie”! Don’t risk that anyone would mistake you for someone foolish enough to believe the dangerous and pathetic lies, because you remained silent! I find it difficult to find anyone seriously, now in 2016, who pretends not to understand, or really does not understand!

And remember, we were born into this situation. It has been imposed on us! We did not ask for it. Don’t feel ashamed to admit that you believed these lies. You only need to feel shame if you are the very last person to understand. So, if you are fast, you won’t be the last!

Feel free to copy this video, download it and reload it on other channels and servers.

Remember there is not much honour in being seen as a conditioned laboratory rat, especially if that is how your own children see you.

Thank you.


[Monika Schaefer plays the violin]
















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London Forum - Tony O’Neill - COVER


[In this 23 minute video Tony O’Neill, the leader of The Celtic People’s Party of Ireland, delivers a spirited and hard hitting talk at the London Forum, laying bare the EU’s [and behind it, organized jewry’s] engineered plan for the on-going destruction of our societies. Tony indicates how organized jewry is responsible for the European civil wars, known as WWI and WWII, that now continues into an undeclared, yet very real, WW III through multiple strategies, but most obviously by the invasion of the “Turd Worlders” into our European countries —  KATANA]




The London Forum



Tony O’Neill



WW III Has Already Begun




London Forum - Tony O’Neill - VIDEO




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Published on July 5, 2016


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YouTube Description



WW1 and WW2 were attempts to destroy Europe and the European peoples around the world. WW3 is designed to finish the job and has already begun. We as Europeans should recognize this fact and consider ourselves at war with those who would destroy us. Our enemies are those who peddle money usury, moral degradation and White genocide as official policy. If we are to win this war we must unite as Europeans and form a cohesive agenda in order to win political power both in our respective countries and also at European level. Tony O’Neill is the leader of ‘The Celtic People’s Party of Ireland’ and we are very pleased to welcome him here to London.

The Celtic People’s Party of Ireland















Jez Turner: Today is a very special day in White nationalism! It’s a day for White unity! We are Whites, whatever our nationality, whatever our culture, whatever our language. We’re all Whites and that’s all that matters! Because that’s all that matters to the enemy! There is more that unites us than divides!

Our next speaker is from Ireland and is very, very welcome here in England. He is not a kosher nationalist, he’s a real nationalist, a racial nationalist. He’s the leader of the Celtic Peoples Party. He’s Tony O’Neill!


Audience: [applause]


Tony: Thank you all. I’d like to thank Jez for inviting me to speak here today at the London Forum. I’d also like to congratulate the English people. As they say, the good English people, for voting the correct way with Brexit.


Audience: [applause] Hear! Hear!


Tony: I think England has, will be leading now other people to follow, … Maybe even Ireland will be next, someday. It won’t be tomorrow.

My fellow European brothers and sisters, this is no time for silence nor for playing politics. It is the time to say what we mean, and mean what we say! [applause] The war is being waged against us with all of it’s attendant propaganda, traitors, anti-free speech laws, militarized police forces and most spectacularly involved, two invading armies! One from Africa and the other one from Asia. The aim of the war is the total destruction of we the Europeans and European descended peoples of this planet.

World War III has already begun!

Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi was the founder of the Pan-European Movement and is considered by Eurocrats today to have fathered the EU. He said, and I quote:

The man of the future will be of mixed race. The races and classes of today will gradually disappear due to the elimination of space, time and prejudice. Eurasian Negroid will be the European race of the future.

Eurasian Negroid will be the European race of the future.

I ask you my brothers and sisters, is this not the open promotion of White genocide?


Audience: Of course, it is! Of course. Yeah!


Tony: Wesley Clark was the Jewish US general in charge of the destruction of Iraq in the 1990s. He’s what he has to say on the subject of Europe:

There is no place in modern Europe for ethnically pure states. That’s a 19th century idea and we’re trying to transition into the 21st century and we are going to do it with multi-ethnic states!

Again I ask your brothers and sisters, is this not the open promotion of White genocide?


Audience: Yeah!


Tony: In Ireland we have our own special brand of ethnic replacement experts. The top dog that the employers organisation in Ireland, xxx, is one Danny McCoy. At their annual conference of 2015 in Dublin Castle, he said and I quote:

The population of Ireland is expected to reach 10 million by the year 2050 and we should embrace this change.

So not only is the plan to make Celts a minority in our own country in the coming years, but we should welcome this and be delighted to hand over everything our fathers and forefathers fought and died for! I have, also have, a real beauty from one, Olivia Mitchell. Now she’s a Member of Parliament in Ireland and the 24th xxx a beauty here:

Irish people should interbreed with foreigners!

She actually said that, you know, and went down very well in the media in Ireland, you know. Since most of the partners who attempted to invade my country are from Africa and Asia, we must conclude that Mitchell wants Celtic people to breed with them and just destroy our Celtic gene pool in the process.

Ireland’s elected president, Higgins, a real fool of a man said recently that:

Irish people have a shared culture with those from Africa.


Audience: [loud derisive laughter and booing]


Tony: You gotta get your head around it! Unsurprisingly, this example of delusional thinking went completely unchallenged in the loony left that dominate and the press in Ireland. Our most ethnically diverse town is apparently the town of Ballybarnes, which is in the West of Ireland. The West of Ireland is much more traditional than the east, and it’s interesting that they’ve targeted the West of Ireland more than any part of Ireland for this sort of enrichment. According to the census of 2011 only forty percent of the town’s population is now Celtic. Local loony lefty and community organizer, one Mary Donnelley has stated [mimicking a female voice] :

There is such a mix of people from different backgrounds and I’m not sure if Ballybarnes is in a position to take many more refugees. The indigenous population is coming close to being the minority and the social cohesion of the town is now under threat!




Let’s hear that bit again:

The indigenous population is coming close to being the minority!

This stupid woman sees that the Celtic population in the town is being ethnically cleansed, but all she’s concerned about is “social cohesion”! Perhaps this stupid woman should talk to the young White victims of invader rape gangs in Rotherham, or Cologne, or Oslo!


Audience: [applause]


Tony: The town is only forty percent Celtic is bad enough, but the demographic of the local school is even more shocking! Out of the 322 attendees, only 90 are Celtic. Apparently the school Principal is very proud of this level of diversity.


Audience: [derisive murmuring]


Tony: I assumed that the Principal will be even more prouder when there are no White children at all.


Audience: [derisive murmuring]


Tony: The looney lefties are sacrificing the bodies of our daughters and the lives of our sons on their altar of multiculturalism, just to show that they aren’t racist! They are throwing our ancestors, our children, and those who will never have a chance even to be born into non-existence, framed as an act of charity, one cannot imagine a more selfish, hateful, or evil act committed against our peoples!


Audience: [applause] Hear! Hear.


Tony: Right here in London we see the evidence of the ethnic cleansing of the Anglo-Saxon people from their capital city. The famous East End is no longer the home of the Cockney pearly kings and queens. In fact, if TV serial Eastenders was to accurately portray the ethnic makeup of the East End today, then the cast would only be ten percent Anglo-Saxon. The remainder will be made up of Turd Worlders of one kind, or another. And the famous Queen Vic Pub would either be a kebab shop, or a mosque. [laughter]

The White British people were called racist when they objected to diverse immigrants. They were called racist again when you are afraid of becoming a minority. Finally, they were called racist one last time when they simply left areas flooded by foreign entities!

In the eloquent words of Mr. Frank Field, Labour MP in 2008:

The word on the street is apprehension! The word on the street is that people are leaving if they can! If you look at the composition of people going it’s, because they don’t like what’s happening to this country!

That my friends, is what is known as, “White flight”!


Audience: Yeah.


Tony: Or in other words, population displacement, or replacement, ethnic cleansing, genocide!

In the sobering light of this, let’s examine the United Nations Convention on Genocide, Resolution 260-111a of the United Nations General Assembly on the 9th of December, 1948 Article 1 states:

The contracting parties confirm that genocide, whether committed in time of peace, or in time of war, is a crime under international law, which they undertake to prevent and punish.

Article 2:

In the present convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole, or in part, a national, ethnic, racial, or religious group. (a) Killing members of the group.

It is true to say that the death and destruction heaped on the European peoples at the hands of the invaders by organized gang rape and violence qualifies here.

(b) Causing serious bodily, or mental harm to members of the group.

Again the organized gang rapes we saw in places like Cologne and Rotherham and elsewhere qualifies here.

(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about it’s physical destruction in whole, or in part.

These conditions exist ultimately in Ireland as it is official policy to place the invaders at the top of every council housing list in the country! Even though thousands of our Celtic men, women and children sleeping rough in the streets every night. There is not one invader left homeless!

(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group.

Thanks to the thousands of invaders that are being welcomed into Ireland, these measures are being implemented. Taxes are going up as is the cost of housing. Both of these factors negate against our people being able to afford a home and a family. And the top dogs know this.

(e) forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

Official government statistics state that 78,000 of our young people are actively encouraged to leave Ireland every year in order to seek work abroad. No sooner have they left the country and their place is taken by Africans and Asians.

Thus we see that the organized ethnic cleansing of the indigenous peoples of Europe amounts to the crime of genocide. Yet, anyone who espouses these views is called an “extremist”, or “dangerous”, or “racist” by the loony Leftie brigade and their political masters.

In reality, “racists” are the greatest friends of other races, because they want to see the preservation of all races!




Audience: [applause] Hear, hear!


Tony: The insane Lefties on the other hand, want to create a bland, multi-culti blancmange of people, with no fixed racial, or cultural background at all.

No European was ever asked if he, or she, wanted to say goodbye to their culture and see their country destroyed by invaders! On the contrary, the policy was forced on us by dictatorial politicians, answerable only to the un-elected mandarins of the EU, who are bent on the destruction of the White peoples of Europe, as per, the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan!

EU policy is forcing us to descend into an alcohol and drug fueled culture of sleaze, decadence, pornography, pop trivia, casual violence, and also merged into a tidal wave of mass invasion and political correctness!

In other words, the EU is a communist entity from start to finish! And like every other communist entity in history, seeks to destroy the ethnic and social cohesion of the indigenous people!

My friends, if we wish to save our peoples, our cultures, and our countries, then surely scrapping the evil EU is the first step in that direction!


Audience: [applause] Hear, hear!


Tony: Now, what about the millions of refugees have been able to flood Europe? I say, we must send every single one of them back, to wherever he came from!


Audience: [applause]


Tony: Every Western European oligarchy happily flattens the law in order to achieve their communist agenda of multiculturalism. That is their great weakness! They have broken EU law by knowingly giving refugee status to bogus refugees! Therefore, every Western European oligarchy is criminally guilty on these grounds and on the grounds of genocide!

You see, for a person to be recognized as a refugee and thereby given asylum, that person must come directly from a war zone. Now Europe doesn’t border any country at war. So therefore, they cannot come into Europe claiming such status. By doing so, by coming from a country into a war-torn country, into someplace like Turkey, and then coming to Europe, then they negate any idea of being a refugee. They are simply illegal aliens at the point.


Audience: Yeah!


Tony: If we are to uphold law and order in Europe, we can’t pick and choose which laws to obey and which to disregard. For to do so invites chaos. Thus all of the invaders must be sent back to wherever they came from and those overseeing the breaking of EU law must be punished to the full extent of that law! Of course, the top dogs will use all kinds of subterfuge, guilt tripping, in order to shut people up.

The latest lie they are using against our people, is the “demographic time bomb” awaiting Europe, because Europeans aren’t having enough children. This argument has about as much validity as the “global warming scam” now better known as the “climate change scam”. The population of your Europe has been stable for decades. The increase in robotization means that fewer people are actually needed in a technically sophisticated society, like Europe. Meanwhile, Europe has a persistently high level of unemployment, especially amongst young people. Yet, we are told we need limitless numbers of Turd Worlders who are functionally illiterate even in their own languages. [laughter] they don’t share our moral, or our cultural values, and don’t speak our European languages. The top dogs insult our intelligence by feeding us the nonsense that we need these illiterates! Well, we’re not buying it!

Europeans have built up the most sophisticated and technologically advanced society on earth, and we don’t need to be burdened with the millions and millions of Negroes and Asiactics., because they haven’t managed to create a similar society of their own. At the same time as part of the EU angle on low birth rates and a demographic time bomb, the politicos and their media whores in my country, are once again promoting a vote for abortion on demand. Now in my lifetime, I’m 58 and in my lifetime, this is in my recollection the fourth time this has come up in Ireland. Very few people are interested in this, but it’s only a ( ( (small clique) ) ) who constantly push for it, because obviously in Ireland you don’t have an abortion on demand. Sad to say, thousands of young Irish women come to England and have done for many decades. Not that I blame English people, by the way, I don’t know them. Seriously, I don’t. That English people are not to blame. As Mellisa was saying, we know ( ( (who) ) ) controls us. It isn’t English people anymore than it’s Irish people.


Audience: [long applause] Hear, hear!


Tony: As I say, it isn’t Anglo-Saxon people, no more than it’s Celtic people. Since in Ireland everybody is Irish nowdays. Give them a piece of paper to all of a sudden a Pakistani is Irish. [laughter]

In their communist zeal for equality they attempt to mask the organized murder of our children by calling it, “a woman’s right to choose”. Well, I say, a society that gives a woman the legal right to murder her own baby is a society in the fast lane on the road to perdition.




Audience: [long applause]


Tony: The cost of the invaders will run into the billions over the coming decades throughout Europe. We will face ever increasing taxes and living costs in order to pay for Social Welfare, housing, education and healthcare. As a consequence our people will not be able to afford to have families. Our young man are being encouraged to be homosexuals. Meanwhile our young women are being told they don’t need to think about having a family, you know, they can have a career, working for some capitalist and on the weekend get stoned drunk and have as many sexual partners as they like! This is what feminists like to call, “women’s liberation”.

In reality, and we know this for a fact, the only real liberation our women ever get, amounts to the freedom to be wage slaves and whores!


Audience: [applause]


Tony: Feminism means nothing to the dignity of women. By the time they reach 30, or so and begin to think, “Oh! I must myself a husband!” they are no longer attractive to most men. Thus many of our young women never have families at all. This is no accident, friends, this is the result of EU policies as implemented by our treacherous politicos in our Parliaments.

We hear a lot from the loony Leftie brigade about “White privilege”. I say yes! Yes! The White race is the most privileged of races, because the White race has achieved more than any other race on this planet! Our system of law, architectural achievements, our European art, music and literature, our great inventions and the scientific discoveries. All account to produce the greatest civilization in modern history! Conversely it can also be said that the Turd Worlders are privileged as themselves, as they have benefited from a sophisticated society that they themselves could never create.

