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[Patrick Little, a 33-year-old married White, a USMC veteran of Afghanistan, and an experienced IT engineer is running for US Senate in California. He’s been censored off from social media after trying to start a discussion about the jewish supremacist control of many critical institutions of the United States and her government.

Here, back in Dec 2017, he conducts a one-man protest, outside of Twitter’s HQ in San Francisco, against Twitter for suspending his account. He interacts with an un-named reporter, and a jew counter-protester.







Patrick Little


Twitter Protest


Dec 19, 2017







Click the link below to view the video:





YouTube Description


Twitter Protest
Joe Vazquez
Published on Dec 19, 2017
Patrick Little, a holocaust denier, protests at Twitter HQ in San Francisco because Twitter suspended his account. A counterdemonstrator who says he lost family in the holocaust calls Little a white supremacist.















Little: So I got kicked off Twitter for talking about jews. It’s something you’re not allowed to do.


Reporter: Patrick Little, right?


Little: Yes.


Reporter: Patrick, why are you here?


Little: I’m here to protest the censorship of White men on Twitter.


Reporter: You were booted off of Twitter for your views?


Little: Yes! I was trying to debate whether, or not, the “Holocaust” happened.


Reporter: The “Holocaust” happened, Patrick Little!


Little: Well, I’d like to debate that. That’s the one thing you can’t talk about. As a matter of fact, I’ll be landing in Austria in a few days, and I welcome the jews to have me arrested there.




Reporter: And so, you decided to come to Twitter headquarters and hold the sign?


Little: Yes. It’s okay to be White, and that’s something that these Internet companies are slowly going to learn. The new public forum, the new public square, is Twitter! Is Gab! Just as I can go to the public forum and discuss anything in front of the Town Hall, I should be able to on Twitter, as well. Just, because the first person might have laid telephone lines at one point doesn’t mean he has a monopoly on telecoms. The ADL runs Twitter! They have opened up a regional headquarters here.


Reporter: How can I debate facts about whether the “Holocaust” happened, because that’s, …


Little: Well actually, it’s legal to do that in this country. It’s illegal in other countries, …


Reporter: You can do that. I’m not going to do that. I’m not gonna debate whether the holocaust, … I mean, the Nazis themselves reported the numbers, …


Little: What is a Nazi?


Reporter: Oh yeah, I’ve seen this, … this is a, … really we have to get to Berkeley, but you sir what is your situation? You saw him?




Counter protester, “Son of Le Happy Merchant“?


Counter protester: Yeah. I was just walking home from work and I saw him with the sign. We didn’t get into the “Holocaust” denial until later. I started speaking Yiddish to him and he responded in German.


Little: Hebrew first.


Counter protester: Right. He’s started in Hebrew at first, and then in German, that he had some issues with the numbers. I’m the grandchild of “Holocaust” survivors. Much of my family perished in the Shoah. So, …


Reporter: When you hear him say the “Holocaust” didn’t happen, …?


Counter protester: It’s both incredibly disturbing, and incredibly boring! Just kind of fascinating to me. But I felt like the really the only thing I could do is stand here and make a sign, and then invite my friend and comrade to make another sign. So we’ve been standing out here for a couple of hours. And, you know, it’s all very well, he has the free speech to say these things. I personally don’t think he has, but as long as he does, we have the free speech to stand here and denounce him.


Reporter: His point is that Twitter kicked him out of the public square!


Counter protester: Sure! I mean, whatever, Twitter’s a private company.




I think “hate speech” should be restricted. That’s just my belief. Speech which is hateful, speech which is threatening, speech which puts people’s lives in danger, … I mean, this guy in a very subtle,


Reporter: In this country speech is free!


Counter protester: It’s free, yeah!


Reporter: With very few limitations whether you, …


Counter protester: That’s true. And we’ve seen what has happened when, you know, speech has gone unchecked.


Reporter: Bottom line here. Do you agree with Twitter taking him out of, as he calls it, the Town Square?


Counter protester: Yeah, of course! Yeah, no Nazis on Twitter! No Nazis anywhere!


Little: What’s a “Nazi”?


Counter protester: You’re a Nazi bud!


Little: Okay. So a Nazi is any White that stands up for his people.


Counter protester: No, no, no, no!


Little: What is a “Nazi”?


Counter protester: That is not what you did. You stand here as a White person and then you start disputing the numbers of how many people perished in the “Holocaust”!


Little: If I come up with some cruel sounding word for a jewish person and I constantly use this slur against any jew that stands up for their people. And if I mentioned perhaps the twenty million Christians ethnic Europeans that the jews starved to death in Ukraine, on purpose, to ethnically cleanse the country in the 1930s, what would you say to that?


Counter protester: I mean, I’m not going to engage in a debate with you, because that’s, because that’s completely pointless. And I would only be giving you exactly what you want. And I have zero interest in debating you.


Little: What about the genocide in Palestine? How come only these supposed “Nazis” have this monopoly on genocide?












See also: Patrick Little — Interview with Newsweek, Apr 30, 2018 — TRANSCRIPT



Patrick Little — Interview with Yahoo News, May 1, 2018 — TRANSCRIPT





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[Patrick Little, a 33-year-old married White, a USMC veteran of Afghanistan, and an experienced IT engineer, is running for US Senate in California. He’s been censored off from social media after trying to start a discussion about the jewish supremacist control of many critical institutions of the United States and its government.

Here, Little is interviewed by a Newsweek reporter, Michael Hayden, on his Senate run and how he came to hold his views, and his desire to liberate America from the Zionist Occupational Government!


Topics discussed include:

— His former political views as a “Constitutional conservative“, Ayn Rand fan, Tea Party supporter, and Republican Executive Committee for Duval County in Florida.
— How the jewish Trotskyites morphed into the Neocons.
— His background in the military and the IT industry.
— His, and Paul Nehlen’s, awakening to the “jewish Problem” through reading “Culture of Critique”.
— The need for extreme soundbites to get media attention.
— His long-standing pro-White sentiments.
— Balkanization as a solution to the race problem in the US.
— Jewish over-representation in crucial centers of power and elite universities, through nepotism and not merit.
— Jewish extreme over-representation in elite universities through nepotism
— His personal view that US jews should all move to Israel.
— The central jewish role in perverting US immigration laws to flood the US with non-Whites
— His rejection of the “Holocaust” myth
— How German defendants in post-WWII trials were tortured into making false confessions.
— How Germany was not responsible for WWII and how organized jewry controlled the Allies and fomented the war.
— His British/Irish ethnic origins.
— How jews as Bolsheviks committed mass genocide of tens of millions of people.
— How jews have been constantly, and rightly, expelled from countries for centuries.
— How jews have controlled the slave trade, including the Atlantic slave trade, throughout history.
— How the truth about jews enraged him.
— The roles of Daily Stormer, TRS, etc. The subversive role of Weev. The lack of support for IRL activism.
— His views on, and involvement in the Charlottesville event.
— His hopes that Israel is invaded.
— His aims for his Senate race.
— The jewish terror attack on the USS Liberty, the Lavon Affair, and jewish involvement in 9/11.
— How Nixon and Trump “dog whistled” about the jews.
— How the nephew of former President, Franklin Roosevelt said the jews are in charge.
— His admiration for Adolf Hitler, and National Socialism.
— How if he had been in America in the 1930s he would have gotten a membership on Lindbergh’s America First Committee, and tuned into Father Coughlin every night.


What’s great about this interview is Little again clearly identifies organised jewry as the power that has got a stranglehold over America and the West, and is systematically destroying White societies.






Patrick Little


Interview with Newsweek


Apr 30, 2018







Click the link below to view the video:




YouTube Description


Published on Apr 30, 2018

Interview With Newsweek 20180430











Newsweek article from this interview, published May 2, 2018 (click image to enlarge). See: http://www.newsweek.com/republican-senate-candidate-praise-hitler-907749



Newsweek: Hello.


Little: Good morning. This is Patrick Little calling you.


Newsweek: Hey Patrick! How are you? You have a deep voice. Okay.


Little: I just woke up. By the way, I’m recording, as you approved of via email.


Newsweek: Yeah, yeah. That is fine. Just one second here. I need to find a room where I can speak privately. I’m going to put you on speaker for my own purposes so I can record you.


Little: That is fine.


Newsweek: Just a second, make sure that you can hear me.


Little: Sure.


Newsweek: Hear me?


Little: I can hear you just fine.


Newsweek: Yeah, there’s a lot of people interested in your candidacy. I’ve heard about you on the weekend.


Little: Okay.


Newsweek: Um, so tell me, I know very little about you history in politics. When did you start to get into it?


Little: Well I decided to get into it over the summer of 2017. I read “Culture of Critique” around the time Trump was elected. And I woke up to what people call the “jewish Question”. And at that point I dedicated my life to removing these zionist jews that control this country from power.


Newsweek: Okay, … Okay. What were your politics like before this?


Little: Constitutional conservative.


Newsweek: Um, can you define that a little bit more, for us to understand?


Little: Sure. Yeah I believed in the original intent of the Constitution. I kind of, I was a bit of a libertarian when it came to economics. And I was a fan of a Ayn Rand. Just your typical conservative libertarian. Kind of Tea Party type stuff.





Newsweek: Tea Party type stuff. Were you involved with the Tea Party at all?


Little: Oh yeah! They conned me into that big-time. I really thought that was a viable route forward for traditional conservatives. Yeah, I bought into the whole Paul Ryan thing, all that crap in 2010. I was a member of the Republican Executive Committee at the time for Duval County Florida.


Newsweek: Okay. All right, before we go any further, how do you feel about Ayn Rand now? She’s jewish. And I know it’s a complex question to a lot of people on the Right, who are interested in the type of politics you are.





Little: No, that’s a great question, actually! Ayn Rand is actually what you would call an “atomizing force”. So, she’s a libertine, sexually, politically, economically. What she advocates is not even possible. It’s basically anarchism. The only place that works is in storybooks. But, if you look at her, she believed in polyamory. She was uh, … Are you familiar with the term “libertine”?


Newsweek: Yeah, I am.


Little: She was a libertine, sexually. She believed anything should go. And that’s kind of the Trotskyite, neoconservative type view on this type of thing, too. The only problem people have with Arabs taking over their country is that the gays get hurt, you known. That type of thing.


Newsweek: Um, … you are not accusing her of being a Trotskyite, though?


Little: Oh, absolutely! The Trotskyites were, …


Newsweek: I’ll tell you this the problem is, [garbled]


Little: No, go ahead. So, here’s the thing. All of the people that were Trotskyites magically became neoconservatives after Stalin started purging jews from power in Russia. You can verify that.


Trotskyites that became neoconservatives (Click image to enlarge)


Newsweek: Okay. So what did you do before politics? Or, what do you do now?


Little: I was a network engineer at a start-up. My income combined was over a hundred [$100,000] a year. I worked 12 hours a day, and I didn’t watch the news, because I didn’t want to be distracted! I actually stopped watching the news in 2011, and didn’t start again until 2015. No, no, 2016, sorry.


Newsweek: Can you give me, maybe I missed the first words, what exactly were you doing? Working twelve hours a day?


Little: I was a network engineer.




Newsweek: And what does that actually, what does that entail, exactly?


Little: Maintaining data networks, servers. I also did some virtualization. That was my last job at the startup I was at. Before that, I was a data network marine for the Marine Corps. I got out of the Marine Corps in 2015.


Newsweek: From what years did you serve?


Little: 2012 until 2000, no I’m sorry, 2011 to 2015.


Newsweek: And those are the years you stopped watching the news?


Little: Absolutely! Now, the interesting thing here is, I was pro-White before I entered the military, but I was not aware of the jewish Question. I’d been a fan of the British Nationalist Party, but I had a problem with their anti-semitism! [laughing].




Newsweek: Um, okay. We will get into the jewish Question stuff in a second.


Little: Sure.


Newsweek: I’ve interviewed Kevin [MacDonald] before.


Little: That’s the book that woke me up. “Culture of Critique” he’s the one who woke me up.


Newsweek: So, who recommended that to you? I mean, how did you discover it? Because it seems like you, and Paul Nehlen, have a very similar story.


Little: That’s funny. We were both members of Chuck Johnson’s WeSearchr and we had the same Twitter trolls in there anonymously. We were also in there anonymously with our handles. And yeah, I talked to Paul Nehlen a few days ago and it turns out we were both in WeSearchr and we’d exchanged which handles we had [07:00] in there. And we both had a good laugh! But yeah, Twitter trolls were hounding us in there, because we were, … Go ahead.



Newsweek: Was Chuck Johnson involved in any of that?


Little: So WeSearchr was a research group.


Newsweek: Yeah I know that.