But I would ask, “What benefit do the European peoples get in return?” Apart from the sky high crime rates featuring gang rape and casual violence, and also miscegenation resulting in mongrelized offspring, we Europeans gain nothing from the multi-culti experiment. The loony Lefties, of course, will reject all of this! , but to deny the truth I’ve spoken is to deny the truth that one and one equals two. The Lefties like to style themselves as soft liberals! Well, of course, we know they’re nothing of the kind! They are totalitarian dictators who one must obey, or be targeted as a hater, or a Nazi, or a homophobe, or a xenophobe, or some other sort of phobe. They are libertarian, because they believe in anything goes, in their insane pursuit of the communist nonsense of equality.

Recently, and in spite of the crime rate being perpetrated by invaders on the Continent, it was announced that Ireland will “welcome” to, 500 of these people this year alone, 2016. It’s always put across to us that, we’re always told we’re, “welcoming” these people! I’ve never seen people actually welcoming them. The looney Left, yeah, it welcome anyone., but for the most part I don’t hear people say, “Oh, we’re delighted!


Audience: [laughter]


Tony: In the face of all of this official generosity, the latest government figures make for sober reading. Out of a total population of say, four million Celts in the south of Ireland, 504,000 people are in hospital waiting lists. 350,000 of our people are unemployed. 78,000 of our young people leave [Ireland] every year. Thousands of our men, women and children sleep rough on the streets every night. And perhaps most sobering of all, over 600 of our people take their own lives every year! I ask you my brothers and sisters, does that sound like a society in dire need of Turd World enrichment?


Audience: No!


Tony: I think not! The top dogs want a one world slave state populated by materialist, miscegenation, mixed up fools lacking any culture, religion, or tradition, or family, or community! In short a population devoid of identity, a population of perfect slaves, as we’ve heard already.

So, what must we do to save our European peoples from this fate? We must unite, we must get active, get organized, get political, win power! The disparate nationalist movements in our countries must work together in order to help each other win power in elections, both in our individual countries and at the European level. We should hold regular conferences and create discussion groups to coordinate our political efforts! At elections, we should have our own agents at every counting and polling station fully monitoring the process. No way we allow democratic process to be poisoned by those who would seek to deny us electoral victory, as we saw recently with Austria.


Audience: [applause]




Tony: Now, I’m not talking here about replacing the EU monster with some other. I’m talking about us joining together spiritually, so that we can fight more effectively for our people’s cultures and countries! Meanwhile, we should encourage our own people to seek a higher purpose in their lives, generally. To get away from the base pursuit of money for it’s own sake and instead concentrate their efforts on the legacy they leave their children in the future!

My friends! I have a very special message for our brothers and sisters in Northern Ireland. This flag, this crest contains no orange color! We are not the communist Sein Fien. We are the Celtic People’s Party of Ireland, and we have no interest in pursuing old enmities of any kind! We are brothers and sisters in a united fight to save our European way of life! And in this fight we do not back down! But, to do so is where our Europe and it’s indigenous peoples to die!


Audience: [long applause]


Tony: To Western Russia, Finland, Norway, Iceland, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Sicily, Italy, back to Greece and all points in between, Europe must remain European if we are to survive!


Audience: [long applause]


Tony: We are in a very real war, friends. We are fighting for our beliefs, we are fighting for our countries, we are fighting for our xxx, we’re fighting for the future of our children!

As Europeans we face down the propaganda and brainwashing! We stand tall against the communists EU agenda! We remain true to ourselves, the truth and to our people!

And some people tell me, this is not possible, and that is not possible. I say, we are the guardians of our European blood, and whatever is called for in the true interest of our people is always possible! My beloved European brothers and sisters, let us go forward to victory!


Audience: [extra long applause]


Jez: Mass immigration, racial ethnic cleansing, White genocide is the plan. We are White so we are all under threat! We are all facing genocide! So it’s important that we work together to thwart that plan! It’s important that we fight against the enemy, side by side, alongside our White brothers and White sisters, anywhere and everywhere!

Tony O’Neill!


















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[In this very informative two part audio interview (126 mins — Parts I & II) Henrik Palmgren talks with the well known revisionist Germar Rudolf. We learn of Germar’s reluctant inquiry into the issue of the Third Reich and the taboo subject of the so-called “Holocaust”. As a student of chemistry he ends up examining the chemical evidence, or lack of, for the alleged homicidal gas chambers. This leads him to conclude that it doesn’t exist and that the gas chambers are a product of Allied [jewish] black propaganda. Ultimately, he spent several years in German jails  for daring to deny the existence of the “Holocaust” and where, against all normal legal practice: “The truth is no defense.

He and Henrik go on to discuss the perilous demographic decline in birth rates among White countries, that will, if nothing is done, lead to disaster. Both the fraudulent “Holocaust” claims and the denial of White nationalism are interlinked in jewish propaganda, in that any claims for White self-determination are cast as something that leads directly back to the dreaded, “evil Nazis” and the “gas chambers“!— KATANA.]






Red Ice Radio



Germar Rudolf


Persecution of Revisionists




Demographic Disaster



Click on the above link, or copy the link into your browser to listen to the audio.

Published on Jul 29, 2016



Red Ice Radio Description


Germar Rudolf was born in Limburg, Germany. He studied chemistry at Bonn University, where he graduated in 1989 as a Diplom-Chemist, which is comparable to a U.S. PhD degree. From 1990-1993 he prepared a German PhD thesis at the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research in conjunction with the University of Stuttgart, Germany. Parallel to this and in his spare time, Rudolf prepared an expert report on chemical and technical questions of the alleged gas chambers of Auschwitz, The Rudolf Report. He is the founder of the small revisionist outlet, Castle Hill Publishers.

Mr. Rudolf joins us to share the story of his life’s work as a revisionist researcher and writer and the ostracizing and persecution he has endured for daring to tread into the controversial topic of the German holocaust. Germar talks about the process of awakening that led him to question the “official” version of holocaust history in his mid-20s, when he stumbled upon the notorious Leuchter Report while preparing an expert report on the chemical and technical questions of the alleged gas chambers of Auschwitz and Birkenau for the trial of a Holocaust “denier.” We discuss the longstanding and brutal suppression of evidences that refute the cherished narrative of gas chambers used to systematically exterminate 6 million Jews, and we look at the undeniable proof that the powers that be have been using this “miracle weapon” to psychologically trounce German and Western European identity. Then, Germar gives a straightforward definition of “revisionist,” underscoring that in the case of the holocaust, the general issues of persecution and unjust treatment of Jews is not denied. He highlights some of the chemical, structural and biological evidence that points to a starkly contrasting story than what has been painted throughout 70+ years of political propagandizing. Germar also touches on the thought crimes that sent him to prison for 44 months and the blatant lawlessness of court proceedings he’s witnessed, and he gives a rundown of his latest book, Resistance is Obligatory.

In the members’ segment, Germar goes deeper into exposing free speech hijacking and human dignity suppression that is at the core of revisionist work. We consider the massive power structure upheaval that would need to occur in order for Western civilization at large to achieve a complete paradigm shift and accept the fact that we have been lied to and manipulated on so many levels concerning WWI/II. Then, we talk about the establishment’s grave fear of the rise of nationalism despite the recent terrorist attacks by hostile foreign invaders in Germany and France, and Germar gives a grim picture of the migration statistics for Europe, which is seeing many of its best and brightest indigenous populations fleeing the monster and taking up residence elsewhere. We discuss the most critical extinction level crisis that is plaguing Europe – the demographic decline of natives resulting from the shrinking birth rate. Germar emphasizes the financial implications of Europeans allowing themselves to be bred out, and we debate whether or not the government’s (dis)incentivizing having larger families is really the issue. We give some thought to the role of the 1960s sexual revolution, the advent of birth control, and the lost sense awareness that we live in a chain of generations that keeps the social order on course. At the end, we weigh up how the crisis the West is spawning many religious zealots and a rising core of radical traditionalist who may or may not be able to rescue the vanishing European civilization.




 [69:51 min]





Henrik: Ladies and gentlemen welcome back. This is Red Ice Radio. I’m Henrick. Wherever you are around the world, whether you are friend, or foe and concerned, like me, about the survival of European identity, or not, I do hope that you care about true diversity and want to preserve it. We live in a world today where soulless materialism, empty consumer driven globalism and endless migration is threatening to displace and eradicate the uniqueness and the beauty of the European people. Now Sweden, where I’m from, is being ruined! As I hope you have realized by now, by a pipe dream, by politicians and internationalists who themselves never live in the neighborhoods that they claim we will benefit so greatly from. This contrived “Oneness” that they are enforcing, is actually leading to division, alienation, terrorism, displacement and unspeakable horrors of sexual assaults and violence and rape.

It’s time to wake up and realize that this version that they are pushing on us is actually not working. If you are new to the show definitely check out the website Red Ice dot tv. Beyond the radio shows we do live TV shows, we publish news and we have a members website filled with our entire archives. Plus our live show, “Weekend Warrior” that we do almost every Saturday. So sign up, if you like the show, get access to all our material and help us grow.

Well today we have a special show for you with a Germar Rudolf. He joins us to share the story of his life’s work as a revisionist researcher and writer, and the ostracizing and persecution he has endured for daring to tread into the controversy topic of the Holocaust. The few times that I’ve not made long disclaimers before shows like this, I’ve lost newcomers and that’s not a very smart move. I simply, usually, urge people to use their mind and to open their mind. We are going to be treading into a forbidden zone where so many of us never go! Ever! Not even truth seekers and those passionate about history. So many comply, like good little Pavlovian dogs, they respond to the conditioning perfectly, to a tee! Without ever asking themselves, why they react the way they do you when we violate this greatest taboo. Even for free speech advocates, they say here, but no further.

When speaking about World War Two and related subjects, I always want to give a perfect preface, you know, to entice you and dare you, urge you to follow along in an exercise that many people never do in their entire lives without ever knowing why. You know, in many countries the governments have built a legal perimeter around the subject. It’s a no go zone, a strictly forbidden enforced, “No Go Zone”. And I ask you, why that is? And out of, you know, a thousand plus shows that we have done over ten year period, we have done maybe seven, or eight radio shows in total dedicated to this sensitive and emotionally charged subject. That’s only, what about, zero point eight percent of all the things that we’ve discussed on this show. Yet this alone grants us to be banned from iTunes and many previous guests to completely turn their back on everything that we do. For simply daring to question a historical event and come to a different conclusion than the globalists are pushing on us.

You know, I always encourage newcomers to listen to the other side, the side that they never share with you. And look at some of the research and professionally made videos and other material that we link up as companions to shows like this, to help you along in not only daring to take the plunge, but also to realize that there truly is something fishy here. Something that they are covering up. Something that they don’t want you to know about!

You know, this if nothing else, is a story of free speech and how the government has enforced restrictions on it. Tight restrictions! In fact, restrictions that will land you in jail in certain European countries. And reasonably everyone who’s concerned with social justice, this should be a concern of them, right? Why should people who have a divergent opinion be treated any different? Right? According to their own standards. So, you know, there’s a thousand things I could say. There is a thousand things I could go through and motivate, but ultimately, it is up to you if you have interest at all in history and if you have the brains to understand the weight of this topic and why it’s so important to look at it in greater detail, considering how the survival of the European people is hinged on this subject of the Holocaust and Naziism.






So, Germar Rudolf was born in Limburg, Germany. He studied chemistry at Bonn University where he graduated in 1989 as a “Diplome-Chemist” which is comparable to a US Ph D. Degree. From 1990 to 1993 he prepared a German Ph D. Thesis at the Max Planck Institute for solid state research in conjunction with the University of Stuttgart. Parallel to this and in his spare time Rudolph prepared an expert’s report on chemical and technical questions of the alleged gas chamber of Auschwitz, “The Rudolf Report”. He is the founder of the revisionist outlet, Castle Hill Publishers. Please stay tuned and please listen to what Germar has to say.


Henrik: Welcome to the program, Germar, it’s a pleasure to finally have you with us. I’ve been an admirer of your work for many years. It’s a pleasure for me to have you here on the show.


Germar: And it’s a pleasure for me to be on the show.


Henrik: Excellent! Now, let’s dive into this here. This is a big topic we’re going to discuss today. It’s a controversial topic, obviously. It’s a topic that many people never really dare to tread into for various reasons, actually. But, I’m curious to here a bit about your background and your interest in this topic, Germar. And why you decided to spend your time and looking into an area which, of course, at this day and age, criminalised in many European countries. Tell us a bit about your background.


Germar: Well, I’m a German citizen and I had, in school, I had to deal with the Holocaust three times, because I change schools and then it changed around my topics a little bit. And in order to graduate you had to have a minimum of history. In school, I didn’t have that so I had to take more history classes and the “Holocaust” came up again. So three times I was fed it. Until I was fed up. As a student I wasn’t actually appreciative about that topic, since, as a German, it’s kind of getting you in a bad mood, … It’s very unpleasant for Germans, because we perceived ourselves in the situation, of course, as descendants of the perpetrators and it’s all so bad and dark what happened during the “Holocaust” and during the Second World War, that it kind of drives you away from wanting to hear anything about it. Wanting to do to hear anything about the more recent history that has led up to this. So I was kind of deterred from it initially coming out of school, actually. I didn’t want to have anything to do it with. But, on the other hand, I was always interested in German identity and German history, apart from this topic. So I would go up to the First World War. And then kind of quit! [Henrik laughs] and get over to the Federal Republic. And all the mess of the Weimar Republic, running up to the Third Reich, I would just keep it at arms length.

And that changed a little bit while I was studying. I was studying at one university chemistry and during my spare time I was reading a lot of history, of politics, philosophy and just a broad range of interests I had, trying to understand things. And that time I was more and more. Also, because I happened to become a member of the student fraternity, there was emphasizing, patriotism and German identity. That I got interested in these questions and I realized, in particular in the environment where students dominate, that national identity issues and patriotism has such negative image, such a negative connotation for intellectuals in Germany, for young intellectual students, that you are immediately an extreme minority as a student, if you insist that having an identity, having a cultural heritage and taking care of it, is something good. You’re isolated! You’re getting even attacked.

I mean, I was not a member of any group, or any movement outside of what was considered socially acceptable back then. So, I was still a part of the German Christian Democratic Union, the Germany party what’s currently ruling Germany. I considered myself more, or less mainstream from that point of view, but living it, inside a left wing environment of students, is what gave me a completely different view. Now, I was attacked back then, some people drew a swastika and put up on the on a blackboard, or some event that my fraternity was doing. So I quickly became aware of that, even insisting on that there is the German identity and that it’s worth preserving, is something that gets you a lot of hostility in Germany. And the reason I figured out is, because of the Third Reich and all the bad things that happened there.




So I was aware of it, but that didn’t make me tread into this minefield of history. And that changed actually by accident, I would say, I was trying to convince other students that trying to get Germany to reunite, … At that point we’re talking about middle 80s, late 80s, when I was studying Germany was still divided. There were communists in the center of Germany and “democratic” quote, unquote, West Germany. And I insisted on Germany should get reunited and we should get going on that. And I read books on the what’s gone on in the Soviet Union, the weakening, the economic collapse that some were predicting and I was reading these books and said, “It’s time to do something about it” as the mainstream was going the opposite way. Even the conservative party was eying the option of recognising communist East Germany as a separate country, which West Germany had not done so at that point.

Soviet Union collapsed, Germany suddenly got reunited and there was a little patriotic party “The Republicans” they called themselves xxxx. But now they are completely marginalized. And they were trying to rekindle patriotism, German identity and then a little bit more acceptable right wing politics, like the “Alternative for Germany”. The new party is doing right now, so twenty years and the same kind of constellation.


Henrik: Right.


Germar: And the same thing happened back then, that happens with them. Now they’re being completely ostracized and persecuted and the media just go on a campaign to destroy the party. So, history repeats itself. When I look at what’s going in Germany now, I say we had the same thing twenty five years ago. I was a member of that party and I had to experience all in that. It was the only party sticking to the constitutional demand of fighting for the reunification of Germany. They were the ones, when it actually happened, they were persecuted and marginalized and ostracized. And that upset me, but I again recognized the mechanism in particular in Germany. Later on I learned it’s not much different in other European countries. How that works is that any identity group, European identity movement, gets destroyed and ostracized by ultimately, “putting out the gas chambers”!


Henrik: Right.


Germar: Anyone saying that, if you want to have your own national way, you want to be proud of yourself, that means that in the long run, down the road you put the others in gas chambers! [Henrik laughing] If you don’t like the Turks in Germany, … I hear, I remember 1989 after the Republicans in Germany had their first electoral victory, in early 89 I think it was, in Berlin, and the leader of the party there was asked by a journalist, “Well what are you going to do with the Turks? Are you going to shove them into gas chambers?[Henrik gives out a big sigh]

And that broke it for me, and I said, “I don’t believe it!” They do it over and over and it’s so blunt and so brutal and so obvious that this gas chamber weapon, this “Holocaust” weapon is used by the media, by anything on the left wing, by anything standing for globalism, internationalism, multi-culturalism, whatever you call it, to destroy anything that tries to preserve identity, to maintain identity, what have you.

But, only in the European context. You know, left wing trickery in Germany, they are always happy to embrace Amazon Indians, or Tibet Asians, when they are struggling for their national identity.


Henrik: Of course!


Germar: That’s fashionable, because they are not Whites, they are Europeans. And even when in South Africa, now the shoe’s on the other foot and blacks persecute Whites and kill them, and whatever is going on there. In detail, I know a little bit of what’s going on. But nobody talks about it. It’s a reverse situation as it was under apartheid regime to some degree. But black racism, you can see it here in this country. Everybody talks about racism when there was a shooting. But I wonder, you know, the big elephant in the room is that White racism is not acceptable, or racial identity, or any identity! It doesn’t even have to be based on race, it can be on culture, it can be whatever you want to call it. It’s not acceptable if White folks, European folks start with it, but if a black ghetto group here in the United States makes racist remarks, racist attitude, that is not talked about.

Henrick: That’s right.




Germar:  and the same in South Africa black racism goes. I can understand historically why they would have been suppressed for so long. I mean there’s always a reason why people do things and sometimes it’s understandable reasons, but it’s never a justification. So I just saw these lengths. It just took me an accidental encounter with credible arguments by credible individuals that made me look into what I had always use while the first two decades of my life to and look into the facts claims. That was an accident he stumbled through should report the movie famous men from this machine put depending how you look at it. So American experts. Execution technologies since they have the death penalty in the US now have to have some experts who maintain the equipment. With which for capital punishment. This is executed and one guy was doing it back in the late eighty’s was asked by a defense team up in Canada over Canadian germ was on trial out of court in court. He was asked to write an expert reporter to testify in court who, whether, or not the the silly things. The two clowns and Auschwitz might on the campaign pawn. That as they are exist today ways they can.

Mr from Prince. Whether these facilities would have been able to commit a mass murder as his claim posed on so bones so he did that made you submit to his report and create worry about they’re here. And I found out about it a little over a year later by who the scientists was alleging about the use and abuse all. Come to terms with the past and to be which is basically shooting for wrong history the Houston ship used in politics to destroy opponents competitor to marginalize groups and individuals with student loans in return to control those with. Like a red thread through Germany straight off the wall. Now. And he has been writing about it analyzing and in a new edition of that book that came out in eighty nine he wrote about the future, or who said well what would happen if somebody comes up with this well I made an expert report I gave it the murder weapon if somebody did that with the claimed murder weapon put the One True evolution that is the key a team. And he comes up well I think the claims about how it is supposed to function how many people were murdered with. All this. This is wrong. This is. The chosen propaganda put put out by royalists who were trying to black black on the nature of the rouge and he’s right and I said Well that would be a controversial fees isn’t historians would organize conferences would to discuss the arguments and what are the refuted, or would not be able to refute it would maybe have to adjust their new history books to take into consideration the new evidence and there would be pretty much about it. Objectively seen as should be the same Here we go time was much closer and we’re talking about more victims. But in theory it’s a historical it’s a factual question it’s a question of, whether it should be open to scientific investigation and an expert comes up, or theory know the gas chambers and they could know who worked in what I’ve seen there that was a lot equipped in a way that would have functioned as claimed. That’s what but, of course, nothing like an object, or discussion. Well has these just marginalisation ostracism and persecution that he. When I read about this. I didn’t know about the persecution he would have probably prevented me from going to him to be a thing. So was I don’t know I know is that I have my personality is a little bit of a contrarian in nature. I would say so if I perceive something to be unjust persecution to be unjust be in fear not warranted, or just plain wrong. I have a tendency to stand up against it and why it’s right. In general in our history history can ask my mother she’s the one who developed. Sense for justice.





I say it’s a problem, because your concept of justice is very skewed and very subjective centric. But as you mature. You get more and more wider perspective and you can object to what is this. But my attitude has been changed to see if something is unjust I just won’t take it, you know. And in this regard to persecution of us on a scale that I have not considered possible and it hasn’t deterred me it has made me more angry and more determined and the same is that with my own person. A lot of people around me friends and my first wife to some point and they disassociate a divorce. And then. The first wife. But that’s not what I do. I don’t think away from the challenge my pro with the challenge. So one on one factor was definitely being seen the persecution going on. And there’s no rational discussion and somebody has an argument it should be listened to should be very fired across a fine. If way and you shouldn’t choose to call the prosecutor and throw people into prison. And today it’s come to the point where you’re not even allowed to muster a defense. Because we are trying to in the courtroom to prove that you’re right. What you did do in the eyes of the court is denying you can in the courtroom and using the public stage of the court to spread your propaganda as a rights for another and somehow you get another and in another case if you, or even a lawyer if you just day is to file a motion to introduce evidence just filing the motion to get a lawyer in prison. No he’s really and I have to have my lawyer that, you know, I ended up being an expert reports into Sure.

Well the next report showing up in court. On the request of defense lawyers. And the things I had to experience there how judges violate the law and the time to prevent me from testifying. Was I. Opening it made me even more angry. To see how the system breaks it’s own rules it’s own laws. Too to keep up that taboo to to prevent anyone from speaking up. They consider from present the factual evidence though not mine. Purely engineering and chemical in nature and worse. But on. As such no nothing more nor history and no politics in it at all. He was just one six. And that’s what every crime should be subjected to in this atmosphere and it would need to be with. With showing us Alexis from veterans today. What we dealing with here we’re talking about one of the biggest crimes of history of mankind is it is plain so the merest slaughter all three million plus people in chemical slaughter houses called gas chambers and several million more just short post after the reasons. Of the ways they died. So we’re talking about a massive crime and, whether crime is little it was just one person killed, or way or, whether it’s six million that have died it’s still a crime that should be subjected to the same standard of evidence to gauge. But it’s completely politicized and any critical investigation that ends up coming to an want to conclusions gets brutally suppressed and then they used the name calling saw them against me to the interest of the.

A remark by someone from the outside who look at this deny Araminta I see my braces talking meaning talking about reek so I say I was persecuted in prosecuting for Moscow who ridings. Expert report from Auschwitz in the US including chemical which was I was in the sentence eventually to fourteen months in prison lucky enough to present evidence for the fact that my. Correct. And they were not told tell the INS when that was, by the way, as we get an idea of the time frame here while I found out about the ninety nine eighty nine in mind the one letter to the editor saying what was in mind they were not convinced that nature port is the final word, because they are holes in the arguments and some thrown arguments that should be a better job should be done in a context of can you do that. Can you write the next report and I agreed, because I was happy I was excited.





that I was doing my Ph D. In the Library Tower topic that was kind of boring people who had no application to real life, but this one was so real and can’t get any more real more more relevant, because obviously Nations the whole world in the United Nations are out to suppress any consent on this context there’s just no other topic where prosecution and the will of authorities to suppress and decide this and is so massive as in this area. So I thought that was clear evidence for me right there no matter what you think about any politics of identity and what have you for the authorities for the past week that is the most important so I choose the again that’s it. And I decided to do it, because it was just meet sense if there was nothing more then one more sense to me than going Paul this topic and trying to they’re really investigated. I wrote the report in the early ninety two. And I submitted to various courses seventy eight court cases in the years between ninety one and ninety four and I got ten and in was at the current investment in ninety three when my ex was published to go with a professor in the pending supply by a guy who actually published would they use that, because it was polemically nature it was attacking the historians who have the judges for suppressing the debate and Paul letting people go in prison without giving them a chance to defend themselves. So it was considered calamitous and therefore the court that actually sentenced me for that experience put says you can’t claim scientific freedom, because of the preface which is not scientific about all X., but report. On scientific even though it is a process that was written by someone who has not even for me know that he had it at home now in this office distributing right, you know, as it may. I got then ninety five sentenced to fourteen months in prison and, but it was going through the region revision procedure and finally the case was settled in ninety six I was not taken into custody, because that would consider it unlikely that I would flee, but if the filing judgment by the higher court was the countryside didn’t serve those who were the ones went on to six and started a revisionist publishing company just basically turning my passion into the profession. So what would germ of, or decided to stop me from doing that I was doing it twenty four seven because. All bridges were burnt and I had one who wants to do in the U.K. The life so to say to that. And it has been that way ever since. Now. Things got bad and I wasn’t sure, whether actually we are not a lawyer that I would say I stand no chance with Germany also exhibition they were doing that in late ninety nine. If the authorities catch meaning then just tend to leave the country and went to the United States and eventually apply for political asylum in the United States which if he didn’t go much higher than where, because the United States has waged against the to get to me to do what it’s doing now in this search destruction and they are not going to buy us. Giving me two scientific historic, or two people to stop quote self-destruction who in time were considered this week and that’s all. That he had and the movement needs to be neighbor to withstands accusation of who are racist and the tendencies of a mass murder. Because that’s what basically comes up each time you want to preserve that end of any European identity, because what’s going on has been going on a constant Kates and it’s well and that proves that this is a weapon really that it is being used against us which which makes it one of the most important questions that we need to address and face if we are going to muster up the courage. If you will to try to prevent what we’re seeing happening today. Would you agree with that the Germans have no offer America weapon and that is Germany had not in the Second World War But Germany’s enemies, or Europe. Europe’s anime’s have it now and that is the whole cause. Propaganda. Which is you to use to be. Psychologically one who assists in anything that the Post want to implement.





And people are aware of that this is such a powerful weapon such a dangerous weapon that most most people are terribly afraid of it and try to stay away far away from it as they can and I can understand if you have the liberty to dodge a way to get out of the way and not face it and it’s not doing any harm to you then it’s fine to do that. The problem is you cannot avoid it. It is like you are you see. By the enemy you are in a small castle say so to say you are surrounded by the enemy they are all aiming that Myracle weapon at you if you can’t dodge it is destroy the car slow the last step by step by Pit bit and you can pipe dream just looking away sticking the hand in the center head in the sand is making it go away to play the infamous three apes. Close your eyes close your ears close your mouth and, but that’s not gone away. Is it if you want to achieve anything in regards to standing up against the authorities. Then you have to face them and the absolute proof for it is the fact that for the powers that be particularly in Europe. Nothing is more important when it comes to discussing anything than suppressing Holocaust dissent exists the only topic in the work in the history of mankind when it comes to history that has ever been. In stone by penal law in which to send is mercilessly prosecuted him persecuted. It is that is the only real unique thing about the Holocaust is the persecution and prosecute her decisions have always been massacres of the always been Geno says there’s always been there many cases where millions and millions of people died and were high percentages of ethnic groups with nothing of it and they were talking about technology was highly technological if you actually look into effect. It was not the claims of highly technology are ridiculous to claim that there was so primitive that they were saving the German We had intended to do something like that they would have the technology needing nation back then that would have used different solutions claimed which is the intent. Plus fifty times, but that’s a different issue. So we really only unique thing about the Holocaust is the persecution of dissidents. And that shows you already that something must be fishy with the whole thing and that’s the seal of the powers that be in the know and that’s why they persecuted anyone so mercilessly, because they know once that breaks through once the broader amount of broader percentage of open woman populace finds out about the real arguments of her vision it’s how rude logical how House of evidence they are and how convincing they are when once enough people lose the fear, because they have a lot of people when they find out how they need my to cheat and to oppose this when they first see some pretty convincing arguments they get really and they don’t care anymore. More about persecution. Now if you get a critical mass of people who don’t know enough about just a certain critical mass that starts a snowball rolling down the hill. Then they’d lose control and they know it and that’s why they are so this was a persecution. And also let me add to that, you know, this topic this issue that is occurring right now with this with this historical event. This is really the spearhead of free speech right here as well and all those that are supposedly free speech advocates as we know many of them never stand up in defense of people who are subjected to the kind of persecution that you’ve been talking about the many cases, of course, it’s been very successful of them to paint many of these people who question the system work live event as being somehow almost lunatics right that the there’s a mental problem with these people just, because of the fact that you dare to question this event so it’s almost like a preemptive strategy that has been put in place where you’re not even supposed to get to the point where you look at some of the material of this right. Right. That is the effect of seventy years of propaganda making everyone think everything and everything is so obvious and so well proven how could anyone be so deluded to doubt any of this.