Little: Yeah, Chuck Johnson, he wasn’t very active in there. He was kind of the figurehead. No it was mostly run by Pax Dickenson and Peter Bello.


Newsweek: So someone had recommended the “Culture of Critique” to you?



Little: Anyone that wasn’t woke to the jewish Question in there, there were some Twitter trolls — I think one of them was Reactionary Tree — and they would hound us about, or anyone that was not jewish but was pro-Israeli, they would hound us about reading that book. And I guess eventually he did and so did I.


Newsweek: Okay. You don’t mind me asking what you learned from the book?


Little: Jewish evolutionary strategies, jewish particularism, jewish group evolutionary thought.


Newsweek: All right. I know a little bit about the book from having written about with Paul Nehlen, but I have not read it yet.


Little: Oh, it’s okay.


Newsweek: Now that it’s in forum clubs, it has come up in several stories, and I feel obligated to read it at some point. Um, …


Little: There’s no way to read that book without it changing your life! And before we move on, I’d like to say when I agreed to read the book, I wanted to disprove the anti-semites on WeSearchr. [chuckling] I swear to God! You can ask Pax Dickinson. I was trying to disprove the anti-semitism. I was actually very pro-Israeli before I read it.





And the first two weeks I was reading through it, I was looking up everything, trying to disprove it. But I was able to confirm everything, especially from jewish sources, jewish Daily Forward, jewish World Encyclopedia. Everything that Dr. MacDonald said I was able to verify. And about halfway through the book, when I got to the Frankfurt School, I stopped fact-checking, because I hadn’t been able to find anything that was wrong!



Newsweek: Yes. When did you get out to California?


Little: Ah, jeez, January of 2012 to come out to MOS training 0651* data network specialist at 29 Palms, California. That was right after marine combat training in Camp Richard [?] I think that was Camp Lejeune [?] before that.


[MOS: Military Occupational Specialty. After Graduation from the Marine Combat Training (MCT), Marines attend schooling for their chosen MOS, or Military Occupational Specialty. A Marine has a 4-digit MOS number that corresponds with the title of his/her Military Occupational Specialty.  The first two digits of the MOS are the OCC (Occupational Career Code), plus two additional numbers which define the specialty.

Source: http://whatsafterboot.com/mos-about.asp]


Newsweek: So, when you say that you are pro-White, do you consider yourself a White Nationalist?




Little: Yeah! I mean, there’s overlap between the terms, but absolutely! All countries have traditionally been defined by ethnicity, so we have this term ethno-state, which seems like a weird term to me. Just “country” implies ethnicity, it has historically. People wouldn’t look the way they did in different countries unless that was the case.


Newsweek: Okay. You do realize at least the state of Californian is among to most diverse in the country? Right?


Little: Oh absolutely! And I’m winning a large percentage of the Asian vote.


Newsweek: Well according to one poll. [sounding very skeptical] We don’t know how strong it is, you know, I mean, in your vision for a White nation, I guess, what about, where would Asian American people come?


Little: Well, when I say things, … If you look at my platform, compared to some of the things I’ve said on Gab, do you think any of that might have been an attempt to get publicity? Now, I’m from an area where that you could call it the “ethnos-state”, and we left our cars unlocked when we went on vacation, and we left our house unlocked, and the keys were in the cupboards.


Newsweek: Where, …


Little: I grew in Maine, …


Newsweek: Where, …


Little: I grew up in Maine. Now there’s something to be said for homogeneous areas. And Whites weren’t “asked!” whether, or not, they wanted to be part of a multicultural experiment, when Kennedy got in front of the Senate and said:


This immigration bill will not change demographics in any way, shape, or form!


Well I’m sorry, I did his brother there [accent]. But yeah, I’m talking about Ted Kennedy there, with the 1965 Hart Celler Act. And at the time when that was done I think we were 87, 90 percent of California was White. [12:01] And now we’re down, people under the age of 30, I think, it’s what, 25 percent White? I mean, that’s an ethnic cleansing right there! That’s less than two generations. That’s genocide!



Newsweek: Okay, … Err, … So, … For the people who live in California, who you would be representing in the Senate that are not ethnically White, I mean, what, what incentive would they have to vote for you?


Little: Simple!


Newsweek: I realize that a Republican is going to be a long short in California, regardless.


Little: Yes.


Newsweek: But, I mean, what incentive would someone who is, you know, born in America, is of Mexican heritage, knowing that the objective is to reverse those trends that you referenced? Why would they vote for you?




Little: Well, my answer is South Africa. Look at what happened when they stopped, when they took the Whites out of power in South Africa. I mean, they can’t even keep the water, or the power anymore.




Newsweek: Right! But I mean, the end goal of, for the lack of a better word, an “ethno-state” is to reverse these demographic trends you are talking about, would be to remove people who would theoretically you would need to be voting for you, right? I mean, these are people who, you know, have to leave! [somewhat flustered] Granted, I assume that you don’t think those demographic trends can be reversed overnight. I presume this would require the acceleration of deportation and a radical change of standards for, you know, our immigration laws, … Um, …




Little: Okay, are you ready? No, I get what you’re saying. So you’re asking about the logistics, or something like that. Well I’m not an advocate of turning the whole United States into what Richard Spencer would call an ethno-state, or anything like that. No! That’s not even practical. No. I’m a fan of balkanization. It happens naturally.


Whites vote with their feet. Almost every White that can afford it moves to a Whiter area. There are a few people that have a fetish for the diversity thing. There are few people that say:


Okay I’ll go earn money in a diverse area where the high incomes are, and then move to a White area.


But White people vote with their feet. They want to be among their own!


And yeah, what I see is, as Whites see themselves cornered in more and more states in the country, they’ll want to go to a place where they can protect themselves with local laws that allow them to say:


Okay, we moved away from diversity for a reason. We want to be among Whites in a high trust area, so let’s go ahead and make this town White!


Something like that.





I’m not sure exactly how it’d work yet, but I know Whites want it. I know 55% of Whites in a recent scientific poll answered that they feel systematically discriminated against. And I know that almost every White that can afford it, when they start having kids, moves to, as White an area as they can. So, I mean, I’m not addressing anything here that isn’t a natural want, instilled I think, in White people.


Newsweek: To clarify that, you are talking about “White flight“, the phenomenon?


Little: It’s been called that. It’s not a phenomenon, it’s nature.


Newsweek: Let me ask you a question about the “jewish Question“, which has been, as you refer to it, you know, really has been the thing that you are most interested in, just in terms of posts on Gab and things like that. [garbled]When you read “Culture of Critique” and these ideas began to form, you know, at least you began, whether you internalized them, or whether you began to think independently of the book, whenever, … Um, how do you account for the fact that, I mean, there are certain things, in terms of this theory of like, you know, Zionist Occupational Government [ZOG], or whatever, that don’t add up. For example, the oil and gas industry has very few people of jewish descent.


Little: Sure!


Newsweek: We’ve never had [garbled], we’ve had, you know, I mean, things of that nature [the interviewer is stumbling around with his questions]. That, I mean, um, actually why don’t you address that and I’ll give you a follow on





Little: Sure! Well, if you look at the nature gas and oil fields, are you talking about at the executive level, or are you talking about at the high-paid STEM type stuff, science, technology, engineering?


Newsweek: I was thinking at the executive level, and I will admit I’m not an expert on it. So why don’t you go ahead and tell me what you think [somewhat apologetic] I think, you know, more than I do.


Little: Well, I think we should look start to look up the percentage of ethnic jews that have ownership of that type of stuff. Once you start getting to the executive level, I’m pretty sure the jews are heavily over-represented there. I’ve read about 4,000 pages on the oil industry, “The Quest” and “The Prize” by Yergin, the economist. [The Prize: The Epic Quest for Oil, Money & Power and The Quest: Energy, Security, and the Remaking of the Modern World by Daniel Yergin] But, yeah, he didn’t focus on ethnicity there.





But if you look at things like the elite Harvard. So only 3% of top performing high school students are jewish, but they’re 67% of graduate students at Harvard. They dominate the elites. If Sotomayor is jewish, that means that before the ninth justice was appointed, that means that 50 percent of the Supreme Court court was jewish! They are two percent of the population, or two point five percent of the population! Whereas, ethnic Europeans, or Whites, are 70% of top performing high school students, but were only twelve percent of the incoming class to Harvard in 2017! This is not deniable!


And if there are exceptions to the rule, and looking for those exceptions is what I call “Oprah logic”! Where you have a rule but then you spend your whole show trying to find exceptions to the rules, you know? I don’t do the “Oprah logic” so much.


Newsweek: Okay. I’ll give you another question. In 2016, I think it was Roy vs ??? I can’t recall, did a, break it out by faith in terms of poverty. And I believe like jews were deep impacted by poverty, like 16% of jews were living under $30,000 a year.




Little: I’ve never heard that. I know that the average family in Israel gets something like $30,000 a year in equivalent aid, if you divide everything they get from us per year, divided by the number of families. And I know that their average standard of living is higher than ours, and they’re still getting all that aid from us. But yeah, I think something like half of the top 1%, I’d have to look this up again, I used to know this. No, they’re way over-represented in the 1% and such stuff. I don’t understand this. What country is this, worldwide? What are you talking about?


Newsweek: In the US there are 16% of jews are living on less than $30,000 a year. And they are the least impacted by faith in terms of poverty. The next are Hindus. Hindus, only 17% earn under $30,000 a year. And I believe it’s Methodists are like 22%.


Little: Oh, you’re going by religious identification?


Newsweek: Yes.


Little: No, if you study judaism, it’s almost nothing to do with religion. It’s completely race-based. Actually, even the religion ties into that. [chuckling] If you want to move to Israel you have to pass a gene test, not a faith test. A rabbi has no problem, well most of them, have no problem marrying a communist, atheist person of jewish blood to a Orthodox jew. [21:00] You can be a communist, atheist jew, with jewish blood and move to Israel, no problem! They won’t even ask any questions. As a matter of fact, you can go to synagogue as an atheist and speak! All they care about is that your blood is jewish.


See: The Realist Report Interviews Paul Nehlen – Mar 2018 — TRANSCRIPT


Newsweek: Okay. So, let’s say that we go with your, working with your concerns, Kevin MacDonald’s concerns, Paul Nehlen’s concerns about jewish influence in American power, what, … When you talk about making the country free of jews, what exactly would become of the jews? First of all I just want to say, most of them are right here in New York City. The percentage of jews disproportionately represented in areas like New York City. Where would you like them to go, exactly?





Little: Israel!


Now here’s the thing though, if you look at my platform. So I said some things on Gab that finally got interviews from the media. By the way, before I started saying stuff like that on Gab, I did like 10, or 12 interviews, and none of them got aired. So, it’s only when I said stuff on Gab, where I was being hyperbolic, that I actually got media attention. But yeah, so something like 8 percent of congressmen and Senators are ethnically jewish, and only one of them on paper, Bernie Sanders, doesn’t have dual citizenship with Israel.


So depending on how you look at it, either a third, or half the Supreme Court was jewish, the other year, before the ninth justice was appointed. They control our government, even when the people in the seats aren’t ethnically jewish. We do whatever Israel wants, with very few exceptions.




Newsweek: So, so, …


Little: And all of the immigration policy, all of the things that are hurting Whites, these are jewish policies. Right now our educational system is completely implemented the Frankfurt School! Everything is very anti-White!


The Frankfurt School and its jewish founders, and their destructive aims (click image to enlarge)


Any type of a traditional male, be he White, or not, is critiqued with this “authoritarian personality” critique. And they try to get people that are, … No. I’ll go into that another time, if we go into “The Culture of Critique”. But my point is that jews intentionally are trying to destroy the Whites in this country.



If you phrase the poll should there be affirmative action over half of jews support that. Now if you phrase it in such a way where you say:


Should there be an affirmative action that hurts Whites?


I can pull up the poll for you later in an email, if you ask me for it. I can show it to you. You ask them in a different way where you imply that Whites are hurt by it, the percentage of jews that supports it goes up!




Newsweek: I’ve seen, I’ve seen that in context.


Little: Yep.


Newsweek: First of all you are aware, I’m sure, that there are Jewish citizens who were born here for generations, going back for centuries, in the United States. And they are not going to be eager to move to Israel, right? I mean, that is clear, right?


Little: Yeah I know. I was talking about what I personally want. If you look at my platform, I’d like to reduce the participation in government to a percentage representative of their portion of the population. Now the one thing I said where I want them to all leave, that, …




Newsweek: You are talking about a reverse affirmative action?


Little: No. It’s called a quota system. Harvard used to have one, up until the 20s, I think. They limited jews to 15 percent of Harvard, even though there were two percent of the population. And like I said before, jews are only three percent of top performing high school students, but they’re 67% of the graduate students at Harvard. Now there’s a reason for this. It’s jewish nepotism! Jews are very ethnocentric.


That’s the main takeaway from Dr. Kevin MacDonald’s books. They take over a government unless you put restrictions on them, like Iran had to. And it’s not based on intelligence. If they’re two percent of population and three percent of top performing high school students then, you know, they’re not going to control all of the media, all of the all the banks, all of the wire services, all the means of communication, all the internet companies, etc., etc. [26:06]They’re not going to just control all that based off from merit, being two percent of the population, but three percent of the best students.


Newsweek: Okay I mean, you seem like, you know you seem like a very intelligent guy.


Little: The Marine Corps tested me. I was 98 percentile for their intelligence tests, they gave me. And I think that puts me at like a 135, or 140 IQ. I don’t know if that’s the direct correlation.


Newsweek: You must know to whatever degree that these views are extraordinarily fringe and extreme! Do you worry that it’s going to limit your ability to work, to do things after this?


Little: Yeah.


Newsweek: You’re coming out with this in a very big way with this stuff.




Little: Yeah, absolutely. My professional career in IT [Information Technology] making a high salary for corporations is over! I accept that. I made a sacrifice. It was a conscious decision.


Yeah, now I will figure that out. That’s not my main concern right now. I will figure it out, how to do an income, and how to eat after this campaign, but in the meantime I’m doing what I feel needs to be done.


And when it comes to being “fringe“, I don’t know how fringe my views are. I mean, the support I get anonymously. I go to places and I say my piece, sometimes a little bit of an insurgent at a more normal event, I’ll go in and interrupt a dual citizen that’s saying:


If you’re pro-gun and you’re pro-life then you have to be pro-Israeli.


I interrupted that event and started talking about Israeli terror attacks on the US, and all sorts of people, you know, in passing, going out the door after that, gave me the thumbs up, or thank you! [28:01] But they made pretty darn sure that nobody saw them doing it! So, yeah, behind closed doors I have a lot of support. You’d be very surprised.


Newsweek: Do you, yes or no. Do you advocate violence against Jews?


Little: Do you have any what?


Newsweek: Do you advocate violence against Jews? In a deportation process or whatever that would be?


Little: Do I advocate, …? No! The state has to use force though. If things are law, they need to be enforced, and ultimately government is the threat of force.


Newsweek: And so, how would that force manifest?


Little: If you, what happens if you resist arrest if police officer finds you breaking a law and takes you into custody? I mean, what happens if you break any law? You either submit to the authorities that are enforcing the law, or you resist them.[29:01] Now if you get charged with something, you can always take the officer to court, or something. You can always appeal the crime you’re being charged with, or defend yourself in court. I mean, when you state uses force period, how does that look?


Newsweek: That will sound a lot like, you know, Nazi Germany to people. When you’re talking about forcibly removing people.


Little: Okay! Well, when you say “Nazi Germany” what exactly happened to the jews there?


Newsweek: Um, they were genocided, according to the overwhelming percent of historians.


Little: They were what?


Newsweek: They were genocided by the Nazis.


Little: Well that’s funny, because, if they were being genocided, why were their hospitals at the internment camps? And where they had babies. There are people in Israel that were born in the internment camps! [30:01] There’s no evidence that there was ever any order to genocide the jews, and also there’s no evidence of any jew that was ever gassed in an internment camp! All of the evidence, all the evidence comes from, …


Newsweek: Um, …



Little: Now hold on! I researched this very heavily, because one of the things after I woke up to the jewish Question was somebody said the “Holocaust” didn’t happen! And I said, “that’s bullshit![laughing] I looked it up, and if you look up Ernst Zundel, this is all verifiable. All of the evidence of this so-called “Holocaust” is based off from testimonies of jews that are now receiving reparations.




And all of the “Nazis” as you would say, that admitted to this stuff at Nuremberg. We had a Senator leave the Nuremberg trial in disgust, because over 90% of the German witnesses and people on trial had testicular damage, so bad that even if they weren’t hung, they would never be able to have kids again! [31:01] These were forced confessions!


There are also a lot of jews that say the “Holocaust” is a lie! They’re survivors that are saying these people are in it for the money! It’s a racket! So “Holocaust” reparations are inheritable! Did you know that? The grandchildren of quote-unquote “Holocaust” survivors are being paid. Did, you know, that?


Newsweek: I did not know that.


Little: It’s a racket!


Newsweek: Do you believe that the Germans were an aggressor in WWII?


Little: Absolutely not! They wanted to avoid war at all costs. I recommend a book called “Hitler’s Revolution”.


Hitler’s Revolution by Richard Tedor (click image to enlarge).


I cannot stress enough that they were forced! Hitler should not have taken the bait in Poland. They there was massive rape and ethnic cleansing of Germans going on in Poland.




The French Secretary of State, the British Secretary of State, and the American Secretary of State promised that British and French would have boots on the ground, invading Western Germany, the Western part of Germany, if the Germans entered Poland. Which did not happen. A year before German and French forces fought. That was engineered! The jewish controlled State Department’s of those countries, completely tricked the Poles into antagonizing the Germans. They were doing terrible, terrible, things to the German minority in the corridor between Danzig and Pomerania. Horrible things.


Newsweek: I’m just curious, was is your ethnic lineage?


Little: I took one of those DNA tests. It’s something like 80% north-western, like eleven percent southern. I’m point zero one, or two, percent, some type of Asian! [chuckling]


Newsweek: Okay. I was just curious whether you had German descent, or British, or Welsh.


Little: No, mostly, the one I took breaks it down into British and Irish as one combined thing. So yeah, mostly British, and Irish, and Scottish type stuff.


Newsweek: So is it fair to say that you feel Hitler is misrepresented?


Little: Misrepresented!? Hitler saved more jews lives than any man in history! And that’s a whole other discussion. All of the countries were Germany went in and liberated from the jews, … When they arrived in Lithuania, and when they arrived in Ukraine they greeted the Germans with roses! [34:02] The women greeted  the Germans with roses.



And in this town centers jews our all being executed, because they had all been the heads of the secret police, and stuff. You have to remember prior to World War Two, the jewish GPU, and Cheka — it went through a few different machinations and of different names they used — the jewish secret police of the Soviet Union committed a genocide of over 20 million people! They killed all the priests, all the Christian intelligentsia, anyone who dissented.



It was bad times for White Christians under the jews! And 85% of the commissars and such, were ethnically jewish. Trotsky’s real name was Bronstein. He was a tailor from New York. 60% of the jews that were in government at high levels in the USSR at a point in the 20s were jews from the United States! You can verify all this. This is in the jewish and World Encyclopedia.




Newsweek: Okay. Um, …




Little: So, you have to remember these places had just suffered a real “Holocaust” under the jewish jackboot, where dozens of millions of people were killed by these crazy Trotskyite Marxist jews! These jews were the most genocidal people in history! They killed more people than any other purge in history, up until that point. And everyone in Central and Eastern Europe knew this! When the Germans entered the places that they liberated from jewish control, most of the time they had to restrain the local populations from executing all the jews. There are recordings of forward units in the Wehrmacht calling into Berlin and saying:


We don’t know what to do! This town’s executing jews again! They said they’ll open fire on us if we stop them!


Lithuania, Ukraine, it’s not a coincidence! The Jews were doing a lot of bad stuff.


Newsweek: So you see Hitler as a kind of heroic figure?


Little: If I were stronger in my faith, I’d say he was the second coming of Christ! He also was responsible for stopping a lot of the elements of the SS from actually doing something that would have been a genocide of the jews. Constantly he made it clear that they were to be treated well! I mean, they had ice cream, and swimming pools, and concert halls, and soccer teams at Auschwitz! I mean, this what you saw in Steven Spielberg’s film not even jewish historians will say that’s accurate, or even close.


Auschwitz I swimming pool for inmates.

Auschwitz facilities (click image to enlarge)


Newsweek: Why would the overwhelming majority of historians lie about the “Holocaust”?


Little: One more time?


Newsweek: Why would the overwhelming majority of historians lie about the reality of the “Holocaust”?


Little: They’re all citing the Nuremberg trials, they are all citing the testimony of the jews that are receiving reparations. The term “Holocaust” wasn’t even used to describe jews in World War Two until the 1970s! Did, you know, that?




Newsweek: I did not know that, actually.


Little: Yeah. You can verify that. Look for newspaper articles, and stuff.


Newsweek: Why would that be?


Little: Simple! Start saying anything negative about jews, or about Israel, and the top defense you’ll get from like, Baptist Christians, or conservatives, in this country will be:


Well the ‘Holocaust‘!”


You start doing criticism of Israel and it all boils down to:


Well, you know, the ‘Holocaust’ happened, so we have to give them leeway.


Newsweek: Isn’t it possible to have legitimate criticism of Israeli foreign policy? My own mother is from Egypt, my father is White. And they left Egypt in part because of the Six Day War. And there are Palestinians on my mother’s side of the family, so I’m no stranger to criticisms of Israel and Israel’s foreign policy.




The question I have, isn’t it possible to make legitimate criticisms of Israeli foreign policy without feeling that the solution is to remove all ethnic Jews from the United States? Isn’t there some middle ground when criticizing everybody [?] from Israel?


Little: Well, I can tell you one thing this isn’t the first time people have had a major problem with jews. And this would not be the first expulsion. This would be the hundredth and tenth or hundredth and eleventh!


Migrations and expulsion of jews over a 500 year period (click image to enlarge)


This is a normal behavior, and it’s only jewish control of the media, and the educational system, and the courts, and so many corporations, and the wire services — you talked about Reuters earlier — all of the wire services are controlled by jews, Zionist jews especially. All the newspapers, essentially. Any of the ones that are printed in multiple places, some of the small ones are not.




The jews would have been kicked out long ago if they didn’t control the flow of information in this country. If they didn’t shape educational policy. What I’m saying is the norm! It happened every few years in Europe for almost a millennia! And the other groups that had come into Europe and settled down, this didn’t happen to them.


Newsweek: Well, Patrick, slavery happened in the United States too.


Little: [laughing] You bring up slavery! Do, you know, what percentage of Whites, non-jewish Whites, not that I consider Jews White, owned slaves before the Civil War in the South?


Newsweek: I don’t know the exact percentage.


Little: Less than 1%!* Do, you know, what percentage of jews owned slaves, black slaves?


[* He misspoke here. It was apparently around 4% in the South among Whites, and 1% overall among all Whites in the North and South]


Newsweek: I don’t.




Little: Forty percent! The slave markets were closed on Shabbat! They weren’t closed on Sunday, they were closed on Saturday. Lopez, the largest slave trade in the world was the one to Brazil. Lopez controlled that. He was also a Jews.



The transatlantic slave trade, Farrakhan talks about this extensively. And guess who else, they’ve put horns on his head in the media, too! Yeah, the slave trade was completely controlled by jews. It historically has been. The slave trade in the Balkans under the Ottoman Empire, the slave trade in Arabia, the slave trade in North Africa, has traditionally been jewish! I’m not breaking new ground here. This is stuff you should know, if you’ve talked to Dr. Kevin MacDonald, I mean, you should know this stuff.


Newsweek: Well we had a, what I would call, a preliminary discussion, a brief 15 minute chat about the popularity of his book.




Little: You know, when you talk about the expulsion and all that, they were that they were the driving force behind the slave trade, they had over 40 times the representation in black slave ownership as Whites, and yet you see White people being blamed in schools and just jews as this eternal victim of the “Holocaust”! I mean, you’ve got mandatory “Holocaust” courses for police! For school students! I mean, come on! It didn’t even happen! And it makes people incapable of objectively dealing with the jewish Question. Whereas, Whites are evil! And we have White privilege!


You know, jews, are a minority, but they can be White if they want to, if they’re dealing with Whites. This just fluid definition of jews that, you know, in one case they have to be the eternal victim, and in the other case they’re fellow Whites, but not to blame for White privilege. I mean, unless you wake up to the jewish Question, none of this stuff makes sense, and you can only function in society by virtue signalling.


Newsweek: Do you have any concern that this type of rhetoric on the political stage could lead to, you know, vigilante violence against Jewish people?


Little: I mean, how could it not? When people wake up and the jews completely control our country, our corporations, our court systems, where they’re taking up all the spots at the elite universities, yet calling it non-jewish White supremacism! I mean, right now jews are running articles about White supremacy at Harvard, even though they’re the whole damn student body! [laughing] Because on the surveys, I’m sorry I’m a little tired, on the statistics they say:


Oh yeah! No it’s 70 something percent White! Don’t know pay attention to that of being 60 something percent jewish!


So, the truth enraged me! Do, you know, what happened when I woke up to the jewish Question? You know, what I had to do?


Newsweek: What?