most everybody who talks that way has no no not even a basic knowledge about the cost. Apart from knowing the name of it since I can’t be many, but these are the last people know it. Sometimes I get the impression that less people know the more dogmatic they are about it and it is so easy to actually in a debate with them to get them to lose footage on the factual basis, because they don’t know what we’re talking about that they instantly switch over to a Tom and I’m attacked too, because nations are the usual self Nazi extremists and to see my whatever has nothing to do with the debate whatsoever. And sometimes it gets ludicrous, because there are some people who have a Jewish heritage who are reading this and then they start calling those people and to see my so, you know, it gets ridiculous, but even that works for some people to see. Whatever comes right left right. Web. I found it if I I found it. Encouraging funny at times too. How easy it is to get the system to panic. I saw back then doing my Ph D. At the Mex Planck Institute. It appearing in front of a court with my chemical research and the system was panicking the judges was suddenly in the middle of it without a reason. Interrupt the proceedings run out of the court room to get instructions on how to handle the situation, because if the an expert witness is present in the courtroom. It can by German law the defendant the IT expert witness cannot be denied to testify. If he is indeed an expert. I have a diploma decree in chemistry and I was going to appeal to that is recognized as in sufficient expertise. To testify as an expert witness. So I was an expert witness. I was an expert. I testified on a topic that was pertinent to the case and I was present in the court room they could not deny me to testify and he did after getting me structure that is to say cover my ass phone call to high up judges, or whatever the judges came back and wrote clue law and not me to testify. So I’ve seen how they panic. What tricks they pulled off the sleeves to to poll this illusion. And that sure was up the whole system. So it’s just one little guy who makes the whole system panic and I’ve seen that again and again, you know, if you look how many actively researching and publishing revisionists there are in the world. Italy just introduced a total cost in the last couple weeks ago really yet. Because I looked at a map and I saw that Italy was not on that map of having these loss. So that’s changed now the map data the map was drawn here ago and now just a month ago I think it’s relative to actually introduce it and then in Italy. You have one one person one person who is publishing and recession is just one. So they may choose law to prevent miss one person from doing what he is doing in and threatening him with three years in jail when they’re always bloggers and people comment I sympathize and support the guy, but that’s that’s not the issue I mean the danger comes from the people who do the research bring up the convincing evidence and show up courtrooms and get the system into trouble, because they, you know. Well we have free speech. We are nations on the rule of law and we abide to along the authority SEPTA for the law to it, but if then push comes to shove me experience it yourself. They give a damn about the law they break it as they need to uphold the SO thing. Which would mean that and I mean in that case when you were involved and the judge just changed things on the fly like that means that they individually are I mean obviously they would be prepped before a case like this, but someone is directing them to make sure that a desired outcome is the end result of something like this. Correct. Yes I mean President cases and in Germany. If a judge tried to be accommodating to any kind of defense strategy along the line. The judge can be prosecuted. So the judge putting his career on his line and even his freedom if he day is follow the law abiding allowing evidence now they have changed the law now. Now it is actually that you are not allowed to introduce any evidence of him in shoot back when I was appearing in court that wasn’t the case yet it’s still a motion that they couldn’t prosecute they have changed that, because actually what I was doing.





Back in those years when he was prosecuting lawyers and there was no case law, or written law to prosecute dollars just for filing a motion to evidence, but the case that was then created for two on occasion of two lawyers who had motions to introduce me as an expert witness the end of it. Such finding such motions in the law can function no longer. So that’s that’s one of my achievements in this instinct to go very, very well very well done. What would you let’s just give a little bit of time here to the audience to our listening and the newcomer who’s listening and people who, you know, might be at a point where they basically have never looked at any of this material that they might be listening, because they’re intrigued with your story of suppression and active, you know, how the system has been working against you just what you’ve been talking about, but can you describe a little bit of what actually a bridge vision is. Is as opposed to what it is not. I mean, because usually what happens is you said that you get a kind of a straw man did they set up a a lie. Basically of what it is that you represent when you start going into these topics, but what would you say really is the case. What are really some of the questions and points that you and others like you are trying to lift forward and highlight. Well, revisionism is a broad term and we should now limit it maybe to the first one Holocaust revisionism and we should limit it also to those who who actually do the research do the actual publication get to know which together and then there are always people who use material that we put out that have their own agenda and those then get humans to two times.

Clément back on the revisionist if there’s some racist, or some action to simulate and they are not saying these people do exist. Then they come up to use their material to push for their own agenda. That happens to every idea you put out there can be used by somebody. And that’s where where those false claims come to take a neo Nazi and claim user of Enos know it was the other way who appears them. So let’s get something straight what the media tell revisionists are which is why, you know, very broad terms like denial that Jews were were persecuted which we don’t the undeniable facts during the persecuted. They were deprived of their civil rights that we deported. They were herded into ghettoes they were put into concentration camps and they were put to forced labor in the concentration camps. Yes they were where the corpses of those who died were incinerated. And there is no doubt that Jews died in great numbers for many reasons in the camps in the ghettos for epidemics man attrition disease even mistreatment and all this is not denied for them, or there is no With nine that problem. I know it is where tons was to buy gypsies of political dissidents dissidents. Know the extend off. How many died and who died for what reasons is then again. The topic of discussion, but the general issue that what happened with all the prosecution going on. That is not tonight. It’s for them. One the moral level we need to get that out of the way. Don’t say if you’re really serious you don’t say that the treatment of the Jews was just fits. If you put a minority. Just, because a person. Belongs to a certain group you stop persecuting them mistreating them. That’s not justifiable, you know, some people out there might do and says well the Jews have done this and that and therefore they say no that’s not the way you can argue if some jew did something and you can’t hold this personal Jew responsible who had you can hold Jews as a group responsible for something only some of them did so. Do we deny the victims dignity, you know, do we want to wipe out the memory of these victims no we want member. Victims to be remembered. Not just Jewish victims all of the times of violence of persecution of wars and atrocities. Do we deny showing compassion is to these victims. No somebody is a victim. There were a lot of victims for a number of reasons and compassion as well has to.





do we deny that there was a systematic plan by the National Socialist government. And acted by technological means in terms of almost signing gas shims to kill as many Jews as possible ending up with a total death toll of six million that is put into question. Yes So it’s not about all the poster Q. Should that happen about the mini victims that died as a consequence of that and all this was unjust and bad that has not denied what we’re talking about is only was there a plan to systematically Wyatt off the year of the Jews that the Nazis could lay their hands on primarily by means of chemical slaughterhouses called guestrooms And is that his death toll at the end of month six month. These are the questions. And I got into it by. Very soon. I think we are asking, you know, it’s the places that claim to have been home inside of gas chambers were they not. I wasn’t asking about did Auschwitz exist. That’s ridiculous to ask. Did Horatia may exist. Did Washington Exhibit No that’s a stupid question who exists that it was a concentration camp. Disaster as hygenic conditions epidemic broke out some point a summer and fall of one hundred forty two hundreds of people every day died, because of typhus happened and for the only person who was responsible. There is the leadership of the German Reich who decided to send all these people in the camp that was prepared to receive them, you know, they do that you people for no reasons other than they belong to a group in a camp and you can feed them and you can keep them healthy that’s your responsibility. There’s no doubt about it, but was there actually a gas chamber in that camp that was used to kill up to a million people. The death toll that is accepted by revisionists in Auschwitz lies a little bit of a hundred thousand. No you have one more time and a hundred thousand people within just a year who die in that camp. And, you know. Pat awful terrible conditions over one hundred people is bad news, but it’s better news than having a million people being slaughtered in the chemical slaughterhouse right. Just, because I say with this is the two hundred twenty thousand died, because of bad conditions that the Germans were responsible for, because they just didn’t handle the situation properly. That makes me want to deny and a bad person and, because I contest that there was a chemical slaughterhouse and I have a zillion of arguments why they couldn’t have been chemical house to begin with, because the type of the Demick were raging there so badly at the time when those extermination. To have happened. Now that time infrastructure reasons why technological reasons for a number of reasons the gems wouldn’t have been hand able to handle even more debt people than they already had at their hands, because of those at the damage that we’re reaching. Apart from the fact that all the technology all the forensic evidence all the documents clearly indicate there was no such thing. It’s just made up and we have now consists of systematic torture of people on the British and American and so had custody after the War of the former camp. Stuff members, you know, to get extract from testimonies which we by just looking at the testimonies and looking at how it could be technically possible what they claim doesn’t hold up water compared to the facts we know we know already by what they stated and how they stated it that it can’t be true. But knowing now by book published by a British journalist just ten years to tell the truth the pretty sure the Americans actually have quite systematic torture they got all these people from the former concentration camps put them in these camps and tortured them by the hundreds systematically to get those confessions on them and that’s what history is based up. And then you look at the witnesses of those survivors and you see instead a similar pattern of claims that are just as ludicrous have nothing to do with the reality and will completely off the wall for the most part of those who claimed. It’s proof when they are they are let off so bribers selves shows you will see the system in it, because if you have two hundred thousand ocean survivors. Which we do have a continuation of the two hundred thousand. More than that much to choose. What kind of a systematic mass murder is that one hundred thousand of one of thousand of them get away and resend into the wood to testify.





No, but of these two hundred thousand that got out of the camp. Maybe maybe five hundred thousand got public with stories that are supposed to shore up the gas chamber stories of two in the palace and you have just say two thousand is just one percent. And, you know, were times situation no extreme emotion and extreme political propaganda to have one percent and off this flyover was. Why exaggerate make up stories. You always one percent of the population that lies with couldn’t resist is a small but, you know, of the hundred ninety nine thousand, but didn’t know it and all this. Taken together makes it very clear in the case with Auschwitz Messam very well documented case, because almost all the documentation about Auschwitz survive. Many of the camps there were were destroyed who were no, but not so and it’s not so in mud and we have the documents there and we can reconstruct almost every every nail and every brick that was used in the camp to do this. What to do that every pencil it was shot from one side of the desk to the other is all records recorded and documented and we can reconstruct that they may day we see no such thing. No Trace they had all the problems massive problems of trying to man the on many factors with those workers, but then they had epidemics the whole thing collapsed, because most of the workers were only able to work, because the plans including the guards his nest boss they brought up with up to suggest starvation you had obviously had to, you know, what to do with there was so many things that were the Germany was struggling with at the time as well. That eventually specifically towards the end of the war. Things just collapsed entirely and thus we also got starvation coming into the picture in these kinds of things, but I want to continue to talk more about the evidence that you have, you know, gathered and researched over the years in the second hour as we continue, but I want to spend about four five minutes talking a bit about your latest book so people know, you know, about some of the material that you’re working on and have available for people want to find out more. It’s called resistance is obligatory tell us a bit about the book and why you wanted to write this one as a matter of fact when I was put into prison eventually my in my own time. Kazan in the United States went then they deported me to Germany and they are the police. Right. The rest of me. They’re picking way coming out of the plane and put me in a prison to Soho for three months for my spirit court and then the put me on trial core publications I done in the meantime and eventually sentenced me now in the situation as I was there I was not allowed to defend myself in the matter itself. I gave a seven day lecture in code about what is a revisionism. Why is revisionism scholarly and scientific and why is the mainstream why mainstream school hall costs so say why are they not scholars. Why is it important to let scientists do their research Queen freely and what importance does it have for society and then also who is widely the new laws here is it me who is insisting on free speech, or is the government tries to suppress something with innocent. Methods, or outright who needed methods and then coming up to the point. What is a citizen to do when they see that your thought is. Violate the law to suppress civil rights that they persecute dissidents peaceful dissidents and the conclusion was basically with all the theoretical work that has been done in the West doing the years of peaceful resistance, you know, you have the most famous represent Gandhi who probably knows about him for resistance and that’s where I also picked up and nice theories that the West has developed during during the Cold War when there was the peace movement opposing the armament in general, or nuclear weapons in particular nuclear energy in Germany battles going on the seventy’s and eighty’s in the country homes like civil war where the peace movement was confronting the authorities not very peacefully. And the theories that were developed then about when does a citizen have the right, or even the obligation the moral obligation to resist authority?





And they’re clearly shown some cases, you know, it’s about minor always you’re not allowed to do it, but I mean it’s about major principles of civil rights then resistance is obligatory. And that’s what I come to the conclusion a human is different from any other animal by. Its critical capacity. The way we go about to distinguish illusion from reality and the animal has impressions from it’s environment through it’s senses and, but it can’t do much part it just have to live with whatever of the body tells it. It’s supposed to do. We can be critical. We can communicate with others. We can verify, whether something is an illusion, or actual fact and that scientific approach that critical. That is so unique to humans that makes it humans that’s the place of all human dignity it’s not that we can have sex with what we want to eat with whom we want to that’s animal, or we the human world is different from the animal world, because we can be critical and become and communicate critically and if the government goes in and suppresses that very aspect of human life. They are suppressing the human dignity and that’s the primo simple thing in the German constitution human dignity and the German government is trampling it into dust not just free speech, but human dignity, you know, want to have the right to doubt that is where every research every critical thinking begins. I doubt my sensory input and then I want to go about critically to find out what the truth is and if the government denies me to do that the government denies me my humanity and then I have the obligation to resistance to the very right. So I told the court that your idea. I can do no other like Martin with us do with me what we want is period. So basically that is what the book’s about it. We’re right starting my speech my seven day speech and then gives an explanation documentation of all things that I said that I could not cope with. I wanted to actually while I was in prison. I tried to publish it. While I was in prison and I got another. Prosecutor be who because, of course, during my. Trial I was also defending myself against the accusations of that my writings are steering up to whatever. Part of my defense speech was the news by the prosecution who intercepted my money out of prison in preparation of the book. They interpret it that my attempt to again didn’t commit another crime. And they prosecute started prosecuting Well a good lawyer and he managed to get that case shelved and went away and I waited with publishing the booklet until I was out of prison and out of the reach of the true story. This came out just four years ago in the First Edition Hotel in the signal. Is that your latest work I mean I know you have several working I think with the recount a bit of video productions and things like this. Give us an overview of some of the things that you have veiled for people who want to find out more and really get the meat of your work if you will. Well, the central place to go if you want to find out about me and my work is my own personal website which is a Root dot com. Rudolf with an F. Not a Ph. And I have a section where I introduce my views from very simple text to more more complex tax which includes some of the things that are published on the years. And also at the end of his list of all the publication that have come out. Now that’s when you want to approach it from finding out about me. Now if you’re interested in the topic is such independent person. The best place to start is probably a website. It’s called holocaust and works. Dot com. Where the most up to date revisionist research. And also the most concise introduction into the topic have been posted there are both available for purchase as Kindle or this hard copy books, but most of them are actually available for free download so you don’t have to spend a penny you go to this website look what you think you want to have and just download it.





And that we have also a documentary. Is that have come out over the years on that topic so that’s maybe the least committing and most entertaining way of getting your feet wet is that if it’s effective though I have to say for the newcomer for them to easily get an overview, because obviously, whether they appreciate, you know, history, or not to describe be economically may be a pretty hard topic you emotionally hard topic to get into, but these videos. I think is very, very effective tool to get the newcomers eyes open to the world which has been hidden from them. Right. I think so too. There are a number of that they all approach the topic from a different angle. We don’t have the one one documentary that you should watch a lot out there if you go to YouTube, but then that’s dumping ground for kind of all the trash to be careful. We tried to really limited to the stuff that we we can vouch for is accurate and sometimes in video it’s ten years old and research goes on and not everything is necessarily hundred percent accurate in the church. But for instance we have released a documentary questioning the holocaust why we believed. Which picks up from where most people ARE YOU believe, of course, why wouldn’t, you know, because everybody says not you have to, but it is so obvious, because all historians agree all politicians agree all media agree if all the experts it’s really how can you as an amateur, or as a complete novice disagree with the experts agree this. Coming a thunderstorm around the corner. Why would you disagree and say so we all believe. Now the question is how do you get from that point to a different path in life and this video questioning milk. Eases you in by not going into the very extremes of the Holocausts which is our wish lists tripling the mass extermination camps as they claim. But into. Minor issues where we can. It can be easily shown how people get this information by media and I’m saying disinform I’m not saying lied to because most journalists have been brainwashed into our lives until they turn into professional journalists they have their own believes they have no reason to doubt and there is no other section of the population that thinks they know it all and whose knowledge is actually so superficial as it is the case with journalists they have to cover so many topics in such a quick succession that they say the right about that day. They’re right about that the next minute they have to write about there isn’t always a very concise very brief there is no way for them and no point in getting in-depth knowledge, because the time they have to invest to retire early research a topic they’re writing about the topic is gone by the time they’re done to do their research it takes you a couple of weeks, but news events are a matter of minutes hours days at best, you know, so journalists live from day to day from minute to minute in whatever they report is just it is just so superficial. But it is taking you from the air we all know it was a bad place a concentration camp and when the Americans went in there for the corpses and the same happened when they went to North and they found all these mass corpses and they recorded the bandage on therm and they showed right after the war as proof for German atrocities and recount the documentary maker goes from there and then shows with all the documentation and the fact available that these are distorted manipulated footage use that actually when we look into the documentation to really Happened. Prove something completely different than what me and I claimed claimed. And what is being repeated has been repeated Ambersons and is being dished out to this day by the mass media, because the news media the generals don’t know any better. And if there’s one, or two that do know it any better then won’t be employed. If we don’t conclude that that’s absolutely right. I want to take a break here now and then continue in the second hour and talk more about your work, or your experiences and also tie this in as you kind of did in the beginning you spoke a bit about what’s happening in Europe right now, but I want to get your take on on where Germany and Europe is in all of this in terms of what’s happening right now, but wanted to just give out the website here. One more time. It’s a girl our Rudolf dot com Are you. D O L F dot com That’s the website and then you have holocaust handbooks dot com and we’ll add a few videos to this program page as well that you definite want to take a look at if you’re a if you’re newcomer if you’ve been, you know, listening this far given a chance, you know, hear them out give look at it and see what you think for yourself.





I think that this will open up a topic for you which is remarkable when you when the pieces of the puzzle begins to fall in place and S.S. Had before this really is the spearhead of free speech right now as well there are many free speech activists out there who supposedly enjoy the free speech and they they push for it today. They claim they’re for it, but they would never touch a topic topic like this. The point is to try to get them to look at a topic like this to make them understand that it’s legitimate. These are a very important. It’s important for as governor said the beginning for identity for reasons of the fact that he’s being used against us as a weapon for us to erode our culture and all of these things that we’re seeing happening in Europe and in America for that matter too, but we’ll pick this up there more in the second segment here much more to get into so stay with us. Everybody stay with us. Grandma, or will it take a. Short break and then we will be right back. Thank you so much for the second hour with a girl Rudolph a very important and frankly frightening second hour as we discuss the coming demographic winter in Europe if current trends continue. We begin talking about the massive power structure up evil that would need to occur in order for Western civilization at large to achieve a complete paradigm. Shift and accept the fact that we have been lied to and manipulated on so many levels. Concerning World War Two and war and for want. We talk about the establishment’s great fear of the rise of nationalism despite the recent terrorist attacks by foreign invaders in Germany France and all around Europe and more gives a great picture of the migrations to sticks from Europe which is, you know, seeing many of it’s best and brightest in Europe from the incoming population the invasion and they are taking up residence in other parts of the world. We discussed the most critical extinction level crisis that is plaguing Europe right now the demographic decline that is resulting from the shrinking birth rates are more emphasizes the financial implications of Europeans allowing themselves to be bred out like this and we debate, whether, or not the government is descent devising, or incentivizing having a larger families is sort of really the issue we talk a bit about the sixties sexual revolution the advent of birth control and also, of course, materialism itself very interesting continuation definitely don’t miss it if you want to hear more. So the website is the red eyes members dot com sign up for a membership if you haven’t already. It’s only six year olds per month. You can try to out for a three month subscription, but we have memberships up to two years available supports commercial free and independent media. Thank you so much for listening. Ladies and Gentleman we’ll be right back with the second hour. Stay tuned we’ll see on the other side.











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Ursula Haverbeck - The Greatest Problem - COVER


[In this 19 minute video Ursula Haverbeck, a German woman who lived through WWII challenges the German authorities, declaring their inability to provide genuine evidence for the so-called “Holocaust”. Her conclusion is [quite rightly] that there was NO “Holocaust” and that it is black propaganda, stating [again quite rightly] that WWI and II were created by organized jewry as part of their larger plan for world domination, aka, the Jew World Order  —  KATANA.]




Ursula Haverbeck


The Greatest Problem of


Our Time



Ursula Haverbeck - The Greatest Problem - VIDEO




Click on the above link, or copy the link into your browser to watch the video.


Published on Dec 22, 2014


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This nice little old German lady is breaking the law. What she says in twenty minutes in this video could land her in prison for up to five years. That law is wrong.












My dear fellow German is, do, you know, the answer?


Where did the murder by gassing of six million (or at least, millions) of Jews take place?


For five years now I have been asking this question — and waiting, in vain, for the answer.


Perhaps you will think it is rather remarkable that I should even pose this question. Why do I do it? The “Holocaust” is self-evident, after all, everyone knows that six million Jews were gassed, above all in Auschwitz. And yet, precisely in the past twenty to twenty-five years this claim has become ever more questionable.


First, through the reduction of the number of victims in Auschwitz itself. It was there — and this in the public news programming of ZDF TV — on the eighth of October, 1993, in the open view of all citizens. That the old memorial tablet with it’s “Four million Murdered” was taken down and replace with a new tablet with only “About One and a Half Million”.


Plaques of Auschwitz Ver 2

[Image — click to enlarge] The changing plaques of Auschwitz.

And in a debate afterwards, Jews, Poles and Gypsies quarreled over who had the biggest share among these victims. An explanation or even an apology to the German people for having, for decades, accused them with a false number was nowhere to be heard.


Secondly, through an article published by “Der Spiegel” editor Fritjof Meyer, in a respected scholarly journal, namely “Osteuropa!” [Eastern Europe], in May 2002, in which, taking note of new discoveries resulting from the emergence of pr every unknown documents, etc., he comes to the conclusion that in Auschwitz itself no one at all was gassed. And it’s certainly not one and a half million either, but at the most — Mr. Meyer is very careful — in a subcamp of Auschwitz, in Birkenau, and even there, outside the camp itself, in a farmhouse (the foundations of which, curiously, have only recently been discovered) around (“presumably”, he says) 365,000 Jews were gassed. That too, thus, is an open question.


And amazingly Mr. Meyer has never been prosecuted or indicted or denounced to the police for “trivialization” of the “Holocaust”.


And thirdly — and this really is new for all of us, though it was published book in 2000 — the book “Garrison and Commandant Orders” from the Institute for Contemporary History, a collection of material which had been stored away in Moscow ever since Auschwitz was overrun by the Russians, by the Red Army, and which now was made available to the Institute for Contemporary History. And already by the year 2000 the Institute for Contemporary History had deemed it necessary to publish it.


This is quite a thick book, mind you, and it costs the tidy little sum, today in Euros, of 124. But you can order it, and you can ask for it in the library too and study it there.


From these “Commandant Orders”, in which the instructions from the administration at Auschwitz to the guard staff were laid down, complete with dates, numbers and so on, all very precise as is usual with German officialdom, telling the guards what they are able to do.


It emerges clearly and undeniably, plain to see, that Auschwitz was NOT an extermination camp, but rather a work camp in which people were to be kept as fit for work as possible in order for them to work in the munitions industries which were necessary for the war effort.


Naturally, with the continuous worsening of the transportation conditions and the like, and of course the events of the war itself, it became ever more different to care for a large number of people in such a camp. But it was, and remained, a work camp and not an extermination camp. And that is precisely what, from the beginning, those who served there have always insisted.




Now, finally, one might think, there would have to be a public explanation and a reconsideration, as well, of all the trials in which German is have been condemned because they doubted that Auschwitz was an extermination camp; here now we have the confirmation that they were right. But once more nothing happened. To this day some of these people are still in prison.


All that should cause any thinking person to ask the question: If people are still being imprisoned because the murder of the six million Jews is “self-evident”, well then, where were they murdered? You need to tell us that.


And that led me to right with this question, repeatedly, to the Central Council of Jews in Germany, to whom I have written three times in succession in the last five years and asked them this question; then to the German Association of Judges; to the Chief Justices of the Regional and Higher Regional Courts; to the Prosecutors General’s Offices of the sixteen German States and now also to the Ministry of Justice.


Since I have received from these other institutions — and these are all public, official institutions — no answer to this question, quite plainly, none of the people written to and questioned knows where six million Jews were gassed, or even simply murdered.


That leaves, for a thinking person, only one conclusion: They have no answer, there is no answer! And why?


Because there was no “Holocaust”.


Since this murder is supposed to be “self-evident” — as the courts to this day never tire of emphasizing and holding up to us over and over — one cannot now go on about some kind of “order to maintain secrecy” [i.e., preventing us from knowing more] and a retreat book to a drastically reduced number of victims is also impossible. For then the singularity, the uniqueness, the unforgivable scope of the greatest crime of all time would be called into question.


We need merely think of the victims of the Rhine Meadow Camps, of Dresden, Hiroshima, … And the huge number of victims, more than to, 500,000, during the expulsion of the German is from the East.


No valid confession can be extracted by torture and no one claimed that in this concentration camp there was ever a gas chamber be which people were gassed, except for [former Auschwitz commandant Rudolf] Hoess, who was tortured so terribly that he afterwards said:


I would have signed anything”.


Indeed Fritjof Meyer himself noted that it is “not to be taken into account” in any reasonably fair trial when someone, after being tortured so terribly, says:


Yes, it was three million, or however many million, whatever you like, that were gassed by us”.


I think it’s now become go clear and comprehensible for us, this question which we’ve always wondered about: Why indeed must there be this Paragraph 130 of the German Criminal Code? In order to keep these things from being looked into too closely.


And it also becomes comprehensible that the innumerable motions to present evidence which the accused have put forward. These could only serve as evidence of something if that something happened; clearly they could serve as evidence of “nothing” — and so they had to disappear.


If we now look at world politics after 1945 it becomes clear that the “Holocaust” is the greatest and most enduring lie in history.

It was needed in order to finally complete the centuries long struggle for world domination but the “Chosen People” — that world domination was once promised to them by their god Yahweh, and they believed in that promise firmly, it was their conviction.


Whether we call them Zionists, Khazars, oligarchs or globalizers, it is always the same. World War I and II themselves, were merely a preliminary stage for this achievement — in their view, understandably, but why, why in the view of the French, the Swiss, the German is?




Why have German judges, whose independence is constitutionally guaranteed, gone along with that? Why have state prosecutors, who should represent the federal government, indeed the German state, represented the interests of Israel instead?


For that is what they have done in these trials.


And why have all the historians in our universities not unanimously refused to renounce their freedom of research, which likewise is guaranteed to them constitutionally?


And this poor, mis-educated, lie-fed German people, … Will it turn, indignant, against those who want to relieve it of this deeply implanted belief? Might Germans not be ready, and able, to rethink their beliefs?


The ancient Greeks used to lay such weighty questions at the feet of the gods. I do the same.


Before concluding, I would like to present a much needed — even if it has been done before — definition of the question work camped extermination camped concentration camp. I want to do this in order to prevent misunderstandings, and to emphasize once more the no revisionist has ever denied there were concentration camp is. Their existence is never questioned by the so-called “Neo-Nazis”, as they are called today, or “Right-extremists”, when these want to be taken seriously.


Moreover, concentration camp is were no invention of the National Socialists, but were already around during the Boer War in 19900, and indeed were established by the English. And they’re still being used set up to this day by the Americans, as for example at Guantanamo Bay. According to the Hague Conventions on War on Land, members of an enemy nation may be interned in order to prevent espionage. And the multiple, repeated Jewish declarations of war against the Third Reich since 1933 led to a situation in which, as for example Professor Ernst Nolte has established, the Third Reich was justified in treating German Jews as prisoners of war, for these declarations of war had clearly demonstrated that Jewry considered itself at war with the Third Reich. Ernst Nolte says in his book, “The Passing of the Past” [Das Vergehen der Vergangenheit] where anyone can read it on page 171 and earlier as well on page 21.


So there were German concentration camp is — no revisionist has ever disputed that. Nor is it disputed that the majority of the Jews were interned in them. This occurred in particular following the failure of Hitler’s many offers of peace to England. (See in this connection English historian Martin Allen in his book, “The Hitler-Hess Deception” which you can get at any bookstore.)


These concentration camp is were, in Germany, in the Third Reich, work camps — during the war. The word, “concentration camp” however, is often used to evoke the idea of extermination — or emotionally provoke it. With the increasing ferocity of the war, and above all with the increasing bombardment of all transport facilities — practically the entire infrastructure in Germany — through Allied bombing raids, living condition in the concentration camp obviously became ever more difficult and not just for the German people.