Little: I went out on my boat for two weeks and relaxed on the bay, trying not to scream! I was pro-Israeli before this, my friend. I was trying to disprove “Cultural of Critique”, but my whole life I’ve been addressing issues concerning Whites, what’s happening to Europe, what’s happening the United States, what’s happening in South Africa. And none of it made any damn sense until I understood the jewish question! To the point where in 2011, I said:


Well! I can’t stand politics anymore, because none of it makes sense to me!


And I went radio silent. Stopped watching the news and everything. And I enlisted in the Marine Corps. Got married. My buddy called me up, he said:


Pat! Pat! You won’t believe what’s going on here with this tranny stuff!” or “you won’t believe, you know, this news article“, or this “mattress girl“, or whatever!


And I said:


Buddy! Don’t tell me, because I don’t want to know! I don’t watch the news.


Someone starts talking to me about the news I won’t listen, because nothing made sense! My concerns about my people, …





Newsweek: [garbled] any followers that were involved in any kind of vigilante violence against Jews, would you feel any personal responsibility?


Little: Am I leading a militia, or Senate campaign?


Newsweek: A Senate campaign. But you are using your platform for something that many would consider, …


Little: If I wanted people to go out and harm jews, I wouldn’t be running for office, I would be doing something else. Trust me! Slowly. You know, there are countries where you go to jail for saying the stuff that I’m saying. You go to jail for saying the “Holocaust” didn’t happen exactly as it was portrayed in “Schindler’s List“.



Newsweek: We shouldn’t have that. I want to ask you some White nationalist centered questions.


Little: Yeah sure.


Newsweek: That are inside baseball, that don’t relate to what I’m going to be writing here, but could be used elsewhere, which I know you, …


Little: I’m going to assume anything we talk about will probably get written about, so I’ll just go forward with that assumption. So what’s going on?


Newsweek: So yeah, talk about Daily Stormer and stuff like that. And I know you said that Weev is jewish and stuff like that. And I’m curious if you think that they are, do you feel there is a gauge in terms of respect in White nationalism, just in terms of who’s being listened to, and who is not, in that movement.


Little: Sure. Yeah, so you’ve got this Alt-Right faction, you’ve got the 1.0s. There’s a whole bunch of terminology, for a whole bunch of different groups. But most of the people that answered that 55%, about Whites being, … most of the Whites who said that they feel  systematically discriminated against, aren’t part of any group, or anything like that. [46:02] They don’t identify with any of those labels.


But yeah, there’s there are some problems going on right now with the top names in what you would call “White Nationalism” more. You know, people that are aware of the jewish Question. And yeah, so, for example, the Daily Stormer didn’t cover Alfred Schaefer and “Volkslehrer”, “People’s Teacher” in Germany. They were doing a march in Dresden, commemorating the hundreds of thousands of women and children that we burned to death in Dresden. A civilian target with no military value, that we fire bombed.



And yeah, they weren’t covering that! Alfred Schaefer’s openly denying the “Holocaust” in Germany and the police are afraid to arrest him! This is real challenge to the Zionist occupational government of Germany. And they’re not covering it.


Newsweek: Why do you think they are not covering it?


Little: Because they, …


Newsweek: I follow this stuff pretty closely.


Little: Well it’s the same reason they’re not covering my campaign. And they found an excuse to stop talking about Christopher Cantwell and Paul Nehlen. We’re actual people doing actual things that represent actual threats to jewish control of our countries. They’ll cover controversial stuff. They’ll cover a gang rape in Sweden, they’ll cover a crackdown on free speech in Great Britain, but the moment people start doing effective things, waking people up, …


Chris Cantwell could wake up more people than anyone else right now, I think. The jews are putting him through a show trial! All of the people that are accusing him of crimes are perjuring themselves! And none of the people that are perjuring themselves, and it’s proven to be perjury, are going to jail, or are getting charged with anything. He’s gonna have to do it after his court case, civilly, I think. But the point is, the real avenues for waking people up, the real signs that people are resisting jewish supremacism are ignored! And this also goes for TRS [The Right Stuff].




They also marginalize groups that do IRL [In Real Life] activism. Spencer was, Richard Spencer was criticized for his Michigan State thing, instead of applauded.


Newsweek: But isn’t Spencer allied with Peinovich? [Mike Enoch’s real name]



Little: Well here’s the thing! I’m starting to move away from the whole personality-based thing. Oh, there’s a faction of these three guys that are gathered, … whatever! I’m moving away from that. And I’m moving just towards our people acting in a way that helps Whites. Acting in a way where they’re doing their best to expose jewish power. So I’m starting to use a set of heuristics, instead of being a fanboy of a set of personalities.


Newsweek: Spencer is kind of quiet though, on questions of jewish identity, and things like that.




Little: Yeah, well he I think his main focus is “White identity”, which we’ve been deracinated to some point, in terms of the, you know:


There’s no such thing as White!


Even though I mean, gene tests return:


Hey! You’re mostly from Great Britain”, or “you’re 100% European”, or “99.5% European!


I mean, so he’s pretty much working on, I think, working on people identifying with the race again, instead of being atomized individuals. Because there’s group identity for all the other races, except for this new generation of Whites that has been deracinated. Go ahead.


Newsweek: I’ve asked you questions about violence. You did not take the bait. When you mentioned these guys. Peinovich talked about urging people to bring guns to Charlottesville. We have reporting of that. I wanted to talk trafficking Alt-right stories I’ve done, was when, you know, was when Weev talked about slaughtering jewish children in retribution for having Stormer being taken off-line.




Spencer appeared with guns in front of cameras, in front, like New York Times. I’m curious, wondering why you think these guys are so quick to align themselves with violence, when people are paying very close attention to this place.


Little: Well, that’s funny, because I brought my weapons with me to Virginia for the Charlottesville thing, and they stayed in a locker after we got word not to bring weapons to Charlottesville, to the actual demonstration. So, …


Newsweek: You were there? I didn’t know that.


Richard Spencer and white nationalists march with torches in Charlottesville.


Little: Yeah, I was at the torch-march. I was providing security for a VIP, Pax Dickenson, at the time, until his bodyguard was pretty well staffed. So, at that point they asked for a volunteer to provide security for caravans of vehicles. [51:02] And at which point I was handed some specialized equipment, so to say. There were only designated people that were supposed to be carrying that day. And the guy who, …


Newsweek: You didn’t march with anybody? [garbled]


Little: No, I wasn’t part of any particular group. I knew people at IE {Identity Evropa], and I knew people at TRS [The Right Stuff]. And I knew some guys that considered themselves to be Stormer. But, yeah, …



Newsweek: You know that some White nationalists may have their identity exposed as a result of this lawsuit, largely because Peinovich [Mike Enoch] is representing himself, …


Little: Yeah! I understand. The finding stuff [legal discovery] is essentially a way to try and dox people. Yeah I get that.




Newsweek: Yeah, so I’m actually doing a story about that right now. There is just so much that I could talk to you all day. It’s fascinating to me and, you know, I would say this, you know, I will say, you know, people are going to be very concerned about your politics, particularly when it comes to violence and the statement you made about the use of force. Is there anything you want to say to clarify that? That particular comment.


Little: I did not, hold on, I didn’t take the bait on that! I said I’m trying to change the government whereby jewish supremacism would be kept in check by law. And ultimately the question boils down to:


Does the state have the right to use force?


And the answer to your question is: Go in front of a police officer and do something illegal and then resist being arrested! I mean, ultimately the state, … Go ahead.


Newsweek: So the thing would be to change the law and then that would involve jews being sent to Israel. And that is what could potentially lead to force from the State apparatus. Which is, I think, Chris Cantwell’s point of view, so, …


Little: Well, … Oh, by the way, you brought up Weev talking about killing babies and stuff. One of the reasons I think Weev is subversive, because he went on Gab and started to, you know, advocating pipe bombs and stuff like that. And then when he got on Christopher Cantwell’s show, he started talking about that, I think that’s where he started talking about killing babies and stuff.


So if you look at where he does that, he does that on platforms that I think he wants shut down. So Gab could have gotten shut down for that, I think, if things had gone a certain way. And yeah, Cantwell got kicked off from one of his people that carried his streams for that. So yeah, that’s one of the reasons why I think Weev is subversive.


But ultimately the state reserves the right to use force. And after World War One, what happened? All of the people of different ethnicities were forcefully moved within borders with their own people! I mean, this was policy after World War One! And it led to the formation of the nation states that resulted from the collapsing Austro-Hungarian Empire. This people, I mean look, …




Newsweek: … people, they don’t have necessary a say. We would be choosing to expand Israel [garbled] … Palestinian people, what about their borders?


Little: I think that there’s going to be war with Israel! I’m hoping that there’s war with Israel. Between them and the Arabs, …


Newsweek: Between who?


Little: I’m hoping that Iran, and Hezbollah, and Syrian invade Israel. That’s really the only hope the Christians of the Middle East have, otherwise the jews will continue to use our State Department to continue to support things like ISIS, and Al Qaeda, as they have traditionally. But, I’m pro-Palestinian, by the way, do, you know, that, right? I got Palestinian supporters out here.




Newsweek: [garbled] if you moved American Jews to Israel, and the already, …


Little: Well if we cut them off from our aid budget, trust me, Israel won’t be expanding! It will be shrinking.


Newsweek: Okay. [garbled] Do you think that there, you know, I’m fascinated by TRS and Stormer. Because, you know, I have noticed a lot of talk that leads me to believe that they do not believe everything that they write. For a lot of time. I’m trying to understand their motivations better.


Do you think their influence is sustainable, or do you think it’s kind of going, um, …




Little: It was a good introductory point. The main point of TRS is to desensitize people to jewish programming. So if you look at Peinovich’s show, it’s “The Daily Shoah”, alright.


Newsweek: Yeah.


Little: They joke about the “Holocaust”, or holohoax, or whatever you want to call it, to the point where people are actually comfortable dealing with facts about it. Because, when I first, even after I read Dr. Kevin MacDonald’s book, I still said:


No! There’s no way that the “Holocaust” is a lie! No way!”


And, you know, it took me a few weeks of research before I said:


Damn! I guess that wasn’t true either!


And yeah! Most people aren’t going to pick up a book, an academic book, which — I give you a warning when you do read “Culture of Critique” it’s a very heavy read! There’s a lot of stuff you need to look up. You’re not gonna believe the stuff he says until you verify with jewish sources! It takes some time to really chew on that. To read that book properly and verify that he’s not full of shit there, pardon my French, that he’s not just lying, that’s going to take you two, or three weeks.




And most people don’t do that. Most people want to listen to a referent other, you know. Most people have a, most normal people that haven’t woken up to the jewish Question, you know, they have a favorite newscaster, or something they like to tune into. You know, they’re at Rush Limbaugh fan, or they’re at Tucker Carlson fan. They pick their referent other, you know. Rachel Maddow, what-have-you. And most people are going to wake up through desensitization to the jewish programming, the way that people would by listening to The Daily Show and stuff like that.


I’m a bit more of a bookworm, so I took a different route. But, even after I woke up and had read enough books, still, tuning into the shows like The Daily Show helps you to spot the Jewish programming. Because they’ll say something and you’re offended, and you don’t know why you’re offended! [58:00] And then sometimes go into a discussion about a certain trigger that they will pull on people to emotionally trigger them, and explain:


Hey! That’s jewish programming too!


So it’s a, … I was actually quite offended by a lot of the jokes they made about libertarians, and baby boomers, and stuff when I listened to them until, you know. Then they go into their whole rational on why they do their Boomer posting, or that they make fun of their Ancaps* and stuff. It’s pretty funny.


[* Anarcho-capitalism is a political philosophy and school of anarchist thought that advocates the elimination of centralized state dictum in favor of self-ownership, private property and free markets.]


But depending on what background you’re from, you begin to question a lot of the assumptions you had that were unfounded, by listening to their program. So Peinovich’s specialty, and TRS’s specialty, is helping people overcome the emotional programming, the Pavlovian programming they have from watching Jewish media.


Newsweek: Umm, okay. Let me, … just some quick basics. Your age right now?


Little: Thirty three.


Newsweek: Thirty three. So that is a long way you’ve got to go, for work. Are you currently working, with your IT background?


Little: No.


Newsweek: You are focusing on the campaign right now?


Little: Yep.


Newsweek: And what is the goal of this race, other than to win, which I assume you realize it’s a long shot? What are the goals other than that?


Little: To wake people up to the fact that, … Well my goal is to win, but, you know, benefits that could come out of this also, are waking people up to the fact that Zionist jews control this country’s government, foreign policy, all that.




That Diane Feinstein is a dual citizen of Israel who voted for the Iraq war! Continuously votes to support Israel. And California is not a pro-Israeli state, and so, the fact that she has been continuously elected and re-elected, really shows me that the will of the people is completely out of a line of what they’re getting in terms of politicians.




So yeah I would like to point out the fact that she’s a dual citizen with Israel. Stuff like that! I’d like to wake people up to the jewish terror attack on the USS Liberty, and the Lavon Affair, and jewish involvement in 9/11.




See: Organized jewry Did 9/11 — The 16th Anniversary, 2017


Newsweek: Do you think this is, and I’ll let you go after this. Do you think this is a beginning, you know, what you’ve seeing with you and Nehlen, do you think they’re going to be more candidates like yourself?


Little: Yeah. I would say there are about 12, or 14 million Whites in the country that think like me now. I think in a year, or two, it’ll probably be at 20, or 25 [million].


Newsweek: And last question. Did you vote for Trump, and would you vote for him again?


Little: I voted for Trump. I would probably vote for him again, but he’s broken most of his campaign promises, and he was dog whistling about globalist jews when he was on the campaign trail, and he hasn’t done any of the things he said he was going to do against the globalists.


See: Trump as j-Tool?


Newsweek: He, he, … What about the move to Jerusalem?


Little: I mean, here’s the thing, have you heard the Nixon tapes?


Newsweek: I’m familiar with them, but I haven’t listened to them.


Little: In private Richard Nixon knew exactly as much as I do about the Jewish question.


Newsweek: Oh yeah!


Little: Okay. Did he say anything about the Jews in public?


Newsweek: I know that he, … [garbled]


Little: Did he say anything about the jews in public?


Newsweek: No. But I mean, … but Trump, …


Little: Okay, hold on. So, Nixon was very concerned about jewish power in the country, you know, hated the jewish media and all that stuff. What happened during the war that Israel was having with it’s neighbors while Richard Nixon was in power? They got a bunch of cargo planes full of new tanks and new weapons, and stuff, didn’t they?


Newsweek: Yeah, I mean, my Nixon history needs to be replenished, so, … I am familiar with his anti-semetic views, in private, where you would say counter-semitic.


Little: Yeah. No, but he wasn’t counter-semitic. He was just, … Counter-semitic means you actually do something about it. But yeah, in private he did the opposite of what he did in public. That’s the same thing I think with Trump. He’s aware of jewish power, he’s got jews married into his family, and he doesn’t like it. [I think Little is engaging in wishful thinking here — KATANA]


Newsweek: But you are basing this on your intuition?


Little: No! His dog whistles! Come on! Look at this some of his last campaign commercials before he got elected. He was talking about jews! Globalist bankers, Goldman Sachs. Come on! This is all Jews!


Newsweek: You are talking about the last ones?


Little: Yes. Some of his last commercials, yeah, in this campaign. Absolutely.


Newsweek: They were considered very effective.


Little: They were very effective. They were dog whistles about jews, though.



Newsweek: Do you think that was Trump, or do you think that was Steve Bannon?


Little: Hmm, … Well Trump grew up doing real estate in New York, so I’m pretty sure he was woke to the jews. So if Bannon was dog whistling about jews, I’m pretty sure Trump would know when he was reading.


And, by the way, I spoke with Art Jones the other day, and he was talking to, I think, the nephew of Roosevelt, one time. He and an associate was talking to a nephew of former President, Franklin Roosevelt. And I think it was at a Birch Society in the 60s. And they said, they started talking about the jews and the nephew of Roosevelt said:


Of course the Jews are in power! What are you talking about?


You know, without having, you know, right after his speech he had given, where he hadn’t mention anything about the jews. People came up to him:


Well, you know, about the jews being in charge, right?


And his answer was:


Of course! What, do you think that’s an epiphany?[laughing]


So everyone in politics knows that the jews are in charge. Everyone!




Newsweek: Okay [giving a somewhat uncertain laugh]. All right, Patrick. I really appreciate you speaking with me today. I know it’s difficult sometimes to speak to the media. You know, sometimes we have a very discordant relationship, but I do appreciate it. What is the best way to reach you for follow-up questions, as I’m writing this? Can I text you on this number, or, …


Little: Yeah you can text me. You can email me. Probably the best way is to email me. I’m a pretty busy guy! I’m pretty much a one-man campaign, and I’ve got bags under my eyes! I barely can do notes and stuff. But yeah, I’d say the best way is email me.


Newsweek: Any chance do you think you are going to get in a debate with any of the Democrat candidates?


Little: Oh, I hope so!


Newsweek: And you grew up in Maine, you said? How long did you live there? Just for biographical background.


Little: I lived there until I turned 17, then I lived in Germany, then I lived in Maine again, for a bit. Then I lived in Washington DC. Then I lived in Florida, and then California.


Newsweek: Okay! Can I, one thing that will definitely come up, … You like Hitler. Do you, … How do you feel about National Socialism? [garbled] you started as a Libertarian.


Little: The National Socialists didn’t commit genocide. I think that National Socialism worked for the German people in their struggle for liberation from the jewish banking system, and from the jewish control of their media, and such. I don’t necessarily think it’s the best answer for Americans that are seeking liberation from the jewish oligarchy.




However, I mean, if you try to associate with the National Socialists with genocide, number one, where’s the beef? You know, there’s no proof! And number two, read up on what National Socialist literature was! Read “Mein Kampf”! I mean, you have to understand what National Socialism is, before you can just go around throwing the buzzword “Nazi”. I mean, what you see in the media, … Go ahead.


Newsweek: Do you consider yourself a National Socialist?


Little: [exhaling] you know, in 1930s Germany I absolutely would have been a National Socialist, and if I had been in America, I probably would have been an America Firster, or I would have been pro-Lindbergh. So, if I were an American in the 30s I probably would not have been a National Socialist, but I would have absolutely gotten a membership on Lindbergh’s America First Committee, and tuned into Father Coughlin every night.


Newsweek: That was pretty much the same thing that Matt Hiembach was talking when I spoke to him. On that note, okay! Thanks very much Patrick! I appreciate it, and have a good day.


Little: You too, sir! Hey, I had fun talking to you!


Newsweek: Shit! I hope you, you know, you may not, … I will say this. Not everyone, is very fond of me, but I will represent your work accurately! Okay?


Little: Whatever you’re gonna do, you’re in the press, you’ve got to earn your paycheck, so I’m probably not gonna like everything that you write, but I still enjoyed talking to you! And I’ve got a recording of this, so I’m not too worried. But yeah, you have a great day and thanks for the chat.


Newsweek: All right Patrick. Take care.


Little: You too.














See also: Patrick Little — Interview with Yahoo News, May 1, 2018 — TRANSCRIPT





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[Patrick Little, a 33-year-old married White, a USMC veteran of Afghanistan, and an experienced IT engineer is running for US Senate in California. He’s been censored off from social media after trying to start a discussion about the jewish supremacist control of many critical institutions of the United States and her government.

Here he is interviewed by an un-named female Yahoo news reporter on his Senate run and how he came to hold his views, and his desire to liberate America from the Zionist Occupational Government! He explains how the high number of White people that feel systematically discriminated against, and who turned out to vote for Trump, was what motivated him to run.

What’s great about this interview is Little clearly identifies organised jewry as the power that has got a stranglehold over America and the West, and is systematically destroying White societies.







Patrick Little


Interview with Yahoo News


May 1, 2018







Click the link below to view the video:





YouTube Description


Published on May 1, 2018

Interview with yahoo news 20180501













Little: How are you?


Interviewer (older sounding female): Good. And how are you?


Little: Good. And you’re good with me recording this, correct?


Interviewer: Yeah. You mind if put my recorder on as well?


Little: No, that’s fine.


Interviewer: Okay. Hold on one second please.


Little: Sure.


Interviewer: Okay. Are you there?


Little: Yep.


Interviewer: Okay. Thanks. I just have a couple quick questions that I wanted to ask. As to the recent poll that came out showing you leading the other Republican candidates for the California Senate race. I’m curious whether you have had any interactions with the California Republican party. And the response they have had to your campaign. If you have had any engagement with them?


Little: Nope! I called a whole bunch of County Republican executive committees, a month, or two ago, and none of them returned my call. So, at this point, I’m just doing word-of-mouth, and I think it’s working.


Interviewer: And why do you feel that your campaign, … Why do you want to align your campaign with the Republican party?


Little: Third parties tend not to win.


Interviewer: Okay.


Little: I mean, you’ve got some cases in Vermont where you’ve had an independent governor and an independent senator, but that’s the exception to the rule. And also Donald Trump was dog whistling about jewish supremacism during his campaign, so, I’m doing more than dog whistling.


Interviewer: That is for sure! And you haven’t run for office before, have you? I’m sorry I haven’t, …


Little: No. I’ve never run for elected office before. Maybe in school, I don’t remember if I did or not.


Interviewer: Okay. And so what exactly made you decide you wanted to run this term round. First one in?


Little: Well, I was very focused on earning money, and I wanted that McMansion when I was, uh before I woke up to the jewish Question. Donald Trump, during his run, engaged me in a way that I hadn’t been engaged since the Tea Party. And at that point when he was running, and right after the election, when I realized that he was appointing a bunch of neoconservatives, people that were not putting America first, I started asking why that was. And I got presented with this book “Culture of Critique” and I read it. And it turned my world on it’s head! I quit my job, and spent 12 months [03:01] studying the people that run this country. And then I decided to announce my candidacy, I think it was October, but I planned on running since July of 2017.


Interviewer: Okay.


Little: So basically to liberate America from the Zionist Occupational Government! That was my motivation.


Interviewer: Okay. Can you just elaborate a little bit on when you said that Donald Trump “spoke to you“, during his campaign? What specifically, what was some of the things, I don’t know if you’ll remember them off the top of your head, but certain things that he said during his campaign that really spoke to you?


Little: Well, he talked about the “forgotten man” and the “forgotten workers”, that type of thing. He was talking about White working-class people. And he must have been reading the polls, because there’s a recent poll where 55% of White Americans feel that they’re systematically discriminated against. And Trump caused Whites that hadn’t voted [04:02] ever, or the hadn’t voted since the eighties to come out and vote. And he restored the White man’s and the White woman’s, well White people’s faith in the electoral system for the first time since, I don’t know, George Wallace.


Interviewer: And you said that he was doing some dog whistling, and you’re doing more than that. Do you feel like his election sort of created more of a platform, or a stage, for someone like you to run that campaign for Senate?


Little: No. I wouldn’t say that it created a space. No. But what it did show me was how many Americans were concerned with issues facing Whites. And when I realized that’s enough to get into the top two, based on how many candidates would be running, that’s when I decided to run.


Interviewer: Okay.


Little: The “forgotten voter” and all that stuff, he’s talking about the White people that feel systematically discriminated against, which is the majority of Whites in this country. So when I realized the percentage was that high, and when I realized they would actually turn out, I decided to run. They turned out for Trump, because he was a great White hope!


Interviewer:  And do feel like he’s still is, or not as much because you have said you have been all disappointed with the people he’s put in his cabinet?


Little: Oh yeah! I have a few different theories, but the most plausible one that I have as to why he hasn’t implemented any of his America First policies is, because, once he got into power he realized just how powerful the jewish control of this country is. I can go into that more if you want, but that’s my primary theory on why he hasn’t lived up to pretty much any of his campaign promises that he made to the White Americans.


Interviewer: Okay. Okay. All right. I had another question that came up while you’re talking about that and then I forgot about what it was. But, I’ll just let it go.


Little: Sure.


Interviewer: Was there anything else that you wanted to mention about your campaign, or how it’s going so far?


Little: Sure. Well, I’ve been pretty much a one-man campaign for this whole time, but I’ve set up some stuff where I’ll be able to take on the volunteers and use them in a productive fashion now. Everybody in politics knows that the jews runs things.


If you look at the Nixon tapes, he talked privately much differently than they talked publicly. I talk privately the same way I talk publicly. And I would encourage Donald Trump to start talking about who controls this country, and just what he meant when he said “globalists” and “banksters” and this type of thing.




My message to White Americans is that, do not dismay! Things are very bad for us right now. Our suicide rate among White males is very high. Single motherhood is very high among Whites now, compared to where it was. Families are breaking down. White’s are dropping like flies to the opioid epidemic. I’ve lost four high school people that I was with, to opiates, since I graduated high school. And we’ve got a whole lot of rural Whites that are hurting from these jewish wars of aggression in the Middle East. And if they help me get into this Senate seat, I will do everything I can to put all these zionist pigs in jail, or execute them, if we can find them guilty of treason!


Now, everyone in politics knows that the jews are in charge, and talking about jewish power is the hardest thing you can do! Everybody in the media, and everyone in politics knows about it! But they won’t talk about it publicly!