And likewise it has not been disputed by anyone that in Germany concentration camp is there were incidents of cruelty and mistreatment and even murder. Why otherwise would four — some say even five — camp commandants have been brought before an SS tribunal, with two of them even being sentenced to death?


The taking up and exposure and publication of these events has come about entirely through the efforts of the revisionists, they have never been mentioned in court. And I ask myself if any other state — any of the states that stood against us then in open hostility — had such drastic punishments existed for the mistreatment of prisoners?


If historians meanwhile have arrived at fundamentally lower numbers of victims (for the concentration camp is) that needed does not mean that a correction was thereby made in public as well. The saying, “History is written by the victors” in no way implies that this history must correspond with the truth.


We must therefore demand, now that in verifiable form, and now that these official reports and contemporary statements from the time of the Third Reich, as, for example, the Commandant Orders, have been made public, that st the very least there should now follow a public explanation — I would say — an apology too from those who have spread these lies. And finally, of necessity there must also follow a reconsideration of all these convictions based on a false claim.


In conclusion, I would like to read a quotation from Germar Rudolf, who as a young chemist made a thorough study of the chemical properties of Zyklon B — on professional grounds — including on location in Auschwitz, something for which he had to spend three-and-a-half years in prison, because his research conclusions, as a chemist, were different from so-called political correctness opinion.


I would like to read this quotation from him in conclusion. Germar Rudolf writes:


One of the important characteristics of evil is that it forbids questioning and it taboos or punishes the candid search for answers.” (I might add, punishes BY LAW.) “by prohibiting a person to ask questions and to search for answers it is denying that which makes us human. For the capacity to doubt and to search for answers to pressing problems is one of the most important attributes that distinguishes humans fm animals.


This, one can read in his “Lectures on the ‘Holocaust’” page 12.


It is therefore urgently necessary that an official, public clarification, unencumbered by any taboo or law, be provide to the German people and to the entire world that explains what really happened in the German concentration camp is.

Thank you.



(Subtitles in video by Kladderadatsch. Thanks for watching! )











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David Duke for Senate - COVER Ver 2


[In this short video, the champion of Whites, Dr. David Duke, announces his intention to run for the US Senate. He gives a summary of why he is doing so and what he stands for —  KATANA.]




David Duke



Announces for



US Senate




David Duke for Senate - VIDEO




Click on the above link, or copy the link into your browser to watch the video.


Published on July 22, 2016


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Dr. David Duke announces for U.S. Senate









After the great outpouring of overwhelming support, I’m proud to announce my candidacy for the United States Senate!

I believe in equal rights for all and respect for all Americans.

However what makes me different, is I also demand respect for the rights and the heritage of European Americans.

I passed the only Bill in America forbidding affirmative action programs that racially discriminate against the best qualified.

Thousands of special interest groups stand up for African Americans, Mexican Americans, Jewish Americans, et cetera, et cetera.

The fact is, that European Americans need at least one man in the United States Senate.

One man in the Congress who will defend their rights and heritage!

We must stop the massive immigration and ethnic cleansing of the people whose forefathers created America.

I was the first major candidate in modern times to promote the term and policy of “America First”.

We cannot have free trade without fair trade. We must protect American jobs and businesses.

We must have total campaign reform. It’s time to end all political PAC money and the control of politics by the oligarchs of finance and media.

We must enforce antitrust laws to break up the anti-American huge media conglomerates.

The New York Times admitted that my platform became the GOP mainstream and propelled Republicans to control of Congress.

They sold us out!

I’m overjoyed to see Donald Trump!

And most Americans embraced most of the issues that I’ve championed for years.

My slogan remains, “America First”!

I’ve always said, “Equal rights for all, special interest for none”.

I’ve always oppose these wars that lead our nation to disaster.

I’ve supported fair trade.

The people of Louisiana and America must have at least one man in the Senate, who will never surrender! Never give up! Never sell out to the special interests!

The time is now!

A revolution is coming in the United States of America, for the real people, the vast majority of the American people!

We are going to go against the special interests!

We’re going to free our country, and we are going to change the politics of America!









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London Forum - Alfred Schaefer - COVER


[In this 42 minute video Alfred Schaefer, a Canadian of German origin, delivers one of the best talks ever at the London Forum, with no punches pulled in laying bare the jewish engineered plan behind the on-going destruction of our societies. Alfred discusses the fraudulent nature of many sacred cows held dear by our psychologically manipulated societies, with special attention to the so-called “Holocaust” and jewish engineered 9/11.

He brings up how organized jewry is responsible for the European civil wars, known as WWI and WWII. And how, jewish monopoly over information has sought to control us through psychological warfare that uses “control words” that inhibit us from thinking outside their imposed frames of reference.      —  KATANA]




The London Forum



Alfred Schaefer



Psychological Warfare




London Forum - Alfred Schaefer - VIDEO




Click on the above link, or copy the link into your browser to watch the video.


Published on July 20, 2016


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Aug 2 — Views: 1,206 – Likes: 66  Dislikes: 3
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Jul 23 — Views: 517 – Comments: (disabled) – Likes: 41  Dislikes: 2



YouTube Description



A psychological warfare expert will explain what it is all about, its principles, its rules and its methods.  Framing, inverting and projecting may seem abstruse, but Alfred Schaefer has the knack of making everything easy to understand.  The Enemy has been extremely successful at demoralising us using such warfare, so it is about time we started using the same techniques in order to wake our people up and to get them to fight for the cause of civilization. Cognitive dissonance, the “star gatekeeper” Noam Chomsky — not just your average linguistics professor — will all be discussed.







Introduction — Growing up in Canada; the Cold War; JFK’s Assassination.


WW II — Parents war-time experience in Germany; the growing demonization of Germans.


9/11 — Justifiable Blowback?; the realization of the deception of 9/11; WTC 7; Christopher Bollyn.


Brainwashing/Contamination of the Mind — the “Holocaust” propaganda  of Auschwitz, Dachau; the tension between the provable historical facts and evidence vs artificial world of mind contamination with lies.


Jewish Controlled Money System — deception and crime: 19th century opium wars in China; the imaginary “Holocaust”; Stanley Kubrick’s moon landing production; and the event of 9/11.


Digital Technology — the Internet; the challenge to jewish control over information; the revisionists.


Winning People Over to Our Side — Monika Schaefer’s short video, “Sorry Mom, I was Wrong about the Holocaust”; her family’s shocked reactions to this video illustrative of the conditioning and the nature of our problem.


How the “Holocaust” Has Become the New Original Sin and a Forced Religion — How people have been turned into zombies; the need for all people, including jews to expose what is going on.


The Methods and Tools Used to Control Us — Weaponized control words such as “anti-semitism”, or “hate speech”, or not “politically correct”.


Demonization of Muslims — How 19 Muslims with box-cutters were blamed for 9/11.


The Increasing Police State — how we are being conditioned to accept the Thought Police and its demands to obey.


The Importance of Destroying the Holocaust Lie — How the “Holocaust” lie is used to suppress resistance to the rule of the jewish psychopaths; it is essential to expose the lie.


Decontaminate Yourself from the Control Words — Thought laws, hate speech all of these words are meaningless jabber that the parasite has engineered to our minds.


We Must Stand Up and Expel the Parasites and Traitors — They have brought war and the destruction of our homelands; they have brought in the hordes of invaders.


Noam Chomsky, the Hyped Up Gatekeeper of the Left — A traitor who acts as a Pied Piper in leading people away from the truth about 9/11 and the JFK assassination.


Conclusion — The very worst thing that could possibly happen to me is that anybody, someone out there, would denounce me as being a “Holocaust” believer!











Jez Turner: The next speaker is a video producer who produces videos and disseminates the truth via the Internet. Some of the famous videos are, “9/11 Brainwashing and the Lies“, and “Sorry Mom, I was Wrong about the Holocaust”.

He has broken all the laws in Germany, and he’s waiting for the knock on the door!

Okay! He’s a brave man! He’s a German-Canadian, he is Alfred Schaefer!


Alfred Schaefer: It’s my great pleasure and honor to be here today to speak to you at the London Forum. But the focus of my speech, talk, will be how weaponized words are being used in a psychological warfare against us.


London Forum - Alfred Schaefer - 1911 Brainwashing via media


OK. First I’d like to say a few words about myself and what motivates me to do what I am now doing. Iv had a very privileged life, spending the first twenty-five years of my life in Canada, in a German family. We thought we were growing up in a perfect world. We could not even begin to imagine that anyone could possibly want to do us any harm. Just to the south, we have the great and powerful United States of America as our protector from the evil communist Soviet Union! Which was, of course, the biggest threat in our minds at that time. I will just recount some of my earliest moments, memories to give you an idea of how certain events helped shape my perception of our world.

I remember coming home from school as an eight year old in Edmonton, Alberta, when my mom told me that President Kennedy had been shot. I was in grade three at the time and this message did surprise me. It had the same impact on me, as if I had just watched a house burn down. It struck me, but there was nothing I could do.


London Forum - Alfred Schaefer - 1897 Real Death Camps of WWII


Over the years, Mom and Dad would occasionally recount horror stories of their wartime experiences. And in school they started feeding us as a steady diet of war stories that seemed to make a joke out of anything that the Germans did. My mom often talked of Dresden and how nobody could imagine that anyone would bomb this magnificent cultural gem of a city that was jam-packed with refugees and had no military, whatsoever! It seemed like the safest place to be. No normal person could perceive any danger in those circumstances.

But my dad recounted his time in one of the [Eisenhower] death camps along the Rhine [River] after the war. He told us how they had used spoons to dig in the dirt to make a hole, just to sleep in, and just how awful that was. He told us of how formerly fit young men were dying every day! I wish I could remember more of the details that he told us so many years ago, but we were not really interested. We were more interested in listening to the Beatles music and all the other things that were fashionable at that time. That was in the sixty’s and seventy’s. We didn’t care so much about war stories.

These were the years when the hippie movement seem to come out of nowhere, along with the rock’n-roll scene; flower power was the new mantra; Woodstock. And then there was the Apollo moon landing — the awe and pride that I felt when I looked up at the moon and imagined Neil Armstrong gracefully moving around on the moon! I spent many hours in awe just thinking about that!

In the meantime in Canada the Germans were being portrayed more and more as inept and mindless brutes. World War Two movies and stories were the big subject in those times. Of course, with these messages forming our impressionable young minds we turned our backs on our parents when they told us about their own experiences from those horrible war years.

Now fast forward to September 11, 2001. My first thought about that fateful day was:

Wow! Looks like the Americans got what they deserved for their blind subservient support of Israel!”

This is called, “justifiable blowback”. I was convinced that the Americans, surely got wind of this plot and let it happen, as this would justify more military spending and wars for Israel’s benefit.


London Forum - Alfred Schaefer - 1899 911 Jet Fuel - That's a good one


It took ten long years before I began to understand how deep the lies of this deception really are. In 2011, I watched a video of WTC 7 coming down and that jolted me to dig deeper. I felt compelled to do whatever I could to counter this suffocating blanket of lies.




This period led me to a very valuable encounter with Christopher Bollyn, who had just written the book, “Solving 9/11: The Deception that Changed the World”[Click link to download PDF book]. He identified many of the Jewish individuals and the role they played in this false flag attack! His work led him to be attacked himself by a team of heavily armed undercover police in front of his own home in Schaumburg, Illinois in August of 2006. The subsequent kangaroo court trial convinced him to go into exile, as staying in the United States would have resulted in certain incarceration and probable death.


London Forum - Alfred Schaefer - 1898 Solving 911


That was my luck in a way, since he was key in helping me greatly advance my understanding of how these deceptions are engineered. Without him having been in exile, I would never have met him.

To replace the false narrative which had been seared into my mind of what had supposedly happened on 9/11 with an understanding of the stark reality and that we now need to deal with, was a traumatizing transition for me to make. I did not sleep very well and this captured all of my attention.

Now let’s fast forward to this moment in 2016. We often think of “brainwashing”. But a more appropriate term from the condition of believing in false narratives would be “contamination of the mind”. The toxic lies contaminate our minds. They do not wash our brain!


Audience: Yes, yes.


Alfred: Brainwashing” sounds something clean and proper. “Contamination” better describes the induced mental illness that results from the toxins of the lies. That is why I will talk about contamination of the mind, rather than “brain washing”. I’ll give you an example of a symptom of this contamination of the mind. Several years ago, a couple of twenty-two year Canadian youngsters visited us in Germany. Instead of visiting the many rich cultural sites and engaging in the wonderful opportunities that Bavaria offers, such as the hiking, the museums, the castles, the artisans and so forth, the most important thing that they wanted to see was Dachau! Let’s have a look at what those German monsters did to those poor innocent Jews!


London Forum - Alfred Schaefer - 1915 Dachau Entrance

[Image] The entrance to Dachau after being taken over by the US Army.


Now, why would anyone want to waste their time to see some stage props with descriptions that have little, or nothing to do with historical reality? It’s like going to a Hollywood horror movie and thinking it is real! In the old days, if you are a good Catholic you would make a pilgrimage to the Vatican; if you are a good Muslim you would make a pilgrimage to Mecca. Nowadays, if you believe the lies that have contaminated our brains by the Jewish media, you make your pilgrimage to Dachau or to Auschwitz!


Audience: [applause]


London Forum - Alfred Schaefer - 1900 Buchenwald display lampshade

[Image] Propaganda display at Buchenwald Concentration Camp showing shrunken heads, pieces of tattooed skin and a lampshade claimed to be made from human skin (actually pig skin?). 


Alfred: That way, you have rounded up and completed your education about the shrunken heads, soap and lampshades. You fly deeper and deeper into the abyss of a fantasy world so remote and so detached from all reality! What this is leading to can be equated with the following scenario. Imagine two tectonic plates moving in opposite directions. They are locked together, but the stress on the fault line increases inexorably as the plates move. In fact, the rate of movement of the plates as now, in 2016, is noticeably accelerating. One plate is the plate of provable historical facts and of empirical evidence. The other plate consists of an artificial world of mind contaminated with lies, hatred, incitement, control words, fluoride, apathy gender confusion, fear and so much more!