The most important thing in the US political system is jewish power! And if I say something in a way you don’t like it, at least I’m top trying to talk about it. I mean, I posted a story about a congressman that got driven out of politics on a rail for bringing up a jewish power. Pat Buchanan’s political career was pretty much ended when he started talking about Zionist control of our government. Kennedy talked about shutting down the jewish banks. They put a bullet in his head! Nixon started talking about his problems he had the jewish media, and he got destroyed. He won a 48th state landslide, but was impeached for stuff that both parties were doing.


There hasn’t been a party that represented White people in a very, very, long time in this country. And African-Americans feel comfortable asking for the African-American vote. Hispanics have no problem asking for the Hispanic vote. Asians have no problem asking for the [09:00] Asian vote. And Whites have no problem asking for the black vote. What’s wrong with a White man asking for the White vote? It’s time to end these double standards.


Let’s work on getting that percentage of Americans who feel systematically discriminated against from that strong majority of 55% down, a little bit lower. Let Whites that want to vote with their feet to be among other Whites, which most of us do when we have the money to, when we’re about to have kids. Let’s make White flight something you don’t have to do every ten years when the section eight house housing comes to town. When you retreat to a homogenous area and want to build that strong high trust community, where your children can flourish. I’d like to help you once you’ve made all that time and money in investment in setting yourself up in that nice White community that you’ve retreated to. I’m gonna do whatever I can to help you keep it that way. So, yeah, White people stop running! That’s pretty much all I have to say to the White voters out there. And I’m polling high with the Asians. They’re not happy.




The Asians are very intelligent people, especially the East Asians. And they score very high in the IQ tests and they’re very, very, high-scoring on their science and math tests and such. But, you know, 67, according to Hillel last year, 67 percent of the graduate students at Harvard were ethnic jews. But, you know, jews are only 2% of the country, and they’re less than 3% of top performing high school students. So the Asians understand what I’m talking about.


The people that are hurt more than anyone else right after the Whites by this jewish supremacism, is the Asian community. And I’d like to help, walk hand in hand with those Asians in solidarity against jewish supremacism. And I’d like to see those jewish admittance rates go down to about 5, or 10% of what they’re at now, maybe two, or three percent of what they’re at now. And let’s see if we can’t increase that White and Asian merit-based admittance to colleges.




Interviewer: Okay. Are you getting any support from the Asian communities, or Asian groups?


Little: I’m polling well with them and the people, … I was out driving ride-share for a bit after I quit my job, because I wanted to figure out, …


Interviewer: Where did you work before? Sorry, what was your business before this?


Little: I was a network engineer at a start-up.


Interviewer: Okay.


Little: It was a Y Combinator startup. I was working, so my combined income, if you want to count in the equity value and all that happy stuff, was a little over 100 [$100,000 per year]. I was doing very well. You know, I’m married. I was on my way to that McMansion in the suburbs. And, I’m making a huge sacrifice here. But, you know, when 55 percent of your people feel systematically discriminated against, a civil rights advocate needs to step up and [12:00] offer a way to represent them, and shine a light on those oppressors, those jewish supremacist, that are holding us down.


And yeah, the Asians are hearing my message too. So I did some ride-sharing before I decided to run in the spring. I was reading a lot, and sometimes I leave my audio books playing during the ride-share. And I listened Dr. Kevin MacDonald’s “Cultural of Critique”. I was listening to some other stuff. And the easiest people to discuss jewish power with, were Asian males. They [chuckling] will very quickly admit:


Oh my god! There’s a White man that admits that the jews control this country!


And I talked to some White friends that had been to Japan and China, and one of the top questions that people ask when you’re at a karaoke bar, or when you get a drink into one of them is, one of the first questions that the Asians will ask you is:


Why do you let the jews run your country?


So it’s very obvious to everyone overseas! It’s only, because of this “Holocaust” propaganda and jewish control of the media, that we don’t get these questions [13:02] discussed openly in public. And yeah, it’s time to undo some of that jewish media programming that this country suffering from, and start talking objectively about the issues facing those who are being oppressed.


Interviewer: Um, okay! Well thank you for taking the time to talk to me this evening. I appreciate that. And I guess that answered all my questions.


Little: Okay. Hey, it was a pleasure talking with you! I’ve got another 15 minutes, or so, if you’ve got any other questions for me, I’d be happy to answer them, or if you just want to shoot the breeze?


Interviewer: [slightly flustered] Um, I think you’re, you read the book “Culture of Critique”. You were motivated to read it because of the Trump campaign? Is that right? Or there were someone who told you about it?



Little: Well, Paul Nehlen and I were both part [14:00] of the group WeSearchr, which is a research tank, that leaked stuff to the media once we find stuff out. And I had done a WeSearchr bounty trying to get Danny Williams DNA, trying to harm the Clinton campaign by showing that potentially Bill Clinton had fathered an illegitimate son. And Paul Nehlen had worked to help expose voter fraud in Philadelphia, which he exposed quite a bit of it, with his group, his branch of WeSearchr. And leading up to the campaign through the summer, through the early fall, I had been pro-Israeli. And I think he had been with his handle as well. He was pro-Israeli as well. And so there were zionists in there, and Peter Bella was pretty much the administrator of the group, the chat channel we had. And there, people who were awoke to the jewish Question, were allowed to be in there. They were balanced out by Zionists and such in there.


But, so there were Twitter trolls. I think one of them was a [15:00] Reactionary Tree and some other top Twitter trolls that were pressed into service, that were volunteering for WeSearchr. And they started dropping hints to people like Nehlen and I, that we should really question our unbridled support for Israel, and start looking at the tragedy happening in Palestine, the genocide the jews are committing there. And told us about that several dozen million White Christians that were killed in a real “Holocaust” before World War Two. Where the jewish police — 85% of the USSR’s secret police before World War II was ethnically jewish — was directly responsible for the deaths of over 20 million White European Christians.



CHEKA: see Book – The Myth of German Villainy – Part 05 – The Red Terror


So I said:


This doesn’t sound, this sounds impossible to me! This is a lie!


I said:


I pro-White and I’m against what’s happening to Europe with this migrant invasion. But, you know, what? I’m gonna prove you guys wrong! Israel, so I was saying at [16:01] the time, Israel’s our greatest ally!


And so they said:


Fine! Read the book. Show us wrong!


And so finally around the election, I started perusing it. And right after the election I hunkered down, and I got a little bit into it, and I called my job and I said:


I need two weeks off.


They said:


You can’t have it!


And I said:


I quit![laughing]


And yeah, I spent two weeks trying to disprove it. I got through the chapter on the Frankfurt School, and I had looked up everything that sounded controversial to me. And yep, lo and behold, psychoanalysis, the destruction of the family unit, it was all engineered by jews, and it was all by design.



And I didn’t believe the quotes that Dr. Kevin MacDonald had there in the citations, so I went ahead and looked them up. And halfway through the book — this is a big book — two weeks of reading and researching all day, I hadn’t been able to disprove a single thing! And at that point I stopped fact checking, because I didn’t have another two weeks to finish the book, and yeah, lo and [17:00] behold, after that, my life was turned on it’s head! I needed a few weeks just to try and put things in perspective, so I spent a lot of time on my boat, just kind of drifting off the bay, trying to put things in perspective, trying not to scream! [laughing]



All of the puzzle pieces I’d been missing my whole life trying to understand what was happening to Europe, what was happening to America. The systematic anti-White programs. The destruction of South Africa. The marginalization of all historic White populations. The attribution of a horrible, horrible, deeds to our people that we didn’t do! It all made sense! And I realized it hadn’t been any lack of intelligence, or any lack of integrity on my part that had led me to ignore the jewish question before, it was emotional programming, knee jerk reactions.


When I had raised concerns about what was happening in Europe and showed support for the BNP, I had a problem. The BNP is the British Nationalist Party. [18:00] They are the ones that exposed the child grooming in Rotherham. Over 1,400 young White girls were gang-raped by a non-White immigrants in Britain in this one town. Anyhow they were the only ones talking about it! But, you know, at every, tenth or twelfth sentence there was stuff I considered to be anti-semitic. And I thought, you know, why don’t you just leave the stuff about jews to the side and just address the issues facing Whites?


And I wound up walking away from political advocacy and pro-White stuff prior to my enlistment the Marine Corps, because I didn’t have a “Findes Bild”, that is German for “picture of the enemy“. I had no coherent picture of this amorphous group behind all of this anti-White stuff. I wound up turning to all these different sources that said it was one conspiracy sounding thing, or another.


And, you know, the best I could do when I tried to objectively size it up without [19:00] looking into the jews, was say it’s some sort of Marxist, liberal, group of people [chuckling] that’s pushing the stuff, and constantly subverting the will of the populations that vote in referendums and such! It’s all over-turned by the courts and the politicians commit political suicide knowing they’re going to lose in an election and still do stuff that’s anti-White. And, you know, the politicians lied about the 1965 Hart Celler Act that has turned the country from the, … But they said it would have no demographic repercussions. And Whites went from 90 percent of California to people under age 30 that are White in California like 25 percent now, so.



Yeah, none of this made sense to me until I understood the jewish Question. And none of it’s going to make any sense to you, unless you read a book like “Culture of Critique. Do you know, how I functioned politically and socially in terms of addressing social issues, before I read this book? And I wasn’t aware of this before I read the book.




I functioned by “virtue signaling”. So someone says something bad about jews; knee jerk reaction! Someone says something that is considered racist, which you learned that it was actually jews that popularized the phrase in the Soviet Union, you have a knee-jerk reaction. And you distance yourself. I realized that calling someone “racist”, or “anti-semitic”, or something, was the equivalent nowadays of what calling someone a witch in the 16th century had been. And it’s just as illogical. So it’s called Pavolvian conditioning.


The Realist Report Interviews Paul Nehlen – Mar 2018 — TRANSCRIPT


Interviewer: I have a question for you. I wonder if you, you were talking about Trump dog whistling during his campaign, and you mention Paul Nehlen, … [garbled] and the things that you say about jews, about issues that White Americans, that maybe Trump didn’t say directly. Do you think those things are going to be controversial, during, obviously they’re going to be controversial, that either that they are going to be reception to those ideas in your campaign?


Little: Oh yeah, reverberating among Whites. The amount of anonymous support I get. So, here’s the thing. Most of my supporters I’ll never get to see face to face, but I tell you one thing, when I’ve gone into some events and questions some Zionist narratives at young conservative events, and Republican ones, that I went in my own volition to. I’ve had people come up to me and, you know, under their breath say thank you, you know, give me a little thumbs up, in a way where their clothing’s hiding it, so no one else but me can see it. I’ve had support from Hispanics, and I’ve had support from Asians.




I’ve had support from African-American! If you look on my website, there was a young African-American gentleman named by the name of Maxwell, RC Maxwell, and he interviewed me and I woke him up to the jewish role in slavery. He was shocked to learn that less than 1% of Whites, European blooded Americans, owned slaves before the Civil War, but over 40 percent of ethnic jews owned slaves before the war! But, in school we all learned about, you know, Whites and, you know, historical racism, because of the legacy of slavery, when it turns out the jews owned the ships that brought the slaves over here. They manned the ships that brought the slaves over here.



And not only that, jews have historically owned the African slave trade in Arabia, in northern Africa. And jews were also historically the ones that ran these slave trades in the Balkan areas and even the White European slave girl trade from the Barbary pirate [23:00], not the Barbary pirates, the pirates that were coming up the coast from North Africa and capturing White women from Ireland and selling them in the millions during the Middle Ages on slave markets in North Africa and the Middle East. Jews were the middlemen and the merchants in that too! So, you know, that’s an example of an African-American male that was, I hope, awakened to the jewish Question. At least internally. I don’t think he’s come out publicly with it.


Interviewer: Right, okay. I’ve got to leave, because it’s a little late over here. I’m in New York.


Little: Okay.


Interviewer: Unfortunately the day is ending, but, this has been great, I really appreciate you, … Yeah, if I have any other questions is your email the best way to get hold of you?


Little: Yeah, that’s the best way. And I’m looking at the last name. Is that Scottish there?




Interviewer: Yeah, I think it is. Yeah, sort of combination Scottish, Irish, …


Little: Okay, yeah, the spelling on the first name is Gaelic too. All right, well it was a pleasure talking to you and, you know, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to my email. I’ll give you a call, and really this has been one of the more pleasant conversations I’ve had with the media.


Interviewer: Oh! I’m glad to hear it. I appreciate it. Thanks a lot. Have a good night. I will reach out if I have any other questions.


Little: Very well, you too. Bye.


Interviewer: Great.













See also: Patrick Little — Interview with Newsweek, Apr 30, 2018 — TRANSCRIPT






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[Quietly spoken YouTuber, Way of the World (WotW), reads Kipling’s poem, “The Beginnings” and then discusses how there’s a gradual awakening and a growing hatred  among Whites towards the (((globalists))) and their agenda to destroy our countries through mass non-White invasions. WotW emphasized to need for us to work together to resist this and to encourage the development of racial consciousness and solidarity among Whites — KATANA.]





Way of the World


The Beginnings of Hate





Click the link below to view the video:






Published on April 22, 2018




WotW reads a poem that speaks to the dreadful potential of provoking our people. Please support this channel:



PayPal link on the homepage: https://www.youtube.com/WayoftheWorld1


Ethereum 0xa3807dB086Ccd6f9Bcae853233f20B8F4FE2E096














The Beginnings” by Rudyard Kipling.


It was not part of their blood,
It came to them very late
With long arrears to make a good,
When the English began to hate.

They were not easily moved,
They were icy — willing to wait
Till every count should be proved,
Ere the English began to hate.

Their voices were even and low,
Their eyes were level and straight.
There was neither sign, nor show,
When the English began to hate.

It was not preached to the crowd,
It was not taught by the state.
No man spoke it aloud,
When the English began to hate.

It was not suddenly bred,
It will not swiftly abate,
Through the chill years ahead,
When time shall count from the date
That the English began to hate.


This is a poem that several of you have asked me to read, so here it is. It seems somehow to have been transformed by the internet into a version called “The Wrath of the Awakened Saxon”, but this is Kipling’s original.


It is a great poem, which, like all of Kipling’s work, is masterfully observed and executed, but which speaks to historical truths that conjure terrifying scenarios for our future. It’s about the way in which the English people come to hate. [02:00] How it is an unnatural condition for us, how it is slow to emergence, and slow to fade, considered, calm, chilling, in fact. I think we could say that this now also applies to most of the White peoples of the Western world who have seen their countries badly wounded by Third World immigration. Small wonder then that they interest in this poem and in Kipling’s work generally, has seen a huge, recent revival.



Since the end of World War Two most Western governments have followed a policy of multiculturalism, which is an idea whose credibility died long ago. Cultures and races manifestly have no interest in integration, and the stark division between communities causes only enmity and distrust. The one thing that multiculturalism has taught us is that tribalism is endemic to our species. The globalists created a space for their multicultural project in our formerly homogenous countries by teaching us to put other peoples and their cultures and religions above our own.





To consider our own flags as racist symbols. To feel only shame for our past. We were told to celebrate some alleged benefit of diversity that has never even really been explained to us. We were just expected to accept it.



I say to you now, that diversity has become our greatest weakness and liability! It has undermined Western culture to the point where everyone at the “diversity party” is celebrated, except for the hosts!



We have been made to forget who we are. Perhaps multiculturalism at first seemed like something we could control and which would enhance our countries in an interesting, but peripheral way. Perhaps it could even have worked, if the diversity had been kept at a low-level. [04:03] But then things got crazy. Our borders effectively came down, London became majority non-White, immigrants ghettos and no-go zones became features of almost every town and city across the West.



People smugglers were allowed to ply their gruesome trade with minimal interruption from our governments.



Our towns and cities were filled with people whose cultures and tongues we didn’t understand, who prayed to different gods, and who preferred to live separately from us, while living on our dime. As the momentum of the multicultural experiment gathered pace and confidence, ideas of integration were quietly abandoned. As White identity was shunned, denied, and sidelined, it was suggested to us that perhaps it might just be for the best if we quietly accepted our demise.




That the European peoples had a good run, and that the time had come for us to make good on the deaths of our regrettable past. We were to “go gentle into that good night”.





I will not be “going gentle into that good night”!



This campaign of anti-White hatred and the promotion of materialism over tradition and folk, have had a devastating effect on us. We no longer breed in sufficient numbers. We waste our lives on trivial matters, while our governments openly facilitate our replacement. We chase the dollar every day to buy things that leave us unsatisfied, and pay taxes so migrants can breed families of a size most of us could never afford!



In our state of cultural dhimmitude, we have learned to master the arts of double-think, doublespeak, and not noticing the awkward truths of multiculturalism. Our governments tell us, that to not want these things for our future, is to be filled with hatred for the other! Are we filled with hatred for the other? Would it be surprising, or unreasonable if we were? Perhaps the English, and all the European peoples, are finally learning to hate. To hate those who opened our borders and keep them open, making us poorer and less safe. To hate the unrelenting demands of the entitled arrivals landing on our shores. Those who clearly believe we have been to enfeebled to resist them.



Asylum seeker: We really don’t like this wristband, because of we can ??? Like look at it someone comes from outside and ??? And the accommodation is not really nice, and is dirty. I take a picture, I sent to the Home Office, and they don’t reply me. Is my, …



Interviewer: But some people would say that people here in this country are trying to be helpful. They’re giving you accommodation. They are giving you meals. This is a way of you being able to get what you are entitled to.




Asylum seeker: There is three time meals, but the my meals is not good. Is two times everyday the same, and really we don’t feel good with this food. Is not for health care, we live in the accommodation rooms as six people in one room. And we really it is not health care. And is a very dirty place.


Interviewer: But do you think that the British people, the British authorities, have been welcoming to you? By allowing you to stay here, to see we seek asylum?



Asylum seeker: Yeah. We are seeker of asylum. We are allowed to UK. We can ??? accommodation and in there is a Lynx house. There is a manager, and everyone, who don’t respect us like, …



We can see all over the West, the rise of our people against the impossible situation into which we have been put. Our mounting fears about the failed multicultural experiment will inevitably find expression. And the energy behind our frustration is only intensifying.






The globalists are playing with a powder keg, and they know it! But the hate of the European has also been turned inwards. Many of our brothers and sisters have been convinced that they are evil people, just for being White. They have been convinced that if only we could be bred out of existence, then the world would be a better place. If the White race right now we’re a person, it would be a self harming teenager! This insanity is the fruits of decades of neo-Marxist indoctrination, which understands that the West can only continue to exist while the European peoples control it! No other people can do what we have done. But, despite the damage done to us by multiculturalism, we would never have voted for it. And this is the reason we were never asked to.




Our governments knowingly betrayed us! Having created the world’s most advanced civilization, we are made to feel only guilt and regret for our history. We are to be remembered as “slave owners”, not the creators of the modern world. We are told that no sacrifice will ever be enough to pay our debt. Aren’t you getting tired of this?


We can abandon this false narrative anytime we want! They are preying upon our weakness, but our weakness is just an illusion. But our people have increasingly had enough, and are acutely aware of the civilizational threat we are facing. That’s hatred? That’s a hair’s breadth away from bubbling over and out of control. [11:00] These thugs, who have got so used to bullying enfeebled Whites, these infiltrators who rape our daughters as a cultural pastime, they will crumble before us when we come together and act as one! Evil thrives when good men do nothing. And the evil has reached the highest levels of government. Just take a look at this.





I am the first Muslim which entered the House of Lords with a Quran in his hands. Alhamdulillah, it”s been 15 years in the House of Lords. I was the first Muslim. Today there are around 20 Muslim parliamentarians in the British parliament, in both the houses. There are many councilors. Mayors, Lord Mayors, Members of European Parliament. But , … I”m telling you. It’s been 45 years in Britain. I live there, eat there, and drink there. I work there in the House of Lords, but whenever the issue of Pakistan or Muslims I stood and fought with Britishers, and made sure that my demands are met.


Yes, the enemy lies deep within our body politic, but only our atomization stops us from once again taking control in our own lands. These infiltrators are nothing special, and only continue with their program of destruction due to our apathy and inaction.



This vicious criminal had assumed the British public would not intervene as he fled the scene of his latest attack. He was wrong.





When we act together we are unstoppable! And we can come together to defeat the enemies of our civilization! I cannot deny that I often feel hatred towards the people who have done this to us. When you look at the pure evil of the (((globalist))) agenda to destroy the White race, it is natural to want to fight back in every way you can!

And then I remind myself of when I was a leftist! When I placed no value on my racial identity! When I consciously and willingly ignored the reality right in front of my eyes, because it did not suit my worldview! And when I remind myself of these things, I remember that many of our brothers and sisters are lost in their [14:01] desire to do the right thing, to create the world they believe is best! I believe that this is the motivation that many of them have in their activism.


Some, of course, are just damaged people who are lashing out at authority. Many of us on the Right remember what it is like to be on the other side, but are grateful for having woken up to our collective identity. We have to extend that understanding to others, if we want to build our support. And the urgency of this has never been greater.


There is no doubt that Kipling in his poem, understood the dreadful potential for hatred to manifest in the White race. Though it is not natural to our way of thinking, it lies deep within us. It just requires the right trigger. And when that trigger is found, it will be a point of no return! Perhaps it has already happened? I believe the (((globalists))) are deliberately pushing us towards that trigger, by making our societies so frustrating, so nonsensical, and so divided, that we are simply unable to bear it anymore.




This is not about hatred for immigrants. I am sure that if we were to have met in different circumstances, as visitors to each other’s lands, many of us could have been friends. But the destruction to our way of life that their presence has brought, has made that impossible. There are walls between groups as never before, and they’re only getting taller.


Multiculturalism and it’s enablers have done more to damage us as nations than any war in history! Like two fighting dogs having their noses rubbed together before a fight, the (((globalists))) are pitting us against each other. Don’t get caught up in their machinations and provocations! No good will come of it! Keep a clear head, and a resolute focus on the love we have for our people and way of life. Stand firm in the knowledge that our people will survive, if we do what is right! Keep growing our movement through rational and consistent representation of our ideas. This is a struggle that is going to take time, patience, and discipline. But every effort we put in now will be reflected in the final result.





The now explicit plan is to open Europe, our precious home, to a flood of African migrants, the like of which the world has never seen!



Macron and the other globalists are explicitly talking about the mass interbreeding of Europe and Africa. It would be laughable, if it weren’t so sick, and real! This my friends is the formal implementation of the Kalergi Plan I spoke about in my video, “A Groovy Plan for White Genocide”.


[Add image — not in video]



We can already see the lawlessness and degradation being caused across the West by these people. What will it take for you to get involved? We are still at a stage where we urgently need to raise awareness, if we are to effect meaningful change. [17:03] Talk to your loved ones, friends, and even politicians, about these issues. Get formal responses. Make them ask questions of the government on your behalf. These issues need to be exposed by us, because the globalist media will not even acknowledge it is happening. Time is running short, but there is hope!


[Add image — not in video] Viktor Orban


Countries like Hungary are leading the way. They are showing that nationalism can be positive, energetic, and above all, popular! Viktor Orban is now the de facto leader of proud Europeans everywhere!


[Add image — not in video]


Angela Merkel is the leader of the treasonous and discredited globalist left! We know now that Western society, as it stands, cannot possibly survive! It rests on a crumbling multicultural foundation and it is only slated to get worse.


[Add image — not in video]


We have to recapture our tribal consciousness, for what comes after this. We will have to build a new society for our people, free of (((globalist))) and leftist interference. Come what may, our tribal instinct will be restored! The natural order will take control again! Reconnect with your tribe now! You will need it in the troubled times to come!


Until next time, be well.











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[Mark Collett, 37, is a British political activist and former chairman of the Young BNP, the youth division of the British National Party (BNP), and was director of publicity for the party. He has recently written a book, “The Fall of Western Man“, available in printed form and as a free PDF download.


Here he presents the case, that the claim that Assad’s legitimate government, once again, “gassed” rebel held territory is absurd and nonsensical, given that the Syrian government has everything to lose by such an act. They’ve virtually destroyed the ZOG [Zionist/jew Occupied Governments, aka, all Western governments] backed proxy terrorists, and crossing that ZOG imposed “red line“, would be a stupendous act of national suicide, as it would be an open invitation for Syria’s destroyers to come out in the open and destroy Syria overtly, rather than covertly.


The reality is that any such gas attack, if it even happened, was carried out by ZOG’s proxy forces for the purpose of justifying overt ZOG destruction of Syria using our blood and treasure for the purpose of creating a “Greater Israel“, and later the creation of a Jew World Order tyranny.


We need to inform ourselves, and others, that virtually everything of significance put out by the MSM [Main Sewer Media] is a lie, whether by omission, or commission, for the over-arching goal of creating that JWO.








Mark Collett


Assad Didn’t Do It



Faked Syrian Gas Attack







Click the link below to view the video:





YouTube Description


Published on April 12, 2018

The recent alleged ‘gas attack’ in Syria is being used by Western governments & the establishment media as a reason to go to war in the Middle East, however those beating the drums of war have failed to provide any evidence to show who was behind the incident. When analysing the situation in Syria, common sense dictates that the only people who stood to gain anything from carrying out such an attack would be those who wish to fan the flames of war and see Western powers attack the Syrian government forces.