Audience: [applause]


Alfred: Every day that this release of tension is delayed the greater will be the destruction as the pent-up energy runs it’s course. This is always the case with two moving tectonic plates snap at the fault line! Or another way to describe our present situation, is as follows. Imagine for a moment, we’re living in a large house. This house consists of what we have been led to believe is our reality. The entire house and it’s infrastructure has been built by a jewish controlled money system. This system has reached it’s present size, because it has depended on deception and crime of a magnitude that normal human beings find it difficult to comprehend. Just to name several of the more lucrative milestones of this jewish money system mentioned: 19th century opium wars in China; the imaginary “Holocaust”; Stanley Kubrick’s moon landing production; and the event of 9/11.




Now, a new variable has entered the equation. And this new variable is enabling us to see through what has really been happening. In other words we are now able to detoxify ourselves from the lies that we have been fed all of our lives from the day we were born!

The walls of this construction, this house of lies, are crumbling as we speak! As the crumbling progresses, more and more light comes in. Some people think they can hide deep inside this crumbling construct. Just “duck and cover” and all will be fine. But it does not work that way. This construct of lies is coming down, whether we like it or not!


Audience: [applause]


Alfred: This is a systemic and an exponential process. So no wishful thinking can stop it. Remember, we did not choose this scenario, we were born into it. It has been imposed on us! In the end, we will all find ourselves out in the open, in the bright light of the truth and reality. We will not be asked, if we like it, or not. It is what it is and we need the brightest and best to deal with this, in such a way that we can survive as a people on whatever it is we have left.

Prior to the new variable of digital technology appearing on the stage, those select individuals who did understand and tried hard to expose the lies, were hopelessly overwhelmed! They could not disseminate their message to the outside world on any scale that would have been a meaningful challenge to the jewish saturation control over all the information we were exposed to. Some of the names that come to mind are; Robert Faurisson, Fred Leuchter, Germar Rudolf, Ernst Zundel, William Luther Pierce and many, many more, I cannot possibly name them all here today.


London Forum - Alfred Schaefer - 2281 Faurisson Zundel Pierce Rudolf Leuchter Rizoli


Okay, that is a summary of our situation. We need to understand the tools and tricks that the enemy uses in order to help as many people as possible to understand and join our side. Our survival depends on our success! Each person that we win over is one more for us and one less for them. Let me give you an example of how this contamination of the mind and the induced mental illness can play out. Okay, so don’t be surprised, you might experience it yourself.

A couple of weeks ago my sister Monika and I visited old family friends in Germany. We have just uploaded Monika’s new video titled, “Sorry Mom, I was Wrong about the Holocaust”.


Monika Schaefer Interview - 1002 VIDEO Sorry Mom I was Wrong about the Holocaust


Audience: [laughter]


Alfred: This video, a very short video, six minutes long. In one month now, it’s got 50,000 views, and will get more [as of Aug 11, 2016, it has 86,065 views] .


Audience: [applause]


Alfred: This video consists of my sister apologizing to our deceased mother. I know how bad Monika felt for her blaming our parents for not stopping those “evil Nazis” for the “Holocaust”. And this video certainly helped her to now neutralize this false and imposed guilt. The people we visited are your typical “duck and cover” types. They always know how to evade inconvenient subjects and always look very righteous about their lives and their own opinions. To get them to watch the video at all, I had to use a little deceptive tricks myself and told them that we would like to show them a new video that we had just made. It was of Monika playing a violin. Monika warned them before we started:

But there is some talking in it is about Alfred’s favorite subject”.

So, we set the laptop up on the living room table and pressed the play button. Monika started playing her violin and then goes into her heartfelt apology to our Mom’s spirit, since she is no longer with us. When she comes to the line describing the gas chamber deaths and states:

Now I know why she did not know of these things! It’s because these things just did not happen!”


Audience: [loud applause]


Alfred: The female friend jumped up, screaming hysterically:

Not with us! Get out of this house! Now! Leave! We have our own opinions and you are not going to change this!”

The door slammed shut and her dad reinforced, what her daughter just screamed at us, saying:

We have known for a long time that Alfred is totally lost! But you Monika? How could you? How can you change? You cannot change our opinions and don’t even try!”

Okay, I might sound cold and callous now, but I will say it anyway. This entire episode affected me about as much as if I was watching a laboratory rat doing back-flips after having been trained to do so, when the particular control buttons are pressed!


Audience: [loud laughter, applause]


Alfred: I found this a valuable exercise to illustrate the nature of our problem. People who we would think are normal intelligent fellow human beings can be triggered to behave like conditioned laboratory rats, and at the push of a button do to back-flips, or to behave like a zombie.




I will now read you the translation from the letter that my sister Monika received a few days later from the sister of the zombie that tried to throw us out of the house.


Audience: [laughter]


Alfred: There was no, “Dear Monika” or “Alfred” just “Alfred and Monika”.

Yesterday, after consulting with my sister, we watched the video that you made, entitled, ‘Sorry Mom’. The statements that you made denying the Holocaust are lies! Absolutely abhorrent and revolting! You are engaged in sneaky criminal agitation!

People like you are responsible for spreading the reactionary National Socialist ideology in Europe that is leading to the spread of a hatred, instead of spreading peace to the world! With your lies you are spreading precisely that which you think you are preventing. And Germany will once again be hated in the world!

Because I came home too late yesterday and could not prevent my sister and my parents from watching your shameful campaign, I feel compelled to do what he is now necessary! As of immediately, I prohibit you from any further contact with me, or my family!”

End of letter.

Okay. Okay, that letter reminded me of an old James Bond movie when 007 had to deal with some apparatchik parroting the party line. She was fanatical and blind as the enemy would expect of it’s obedient little soldiers. A good zombie will not think, only obey.


Audience: [applause]


Alfred: What this illustrates is how this contamination of the mind turns what was once a normal human being into a seriously mentally ill and possibly dangerous zombie. What this person is doing is projecting her own characteristics onto anyone who is possibly threatening their belief system. Regardless of what the evidence shows. In fact, they stated their position quite clearly:

We have our own opinions and nothing you show us will change this”.

It has become a religious belief. It is as if the original sin of the Christians has been replaced by the original sin of the imaginary “Holocaust”. This is the foundation of the new and forced religion of our times!

A big problem that we need to deal with now, is how to prevent countless zombies like this woman, who really do want to be good people, from committing suicide, or going berserk when the truth does come crashing down in their face!


Audience: [applause]


Alfred: Their children, their colleagues, or someone will expose the evidence to them again at some time in the very near future. If their reaction to this one monumental lie is as I have just described it, then what will be the reaction of people like her, when almost everything they have been led to believe turns out to be a monumental lie! Those who react as this woman did are burdened with the additional weight of having behaved like a zombie when first confronted with something that can no longer be evaded.

All of us in this room here today, are here today, because we know that the world around us is not the world we are being told that it is, and that something is seriously wrong.! We have the advantage of already being farther along on the road to understanding what is going on, including any agent that might be with us.

Let me say a few words regarding Jews and those who are working for them, no matter where you come from, whatever your background, it is never too late to acknowledge the fact as you connect the dots of a more complete picture.


Audience: [applause]


Alfred: Come to the side of truth, no matter what it is and focus all your energy on extricating us out of this impossible situation that we now find ourselves in. We are all in this together! There are many very good people from all sides who have come to understand the truth and who are doing everything in their power to expose what is going on.

For example. Gerard Menuhin, the son of the world-famous Jewish violinist Yehudi Menuhin, recently wrote the book, “Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil”*. He writes:

The Holocaust is the biggest lie in history! Germany has no blame for the Second World War!”


London Forum - Alfred Schaefer - 1915 Tell the Truth Shame the Devil



*[Have you ever asked yourself why the world won’t come to rest? Why your parents, grandparents or great-grandparents had to die in wars that never should have occurred in the first place? This book holds the answer . . .

Behind the scenes, events are controlled by a coterie of ethnic puppet masters who work their marionettes in high places out of public view. How did this world get to the dark place it is today? Who could have stopped it and what can we do today?

The book consists of three sections. The first section concerns Adolf Hitler, and the real causes leading up to the outbreak of WWII.

The second section enlarges on the activities of the real culprits, provides a historical overview of their progress, their nature, their power over finance and the media, and the methods by which they achieved it.

The third section concerns the First and Second World Wars (what the author refers to as “the Second Thirty Years War“), their conception, funding and inescapable continuity; current laws against freedom of expression, and the evolution of the Orwellian state; the importance of U.S. support for the Soviet Union throughout the Cold War, and Communism’s significance in the plan; the true origins of the enemy; Palestine’s occupation and its fate as an example of our common fate; plus much more.

The text is interspersed with “Memos from Today,” that emphasize its relevance by citing current events.

Hundreds of quotes are included from a wide range of authoritative sources, original and translated. The last pages of this manuscript comprise conclusions and predictions.

The author is the son of the great American-born violinist Yehudi Menuhin, who, though from a long line of rabbinical ancestors, fiercely criticized the foreign policy of the state of Israel and its repression of the Palestinians in the Holy Land.]

Source: Amazon



He also makes a case for Adolf Hitler being the only statesman in the modern era who could have liberated the enslaved people of planet Earth from the clutches of organized Zionism.


Audience: [loud, long applause]


Alfred: In other words, the lies are finished! The lemmings may not yet have noticed, but sooner than many people can imagine, they will. And when they do, they will do as lemmings do. They will all turn at once!




So, when we speak to people we must make it clear in everything we say and do, that holding onto the lies is, at best, very stupid, and at worst, high treason and will be dealt with as such! Britain’s foremost World War Two correspondent, Douglas Reed, predicted sixty years ago the very situation we now find ourselves in. He was writing about the, “behind the scenes” controlling of events and information by Jewish Zionists, or Rothschild agents.


Douglas Reed

[Image] Prolific author, Douglas Reed.


Now, I would like to go over some of the basic tools, or methods employed by the enemy. Understanding this helps us to become immune to this. If you were a scientist working on a cure for a particular disease, then the first thing that you must do is learn how the disease actually works. If you go back to before the second Jewish assault on Europe, known as World War Two, and look at the incitement that was taken place leading up to this assault, you will find many parallels with the incitement we see today that has been directed at Libya, Syria, Iran and Russia. Those countries that are in line for subjugation are vilified with labels describing the characteristics that could be an accurate description of the predatory parasite itself! A good example of this, is the imaginary Iranian nuclear weapons program that the Jewish controlled media has been screaming about while calling any reference to Israel’s proven nuclear arsenal and weapons program, “anti-semitic”!


London Forum - Alfred Schaefer - 2283 US Aircraft Carrier with Israeli Flag on to Iran


Audience: [applause]


Alfred: So, in a nutshell, all references to anything negative that describes the parasitic predator is framed as being “anti-semitic”. And we have been indoctrinated to believe that to be “anti-semitic” is worse than being a serial rapist, or murderer.

Another example of framing is, “Hitler gassed six million jews!” Hitler did not gas six million Zionists, Hitler did not gas six million communists, nor six million Neocons. No! He gassed six million jews! Jews must always be framed as the victims! They can do no wrong. If jews are framed with something bad then the accuser is framed as being “anti-semitic”, and if need be, an anti-semitic Holocaust denier! And that is the most lethal of these weaponized control words.

Any jews in power today may be framed, or labeled as “Zionists”. The label “jew” is not permitted by the Thought Police.

You can find books about communism that are hundreds of pages thick and the word “jew” will mark appear once! Yet, communism is an entirely jewish construct, just as our multi-party democratic system is a jewish construct!


Audience: [applause]


Alfred: All of these parties are controlled by jews. There are no exceptions. This statement alone will be countered with the weaponized control forward of “anti-semitism”, or “hate speech”, or not “politically correct”. These weaponized control words are designed to channel any and all of the thought away from this reality.

It is these weaponized control words that are paralyzing us and preventing our instincts for survival from kicking in. Understanding, immunizes us from their paralyzing effect. And that is the first step on the road to self-defense and self-preservation.


London Forum - Alfred Schaefer - 1915 The March of Tyranny


It is helpful now, in 2016 to learn how this thing, projection of characteristics works by looking back to the year 2001. The year 2001 has been seared into our minds by the pictures that we saw on the television screens and by the hysterical warnings we were pounded with, with regard to those “evil Muslims” who had taken down those two skyscrapers that were actually three skyscrapers. They did all this with box cutters. We were warned repeatedly how the Muslim terrorists who did this are hiding amongst us and have sleeper cells everywhere.

What’s interesting, is that if, you know, nothing about the Muslims and know nothing about the jews, then you can actually learn a great deal about the jews, just by paying attention to the warnings we were getting about the Muslims in the jewish media. Which is basically all the media. All these warnings about “sleeper cells” that are ready to spring into action when called upon. “Sleeper cells” is the perfect description of the jewish sayanim, who are jews who understand their first loyalty and who will do whatever it is asked of them, when a fellow jew ask for it. It will usually be something totally harmless, like renting a car for another agent, or putting someone up in the spare bedroom, because they have work to do in the area, or maybe provide them some useful intelligence.

The framing and projecting of these characteristics onto the Muslim population has the same effect on the Muslims as did the framing and projecting of the Holocaust myth onto the Germans after the great jewish assault on Europe, commonly known as World War One and Two.




Muslims keep quiet about the false accusations targeting them, because they fear the repercussions of those who believe these false accusations. And they don’t want to be blamed for these things, by talking about it.

Germans keep quiet about the false accusations targeting them, because they fear the “thought laws” that prohibit looking at the evidence and they don’t want to be blamed as being the very worst thing in the world you could possibly be, a “Holocaust” denier!

Many of the innocent jews keep quiet about the false accusations targeting the non-jews by their fellow jews, because the they either believe these lies themselves, or are afraid of the repercussions if they do open their mouths and be blamed for being a “self-hating jew“.

Another aspect of 9/11 that is seldom talked about is the following. After the jewish false flag attack of 9/11 we had all kinds of new security measures being imposed on us. Particularly in the area of transportation, with new screening devices at airports and ever more intrusive measures being imposed on us. Now about this, most of the security companies involved are jewish owned. Jews did 9/11, so they know very well that there is no danger whatsoever coming from any of the passengers who want to fly, since the passengers had nothing to do with any of these spectacles. So, besides making a lot of money in the security business, what other object could they have? I believe the most important objective of this entire exercise has been to condition the masses to submit to higher authority!

The objective was to change the relationship between the citizen and the state. The masses are being conditioned to grovel at the behest of anyone in a security uniform. Professors, doctors, teachers and engineers are being conditioned to grovel and ask no questions when a semi-illiterate brute in a uniform demands subservience.


Audience: [applause]


Alfred: This condition eventually permeates all layers of society. Those individuals who resist are weeded out. Even schools, those children who are inquisitive and energetic and independent thinkers are quickly isolated and put on medication. Where will any potential leaders come from if they are weeded out and sedated at an early age?