Wars for Israel Drive Mass Immigration into Europe https://youtu.be/Eqain8VShmg

My book, The Fall of Western Man is now available. It is available as a FREE eBook and also in hardback and paperback editions.


The Official Website: http://www.thefallofwesternman.com/


FREE eBook download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3cc…


Hardback Edition: http://www.lulu.com/shop/mark-collett…


Paperback Edition: http://amzn.eu/9LaS7HN


PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to debate with me in the comments about anything I have said, I welcome that. However please listen to the complete podcast and ensure you argue with the points I have made. Arguments that simply consist of nonsense such as “what gives you the right to judge” or “I’m a [insert religious affiliation] and you should be ashamed of yourself” or other such vacuous non-arguments will simply be ridiculed.













Usually when I produce these podcasts they are full of facts and press clippings and references. But today we are going to do things a little differently, because as the media, the press, and our foolish and inept Prime Minister, Teresa May, have not presented any evidence whatsoever to prove that President Assad’s forces have used chemical gas in Syria. We are going to look at this issue from a point of common sense. And we are going to assess whether it was likely the President Assad’s forces would have carried out this alleged gas attack, or maybe, just maybe, this attack was either faked, or carried out by other groups, or nations, desperate to bring Western powers into the war in Syria.



Now earlier, I urged for the use of common sense when dealing with this issue. However when analyzing this alleged gassing we will be applying an ancient European legal saying.





That saying is “cui bono” which is a rhetorical Latin legal phrase used to imply that whoever appears to have the most to gain from a crime, is probably the culprit. A literal translation of “cui bono” is; “to whom is it a benefit?



Now before we look into who stands to benefit the most from this incident, it is important to note that the British state, and the establishment media, have not presented any evidence to prove that President Assad’s forces had anything to do with this latest supposed chemical attack! So as there is no evidence, and there is only conjecture, let’s start by assessing the situation in Syria before we go any further.



Essentially, Assad has won the war a war that began all the way back in 2011. A war that was meant to topple him and his regime. And a war that was enthusiastically supported by the Western media and Western leaders, who [02:02] cheered from the sidelines for those who attacked the Syrian regime.


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[Luke Ford, an Australian living in the USA, who “converted” to Judaism in 1993, interviews Tanstaafl from the Age of Treason blog on the subject of the Jewish Question, aka, Jewish Problem.







Watch the video here:






Luke Ford


Streamed live on Mar 27, 2018



Jonny Anomaly writes: On the alt-right, it has become fashionable over the last few years to recycle a trope from 1930s Germany: “The Jewish Question” (to which the Holocaust was supposed to be “The Final Solution”).


The contemporary version of the question concerns why Jews have so much influence in cognitively demanding occupations, including science, medicine, law, and politics. Although the “JQ” (as alt-righters call it) has a mundane answer, many subscribe to elaborate theories to account for the fact that most Jews don’t conform to the stereotype alt-righters expect them to.


For example, when a scholar documents the fact that 4 out of the 10 speakers at an inaugural white nationalist conference were Jewish, along with a vast array of other evidence that conflicts with alt-right dogma, the predictable response by people in the grip of an ideology is that Jews do this to create a smokescreen: it provides cover for all of the other Jews who plot against white nationalists.










Luke Ford


JQ Debate




Age of Treason





Published on Mar 28, 2018



(140 mins)





Introduction — Tanstaafl’s Journey on the JQ

A Personal Disclosure

The White Network

Consequences for Your Marriage?

Growing Up in New York

The jewish Grandfather

Hitler’s Struggle and Yours

On Circumcision

Reading MacDonald

Jewish Crypsis and Parasitism

On Finding Support

How Your Work Differs from Others

An Existential Threat

Mein Kampf and National Socialism

Jewish Crypsis — Spain and Portugual

Jewish Crypsis — Today

“In Your Face” jews and “Down-low” jews

Ford’s Critique of Critics of jews

Tan’s Response

Complicating Things as jewish Camouflage

Jewish Gaslighting

Ad Hominem — Cofnas vs MacDonald

Jewish Deception and Coverups

Cofnas’ Critique and Your Respect for MacDonald

Cofnas — MacDonald’s Evidence is Counter-evidence

Any Factual Errors in Cofnas’ Work?

Cofnas Call MacDonald a “Bad Person”

Jews “Didn’t Du Nuffin!”

Ford — So Criticism of Scholarship is a Personal Attack?

Cofnas — Worried About MacDonald’s Work

Cofnas Doesn’t Prove His Case

Ford — Does Cofnas Screech “Anti-semitism”?

I Always Write “Anti-semitism” with Sneer Quotes

Whites Have Not Taken Their Own Side Hard Enough

You are Arguing Like a jew, Luke!

Judaism as a Group Evolutionary Strategy

Jews Marrying Non-jews

Ford — So anything jews Do is Group Evolutionary Strategy?

Jews Always Arguing About What’s Best for the jews!

“Jews are Not a Monolith” — A Silly Statement!

The Root of jewing is: “Is it Good for the jews?”

Culture of Critique’s Chapter 7 on Immigration

Open Borders for Israel is My Attitude

Jews Not Threatened in a Multi-ethnic Society

Jews and the Second World War

Being Evidence Based

School Shooting in Florida

Does MacDonald’s Model Have Predictive Value?

Jewish Out-Marriage One Half of the Parasitism

Whatever jews Do is Bad Because They are the Enemy!

Do White People Have Agency?

Luke, You’re Not Making Honest Valid Arguments

Would You Describe jews as Ethnocentric?

Jews Moralize to Whites to Convince Them That What is Good for Whites is Bad

Fifteen jewish Intellectuals

Whites Don’t Recognise That jews are at War with Them!

Jews Behaving as “Nazis”

Intersectional jewing — Where One jew Agenda Conflicts with Another jew Agenda

Intersectional jewing — Promoting Reich, Pinker and Cofnas as Being Against “anti-racist” jewing

Why are Whites Unable to Overcome the jews?

Super Chats — What Should White Guys Do to Spread Awareness of the JP?

Ford — Are You a Leader?

Comments — Are All jews In On It?

Comments — Is Monomania on the JQ Better Than White Improvement?

Do jews Control the Weather?

Comments — How are Whites to Speak on jew Influence Without “anti-semite’ Being Shrieked

Jews are the Enemy Whatever They Do?

Is Steve Miller Anti-White?

Are You an Unhappy Guy?

Things That Make You Happy?

Reflections on This Interview

What Does It Mean To Be a jew?

Ford’s Fundamental Misunderstanding of Judaism

Do You Believe in Universal Morality?

Ford’s Journey To judaism

A jew Told Ford That you Can’t Convert To judaism

Ford Hasn’t Fooled jews

On Ford Being Rejected By his Peers at School

Ford As Cover Article in “The jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles”

Lawrence Auster Admitted That jews were Responsible for Open Borders

On Ford’s Hatred of jewish Organizations That are for Open Borders

Ford — Do You Thinks I’m Delusional?

How Ford Can Help Whites by Blowing the Whistle on Jews




Version History




Introduction — Tanstaafl’s Journey on the JQ


Ford: Hey, I’m Luke Ford. I’m here with the Age of Treason blogger, Tanstaafl. Tan, you’ve been blogging for quite a long time. Tell me about your evolution, in particular on the JQ.

[background sound]


Tan: Sorry let me mute that.


Ford: And here with Tanstaafl*, so we are going to get that microphone problem taken care of, and then we are going to discuss Nathan Cofnas’ critique [of Kevin MacDonald’s book “The Culture of Critique].. So Tan, take it away! Tell me when you started blogging. Tell me about the evolution of your journey on the JQ.


[* A pseudonym using the acronym for “There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch“. The phrase and the acronym are central to Robert Heinlein’s 1966 science-fiction novel The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress.]


Tan: Right. I started in 2005. I started blogging, and that was after I had spent about twenty years, maybe, of not paying attention, being fed up with politics, mainstream politics, and ignoring it, focusing on my career. But in 2005, I think, it was Hurricane Katrina that triggered me, the racialization of that. It was sort of a “Trayvon Martin” experience that many people experienced years later. I experienced during the Katrina thing.


And so I started blogging. I had been talking to friends before that privately, and I just basically took it public. And moved through pretty quickly neo-conservative thought, which attracted me at first, because it seemed like a more serious approach to politics, than plain old conservative politics. And then I ran into someone named Lawrence Auster. You might be familiar with [him] — that might have been where I came across you.



And it was really Lawrence Auster, reading Lawrence Auster, that made me aware that there was something going on with the jews. Auster himself was a jew, was a convert to Christianity. But what I noticed over time with him was that he was hyper-sensitive to criticism of the Jews. He indulged in it himself, but it was always from the point of view of “What’s good for the jews?” He thought that the jews, in various ways, he criticized them for not doing what was best for themselves.


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[Luke Ford, an Australian living in the USA, who “converted” to Judaism in 1993, interviews Kevin MacDonald and his response to a recent critique of his highly ignored (by academia), yet important book, “The Culture of Critique“, by the 30-year-old, academically unknown, New York jew, Nathan Cofnas. Cofnas was scheduled to come on with MacDonald, but was unable to, due to time zone differences, as he’s in England, studying at Oxford. 


Ford plays somewhat of a devil’s advocate on behalf of Cofnas, quoting some of Cofnas’, yet to be released, responses to MacDonald’s 18,0000 word response to Cofnas’s critique.


This transcript covers  the first 71 minute part of the Youtube video with MacDonald, and not (currently) the remaining part of the total 220 minute video, where Cofnas does appear in the last third of it.


Overall, my take is that, it’s all a storm in a teacup, with very weak tea being dished up by Cofnas.


Now, the most likely reason that until now there has been, apparently, no proper academic response to MacDonald’s work, is because its main ideas are true and significant. So what was the message that has been sent out by organized jewry to academics? For over 20 years, it’s been, “Kill the message by totally ignoring it!


MacDonald’s main point in his book is that jews, just like other human groups, act as a group to advance their interests often at the expense of other groups. Since organized jewry has maneuvered itself into being the most powerful group in Western societies, it has, and is wrecking utter destruction upon us! Especially by engineering the flooding of every White country, from New Zealand to Norway, with non-Whites, in order to racially and culturally destroy us! And part of the jewish group evolutionary strategy, to use Kmac’s terminology, is to prevent Whites from waking up to what they are doing to us, and responding in kind.


So, this interview is interesting, in that we get to see Kmac defend his book, his position, in his mild-mannered, yet strong way, against a young upstart jew making a name for himself. Cofnas fails, but rest assured, that another jew, defending their tribal war against Whites, will step into the breach and fire away.


Organized jewry is at total war with Whites, attempting to genocide us through whatever means. Kmac has helped us in exposing that, with his academic work, so we should all join together in supporting him, and others like him, in what ever way we can.







Watch the video here:






Luke Ford


Streamed live on Mar 20, 2018



Kevin MacDonald joins me on my YouTube channel at 7pm tonight (Nathan Cofnas might come along to keep things lively) and Richard Spencer joins me at 5pm Wednesday (CA time). Nathan Cofnas joins the show here:




Nathan Cofnas responds: “Just read it. Pretty much what I expected. He repeats his arguments in more or less the same style, doesn’t address my arguments head on and in some key cases just ignores them. Probably I will publish an annotated version of the PDF.”







Luke Ford with


Kevin MacDonald




Nathan Cofnas




“The Culture of Critique”



Published on Mar 20, 2018



(71 mins)




Ford: And we’re back! Just trying to work out the technical difficulties and get Kevin MacDonald back in here. I hope the audio’s better. Sorry about these technical difficulties, but these things happen. And now maybe this time we’ll hear Kevin loudly and clearly. So I think that’s the important thing. So, sorry about that and we’re gonna get Kevin in here any second. So we’re talking about his response to the Nathan Cofnas critique of “The Culture of Critique”. And Kevin says:


I have a particular complaint, because of Steven Pinker’s not [?] antiscientific approach to my work, in part responsible for my spending the last 20 years in the intellectual wilderness.


Wow that is very honest! That’s kind of hot on the sleeve! That’s transparent honestly! It’s not like beating around the bush! That is just laying it down.




Nevertheless, Pinker has moved the scientific and popular reception of behavior genetics of evolutionary perspectives forward. See, for example, his withering criticism in the “Blank Slate of three of the figures discussed in Chapter two of “Cultural of Critique“, Stephen Jay Gould, Lewontin, and Rose.


And for all I know he is pursuing a tactical strategy of gradualism by supporting ideas that are still regarded with extreme hostility in large swaths of academia and the media, in the hope that things will eventually change. Though his recent work “Enlightenment Now” is not encouraging in that regard. The rest of Cofnas’ conclusion is simply name-calling — no need to respond.” says Kevin.




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