Our enemy is creating a mass of couch potatoes and lemmings with contaminated minds that are easy to control. Our friend who jumped up and scream at us in a hysterical fit is a good example of successful conditioning. Our enemy would be very proud of her! She could snitch on us and collect an award of a few shekels, or something, for denouncing a couple of Holocaust deniers. She continues to believe in the shrunken heads, soap and lampshades. But all of this has no future! She may become suicidal when she understands that she has become a useful idiot of the psychopaths.

So, our big challenge this is how to reach as many people as possible and help them come out of their trance-like condition. They have been conditioned to project onto others their own characteristics, and we have to reflect it back to them in such a way that they can see themselves for what they are. I always like to reassure them, that I too, was a zombie until quite recently. I think most of us in this room probably were and that’s and, you know, we come we come out of this condition and it’s a very liberating thing. Just as she accused us of being reactionary and engaged in sneaky criminal agitation, we need to stay calm and continue to expose the hard evidence, explaining over and over again the methods being used against us. We must never tire of repeating the message! Why does Coca-Cola tell you to drink Coca-Cola if they told you that one hundred thousand times before? Because they want to hard wire that message into your brain.

To undo the lies that have been hardwired into the brains of the contaminated minds of our fellow human beings is not done with a once over wipe. It would be like trying to wipe away a message that has been chiseled into a granite stone. That takes some time and hard work. It is a bit like if you plant a seed. You put some water on and stand back a bit, give it some time then come back and make sure it continues to get water and whatever else it needs to grow.

We can try to reach as many of the contaminated minds as possible, by understanding these aspects. To reach the psychopath, a psychopath is a different story. They cannot be. They can only be isolated and disarmed. When communicating with a psychopath, one needs to understand their characteristics in order not to be totally overwhelmed and defeated.




One of the most important characteristics is a fact that if you allow a psychopath to retain a single one of his lies, he retains all of his power over you. The psychopath will have you dancing circles around his lie, and your position will remain irrelevant. And that’s the whole purpose of the Holohoax law. That with that lie they will always have us and that’s why it has to come down!

In most functioning systems of justice, if the witness has been proven to deliberately be lying, his entire testimony is thrown out. There’s a reason for that. Now back to our psychopath and the imaginary Holocaust. The jewish people will always rule over us with this lie, if we let it stand, since any argument on anything can be brought down, if the Jew brings up this lie and have you dance around it. How can you talk about anything, if the jews simply declare that you a Holocaust denier? And that is that! You are banished and evil! Go to jail and be thankful it is only jail, soon it will be death!


Audience: [applause]


Alfred: Our greatest hope lies in the explosive increase in the number of people who are becoming aware of this “mother of all lies”! When this lie falls, as it will, then all the other Jewish lies will go down in the vortex that this creates. So we need to focus on decontaminating those who need decontamination.

These people have been demoralized. In this demoralized condition he can no longer make sense out of the facts. Their brains have been compartmentalized and facts no longer follow any logical process. Simple control words stop thought processes and trigger wild reactions. This is what we witnessed when we were hysterically screamed at by our friends for simply revealing a few truths.

Cognitive dissonance” is a term used to describe the condition of believing in two, or more contradictory concepts without question. It is cognitive dissonance, for example, for engineers to pretend that there is nothing wrong with three buildings coming down at free fall speed on 9/11, while always talking about two buildings. In his cognitive dissonance when these same people who cannot count to three believe they can count all the way to six million and believe that hoax!


London Forum - Alfred Schaefer - Jews blowing up 911


Audience: [loud applause]


Alfred: It is cognitive dissonance when no questions are asked when young healthy men in massive numbers are flooding into our countries and we are told they are refugees that need our help!

No healthy society would ever accept a single one of the things that I just listed!

So that, gives us a picture of just how dire our collective mental health is in our Western countries. Our brains have become so them contaminated by the demoralization that we now have ever more people who seem to be confused even about their own gender!


Dees - Transgender Bathrooms


This is the condition that had to be created for the final phase of our own extermination that we are now witnessing. The parasite that has taken us to this level is now desperately trying to ensure that we will be incapable of waking up to defend ourselves. That parasite is suffering from the delusion that it will succeed. But the likelihood of the parasite succeeding is as likely as a tapeworm that lives in your intestines succeeding in taking over your body by going into your eyes and ears and brain to in order to control you! You would fall over dead and that would be the end of the tapeworm.

In our case we are supposed to be a mass of soulless, dumbed down consumers too weak to think for ourselves. Whenever an individual does think and diagnose the problem, there are ready defenses that the parasite has constructed to neutralize these counterattacks. The weaponized control words are fired at the counter-attacker: Racist, anti-semite, Holocaust denier, politically incorrect, etc, etc, etc, or controversial to talk about.

You know, you have successfully decontaminated yourself when the control words they use against us have no more effect on you, than water running off the back of a duck! Any and all and control words need to be reduced in your mind to this level — no reaction whatsoever!

The only thing that is of any interest to us is facts! Opinions, thought laws, hate speech all of these words are meaningless jabber that the parasite has engineered to our minds!

Our only chance for surviving the imminent future, but understanding who we are and what we are. We are Europeans who have been tricked into massive European civil wars by this parasitic entity! There is absolutely no way, that we, as brothers and sisters would ever have carried out the unspeakable atrocities of the past centuries, if it were not for the total manipulation of our collective perception of what is going on, along with the insidious manipulation of our politicians turning them into traitors of their own people.


Audience: [applause]




Alfred: As digital technology helps us to decontaminate our minds from the toxins of the lies, our self-preservation instinct and our former spirit will kick in and we will deal with the traitors and neutralize the parasites. When we understand that we are be indigenous peoples of Europe, we will defend the land and the water and the resources of our ancestral homelands!


Audience: [applause]


Alfred: We cannot allow hordes of invaders into our lands.! We cannot allow the poisoning of our water by fracking for short-term monetary gain for some parasitic international oil companies.


Audience: [applause]


Alfred: After all is said and done, if we don’t stand up now and wake up our fellow brothers and sisters we will lose the only homeland that we have. It cannot be that British people have areas of their homeland that they can no longer go to, because the invaders have now declared these areas, “No go areas” for the indigenous people. This is the same for the French people, the Swedish people, or any European people. This is the first day of the rest of our lives and if we refuse to stand up, we stand idly by as we are being prepared for our own destruction.

OK that’s the part.

I was supposed to tell you a little bit about Noam Chomsky, the gatekeeper. Do we have time for that, or is the time up?

London Forum - Alfred Schaefer - 1942 Noam Chomsky - Left Wing Gatekeeper

[Image] Noam Chomsky, a jewish “intellectual” worshipped by the American Left, directs his followers to, “Move along. Nothing to see here!” when it comes to 9/11.

Okay, you know, Noam Chomsky is a guy who is hyped up. People here might not have heard about him that much. In Germany nobody has ever heard of him. But in North America, Noam Chomsky was a god like professor who was the gatekeeper for the Left. And it turns out that he was a complete treasonous traitor. He’s like an icon. There are so many books have been written and so forth. So I’m going to read this thing that I’ve prepared about Noam Chomsky.

Noam Chomsky was for us in North America like an icon. Many books were published in his name. These books were usually critical of Israel’s behavior as well as the US relationship with Israel. He may not even be known here in the UK. I know in Germany nobody has ever heard of him, but in Canada and the US he was “the man”. Everyone who considered themselves politically alert knew Chomsky and probably have a number of his books. In hindsight, it is clear why that is the case. He was set up all along to be the Pied Piper of all dissidents of official government policy in the US.


Monika Schaefer Interview - 1884 Pied Piper Chomsky

[Image] Noam Chomsky has acted as a gatekeeper by deceiving his followers through deflecting attention away from the true perpetrators (organized jewry) of 9/11.


He had been through the Tavistock Institute, which specializes in behavior control of the masses. This used to be called, “Wellington House” and this played a central role in shaping public opinion throughout the West, since a long time ago. Tavistock instructs the directions of the think tanks so much more. As a Pied Piper, his job was to lead his flock into the wilderness wherever the need arises. He has done this with the Kennedy assassination and with 9/11.

It was a video I saw in late 2013 where a student in a Florida university, asked “Mr Chump” what he had to say about WTC 7 at 9/11. His evasive response in this video clearly revealed that he was knowingly deceiving and betraying American students. This was so egregious and so enraged me, that I had to write him an e-mail expressing this anger.

Through a little bit of trickery I got a response from him the very next day. This exchange went back and forth for a few days and was the raw database for me for my first video titled, “9/11 Gatekeeper and Controlled Opposition” which I uploaded at the end of May, 2014. In fact, in his response to me he revealed many important aspects of what our opponent’s strategy is when dealing with us. Knowing this helps us to see through it and resist falling for it.


Monika Schaefer Interview - 1892 Gatekeepers VIDEO

[Image] 9/11 Gatekeepers and Controlled Opposition



Let me give you an example of what happened. To my question about him, what he feels in his heart when he sees the victims of 9/11 asking for a proper investigation, his reply to me was, and I quote — this was November 7, 2013:

It requires extraordinary arrogance for you, yo think that you have the right to speak for the victims of 9/11. You can, if you like, live with the illusion that you are part of a great mass movement, rather than a small and isolated claque, your problem not mine.

So this sentence reveals so much of their entire strategy we can see all the time. When they try to always isolate everyone who is exposing the truth as nut cases, individuals, and that just isn’t the case. We are a growing mass of people and we are growing exponentially and there is no stopping it!


Audience: [applause]



Alfred: Okay, I’ll just get through this here. Another thing about eyewitnesses. The lemmings often defend their position with the reference to, “What about the eyewitnesses?” Well, eyewitnesses, is one of those things. If you can fool someone to believe something and truly believe it, because you have fooled them into believing it. That’s how they drag these 95 year olds into courts in Germany, because you can tell any old person all kinds of things and they’ll actually believe it after a while.

You can tell a small child. You can see you can show a child a fake picture of something or, for example, a small child dining with Queen Elizabeth or something. And later tell them, you know, you had tea with Queen Elizabeth and they believe it. And they will really believe it, because they saw the picture and in their mind it and they’ll concoct all kinds of details, minute details about their imagination, imaginary dinner with the Queen. And that is what eyewitness accounts are. Well as we know, they are just fabrications. People who can give these accounts actually, might actually believe it, but that’s all it is. Bullshit!


Audience: [applause]


Alfred: Well, I’m going to close off with a final statement. Today in the year 2016, the very worst thing that could possibly happen to me is that anybody, someone out there would denounce me as being a Holocaust believer! The worse thing!


Audience: [long applause]


Jez Turner: He’s a thinker! … Alfred the fighter for truth. He’s Alfred the great! He’s Alfred Schaefer!
















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London Forum – Alfred Schaefer – Psychological Warfare – TRANSCRIPT Ver 3


London Forum - Alfred Schaefer - COVER





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Monika Schaefer Interview - COVER Ver 2


[In this 53 minute interview Glaring Hypocrisy’s founding editors Sean Madden and Mufidah Kassalias talk with Monika Schaefer on the reaction she’s received since her YouTube video, “Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust” was released on June 15.

In that short five minute video Monika Schaefer, a middle aged German-Canadian woman gives a belated, yet heartfelt apology to her deceased parents for the times when she reproached them and the German people for failing to stop the “Holocaust” from happening.

It has only been in the last couple of years that Monika has done the research and concluded that the “Holocaust” is, in fact, the: “Biggest and most pernicious and persistent lie in all of history!” Her parents knew nothing of the so-called “Death camps” for the simple reason that they did NOT exist, they were only labour camps.

In this interview Monika discusses how she came, with guidance from her brother, Alfred, to her revisionist views on the “Holocaust”, on 9/11 and other world events that have been engineered by organized jewry. Sean, Mufidah and Monika all agree there is an urgent need for people to “wake up” to the large scale deceptions that are being carried out against us all.

The reactions of her family, relatives, friends and the community in her small town of Jasper, Alberta, Canada are also discussed —  KATANA.]







Glaring Hypocrisy Interview





Truth-Teller Monika Shaefer




Click on the above link, or copy the link into your browser to listen to the audio.

Published on Jul 15, 2016


YouTube Stats


Jul 27 — Views: 1,677 – Comments: [disabled] – Likes: 40  Dislikes: 9
Jul 22 — Views: 1,253 – Comments: 180 – Likes: 34  Dislikes: 8
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On June 17, 2016, Monika Schaefer, a native-born Canadian citizen of German parents, posted a brief video to YouTube entitled “Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust”.

This led to a fellow citizen of Jasper, Alberta (Canada) filing a complaint with the Alberta Human Rights Commission. Although we watched Monika’s video shortly after it was published to YouTube, we only learned of the formal complaint and general local backlash on Thursday July 14, the same day we recorded this nearly hour-long Skype interview with her.

We recommend you take the six minutes to watch Monika’s above video — so you can hear her in her own words, and get a taste of her love for music and life. You’ll then be well-equipped to listen to our below interview with this gentle yet courageous truth-teller who has managed to free herself from the stifling birdcage of countless Jew World Order lies so that truth itself can soar unhindered to the minds of many others.




 [52:46 min]





Monika Schaefer Interview - 1001 Glaring Hypocrisy Founders


Sean: Welcome to the program. And so, we just found out about this today. Give us a little bit of background in terms of how this started playing out for you. We know that the video itself came out almost a month ago. And what what was the response during the past months in total, and then, when did this start sort of blowing up locally for you?


Monika Schaefer Interview - 1002 VIDEO Sorry Mom I was Wrong about the Holocaust


Monika: OK. Thanks so much and thanks for the opportunity to talk about it and also thank you for all the work that you are doing. Yeah, so it took only a few days after it was posted before I started to get some. Indication that the people in my small town were were reacting and it was just fine reached a fury of reaction.

So, because it was on Facebook and, you know, I have some local Facebook friends and I think it was quite surprised and shocked them and I did have some people terminate our friendship and others, you know, just saying they respect my right of free speech, but they don’t necessarily agree.

And then there were others who who made all kinds of comments under the Facebook postings that were really quite harsh towards me. And, you know, they think I’ve taken leave of my senses and basically think I have been put under the spell of some very, very bad people and that kind of thing! That type of argument I respond back and say, I am one hundred percent responsible for what I have done and for my views on this subject. So I’m not knowing that, you know, them to sort of peg this “blame” of what I’ve done on anybody else. And I mean I put “blame” in quotation marks.


Sean: Of course.

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